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Liposuction in Chennai Raj Cosmetics has grown to be probably the most leading clinics which might be known for its liposuction cure. With numerous of liposuction surgical procedures carried out to date and with an enormously high price of success.

Liposuction in Chennai Our centre is good-equipped with the ultra-modern science and equipment for providing the absolute best great healing with global necessities in additional than 50 surgical and non-surgical approaches. The clinical conditions that may be treated with the Liposuction in Chennai comprise:

Lipomas - benign fatty tumours

Gynaecomastia or Pseudogynecomastia - where the fatty tissue developed in guys breast

Lipodystrophy syndrome - a lipid metabolism wherein in some elements of the body

there's excess fats and in some components there may be partial fat. •

Axillary hyperhidrosis – too much sweat within the armpit field

Raj Cosmetic Surgery No.2037, 15th Main Road, Anna Nagar west, Chennai - 600040. Landmark: Near to Cafe Coffee day Tamilnadu, India. Ph: 044-26161566 / +91- 94442 62579

Liposuction in chennai