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Solvent Recycling- A boon to industries

About Solvent Recovery  Solvent Recovery plants are established on a wider scale to offer

large scale regeneration of the solvent  It provides a cost effective solution in solvent recycling and

waste disposal system  The technique has been widely used across the world  The technique is a great advancement made by the engineers and

experts to conserve raw materials

Solvent Recovery Reduces Environmental Pollution  Chlorinated solvents contribute a large share in depletion of ozone layer,

which ultimately affects the human life   25-50% of chemical waste has been estimated to be eliminated during

the drug development processes  On an average a industry can save 330,000 gallons of solvents annually.

As in year 2000 a manufacturing company based in Europe has saved a large fraction of solvent by solvent recovery technique

Why On-site Solvent Recovery is the best solution for solvent recycling ?  Reduces industrial expenditure in solvent purchase  Eliminates the problem of waste disposal system  Reduces amount of disposal  Decrease waste treatment costs

 Conform to the intent of environmental protection

Standards  Instant solvent recovery maintains the quality of the solvent.  Demonstrate quick return on investment (ROI)  Protect the environment from any hazardous effects

Join the solvent recycling campaign and benefit your organization with reduced expenditure and increased productivity

Solvent Recovery Reduces Environmental Pollution