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DIVISION H Magazine 2019-20

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District 105 Director’s Message

Visit of District 105 Team

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District 105 Team

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Article by Guru Gowrav-Area 41 “The Child Within Us”

Division H Director’s Message Page 04

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Division H Team

Club Meetings- Few Photos

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Area 41- in Action

New Clubs Initiative

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Article by Area 41 Director “Unleash the Leader Within”

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New Gavel Club Initiative

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Club Hall of Fame

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Article by Ashraf TP-Area 43 “Out to Public Speaking”

Club Milestones Page 11

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Area Director’s Hall of Fame

Division H Trainings

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Article by Area 43 Director “Your reaction matters More”

Division H Calendar 2019-20

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Member’s Hall of Fame

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Celebrating 95 Yrs of TMI

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Article by Sivakumar HVK- Area 43 “Learn to Unlearn”

District Awards to Target

Issue 01 / November 2019

Editor’s Note

Welcome to ‘The Vision’ Dear Division H toastmasters It is my pleasure and delight to present the 1st Edition of The Vision, the official newsletter of Division H for the year 2019-20. Recently Toastmasters International completed glorious 95 years of its dedicated services to its members providing an amazing platform of learning and mastering the Public Speaking and Leadership skills. During this period thousands of toastmasters have learned and mastered the art of communication. I am so delighted and thankful to my colleague who introduced me to this fabulous program. Even after 5 years it feels that the journey is just started and there is so much to learn and imbibe from the program and toastmasters fraternity. Division H is committed to provide services for the club members in providing life changing experience. Its leaders are dedicated and striving hard in strengthening clubs and their Leaders in managing the clubs efficiently and learning on the go. All the required support and guidance to its members is just a phone call away. To support the club leadership in their journey of excellence the Division H Leadership team is available all the time. As you know there is no end to learning in life, rather we are hungry for more as we learn more and hence the journey towards to have more learnings and achievements continues. There is lots of fun being a student throughout the life. There are always new surprises around the corner when we are ready to learn. Each club meeting and Toastmaster event is a new learning experience for the members.


Whatever little I could learn so far in my Toastmasters Journey is mainly emanating from the club meetings and the events of the Area, Division, District. Indeed each time there is a new lesson to learn. In this 1st issue of The Vision we are compiling few Articles alongwith memories and achievements of the members & the clubs. Going forward in the next issue there would be more to add. I would take this opportunity to thank our revered leader DTM Devlal for giving me the opportunity to learn new skills and motivating all the way. I also thank all the Area Directors and leaders who have contributed to this edition of the Newsletter. I would await your valuable advice and suggestions for improvising this Newsletter. Happy Toastmastering. In service Kuldeep Kaushik Division PR Manager

District 105 Director

DTM Robin Anand, Distric Director, District 105

Message from District-105 Director

Hello members of Division H

‘Progress is not inevitable; it is up to us to create it.’ - Anonymous.

it is my absolute pleasure to connect with you through


this Newsletter. Division H is the largest and one of

master fraternity in

the oldest Divisions of the District with 7 Areas, 33


active clubs and more than 700 paid members. Histo-


vision H






Abu Dhabi is driving Di-






develop education




ry of Division H is woven so intricately with the legacy of our District that it is difficult to separate it.








el clubs which is a good way to reach the beneAbu Dhabi is where it all started for our District (for-

fits to the Youth of today and leaders of tomorrow.

merly District 79, then District 20 and now District 105). Some of the oldest and most vibrant

I assure you the support of District team in this

clubs are part of Division H. Toastmasters in Divi-

endeavor and am sure with the support of club

sion H has come a long way thanks to the commit-

leaders, Area leaders and this fully charged Di-

ted and passionate senior leaders of the Division.

vision team, Division H is sure to take the leg-

It is my pleasure to acknowledge the commitment and

acy of Toastmasters in our District forward.

passion shown by the Division H leadership this year. Led by the very dynamic and efficient Division H lead-

Let me also take this opportunity to wish every member

er Distinguished Toastmaster Devlal and ably support-

of Division H the best and we hope all of you achieve

ed by Asst. Division Director Program Quality, Distin-

your individual Toastmaster goals in the year ahead.

guished Toastmaster Shameema, Asst. Div Director

- Robin

Anand, DTM

Club Quality Toastmaster Hadi and Division PR Toastmaster Kuldeep, Div H is making wonderful progress as documented through this wonderful newsletter.

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Issue 01 / November 2019


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District 105 Team

District 105 Team


Division H Director


Message from Division-H Director Dear Division H Toastmasters It has been almost 5 eventful months since a new team of toastmasters assumed office at the largest Division in our District. Division H has been the home of some of the most inspiring leaders this region has ever seen and they left big shoes to fill. This fact can be quite overwhelming to any toastmaster who is handed the responsibility of serving such a Division. I felt no different. However, as a new Division team that comprised of a bunch of zealous and dedicated individuals was created, the apprehensions were put aside and everyone got to work. To get to where we all wanted to go, we first put together a team, a plan and a calendar. This was followed by sessions where the team brainstormed, discussed and shared ideas. The first Club officers training held in June 2019 was the first fruit of our labour. Demonstration meetings for a series of new clubs followed as we set about spreading the word of Toastmasters to various institutions and organizations. Phoenix toastmasters was chartered for the employees of ADNOC LNG in July 2019. Later came PICE-UAE toastmasters. Rest are all getting ready to be chartered in the near future including a bunch of Gavel clubs. In October, the division conducted a Contest organizing and Judges training. In December, we delivered another session in Parliamentary procedures and Train-the-trainer. Many more training sessions are lined up for Division H toastmasters in the days to come. It is exciting times ahead indeed! With a special team at the vanguard of our community and the rest of the Division all geared for the days ahead, we would only settle for the best. And the best is yet to come! - Devlal

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Sahadevan, DTM Issue 01 / November 2019

Division H Team


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Area 41 Action


Evaluation Contest Preparation Session


Area 41 presents to you: ‘Speech Evaluation’ mastery session, presented by the esteemed toastmaster DTM Manmohan Sreedhar When: Saturday 9th Nov 2019 Where: NMC Hospital Basement Conference Hall Electra Time:

3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

YLP Session by NMC Corporate Chapter TM Club

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Issue 01 / November 2019


“I don’t see myself as a leader, it ’s just not in m e” some might argue, to whom I would then simply reply “You are already a leader, you just don’t know it yet” Every single one of us has taken up lead-

Life is filled with great experiences that will

ership roles, in one aspect of our lives or

continue to challenge us, to enrich our experi-

even more. It can be in your job, personal

ence and most importantly to continue growing.

life, and even within your Toastmasters journey as it’s simply ‘where leaders are made’.

This year, I am proudly taking the role of Area

When I was first introduced to Toastmasters by a

41 Directory, which comes with great responsi-

friend, I only thought of it as a platform for pub-

bilities of being the voice of the Area to our Dis-

lic speaking, however when I joined I discovered

trict. I will continue working with the Area clubs,

there is more to it than just that, and in less than

supporting them to overcome any challenges

three months I was given my first leadership role

they may face along their way. I conducted not

and was voted Vice President Membership (VPM).

only one club officers’ make-up session, but six, yes six; because I believe in the impor-

During that period I learned a lot by being around

tance of ensuring all officers are provided with

experienced toastmasters, who always guided me

the necessary knowledge and tools to serve

and shared their experiences, after all I was not

their clubs in the best manner possible. In ad-

only new to the role but to Toastmasters organiza-

dition, with the contest season approaching,

tion as a whole. The next year, I challenged myself

we conducted three education sessions, with

and took the role of the president of Abu Dhabi

the objective to guide the members through

ICAI Toastmasters Club, and with the efforts of all

the contest process preparation process.

Excom and club members, who were committed to their development journey, we broke our own

Each one of us has joined Toastmasters

records and goals by achieving 24 education-

clubs for a reason, and those reasons may

al awards and a solid 10 DCP points for the first

vary, but I request everyone to develop your

time in the club history all while celebrating the

leadership skills, however remember to al-

club’s 13th year anniversary. We achieved what

ways serve by Toastmasters core values ‘In-

we once thought was impossible, we made it pos-

tegrity, Respect, Service and Excellence’.

sible, setting even higher standards for ourselves.


- TM

Raja Jabir, ACG ALB MS5 Page 06


Unleash The Leader Within

Club Hall of Fame


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Issue 01 / November 2019


Club Hall of Fame Page 08

Club Milestones


Page 09

Issue 01 / November 2019



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Club Milestones


Area director’s Hall of Fame Page 11

Issue 01 / November 2019


Once upon a time a daughter complained to her father that her lifve was miserable andv that she didn’t know how she was going to make it. She was tired of fighting and struggling all the time. It seemed just as one problem was solved, another one soon followed. Her father, a chef, took her to the kitchen. He

‘Father, what does this mean?’ she asked.

filled three pots with water and placed each on


a high fire. Once the three pots began to boil,


he placed potatoes in one pot, eggs in the sec-


ond pot, and ground coffee beans in the third pot.


He then let them sit and boil, without saying a

The potato went in strong, hard, and unrelenting,

word to his daughter. The daughter, moaned and

but in boiling water, it became soft and weak.

then and same





adversity– each










faced water.


impatiently waited, wondering what he was doing. The egg was fragile, with the thin outer shell proAfter twenty minutes he turned off the burn-

tecting its liquid interior until it was put in the boil-

ers. He took the potatoes out of the pot

ing water. Then the inside of the egg became hard.

and placed them in a bowl. He pulled the boiled eggs out and placed them in a bowl.

However, the ground coffee beans were unique.

He then ladled the coffee out and placed it in a cup.

After they were exposed to the boiling water, they

Turning to her he asked. ‘Daughter, what do you see?’

changed the water and created something new.

‘Potatoes, eggs, and coffee,’ she hastily replied.

‘Look closer,’ he said, ‘and touch the pota-

Which are you,’ he asked his daughter. ‘When ad-

toes.’ She did and noted that they were soft.

versity knocks on your door, how do you respond? Are you a potato, an egg, or a coffee bean?’

He then asked her to take an egg and break it. After pulling off the shell, she observed the hard-

Don’t you think toast master is the right place for

boiled egg. Finally, he asked her to sip the cof-

learning? -TM RAMARAJ S L

fee. Its rich aroma brought a smile to her face.


Page 12


Your Reaction matters more

Members Hall of Fame Page 13

Issue 01 / November 2019

Members Hall of Fame


Page 14


Article by TM Sivakumar HVK - Area 43

Learn to Unlearn “Just the way we keep our body healthy,

it is

our responsibility to keep our mind as well healthy. For that to happen, there is a need to unlearn the bad habits we picked up in our life.” The human brain is a complex structure cre-

they look alike, they are different in many as-

ated by the Almighty. Its main characteristic is

pects. So, our learning depends mostly on how

to record and retrieve information, just like our

we have been engaging ourselves under vari-

computers. It doesn’t distinguish between good

ous circumstances.

or bad, correct or incorrect information, but just learns whatever is experienced. In this journey

Not always, life is fair to us. There are moments

of learning, unknowingly we catch a significant

in which it throws challenges at us and some-

amount of wrong information which we apply

times, it may even push you into an abyss.

in our daily life and that in turn becomes bad

These make us stronger and adaptive but at

practices making us slowly habituated to that.

the same time, these may even make you weak

This article focuses on the reasons for catching

and despondent. If later really happens, that

these blemishes onto our minds and how to get

moment defines you as a failure. We may not

rid of them.

consider it seriously as the loss incurred out of that situation may not be that big enough but

We come to this world as an empty package

it has its portion of contribution towards our

that can absorb any information. As a child,

change in attitude for any new hardship that

firstly, we get acquainted with the environment

comes along our way in life. These are exactly

around us. Through that environment, we, in

the blemishes I referred to, earlier in the article.

turn, learn the lessons of the world. That is the main reason why everyone in this world is

Change in attitude is not something one can

unique with his/her own thoughts, perception

identify in his day to day life. But, for sure, it

and conception. Even in case of twins, though

appears quite apparent when we look back at

Page 15

Issue 01 / November 2019


ourselves a few years later. Scientists say, with

Usually, we think it requires a lot of effort

every illness, our body deteriorates to some

to learn something. But in contrast, it re-

extent. What is expected is, every individu-

quires humongous efforts and dedication to

al should rejuvenate themselves with required

unlearn a bad habit as well. Many times,

supplements right after the illness. Similar to

this cannot happen with one’s own efforts,

this, after every failure, we need to learn quick

a helping hand from surroundings is much

lessons out of it and step forward in life. If this

needed. For those people, who developed

doesn’t happen, life becomes short and experi-

such fears of public speaking or want to

ence becomes hard.

improve leadership skills, our Mussafah Toastmaster Club can definitely be an oa-

Just the way we keep our body healthy, it is our responsibility to keep our mind as well, healthy.

sis in the middle of a desert. -TM SIVA KUMAR HVK

For that to happen, there is a need to unlearn the bad habits we picked in our life till now. These bad habits could be stage fear, wrong language usage, bad behavior or something we know is harmful for our attitude but cannot help surrendering ourselves to it.


Page 16

Visit of District 105 Team

Dist 105 CQD & PQD Visit

Page 17

Dist 105 CQD & PQD Visit

Visit of District 105 Team


Page 18


Article by TM Guru Gowrav - Area 41

The Child Within Us Grow Up kid! – We were warned at some point of time in our life by somebody. Let’s be matured - We are forced to accept alternative decisions as per market standards. Life has become serious - Each one of us felt this as we owned new responsibilities. Is this what we are meant for? Aren’t we run-

tary perceptions. There is no end for this cycle

ning constantly to gain this maturity at the cost

till we keep breathing.

of previous state-of-mind which gave lot of

What are the contributing factors to this


change then?

This made me go deep to think what exactly


Age & constantly changing priorities

this maturity is.


Comparison with society as part of so-

cial beingness This is nothing but an illusion similar to a mi-


Evolution of thought process towards

rage which we can never own. Our present

already systemized world

state of mind appears as ‘reality’ at this point


of time. Meanwhile, our inner conscious pick

generations etc

Process & policies carry forward to

another target and we start chasing it. We feel ourselves as ‘matured’ when we accomplish

Irrespective of these materialistic influences,

this new target. But this is momentary until we

we have our inner self which constantly craves

see a better target to chase. The cycle repeats

for passion, love, self-satisfaction and many

! Each time we feel to be geared up to next

other intangibles. We read some blogs or lis-

maturity level.

ten some motivational speeches which advise

Here I paused myself. Maturity is a variable

us to focus

and not a constant. It is individual’s momen-

oritize the tangibles. But is this feasible?

Page 19

on such intangibles and to depri-

Issue 01 / November 2019


For me, answer is a big ‘No’. We cannot avoid

Segregation of thoughts help us to keep our in-

these materialistic milestones. But satisfying

ner child lively as we grow old. Let us pamper

the intangibles of inner happiness is what we

this child and ensure this will never be infected

are born for. Balancing this materialistic mile-

with the virus called maturity.

stones and intangibles is the only solution to this contradictory requirements of life.

Climb a tree, build a sand castle, feel your pulse, drench in rain, laugh at petty jokes, write a blog,

Maturity and Childish thoughts are 2 eyes of

draw a giraffe, make a funny face…. The list

individual. Maturity happens as part of life.

goes on. Always keep your inner child naughty.

But unfolding the Child within us is an art.

A child within us is what we live for and what we crave for.

Easy way to unleash this child is by spending

- TM Guru Gowrav,

quality time with family, meeting old friends, playing with children, focusing on passion etc. Every individual has his / her own way to take care of their inner child. Let us go deeper and identify such feelings.


Page 20

Club Meetings




Page 21

Issue 01 / November 2019

Club Meetings




Page 22

New Club Initiative

CICERONIONS TM Club Demo Meeting

TABREED TM Club Demo Meeting

Universal Voltage TM Club Demo Meeting

Page 23

Issue 01 / November 2019


Page 24

New Club Initiative

PICE UAE Club Demo Meeting

New Gavel Club Initiative

Global Indian International School, Baniyas

Private International English School Musaah

Page 25

Issue 01 / November 2019


Article by TM Ashraf TP - Area 43


Out to Public Speaking I was passing through an almost mechanical style of life, not attempting anything new in life. I happened to hear the quote of Les Brown “You are never too young to teach and you are never too old to learn”. This brought in me the thought of putting me (Just imagine the stages you passed through again into active learning process after my grad- while learning riding a bicycle or driving a motor uation. Thus I joined Toastmasters one year ago. car) I wanted to develop the skill of self expression. Being unconsciously incompetent, I was relucExperts say that any skill is learnable. If some- tant to push me into such an active training proone else can do it you too can do it. You can do it gram. After participating few sessions I have by simply imitating repeatedly those who are pro- started to observe the senior TMs’ minute asficient in the intended skill. This idea brought me pects of presentations and consider them as onto the floor of Musaffah Toast Masters Club. bench marks for me to attain. I feel myself movToast Masters are provided with lots of proven ing into the zone of consciousness of my incomsamples and examples to learn from.

petence and that gives more vivid focus where I have to improve. It’s

The learning process, according to experts, has not the content but the way it is delivered that four stages (hierarchy of competence) which are: makes a presentation or speech reach the maximum number of audience effectively. Unconscious incompetence

-TM Ashraf T P

Conscious incompetence Conscious competence Unconscious competence


Page 26

Division H Trainings Page 27

Issue 01 / November 2019


Page 28

Division H Trainings

New Club Officers Training

Division H Calendar 2019-20 Page 29

Issue 01 / November 2019

CelebratIng 95 years of TMI


Page 30

Awards to Target Page 31

Issue 01 / November 2019

Awards to Target


Page 32

@ Division H Abu Dhabi 2019-20 For any Feedback/suggestions please write to : Kuldeep Kaushik, Division H PR Manager

Profile for Kuldeep Kaushik

The Vision- Division H Magazine  

This is the 1st Issue of the Division H ( District 105) Toastmasters, Abu Dhabi for the Year 2019-20.

The Vision- Division H Magazine  

This is the 1st Issue of the Division H ( District 105) Toastmasters, Abu Dhabi for the Year 2019-20.