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Welcome to the February 2017 issue of Kultivate Magazine! This issue will feature Lyrical Bizarre, a photo essay by the talented Miaa Rebane, Weeville, Romantic Art, ReRe Sandalwood, the Spring Art Show Preview, The Sagan Planetarium, the new exhibit at MetaLES, The Outlands, and the Edge Stylists bring you some awesome stylings for February! February is the month of love and all things red I say. In today's world, things are trying and many are feeling a sense of doom about the future. But do not fret, remember that love can and will conquer all and do not let February be the only month where you tell your loved ones that you love them. Tell them as much as posse, for life is short. February marks the 1 year anniversary of my partnership and marriage to Eleseren. She is my strength, rock, and my voice of reason. I am most fortunate to have such a loving and kind person in my life. We hope that you enjoy the issue! John, Publisher


John, Owner, Publisher, & Editor in Chief Eleseren Brianna, COO & Editor in Chief of The Edge Jessi2009 Warrhoi, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

Inara Pey, Lead Contributor Dawnbeam Dreamscape, Contributor Ilyra Chardin, Contributor Kamille Kamala, Contributor Kinnaird Fiachra, Contributor Myra Wildmist, Contributor Stavaros Gracemont, Edge Contributor

Anouk Lefavre, Editorial Photographer Lyrical Bizarre, Cover Photography Miaa Rebane, Special Contributor

The Edge February 2017 Stylists Wicca Merlin Yeriak Targaryen Jamee Sandalwood Tiszo Cioc Ruby Ornamental Kultivate Artists in Residence: SAndi Benelli, Lead Artist in Residence Pam AStonia Byrnedarkly Cazalet Warm Clarity












KM: How do you feel SL Fashion has developed over the years, are there things you miss about the past but celebrate about the present, Fashion wise in SL? LB: In the past, SL creators had simple work slates to imagine upon. The means of creating were limited, however easier to work with, and with cunning and imagination, creators were able to design magical pieces from basic means. Prims were twisted and turned, the journey from a plain cube to a prim gown was determined by the limitations of in world specs. Now, that has changed with the prevalence of mesh items. For a 3D software user, there are no limits whatsoever as to how an item can look. This method expanded SL

fashion to a large extent, and nothing is too far-fetched anymore. Personally, I miss prims and their flow and movement, one perhaps not even equaled by real life physical means. Unfortunately, they have become obsolete in today's world, and most of the times, will add to a laggier experience in world. Where we gained in detail and potential, we lost in personal experience, as mesh cannot "feel" as flowy and free in movement as prims did. The fun part, though, is finding ways to near simulate that feeling with mesh, and that's all part of the imaginative process. KM : You are a wonderfully creative and artistic Designer, how do you find

KM: Tell us about your time in SL Fashion, what got you started and how has your journey been as a Designer? LB: I started doodling around roughly 2011. It was a learning curve, and the numerous tutorials online were a huge help, as were the designer resources available. However, after a few weeks of toying with PS I decided to start making something different than the usual tops/pants outfits, something original and unique, and it felt like the SL fashion world was diverse enough to stand a dash of insanity. In July 2012, I opened Lyrical B!zarre Templates, a brand thought up as a simple hobby, something to clear my head after a day's work. At that time, I was

running off a very simple laptop, a system many were surprised to know could run SL. The work was tedious and slow, but it helped me learn things I never thought I could do. When mesh became more and more predominant, I felt heartbroken. My system couldn't render mesh at all, and I was sure I would need to close the doors on this journey. Fortunately, someone very special to my heart decided to gift me the possibility of expanding my horizons, and with a brand new, heavily upgraded system, SL became a very different place for me. The months of watching tutorials were positively brutal. It felt like I would never be able to come close to what others were creating, and the lingo E

find your ideas for your work, and what inspires you? LB: For a designer, ideas are all around, from nature, the crisp feel of a Winter morning, to a fabulous song, that makes you dream. It's simple and fun to go with the trends, but even more groundbreaking to make your own trends, from basic means. When fashion is concerned, I'm utterly clueless as to what color is most popular this season, what cut and what style. What I know is how I feel, and that shows through, I believe. Although my work is not something you'd wear with your friends while chatting in an info HUB, perhaps not even something you'd wear, while dancing with a significant other, I like to feel that the things I create turn heads, and inspire the feeling of being unique. In a world of tank tops and ripped jeans, why not be a black swan?

KM: Wh at do you en joy m ost abou t Design in g an d t h e cr eat ive process? LB : Hmm.. The shaping of an idea is probably the most exciting. When you start modeling something, and with a dash of luck, it actually works out well in world, that signifies a pretty successful day to me. I most definitely don't like the rigging and sizing part :) And most of the time, I have 5-6 finished designs, but fail to release them because I just can't bring myself to handle all these technicalities. That's one of the challenges today's SL designers are facing, taking the time to handle these nuisances, most irritating and time consuming. Your ideas might disappear while you're struggling with a weight not falling as it should, a DAE parsing issue or that Mav block missing. It sounds like a foreign language, and quite frankly.. it is!

KM: Are there areas of Design or creativity in SL you would still like to explore?, or directions you would like to take your brand Lyrical B!zarre in, in the future? LB: Where fashion is concerned, the next step is to learn rigging and fitting for the popular bodies on the market. Not entirely excited about this long, tedious process, but it's quite needed at this stage. As for other ideas, for a good few weeks now, I've dabbled in accessories and jewelery. Not quite as fantastic and head turning as a full outfit might be, but challenging nonetheless. I've also done a few home decor pieces, and found it a lovely past-time, more of a relaxing occupation while dreaming up new ideas. I think I'd like to do more of

these pieces in the future, as I had great fun with them, while still trying to maintain my own style. And why not, since I'm constantly re-decorating my small in world store, and finding it hard to discover prefabs that scream Lyrical, I might even go into builds and store decor. It's a brand new year, with brand new possibilities, and this is SL we're talking about, the realm where the only limit is your imagination. KM: Are there other things you enjoy about Second Life? what do you do for leisure time here, or other avenues for your Creativity? LB: What does "leisure" mean? Is it a kind of Blender or PS add-on?

Kultivate would like to thank Lyrical Bizarre for taking the time to be featured in this month's issue! You can keep up to date on the latest products from Lyrical Bizarre by visiting the following links: M ar k et place: You t u be: Facebook : Websit e: Flick r : Pin t er est : Tw it t er : Secon d Fr ien ds: Tu m blr :


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GALLERY SPOTLIGHT: ILLOGISM AT METALES ARTICLE & PHOTOGRAPHY: INARA PEY Now open at MetaLES, curated by Ux Hax and Romy Nayar, is Illogism (from the French Illogisme, or illogicality), an exhibition of 55 images by Chimkami. These are presented in large format within a bizarre environment visualised by Romy Nayar, designed to represent disproportionate, or diform, doll?s houses of enormous size, and which are themselves contained within a large doll?s house. ?At all heights, outside as inside the houses, ?Chimkami notes in her introduction to the setting, ?you can discover the photos in this universe freed from any constraint, exposed with [the]

nonsensical. Each corner and nook will reveal photos and rest places. Will you have nerves to find them ? Walk, fly, use your camera, relax, laugh, observe, discuss, as you want. Only one thing matters: take pleasure in it!? It is a curious, bewildering environment where gravity plays no part: a dance floor is located on a ceiling, objects occupy roof tops and floors, images hang from walls or occupy the clefts and cuts through objects. Houses stand and float or sit at the end of disembodied stairs and plank-like walks, their shapes twisted, squeezed or bent, the photos in them, on them and around them.


The best way to get around is to join the MetaLES group at the installation?s landing point. This will give you local rezzing rights, so you can grab a Walker from the neighbouring board, rez it, and then sit on it. This will allow you to freely explore the space ? use the standard WASD keys of arrow keys for navigation ? and will also allow your to walk up walls, cross ceilings and along the various twisted paths through the exhibition. Along the way, there are various points where you might also enjoy rides, take a seat, and so on. The images themselves are an eclectic mix, focusing on avatar

studies, but not exclusive human in nature. Some are stylized, others more direct, others lean towards monochrome, others in bright, bold colors. All are subject to individual interpretation and appreciation. Such is the size of things, that getting around to everything can take time. Illogism is an interesting piece. Quirky, a little out of the ordinary, a space where we are presented as tiny explorers, and where everything is being close examined from ?outside? ? look out for the eyes staring through the windows of the enclosing doll?s house. It will remain open through until February 28th, 2017. KM

MAINLAND MATTERS: JESSIE ARTICLE & PHOTOGRAPHY: KINN FIACHRA .In the early days of Second Life, there existed a group of four damage-enabled sims designated as "The Outlands": Stanford, Federal, Hawthorne and Shipley. Half of the sim Clyde was part of the Outlands as well, and contained a wall (the remains of which are pictured below) separating this virtual Wild West from the rest of the world. Later, due to increased demand for this type of area, the sim Jessie was added, set as combat-enabled, and opened for public purchase. Today, of those five sims, only Jessie remains as a damage-enabled war zone. It is Jessie which we will explore today, so put on your combat boots, prepare for occasional

death during our explorations, and follow me over the wall! As do many of the oldest sims on the grid, Jessie allows Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, conseteturfor sadipscing elitr,terraforming, sed diam nonumy eirmodso tempor invidunt 40/40 you willut magna aliquyam erat, sed the diam find labore highet dolore cliffs throughout voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo area, dividing parcels from dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no eachseaother and est. forming takimata sanctus natural defensive structures. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor The whole thing seems a bit sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod labore et jumbled, andtempor not invidunt at allut like the dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua. cohesive town I'd been told it vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea onceAtresembled. Having heard rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata about the "Jessie Wars", I sanctus est looked through the forum Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor archives try to decipher sit amet,to consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam whatnonumy happened, the eirmod tempor but invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat. accounts, while entertaining, were confusing to follow. So I contacted a current resident of Jessie, Kenny Avalanche, to try and get a better picture of

f things. According to Randy Farmer in a 2007 post on his blog Habitat Chronicles, "During the Second Life beta test, its initial culture was starting to emerge. In my experience, worlds like this one attract early adopters of a somewhat democratic-libertarian bent ? ?Let's just all get along? and ?Leave Real Life rules behind?often reflect the mentality of the most vocal users. But, something unusual happened this time ? another virtual world, called World War II Online, was failing and its 1940s role-playing refugees migrated to Second Life, en masse. Since it provided for personal combat (hit points), death (teleport you home), and you could build just about anything, including weapons, it seemed like an ideal fit.

Quickly they'd built up WWII cultural and military items, including Nazi uniforms, gear and propaganda, including flags and posters with Swastikas and the like. Eventually they took over the only remaining full-combat enabled simulator [patch of land], named Jessie, and made it their home." About the WWII group, Kenny recalled, "They came here for combat. They said they were promised a place where they could build and create what they wanted, but what they found was a group of residents who were now against combat. Land was pretty scarce at that time (see the map of the world at that time period, below), and people had started building houses in the combat zone. In order to try to force the WWII group out, some local

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata sanctus est. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata sanctus est Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat.

issues (this was at the time of the Iraq War) to force people to move. People put up posters of Bush and Saddam, and also Confederate flags, all over the Jessie wall. It got pretty ugly." And at that point, the Lindens stepped in. They set the Jessie wall to "no build" and removed everything on it. According to the Jessie wikia, "The Jessie wall was almost completely destroyed at this point; it was damaged after a large conflict over the war in Iraq, when many posters/boxes were placed over it. Linden staff, while removing these objects, also deleted a large portion of the wall, leaving only a small section in the Northwest portion of Jessie." As an aside, both the wall and the "Entering The Outlands" sign on it are

copy, so if you want to take a bit of SL history home with you, here's your chance. When asked about the land now, Kenny commented, "The residents of Jessie tried to stick together, but some sold the land and it will never be the same. Combat was the goal of the sim, but just like RL, most people don't like war. Some of those who wanted a combat area moved to a private sim and called it New Jessie. I try to keep my land true to the idea of Jessie but others just live here. Only a few still use Her as Home." Kenny concluded by saying, "I still think Jessie is a must see. It definitely is a huge part of the history of SL. It is the only entire sim on the mainland with damage enabled. You can see your little heart at the top of your screen when you are

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor on Jessie. The heart is your health meter, and indicates thatinvidunt youut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam can die here voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo

still to this day. I think everyone in SL should get killed at gubergren, least no dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd takimata sanctus est. and well, once just for the experience! Good oleseaJessie is alive Lorem ipsum dolor noob-friendly, and definitely worth visiting." KMsit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat, sed diam voluptua. At vero eos et accusam et justo duo dolores et ea rebum. Stet clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata sanctus est Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat.




THE SAGAN PLANETARIUM IN SECOND LIFE WRITER & PHOTOGRAPHY: INARA PEY It?s no secret that I love space exploration and astronomy ? hence my Space Sunday series. Both are subjects which fit wonderfully into the niche of virtual worlds and virtual spaces, so I?m always on the look out from locations expressing either in-world. It therefore came as complete surprise to learn about the

Sagan Planetarium courtesy of a Tweet and blog post by Ricco Saenz; so much so that I had to clear all other plans for region visits and move it to the top of my list of places to visit. The planetarium ? obviously named after one of the 20th century?s greatest intellects, the late astronomer and astrophysicist Carl

Sagan ? is the work of Josh Nitschke and is frankly a must-see visit, whatever your level of interest in astronomy and space exploration. The visitor spaces are split into four areas: the entrance lobby (I?ve used this as the landing point in the SLurls in this article), the Exhibition Hall, the main skydome and an outdoor orrery.

The exhibition area provides information boards on galaxies, nebulae, space missions such as Sputnik and the Hubble Space Telescope, and more. However, it is the interactive model of the Sun and the major planets of the solar system which is liable to hold attention. This provides a set of (not-to-scale, for obvious reasons!) models of the major planets from Mercury to Neptune, each


with its significant moons (where applicable) and a sets of data panels. Given there is a wealth of information available about the planets, Josh has provided an excellent breakdown for each, although you?ll have to zoom right in to the panels to read it all. Touch the Sun and any of the planets, and you?ll get an annotated cutaway of the interior. Above these is a

model of the solar system going from the Sun to the orbit of Neptune ? and this is to a scale of 1 meter to 1 billion kilometers. You can get an idea of the vastness of the space immediately around us, though, as none of the planets are visible in the model; only their orbits are shown, colour-coded ? and you?ll have to zoom all the way in to even see the pinpoint of the Sun.

The skydome currently offer a single show ? the Solar System. Lasting a little over 34 minutes, this is a multi-media presentation, requiring visitors accept the audio stream narration, written by Josh and given narrated by Phoenix Colter (this can also be obtained in a note card, but trying to read and watch the show is cumbersome; far better to listen if you can). Split into a number of elements, this show takes visitors on a journey through

the solar system, from the Sun to the Jupiter belt, going by way of the cosmos at large. It incorporates the solar system?s creation, a look at the Sun and the major planets (and little Pluto ? Charon, so far absent due to Pluto?s reclassification as a minor planet), and our emerging understanding of the solar system.

planets when they are the focus of the show, for example, and see their interior structures. Two more shows are ? or have been ? in preparation for the skydome, one on the Apollo missions and one on the moons of the solar system. Assuming they?re both still in preparation (I?ve IM?d Josh to ask), I look forward to seeing them.

The wealth of information within the show is again extraordinary, and includes interactive elements: you can zoom at touch the

The orrery is located outside of the planetarium building and should not be missed.




Beautifully ornate and in full working order ? simply pull the control lever ? it is the icing on the cake of a superb installation. This is a fabulous build and presentation ? the more so for all the core elements having been designed, written and scripted by Josh himself. As a planetarium, Sagan Planetarium stands head and shoulders above anything of this kind I?ve seen elsewhere. Yes, the

presentation may be a little out-of-date courtesy of Dawn, Juno, New Horizons, and Rosetta, but this doesn?t in any way detract from what is presented. Sagan planetarium is a superb demonstration of what can be achieved within Second Life, visually and educationally. I cannot recommend this enough ? late though I might be

in visiting myself! When visiting, please do consider a donation towards the upkeep of the facility, either directly or via the purchase of one of Josh?s brilliant models on sale in the gift shop. KM Click the slurl below to visit the Sagan Planetarium: http:/ / maps. secondlife. com/ secondlife/ Aspen/ 204/ 143/ 3721

VOYAGES WITH VEE: WEEVILLE WRI TER & PHOTOGRAPHY: VERUCA TAM M AS For my voyage this month I chose a location from the SL destination guide ? WeeVille. It?s a whimsical little place which has several nice areas for taking photos and you can join the group to rez some poseballs or other props (just be respectful and clean up after yourself). WeeVille was created by Sera Bellic (Lick Sim Designs) as a place for fantasy and fun. Now I need to preface this article with two caveats: 1.) I have participated in a SL medieval roleplay sim for almost 9 years so I love fantasy and places that have fairies or whimsical creatures;

2.) I am terribly afraid of Dwarfins and most breedables. Yes, I know it sounds irrational, but this goes back about four years ago when I found myself in a room with about 8 dwarfins all moving and walking around me. I just find them unnerving. So as soon as I walked through the entrance of WeeVille and was met by several Dwarfins walking around me I must have blacked out and came to over by the little houses on stilts. This is why you?ll find little mention of the hobbit houses that are located at

the entrance to WeeVille. Normally I love a good hobbit house but when a Dwarfin is standing there I make a beeline for the exit. I usually go back several times to take photos for each of my articles and luckily I found I could sidestep the main entrance so I was able to focus on the many other delights of WeeVille. Make sure you venture inside the houses on stilts to find some special wee friends gathered about along with some furniture you can pose with. I love the texture and colors chosen for these structures, a cross between

pastel and terra cotta. Their shapes also have that ethereal village appeal. The proportion of the structures and the objects inside make it feel as if you become wee yourself once you enter. My absolute favorite area is the cottage across from the houses on stilts which is home to the flowerpot people. I just love how they were constructed and how they seem to be enjoying their flowerpot lives living in peace and harmony among the chicks in the field and downhill from the rabbits living in their gypsy wagon all decorated with sparkly lights and lanterns. Make sure to

Dancing Bunnies in W eeville

Gypsy Wagon in W eeville

Imaginat ive Flowerpot s in W eeville

You never know what you will find in W eeville!

look inside the wagon and check out the adorable bunny-friendly computer. And the flowerpot cottage is also homey and inviting with some really good couch poses for photos. There are several benches and even a bed to cuddle or take lovely photos by yourself or your favorite someone. If you are really adventurous you can find a way to pose with the unicorns and merhorses on their stone bridge in the sea but you?ll need to bring your own poses for that. All in all this is a delightful

place to spend a fanciful afternoon ? .unless of course you have an irrational fear of Dwarfins. KM Visit the next couple of pages to view images from WeeVille. and check out WeeVille in World: secondlife/Oyster%20Bay/ 4/180/31






KM: Tell our readers about yourself, how did you first discover Second Life and what has made you to continue logging in all of this time?

mostly because I get a chance to fully explore my creative energy here and meet awesome people inworld.

RERE: Well, I am Founder and Editor-In-Chief of The SL Parade, which is an online publication dedicated to all things RL and SL. In terms of Second Life, I have been an active SL Community member for seven years; prior to coming to SL, I played another virtual reality game, but the rules in that particular game became rather rigid that it limited my creativity and freedom. For this reason, a friend of mine suggested I play Second Life instead, and even brought me over and helped me with my avatar. Since then, I have been actively playing,

KM: So tell our users about your business, The SL Parade. How long has it existed? RERE: The SL Parade is a relatively new publication, and it has been in business since July 2015. My publication focuses on all things related to Second Life and Real Life, and also offers a way for budding writers to gain more exposure. The SL Parade also forges alliances with other businesses and venues, offering exposure to their businesses as well. Overall, The SL Parade is meant to be a beacon to the SL and RL communities; its a way to

help others think beyond the written word and look closely at the world around them. KM: What are the goals of the publication? RERE: Well, I would like my publication to help usher in a more academic-based way of thinking. What I mean is this: rather than publications vying for a spot at the top, there should be a solid discourse community in place where we not only constructively read one another 's work, but where we actively quote, compare and juxtapose it too. In addition, I would like to create a safe space for writers who need support and exposure for their work by giving them their own web page. This web page's aim is to highlight who they are, as well as the articles they have written not only for my site, but for others as well.

Another goal is to shed light on businesses that tend to get overlooked for a hosts of reasons. I want to do more than place their banner on my site...I also want an article out there that discusses who they are and what they mean to the SL Community. Last but not least, I want to show that there is a connection to Second Life and Real Life. This latter goal is to encourage all readers to look objectively at Second Life, but to also recognize that this world in some instances mirrors Real Life. KM: What would you like to see occur with the SL Parade in 2017? RERE: I would love to have more writers...writers who are consistent in their writing efforts as well as in promoting the articles they submit to The SL Parade. I would also love to

see more traffic on my parcel, specifically in the newly formed Enchanted Forest area, which allows patrons to discover hidden enclaves and rest areas. It is my hope that, in opening my Headquarters and home to others, that it will encourage donations and more SL Parade readers. KM: Are you currently in any virtual worlds or grids? RERE: I still have my account on IMVU but I rarely use it. The only world I am involved in at this point is Second Life KM: What do you feel are the hardest aspects of owning a media type business in Second Life? RERE: Getting other

businesses to purchase ads has been one of the biggest challenges for The SL Parade. Many businesses want you to write great things about their venue, but want the services done for free. Yet, in order for businesses like mine to flourish, all publications need businesses to purchase ad space, and we need the purchases to be consistent and collaborative in nature. Besides that, getting consistently contributing writers is another challenge. Because I am a relatively new business, it is important to have writers that will at least contribute two articles a month, and that kind of commitment is very difficult to find. Last but not least, soliciting

donations from the SL public has proven very hard as well. If an individual or an organization donates more than 1500L though, I will publish their name as well as well as their business in the donors section of my publication. I will also put their names in the SL Parade's Stars of Fame. KM Ku lt ivat e w ou ld lik e t o t h an k ReRe f or t ak in g t h e t im e t o r espon d t o ou r in t er view r equ est . You can k eep u p w it h Th e SL Par ade by visit in g t h e f ollow in g lin k s: This article discusses the upcoming radio show called The SL Parade Talks... -store-for-the-sl-parade/ This article lists what The SL Parade charges for ads and some other changes recently made: Last but not least, this is an example of what kinds of articles The SL Parade will write about SL and RL businesses: s-an-exploration-of-the-exceptional/

I encourage SL community members to visit the SL Parade Headquarters. If they want to give a rezz day shout that will be printed on the website and mentioned on SL Parade Talks, they can leave me a note in my pink mailbox. I also would like SL Community members to be a part of my SL Parade audience. My talk show will be featured on Blast 24.7, and I would love for folks to come in and ask questions while we are on the air. It will help our show, and help strengthen understanding on the topic discussed. Here is the LM to that:


SNEAK PREVIEW: KULTIVATE SPRING FASHION EVENT ARTICLE AND PHOTOGRAPHY: ELESEREN BRIANNA Kultivate is best known for it?s support of Art in SL, with its five galleries, regular Art Events and competitions and of course amazing articles on Artists and Exhibitions in Kultivate Magazine. Kultivate?s mission however is to support the Arts in SL, covering not just 2D and 3D Art but everything from Dance, to Creative Writing to, yes, Fashion (which is technically an ?Applied Art?). Kultivate has offered free shops to Designers at it?s Events for over a year now, and has featured Designers in Kultivate Magazine regularly and in Fashion Shows (most notably showcasing a stunning new Collection by Lyrical

B!zarre for the Edge Anniversary Art Diva Show in November). Last Summer Kultivate had its first foray into holding an Event where Fashion took Center Stage. Nine amazing Designers were featured in a week long event, with four Fashion Shows organized by Amazing Impressions Modeling Agency, all in a small shopping plaza inspired by the creative modernity of Barcelona. This was a fantastic event, and left us at Kultivate with a feeling that perhaps we ought to do more, be bold and plan something bigger. John Brianna, the powerhouse Founder and Owner of

By Author Author

Founder and Owner of Kultivate says "Our main goal at Kultivate is to support the arts in Second Life. Most people forget that fashion is an art form, even if an applied art. Think about the many designs and creations that you see in real life. As we have had many art shows at Kultivate, it made sense to have a fashion event, where we could showcase fashion and continue our commitment to the arts in Second Life." So, late last year John took the decision that Kultivate was going to create a one-off premier Fashion Event, on a much bigger scale than the previous showcase. And so, the Kultivate Spring Fashion Event was born. In keeping with doing things bigger, we are holding it on a sim sized platform above the Kultivate sim, and we wanted something truly memorable, and of course very creative

and visionary, in keeping with the Kultivate brand. We were very fortunate to secure again the services of renowned original mesh maker Saiyge Lotus, who has designed builds for major events like Fantasy Faire. We had a particular vision inspired by a stunning real life place, and we gave that vision to her and let her run with it. I cannot give too much away here, but the result is jaw dropping and original, and more than met our hope for a truly spectacular runway for the fashion shows I was tasked with building the shopping part of the event, and it was fun to create an unusual shopping environment in keeping with the extraordinary runway. I don?t want to give too much away here, as that will spoil the impact when the event opens..

Kultivate?s Spring Fashion Event will run from the 11th to the 26th February. It will feature well over 40 designers, covering the fashion spectrum, and featuring some of the biggest names in SL Fashion as well long established design brands and rising stars. Three weekends of shows by Amazing Impressions Modeling Agency will feature many of the participating designers, many of whom have made exclusives for the event. Kultivate has offered the shows and the stores free to all who are participating, in keeping with its mission to support the Arts and creative endeavours in SL as Benefactors. There will be entertainment through the event too, with live singers, DJs and tribute bands, plus a fun hunt. The finale of the Fashion Event, on the 26th February, will be something truly special.

With the permission of Angels Kristan, we are putting on a spectacular Fantasy Angels Show ?Spring Goddesses Come to Earth?. Angels gave me free rein to Produce the Show, including the fun of building a truly epic runway, which is a huge romantic fantasy confection in a truly Angelic style. 15 Fantasy Angels will be joined by a number of Guest Angels, who are Edge Models and Stylists and will strut the runway and show us Angels at their Divine and Spring inspired best. I am also excited by the Kultivate Spring Fashion Event for totally personal reasons. Those of you who have followed my career over the last few years know that I was once a Designer myself, before I caught the modeling bug which eventually resulted in me winning Miss Virtual World. Well finally things have come full circle and I have returned

. Well finally things have come full circle and I have returned to my Designer roots with a new brand, Chiffon. It features the formal and cocktail designs I loved to make under my old brand Romance Couture, but this time priced to appeal to many in this more economically challenging time as SL fades. I will be launching my brand at the Event with a Collection of 18 new designs. As part of supporting Feed A Smile, I

will be raffling a shopping spree to three lucky winners, with the price of the tickets going to Feed a Smile (there will also be donation tip jars at the Event sim and at the Fantasy Angels Show). I have included a few teaser photographs with this article, but watch out for more details soon, and help us support Fashion by coming to the Event when it opens. You will not be disappointed. KM


w: {1209} ? ?#7 Holiday Bow ? Black Snow? Lingerie: Blacklace ? ?Claire Black Lace Teddy Set? (Omega Applier) Jacket: [sys] ? ?Neith Jacket? Sleeves: ISON ? ?Occult Sleeves? Pants: Asteria ? ?Celine? Leggings: Lassitude & Ennui ? ?Hisa Leather Leggings? (Maitreya Applier) Eyeshadow: alaskametro<3 ? ?Mariposa? (Lelutka Applier) Nails: Koffin Nails ? ?Dominatrix? (Maitreya Applier) Necklace: Empyrean Forge ? ?Benedictine?s Riata? Hair: enVogue ? ?Sonya? Shoes & Socks: Moon Elixir ? ?Wicked Shoes & Socks? (Maitreya) Head: LeLutka ? ?Simone 2.0? Body: Maitreya ? ?Lara 3.5? Poses: Poseidon Set: E.V.E Studio ? ?Kira?, ?Ivy Bonsai? & ?Dystopia Chained Roses? Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin 4 KULTIVATE MAGAZINE-FEBRUARY 2017





Beau t y. | | Glam Af f air : Hanna (Appliers Lelutka) Polar @ * M em en t o M or i* Accesor y. | AZOURY : Cho Headwear @ Chapter Four Dr ess. | r 2 : hakuya suit top red | r 2 : hakuya sheer II | r 2 : hakuya suit under sheer II


Gown | AZUL ? Dulce in Peridot Jewelry | Alienbear ? Mimmi Gold/Black Jewelry Hair | Truth Hair ? Cinnamon in light blondes Nails | Alme. ? Chrome Trends Basic for the Cosmetic Fair January 15 ? 31 Shoes | Just Design ? Eve Metallic Gold Pose | an lar Poses ? Marilyn Set Shot on location at the Outer Garden




Stylist & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental Dress : By JUMO : Dark Bride Cabernet@ MyBloodyValentine Comes with the lovely tear drop pearl and diamond earrings and a headwear Hair: By Miamai : Never hair in platinum blonde (No longer available) Make Up : By LePunk: Ari lipstick and Emo liner Mesh Head: By CATWA : Catya with DeeTaleZ Appliers




This free self service restaurant is part of Kultivate Art Gallery and is not a roleplay restaurant where you have to pay to be served. It is a a quiet and romantic setting. * * Ristorante Ivanna is available for pr Resident for more information .

s in the style of a romantic Italian restaurant. * * The restaurant is a FREE restaurant where you can bring your date or loved one for rivate parties, events, and functions. Please contact Johannes1977

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Kultivate Magazine-February 2017 Issue  

This issue features the artistic and talented designer, Lyrical Bizarre. Illyra Chardin provides images of romantic art in honor of Valenti...

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