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Trade shows are useful - an overview on foot

Example: Vienna

The majority of Austrians buys it’s furniture on the large surface. These are world-record-breaking 70% of the sales area in the Alpine republic, when there actually carpenters should "make it personal." The rest is now struggling for almost two decades of survival. Furthermore customers are increasingly selecting and ordered via the Internet. Petty for the shop-dealers! Granted, there are already some which went bust, but most have shrunk or cooperate with healthy peers and have logically extended their service.

Photo: Entrance hall of “Wohnen & interieur” © Wolfgang G. Külper

Logically, these retailers at the battle of the major advertising campaigns does not get involved, then remains virtually only once, perhaps maximum twice a year the opportunity to present themselves at an exhibition. In Vienna, there are 3 resp. 4 events annually. The biggest is probably the "Wohnen & interieur" in the City-owned Exhibition Centre (of course by far the largest available area) with over 100,000 visitors over 7 days. At second Place - and those are usually the Nobles - then is the "Wohndesign" at the Imperial Palace with 14,300 curious spectators over 4 days. A lot of attention is always the "Home Depot", which specializes in the avant-garde and in three days, several thousand visitors welcomed. Not only furniture, but also fashions and jewellery and rather more prototypes of furnishings are to be seen at the “Blickfang” in the Museum Of Contemporary Art (MAK). Usually 13,000 onlookers are flocking in over 3 days. Instant buying is desired. Of such attendance is also dreaming the big area-traders and it is therefore not surprising that they are currently always be involved at least two out of the market leaders in the aforementioned shows, or even act as sponsors. The underlined names are hyperlinks simultaneously - as of autumn 2011

Interior Fairs in Vienna  

The Austrian market is dominated by Lutz, Kika, Ikea etc. What is left for the ordinary dealer?