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Come On!!

Come and get some. When you wake up, your clothes will be out of style.

Call me kung.

This is my job interview.

I should be more careful. I’ll have to work with these punks.

But being careful would violate the first rule.

No mercy.

You stupid bitch, what are you karate chopping for?

Don’t you know that karate shit is fake?

Not karate. Kung Fu. I’m Chinese dumb ass.

Enough. I have seen Enough.

Not yet. That boy is a narc. what do you do?

Haawwwkk.. No...noone can punch THAT hard from the ground...

Do I get the job?

What are you say’in?!? Mother dear, you know I ain’t no cop!

He’s a cop. What do you do with a narc, kung?

No mercy.

It was a theoretical question...

Do I get the job or not?

you are all aggression and impulse. how could i not accept you into the family? mother dear welcomes her new son.

And like that I have the job. No papers, no ID. I’m the undocumented killer. Soon I’ll own this Town.

I’ll know where all the bodies are buried, After all, I’ll be the one who put them there.

Hi! you must be the new guy in room 6. My name is maya, I live...

I can’t understand how a freak like that can run this town. This country is more degenerate than I thought. Becoming number 1 will be easy.

... in number 4

“Hi maya, I’d introduce myself, but I’m obviously deaf.”

These mobsters think they have been made tough by Coming up in the streets.

They think they know what a hard life is. heh.

A hard life is no stranger to me.

<And don’t call that animal mao! people might hear you.>

<Hurry up we don’t have time to dawdle!>

<Now stay here while we talk to the people.>

<Come on little mao!>

<Yes mama.>

<We have to wait here little mao.>

<It’s a factory.Young boys are sold to the owners to work day and night Making toys for the foreign devils.> <Do you know what that building is?.> <My mom says it’s a school.>

<I’m the speckled dragon. what is your name?> <I’m kung! Why do you have such a funny name?>

<You’ve never heard of me? I’m a famous swordsman. I fight for the weak, the poor and the children with my kung fu!>

<You’re kind of silly.>

<Did you see that? Your parents have sold you.>

<Come with me and I’’ll teach you kung fu and you can live the life of a hero>

<but my parents...>

<Just sold you to the factory. What do you want to do?> Be a slave or a hero?>

Remember this feeling. Trust no one. Live with your best interest at heart and you can be number 1,


<maybe he doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want his present.>

<you never should have told him it was a school.>

I never saw my parents again.

But I learned I had a talent for violence.

The speckled dragon was no hero. But I had nowhere else to go, and he did teach me a useful skill.

<Good. Good kung. Remember rule number 1, no mercy. If you are kind to your enemy, you are cruel to yourself.>

No no no, don’t you ever piss off mother dear. She’s one dangerous psycho. I’ve seen her slice people up by throwing playing cards at them! She acts all nice, but shit, she crazy.

Reno picked me up at noon. He didn’t have any hard feelings.

What’s with this ‘she’ stuff. I thought mother dear was a man in a dress.

hold it. Stop right there.

don’t you ever call Mother Dear a he. She’ll kill you for it, but she’s still a man in a dress, right?

Oh yeah, She’s got balls. but don’t you ever mention them.

Good. I’m glad to hear that. If I ever met a woman who smelled like that, I’d think life wasn’t worth living.

Now you the crazy mother with talk like that. I don’t care how tough you are.

Ask yourself how dangerous she has to be for men like us to follow her.

First stop. You ready to knock some heads?

These crackheads opened up shop on one of our streets. You let them know this was a mistake.

no problem.

12 guys. 14 handguns. 2 shotguns. some cheap knives. Poor crackheads donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about to happen.

Hey Bruce Lee you crazy? You gotta wait your turn like everybody else.

This street belongs to Mother Dear.

You really want to die for that travestido?

Chupa mi huevos!!

How-how did you...

Anybody going to get out of there alive?

Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not wait to find out.

KUNG! #1 Preview  

The first eleven pages of the punk pulp comic book series by Joc Judt and Joel Cotejar from Moonstone Books. Kung! has come to New York to s...

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