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FRUIT All fruit counts! Fresh, frozen, dried, canned, and even 8 oz. of 100% fruit juice. Check the label for serving size and beware of unnecessary added sugars.

Beak Bites is a KU Dining Services initiative. For questions about Beak Bites, nutrition, or dining on campus, please contact Christine Ebert, RD, LD,, 785.864.2424.

VEGETABLES Fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables are all excellent options. Try to eat a variety of colors to maximize the number of nutrients you are getting!


Beak Bites is a partnership between Watkins Health Services and KU Dining Services to provide a consistent message of promoting wellness on the KU campus. For more information on Watkins Health Services’ wellness initiatives, please visit:

At least 50% of your grain choices should be whole grain options. Check the first ingredient on the label to avoid tricky marketing. Beak Bites is part of the FuelGood network. FuelGood is supported by LiveWell Lawrence and coordinated by the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department. To learn more about FuelGood, please visit

PROTEINS Lean protein options include foods such as nuts, beans, soy, and seeds. When choosing meat look for lean options such as chicken or fish or cuts that include the words “loin” or “round.”

DAIRY Opt for low-fat dairy options – nutrients remain the same, but less fat equates to fewer calories!



PLATE Follow us on @KUDining for news, deals and special offers! 3rd Floor, Kansas Union 1301 Jayhawk Blvd., Lawrence, KS 66045 785.864.7274

• Your campus kitchen table •



Beak Bites can be found at all KU Dining locations across campus! KU Dining locations include retail food courts, residential dining centers, snack bars, and coffee shops.


• Under 400 calories per serving • Contains protein, fiber, and or fruit/vegetable • Over 50% of the grains are whole (if grain is the predominant ingredient)

• Under 600mg sodium • Not deep fried • Under 10g saturated fat


(FOR MAKING “BETTER FOR YOU” CHOICES) • Have a sweet tooth? Reach for items that include natural sugar, such as fruit (fresh, canned, frozen or dried). Add fruit to Greek yogurt for a protein filled snack. • Having a sandwich or wrap? Opt for a whole wheat bun or tortilla. • Thirsty? Water is always a good option, but if you want to mix things up try infused water, unsweetened tea, low-fat milk, and 100% juices in moderate amounts.

Sides & Composed Salads

• Under 150 calories per serving • Contains protein, fiber, and or fruit/vegetable • Over 50% of the grains are whole (if grain is the predominant ingredient)

• Under 600mg sodium • Not deep fried


• Under 250 calories per serving • Under 600mg sodium • Contains fiber, vegetable, or whole grain


• Under 150 calories per serving • Contains whole grain and/or is fruit-based • Not deep fried Note: Sugar will never be the predominant (first listed) ingredient

NET NUTRITION To locate Beak Bite options using our online NetNutrition tool, navigate your web browser to and look for the Beak Bites logo next to menu items! NetNutrition also lists complete nutrition and ingredient information as well as food allergy information!

• Having trouble getting enough protein? Remember items such as nuts, seeds, beans, and eggs all count! • Want a snack that crunches? Look for items like carrots, celery sticks, or bell peppers. Enjoy these snacks with hummus – a better for you option than ranch.

KU Dining Beak Bites Brochure | 2016-2017  

An information brochure about Beak Bites, a nutritional program of KU Dining Services at the University of Kansas

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