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Welcome to our second anniversary issue! That’s right we have officially turned two in Second Life! This issue celebrates the people behind Kultivate: our staff, our friends and supporters, and our talented artists. Two years ago I started Kultivate (then Windlight Magazine), with the goal of promoting the arts of Second Life in a fair and non biased way. We have expanded from a small gallery and a magazine to 5 galleries, various exhibitions, fundraisers, and an even larger magazine. This issue also features Second Life 2D and 3D artist Bryn Oh, which has become a traditional figure on our anniversary issues. Bryn put us on the map on that very first issue. She took a chance as all of you have with Kultivate and has helped us grow. I am thankful to all of our readers, supporters, friends, and artists. I am also very thankful to my real life and Second Life other half, Eleseren,. Without her patience, love, support, and ideas, Kultivate would never exist. So thank you my darling Eleseren, for allowing me to “Kultivate” with you in both worlds. I hope that you enjoy the issue, now on to year 3!


Owner & Publisher of Kultivate Magazine


Wow it has been a busy 2nd year for Kultivate and my particular corner of it, the Edge! It has been a total pleasure to be able to continue my passion for presenting fashion in its most creative aspects, as part of the wide ranging activities that Kultivate does supporting the multi arts scene in Second Life. We have had some standout fashion related events too. I loved presenting Fashion and Styling in a Live Art performance at Burn2, where models truly were performance artists. The incredible fusion of Haveit Neox’s extraordinary 3D art build ‘Baroque Dreams’ combining with amazing new designs by the wonderful Lyrical B!zarre and an impeccable performance from AIM Agency in the Edge Anniversary Show in November will live in my memory forever. 2017 brought further stand out moments. Kultivate’s Spring Fashion event in its stunning setting was a huge success and I had the pleasure of working with the Fantasy Angels and my own Edge Angels to produce and perform the Fantasy Angels spectacular Spring Goddesses Show. More recently I had the chance to get involved with the inaugural EVA Project !Show!, the first true combination of musical cabaret theatre and fashion show in SL. All of this plus regular exhibitions at the Edge Gallery, my Edge Styling Bootcamp courses (which begin again in the Autumn), and of course articles in Kultivate Magazine itself. I am proud too that Kultivate has supported and provided opportunities for Models and Stylists as the world of Modeling continues to fade in SL. Times do change and we cannot bring back the glory days of Modeling in second life, but this is a valid form of creative expression so we will continue to hold up a light for this. I look forward to more opportunities for our Edge and Eva models and our Edge Stylists in the coming year. I have had fun too supporting John in his many Art and Charity events, which have had such an impact too. I am truly proud to be working for and being a partner to such an amazing man. It has been wonderful too to work with others in the Kultivate team, we are blessed. My journey with Kultivate began a little over 18 months ago and has provided me challenges and stretched me in ways I would have been timid to even contemplate at the beginning of this journey. It has also lead me on a personal note to bringing my 2D and 3D art into Second Life. I am thankful for the opportunities and how working with my wonderful partner John in his inspiring and vital Kultivate vision and organization. I will continue to be proud and happy to assist John in his many projects and I look forward eagerly to see what the next wonderful year will bring for us here. Congratulations Kultivate!

Eleseren Brianna


KULTIVATE MAGAZINE JULY 2017 CREDITS John, Owner, Publisher & Editor in Chief

Eleseren Brianna, COO , Associate Publisher, & Editor in Chief of The Edge Jessii2009 Warrhol, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator Inara Pey, Lead Contributor Amy Beebe, Contributor Dawnbeam Dreamscrape, Contributor

Ilyra Chardin, Contributor

Myra Wildmist, Contributor Stavaros Gracemont, Edge Contributor

Veruca Tammas Contributor Anouk Lefavre, Editorial Photographer aldiladeisogni Resident Cover Photography



JOHN: Thanks for agreeing to be on our magazine cover again, this is like a tradition, as you were on the very first cover of Kultivate Magazine and last year's anniversary issue and now our second one! So tell our readers what have you been up to the past few months and year?

BRYN: Thanks, aldiladeisogni did a real nice job taking the photos. Hmm what have I been up to.. well in the winter I looked out the window moodily at the snow. I was filled with ennui and often draped myself over furniture and posed with the back of my hand resting on my forehead looking up to the ceiling. That sums up winter. Overall though I have been oil painting and making sculpture as well as

building. I can't really remember what I have been up to. You know I sometimes go out to things and people ask me what I have been up to and I go.. not much... and then when I get home I think of ten things I could have said. I need to make a list of interesting things that I can subtly refer too when I am in a conversation. Maybe pretend to sneeze and then read what I have been up to off a note taped to my palm. That would be handy. Get it? .. handy.. note in palm .. teehee.

JOHN: I saw that you have recently created models of you SL 3D art work, to be sold in real life. How was this process?

BRYN: Sometimes when I

miss actually holding plan out artworks I will do something I have sketches, paintings and in made ...the physicality of some cases sculptures to something you have help me understand and created... I think they are kind of bring to life the two pounds so they feel nice characters within my and heavy. I like to wander stories. I have made things around the house holding in clay, hydrocal or wood mine ha-ha. and wire, but never before in Bronze. My friend Toy JOHN: How can any of our encouraged me so I decided readers purchase a copy of to try and it has been a the pieces in real life? great experience. It is a bit of an investment and to be BRYN: Well the best way is to just visit my blog where I honest I was worried give the info. What you do nobody would wasn't one, is pick an edition and then but it has turned out well. pretty much just email me. There are 30 bronze sculptures made of a model If it is still available it is called the Dancer from my yours and I get payment by PayPal. I think 21 of the 30 latest work "Hand". They are 6 inches tall and I don't are sold now. http:// know, I am just really pleased and excited ha-ha. brynoh.blogspot.ca/2017/06 /bronze-casting-of-dancerIt is nice to create virtual complete.html spaces but I sometimes

JOHN: Are you currently working on any upcoming projects? BRYN: I am making a little something for Indie Teepee and filming Hand. Building in Sansar and applying for government grants. If I get a grant for a previous work then that will decide what I will be working for several months, If I don't get one then I have been considering writing out stories for characters such as my Veralynn bot who has been in a few stories, for a character named Lightbulb man whose story I wrote in 2009 and never made or was thinking I could expand on some previous works like Condos in Heaven, Lady Carmagnolle and 26 tines.

JOHN: Have you tried

Linden Labs new virtual world Sansar? If so do you think that you will create over there? BRYN: Yes I have built a few things over there now. One is public and the other I will open after Sansar is open to the public. I really like the lighting there but it still has a ways to go. I made something for fun called An evening at the Ballet which pretty much has every character I have made all together watching a ballet. Kind of juxtaposed different characters together imagining how they would react to each other. I still have to figure out how to script there and do various other things. The build is static right now because I can't really make it interactive yet. I think I could spend all my time just

learning how to do things without ever making something ha-ha.

JOHN: Are you currently building in any other virtual worlds? If so which ones? BRYN: Just building in

JOHN: With the new tools that Linden Labs have introduced, experiences (which I see you love to use in your exhibits), bento, and now windlight changes, how will you incorporate these into your future projects

Sansar right now. Well High Fidelity too but not there so much anymore. Popped over to Sinespace? or is it just Space?... looks nice.

BRYN: Ohhh I don't really

BRYN: Find a sandbox and

know yet. Usually when I come up with a project I will focus on the story first and then begin to plan how to tell it. I will use experience tools, but not sure about bento. Have not looked too closely at it yet. I didn't hear about new windlight changes but will use them whatever they are. What I would like to look at more closely is pathfinding.

JOHN: Any advice for new artists in SL? try to build a community there where you thrive in talking with each other about art or various things you learn. Focus on what makes virtual spaces like Second life unique mediums over others such as performance, painting, sculpture etc. Think about what makes this medium different and focus on that. For me that is immersion,

but there are many unique www.brynoh.blogspot.ca traits in SL to focus on. Too many try to mimic real life https://www.youtube.com/ art as though by creating a user/BrynOh sculpture or realistic land that looks like traditional art, something you might see in a gallery, that this somehow legitimizes the artform. The art we create here need not resemble anything from real life, create something that is not possible in real life. KM

Kultivate would like to thank Bryn Oh for taking the time to be our featured article on our anniversary issue for the second time in a row! You can stay up to date with Bryn and her many artistic projects by visiting the following links:




Strand Magazine and the Retropolitan Magazine. In October 2012, I decided to I first heard about Second Life through a news’ report completely change my on television. They did quite Second Life, drop role-play and embrace a new career an interesting cover about in modelling and SL and it got me curious about it. A few days after, I subsequently photography. decided to give it a try. It was almost ten years ago! It My interest in photography was such fun walking came in my early SL days around SL like a duck eager but I never took it as to explore and meet other seriously as I do now. I residents. That was how I have always taken found Antiquity, Victorian snapshots of special themed Sims and the first moments with friends, place I called home in SL. I events or landscapes that spent quite a few years caught my eye but I never dedicated to historical role- even imagined that I would play, from Victorian to ever dedicate most of my Medieval and lately to time in SL to photography. 1920’s and 1940’s. I was When I started my the editor of small RP modelling career and communities’ newspapers consequently my blog, I and I also collaborated as a started to need photos on a journalist with the long daily basis: official photos, gone SLNN, The Caledon agency applications,

contests, castings and illustrations for my posts and so on… Therefore, I had to take photography more seriously and to be truthful it turned out to be a natural process and as I evolved as a photographer during my studies at VISIONAIRE in 2014, I started to discover that I enjoyed photography more than I enjoyed modelling.

“something pleasant (https://www.flickr.com/ photos/119288042@N04/32 265046945).I am happy and fortunate to be doing something I very much enjoy. There’s no routine, no repetition in photography. The light, the mood, the emotion given to a picture is never the same... My favorite type of Photography is Landscape. However, I am currently studying with Zipi Levee, at VERSUS High Modelling Institute to further improve my photography and Photoshop skills, especially to enhance my work on portraits, which is another fascinating area of photography.

My daily inspiration is art and love… And I find it in the fashion and landscape designers’ work, in-World architect’s work and, of course, in my fellow photographers’ work… Real Life is definitely a source of inspiration, History as well. Inspiration exists everywhere and it is up to Collaborating with Kultivate us to develop it by using our Magazine, as the editorial creativity and convert it into photographer, is an amazing

experience. Each month, I https://www.flickr.com/ am offered a new challenge photos/119288042@N04/ and a renewed opportunity KM to work with Eles and John, alongside with one of the most creative team of writers, models, stylists and photography professionals. Anouk Lefavre is a professional SL photographer, since April 2014, after graduating VISIONAIRE Institute. She is the editor of Kaleidos Magazine, editorial photographer of Kultivate Magazine and photographer for NuVibez Magazine, ICONIQ Fashion Agency and SL Fierce Magazine. For more details about her work in Second Life, visit to her webpage https:// anouklefavre.wordpress.co m/ and her Flickr stream


impression on the world if you are able to have that I've been in Second Life for kind of impact. It is also over a decade and it never therapeutic for me to be ceases to amaze me. I have able to express myself. If in that expression, I am able done everything from roleplay to running a club in to help, inspire, or emblazon someone's Second Life. Now, I've thoughts into an action that moved into photography and writing, the latter being is positive, then I consider that a success. a real life passion also. Being with Kultivate as a contributor is an honor for I have traveled many paths me. Being able to be a part in Second Life. The only of an organization which advice I have for others is fosters expression in many this: Do not let others forms I have found define, who you are, how enlightening in many ways. you are, or what you are in

I have been writing for as long as I have been able to string together two sentences and it's not something I can ever see giving up. It's a form of expression that can leave an

Second Life. It is your Second Life. KM


Windlight / Kultivate Art Exhibitions, The Cheeky Ilyra Chardin is a designer, Lady Art Gallery, Creations digital artist, and curator of for Parkinson Gallery, The Art in the Park. Her 3D art Chelsea Hotel Art Gallery, and the Brook Hill Art installations have included Gallery. Fjordholme, Anyville, Two Rivers, Wildenshire, Painting She has been featured twice a Picnic (Burn2 Picnic on the in the SL Enquirer in articles Playa March 2016), A by Dean Lawson: November Modicum of Color, A Sunny 2015 "The Multiple Layers of Summer Day at the Beach Ilyra Chardin,” and again in (a mini 3D art installation - February 2017 “A Modicum Kultivate Summer of Color: An In-Depth Anniversary Art Festival Interview with SL Artist 2017), and her most recent Ilyra Chardin.” Her art installation “My Secret installation My Secret Garden,” which is an SL Garden was the subject of a Destination Guide Editor’s machinima by ZARRAKAN Pick. published on AVIEWtv. Ilyra also specializes in mixed-media storybook and landscape 2D art. Her work has been featured at The Raglan Shire Art Walk, Builder’s Brewery Relay for Life Art Auction, Numerous

Ilyra is a Kultivate (formerly Windlight) Artist and Feature Contributor for Kultivate Magazine. Her artwork has been used for Kultivate’s advertisement videos.

VERUCA TAMMAS BIOGRAPHY: Resident of SL for over 10 years. For the past 2 years I've been privileged to write the Voyages with Vee articles for Kultivate Magazine, as I explore SL and take photos. Working hard to develop my art and become a better photographer. Married for almost 3 years to my SL husband Urban rounding out my happy SL life.


the Park events at Holly Kai Park. News and updates on exhibitions and events at the park can be found on the Holly Kai Park website at https:// hollykaiart.wordpress.com/ .

have been active in Second Life continuously since the end of 2006, although I initially started in-world earlier than that. My interests are widespread, covering many SL activities, although I am perhaps best The park can be reached via known as a blogger and SL / the following SLurl: http:// virtual worlds commentator. maps.secondlife.com/ secondlife/Holly%20Kai% My blog - http:// 20Estates/196/105/29 modemworld.me - covers When not blogging or technical reports on the exploring, I spend my time platform, news on the viewer flying, sailing and boating and third-party viewers, from our house near Blake announcements from the Sea, and having fun with my Lab; together with reviews of partner, Caitlyn Pey. destinations on the grid, art galleries and exhibitions, If you would like to contact information on in-world me regarding my events, personal notes, photography and / or opinion pieces and more. blogging, please IM me inworld, or drop me a note In addition, I'm the curator card. of art exhibits at the Art at



SL Name: Haveit Neox

got my wish.

How long have you been in SL?

What is your occupation and/or I arrived in December, 2009. I’d brand organization name in SL? had absolutely no exposure to virtual worlds, and was immediately impressed with Second Life on the very first visit. I have been here ever since.

I’m a sim builder and artist. Second Life makes it possible for me to construct on a gigantic scale, or down to a very small one. In real life, I have done solo installations that fill a room. But in our Why did you decide to give SL a virtual world, the palette for space is much greater. I take try? advantage of the full range of Before being lead to SL, I was sizes. building miniature clay villages in gardens, and drawing cities on scrolls of paper. I fantasized What do the arts mean to you in SL? that thumb-high people populated the villages, did their A bird’s gotta fly. Art is like air business in shops, performed in for me, I subsist on it daily, the theaters, and whiled their whether I’m making my own, or time away in restaurants and appreciating another artist’s outdoor cafes. I wished works. On the days I have somehow this could become a none, I am caged. Though, reality. Learning about the even then, I usually find virtual world, it seemed exactly something of interest on the what I’d dreamed of since floor or bars of that cage. For childhood. After my first clumsy me, art is about affirming who I footsteps on a newbie island, I am, appreciating who you are,

the beauty and pain of it. It is the degrees of color, light, and technique, all at work to express whatever message the artist chooses to convey.

What are some of your favorite things to do in SL? The content creators in Second Life produce outstanding and highly imaginative products, so shopping is too seductive to resist. When I create an exhibit of my own art, everything in it is my own creation of course. But when I build at ACC Alpha or Sparquerry, I enjoy buying all sorts of plant materials and accessories to furnish my buildings and gardens. Now that Bento and mesh bodies are popular, I’ve been working on my updated avatar, and shopping for mesh clothing, skins, and appliers. Another great pleasure is visiting with friends, watching performances, and also exploring the grid.

If you could bring anyone in SL, who would that person be

and why? I do not have a particular person singled out, but I deeply admire environmental and animal activists. Implementing political solutions for the grave dangers we human beings create for the planet is a very slow process, so we need all the encouragement and guidance we can from these folks. Since governments are not willing to confront the issues seriously, I truly believe the greater power is found in each individual’s choices. I would love to think that SL is a receptive place to invite such involved people.

What is the strangest thing you have witnesses in SL? With strange things, SL excels; anything is possible here. Sometimes unusual situations are exciting, while at other times they can be unpleasant. Before updating my viewer, Bento-headed avatars were nothing but brains and eyeballs

floating over bodies. What do you say to a pair of eyeballs who are fishing for a compliment? “You have beautiful eyes”. I was filming an impressive dance performance at Fantasy Faire, but had to keep my camera at a distance since many of the faces were invisible. It was very frustrating to miss the full effect. That was the cue to get my viewer fixed. I’m updated now, and am myself Bento-headed. For those who do not yet have updated viewers to see Bento, I am tempted to have fun, and place some kind of icon in place of my brain, such as a peanut.

Describe a typical SL day for you: I log in and make peace with lag, first of all. This is like enforced meditation. I speak with my friend Lilia Artis every day. We always have lots of things to share from both RL and SL, and inspire each other with ideas and techniques.

Though we live thousands of miles apart, we often work on our projects at the same time while communicating through the computer. The computer itself is uplifted onto a pile of boxes, so I stand at my station, taking short walking breaks every 30 minutes or so. Sculpting mesh in Zbrush and making textures in Photoshop are often included in my daily routine. After doing some building, I check my IMs and group notices. They may be capped, so I cross my fingers that whoever I miss will try again. After a project is finished (they usually requires weeks or months to complete), I take some time off to be totally free. This is when I really get to do some touring with friends around the grid, free as a bird no longer worrying if my computer will break just before an exhibit is due. KM

SL Name: Kiana Writer

What do the arts mean to you in SL?: The amazing

How long have you been in SL?: I just celebrated my

thing about Second Life is that there are so many art forms to participate in. It doesn't matter if you can not draw or paint in real life, here you can create with prims and mesh. You have writers, musicians, builders, decorators, scripters, and animators all utilizing this platform as a creative outlet.

10th rez-day!

Why did you decide to give SL a try?:

When I started Second Life in 2007 I was in the middle of writing a book and I wanted to improve my English as well as study people’s behavior. The more time I spent in SL the more What are some of your I realized it was the perfect favorite things to do in SL?: platform for sharing my To be honest most of my stories. time in SL is dedicated to writing games and What is your occupation managing my crew. I love it and/or brand organization very much and so, it doesn't name in SL?: I own MadPea feel like work to me most of Productions as well as Deco the time. On those rare (c)rate and BishBox. I also occasions that I have some Co-Own BackBone with my free time, I love to explore partner Axl sims and see the creative


and I know they would pick up how to use SL right away. On the other hand, it What are some of your favorite things to do in SL?: is nice to have SL as a private space for me to be To be honest most of my more than just a Mom! time in SL is dedicated to writing games and managing my crew. I love it What is the strangest thing very much and so, it doesn't you have witnesses in SL?: I feel like work to me most of don't think you have enough the time. On those rare room in your magazine for occasions that I have some me to list all the strange free time, I love to explore and weird things I see on a sims and see the creative daily basis in SL! things people have done with their land. Describe a typical SL day for

you: Log in, have meetings If you could bring anyone in with my crew, write for my SL, who would that person games, work until my eyes be and why?: While it are drooping and then wake makes total sense for there up the next day to do it all to be age restrictions in a again! KM place such as this, I sometimes wish I could have my children here with me. They are so creative

SL Name: Lanai Jarrico

it is natural for me love and respect it in its various How long have you been in forms. In Second Life Art is such a vast assortment of SL?: digital mediums that mirror 12 years what artist create in the real world. I see it as an Why did you decide to give extension of our emotions SL a try? and expressions. It has the I migrated my virtual world power to evoke feelings and news source into Second add character to our Life from The SIMS Online environment. Its also very in 2005 therapeutic.

What is your occupation and/or brand organization name in SL? My occupation is virtual world journalist & CEO of The SL Enquirer

What do the arts mean to you in SL? .I grew up surrounded by artists. My father is a well known artist in my areas so

What are some of your favorite things to do in SL? I like the social scene more so than exploring. I appreciate the environment that is created by all the creators and designers in SL but engaging with people from all over the world is what I am most interested in.

If you could bring anyone in SL, who would that person be and why?

him to say hi. My SL sister Persia Bravin can vouch for that, she was standing right next to me when the slap occurred... how embarrassing, yet hilarious.... not so much strange.

If I could bring anyone into Second Life it would be Elon Musk because his name would fit right in as an avatar lol.... I'm kidding, I think it would be Walt Disney if he was still alive. I bet this Describe a typical SL day for place would blow his mind. you:

What is the strangest thing you have witnesses in SL? Ohhhh man, 12 years allowed me the misfortune of witnessing some of the most outrageous things that could possibly happen in SL. . I'm unsure where to begin... the naked noobie protesting outside the SL Enquirer holding a chicken on a stick.....or the time I accidentally bitch slapped the founder of Second Life at an event when I approached

A typical day used to be hours on the grind meeting with people, writing , editing writer submissions and setting up advertisers for years. These days I'm more behind the scenes maintaining The SL Enquirer and delegating some responsibility to staff. RL has often equally as busy for me but anyone can still email me and I will respond as soon as I can (typically in the evening or weekends. km

SL Name: Marcus gay Lefevre

How long have you been in SL? I´m in Second Life since October 2008.

Why did you decide to give SL a try? I have been in a very challenging situation back then. My dad just passed away a few months before, having suffered lung cancer and my partner developed a cancer in that year too. Between my work and visiting my partner in the hospital I needed a way to escape from the overwhelming reality. I remember to have searched for the term "virtual worlds" on Google to eventually find out about Second Life.

What is your occupation

and/or brand organization name in SL? I´m the founder, owner and chairman of MISS SL Organization, the MISS SL Academy and MISS SL Agency and I produce the annual MISS SL and MR SL Pageants. Additionally I`m helping EGOISME Ltd as brand- and blogger manager.

What do the arts mean to you in SL? I only discovered about the arts in Second Life, when I found out about the Rose Theatre Galleries and the Angel Manor 5 years ago. Not only caused the discovery an explosion of own inspiration but it introduced me to a whole new world I was not aware of before. I know today, that the possibilities in Second Life, to express

oneself in the many varying ways, helps many of us for different kind of challenges or to compensate a lack of resources, than they would have available in real life. The infinite, complex and high-tech possibilities to express ones mind into art, brought together in Second Life, is the most beautiful display of mankind I can think of. If Second Life can be seen for something better than the consensus is, then it is the eagerness in developing an own creativity that it may trigger in its users.

What are some of your favorite things to do in SL? I do enjoy quite a lot of things to do in Second Life, especially since discovering the creative possibilities. I

try myself in photography and machinima, modeling, blogging, graphic design. I`m not a professional in either of those activities and unlike others, I would not claim so ever either. However, it does seem that successful event- and show production is triggering most satisfaction to me.

If you could bring anyone in SL, who would that person be and why? I would bring just everyone. I think everyone should have the experience in Second Life that I did have. It`s been a mind blowing ride for me since begin and it does continue to be. If it was a particular person, it would be my grandma, so I could 'see' her more often.

What is the strangest thing you have witnesses in SL?

'typical' or I would refrain from logging in. I happen to There are many things that have the honor to be guest at some of the most I first considered to be amazing places we have in strange... every day has Second Life, i.e. the Angel such moments. But Manor or occasionally the especially Second Life has Pandora Resort, so I taught me to question commute between this reasons and backgrounds and eventually we will find, places and my private workspaces or that of my that things are not that partner, Hikaru. The day strange any at all but gets usually dominated by somehow motivated. I do the presence of my partner, find my very own development in my personal or my small family, unless we are short before an character and mindset event that I organize. I somehow strange, considering that I have been would not want a planned or typical day... - if it gets raised pretty conservative and narrow minded, Second typical... certain patterns Life may have been a very over and over, I´m likely to break out. KM strong eye opener.

Describe a typical SL day for you: There is no such thing as

SL Name: Catalina Staheli

chance to push yourself, trying new things to experiment with. How long have you been in SL? It has been a hobby of mine for years and is now a passion that 10 years I log into Second Life every day to explore.

Why did you decide to give SL a try? I was at university and working in the Tech Support office. Our boss asked us to log into this program called Second Life to learn the ins and outs, as our university would begin to offer classes using an online grid. I logged in and looked around and never looked back!

What are some of your favorite things to do in SL?

My favorite hobby is, of course, digital photography. I enjoy learning all I can about windlights, composition, and editing to create the best picture I can. Even years later, I’m still defining my own style and with every new technique I What is your occupation within learn, I push myself that much farther and I love that the brand/organization? photography is always a I am the designer and CEO of challenge and a joy for me. I [ Aleutia ] also design, learning to create original mesh items for the What do the arts mean to you modern woman. Through my in SL? decade of time in Second life, I have explored these hobbies, as For me, the Arts are a way of well as learning to DJ, delving expressing your creativity, into the role play worlds, taking a chance to look within volunteering, and modeling. All who are you and finding new depths within your soul. It’s the were wonderful experiences

that helped shape who I am and I believe touched a bit upon even my real life.

If you could bring anyone in SL, who would that person be and why? One of the best things about Second Life is the ability to hang out and collaborate with people across the globe. I had the amazing opportunity to bring my father into Second Life in his final months, where he was not able to leave his home due to his deteriorating condition. In Second Life, he was given the chance to explore and meet people, a chance to do more and to ‘get out there’ in one of the few ways he had left. We treasured every moment of it with me in Alaska and him in Mississippi and while I can’t think of anyone I’d want to bring in at this moment, I am very grateful we had SL during those final months.

What is the strangest thing you

have witnesses in SL? I had to think long and hard about this one and apologies in advance if this is too ‘deep’ or controversial, but I believe it’s something worth bringing into the open. I think the strangest thing is also the most horrifying thing I’ve seen in this program. It is so easy to escape into Second Life, ignoring the real world around you. I’ve witnessed a couple of times now, mothers on voice telling their kids to go away because they were ‘busy’ hanging out in Second Life. I’ve listened to one woman tell me how her daughter was having so many issues with self-esteem and so the mother’s idea was to bring the fourteen year old daughter into SL to hang out with her and her ‘Master’. I find it strange, and sad, and hard, when watching parents neglect their children for what is basically a chat room. And I hope, with my rose-colored glasses, that this may change

and that parents will learn what is important and what isn’t, click that X, and find a better balance in their lives.

reminder to get up and move and bring real life back into focus.

When I’m not swamped with things and I find myself just Describe a typical SL day for standing on my platform, I’ve you: got a few places that I go curl A typical day day in Second Life up and enjoy some good conversation and am always on for me these days is to log in and check on things, see where the look out for new ones, so if everything is at with my store, you’ve got a fun place worth check in with my managers. If hanging out at, let me know! I’ll I’ve got a deadline approaching, be happy to come stop by. =D KM. I’ll often turn SL off so I can’t get distracted and can finish whatever project I’ve got going on. I steal chances to take pictures whenever I have the time, and I am constantly on the look out for opportunities to collaborate. I am completely a Type A personality, also known as a workaholic, and so I’m always pushing myself to try new things. I do make a conscious effort not to spend all day on SL though. I recently got a FitBit and I love it. If I’ve sat at the computer for an hour, it vibrates and gives me a

SL Name:Fnordian Link

What do the arts mean to you in SL? My experiences

here have taught me that a variety of arts exist in Second Life, very similar to years (since October 2006) First Life, with a mix of performance art (singers, Why did you decide to give musicians, dance SL a try? An online friend performances, plays, etc.), was hanging around in SL a and visual art in galleries, lot and I wanted to spend as well as so many amazing some more time with her. and beautiful regions people have created over the years. In the past I've What is your occupation displayed some of my own and/or brand organization First Life photography in SL, name in SL? I am a custom and from time to time I script writer. My store is create abstract Second Life Fnordian Magic & Gadgets. I sculptures that I have for create gadgets, games and sale at my store on Blue various scripted items and Moon. do custom scripting for people. My primary goal is What are some of your to addict as many people as favorite things to do in SL? possible to my Big Picture When I'm not writing scripts Game so that I can claim for people or creating some Second World dominance new scripted gadget or and control you all!

How long have you been in SL? About 10 and a half

or game, I enjoy spending time with my partner, and spending time with friends, chatting and playing some of the fun table games like Skipee, Can't Stop, and Imploding Wombats. I also collect and trade amusing guns and throwers (most of them freebies), like the tomato shooter or the waffle gun, and now and then have a crazy battle with a few friends.

Maybe he'd even paint some of it (if he's a painter).

What is the strangest thing you have witnesses in SL?

Oh that's a tough one. And the REALLY strange things I've witnessed will likely occur to me later. But I do remember this one Second Life wedding where the couple got to their vows and the bride went on mic and turned out to be a guy which seemed to totally If you could bring anyone in surprise and shock the SL, who would that person groom (to say the least). So be and why? yeah, that wedding (until it I'd like to bring my Great ended rather abruptly) was Great Great Great pretty strange I would say. Grandfather into SL. Then I could show him all the cool Describe a typical SL day for things that have been you: invented and pixelated, and A typical SL day starts as then send him back to his most people's probably own time where he'd tell often do in SL with me others what he had seen.

replying to offline messages when I log in. Sometimes these are messages from friends and often they're from people asking questions or needing scripting or product assistance, or they may be a request for a new custom script job. Other parts of a typical day include working on custom scripts, visiting with my partner or friends, relaxing and playing a few games, discussing jobs with clients, updating products, and troubleshooting. Wombats and waffles may or may not be involved in a typical day. If I'm working on a new product, there may also be many days of testing. On Saturdays at 6pm, I regularly join some friends

at Cordelia Cerise's one hour themed interactive "Let's Dance" event on Whymsee, and then once or twice a week I take in a cabaret style dance show, such as Kyra Msarko's "Noir Neverland" theater, that runs most Wednesdays at 5pm and features a variety of regular and guest dancers and the unique sets they've created. KM

SL Name :Heidi Halberstadt well. How long have you been in SL? A bit over 9 1/2 years

What do the arts mean to you in SL?

I am personally not a creator of art in SL, but I Why did you decide to give feel it's an important part of SL a try? SL because of the many I saw Second Life on an things an artist can convey episode of CSI:NY and it through their art - it evokes looked really interesting, so emotions, and maybe even I made an avatar and spent gives us an insight into some time on the CSI:NY perspectives we haven't sim, made some friends, considered before. I also and that was that. think SL is a valuable outlet for artists who might not have the opportunity to be What is your occupation artistic in their physical and/or brand organization reality for a variety of name in SL? reasons. I co-own SeraphimSL.com with Delicate Flower, and What are some of your my main responsibility is favorite things to do in SL? the advertising side of the Most of my time here is business, but of course spent working, but when I there's much more to be don't work, I like to goof one behind the scenes, as

around with friends. I also enjoy discovering new places and wish I had more time to spend on that, there is so much creativity out there!

take in destroying or disrupting what others created.

Describe a typical SL day for you:

It's so very glamorous! No, If you could bring anyone in really, it is mostly work. And SL, who would that person lately a lot of inventory be and why? cleaning, because I've been Probably one of the people neglecting that, and now who are/were the loudest I'm trying to play catch-up critics of SL, who think it's before it gets completely all about the sordid side of out of control :) KM life. I'd love for them to see that there is so much more to it, and that being part of SL means something different to so many people.

What is the strangest thing you have witnessed in SL? There are a lot of strange things, but I think the thing I understand the least is the joy some people seem to

SL Name:

you in SL?

BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl

It means creative expression in a unique medium with alternative potential for discovery and realization. It offers imaginative possibilities not available in real life. It is also a wonderful social outlet. I am not convinced it has limits. I think it is the last great frontier, and what we are seeing now is only the beginning.

How long have you been in SL? Nine years

Why did you decide to give SL a try? A friend told me about this place, and I wanted to become a mermaid and build a mer world. What is your occupation and/or brand organization name in SL?

What are some of your favorite things to do in SL? Roleplay in Gor and on pirate sims. Race giant snails when I get time. But mostly, I create dances.

I am a dancer, I co-own Elysium Cabaret plus dance for Monarchs and Main Event. If you could bring anyone in SL, who would that person be and why?

What do the arts mean to

If you could bring anyone in feed my parakeets and frog, SL, who would that person then get to work on the be and why? latest dance I am working My mom so we could visit and hang out and have family gatherings and stuff, since she lives in another country. But she just doesn't 'get' the internet for anything more than news and emails.

What is the strangest thing you have witnesses in SL? I'd have to say the sim where all the females are human cows (serious, with ears, tails, bells, udders....) and there are these milking stations where they get milked.

Describe a typical SL day for you: Log in, check messages,

on. Building sets, shopping for costumes, and grinding out the choreography. I can go days without leaving my build platform. Rehearsing and doing shows. I am also usually buried in IMs at any given time.KM

SL Name: GinPhx How long have you been in SL? Four and a half years.

to make people feel a certain way.

What are some of your favorite things to do in SL?

I love designing for Why did you decide to give RAPTURE and I do spend most of my days in my SL a try? studio. Outside of work, I I loved playing the Sim love exploring and games and I knew SL would photography, as well as be way more fun. hanging out with friends and having a good laugh.

What is your occupation and/or brand organization name in SL? I own RAPTURE and design all the clothing released for it. All original mesh.

What do the arts mean to you in SL? It's a means of communication, to generate strong emotions in others,

If you could bring anyone in SL, who would that person be and why? I don't have a specific person in mind. However, I do wish my RL fiancĂŠ would have more time for SL. We always manage to get into a lot of trouble together.

What is the strangest thing you have witnesses in SL? Lol I don't think I can talk about it on here. On a PG level...I would have to say a particle show I've attended. This was a good strange, of course. I was amazed at what they accomplished with scripting. I supposed if someone asked me this questions four years ago, I would have plenty more to say. I've become accustom with the SL strangeness. We don't notice it so much after a while.

Describe a typical SL day for you: I wake up and immediately check on my daughter Ireland. I get her fed and dressed, then myself and we are off to drop her with the nanny, then I go to the

studio. Once at my studio, my typical work day consists of working on marketing releases, finishing a design or packaging and getting it ready for the vendors, as well as creating the vendors and sending group announcements. About 3-4 times a week I do go to the store and move the racks around, making room for new releases. I also try to make a point of attending photo shoots for RAPTURE, which happen about once a week. I am also constantly in communication with customers. KM

SL Name : Eleseren Brianna busy! In odd spare How long have you been in SL? Since Feb 2009, so almost 8 and a half years

moments I do a bit of designing for my hobby brand Chiffon, which probably deserves more of my time, but doesn't get it!

Why did you decide to give What do the arts mean to SL a try? A friend in RL told you in SL? me about the role playing in SL. I thought that sounded fun and came in originally to role play in the Elven RP sims.

While I originally came to SL to role play, creative expression has been the main reason (before John!) that I have stayed. I love the vast opportunities for What is your occupation creativity in SL. So much is and/or brand organization impressive here, not just 2D name in SL? and 3D art, but also creative I am a Model and Artist in writing and storytelling, SL. I also assist John theatre and cabaret and Brianna as COO of Kultivate dance, and even the al-lib and CEO of The Edge, John 'in the moment' creativity of also recently made me role play. Associate Producer of Kultivate Magazine and CEO The arts in SL are very of Edge Productions and the egalitarian, and accessible, E.V.A. Project. I am pretty

and accessible, and I love that. It is wonderful to see people engage in the creative process and get huge enjoyment from it, and even a sense of building confidence in their own artistic process and voice. I have been part of promoting and encouraging that, through my Edge Gallery, which was founded to give Fashion Art and Fashion Artists visibility in the Arts Scene in SL. There are wonderful RL Artists here, exploring the various forms of digital art available within the SL milieu, but I have seen wonderful creative products from 'home grown' SL only artists too. That is simply wonderful. I love too how Kultivate covers across the Arts, both in terms of the breadth of creative expression it covers, but

also in its accessibility for artists and creators from all walks of SL and RL.

What are some of your favorite things to do in SL? Modeling of course! though I tend to be more on the Show production and teaching side now. I love building, with a passion, which includes 3D artwork on occasions, but also design, sim building and crafting my garden. I love fashion and fine art photography in SL too, utilizing GIMP as part of the process. John and I also love New Babbage though we don't get much time there. It is fun to explore too, and I am lucky that we live on the edge of the Blake Sea, so we can explore by sea and air, and also travel the scores of

landscaped sea sims there (the undersea is landscaped by linden moles - just amazing). It is fun to go dancing too.

think the Friesian Cow in cowboy outfit with platform shoes and zeppelin sized..er..udders..was probably the strangest.

If you could bring anyone in Describe a typical SL day for SL, who would that person you: be and why? Ploughing through I would love to bring one of the great fashion designers into SL, perhaps Galliano, and see how they interacted with the media here and what was possible fashion and design wise. Wouldn't it be amazing to see what a designer of such genius does here.

What is the strangest thing you have witnesses in SL? There are a lot of odd and colorful people in SL, where everything seems to be possible appearance wise. I

notecards and offlines when I get in. Walking my English style garden, getting down to whatever work I am engaged in that day. Spending time creating when I get the chance. Chatting to friends in IM (I don't often get to meet up nowadays). If I have time I enjoy occasional bouts of shopping and exploration as 'down time'. Oh and I finish the day relaxing with John :) KM

SL Name: Beatrice Serendipity

How long have you been in SL? 8 years

Why did you decide to give SL a try? Curiosity brought me here - people and creativity keep me here

What is your occupation and/or brand organization name in SL? Co-owner and designer at Ghee, semi-retired fashion model, photographer and blogger.

What do the arts mean to you in SL? Whether it's creating amazing virtual spaces and experiences, styling fabulous fashion looks,

taking stunning photos or performing live as a musician, dancer, runway model or actor, SL provides us all with boundless possibilities to create and to share our creativity with people across the globe.

What are some of your favorite things to do in SL? When I'm not designing I love photography and interior decorating, and I love to dance!

If you could bring anyone in SL, who would that person be and why? That's a hard one! Probably my brother, who has MS, so he could dance again.

What is the strangest thing you have witnesses in SL?

keeping one eye on IMs, catching up with friends, and dealing with notices I've been here 8 years nothing really surprises me along the way... very occasionally I might actually any more! stop working and hang out with a friend or go shopping Describe a typical SL day for too! KM


Wake up, get coffee, open Facebook and check the Ghee page - share any new posts from bloggers on there, check Flickr and add pics to the relevant groups, check marketplace for new full perms releases, log into SL, check notices and notecards received, deal with any customer inquiries or issues, then plan what needs to be done today work on new designs, updating the Ghee blog, vendor photographs, sending blogger packs etc., and get on with that -

SL Name: Sandi Benelli How long have you been in SL? over 10 years Why did you decide to give SL a try? I was coming home from vacation and reading one of those Sky Magazines they put on airplanes. There was an article on Second Life so I decided to try it. First time I came in I was teleported to some sex sim and quickly logged off. About a month later I read somewhere about Live Music in SL so thought I would try again. I found the live music scene and loved it . So I purchased a small parcel and made a live music venue and from there it grew and grew until I finally bought my own full sim.

That lasted for about 8 years, now I own Crystal Garden Estates just a place people can come and take pictures and hang out.

What is your occupation and/or brand organization name in SL? Owner of Crystal Gardens, for 8 years was a live music venue, currently owner of Crystal Garden Estate Sim, blogger and Digital Artist.

What do the arts mean to you in SL? Arts in SL mean many things to me . Can be a fashion designer, A sim designer, mesh designer or builder, a musician or someone that take pictures. Its a way to express yourself through sight, sound, texture, and color.

What are some of your favorite things to do in SL? Listen to Live Music, hang out and chat with friends, explore sims and take pictures.

stuff. People teleport and their hair and shoes would be attached to their butt when the land. People flying into walls, falling through floors, flying penis, giant boobs and much more put I think I will keep it PG rated.

If you could bring anyone in SL, who would that person Describe a typical SL day for be and why? you: I would of love to bring my mom into SL. She was very creative and very lonely after my dad passed. She loved meeting people and she was just getting used to using a computer. I think she would of really enjoyed herself in her.

What is the strangest thing you have witnesses in SL? Oh geeez where do I start. When you have been around as long as I have you see some pretty weird

Chat with Friends, explore sims, take pictures and maybe do some shopping or listen to live music. KM

SL Name: lauriec

What do the arts mean to you in SL?

It is the ability to express yourself in ways that many times you cannot in RL. years as of May 8 Whether it be in music, painting, photography, Why did you decide to give dancing, building or SL a try? sculpting. There are so When I was in college one many talented people in SL of my high school friends who otherwise would never felt it would be a good way been given the platform to for us to stay in touch. So I share their talents.. It truly joined and within a year she is a special thing to witness. quit SL but I was addicted by then.

How long have you been in SL?

What are some of your favorite things to do in SL?

What is your occupation and/or brand organization name in SL?

I love the live music scene, there are so many incredible performers in SL, it just I am Co-Owner of Key West amazes me the collection of with Liz Wake and Sydney talented performers that Baddingham and Keys Second Life offers. Management Group with Liz Wake Sydney Baddingham and Lo Bloch.

If you could bring anyone in I log in go through all of my SL, who would that person IM's and notecards get be and why? changed, then I go and My RL fiancĂŠ so he could see how fun it is here.

What is the strangest thing you have witnesses in SL? hmmm there are so many strange things but I do not see it that way I see it as people expressing themselves. Now the wonderful things in SL is how everyone will band together to help one another out, be it in charity events, just being an ear to listen or helping others get set up in the community. It just shows what a special place Second Life is.

Describe a typical SL day for you:

support our singers at their venues. While I do that I contact our wonderful venues to make sure they are all ok and contact newer venues to communicate to them about our singers. I will stay on until all of our shows are finished for the day then wrap up everything I was working on and then go to bed. Exciting life huh :) KM

SL Name: Hikaru Enimo How long have you been in SL? Six Years! I joined in 2010, on 3rd October!

Why did you decide to give SL a try? At the time I was curious about Second Life, and I joined! Second Life was already an established virtual world, and has launched the Enterprise version in 2009, it was in the news quite a bit, and it is not a game but an extension of life into the virtual plane. The very unique Second Life feature of user-generated content is a big draw, and back then, age-restriction was still in place, making it and even more so attractive platform

and outlet for my creative interests. And soon enough, I started my virtual career in Second Life and never left since.

What is your occupation and/or brand organization name in SL? I am the Owner and EditorIn-Chief of L'Homme Magazine SL, my pet project! I am proud to have almost 12000 members in our in-world group, to have this many residents follow us is assuring as we aim to keep the Men of Second Life inspired and informed on fashion trends across the grid. We also provide male models with an opportunity to showcase their styling abilities; hence benefiting the designers, models, and photographers as well as

well as readers. We welcome Life, set free and not held back you to read it too: https:// even by gravity, literally! issuu.com/lhommemagazinesl We see a vast array of ideas and designs presented inMy schedule is equally world in the form of occupied by a never-ending performing arts, live music, lineup of activities mainly photography, art installations, related to fashion and product designs, architecture entertainment. As you may and sim design, and the list know, I have a few Fashion goes on! The arts is alive and Brands under my care. I am thriving in Second Life and the Store and/or Blogger Manager for ::Gabriel::, GizzA continues to have the potential Creations, RealEvil Industries, to grow, and even develop into and E.V.E ! On top of that, I First Life! am photographer, blogger, stylist and model!

What are some of your favorite things to do in SL? I love to shop and to discover

What do the arts mean to you the awesome creations out in SL? The Arts is where I draw inspiration and find joy in life. The Arts mean a lot to me in First Life and naturally it is the one thing that holds my attention in Second Life. The impact on the arts is so powerful with the freedom of creativity we have in Second

there, and even better to stumble upon an inspiration or two when I see something in the shops. I do enjoy spending time with my partner Marcus, family and friends, at a good live music performance, the arts or dance performance, and dancing to a

a good mix of music from my favorite DJs is always good fun.

Describe a typical SL day for you:

My typical day starts with If you could bring anyone in waking up to check and attend SL, who would that person be to the messages, group and why? notices, notecards and items I would bring someone who is that arrived overnight. Enjoy in a moment of loss. Someone a little chat with my family and who is trying to find himself or friends when I have time to herself, who is trying to figure indulge before leaving for my First Life work. out what they want to do in life, and who they are. Second When I get home from work Life is a good platform for self- and back into Second Life, the discovery, and to discover norm would be to style for my one's potentials. A safe place blog and create it. I blog to experience and experiment! every day, sometimes more than one post a day, and I do have available to me a pool of What is the strangest thing items to use from the events you have witnesses in SL? and designers, and at times I am an open-minded person when I have an idea first, then and there are not many things that means to spend some that I will find strange. In fact time searching for the items to strange is good at times, use to recreate what I have in strange could be perceived mind. KM positively as unique! I would be bored if everyone and everything is just the same.

SL Name: Caledonia Skytower

How long have you been in SL? Nine years.

refreshing, and I am still exploring them.

What is your occupation and/or brand organization name in SL?

I am Lead Staff for the Seanchai Library, among the colleague was turned on to longest running spoken word venues on the it, had connected with Thinkerer Melville, and was grid. Most people would pin me as "Storyteller," but I do jazzed about the possibilities. He invited me much more than that. My to be a guest on his theater background is in theater podcast, and persuaded me production and scenic design. Those skills always to try SL out. He's long play a part in what I do, as gone, but I'm still here all does my work as a selfthese years later. I was immediately struck by how published author. That is many creative conduits and something that came to pass completely because of barriers were different here. It wasn't like "upset virtual worlds. Thanks to SL, the fruit basket, everything I happily tag myself "Artist, Storyteller, Author." is possible." But the different sets of resources and challenges were

Why did you decide to give SL a try? A theater

What do the arts mean to you everyone, and inspires many in SL? tales. Much the same thing as in the corporeal world. I have spent the last 30 years working in the arts professionally. To me virtual worlds are a tool, a palette. The nature of art is not different, only the conveyance. As is usual in the real world, there is a lot of emphasis of the visual arts as "real art" followed by the traditional performing arts: music, dance, and theater. Things like literary arts tend to get relegated to some nether region between humanities and art. Yet to me, they all achieve the same thing. Art is a moment. It is a moment expressed by a creator, and received by one experiencing it. It is transient and unique. The better the work of art, the more possibilities and variations there are in how a work is experienced. I don't personally believe in art that tells a rigid, singular story. Great art touches something different inside

What are some of your favorite things to do in SL? I've always wanted to learn to sail. In real life my sister and father were sailors, but I was too busy doing plays and organizing things. Seanchai Library was recently gifted a sailboat, to go along with our new main branch on Holly Kai, smack dab in the middle of the Blake Sea. So I am really looking forward to learning how to sail in a virtual setting, since its not likely to ever happen anywhere else.

If you could bring anyone in SL, who would that person be and why? Good Lord! That's a hard one. I know I very much would love to introduce author Neil Gaiman to virtuality. I've been a fan of his work for years, and he really tends to think outside established boxes. I think he'd see the opportunity in virtual worlds for storytelling and

and storytellers. We already look like an animated graphic novel!

morning and usually restarting regions. I do notecards, postings, and calendar management to do for the Library and any special What is the strangest thing projects I have in the you have witnessed in SL? morning. Evenings will I wish I could point to one typically find me at Seanchai thing or one moment that was Library either hosting a just weird. But the margin for session or performing. If I cut weirdness is so different loose at all, it is usually after here. What continues to gob session - shopping, or smack me here is people who exploring. I like exploring seem to think that the normal builds and installations to guides to how you behave and inspire me for future projects how you treat people are of my own. KM somehow different here than in RL. People who use virtual worlds as a veil they can take advantage of to lie, cheat, and behave badly. There is never any excuse for bad behavior. Yet it is easy to propagate that in virtual worlds because the consequences are harder to make stick. I find that selfdelusion of social liberty very strange, and terribly sad. Describe a typical SL day for you: I am on the West Coast U.S., so I am up in the virtual

THE ARTISTS OF KULTIVATE Very special thank you to the excellent and talented artists of Kultivate, who have generously provided images in this anniversary issue. We hope that you enjoy the images!

























































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Kultivate Magazine Second Anniversary Issue  

This issue features Bryn Oh, over 50 images from artists in Second Life, and a variety of well known Second Life people who are all friends...

Kultivate Magazine Second Anniversary Issue  

This issue features Bryn Oh, over 50 images from artists in Second Life, and a variety of well known Second Life people who are all friends...