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The latest addition to the Kunara Cookbook Collection is SHARE - food for family and friends. Bursting with gluten free recipes developed by Sunshine Coast Chef, Monica Topliss, this book is about sharing the bounty of good produce and wholefoods, sharing food experiences in the kitchen, and sharing a table with family and friends. The recipes are child friendly and include a huge range of meals and snacks that will suit a broad range of dietary requirements. Get into the kitchen together and start making some wholesome meals and lasting memories! Due for release in may 2016.

PUMPKIN GINGERBREAD PEOPLE gluten free dairy free


• 100% gluten free recipes • child friendly • everyday food • easy to make • fresh new ideas for wholefoods • many egg, nut, dairy free recipes

Grain free Lamingtons with no sugar Raspberry Jam gluten free, grain free dairy free


head to the website for a full recipe list from this exciting new release!

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Your guide to Kunara Peanut butter + chocolate = i want more! And now you can have as much as you like with our BRAND NEW refill station. Fill a jar, eat it up, wash it well and refill it again. Choose smooth, medium or crunchy on the dial.

P K H GF I C X H Bulk





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Also on offer is Roasted Organic Almond Butter, Organic Cider Vinegar and Organic Sunflower Oil. LET’S REUSE!

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46,000 litres

The amount of rainwater run off that can be held in the two huge storage tanks under the carpark. This water is used to hose & sprinkle in the Garden Centre.

Mt Beerwah Springwater Hydration Station. Purchase or bring back your 10L water container and fill it up!

Time for lunch? Head to the cafe for delicious and nutritious salads, burgers, meals and more. Grab a coffee, smoothie, juice or an incredible gluten free sweet treat!

B Cafe

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The number of bio-retention basins in the carpark which allows run off from the concrete to be filtered through sand loam to remove pollutants before it hits waterways. The spikey plants assist in the dispersion of pollutants. Our gardens are planted with endemic species that are resistant to local pests, require little watering and allow natural ecosystems to develop.

Our electric car charge points in the carpark are two of only eight in the whole of Queensland.

This building was designed for maximum light and airflow efficiency. The store is airconditioned to maintain freshness of products, but the Cafe and Garden Centre rely on air movement from fans & natural ventilation through high louvre windows.

Rubbish is dealt with vigorously. Styrofoam is collected and repurposed. Recyclable and wet waste are seperated. Refillable bottles are collected and retured. Fresh produce buckets are cycled between farm and store. Boxes are taped if required and placed in the store for customers to fill with groceries and return again and again.

The number of microwaves on the premises. Food in the cafe & staff-room are heated on the stove or oven.


We specialise in local native species, fruit trees, culinary & medical herbs and great gardening advice! Have a wander through our huge range of homewares, books and interesting gifts.

Mt Beewah Springwater runs through our building! The tap in the staffroom provides pure water for us to fill our bottles, it runs into the kitchen for cooking water & into the coffee cart for delicious coffee made with organic coffee beans & pure unozonated springwater.

There is a lot more to Kunara than meets the eye so we offer store tours to schools & community groups who are interested in organic food & farming sustainability. Please contact for more info.


WHO ARE WE? Kunara is your meeting place to discover a thriving wholefoods lifestyle. We lovingly source products made with integrity, vitality and sustainability. We offer solutions and support for living harmoniously with our bodies and the Earth.

Our journey began as a roadside produce stand. Today we have over 100 team members and welcome over 1000 customers through our doors each day. This growth is 100% consumer is YOU who seeks the clean alternatives, supports local growers, sees the value in sustainable farming and commerce. Together we can make a bright future.

Here at Kunara we are... rganic

We will always aim to make your food nasty-free. We have an obligation to the Australian Certified Organic board, to you and to the earth to ensure that when we say ‘organic’ you’re getting organic.


We believe in sustainable agriculture. Treating soil fertility, plant growth and livestock with care is important for the wellness of our world.

Lunchroom tunes... thanks Ivan


We prefer knowing the farmer who grew your food. Simple. Our buying preference goes like this - local, state, interstate, Australia made, international products with integrity.


Fresh is be s


We aim to make natural and organic health foods accessible and available for everyone. We believe that products should have noble values but still be value for your hard-earned dollar.

What’s been happening?! Lots of hugs for our team

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Monica’s Mixes

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Hi Jennine! t Day




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you could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be? 1. If Amy schumer 2. What would you cook?

Because it’s Amy Schumer, i’d go for chicken parmy, but i’d have to add some local leafy greens and some steamed Tasmanian quinoa. What is your secret talent? I have taught myself how to ride a unicycle What is the most important thing in your life? Soaking up as much life as I can possibly handle. What do you love doing in your spare time? Exploring, adventuring, spending time with friends & family What do you love about Kunara? I love the diversity of both the customers and staff at Kunara. You meet some of the coolest people coming in and out of the doors every day.



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teaches us that change

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Thank you @sherilyn_palmer76 for your fabulous healthy photography. Perfect healthy breakfast right there #spelt #oats #wheatfree #dairyfree

@twowholesomesisters sharing their Paleo treats by @rawrfoods from @kunara_organic_marketplace. Perfect morning tea! Love it ladies.

Antiox overload at the cafe! This little cutie finished the year super healthy! Thanks for sharing @real_wholesome_healthyliving

@lovingislands sharing one of many of her amazing organic meals. Keep up the great work! We love your photos

We’re glad you enjoyed our Burgers @veganwithbambi ! If you’re game enough, these are most

@sticks_and_stones starting their day with a coffee and smoothie, before heading to Byron! (Looking super groovy might we add!)

TA G U S . . .We l o v e t o s e e what you’re doing! @Kunara_organic_marketplace or #Kunara

Nothing better than a wheatgrass shot to start off the day! Thanks for sharing @mrstinkblog

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Strengthen YOUR BACK

Standing Forward Fold


2. 3.

Place feet at hip distance and exhale as you hinge forward from the hips allowing the hands to reach toward the ground or to take hold behind the calves. Bend the knees as much as you need to in order to allow the hands or fingertips to touch the earth or the back of the legs. Relax any tension from the head and neck and hold for 3 – 5 breaths. Benefits – Lengthens the spinal column and stretch the muscles of the back.


on your back, bend your knees and 1. Lay place your feet flat on the floor at hip

distance with the heels tucked in close to the buttocks.

the arms alongside the body and 2. Extend ground the palms of the hands into the mat as you begin to lift the hips up towards the sky.

squeeze through the glutes and 3. Gently imagine you are holding a block between the knees as you hold the pose for 3 – 5 deep breaths. Benefits – Builds core and lower body strength while lengthening and strengthening the spine.

As a practicing remedial therapist and yoga teacher, I have lost count of the number of times that I have listened to clients and students explain their musculoskeletal issues to me, particularly those relating to the back. From general muscle stiffness, through to sporting injuries, to the management of chronic spinal degeneration, there is growing evidence that the practice of yoga can be a very beneficial component in a balanced approach to both back care and overall health maintenance. According to a 2012 article in the internationally peer reviewed journal Ecam (Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine), with respect to chronic back pain, studies indicate that yoga was more effective than the control interventions (including usual care or conventional therapeutic exercises) (Bussing, Michalsen, Khalser, Telles, Sherman). With growing research that yoga can be an effective tool in a holistic and integrated wellness approach, it makes sense to add the sacred art to your exercise routine. Now this needn’t mean that you need to find yet another hour out of your already busy day to roll out a yoga mat and get strengthening and lengthening. It only takes 5 or 10 minutes a day begin to reap the benefits of a steady and continued practice and you may be surprised to find that 15 or 20 minutes has flown by before you know it. The following postures are a great place to start to strengthen and lengthen the back and the deep core muscles of the body.

Seated Twist

1. the left arm behind the body and use that hand to 2. Send ground down and support the posture.

From a cross legged position, bring the left foot over the opposite knee and ground the sole of the foot into the mat.

and send the elbow of the right arm to the outside of 3. Inhale the left knee, hold for 3 – 5 deep breaths and repeat on the

other side. Benefits – Opens, lengthens, nourishes and realigns the spine.


Please phone 07 54452928 Or email

Balancing Table

to hands and knees with the wrists 1. Come tracking under the shoulders and the knees tracking under the hips.

the belly button toward the spine, 2. Draw ground down through hands and knees and then extend opposite arm and leg away from the body.

the pose for 3 – 5 deep breaths 3. Hold focussing on reaching the fingertips

forward and pointing the toes behind. Benefits - Builds balance, anterior and posterior core body strength and lengthens the spine.


in a prone position on floor and ground the 1. Lie tops of the feet, the thighs and the hips into the mat.

your hands beneath your shoulders and 2. Place press them into the earth as you begin to lift the chest off the ground.

a slight bend in the arms, the elbows 3. Keep tucked in towards the midline of the body and relax the shoulders away from ears. Hold for 3 – 5 deep breaths. Benefits – Opens the chest, strengthens both the arms and the anterior and posterior core of the body.

Angelique de Gruchy is founder of The Yoga Sessions and offers three sessions a week at Fresh Holistic Health, Forest Glen. She is available to discuss any questions or concerns on Tuesday and Friday mornings or you can connect with her through her page TheYogaSessions on both Facebook and Instagram.


Protein Nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, bulgur, barley, etc), tempeh.

Beta Carotene Sweet potato, carrots, butternut squash, red

capsisum, tomatoes, pumpkin, spinach, collards, cantaloupe, apricots, peaches, broccoli.

Co-Enzyme q10 Peanuts, sesame seeds, pistachio nuts, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach.

Vitamin C Berries, sweet red capsisum, parsley, broccoli, If you are vegan or vegetarian, the question of where do you get your protein or your calcium is often an issue. So, where is it acquired?

cauliflower, lemons, romaine lettuce, Brussels sprouts, papaya, kale, turnip greens, kiwifruit, oranges, tomatoes, grapefruit, asparagus, celery, pineapple, watermelon, squash, carrots, garlic, apricots, sweet potatoes, onions, potatoes.

Vitamin D Sunshine, fortified cereals. Glutathione Greens, chlorella, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage,

Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, watermelon, avocado, walnuts, grapefruit, oranges, rockmelon, acorn squash, peaches, zucchini, spinach.

Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

Cos lettuce, asparagus, spinach, sunflower seeds, celery, green peas, tomatoes, eggplant, Brussels sprouts, mustard greens, cabbage, watermelon, carrots, squash, broccoli, corn, kale, oats, oranges, split peas, peanuts, lentils, whole wheat.

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)

Mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, Swiss chard, mustard greens, broccoli, collard greens, turnip greens, green beans, cabbage, strawberries, cauliflower, raspberries, Brussels sprouts, summer squash, tempeh, plums, soybeans, almonds.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) Nuts, peanut butter, enriched cereals.

Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)

Spinach, capsicum., garlic, cauliflower, mustard greens, beans, bananas, celery, cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, turmeric, kale, Brussels sprouts, watermelon, Swiss chard, nuts.

Biotin (Vitamin B7)

Peanuts, almonds, soy beans, cauliflower, brewers yeast, wheat germ, cashews, sweet potatoes, spinach, Swiss chard, legumes, tomatoes, avocado, bananas.

Dr Jeff Mathews,


• Experienced Natural Family Chiropractic Care • Effective, Gentle Methods • Baby and Child Care • Diet and Nutritional Advice • Cranial, TMJ Correction • Kinesiology Muscle Testing • Spiritual and Emotional Care • Sports Performance, Strength Improvement

The Journey to Wellness: Acute Care - relief of aches and pains, not coping, feeling unwell Reconstructive Care - correct the cause, restore energy and health Wellness Care - stay healthy for life

dr eff chiropractic holistic family wellness

Cnr King St & Mill Rd, Buderim - 5456 1424 Sponsored by:


Folate (Vitamin B9)

Cos lettuce, spinach, asparagus, greens, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, legumes, beans, squash, cucumbers, papaya, strawberries, flax seed.

Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12) Organic sulfur crystals. (MSM)


Swiss chard, spinach, kelp, soybeans, legumes, chocolate, potatoes (baked), oatmeal, squash, seeds, ginger, quinoa, buckwheat, tomatoes, beets, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, mushrooms, tempeh, brown rice lima beans.


Nuts, soybeans, corn, wheat, brown rice, oatmeal, and vegetables. Brazil nuts are very concentrated in selenium so go lightly.


Swiss chard, figs, currants, seeds, mushrooms, spinach, Cos lettuce, celery, greens, broccoli, fennel, squash, blackstrap molasses, eggplant, kale, Brussels sprouts, turmeric, beets, asparagus, cauliflower, apricots, potatoes, raisins, ginger, yams, kiwifruit, adzuki beans, cabbage, bananas, oranges, avocados, watermelon, kidney beans, prunes.

Iron Swiss chard, spinach, thyme,

turmeric, dill weed, cinnamon, parsley, rosemary, blackstrap molasses, greens, string beans, shitake mushrooms, asparagus, garbanzo beans, leeks, soybeans, olives, lentils, kelp, sesame seeds.

Zinc Mushrooms, spinach, squash,

asparagus, Swiss chard, greens, whole grains, miso, broccoli, maple syrup, beans, green peas, nuts, seeds.

Melatonin Oats, corn, brown rice, ginger,

tomatoes, bananas, barley, cherries.

Calcium Nuts, seeds, beans, whole grains,

oats, vegetables, fruits, spirulina, dried fruit, nut and seed butters, soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, hemp seed, tofu, tempeh, blackstrap molasses.


Fresh ingredients and a good cause all rolled into one. For every burrito or bowl you purchase at Zambrero, we donate a plate of food to someone in need. Thanks to our customers, we have donated over 5.6 llion plates of food. We call it the Plate 4 Plate initiative. 7 mimillion


free Guacamole

Find out more at ZAMBRERO MOOLOOLABA 10/13 Mooloolaba Esplanade, Peninsular Building, Mooloolaba, QLD 4557


Exclusive to One Magazine readers at Zambrero Mooloolaba


The Healthy Lunchbox The golden rule is to always plan ahead. It may work well for you to think 5 days of school eating when you do your weekly shop - you do not need different food everyday but if you change it from week to week, it’s easier for you and still a nice surprise for the kids! Have a few healthy, easy bread spreads in your fridge - nut butters, cheese, vegie spreads, tahini or miso paste to name a few. The easy thing about these types of fillers is they give quality protein, vitamins & minerals for good energy, last for ages in the fridge. Add a filling like grated carrot or sliced leftovers and you have a decent sandwich.

Keep it simple!

Isn’t it great that we still have truckloads of ideas on easy lunch boxes so you can spend more time having breaky!

Mix in a small container, 1 handful each of any variety of seeds such as pepitas and sunflower seeds, chopped prunes, dried apricots, a couple of crackers or some pop corn for a bespoke trail mix.

Make extra when cooking dinner leftovers make great lunchbox fillers. Even pizza or fritatta is delicious cold when you are ravenous after zoomng around a playground. Just be sure to use a frozen bottle of water as your cooling block for the lunch box if packing egg based foods. Find some good, easy snack foods that don’t have any preservatives, artifical colours or flavours. Kunara stocks a fantastic range of convenient snack foods like muesli bars, fruit bars, seaweed snacks, tasty granola, nut and seed mixes etc. Collect a range of tiny snack boxes that will fit into a large lunchbag and teach the kids from Day 1 to bring them home again!

The first and only professional

GREEN SALON in Australia

Lush Organic Hair & Spa are strong believers that beauty does not have to cost you your health or the environment. That is why we only use products which are naturally organic, free of parabens, sulphates, synthetic perfumes with a full range of certified organic and allergen certified products. Lush organic hair & spa aims to meet your highest expectations and provide you with an indulgent experience. We are happy to welcome you to a new and healthy experience in hair & beauty.

To book an appointment with the Lush Organic team call 0449 593 239



PEACH & PLUM MACAROON SLICE Macaroon topping 100g castor sugar 2 eggs 2 egg whites 75g desiccated coconut 75g shredded coconut

Makes 16-20 serves 275g Monica’s GF Flour 140g raw sugar 125g unsalted butter, grated ¼ t salt 2 egg yolks 1 t vanilla extraact 150g peach, thinly sliced 150g plum, thinly sliced Place Monica’s GF flour mix into a bowl with sugar salt and grated butter. Rub the strands of butter into the flour and sugar. Add the yolks, and vanilla. Mix until it forms a dough. Turn oven on to 1800C. Line a 20 x 30cm tin with baking paper. Press the dough into the tin and place in the freezer whilst the oven reaches temperature. Bake the base for 20 minutes, or until golden. Top with thin slices of peaches and plums. Combine all the macaroon ingredients in a bowl, and scatter over the top of the sliced fruit. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Allow to cool on a wire rack, then slice into squares.

Jump onto the kunara website and download

Monica’s MIXES Back to School mini mag.

It’s full of yummy recipes which are perfect lunchbox fillers!

H AL WA P R O T E I N B AL L S A quick and easy protein ball with a bit of a difference. Makes 14-16 60g blanched almonds 60g Monica’s Paleo Flour 40g sunflower seeds 1 tbls hulled tahini 2 tbls rice malt syrup 2 tbls coconut oil 25g chopped dried peaches 1 tsp vanilla extract 40g shredded coconut

Place all ingredients except peaches and coconut into a high speed blender and process to a smooth ‘dough’. Add the peaches. Blend until well combined. Shape into balls and roll in shredded coconut. Refrigerate until firm. This mixture also makes a great base for a tart. Mix all the ingredients to make the dough, including the shredded coconut. Choose a small, loose bottom tin and line it with paper. Press the halwa mixture into the tin into a flat disc. Bake in 180oC oven for approx 15-20mins or until the base is firm and golden. Allow to cool before removing from tin. Find Monica’s Mixes at Kunara in aisle 3


Pepita & Lime Mini Cupcakes

GF // Makes 12



200g limes 140g pepitas 80g polenta 175g butter 120g coconut sugar 2 eggs, lightly beaten 1 tsp baking powder Pinch salt ½ cup chilled coconut cream 1 tsp lime zest 2 tsp finely diced candied ginger

Place the limes into a pot of water, bring to the boil, cover and reduce heat. Simmer for 1 hour. Drain. Place the pepitas and polenta into a food processor, and blend until fine. Add the cooked limes and process with the pepita meal and polenta until smooth. Preheat the oven to 170. Cream the butter and sugar together, and gradually whisk in the eggs.

Combine both the mixtures, and gently fold together. Spoon into mini cupcake cases, and bake for 15 minutes. When cool dot with lime coconut cream. To make the frosting, place the chilled coconut cream into a bowl, and stir through the lime zest and candied ginger.

! W NE

Nutr itious Chocolate Rec ipes from Kunara Cookbook 3



• 100% gluten free recipes • child friendly • everyday food • easy to make

• fresh new ideas for wholefoods • many egg, nut, dairy free recipes

Head to for a full recipe list!

Sneak peak

Teff Chocolate Cookies With Coconut Butter Ingredients:

120g gluten free flour 120g teff flour 60g raw cacao 100g coconut oil, melted 160g maple syrup ½ tsp baking powder ½ tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla extract 1-2 tsp milk as required

GF / DF / V



100g coconut butter 3 tbls coconut cream 25g raw icing sugar 1 tbls orange juice

Preheat oven to 160oC. Line a large tray with baking paper.

Place all the ingredients into a bowl, and whisk until well combined.

To make the cookies, place all the ingredients into a bowl and mix to form a dough. You may need to add a little milk to bring the mixture together. Roll the dough out to 3mm, and cut into rectangles. Transfer to a baking tray and bake for 20 minutes. Cool on a cooling rack. When completely cold, sandwich together with coconut butter frosting.

Top 7 reasons why KUNARA LOVEs chocolate!

1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7.

It melts in your mouth. Chocolate contains fat—that’s no surprise. The cocoa butter in chocolate gives it a rich, creamy consistency that also

Chocolate come from cacao, which comes out of a tree. That makes it a plant. Therefore, chocolate counts as salad!

The Greek name for cacao means “food of the gods.” Please make sure you buy chocolate with the cacao content is as high as possible (min.75%), and that it doesn’t contain that nasty hydrogenated vegetable fat that spoils your beloved chocolate. Because chocolate can and should be healthy. It can be raw, it can be vegan, it can be a superfood. Here at Kunara, our chocolate is In 1947 hundreds of Canadian guilt-free, made with love and kids went on strike and deliciousness!

boycotted chocolate after the price of a chocolate bar jumped from 5 to 8 cents. Cacao and dark chocolate have There is a little caffeine in a wide variety of powerful chocolate. Most bars have antioxidants, way more than most about 10 milligrams of other foods! caffeine in them, but darker chocolates can have as much Take a bite out of stress! Cocoa caffeine as a can of Cocahas been found to contain Cola. properties that actually assist with stress relief!


Easter goodies At Kunara The Carob Kitchen are 100% Australian owned, operated, grown and made! These guys are incredibly passionate about Carob and want to share it with the world! (I’m Vegan Friendly!)

The chocolate industry is worth approximately $110 per year. Check outbillion the Sweet Williams range! Their mission is to produce exceptional and unique chocolate which provides consumers with a delicious, natural, healthier alternative! (I’m Vegan friendly!)

Encouraging sustainable living and providing delicious treats the whole family can enjoy! White, milk and dark chocolate, these guys have you covered!

It isn’t Easter without hot cross buns! Anicent Grains and Healthybake have a delicious variety of organic sourdough, rye, spelt and more!


Anthony Save A Cow Foundation ByWalsgott Sparkles, the blonde three month old Charbray calf, was the initial inspiration for the Save A Cow Foundation. In 2010, I bought a van and some music equipment, ready to travel around Australia promoting animal rights and veganism through my music. I happened to have a conversation with the ‘owner’ of Sparkles and was told that Sparkles was about to be sold off to the saleyards, meaning she would either be bought directly by a slaughterhouse or by a breeder who would kidnap and sell her calves off her and then send Sparkles to the slaughterhouse when she was no longer profitable to breed from. I realised that I now faced a crossroad in life. I could continue with my plan of promoting animal rights and veganism through music, or sell the van to raise the money to save and care for Sparkles and transform my vision of saving cows on a large scale into reality. I chose to save Sparkles and the Save A Cow Foundation was born. Since then, I’ve provided homes for over 150 individual cows on the Save A Cow sanctuaries situated on the Sunshine Coast. The new personalities in my life now include Grace, the red Brahmin calf who was paralysed from the neck down after being mustered into a fence by a cow farmer who was going to shoot Grace as she no longer served any purpose for him. Grace was dragged on a mattress into the back

of a horse float and we spent six months rehabilitating and providing intensive care for her while she regained the use of her body. This required rolling Grace every few hours on a mattress, feeding and watering her by hand and administering daily physiotherapy. Grace had such a will to live and showed such grace in her 6 month ordeal that she was named as such and now she is a fit, healthy and beloved member of Save A Cow. Buffy, the blonde Brahmin calf was named “Buffy the tick slayer” as she was also paralysed and near to death from a paralysis tick when we saved her and intensively nursed her back to health, including having to administer water intravenously into Buffy’s neck for ten days until she regained use of her mouth and tongue. The Save A Cow sanctuaries include Summer Farm and other larger sanctuaries throughout the hinterland. My days are spent managing the cows, feeding them, purchasing hay and other requirements. This includes removing large numbers of cattle ticks, nursing anyone who is sick, repairing and managing fences, rotating cows to spell pastures, and travelling between the sanctuaries to check on everyone. As this is a full time unpaid job, with very high running costs, and obviously all cow residents get to live out their natural lives free from exploitation of any kind on the Save A Cow sanctuaries, we have no choice but to find alternative ways to raise money to make Save A Cow sustainable. This alternative

Find out more at

includes building a community of like-minded people who wish to support my work. People who believe and feel that cows are more than just their flesh, or their skin or what humans can steal from them or exploit them for. I am often asked, “Why save cows”? The basic answer is “Why not, as they are just as important as anyone else”. To articulate this, an important part of the answer is that each cow is an amazing individual and has a distinct personality of their own, just like humans do. Also, the complex social relationships in the cow societies that have been enabled at the larger sanctuaries demonstrates that cows are very similar to humans without the violence of humans, so in fact we humans should see cows as teachers of how to live together peacefully. It is my hope to progress humans from their current mainstream speciesism. We are dedicated to making Save A Cow a success and part of this is to inspire humans to realize that cows have intrinsic value and worth and must be respected as such.

If you would like to support the life saving work of this charity you can make donations through the Save A Cow website: where you can also find other information such as how to sponsor cows and attend Save A Cow Open Days.

17 Not a new concept, well ignored by many, but surely gaining popularity as the general population gets more educated on a daily basis. On the back of the eye, the central part of the retina – the light sensitive tissue – is called the Macula. This is where our best vision comes from; we read with this area of the eye, we recognize faces and much more with this area. A combination of oxidative stress and inflammation can cause damage or death to the cells in this area, causing Macular Degeneration. According to the Macular Disease Foundation of Australia (MDFA), Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of legal blindness and major vision loss in Australia. One in seven Australians over the age of 50 has some evidence of the disease and the incidence increases with age. There is a 50% risk if a direct family history is present and there is three to four times the risk if you smoke.

To reduce your risk of Macular Degeneration, MDFA suggests adopting some of these practices: Choose low glycemic index (low GI) carbohydrates

Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet that includes dark green leafy vegetables Lutein and zeaxanthin are present in high concentrations in a healthy macula and is found in kale, spinach, silver beet and also present in other vegies such as peas, pumpkin, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, corn & beans Carrots, a good source of vitamin A are not the best eye food as the popular myth suggests, eat them in moderation as part of a balanced and varied diet Eat fish two to three times a week High concentrations of Omega-3 are found in oily varieties of fish like salmon, mackerel, trout and sardines.

LIMIT Alcohol no more than two standard drinks per day is recommended

INCLUDE THESE NUTRIENTS Zinc found in oysters, seafood, peanuts, legumes, meat, yoghurt Vitamin C found in citrus fruit, berries, capsicum and tomatoes Selenium found in mushrooms, oats, brown rice and Brazil nuts Eat a handful of nuts a week or a few nuts each day for vitamin E. Choose raw, unsalted nuts. Mix a selection of almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pine nuts, pecans and pistachios Wheat germ and olive oil are also good sources of vitamin E

Macular Degeneration Awareness W e e k is 24t h - 3 0 t h May, 2 0 1 6

* It is very important that any changes in diet or lifestyle should be undertaken in consultation with your doctor, especially if you are on prescription medications.

People who have low GI diets tend to have less heart disease, lower cholesterol, less obesity, less diabetes and also less macular degeneration

Keep a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a healthy weight, exercise regularly and reduce stress levels. And most importantly - have regularly eye examinations, ensuring the macula is checked. Use an Amsler grid to check for symptoms of Macular Degeneration – available from your optometrist or the MDFA.

For more information go to:

Zahn Kidson BOptom(RAU)OCANZ Optikus Optometrists Shop 13, Chancellor Park Market Place Sippy Downs, QLD, 4556 Tel: 07 5456 4300 E-Mail: Web:

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Kunara Specials

Are you taking care of your Hair?

Bronwyn's Hair Care tips!


Autumn Specials

What’s happening in march?

World Wildlife Day 3rd Clean Up Australia Day - 6th Earth Hour 19th Harmony Day - 21st


20% A ubr e y H air C ar e P roducts



Hair Conditioning Oils Hair Treatment Oil Blend 60ml


20% ORGANIC P ump k in

Most oils are effective on your hair! This is my favourite combination, leave in for a day and wash out. With thick hair you can slide a few drops through the ends everyday. These oils are light and penetrate easily, they help to restore, nourish and protect split and damaged ends and washes away without leaving the base of your shower too greasy. Argon Oil Pomegranate OIl Castor oil Coconut fractionated Jojoba

10ml 5ml 5ml 20ml 10ml

For thick, unmanageable and curly hair, rub shea butter between your fingers and work through the ends of your hair. Shea is also a soothing and healing ingredient for irritated scalps and dandruff.


Kiwa C hips G0806 – Chips Vegetable Mix 70g G0807 – Chips Parsnip 55g G0808 – Chips Potato 50g

A ppl e / O R A N GE J uic e P opp e rs 2 5 0 ml K0574, K0553



Leave in Conditioning Sp ray Use on the ends of your hair before combing to protect the



ends from splitting and frizzing, good for all hair types! Blend in 100ml amber glass spray bottle and shake before each application. Lemon scented tea tree hydrosol Fractionated coconut oil Lavender essential oil Rosemary essential oil

85ml 15ml 8 drops 8 drops

Come and see the Natural Health and Beauty Team for directions to these ingredients and equipment and more great tips about natural skincare.

at Kunara

March WED 2nd 10am-2pm


R ainbow chai t e a 501 BuLk

nutralif e fish oil + v itamin D V0287

th th WED 16 10am-2pm April WED 6 10am-2pm

th WED 20 10am-2pm


Kunara Specials

Ap r il

Autumn Specials

What’s happening in APRIL? Earth Day - 22nd Anzac Day - 25th Day - 22nd


Autumn Specials

What’s happening in maY? International Mother Earth



International Composting Awareness Week - 1st to 7th Day - 23rd  National Volunteer Week - 9th to 15th

World Turtle




20% T e a L o v e rs




The whole range

G R EE N L E A F t e a 720 BuLk


G5156 – Mug Small Daisy Flower, G6159 – Mug Tall Japan Flower, G5150 – Mug Small Dragonfly, G6160 – Mug Tall Pink Blossoms, G5154 – Mug Small Butterfly, G6161 – Mug Tall Dragonfly, G5155 – Mug Small Pink Blossoms, G6163 – Mug Tall Butterfly, G6175 – Mug Small Koume Ping, G2454 – Mug Small Natsuki G6158 – Mug Small Japan Flowers, G5151 – Mug Small Paisley, G2445 – Mug Small Patchwork






10% O r g anic S w e e t potato

W hit e / r e d g rap e juic e 1 lt



K3445 K1151

L if e str e am natural v itamin c capsul e s

H armon y g oat mil k soaps S1871, s1866, s1865, s1869, 1867, 1870, s2112

V2049, V2047









R & G O r g anics

G4087 – Coconut Oil 500ml G4088 – Coconut Oil 1000ml G4090 – Coconut Mllk 400ml G4092 – Coconut Cream 400ml

5 point d e to x V4006

At Kunara May WED 4th 10am - 2pm

O r g anic C av e ndish B ananas

B y ron B ay P i z z a R an g e

WED 11th 10am - 2pm WED 18th 10am - 2pm


SUGAR... how’d you get so sweet? How well do you know Sugar? Fructose

Agave Syrup

Is made from the sap of the hearts of the agave or maguey plant. The syrup is obtained by pressing from the core (the pina) and the resulting juice is then selected to become dark Agave Syurp or filtered to create a light Agave Syrup. The unfiltered liquid contains many minerals and retains a natural flavour with a hint of vanilla aroma. It has a low GI of approx. 13, though it is very high in fructose and low in glucose. The syrup is approx 1.5 times sweeter than refined sugar and may be used in recipes calling for a sweet syrup.

Barley Malt/ Syrup

Is a natural sweetener with a GI of 42 and is produced from sprouted barley grain. The sprouts are then dried and cooked slowly so that they form a sweet syrup. It is dark brown, thick and sticky, with a strong distinctive flavour similar to malty molasses and is about 50% as sweet as white sugar. This natural sweetener can be used easily in cooking and baking. (Approx. nutritional profile is 30% complex carbohydrates, 65% maltose, and 3% protein.)

Beet Sugar

The Sugar Beet is a type of Root Vegetable. “Beet Sugar” is derived via a refining process which dries (crystallises) extracts from the sugar Beet Juice and is the source of 50% of the world’s table sugar production. It contains 99% pure surcrose and is a suitable substitute for cane sugar in all recipes. Some people who are allergic to table sugar may be able to use Beet Sugar.

Demerara Sugar

Is made by pressing sugar cane, and streaming the juice to form thick cane syrup. The syrup is then dehydrated, leaving behind large golden brown crystals of sugar. This sugar has a rich, creamy, molasses-like flavour which can sweeten hot drinks, and enhance baked goods e.g. cakes, bisuits and crumbles. It is also nutritionally rich and retains all natural mineral and vitamin content present inherent in sugarcane juice.


(Also known as Glucose) - Is the commercial name for the crystalline glucose sugar or liquid which is refined from cornstarch however, this substance may also be produced from Sugar Cane or Sugar Beet. With a GI of 100, dextrose is approx. 70% as sweet as sucrose (table sugar). It is used in cooking and baking, and is a readily available source of energy.

Stevia rebaudiana

A herb widely grown for its sweet leaves. Stevia’s sweet taste has a slower onset and longer duration than that of sugar. Although some extracts may have a bitter or liquorice -like aftertaste at high concentrations. It has up to 300 times the sweetness of white sugar, but has only a negligible effect on blood sugar and may actually enhance glucose tolerance. Suitable to substitute in cooking in either powder or liquid, with adjustments to recipes as less bulk is used. Stevia is easily used as a sugar replacement in sweet desserts.

Is the most common type of sugar found in natural fruit, honey and some vegetables. This product may also be derived from corn, which is presented as a white crystalline sugar or a liquid form, known as High Fructose Corn Syrup. Fructose is predominantly metabolised in the liver, it therefore does not require pancreatic production of insulin to enable it to be used by the body. Small amounts of oral fructose can be helpful in improving glyceamic control in diabetes, (even though Fructose is actually 25% sweeter in taste than sucrose). As a great sugar substitue in cooking, fructose has a friendly GI of 25.


Is the mix of sugars that bees produce from plant nectar. Honey is approximately 20% water; 40% fructose; 30% glucose; 1% sucrose. The remainder is a mixture of other sugars and minute traces of naturally present acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The flavour of honey deprends on the source e.g. Clover; Ti Tree. Honey has a GI factor of 50. It can be used in baking as it gives cakes and biscuits a light moist taste.

Maple Syrup

Is the mixture of sugars formed when the sap of sugar maple trees is boiled or pressed down to a thick, sweet, earthy tasting syrup. With a GI of 54, this syrup contains about 33% water and 60% sucrose. The remainder is a mixture of glucose, other plant sugars and minute traces of naturally present acids, minerals and some B vitamins. This delicious syrup can add that something extra to sweet and even savoury dishes.


Juice Concentrates

The low GI juice is extracted from fresh fruit by pressing then thicked by evaporating under vacuum. A useful substitue for sucrose in baking, or may be mixed with water to make a pleasant fruit based drink. Juice concentrates can also be used in smoothies, on top of porridge, in chutneys and some savoury dishes e.g. curries and dhal.

Muscovado Syrup

(Crystallised molasses) similar to brown sugar, except it is made differently. Instead of being white sugar to which molasses is added, it is sugar boiled down from sugar cane juice, purified but then not refined any further. Muscovado is low on the glyaemic index scale, and has a great almost-toffee like taste, making it a delicious flavour for many desserts.


Is essentially pure dried sugar cane juice retaining the molasses content. Mechanically extracted, heated for brown sugar, but has a coarse texture, rather than truly crystalline. It contains less sucrose than common white sugar.

Rapadura Sugar

Unlike other sugar, Rapadura sugar is never separated from its molasses content, thus, nutritionally rich, it retains all the natural vitamins and minerals available from sugar cane. Rapadura is the whole, unrefined evaporated sugar cane juice and is processed naturally free from any harmful chemicals. It can be easily used in cooking and baking, as it captures the sweet essence of sugar cane, but is a healthier alternative.

Palm Sugar

Originally made from the sweet watery sap that drips from the cut flower buds of the palmyra or the Date Palm. Now it may also be made from the sap of the Sago and Coconut Palms, and produces a sugar which is a golden brown paste and may be soft and “gooey“ or hard.

Rice Malt/Syrup

Made by a natural enzymatic process, most often by utilising plan based Amylase, which allows the whole rice grains to be partially broken down to yield a thick, rich, sweet liquid. Rice malt syrup contains approximately 30% soluble complex carbohydrates, 45% maltose (grain malt sugar), 3% glucose and 20% water. With a low GI of 25, this syrup provides a slow but prolonged source of energy and also gives some of the B vitamins and minerals thats found in whole grain rice. With a slightly nutty flavour, it is excellent in salad dressings, dips, vegetable dishes, as well as an alternative to sugar in sweet recipes.


Is a white crystalline substance that looks and tastes like sugar. Can be substituted in cooking with an adjustment to recipes to allow for lesser bulk; approximately 1/2 cup Xylitol = 1 cup sugar. Xylitol occurs naturally in vegetables, fruits and hardwoods and is most commonly extracted from plants such as corn cobs and birch tress. Health wise, Xlitol is used as the sweetener in many toothpastes & chewing gums because it does not contribute to the formation of detrimental bacteria. Xylitol has a low GI of 7 and can be used in any sweet or savour dish, & as a sugar substitute in hot drinks. There is some cause for concern at present with the processing of Xylitol so if you are after a low-processed product, may be this is not your best choice.

Turbinado Sugar

Sometimes confused with Sucanat, Turbinado contains only a fraction of its original molasses content making it more like refined sugar, but with a golden colour and a hint of molasses flavour. It has a clear crystalline form, and is produced by steaming and then centrifuging unrefined raw sugar

GI SCALE 110 Maltodextrin Sugar - 110

Maltose -

Sugar - 105

Dextrose Sugar - 100

Glucose Sugar - 100

Sucrose -

Sugar - 65

Caramel -

Modified Sugar - 60

Golden Syrup -

Modified Sugar - 60

Inverted Sugar Modified Sugar - 60

Refiners Syrup -

Modified Sugar - 60

Blackstrap Molasses -

Sugar Extract - 55

Maple Syrup -

Natural Sugar - 54

Honey -

Natural Sugar - 50

Sorghum Syrup Natural Sugar - 50

Lactose Sugar - 45

Cane Juice -

Sugar Extract - 43

Barley Malt/Syrup -

Modified Sugar - 42

Coconut Palm Sugar Natural Sugar -35

Maltitol Sugar Alcohol -35 Brown Rice Syrup Modified Sugar - 25

Fructose Sugar - 25

Agave Syrup -

Modified Sugar - 13

Xylitol -

Sugar Alcohol - 7

Glycerol -

Sugar Alcohol - 5

Sorbitol -

Sugar Alcohol - 4

Yacon Syrup -

Natural Sweetener - 1

The nutritional & health information contained herein is intended to be a guide only & not to be used as a diagnosis or a treatment.

Oligofructose Sugar Fiber - 1

Inulin -

Sugar Fiber - 1

Stevia -

Natural Sweetener - 0




Get these goodies from our garden centre & Marketplace

$39.95 each L e mon C anar y O r g anic C andl e s A gift to you from nature. The beautiful Lemon Canary Organic range is scented with 100% pure essential oils. Feel the love in each candle as essential oils are released. Lemon Canary support local farms and communities wherever possible. Enjoy!

$9.95 each

Earth Wat e r B ottl e s

S ow Grow Eat H e rb in a ba g

It is so simple and such an easy thing to change, from plastic to a sustainable, reusable and beautiful product. So....Why choose Earth Bottles? Made with grade 18/8 stainless steel, a sustainable and stylish product, an Australian company that discourages the use of a single use plastic bottle and BPA Free!

Where would we be without Parsley, Basil and Chives in our lives! Growing your own herbs has never been so easy! (or so cute!)

Eco B amboo and H us k P icnic S e t

Let’s go for a eco-friendly picnic! The Biodegradable Picnic Set is made from innovative renewable resources like bamboo and corn starch. ECO SOULIFE biodegradable products are dishwasher safe and BPA free. The reusable, sustainable nature of these products makes them a great alternative to single use plastics and help reduce global landfill.

750ml $53.95 500ml – $42.95

1 litre $19.95

D r Grow I t A ll – L i q u I d F e rtilis e r

This complete solution containing biological compounds and billions of beneficial bacteria, promotes biostimulation for exceptional plant growth while replenishing the soil and increasing microbial activity for long term sustainability. Dr Grow It All™, is recognised by Australian Certified Organic as an organic garden product. $59.95


2.5 litre - $39.95, 10 litre - $95


En v ironm e ntally F ri e ndly S un g lass e s

These can be purcahsed at the Optikus store or online

Fashionable frames manufactured from bio-degradable M49 (cotton and wood pulp fibres) or Z-Resin (castor bean plant based); replacing the traditional petroleum-based plastics. Combined with polarizing and colour enhancing plant based Ellume lenses (Rx-able). Result: durable, ultra-light weight, comfortable sunglasses for every day and activity wear. Optikus Optometrists, stockist of Zeal sunglasses – 07 5456 4300

$72.45 each $99 each aroma bloom diffus e rs These innovative and stylish diffusers offer the most advanced and effective way to diffuse essential oils. The aroma bloom diffusers also offer additional health benefits of an ioniser and air purifier. Transform your environment with no heat and no condensation! Just a beautiful blend of cool mist, aroma, and lighting. 100% Certified Organic.

$6.70 $7.85 each

O r g anic raw chocolat e ma k in g k it

Dear all chocolate lovers...have you ever wanted to master the art of making this heavenly gift? The most important factor in creating a little taste of heaven is good quality ingredients. Maretai’s cacao products are sourced from the Mayan region of Southeast Mexico where the delicate criollo cacao variety is organically grown. Time to experience a wonderful organic raw chocolate in its purest form, handmade by you! (Psst..Perfect Easter or Mothers day gift!)

from $19.95

L o v in g e arth

Healthy, sustainable and fairtrade. The three principles of what Loving Earth stand for. This delicious chocolate is based on the philosophy that the earth is a living organism and has immense respect for the environment. If you’re looking for chocolate that doesn’t cost the earth, you found it!

C andl e so y soul mat e

This soylicious candle range from the Linen Co Australia are not only beautiful, they smell incredible and also have also have the benefit of burning clean free from toxins. The perfect mothers day gift!



Autumn Gardening Tips

Ahh…the rain! You might be sighing with relief as you have been watching your garden flourish from the recent wet season. However, the higher temperatures and humidity haveare probably still sending you toward the beach or finding refuge in your local watering hole or cool forest canopy. The good news, however, is that cooler more pleasant conditions are on their way! Our Autumn months here on the Sunshine Coast begin quite warm with March averages ranging between 26.3oC min-29.7oc max, April starts to become quite mild and delicious ranging from 25.3oC min27.2oC max, and May becomes one of the most liveable and beautiful

In the Vegie Patch

Now is one of the greatest times in the vegie patch to plant your most diverse variety of species. With vegetables you can now plan where to put any of the following: Tomato, capsicum, eggplant, lettuces of all varieties, rocket, radish, carrot, beetroot, silverbeet, kale, beans, peas, cucumber, zucchini, cabbage, broccoli, turnip, onions and garlic (including bulbs). Whilst not the easiest things to grow in SEQ, the small window of opportunity opens to grow true cooler climate vegetable varieties such as broad bean, parsnip, cauliflower and artichoke. These vegies are generally not too successful but get them going now to try to ride the cooler months ahead. March through to mid-April is the best time to get everything planted in the ground. It is also good to get a green manure crop started for any beds you plan to leave fallow over the cooler months to prepare for spring plantings.

Herbs This is a great time to get more of your herb varieties up and running now that the humidity begins to drop. In particular you can finally start to have greater success with your coriander as it won’t

months of the year with tems from 22.7oC min-24.3oC max. Over these months too, a drying trend begins as we move out of the Summer monsoon patterns, into cooling changes driven from the south. Monthly rainfall averages drop from around 240mm in March to 130mm in May. Each season can vary though, if one of our notorious East Coast lows develops between the transitions of season late in Autumn. With great soil moisture and growing temperatures through these months, there is no better time to get busy outdoors in your garden.

bolt to seed as quickly. Additionally, you can now get these back into your garden: chervil, chicory, fennel, sorrel, rosemary, tarragon, lavender, marjoram, oregano, parsley, rhubarb, sage, thyme and yarrow. It is also a good time mid-Autumn to get all your spring flowers started and planted in your garden.

Fru it Trees After recent heavier rain events and still more to come, it is a good time to ensure that your fruit trees are well fertilised before the cooler months. Pruning should be well finished before now, to allow your fruit trees to grow stems and canes that will provide your next crops. Use complete organic fertilisers that are rich in nitrogen and organic compounds as well as trace element. A good pellet, top dressing fertiliser like Organic Extra which is boosted with sulphate of potash is a good choice to prepare your trees for the cooler months. Check the soil around your blueberry bushes to ensure their soil pH is as close as possible to their optimal requirements of 5-4.5pH for sweeter, greater fruit.




What’s in season this


Fig Red Conadr ia / 5 litre bag - $39.95 The variety Red Conadria fig is an heirloom variety, selected on the basis of

being crack and split-resistant. All have very high sugar content and are very resistant to decay. A medium to large pyriform fruit. Juicy, with excellent flavour, sweet and mild. Fruit resists spoilage in rainy weather and has a small, tight eye so it rates well for insect resistance. Skin cracks all over but does not split. Flesh is firm. The trees grow to average size and are considered to be long lived and are highly productive producing large crops. One of our favourites!

Wu rtz Avocado / 5 litre bag -$49.95 A gorgeous small tree for gardens, Wurtz is a popular variety of avocado, prized for its rich, flavoursome fruit. A flowering, self pollinating variety that can produce avocado fruit on its own, but may produce more if paired with a B flowering variety of avocado. A good performer in warmer climates, Wurtz is a dwarf-like tree growing only to 3-4m, yet produces a consistent, heavy crop of beautiful fruit! Expect fruit from September – December.

Tahitian Lime / 5 litre bag - $25.95 This variety produces very juicy fruit all year round. The plants grow to around 3x3m tall, and they do well in the garden or in pots. There is also a dwarf Tahitian lime which is grafted onto dwarf rootstock and the plant only grows to 1.5mtr x 1.5mtr. The seedless fruit is small and green when ripe, although it can be left on the tree until it turns yellow. Tahitian limes are easy to grow. They are reasonably frost tolerant, but in very cold areas you should wait until Spring before you plant.

Rainbow Chilli / 140mm pot -$17.95 each

A beautiful looking plant that gets its name from the colours, purple, yellow, orange through to red, a rainbow of colours. The plants grow bushy and get to around 60cm in a pot and about the same wide. It fills with 100’s of tear drop shaped pods that grow to 2.5-3 cm long and 1 cm wide. They start off a purple and they go through yellow to orange and red, when the plant is full of multicoloured pods it looks amazing. Medium heat when lighter colours and reaches its full heat when bright red in colour. The Rainbow Chili is a great little plant producing chili’s most of the year, would grow smaller in smaller pots, so great for the space challenged or those into colour, nice flavour and great heat from medium to strong burn, one colour for everyone.

Dragon Fru it / 140mm pot - $16.95 The Pitaya is more commonly referred to as the dragon fruit. It is an extremely

beautiful fruit that has dazzling flowers and an intense shape and colour. The dragon fruit is usually a dark red colour, although some types of this fruit are pink or yellow. The skin of the dragon fruit is a thin rind. The skin is usually covered in scales, and the centre of the fruit is made up of a red or white, sweet tasting pulp. Dragon fruit has an extremely low amount of cholesterol, which ultimately helps the body break down this fruit quickly, keeping you happy and healthy. It’s the perfect fruit to maintain your weight and satisfy your sweet tooth.

China Flat Peach / 5 litre bag - $39.95 Also known as the Donut or Saturn Peach this freestone peach is as tasty as it

is unusual. Looking like they have been squashed into a UFO shape they make for an interesting addition to the fruit bowl. With white flesh that is very fragrant with a delicate flavour the China Flat is an ideal snack size. Self-fertile and requires low winter chill hours to set fruit, will cope with humidity in warmer northern climates (also suits coastal planting). Lovely addition for any home gardener or suburban block without a lot of space.


We offer everything you need in health!

Naturopathy Osteopathy Exercise Physiology Psychology and Psychotherapy Art Therapy Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi onsite Pathology (QML) IV vitamin therapy


Check out our staff profiles!

The Natural Vets

is a brand new, dedicated holistic veterinary clinic, next door to Kunara Organic Marketplace, offering: • • • • •

Natural Nutrition Advice Homeopathy Herbal Medicine Acupuncture Modified Vaccination Protocols

• • • • •

Behaviour Advice Cancer Therapy Ethical Pet Foods Eco Pet Products Full Service Vet Clinic

The Natural Vets are a complete veterinary solution with facilities for radiology, surgery, dentistry, hospitalisation, emergency and critical care.

07 5476 7674 338 Mons Road Forest Glen Q 4556

Visit The Natural Vets today, where you can relax knowing you have discovered the very best in holistic veterinary information and care.

27 Ben Gaffney Bachelor of Science (Honours) Ph.D. Master of Physiotherapy Studies Physiotherapist Ben is a Physiotherapist with over ten years of experience in private practice on the Sunshine Coast. Health is a field in which he has maintained a strong spirit of enquiry since his adolescence. High school success in Science and Athletics led to a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours majoring in Physiology at Griffith University, Nathan. This was followed a Ph.D. research project at RMIT University, Melbourne on the effects of the Chinese herb “Ginseng” on hormonal markers of the stress response in endurance athletes. Ben’s approach to assessment in Physiotherapy is to listen carefully to a person’s history of activity, pain, and function/dysfunction. He then assess patterns of tension in muscle and stiffness in joints. Clients often perceive the hands on part of the assessment and treatment as “massage therapy” and sometimes ask what type of massage he use? This question is best answered by way of reference to the influence on his practice of the Canadian Physician Chit Chan Gunn who explained that persistent pain is often due to irritation of nerves by muscle tension. Determining which muscles are the source of the irritation is the first step in being able to relieve such pain. Decreasing tension in those muscles is the next. Dr Chan Gunn used dry needling (with acupuncture needles) to do this. Ben has found that pressure applied sensitively and accurately with fingers or forearms is also effective.

Lisa Moore Art Therapist Adv Dip. Trans. Art Therapy. Dip. Couns.

Natalie Harms Nutritionist

Lisa is a transpersonal art therapist and counsellor who is currently completing her Graduate Diploma in Arts Psychotherapy. Art Therapy is a gentle but powerful therapy which taps into your unique creativity allowing true expression of inner feelings and thoughts. It is the use of different art materials through which a client can express and work through issues, problems and concerns that they have brought to therapy. For many clients it is easier to use a non-verbal form of communication to make sense of their own experiences. The basis of this therapy is not about the art produced, it is about the process of creating. Individual sessions will guide you to finding meaning through self expression, while taking part in a workshop allows you to bond with other group members and feel less alone in the world of anxiety or depression. Benefits of art therapy include: relief from overwhelming emotions, increase in sense of well being, personal transformation, discover insights about yourself, enhancement of thinking & reasoning skills.

As a university qualified nutritionist, Natalie uses the latest science, her knowledge of food and its impact on health as well as your individual situation to make a holistic health assessment and provide you with diet and lifestyle recommendations to help you achieve optimum health. Natalie’s connection with food comes from growing up on a farm in Western Queensland and being part of a family where growing food and cooking from scratch was part of everyday life. This connection with food was lost while she pursued a career in the corporate world and it took many years for her to realise that the food she was eating (or not eating), how she was eating it and her lifestyle were impacting her health. Her philosophy is to help you understand what foods and nutrients are required for optimum health and to focus on a dietary patter (not select foods) full of natural, fresh wholefoods to provide the right balance of nutrients for health. She will help you understand what’s impacting your health and work with you to develop dietary and lifestyle changes that suit you, based on a thorough understanding of your current health, lifestyle and dietary habits. Phone: 5445 2928 Adjacent to Kunara 330 mons rd, Forest Glen QLD



Does your shampoo give you an itchy scalp? Raw Ingredients & 100% Bio-degradable REVITALISES HAIR & SCALP

RESTORES SHEEN/ CONCENTRATED/ Two types for thickening hair or settling hair COME SEE US AT KUNARA! MARCH- Friday 18th 11-1pm APRIL- Friday 15th 11-1pm MAY- Friday 13th 11am - 1pm FREE expert advice & free samples



Nearest outlet? FREE SHAMPOO SAMPLES? FREE Expert Hair Colour Advice & Free Samples 1. Full treatment 2. Leave-in conditioner - wet






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Autumn issue 2016 2  

Autumn, the season that teaches us that change can be beautiful!

Autumn issue 2016 2  

Autumn, the season that teaches us that change can be beautiful!

Profile for kunara