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Welcome to this special Anniversary Edition of The Edge! This month, to celebrate one year of it's existence, the Edge has broken free from Kultivate magazine, to be issued as a mini magazine of its own. We celebrate a year of exploring new boundaries, breaking new ground, inspiring, exciting, and making art and fashion a new buzz concept in Second Life. This magazine showcases six of our Edge Stylists and their interviews provide a fascinating glimpse of how they use their creativeness. I have also enjoyed a chance to review the past year and celebrate achievements. Cover art is from an image by Judelin Eyre Kluge Vorgrimler, one of our Edge Models who is now an Edge Stylist, congratulations Judelin! We look forward to an amazing year ahead, with some wonderful things planned, and more that are just twinkles in our eyes. Fashion and art are indeed a 'match made in heaven' as someone recently told me. Both have no boundaries except for the limits of imagination and vision. So let your creativity break free! I leave you with a quote… “Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of Imprisonment”- Alexander McQueen Enjoy :) Eleseren Brianna, Editor and Curator of the Edge Kultivate COO


THE EDGE. Hi Ramsa, thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed for this Anniversary Edition of The Edge. You have had a long career in SL Fashion, how do you think it has changed over the years? RAMSA. Yes I started in some ways in fashion in SL in 2011, but I was not really ready then to engage with it because I was insecure of myself and what I was doings and not fully understanding how things work in SL. When mesh came to the Second Life grid, things became better looking but this also caused more lag inworld. So I hope Linden Labs thinks about more powerful servers in the future.

my best to look good, but there have been some changes that have led to more work and that is mostly nice. The Stylists role changed a bit with mesh with mesh bodies and heads. I hope that creators start to support males more than they currently do nowadays. For the most part SL outfits are more for females, which is a little sad. I miss the time of prims, with the furs and moving styling parts I loved them a lot, and feathers too.

THE EDGE. What really inspires you as a Stylist and what do you love about Styling? RAMSA. A Stylist's life in SL is pretty creative, you can have your own In Fashion, the style now has gone mind and it is relaxing to see how towards more blogs and events and the same outfit parts can at gatchas, so creators and bloggers different times look different, but are very active. However I wish also a little bit more realistic now. there was more runway shows in My Inspirations I get from music, the future too. movies, and other people in Second Life and I love it because it is my THE EDGE. What is it like being a lifestyle here. I try to look better male model/stylist in SL nowadays? and better every day or week or have things changed or improved for month. you as regards the fashions out there? Are there things you miss? THE EDGE. Mesh has had a huge RAMSA. I feel things are mostly impact on SL Fashion, how has it similar in some ways to what they impacted on you as a Stylist? were at the start of SL Fashion. I try RAMSA. In my opinion mesh is nice in

in photos but it lags sims, mostly because its render weight is bigger. However at the same time scripts are less than in prim times. Mesh wearing is simple too if you are using mesh bodies. Just adding pieces and appliers go on easy . Mixing things together is the hard part sometimes because you cannot be sure about matching colors. For example one creator's blue and another creator's blue are not necessarily the same kind and you just need a bit of luck then. THE EDGE. Why is Fashion and Art important to you. What are your ambitions as an Artist and a Stylist/ Model? RAMSA. When I first logged into SL grid, I was very interested to find people from around world and I tried to learn English. Then I started to notice that it looked kind of cool, it became my own kind of addiction and s life style in time. It gives my real life personality a boost to see my looks getting better and better over the years so I am happy about what the creators make. I have no big ambitions because mostly my SL dreams have come true and I have got amazing friends here and the net life style in SL is the best I can

know so it keeps me logging in. In future what I want to become more involved in is volunteering and helping. I not want to do things pretty much for money because that is not why I log in. You need be happy for what you have today and I have got more than I have ever wished for in SL. THE EDGE. What are your best memories from your time in SL Fashion and what dreams do you still have for your life in SL? RAMSA. My best memory is being in Mr. Virtual World Contest in 2012, because I made amazing new friends and it was all new and interesting for me. Then a great memory too was winning Mr. MetaStylista in 2012. This year, 2016, is being totally an amazing year for me because I have found things to do that are close to my heart and passions. My motivation and inspiration finds a lot around me because mesh makes things by this time look so cool. Thanks for Interviewing me and I want to send a message to my friends, supporters and fans to have a nice end of year! :) I wish you all will have more good years and more

more passion in the future and I hope you all have a nice coming year of 2017. Hugs and Love! Greetings: Ramsa Luv

E D G E S T Y L I S T: E U R I D C E Q O R K


THE EDGE. Hi Ruby, thank you so much to agree to me interviewing you. You are still a fairly new model in SL. What brought you into SL modeling? RUBY. I think of my time on second life as a journey of evolution of myself surely and slowly. Years ago I was introduced to the second life platform through the excitement of a close friend in the physical world. I was overwhelmed, with the community spirit of second life, the engagement of people globally on a singular space and I knew I wanted to do belong and be a part of this amazing world.

creative juices running through learnings and also continue to work with people, engage and create partnership and collaborations. In hindsight, when I look at what made me take this route or decision – I think of it as a calling of some sorts giggles

THE EDGE. What is it about Styling and Modeling that you like? RUBY. over the past several months of my time of being a model on second life, I have spent the maximum amount of my time on a pose stand on a platform scanning and running through series of boxes. It would be fair to It took me just four years of say – I do spend the most amount exploring, swings of on and off time of my online time Styling and being to finally find something I was able a model. It has become second to call my passion of sorts. nature and that is a simple task of complicated exchange of ideas / I guess the four years were not thoughts and vision. regular SL time for me, because, it was essential to find something of Styling on second life has taken purpose, something that I could call place of therapy (I am my own my own and something I could do therapist too) Styling is like having a in nearly a limitless manner and o conversation, packed with was yet to discover it. I did want to emotions, expectations and do something that I would not in demanding time and the physical world and participating respect – maybe even a in the fashion scene on second life relationship. I leverage the seemed perfect to both keep my opportunity to style depending on

emotional stance or feeling and it is an opportunity to process how I feel, to be able to stay with my emotional disposition and process the creation of another human as a method of mind play. It is like I am in art class for dealing with the need to clear my mind.

for your career as a Model/Stylist RUBY. I don’t want to sound cliché, but among my goal as a model on second life is to strive for “being unique”. I want to be able to be unique and continually evolve as a model and grow as a person.

As a stylist, the presentation of the It is complicated in a manner that style is just as important as the there is a perception every creator style itself, which means I want to carries about their designs and thus be able to master the runway and it is a very involved process to be be able to create lasting able to retain the designer’s vision impressions on print. while leaving your own mark subtly. - I have started to work on my photography and composition skills Styling is a very personal statement through courses offered on second of me, it is who I continually find life, though watching photo artists myself to be and modeling is in the physical world offering tips revealing my imperfect self to a and advice. This is one area that I community of people I share space am very fascinated with and feel in the virtual world. I feel styling is will benefit me significantly as a exploring myself while modeling is Stylist / Performer exposure or vulnerability. - I want to be a mentor to newer Sounds intense, but even as many models coming into the world of residents who are models on the fashion and styling and make their runway or viewers enjoying a fash- settling in face smoother. It is not ion show – I feel it is emotionally wrong to say I am new to the world and personally fulfilling to me to of fashion but I have to point my have completed a piece of art. first job as a store model (with an intent to get to runway was way THE EDGE. What ambitions do you back in 2010 and it’s been a long have for your time in SL and also winding journey. I won my first

recognition as a stylist when I was working for Reign at Evolve in Nov 2010 and an outfit I styled was picked for being creative. I think I did not have direction, sense of ownership of my own dreams and wishes which made this such a long walk.

to not be shy of the big bang glamor.

What I would like to see more, what I would like to see happen in the fashion and styling in the physical world be inspired / tested in the virtual space. I like the fact that we do have the flexibility to THE EDGE. What do you think are leverage the virtual world and the most important style trends in create styles / trends with lower SL Fashion today? risk costs attached and this is RUBY. There are things that are creative imagination / ability is important and then there are what we the residents of second things that are prominent... laughs life will need to lend to the world. I think you know where I am going with this I think haute / couture THE EDGE. Fashion is Art - do you and the use of those to create a agree with it as a statement and larger appeal in the economic space what that statement means to you in second life is a definite personally prominent trend. It is important to RUBY. (pulls out the dictionary and the extent that it makes money starts to turn the pages) Art: the roll – and that can’t be bad J expression or application of human I like how so much of the second creative skill and imagination in life fashion and trends take a lead visual form –Works produced by from the fashion scene in the human appreciated for their beauty physical world and in some way or emotional power I think it is make it larger than life – and I do quite clear literally and for me believe that is the best way to personally that Fashion (specifically leverage the virtual space the best the creation of it / presentation of way – creating larger than life styles it and the performance of it) is Art. and trends. I feel the ability to express in form of art is a luxury often not many I think its okay in the virtual space have the chance to experience. I

feel privileged to be able to use my art as a method to explore and understand myself better. It is like I said earlier, a calling that took a while – but is the cornerstone of my sanity on both worlds.

necessarily pick on my own. I like to explore SIM’s and then when I find one with the kind of music I like, I will park my avatar there and continue to do the chores of the physical world enjoying music. I enjoy dancing on second life, I THE EDGE. What else do you really don’t do that often but it’s one of enjoy doing in SL; do you have any those things I like very much and I other passions here? do indulge any time possible RUBY. I enjoy music so I do when (needless to say good company ad possible explore scenic SIM’s that good music go hand in hand J). offer music options that I would not




THE EDGE. Hi Paradox, thank you source of creative energy for me. for generously agreeing to be interviewed for the special Edge THE EDGE. If you had to sum up Anniversary Magazine for the meaning of 'Style' in a short Kultivate. Has fashion for men in description, what would you say? SL Improved over the years? how is PARADOX. Style is the wearing of the SL fashion scene for men fashion items in such a way as to nowadays achieve a balance, a sense of PARADOX. I would have to say the harmony among the items so that fashion scene for men has everything works together definitely improved over the years, beautifully. because now we have monthly sales for menswear only, and THE EDGE. If you had to describe they're all high quality, with much the key skills of a Stylist in SL of it being original mesh. There are today, what would they be also so many more resources for PARADOX. I refer to my description men in SL too, when it comes to of style and again how a lot of it finding good stores and such, comes down to a flow, a balance, including blogs and inworld groups. an overall composition to a styling that transforms it into a work of art. THE EDGE. How do you express A good stylist knows what colors your creativity in SL? what fires and what fabrics and patterns work you and feeds you about being together, and also knows what creative in SL? messages they want to convey PARADOX. My creativity is fueled through their personal styling. A by so much of the artistry of the good stylist can tell a story through designs in SL from creators, both in their styling, or convey emotions. fashion and decor/props. These beautiful creations frequently THE EDGE. You are moving into SL inspire me to make my own works Fine Art as well as being a Fashion of styling art and photography, and Artist - is there a difference for also I should mention going and you? immersing myself in interactive art PARADOX. To me there isn't much installations in SL is another big of a difference, it's just a different

canvas to work on when you're working with photography instead of just your own avatar. A lot of it goes hand in hand for me though, with making my art pieces. What I wear in the photos are key elements of the artwork. THE EDGE. What else do you enjoy doing in SL PARADOX. I enjoy Djing, for events and at clubs all over, and I enjoy exploring sims and doing Madpea games with my friends.




THE EDGE. It is a pleasure to Fashion and modeling has changed interview you today, Calima. Can from the past, compared to how it you tell us a little about yourself, is today? what you do and what your CALIMA. The world of fashion has passions are in SL? changed here in many ways for CALIMA. Since my birth in Second designers / creators: Life in 2008, I was captivated by the powerful visual environment of this The introduction of mesh was an world. Landscapes, avatars and of extraordinary change that some course the fashion world excited my creators could not overcome and curiosity. then they finally left Second Life. The brands that used the new In 2011 I took a step forward and I technology survived although I started as model and fashion think that only some who are photographer. Since then, that's my creating "original mesh" have passion and my adventure in brought creativity, quality and Second Life. innovation in Second Life fashion in recent years. In my real life, I am crazy about music, painting and art in general. I - Another novelty for fashion think in some way that is designers is related to "sales manifested in my creative activity strategy". In recent years here. I want to mention some peo- designers no longer offered for ple who have been important in the sale the new fashion collections in development of my career as a their own stores. That happened stylist and model: Amutey de Cuir, because the creation of "events" owner of Bliss Couture, Dahlia for collective sales and fashion Joubert who trusted me to present fairs everywhere. Most of fashion the legendary Independence brands are now involved in collection of Shi and also the several "events" each month. The talented designer Luca Dufaux, my growth of this way of sale has led alter-ego. to a sort of "fast fashion": designers working to the limit of THE EDGE. How do you feel SL the dead line, bloggers working 


quick to get effective advertising of products and consumers buying fast ephemeral "new creations" because tomorrow always there will be a new event. This sales system has caused the concept of haute couture in Second Life almost disappeared.

THE EDGE. Who are your favorite RL Designers, and do you have your own signature 'style' when you are free to express yourself as a Stylist. CALIMA. My preferences are quite eclectic about fashion. I identify myself with minimalism and certain classicism but also with the The modeling has also changed transgressive creativity. Alexander over the years. The models now are McQueen, Madame Grès, Jil working more for fashion Sander, Marc Jacobs, Alexander magazines. Many of them are also Wang are some of the designers bloggers and of course, the fashion that I admire. shows have gone down drastically. People prefer get the information in I'm not sure having a hallmark in blogs, social networks, Flickr and my style. Overall I feel comfortable they goes less to the live shows. in minimalism but especially appeals to me the aesthetics what THE EDGE. How do you see the is not very explicit. I love the power future of Fashion and modeling in of hidden things, the darkness and SL? mystery. CALIMA. The future is directly related to the implementation of THE EDGE. What marks out a true new technologies in Second Life to Stylist? what abilities and mindset give more creative freedom for do you think a Stylist needs to designers and bring us closer to the have sensory aspects of real life. The CALIMA. A stylist, in its most Bento project is a step, but we need creative aspect, uses the creations more changes to attract new of fashion designers in a way that creators of virtual environments. If adds them to a new value, a new SL does not evolve fast, it will not meaning. The mix and match does be easy to survive .... not mean adding elements, but they interact and acquire another

dimension as a whole. Of course a stylist should know about technical aspects, history of fashion and trends ... but it's important to walk beyond the rules and pass on with your work ideas, emotions and real or imaginary experiences . The styling, as fashion, is also creativity and communication. THE EDGE. As a respected and senior figure in SL Fashion and Modeling, and an inspiration to

others, what is the best advice you feel you can give to new models and stylists out there? CALIMA. My only advice is to look around curiously, live fashion with intensity, fill yourself with experiences. When it comes the time to create something, always try a new challenge, not repeat something you've done before, not looking for the easy success. Look inside yourself and follow your instinct.




THE EDGE. Hi Falbala, it is a great Show with lights, particles, glowing pleasure to be able to interview avatars and dancing on stage from you today. What does Fashion the models with dubstep fun music. mean to you? and how did you get I am just not good in following the into SL Fashion/Modeling crowd I guess. I just don't underFALBALA. Fashion is for me stand the reason for becoming a expressing feelings and emotions sheep of many instead of being an with the help of clothing, stylings, individual and being different. makeups and hair. Like a musician To come to the part how I got into tries to transport his emotions or modeling. Let me try to make it his story in a melody or his lyrics. I short so I don't bore the readers to think I am a kind of revolutionary much. *haha* I got basically found human being and not just in SL. I by an agency owner and he showed think I always try to break me the world of fashion from his stereotypes and swim against the side and I started to grow into this big crowd as much as it is possible world over the years of contests, for me without hurting anyone shows and all kind of agencies around me or myself with it. For where I saw many getting started example, for around some years and closed again by time because now it became a bit of a trend to be of different reasons. I am glad some very skinny in modeling. Of course still exist even I wouldn't want to we are all skinny compared to the work in all of them for also different normal citizens of SL. But I am reasons. But I am glad they are talking about close to anorexic skin- there to give all the young ladies ny. There I am the one who turns and guys who want to become a up the body fat a bit more and give model a chance to grow and get myself some nice round butt and experiences in them. boobs. Or the trend to do only very RL inspired and RL orientated THE EDGE. SL Fashion has changed shows without any jewelry, all same throughout the years, how does it hair styles and that kind of stuff compare now to say five years what you can find on YouTube a lot. ago? what do you miss about SL That was the time, when that Fashion today and what do you started, when I did the Blacklight celebrate about today's fashions?

FALBALA. Hard question, very hard question. Uhm, yes I agree it changed a lot. Of course also because of the change from system and sculpt clothing into the option to use mesh. But mostly I see the change in fashion in the people themselves. How shows are managed. How magazine stylings are requested. Who gets casted for pictures with a specific styling. How contests get judged these days compared to 5 years ago. There I see a lot that it is unlike what I got told and trained when I started to become a model. What I am very glad of is the fact that people open themselves more and more for avatars who are not the typical stereotype of a human model. I think it started with the big wave of androgynous models around 2011/12. Then we had the wave of models, I think it was around 2013/14 who tried so much to stick out that the "beauty" part of the old view of fashion got changed a lot. And what makes me very happy of course is the fact that models like me, who are not 100% human gets accepted slowly more and more. THE EDGE. What are your best memories from your time in SL

Fashion. FALBALA. The best memories I get in my mind right away was to be able to meet so many different people with the same way of passion. That we all share kind of the same love for beauty, colors, creativity and art. Of course there are everywhere the famous bad apples in a family but they are very rare to the amount of people I don't want to miss anymore being a part of my life in the one or the other way and to do something good with this. By maybe just being there and lend my ear if someone needs it to try some tears or a heavy heart or being able to help with a project they want to make come true and I can be a part of the process in any kind of a way. Yes, I think those are my best memories I have when I look back on the years I have been in fashion. THE EDGE. what would you say your personal style is? what kinds of Stylings are you happiest doing? FALBALA. I guess everyone who sees me thinks I am only into fantasy because of my ears. But even I really like the fantasy area a lot I also love the Avant Garde stylings or the more creepy dark stylings. As an elf model you are

very fast in the fantasy stereotype box, but my favorite RL designer is and will always be Alexander McQueen and his kind of expression of fashion is absolute what I love to see and do in SL.

amount of clicks or likes and just to enjoy taking pictures because I love it. I am very thankful for this advice and also all who came after this one from my lovely SL father Skip Staheli. He is right besides music my biggest inspiration in SL to keep THE EDGE. You make fabulous taking pictures and to love the images, what do you think inspires outcomes as I think I am the you when you make fashion art? hardest critic with myself than what is your style as a fashion anyone else. artist? FALBALA. Thank you very much for THE EDGE. What other things do the compliment about my work. I you like doing in SL, and does can proudly say that my inspiration anything else you do also inspire comes in first place from music I you as a fashion artist/ hear usually during styling myself or photographer preparing for the next shooting. It FALBALA. Oh that is a very good controls a lot how I feel and what question. In my soon 9 years of SL I emotion I want to give the picture. think I tried pretty everything what What brings me to an advice I got is possible in here. I was a dancer, a from the person who is the second DJ (what I still do if I have the time part of my inspiration, who said: for it), created clothing (I started "Falbala, everyone can take again with it by the way.), played on pictures. Techniques can be Roleplay Sims and many other learned. But to give a picture things I do to keep myself busy emotions, to let the person feel when I can be online. something when he looks at your picture, that is called creativity and A big part of my attention has the that you have in your blood. You opportunity to be able to reach are born with it." And I love this people all over the world to raise line, because it opened my eyes a awareness for diseases and health lot by viewing at my pictures and problems which are not that in not to try to hard to get an specific focus like cancer and AIDS. The

media overloads the society with all kind of catastrophes, which let us become blind for the small things directly happening in front of us. Like the women who has to send her child to a food care, so it gets something warm to eat once a day because she is at home with a burnout and depression. Or the freezing child in our neighborhood, who has to warm himself up in a trash bag right around our corner because his parents work in double shifts and deal with drug problems. During our focus is fixed on cases which are awful, which are sad, which are in need for help somewhere far away from us. I don't want to talk that small, don't get me wrong. But we forget with all this huge catastrophes from the media and news, that our own city, our own country is also in need for help in so many cases. And in this smaller cases we can help fast and right away and prevent from bigger catastrophes happening. When we have the awareness to see them without the help of a TV or Internet or a social media clip on FB which shows us blood, tears and death, then we are on a good way. When we see only death and blood, it is already too late. Prevention and

Awareness are the key. We can't help everyone, but anyone can help someone. And if I can transport that also somehow in some of my pictures or songs I usually share with them, then I am already relieved.




THE EDGE. Many thanks Leah for THE EDGE. What are the differso kindly agreeing to be interences you have found styling in the viewed for this special Anniversary 'age of mesh' and styling in the edition of The Edge. You have re- past pre- mesh days - what do you cently come back after a break prefer? from SL, what are the changes that LEAH. Well, I really miss the have really struck you about SL opportunity to put layers over and about the SL Fashion scene, layers and create a whole different now that you are back look. The same in regards to LEAH. First of all , thanks you so reattaching prims, modifying them, much for having me in the retexturing/recoloring etc. to create Anniversary Issue of The Edge. I'm a new style With mesh that's more truly honored. Regarding SL in limited and promotes, in a way, to general, I'm in awe with how the wear off the rack outfits. I truly mesh has evolved, especially in hope that it would be possible to regards to the mesh bodies and wear more applier layers on the heads. I can't wait for Bento to be mesh bodies, but stalking alpha out, so we can modify the mesh over alpha doesn't work well. heads and make ourselves look Sometimes I see a wonderful jacket differently (even if that can be but it comes with a t-shirt.. and I achieved with skins and appliers to want to wear it with a corset, or a certain extent). In regards to the shirt, etc... and it is impossible to SL Fashion scene, what caught my break them apart. That's something attention is the amount of new I don't particularly enjoy about models that are around, which mesh. Maybe because it feels as if makes me really happy because I I'm not free to "mold" the outfit the can make new friends. I have alway I envision it. ready met fabulous people since I came back! I'm excited to met even Also, with mesh, it can be harder more and share our ideas, passion, sometimes to find good poses that and work together to make the SL don't break the mesh. With prims, fashion modeling more creative, while sometimes they didn't look professional, and fun. perfect, you were able to turn them and modify them in a way that

fitted the pose. But still, all these "inconveniences" make it more challenging, and a new kind of fun to style, and be able to show the creations under a whole new light.

viewer, and potential customer, want to own the outfit themselves. As to whether it can be develop or not, I think you can. But it takes time, patience and lots and lots of trial and error. Work with friends, THE EDGE. What do you think real- challenge yourselves to think ly makes a Stylist? What qualities outside the box, get out of your and abilities does a good Stylist comfort zone and style something have, and can you develop them. you never tried before. Get inspired LEAH. I think that a stylist has to by all the great stylists out there, be someone who can combine both in RL and in SL. And practice items in a way that works and more and more!! shows the creations the best way possible. Sometimes it just takes THE EDGE. You are a notable one item, a piece of jewelry, a spot photographer and fashion of color, a belt, an accessory here photographer. What do you enjoy or there. Sometimes, it is just about most about image making. showing the clothes, jewelry or any LEAH. Thank you so much, your item that is being featured alone, words mean a lot to me. I think and just enhance it by using the that what I love the most, apart right makeup, or a certain hair from styling, is the possibility to style. A stylist has to avoid over express a concept, an idea, a accessorizing. I've seen this a lot feeling with my pictures. Also, around SL lately, in fashion shows Second Life provides us with the and in blogs. I do believe that less is possibility of doing sets or things more. It is also about being able to that would not be possible in RL,or combine colors and textures in a would be really expensive. Also the way that works, that is pleasant to editing part is can be really fun, to the eye, or not, depending on the experiment with different tools, effect the stylist wants to create. color effects, layers, textures, etc. Sometimes it is also about creating All in all, the whole imagine editing stories, moods, emotions, and picture taking provides me experiences, that would make the with an invaluable creative outlet

that I missed a lot while I was away alright, cause it is their business. from SL. Accept it and move on. And lastly... be prepared to accept failure and THE EDGE. Do you have any advice rejection, and grow from it, get you would give to new models in better and improve. Believe in SL, perhaps things also you wish yourself, but don't believe you are you would have liked to have been better than others. We are all here told when you were starting out. to have fun, to do what we love, LEAH. I believe that there are and there's people on the other several things that can make a side of the screen, respect them. difference for the whole experience. Some of them, are THE EDGE. What other creative applicable in any context, others outlets do you have in SL? just in modeling. Kindness, respect, LEAH. I love creating different and politeness are a must, as well things! I've been working with as helping others and collaborating Blender trying to create mesh with charities whenever you can. things. That's why I have reopened Be yourself, avoid drama, and try to my store and rebranded it. It is find your own personal look and called ALUID, and right now I'm brand. Don't do it for the "fame" or selling mostly poses and some to be "popular". Do it because you simple hair styles. I started creating really believe in what you do and poses out of necessity for some you love it. Be able to take criticism stunning runway outfits that were and get the most out if all the impossible to pose. My friends experiences you participate in. In encouraged me to sell the poses as regards to contests and pageants, they found them really useful too. do it for the challenge, for the fun, Nowadays I'm creating different and know that the winner might sets, both for runway and print not be the best model, the best modeling, and hopefully it will help stylist, the most "beautiful", or the models and photographers out most "popular". Usually the there. I will continue to play with winners are whoever fit the brand mesh and rigging and maybe one of the best, in the eyes of the owners these days I would be actually or the organization. And that's create something that looks good

enough to share!!