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Up-cycling Wharfs How to make tables out of piling walls A Danish company found a way to up-cycle obsolete wood into unique designfurniture.

Reusing and transforming the 50-year-old rustic AzobĂŠ wood from decommissioned wharves in Denmark into simple and stylish designer furniture, is the fundamental idea behind all of the furniture from Thors-Design. An interplay between cool galvanized steel and the woods original raw, rustic look gives the furniture a modern feel with heart and soul that matches the modern home as well as professional environments.

All furniture is custom-made resp. an unicom. Azobé wood is one of the world’s heaviest and most robust types of wood and contains a high level of natural oils. Today the Azobé wood is still strong and durable despite many years of exposure to the natural elements. The furniture has a long life cycle and is virtually indestructible. It can therefore be used indoors as well as outdoors all year around and can be enjoyed for generations.

Text: Wolfgang G. Külper

Thors design's story  
Thors design's story  

How to make unique furniture out of old harbour poles. See also the 2 mins video in German.