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Mediserve India

Mediserve specialise in all medical surgical recovery, we provides best alternatives to the health care services in your countries. The company provides best packages of health vacation for various diseases. Mediserve was founded in the beginning of 2002. Mediserve is engaged in providing a complete range of treatments for your Medical Tourism Mediserve offers medical treatments as an international level of service which are more organised, more rapid, and more reasonable than others. The company works as a facilitator between you as patients, and doctor as well as hospital and clinics.

Some Of Our Best Services Are:

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Heart Bypass Surgery Angioplasty Angiographies Neurosciences Orthopaedic surgery Eye Treatment Ophthalmology Skin Disorders Kidney Transplant Liver Transplant Fat Reduction

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Cosmetic Surgery Gastroenterology Laparoscopy Respiratory Problems Dental Treatment Internal Medicine Baldness Treatment Yoga Treatment Ayurvedic Treatment Homeopathy Treatment

Mediserve cares for you, it cares your safety, it cares your happiness, it cares your nervousness being a patient and with such caring nature, it forms the most admiring medical services which will let you be cured from all your diseases with pleasure of touring your favourite destinations. For More Info Contact US: Office Add : 151,Sukhdev Vihar New Delhi-110025, India Tele. No : +91-11-41320495 Cell phone : +91-9811273520 Email: Website :

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Mediserve india  
Mediserve india  

Mediserve specialises in all medical surgical recovery and rejuvenation packages in Delhi and worldwide.