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Welcome to another issue of Kultivate Magazine! ature 3D artist, Haveit Neox, Ghee Co-Owner & Top Model Beatrice Serendipity, poet Kile Koba, Seanchai Library’s The Dickens Project, Baycityt, DSA Aircraft, The Wastelands Sim, the new Linden Labs experience, Horizons; and a year review of Kultivate’s fashion division, The Edge.

and not just in monetary donations. You can give time, support, a shoulder for someone to lean on, a couch for someone who is weary to sleep on, and you can simply just listen to a person when they need someone to listen to them. I am thankful that I have a core group of friends and family in both worlds who have given me their time to listen to me or their Kultivate has grown tremendously support, not to mention the hard work of the Kultivate contributors, during 2016. We celebrated our artists, sponsors, and friends who one year anniversary in June and make Kultivate Kultivate. And of we rebranded from our previous name of Windlight to Kultivate. We course where would I be also have new contributors in the without my lovely other half, form of mainland writer Kinnaird Eleseren. Eleseren is my shoulder, Fiachra and in 2017 photographer strength, and a guiding force in Johanna Frost will officially join us. both my lives. Thank you honey! Eleseren and I would like to wish We have also have expanded to everyone a Merry Christmas and five galleries, with two new ones New Years! Enjoy the issue! opening in 2017.

This month also brings our last big John, art show of 2016, in the form of Owner & Publisher of Kultivate The 2016 Winter Art Show. This event is part of the Team Diabetes Magazine of Second Life fundraiser, the 2016 Winter Showcase. You may have heard that tis the reason for the season and giving is in up swing. There are many ways you can give
























Well known 3D artist Haveit Neox has generously agreed to give Kultivate another interview! Haveit has just completed his latest piece, Baroque Dreams, for The Edge Anniversary show. I was able to sit down with Haveit to discuss art and more:

was the inspiration for this build? What is the theme?

HAVEIT: I’d never designed a fashion runway before. The invitation intrigued me, and I began the enjoyable task of researching fashion videos on YouTube. Fashion often has a Mediterranean feel to it, so I wanted to move the KM: Thanks for agreeing to environment into the open air, another interview with Kultivate under a warm Italian sun. I love the Magazine! We last interviewed Spanish Steps in Rome, and took you last year. So tell our readers my inspiration from that, as well as what you have been up to recently. the Trevi fountain. My statues at HAVEIT: I’m already working neck sea, compose an agitated scene. I deep on the first exhibitions for leave it to the audience whether next year! Generally my exhibits they see a battle or celebration. As I take a few months to create, from built the piece, ideas altered, and initial concept to the final touches, the Roman plan extended itself into so there are not a lot of them in any a more Venetian look. I love its given year. After Lilia Artis and I gondola lined canals and Byzantine finished the 2016 Arts and architecture. The theme was Entertainment sim at Fantasy Faire, simple: to offer the audience and I began working on Baroque the performers a warm Italian-like Dreams for the Art Diva fashion environment that suggests an show. An inspiring artist friend of ancient if not mysterious history. mine, Silas Merlin, recently Not until the actual fashion show encouraged me to work in chalk did I know about any details of the pastels, so most of the textures in event. One by one, the scheduled the fashion show build were the performances surprised and result of that delightfully dusty delighted me entirely. Lyrical medium. Bizarre’s fashions are outstanding. KM: Tell us more about your recent They were introduced by a stunning creation, Baroque Dreams. What ballet of the AIM agency’s

Midsummer Night’s Dream. centaurs are rather governed by the Following the fashion walk, a grand seasons. They are still part human, display of fireworks threw every col- so it is not surprising that centaurs or into the sky, dripping with are effective inventors. In fact, they sparkle. Yet this was not the end! invented themselves into our An hour later, Eleseren Brianna and imaginations and mythologies. John Brianna had so generously KM: What can we expect from arranged a special opening you in the upcoming months? specifically for my build. Dimivan Ludwig was the live singer bringing HAVEIT: Slowly but surely my a most talented close to the show. I builds are developing for an exhibit captured as much as I could of the at Metales in January, an exhibit at event in a film, so I can always look Split Screen in Feb, and co-creating back on this special moment, and the Arts and Entertainment sim for share it with others. I truly enjoyed Fantasy Faire in April 2017 with my this event and am very grateful to deeply imaginative and talented have been invited by Eleseren and friend, Lilia Artis. In August, I will be John to build something different. presenting an exhibit at UTSA. After that, I will need to devote myself to KM: You seem to use common a real life exhibit due in 2018, along elements with some of your builds. with an ongoing multimedia real life I noticed centaurs in this build. Is project with Lilia Artis. I will still there a reason why you choose have time to enjoy Second Life, these elements? though I won’t be building here as HAVEIT: Centaurs are common to much that year. But something else may be on the way. Something on many of my builds on the Sparquerry sim, the ACC Alpha sim, my sim. A major fault line runs along the western areas of ACC and at Centaurs’ Hall on the Alpha. Scientist avatars predict that Verdigris sim, so I tend to sneak in late 2017, the museum and Paper them into many of my exhibits. I Tower Court may be shaken to the cherish animals. A half-human bottom of the sea. If this were to half-horse creature forgoes the human superiority complex. Horses occur, the sim would gain a flat central plain at great cost. have a natural balance with the Scrambling against time, scientists Earth, and so the politics of the

predict that in late 2017, the museum and Paper Tower Court may be shaken to the bottom of the sea. If this were to occur, the sim would gain a flat central plain at great cost. Scrambling against time, scientists are currently injecting the faults with large amounts of epoxy.

KM: Will we see Haveit Neox in Sansar? HAVEIT: I haven’t investigated Sansar yet. It wouldn’t surprise me if someday I were to venture there. KM: Who are some of your favorite real life artists? HAVEIT: I really don’t know how to single out a few from so many. It would depend when you ask me that question. Currently I’m quite involved in the drawings of James Ensor and Claude Lorrain. When I was younger, oil paintings got most of my attention, and while I still love them the same now, works in charcoal and dry media enthrall me like never before. In real life, I tend to draw in the same way as I write texts on paper; a calligraphic flow. Both are language.

KM: Any tips to new 3D artists?

HAVEIT: I believe that play is the key to an artist’s imagination. Play is happiness, sorrow, hate, and love. Diligence sculpts play into a work of art. I think shooting for perfection is misleading. An artist’s concern seems best suited to the focus on expression. Play, coupled with technique gets one there. For the 3D artist, every angle counts equally; the back side, the aerial view, and all views are as important as the ‘front’. If time allows, I encourage others to live with their pieces for a while before sending them off into the world. If something is not quite right about the sculpture, eventually it will reveal itself naturally. I don’t search for what is wrong. That just sets up tension, and blocks my view. I search for what is right about a piece, and if something isn’t working, patience pays off. It will announce itself when I am ready to see it. Artworks I make here in SL, often have elements from my real life drawing, painting, and sculpture. When I want to expand on them, I may then produce alterations in Photoshop. The result is a mix of real life mediums and virtual prims, which get translated into pixels,

then back onto a prim they go. In the art of the book, sometimes I paint the margins around my texts or illustrations with designs in watercolor, gouache and inks. Meeting exhibit deadlines keeps me plenty happy and busy in Second Life. And even though my close friend Lilia Artis is hard at work preparing her LEA full sim exhibition, which is due soon, she wanted to help me by taking photos of my builds for this interview. She burnt the midnight oil to complete her aim. KM

Visit the links below to view some of Haveit’s artwork: My blog is at http:// accalpha.blogspot.com/ A short selection of films I’ve made: Art Diva! https:// vimeo.com/191592180 City Inside Out. https:// vimeo.com/131254248 Helmetless. https:// vimeo.com/80929621




The irony is that, despite its title, it I admit it, I was a Scrooge about is not a religious book. Dickens may this story for many years. I saw it have wanted to capitalize on only as playing to the market. I saw holiday commerce, but the story he stage adaptations and movies, but I wrote was more humanistic didn't really "get it" till I read the cautionary tale than commercial novella in full for the first time eight pandering. He never stops being years ago. I have read it every year the social critic and A Christmas since. There are passages I love Carol, by virtue of the and look forward to, and yet it also circumstances of its writing, is seems that every year I read sharp, precise, and economic. The something that clarifies itself to me prose are powerful and the path of in a new way. For all its seeming the plot is not overly complex, it is a simplicity, it is a work of great very direct journey from beginning depth. Some parts seem to change to end. There is a lot of Dickens' from year to year; just when I think own life reflected in it. I have an accurate bead on Jacob Marley, he shifts as elusively as if it It is a literary work that has never were me he was haunting, not fallen out of favor, never been out Ebenezer Scrooge. There is so much of print. It has been endlessly to be found in the words that can adapted. The core of what makes it be difficult to reflect in stage or film so are the words - very precisely adaptations - thoughts and images chosen, very powerfully arranged that are outside the dialogue. I words. Its publication came at a think that is why this story has time when the English were reendured and why it has remained examining how they celebrated the so fundamentally accessible to so holiday and what it meant. A lot of many people. The Dickens Project, what we think of today as at its heart, is about presenting "traditional" to the holiday can those words - all 28,944 of them. trace its roots back to this work, and Dickens' own re-imagining of KM: What types of activities will what the holiday could be and the Dickens project feature? mean. CALE: There will be lots going on. You can check the special Dickens

Project 2016 tab on the Seanchai but of "The End of It." Library website for updates and the entire schedule as it is confirmed. KM: Who else is involved with the project? A Christmas Carol will be CALE: There will be an presented in full, in sections, and international cast of voices prelive beginning December 12th and senting Dickens works and A culminating in "The Big Read" on Christmas Carol beginning December 18th where we read December 10th. The list includes: the entire work in one three and a Corwyn Allen, Eleseren Brianna, half hour session, using a relay Hana Hoo, Em Jannings, Aoife team of voices. Lorefield, Shandon Loring, Faerie Maven-Pralou, John Morland, There will be music events Kayden Oconnell, Dubhna Rhiadra, opening weekend, and Fezziwig's Ball on December 17th. Caledonia Skytower, Bryn The Community Virtual Library is Taleweaver, and VT Torvalar. creating a Resource Center where you can learn more about specific As mentioned above, the elements of the story. What was Community Virtual Library is Tiny Tim suffering from, anyhow? creating a Resource Center in their Exhibit Space to provide There are rumors of a possible freebies hidden around the Pro- information about subjects directly ject. Who knows what other sur- related tot he events in the story. There will be a tele-portal to take prises may be added before we you from the main Dickens Project open the doors on December site to the Resource Center, and one 10th? to return by. 

In total there will be nearly 20 hours of events in eight days. The build itself will provide visitors with the opportunity to walk through areas inspired by the story: Past, Present, Yet to Come, and a little

The Dickens Project site on Water Haven is being created by myself and Aoife Lorefield with some support from Armon Aeon and Tigre Milena.

KM: So tell our readers about The Seanchai Library. When do you hold events and how can a person get involved? CALE: Seanchai (pr. Shawn-a-kee) A traditional Irish storyteller/ historian.

examine the world around us. We present stories of all kinds, live in voice, Monday through Thursday at 7pm slt at our home base at the Community Virtual Library on the Bradley University sim. All are welcome and, though we do accept donations for whatever charity we are featuring at that time, all story The Seanchai Library has existed sessions are freely offered. We also successfully since early 2008 in produce other story-based events Second Life presenting thousands and projects on other grids, and at of storytelling events, and raising other locations in Second Life. We thousands of real U.S. dollars for currently maintain partnerships in numerous charities. Seanchai Second Life with Magicland Park, Library is dedicated to the power of Holly Kai Art at the Park, and stories to inspire, challenge, and Kultivate Magazine. help us express ourselves and

The best way to see what stories and events are coming up is to visit our website - http:// irelandslstory.blogspot.com. You can also follow us on Facebook and Google +, or to stop by our main library at http:// maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ Bradley%20University/101/208/28 KM: Any new and upcoming projects for 2017? CALE: We will be launching our third Explore project on the Kitely grid in January 2017: "The World of John Steinbeck" presented in support of Tacoma Little Theatre's production "Of Mice and Men." We are looking forward to continuing our Storyteller Sandbox program in collaboration with both Holly Kai Art at the Park, and Kultivate Magazine next year. Our "Stories at the Park" will continue at Holly Kai, and "Storytime" at Magicland Park. We have already been working on building a consortium of interested folks to present a full sim version of The Dickens Project in December of 2017. We should have some idea of whether that is all going to finally

come together some time in July. KM You can stay up today with news from Seanchai Library and The Dickens Project, by visiting the links below: The Dickens Project page: http:// irelandslstory.blogspot.com/p/2015 -dickens-project.html Seanchai Library website: http:// irelandslstory.blogspot.com/ Seanchai Library on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ SeanchaiLib Seanchai Library on Google +: https://plus.google.com/ +SeanchaiLibrary Seanchai Library's home location: http://maps.secondlife.com/ secondlife/Bradley% 20University/101/208/28 Seanchai Library's EXPLORE Program http:// exploreseanchai.blogspot.com/

The Seanchai Library is known for presentation of A Christmas Carol. it’s various storytelling events! One In 2012, we took the first steps to such event is The Dickens Project, testing the idea with the debut which is presented every year in Dickens Project: a 360 immersive December. Kultivate was able to sit environment that acted as a visual down and discuss The Dickens framework in which to present project and more with Seanchai Dickens' wintery ghost story live in lead, Caledonia (Cale) Skytower: voice, with multiple presentations over a number of days in a semi-festival format. The response KM: We are honored to have Seanchai Library bring Dickens to was incredibly positive. Only once year since have we downsized the our sim! So tell us about the Project, since that initial 90m x 60m project. build. Every year we have CALE: As you know, Seanchai Library prides itself on presenting a presented the original text of A diverse cross section of literature. Christmas Carol in its entirety, live in voice. There are some pieces that have become traditions, over our eight year history, and the one work that KM: And why Dickens? we have presented every year since CALE: The story behind the writing 2008 is A Christmas Carol. I am of A Christmas Carol is intriguing by constantly surprised how many itself: Dickens needed the money. people make it a fixture of their It was written very quickly in the fall annual holiday celebrations, and of 1843, and he published it in happily embrace doing so virtually. mid-December that year. What's more, Dickens published it We had the idea way back in early himself - his publishers would not Seanchai days to challenge the way buy into the idea. We think of him and his work in the past tense, we present literature in virtual worlds - how could we more fully under the colossus of "greatest novelist of the Victorian era." This use the tools of virtual worlds to enrich a literary experience? Oddly novella is part of what made him great. enough, that idea came on the heels of one of our first



Originally designed by the "moles" of the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW), Bay City opened its doors to residents in the spring of 2008. A themed city with double-prim land, it has been described by Linden Lab as embodying "the American urban experience, between 1940 and 1965, perhaps best typified by Chicago circa 1950 and marked by a distinct deco influence." There were originally 22 sims in the Bay City on the main grid, and 20 on the teen grid. With the integration of the teen grid in 2012, the two parts of Bay City were united, and four additional sims were added. A map of the city, created by Marianne McCann for SL9B, is shown on the left.

Bay City Fairgrounds, Mole Day is held each February 2nd, an anniversary event is held every May, and a tree lighting and auction each December. This year, the Tree Lighting Festival is to be held on Sunday, December 3rd from 1-4 PM SLT at the Fairgrounds. The event features the Tree Lighting, a silent auction, and DJed and live music performances. There will be ice skating, dancing, refreshments and lots of fun! All are welcome to this free public event and we would particularly like to invite you!!

We are currently seeking the donation of unique silent auction items for the charity auction that happens in conjunction with the tree lighting. The auction helps Bay I first heard of Bay City at an SLB City raise funds for Child’s Play — exhibit. Shortly after that, I was www.childsplaycharity.org — an invited to an event there, and I organization that offers online found that the Bay City community communities such as ours an certainly does like their events! opportunity to help seriously ill Every Thursday, there is a Rumble children around the globe during where we race everything from cars their hospital stays with the to boats to airplanes...with the purchase of games and gaming occasional broomstick or UFO race equipment. Bay City is a silver level thrown in for variety. The first sponsor of Child's Play, having Tuesday of every month is Espresso raised over US$2,000.00 via the Yourself night at The Pen, a beatnik Tree Lighting and Hot Bay City hangout, pictured below. On the Nights events last year. All inquiries

can be made to Marianne McCann, willing to work through any co-founder of the Bay City Alliance. differences we might have in order to live, work and play together. It’s sometimes messy, but it’s real, and The Bay City Alliance is a group it works. which meets every Tuesday at the Community Center to plan events, So come by and wander around discuss city happenings, and make (visit the Community Center for a decisions regarding the map and some landmarks) or join community. Also at the community us for one of our many fun events. center, visitors can find maps, a It's a friendly place, the fabulous guide to the city, learn a bit of City by the Bay. Get to know us and history, and new Bay City residents find out for yourself why so many can pick up free textures and Art people think that Bay City is the Deco-themed prefabs in order to fit best city on the Grid! KM in with the theme of the area. While the events are fun, the transportation systems are impressive, the builds are great, and having twice the prim allotment upon which to build isn't too shabby either...the best part of Bay City is the community. I’ve experienced strong communities on private sims before, but these are usually started by a group of people who already know each other, and attract other like-minded people. Bay City, being on the Mainland, is much more organic. Bay City citizens may have wildly varied thoughts, opinions, and lifestyles, but the one thing we have in common is a love of our City. Here you’ll find a diverse bunch of folks,






There is a very gorgeous open air restaurant called Bistro by The Sea. I love this place and thought this would be the perfect spot to have the interview with Mr. Kile Koba, the artist and innovating poet. I teleported him over and we greeted each other very much like two old friends would and all of it brought a bright smile to my face. I led him over to my favorite table in the restaurant. This table overlooks the water and I hinted to him that he should turn his sun position to midnight. I am not sure if he followed my advice, but I was able to look at the sheer curtains as they gracefully embraced the wind. I saw the water sparkle in the Second Life moonlight. Our table was set and it even had golden charger plates with all of the bountiful frills you would need for an elegant table setting.

teacher gave a book of poems by some famous Black Poets like Waring, Cuney, and Langston Hughes. This was my introduction to poetry although I had heard may poems before that time i.e., The Night Before Christmas, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, The Raven. It was that book by the Black Poets that inspired me."

I thought to myself what a wonderful way to begin your internal venture as a wordsmith by being inspired by some of the best poetry talent we have. I needed to know more about this man and his work so I posed the question to him. I began “So, Kile I knew I was a poet when I caught myself always speaking in metaphors. When did you knew you were a poet?" He stated, "The title 'poet' is new to me. I have always been a writer, social and historical satire and commentary. I recently started writing poetry 3 yrs. ago after a RL We sat and began our chat. I jumped right into it and asked him, changing event." I had to empathize with him when he said it was a RL "When did you get introduced to changing event that caused him to poetry? and, did that first piece write because that is how I came to make you feel? He adjusted his write as well. I think our RL can sitting pose for the last time and carefully explained to me, "I was in sometimes evoke so many emotions within you that you are the 8th grade when my English

driven to spill them onto the paper I was thankful for that response, guided by the pen, it is a release. but did not want to linger so I pushed forward with my next question, "Have you ever spoken at I took a bite out of the pancakes I a real life poetry venue?" He was had rezzed on my plate and sat up a happy to tell me, "Yes! It was a moment posing the question to blast. Public speaking is my wheel him, "When writing poetry are house. Simply doing my poems put there any rituals that you perform me at ease. I relay my words and or do you just sit and began to pour thoughts. I was truly at home." from your spirit?" He says, "When I am inspired to write, I sit and get at He says "at home" when it comes to it." He was straight to the point and words. It amazes me when I speak he kept it simple. I thank him for with these writers/poets how each that information. of them find comfort like I do in words. I find so much comfort I went on to say, "Have you had any sometimes it’s like I could crawl up real life success in spoken word? in them and sleep. But, I know it’s any Second Life successes? He told time to dig a little deeper in the me, "Yes, I am being well received crevices of this marvelous mind so I in both worlds. Poetry has been a ask, "What emotions do you convey pleasant surprise to those who in your poetry and why? What know me in RL. And, I have gotten a emotions do you want to express to ton of support. In SL, I am beginning the readers overall in your work?" to get my name out there as one of He kept it concise like all of his anthe sought after poets." I swers, but I still adored what he had congratulated him on his new found to say. "Like any artist or poet, I fame here in SL. I asked him want you to feel what I feel. I want sincerely, "When you compare the my feelings to leap into your heart two in accolades which would you and mind and be moved like I was say is greater? and, why?" He moved. Sometimes it works, quickly retorts, "Real life of course. sometimes it doesn't." he goes on It is because I know who I am to say. speaking to and I know that their feedback is trustworthy. " "Has your work motivated anyone

to do, see or to act? I replied. He uttered his response to me by saying, "Not yet. I don't think it has because my journey into poetry was born from a personal life changing event. So, I wrote to help me. To put my thoughts on paper for my survival. If I share those poems they may help someone else but I don't plan to share those. I then ventured out on other subjects and for some those writings may help or even inspired others to write."

great poem, forever in my heart and head." I was in for the biggest treat ladies. Kile read that poem to me with his deep, velvety melodic voice. And, I wanted to melt. The simplicity of the words and how they packed such a powerful punch when it comes to the message. I was floored. If you ever get to know Kile, have him read THAT poem. And on to my final question I pose to all of the poets, "Where can we find you performing on the Second Life grid?" He said, "I can be found at Spit Spoken Word Lounge and Lyrical Cafe mainly and any other spot where I can drop in and say a little something. I even perform at the OPEN MIC and The Hole in the Wall."

I understood him fully it was more of an intimate personal expedition he had with poetry. He was not willing to let us ride and that is fine. I moved on and asked, "Did you choose poetry or did poetry choose you?" Comically, he cited, "I chose poetry, had it in a cocoon for years I thank him for his time and coming sleeping now it’s time to spread it to me to this beautiful wings and go dancing like a kite establishment for dinner. We string and FLY!!!!!" explored the place a little more and found some beach chairs so we sat I presented another question to in them kept our sun to midnight him asking, "What makes a poem and chatted some more until we great?" He says, "A great poem is decided to part our ways. I will see one that reaches you and stays in you next time lovelies when I your heart and head. The poem interview my next gifted poet. that started me on this journey is Toodles! KM NO IMAGES by Waring Cuney. A



It’s difficult to move outside one’s comfort zone and the past few weeks real life have proven to be anything except comfortable. For this column I tend to navigate and wander around scenic locations with pretty flowers and trees and cuddle spots but this month I felt mostly numb and I strayed way outside my comfort zone to The Wastelands. The Wastelands is a Post-Apocalyptic landscape with ruined buildings and a survival of the fittest atmosphere. The landscape is bleak and the harshness of the sand and buildings made it a challenge to photograph and navigate. The Wastelands is a community based on a game of survival with roleplay combat and scavenging for goods and scrap to make items you can use. There is a website linked to the region that claims it is the oldest and largest post-apocalyptic themed residential estates in Second Life. Now I’m not much or a gamer but I can see the potential in a region like Wastelands. I’m not new to roleplay having participated in a medieval community for over 8 years and I have fought in combat. The website also includes an online calendar

(http://forums.the-wastelands.org/ calendar.phplists) where you can find the schedule of their weekly events and concerts. They also have an old drive-in movie theater where they show movies once a week. The landmark takes you to a bunker below ground where you can find a free hud to play the game and locate scrap and other survival items. You will also find free post-apocalyptic clothing, instructional information and a teleport to a tutorial for the game. There are lots of places to explore, underground areas, abandoned buildings, a dark coastline - destruction and ruin abound. There is a warning at the welcome area that when you wear the hud you are subject to attack and if you die you’ll be incapacitated for 90 seconds. The individuals I encountered seemed very friendly and eager to answer any questions. I went back several times to take different photos and realized that even in a bleak environment beauty can shine through. Click here to visit The Wastelands. KM




KULTIVATE: Thanks for agreeing to an interview with us! So tell us about DSA, what types of products do you make? DSA: Thank you for the invitation. It is an honor. I am an aircraft builder in SecondLife. I specialize mostly in slightly older civilian aircraft.

were starting to build and fly planes and that was it. I knew what I wanted to be doing.

KULTIVATE: You have a variety of planes and I loved flying the one I have! Do you only create models based on real life planes or do you have any fanciful planes? DSA: As of right now they are all KULTIVATE: And why did you dereal life inspired, I have quite a few cide to make planes in Second Life? vintage ones but I want to keep my DSA: Well first of all, I have always options open. Some of the planes I had a love of aircraft. My parents build, I build because I like the leased an airport when I was a stories connected to them or I just child. I am not sure when they first find them visually appealing. A lot I started the venture. It predates my build are ones that I have a recollection. Some of my earliest personal connection to. Take for childhood memories are of being instance the Stearman, my dad around, playing on and flying in air- owned that one. In fact it is the one craft. My father flew commercial he used to fly banners with. So I signs over sporting events and such. have a deep connection with that My mother flew for fun. one. The Tripacer is the one my mother preferred to fly. So I Prior to SecondLife I had been associate that one with her. I do toy making and selling women's with the idea of making some clothing for Poser. When I heard planes that do not exist but in that SecondLife was a good theory could. No definite or actual medium for that market I joined. plans with that though. The possibility of flying planes in here did not even occur to me. I KULTIVATE: What sets your planes sold clothing for oh, probably about apart from other plane makers in a year. On the side I would race or Second Life? sail for fun. Sometime in late mid to DSA: Well, I guess the fact that I late '07 I found out that people have been doing it for as long as I

have sets ME apart from a lot. As a general rule though I try not to compare myself or my aircraft with other's. What I will say is personally I strive to make a product that my customers enjoy and that they know they will have a good time with for years to come because of updates and customer service. I want to be approachable, helpful, and surround myself and my business with people who are the same way. My company's customer service is something I take pride in. I have never asked anyone to help me without them making it clear they wanted to. They became friends through the aviation community or hanging out at my shop and over time through became part of the team because they just started helping. To me that is an honor that people believe in my business enough to do that. I know that Serena Lexington helped you learn to fly. Because of her real life experience she has is a test pilot as well. She has a lot of technical knowledge about my planes and she helps people.

After mesh came out and I started to rebuild my whole fleet and my previous customers got updates as they came out. Customers that were asking If I would do custom paints for them. I asked Josh Noonan and Dilynrae Vandyke if they would be interested in doing them with the intent of initiating a market that my customers could profit from by selling their works and would have a ripple effect of benefits by giving customers the ability to customize their aircraft. It also benefited me directly by allowing me to move on to new undertakings. I developed a system within my planes for repainting, and put the textures on the DSA website so everyone could have hand at it. My partner Seren (Serendipity Weatherwax) also is my executive assistant. She does P.R. for me and a lot of my customer relations. She usually stays by me when I am logged on and working and will relay anything people say over Skype that way I am not tuning anyone out to while working or having to stop working to answer questions. She answers a lot of questions herself too and keeps lists of things that I need to do. She came up with the idea of, putting together and runs the DSA Mall for

me. We give vendor spots to 3rd in the future? Any surprises? party painters as well as mod maker DSA: Right now I have been workfor the purpose of selling mods and ing on updates and will be for paints for our planes. Merchants awhile. SL scripting and possibilities are given a free spot to sell their change over time so I am going DSA compatible products. She even through and making sure that put a bulletin board there that lists things are as efficient as they could custom painters to contact for be as well as incorporating new specialized paints. The mall is at a features. separate location from our main store. Customers who have purchased a plane get updates as that specific We have a Facebook page, a group plane is updated. I am always and a website to keep customers interested in new suggestions and informed and connected. Seren and new ideas. If I think they will be I are also starting to do instructional universally beneficial, well received videos on YouTube to demonstrate and can be practically executed I different options and features. We often use them. I am in the process understand that some people are of installing working cockpits into more visual learners. So we are my aircraft and have plans to trying to cater to that too. reconstruct the hud. In fact that project is in part underway now. Also, I have other customers who sell through affiliate vendors and I The last plane I updated I also made hear quite often that someone was an add-on for, which is for sale in referred to my planes by So-and-So. the Mall. So as far as surprises go, it I consider that all a testament that I will probably be in the add-ons must be doing something ok, with- department. I have a lot of ideas I out comparing or contrasting with am mulling over but I don't want to what others do. I just try to keep mention because they are not all doing what I am doing and going to get green-lighted. improving. KULTIVATE: What are some new releases we can expect from you

KULTIVATE: Do you sell and create planes in other worlds? If so which ones? DSA: No I create original models for Secondlife exclusively. KM

http://maps.secondlife.com/ secondlife/Juneau% 20North/206/15/33 DSA Website: dsa-aircraft.com

Visit DSA at the following links: DSA Main Store at Hollywood Airport: slurl http://maps.secondlife.com/ secondlife/Santa% 20Catalina/54/32/22 DSA Mall for paints and accessories at Juneau Regional Airport

DSA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ DSAAircraft DSA YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ UCAWcTVFzp8xlES-yKSkxrNw



On Tuesday, November 15th, Linden Lab announced a new Mainland community initiative called Horizons. First hinted at during the Meet the Lindens talks at SL13B in June 2016, it became the subject of widespread speculation when two testing environments related to it appeared on the Second Life world map in October, with Patch Linden further stirring up interest by posting some teaser images to his Profile feed.

Horizons Experience essentially builds on the Lab’s work with PaleoQuest, the dinosaur themed adventure which opened in July 2015 (see Experiencing PaleoQuest, the Lab’s latest adventure in Second Life). As with PaleoQuest, players are tasked with completing a number of quests and multiple tasks in order to come to the rescue of Magellan Linden’s assistant, Tyrah, who is in deadly peril at the paws of the nefarious Doctor Talpa. Note that the game is on Picking up on the SL13B hints, I Adult rated regions, but this contacted the Lab with the idea of is not reflective of the games covering Horizons. Patch and his content. team were very receptive to the idea, and as result, I had the “PaleoQuest was our most recent opportunity to tour the regions gaming project that we had put out ahead of the opening, and learn at scale,” Patch said as we discussed more about Horizons from Patch the game ahead of our tour. “We Linden and Naughty Mole of the took from that a lot of the game Linden Department of Public Works mechanics which people really enjoyed and liked, and we’re (LDPW). including them and a lot of new In short, Horizons is a new themed elements within the Horizons Mainland residential community Experience. built around a central, 6-region gaming environment called For example, one of the big new Horizons Experience. As I’ve features is the ability to participate covered the community aspects at either as a player in the game or as length in New Horizons in Second an ‘explorer’ – someone who is not Life, this article focuses solely on active in the game, but who can the new six-region gaming travel through the regions and experience.

observe as a bystander. With our game know who is who. Obviously, other gaming experiences, you’re you can’t complete any of the either in the regions with the intent quests as an explorer, nor can you to play, or you wouldn’t go. As receive any prizes; but you can walk Horizons is part of the Mainland, we or fly around and watch players felt it was important that people be (who can’t fly). Oh, and you can still able to drop in without disrupting be killed by any of the quest the game-play.” hazards!” “We’re using different colored indicator above people’s heads in the game regions to indicate whether they are a player or an explorer,” Naughty Mole added. “If they have a blue ball floating above them, they are an explorer. If they have an orange ball, they are a player. That way, the people in the

“The six regions of the experience are all uniquely themed,” Patch resumed, “The first region you go into is the starting region, where residents are introduced to the quest and receive their game HUD. While there they can watch an in-depth tutorial video and background story video, see the payout stations or follow links to

the Horizons Experience wiki page for more information. Beyond all this are the five gaming regions, which are linear, like PaleoQuest. Each must be completed before you progress to the next one.” Horizons Experience can be accessed in a number of ways. Anyone in the Horizons regions can fly to the central gaming regions, or they can use the teleport portals located at the Horizons info hubs and community centers, and which are scattered across the residential regions. Direct teleport via the map is possible, and there is also a Horizons Experience gateway at the Portal Parks.

Naughty added, “When people first arrive, they are given the choice of being a player or an explorer. If they selected ‘player’ they are registered for the game and receive a HUD. If they remove their HUD, they become an explorer. If players leave the game regions, their HUDs are automatically removed. However, all progress up to the point where they removed their HUD is saved. “Returning players arriving at the start area can use the Portal Room to jump directly to any quest they have previously completed, or go to the Quest they were on when they left the game. So, if someone left while trying the third quest, they

will not be able to jump to quests 4 The HUD (below, left) is easy or 5. enough to understand, and can be minimized / maximized with a click on the bottom information bar. The “Also, there are HUD kiosks top right of the HUD will sometimes throughout the quest regions, so any player who removed their HUD reconfigure itself as a part of a can get a replacement, and they will particular quest, and additional HUDs may also be attached and be asked if they would like to removed as a player progress teleport to their last point of progress. Explorers who have never through the game. All of the quests played the game can also use these are against the clock – hence the timer on the HUD; run out of time kiosks to obtain a HUD, and they and you’re back to the local will be asked if they would like to resurrection hub. Completion of a teleport to the start of the first particular quest is indicated by quest.” players locating the local access

Run terminal and touching it. All progress throughout the game is automatically recorded for each player.

stations. Once they have done so, their HUD is reset, and they can try their hand again, if they wish.

Note that Linden Dollar payouts I don’t really want to say too much require players have payment on the individual quests (although information on file and payment the tutorial video does!); I think it is information used (i.e. they have a far better to experience the game payment method registered with than to have it explained. Help is Linden Lab, which has been used at always available through the HUD least once, such as to purchase L$). prompts, Magellan’s voice prompts , and only one L$ payment is made (if you have sound enabled) and the per player per 24 hours. This Help button to the wiki page. Each statement has been placed in a quest also starts with several paragraph of its and expanded, as information kiosks, which will some readers apparently missed it supply a note card explaining what in its original form. needs to be done. I’m not a major game player, but I The first four quests require the enjoyed my time in Horizons player to complete an assigned task Experience – so much so, in fact, or tasks, working against specific that I later sneaked back to run hazards, so of which might be through the five quests on my own . obvious, such as laser-wielding The game play regions are well robots, giant machines, and so on; designed and suitably atmospheric, other of which may be far less and there is plenty of space to play obvious, such as nasty plants, as an individual or alongside unexpected rock falls, and little, friends. easily missed robots. The fifth quest involves penetrating Doctor Talpa’s During my first run through with secret lair to rescue Tyrah. When Naughty and Patch, we were joined successful, players are teleported by several other Lindens and Moles back to the start region, where they to make a tidy number, and the mix can receive a random prize / Linden of explorers and players didn’t in Dollar reward from the payout any way appear confusing – I was

far too focused on the task at hand! However, I do wonder how things will go during these early days and weeks, when interest in Horizons Experience will likely be at its peak. Unlike PaleoQuest and Linden Realms, where there are multiple instances of the game, allowing players to be balanced across game play areas, there is only the one Horizons Experience, so things might initially get a little crowded simply as a result of users’ curiosity. Making an experience like this a central part of a community environment is an interesting idea. Whether it helps attract Premium members into obtaining a house in one of the residential regions or not remains to be seen, so again, it will be interesting to see how this goes. In the meantime however, the game is there, and is fun to play, either individually or with friends (some of the tasks offer the chance for players to help one another). But don’t take my word it; go take a look for yourself! KM Update, November 19th: some users on TPVs may find the gun used gun in Quest 3 of Horizons

Experience doesn’t work with their viewer. The Lab is aware of the issues, and is investigating options for a fix. For the moment, those affected will need to swap to the official viewer, but only for Quest 3. Full details can be found in llTakeControl issue and the Horizons Experience. Visit the Horizon’s Experience: https://community.secondlife.com/ t5/Featured-News/Introducing-the -Horizons-Experience/bap/3081426





Sitting here writing this article, I cannot believe how fast the year has flown. I am enormously pleased with how the Edge has grown and very happy here to bang the drum for the Edge and its achievements (none of which would be possible without the myriad talents we have utilized and showcased through the year - thank you all!). A year ago today I nervously accepted John Brianna's offer to be editor for the fashion section of Kultivate (then Windlight) magazine. The role was unspecified and for me to grow and find an identity for. The only thing we agreed on was that it was to explore the more creative side of Fashion. So, nervously I began and I have ended up with a project far larger than I would ever have anticipated, and I have grown myself in the process.

explore the meeting point where fashion overlaps with art, as I have both these backgrounds in real life. I thought initially I would be doing this as a personal venture, through my styling and photography, but John Brianna's offer allowed me to bring my passion to a far wider audience. And so The Edge was born (because of course it explores the edge where Fashion and Art meet). Artists and Fashion Designers in real life have long been inspired by each other or even collaborated together on projects. It has happened on occasions in second life too, but I wanted to make The Edge something that championed this and promoted it, and hopefully influenced the wider fashion and modeling community in SL.

The Edge started with articles in Kultivate Magazine, and we were At the end of my reign as Miss not sure initially even if they Virtual World 2015, I knew I would be every month. Now we wanted to do something a little have our own dedicated section different for myself. I wanted to and I am blessed to have the

the excellent Stavaros Gracemount am glad to say that the Edge as contributing writer and Gallery, which has had several photographer alongside me. It has rounds of exhibitions now, is been a pleasure and an honor to beginning to change this. The feature some amazingly creative Kultivate Gallery too is now designers, to speak about topics of showcasing the work of Fashion real relevance to models today, Artists as part of its open and to feature some amazing exhibitions. Increasingly too imagery from our Edge Stylists. It Fashion Artists are beginning to be could have been the case that I kept invited to show their work in the Edge just to this, but I had other mainstream SL Fine Art Galleries. 'bees' in my 'bonnet'. It really has surprised me to see a I had felt strongly for some time number of times excellent Fashion that there needed to be a Gallery Artists who I have invited to show that featured and championed at The Edge Gallery say to me 'but I fashion related images generated in am not good enough' or variations Second Life. There is so much of fears along the same lines. That amazing fashion and styling related is something very sad and I am imagery out there in SL that I want- working very hard with the Edge ed to provide a focal exhibition Gallery to empower Fashion Artists space for it. and raise their confidence and pride in their work as true art work. I deliberately coined the terms The Edge Gallery is also proving to 'Fashion Art' and 'Fashion artists' to be something that is becoming an cover this amazing body of work inspiration and aspiration for and the people who make it. By various fashion image makers. It is giving it a label and an identity I an unexpected bonus and a was seeking to honor and validate pleasure for me that it is now Fashion Artists as true creative providing another aim and artists in their own right. objective in what is currently a shrinking pool of fashion related The SL Fine Art community has until opportunities recently been largely unaware of Fashion Art and Fashion Artists. I It has been really exciting over the

last year to see that the combination of Art and Fashion is becoming a trend in various ways within the SL Fashion scene. I hope that Kultivate and The Edge have played a part in helping create this phenomena, and I look forward to it taking root and continuing to bear fruit as time goes on. As someone said at a recent talk John and I gave at the Model's Workshop, Art and Fashion are a 'match made in heaven'. In these harder times economically in second life, as it begins very sadly to fade as a virtual world, things are inevitably becoming very serious and focused on commercial viability, and the bottom line profit margin. It is good therefore to be able to leaven that with some increased creativity, and bring back some of the excitement and passion of the golden age of a few years ago.

Styling is the other wonderfully creative area of Second Life Fashion that the Edge has championed. I firmly believe that Styling at its very best can a form of expressive art. The best Stylists can put items together into outfits, and present them with posing, or images, which truly evoke a reaction, provoke

thoughtfulness, and stay in the memory, and impress and wow. These are all the things we can expect any good work of art to do. The most creative Stylists simply use their avatar as the basic 'canvas' to create upon. Our Edge Stylists are extraordinary and talented and have been selected and personally invited by me, to form a Collective. We feature the work of some of them every month in Kultivate Magazine. I also designed and launched the Edge Bootcamp Styling course too, using knowledge and techniques I worked out for myself, and which helped me to eventually win Miss Virtual World. It is unlike any other styling course in SL, and designed to foster creativity, confidence and innovation with its unique philosophy and teaching material. Recently the Edge branched out again, into performance, with its Da Vinci's Workshop Styling Show. We were delighted and honored to be allowed to show this at the very significant annual SL Art Event - Burn 2 (which for those of you readers who do not know, is linked officially to the real life Burning Man Festival).

I wanted to finally show that Styling which was a fantasy story based on in a show context would work as a the 'characters' they evoked for work of Art in its own right. me. It was semi mythical and In real life Modern Art there is a allegorical in perfect keeping with form of Art called ‘Live Art’. This is the type of artistic and literary Art which is revealed, created or works that were around in performed in front of an Leonardo's time. The show itself audience. It can use elements of was performed on a Renaissance theater or music or dance as part of Glockenspiel inspired art build the artwork, and I strongly felt that runway. Music to accompany the styling in a runway situation, with show was provided by the creative posing, fitted exactly into a wonderful Gabrielle Riel of Radio 'Live Art' concept. The recent Da Riel. All of the Edge Stylists (and Vinci’s Workshop show that I new Edge Models) performed conceived, built, and produced for fabulously to a packed audience The Edge at Burn2, was just that. and it was a truly memorable 22 models were given the brief to experience, which proved that art style as creatively as they wished, to and fashion can richly merge. the Da Vinci's Workshop theme. Apart from a couple of We recently celebrated the restrictions due to practicality and Anniversary of the Edge with a lag, they were given completely wonderful weekend of free rein to make a Styling which events. There was a Party with they were then encouraged to Exclusives and Gifts from wonderful present as imaginatively as possible, Designers Azul, Ghee, Chop Zuey with all 'normal' runway rules and Kaerri. We also published the suspended. I didn't know what the Edge as a fabulous standalone result would be, and that element one-off magazine, with interviews of chance was part of the 'art' from six of our amazing Edge process of the show. Stylists (check it out at https:// issuu.com/kultivatemagazine/docs/ The Stylings they produced blew me the_edge_anniversary_issue2). away and made it easy for me to do my creative element to the show, Finally The Edge collaborated with which was to write a show script Amazing Impressions Modeling

Agency to give Second Life one of Fashion and Art combine in a the most spectacular fashion shows creative collaboration. Haveit made ever. We invited two towering the most beautiful video of the talents, legendary 3D Artist Haveit event which will be a treasured Neox and fabulous original mesh memory I am sure for all who took designer Lyrical B!zarre to produce part. See it here: https:// respectively an original art build, vimeo.com/191592180 'Baroque Dreams', and an original fashion collection, 'Four | As for the future, The Edge will Seasons'. With top Models and continue to look for more creative dancers from AIM, and some opportunities, and we have some fireworks thrown in, this was a exciting plans in the pipeline, to be Venetian Baroque Carnivale revealed in time. inspired show of extraordinary creativity on one of the most The year ahead will be staggering and magnificent runways exciting - wait and see! KM SL has ever seen. The show truly proved what power there is when

THE EDGE DECEMBER STYLIST: JUDELIN KLUGE VORGMILER STYLE CREDITS: [VM] VERO MODERO / Black to Black Set http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vero%20Modero/128/169/28

THE EDGE DECEMBER STYLIST: CRISTA WELLENS STYLE CREDITS: Sunglasses: //Mulloy – Urie Glasses Forehead Jewel: LaGyo_Night Head Charm – Gold @Collabor88 Necklace: LaGyo_Night Necklace – Gold @Collabor88 Shirt: .:villena:. – Laced Up Shirt Dress – Iron Maiden @Kustom9 Bracelet: Salvadori – Fatpack ‘Le Chain’ Wrist Bracelet @On9 Wrist Bandage: MINIMAL – Female Dalshim Bracelet @Ultra Clutch: Astralia – Blazer bag – Midnight Madness Gift Shorts: .:villena:. – Ripped Front Shorts – Black @Kustom9 Shoes: N-core NORMA “Black” for High Feet Decor exclus ively by Apple Fall (find all items at the mainstore, URL included)

THE EDGE DECEMBER STYLIST: IVYANA SZONDI STYLE CREDITS: Hair: Kokolores – Cody @Hairology Head: A keruka – Julia Mesh Head Vers. 1.5 (bento vers ion, more details here) Skin: Remy & Rowe Las hes: Zibs ka – Luise @Enchantment Lips: Zibs ka – Nereza @Enchantment Manicure: Nailed It – Molten Metal Set @On9 Neckpiece: Zibs ka – Lago (L’Homme Readers Group Gift) Pose: Kokolores – Face & Hands poses 001 Clutch: Astralia – Blazer bag – Midnight Madness Gift Shorts: .:villena:. – Ripped Front Shorts – Black @Kustom9 Shoes: N-core NORMA “Black” for High Feet Decor exclus ively by Apple Fall (find all items at the mainstore, URL included)

THE EDGE DECEMBER STYLIST: CHERRY RAVINELLI’S ALT (ANANDAHEART) STYLE CREDITS: gown Snowpaws Aisling gown, shown in green orange, exclusive release for On9! thank you Carrie las hes Zibs ka Luise, exclusive release for Enchantment! thank you Zib hair Blackliquid Chen in midnight tattoo Noya Oriental summer gloves Bliss couture Dragonpuff gloves headwear Zenith Ivory flower headdress in gold and Tou shi in lemon ring Finesmith Perach necklace H.m.a.e.m. Irie necklace in gold poses Poses ion





Beatrice Serendipity is a top model and the co-owner of the female clothing brand, Ghee. The Edge was able to sit down with Beatrice to discuss fashion and more: KULTIVATE: So tell our readers, what brought you to Second Life and why have you remained for so long? BEATRICE: It was curiosity that brought me to Second Life back in 2009 - I'd read about it, and will confess to a degree of cynicism about what I'd find. I think I was expecting a glorified chat room - and was amazed and enthralled by the creativity I found. I also met some wonderful people, including my now real life partner of six years, and my close friend and business partner Warm Clarity - so I guess it's really 2 things that keep me here - people, and a creative outlet. KULTIVATE: Of course you are a co owner of Ghee, which we will ask you about later, but lets talk about your modeling career. I am told that you were quite the model in the past. How did you transition to modeling? BEATRICE: Pretty soon after

arriving in SL I was hopelessly addicted to shopping for and dressing my avatar. Like many girls I was addicted to dressing dolls as a child, and styling an avatar is pretty much the same - but with near limitless possibilities. I started to take snaps of my outfits and got into Flickr, and people started asking about what I was wearing. My sister, who's a SL model herself, encouraged me to take up modeling and I joined the Model's Workshop, which is still going strong today, where I took part in free styling challenges and workshops, and met a lot of people who helped me kick start my career. I had some lucky breaks and early successes that got me a lot of attention in the SL Fashion World. I signed with a lot of the top agencies and got a lot of runway and fashion magazine work, I set up a successful fashion blog, and then had my "big break" in 2013 when I won a major contest - the SL Top Model. KULTIVATE: And why did you decide to retire from modeling? BEATRICE: I loved modeling. The fabulous creations, the limitless possibilities, the beauty and the glamour of it. And connecting with

people from all over the world Warm a massive debt of gratitude through a common language of for her encouragement, and for fashion. I achieved the goals I'd set sharing her "baby" with me. out with when I decided to give modeling a go - I'd worked for most KULTIVATE: And why the name of the top designers, walked in Ghee? Does it stand for someamazing runway shows, and been thing? on the cover of magazines - in many BEATRICE: "Ghee" (pronounced ways it was a dream career. But one with a hard G) is clarified butter. It's thing I know about myself is that I used widely in Indian cooking. I get bored easily, I need new believe Warm came up with the challenges. And so, I decided to try name based partly on her avatar my hand at fashion design. last name "Clarity". KULTIVATE: So now you are a co KULTIVATE: What are the owner of Ghee! How did you get inspirations for your designs? involved with the brand? BEATRICE: I get inspiration for all BEATRICE:I met Warm Clarity (the over the place - sometimes it's an founder of Ghee) when I was a image or work of art, or a song, or model. I did some fashion shows for just an idea. I'm inspired by real Ghee, and we became friends. world fashion too - designers like Warm asked me if I would consider Vivienne Westwood, Gucci, and becoming the "face of Ghee" and I Alexander McQueen. I get most became her main vendor model excited when we work on whole and marketing manager. As I collections - I think that's one of the became more and more involved things that sets Ghee apart as a with the brand, Warm encouraged brand. We love to produce seasonal me to try my hand at design. She collections using a color palette and held my hand as I took my first textures that reflect the season, steps as a designer, and she was and garments and accessories that incredibly supportive and patient can be mixed and matched with me as I tore my hair out over together. Perhaps out most Photoshop and learnt the tedious successful collection to date was parts of designing like making stuff our Summer 2016 "Annata Dolce" up and packaging it etc. I owe collection - modern vintage, with

tailored pieces combined with ruffles and frills, for a modern, feminine effect.

than I do - she comes up with amazing creative combinations of color and patterns which reflect her art, whereas I tend to be a bit more KULTIVATE: I know that Ghee sells 'classic", but really, our styles work female clothing and accessories. together to create one original Are there any plans to expand to Ghee style. Many of our customers male clothing and accessories? are surprised to learn there are two BEATRICE: Not at present designers involved in Ghee, which I although we are aware that men think is a testament to that. have a lot less choice when it comes to fashion in SL, it's not on our KULTIVATE: Does Ghee currently agenda at the moment - sorry guys! exist in any other virtual worlds? BEATRICE: No, we're busy enough KULTIVATE: Early this year with SL - but of course we will be we were able to feature Warm looking to new platforms as they Clarity, your business partner and emerge in the future. one of the Kultivate Artist in Residence in our magazine. Does KULTIVATE: Any big plans for Ghee your designing style compliment this month? What about in early Warms? Or vice versa and how do 2017? you both ensure that you do not BEATRICE: We're keeping busy with make something that is exactly some lovely new releases for the similar or the same? winter at the moment. I've also BEATRICE: We work very closely recently started to learn Maya - so if together, we really are a team. Each things go according to plan we season we work together on a color could be seeing a lot more Ghee palette that forms the basis of our original mesh designs in 2017. designs, and we share inspiration and ideas on secret Pinterest KULTIVATE: So which is boards. We share our work platform easier--designing or modeling and so we can see our work as it's in why? progress too, and we are each oth- BEATRICE: Both designing and er's critical eye. I think Warm has a modeling can be challenging, and quirkier, more eclectic approach also rewarding. But I have to say, I

I thought I worked hard as a model (and I did) but it was nothing compared to running a business in SL! As a fashion designer in SL, you don't just design - you also manufacture, merchandise and market - a lot of work goes into every release, and then you have staff and customers to look after too. We're lucky to have a great team at Ghee, who definitely help share the load, but as with any business, in any world, there are always a lot of plates to keep spinning. It's all worth it though, when I see people enjoying my creations. KM

You can keep up to date with Ghee and Beatrice by visiting the following links:

Ghee: mainstore SLURL: http:// maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ Qeestein/141/91/1501 blog: https://gheesl.blogspot.co.uk Facebook: https:// www.facebook.com/ghee.sl/ Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/ groups/ghee/pool/ Bea: Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/ photos/simplybea/ Blog: http:// beatriceserendipity.blogspot.co.uk








This free self service restaurant is part of Kultivate restaurant. **The restaurant is not a roleplay restau restaurant where you can bring your date or l

Ristorante Ivanna is available for private parties, events, and functi


Art Gallery and is in the style of a romantic Italian urant where you have to pay to be served. It is a FREE loved one for a quiet and romantic setting. **

ions. Please contact Johannes1977 Resident for more information


Profile for Kultivate Magazine

Kultivate Magazine - December 2016 Issue  

This issue will feature 3D artist, Haveit Neox, Ghee Co-Owner & Top Model Beatrice Serendipity, poet Kile Koba, Seanchai Library’s The Dicke...

Kultivate Magazine - December 2016 Issue  

This issue will feature 3D artist, Haveit Neox, Ghee Co-Owner & Top Model Beatrice Serendipity, poet Kile Koba, Seanchai Library’s The Dicke...