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On the south shore of Kaua`i, 1,000 acres of pure joy overlook the Pacific. here, kings found peace, whales come home, and the breeze blows aloha.

In the islands’ most significant new community in decades.

here, Old Hawai`i lives.

Spouting Horn shows off in Kukui`ula Bay 3

On Kaua`i, waterfalls of silver thread their way down mountainsides, delicately carving canyons and ridges. Mist bathes the high peaks. Emerald blooms.


Time has worked wonders on Kaua`i’s uniquely spectacular

Na Pali coastline


Generations of travelers have made the journey to this magnificent Garden Isle, where Hawai`i’s original sense of adventure endures – and its beauty still flourishes overhead and underfoot. The impossibly clear skies, fresh air, meandering inland rivers, fertile soil. With its rich native culture and lush natural history, Kaua`i lives in a casual, contented, plumeria-scented present moment.


Endless summer on Polihale Beach 7



Aerial view of Kukui`ula, spring 2011 10

Kukui`ula is right here on the clear, sunny south shore of Kaua`i. in this down-to-earth paradise, families enjoy a club of thoughtful, come-as-you are comforts and experience the rich contentments of simple pleasures, genuine connections and healthful, whole living.

Kukui`ula is defining luxury island living for the 21 st century. On a thousand acres overlooking the Pacific,


Ku ku i ` u l a : A N a m e In A Nutshell Our name Kukui`ula comes from two words: kukui, or candlenut, and `ula, red glow. The kukui is never far away here – Kukui`ula greeter Teva wears his kukui nut lei almost every day – and a smile that lights up the club.

In ancient Hawai`i, kukui was a measure of time. The nuts were used to produce light – their seeds, with high oil content, burned brightly and reliably. Kukui would be lined up on a coconut frond, and as one burned another would be lit – every 15 minutes or so. The nut was also burned in coconut shells or a lava stone oil lamp to bring fisherman home from the sea.

Light is but one use of the kukui. So essential was the nut in the Hawai`i of old – as ink, varnish, medicine, dye and wood for canoes – that today it is Hawai`i’s state tree.

An urn that held kukui oil still stands at Kukui`ula. In a protected sacred area called a heiau, it is thought that at one time, ceremonial urns – one to the south of present-day Kukui`ula and one north of the property in Kalaheo – were lit to guide voyageurs returning from Tahiti. When you visit Kukui`ula, the sense of light and finding home will touch you too.


Kukui`ula greeter Teva wears his Kukui nut lei and a bright, welcoming smile.



It’s often said that Kukui`ula has an old Hawai`i soul, an allure as elusive, fragile and compelling as a complex perfume. There’s a layer of glamor to old Hawai`i, a mid-century movie-star romance from the South Pacific days when the world was discovering the islands; there’s an enduring rural charm as well, a nostalgia for the Hawai`i of dirt roads and roosters, of no building higher than a coconut palm and a delicious 25 mph speed limit. Mixed in, there’s a deep love of custom, hula, the language, history and food from the red earth. There’s affection for plantation-style architecture, modestly beautiful, logical and lyrical. And there’s the element of breath underneath it all, the little thing they call aloha. All of this has touched Kukui`ula, inspired and influenced every space and every stone. Kukui`ula is Hawai`i as it once was, Hawai`i forever. We are, above all, true to paradise.


The Plantation house , inspired by the hardworking Kaua`i of history, is a romantic whisper, quietly grand; the front door opens out onto palms, pools and the Pacific. it’s a deep breath of a view, a vastly satisfying panorama of paradise,

A homecoming.


Kukui`ula’s “Plantation House”, the community clubhouse, at twilight


The spirit of Kukui`ula is brought warmly and vividly to life at the Plantation House. This is architecture with deep roots in island tradition and custom: its porches and lanai are broad and welcoming and sheltered from the sun. Tall front doors open into a grand living room with dazzling ocean views and dramatic sunsets. Yet for all its 20,000 square feet, its coffered ceilings, wood beams and exotic furnishings, the Plantation House best celebrates intimate gatherings, family life, heartfelt hospitality, and the art and artisanship of the islands.



Wading, lounging, waterfalls, jet tubs and sand – the Makai Pools are everyone’s heaven 20

Makai Pools, a s w immIn g e xp e ri e n ce as va r ied as it i s p i ctu re s q u e .

dip into the





As the old Hawai`i proverb says, “It is an inhabited house where the sounds of children and the bark of a dog are heard.� Children, parents and friends are always celebrated at Kukui`ula. From members to staff and the developers who brought the land to life, we are a family that cares for one another and stewards the land that is serving us so well. Kukui`ula was built with many ways and places for people to gather – the Plantation House and Golf Clubhouse, of course, but also the fire pit, where families can watch the sunset. The pools, which cascade from one to the other, offer sun, shade, sand in abundance and big lounge chairs to share. The lush and colorful community farm and its lake, a hidden playground for the intrepid; and the airy games room, where families can indulge in favorite pastimes like billiards and board games or challenge the latest video games. In all, $100 million has been invested in the resort core amenities to make Kukui`ula a gathering place for generations.







Wonder grows: herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables of all kinds flourish at


spectacular farm


Kukui`ula is down to earth and of the earth. Tucked in a valley beside a 20-acre lake, the farm is a revelation in red dirt – a working, growing, blooming, tasting wonder. Our chefs harvest inspiration from the garden, planning menus around what’s ripe at this very moment and staging fresh feasts at the farm. Members can put their hands in the ground and feel the essence of the island. At every Plantation House meal, they can taste it, and savor the sweet, satisfying flavor of whole, balanced living – bananas, papaya, chard, citrus, herbs, pineapple, arugula and all. The farm’s upcountry lake is stocked with peacock bass and enjoyed by fisherman, rowers and idle floaters alike. There are walking paths ‘round the water, and room for picnics, weddings and admiring the ocean view under the generous branches of our story tree. Kukui`ula is rooted in the farm. And we are a community in full bloom.



Kukui`ula Chef Ben Takahashi, author of the club’s “Red Earth Epicure” cuisine


A Chef s kRoo t t A ta Chk e feta e s Roo island chefs are turning up the heat on local food, finding new combinations of ingredients and forging an island flavor of their own – grown, harvested and savored here. A modern kaua`i cuisine is being born.

Kukui`ula Chef Ben Takahashi, a Honolulu native, was an enthusiastic participant in the early days of the local food evolution as a young chef alongside the reknowned Chef Mavro, a French ex-pat who still mans the stoves at the storied Chef Mavro in Honolulu. Our chef’s career included stints at some of the islands’ best-loved hotels, including the Halekulani in Honolulu, the Sheraton Kaua`i and the Four Seasons in Maui, where he earned the hotel restaurant its fifth diamond, AAA’s coveted “world-class dining” designation. Today, Chef says he feels rooted at Kukui`ula. And with the many resources of the community farm, he’s the envy of his fellow foodies and chefs – a huge menu of fresh-right-now herbs and vegetables is virtually at his fingertips. To celebrate the farm’s distinctively-hued soil and its delicious variety of offerings, Chef dubbed Kukui`ula club cuisine “Red Earth Epicure.” “You have an appreciation for food when you watch it grow,” he says. “I’ll see one particular vegetable take six weeks to mature from seed. I realize it has to be planted at a certain depth; I admire that it survived a big rain and still came up looking beautiful. So when I take that vegetable and incorporate it into dinner, I honor it. I try to keep the flavors straightforward. I don’t like to overwhelm or confuse the palate.” As he grows the menus at Kukui`ula, Chef brings his considerable experience in many local island foods to club tables. “I want to showcase our farm,” he says, “but also our island and the state.”







Hole Number 9 looking down toward

Plantation House


The sweet traps of Number 8 38

What happens when you take a pro like Tom Weiskopf to paradise? He remembers everything he loves about the game – the pleasure of a green overlooking the sea, a breeze that lifts your drive, the essential rightness of the landscape. The result is a signature 18-hole design that everyone can enjoy. It winds the vast width of Kukui`ula, through 216 acres of undulating orchards, gardens and native landscape that make for a unique island golf experience. Panoramic Pacific vistas are the backdrop for many shots, including views on the back 9 of Lawai Kai, literally “waters by the sea.” A golfer’s focus is tested here as the course rises first towards the mountains, then turns dramatically towards Lawai Kai’s crumbling red ochrecolored cliffs and the waves that eternally crash upon them.





b i rt h of a legend Kukui`ula’s golf course is a manicured miracle, with its close-cropped, salt-tolerant paspalum grass; by contrast, the nearby Pacific ocean, visible from many holes on this course, is vast, whitecapped and wild. Very occasionally, these worlds collide – and beauty emerges. In February of 2011, Kukui`ula golf pro Brian Paul and Kukui`ula owners Peter Sirois and Tim Grant were at the 15th tee when they noticed a Humpback whale breach only a few hundred yards from the shore. It’s a common enough sight at Kukui`ula in the winter – pods migrate to Hawai`i’s warm, nutrient-rich waters every year. But this whale was different, slapping its tail over and over on the surface of the water; Tim Grant counted more than 20 loud slaps. And then it stopped. Long-time Hawai`i resident Peter Sirois had seen the phenomenon once before – he believed the whale was giving birth. “Peter told us that once the slapping stopped, the calf had likely been born,” says pro Paul, “and the next step would be for the mother to force the calf to the surface to take its first breath.” Seconds later, the trio spotted a tiny spout. A new life had begun. “It was an experience that instantly reminds you of the miraculous cycle of life, and what an incredible venue we have here to observe it,” says Paul. “It was certainly the coolest thing I have ever seen on any golf course.”



Dis cover a secret garden for body and spirit

at the Spa at KUKUI`ULA

Bliss lives here: treatments, tradition, pools and peace at

The Spa


Kukui`ula’s wellness sanctum is a spa retreat where you are treated by the sound of water falling into a dramatic lap pool, and touched by a thousand years of wellness wisdom from every culture. It is a place of grace and peace, from the movement studio for yoga, pilates and dance to a private outdoor exercise lawn. There is extensive fitness machinery, sauna facilities, spa reception and locker rooms. And there’s the delightful reward of the outdoor shower.





experience Island Pursuits and live the real hawai`i


Standup Paddle in Kukui`ula Bay 51

Days of peace and thundering surf on


Ha`ena Beach

The expert adventurers of the Island Pursuits team share their island and their heritage: they’ll show you the hidden beaches, the trails less traveled, the artful weave of a lei and the sacred gestures of hula. Anyone can tell you where to go on an island as rich in diversion as Kaua`i. But Kukui`ula’s Island Pursuits team members have the culture and geography of Kaua`i running in their veins. They grew up walking its paths, surfing its hidden breaks, absorbing its lore, dancing its stories. Theirs is a love they share, fashioning adventures to match participants’ age and energy and the mood of the day. A vantage point for whale watching, a wander at sunset, a paddleboard lesson, a session of lei-making? Yes, and more, so much more. Aloha lives and breathes at Island Pursuits. And you make Kaua`i your own.


Waimea-born and bred adventurer robert miguel of the island pursuits team.


T h e A dv e n t u r e s o f Ro b e rt We’re in a pickup truck bouncing our way through Kukui`ula’s back country to a sweetly tranquil picnic site at the end of the lake on the community farm. Robert Miguel of the Island Pursuits team drives the road with easy familiarity, pointing out types of trees and birds, telling us when to hang on. The narrow road, overgrown with grass, dates from the days when Kukui`ula land was used to grow sugar cane, decades ago – irrigation teams used the road to check on plantation watering. Robert knows the lay of this land; in fact, the Waimea-born and bred adventurer knows the lay of the whole island. Which makes him the perfect Island Pursuits guide for Kukui`ula members who want to get up close and personal with the mountains, trails, beaches and roads of one of the world’s most alluring and mysterious landscapes. An avid surfer and hiker, he’s been roaming the island for years, looking for beauty and amazement and sharing it with others. He’s taken members to Grandpa’s in Hanalei Bay to initiate them in the joys of surfing. (He shows his own stuff on days off at choice breaks from Kekaha Beach to Polihale.) He knows where the whales are and how to find the best shave ice; he’s intimate with the best sunrise and sundown; he makes standup paddle look easy. “We do what the day calls for,” he says with characteristic modesty. And whatever that is, it’s a day you’ll not soon forget.




Kukui`ula cultural advisor la`a doing the Uwe step, meaning ‘open’ or ‘reveal’.


keeper o f c u lt u r e When La`a Almeida was seven years old, she saw a dancer performing hula at a department store in Lihu`e. She watched, transfixed. “She was fluid, beautiful. I knew at that moment that I wanted to dance hula like her!” she says. The dancer, Ku`ulei Punua, became La`a’s first hula instructor. Hula is hypnotic, sensual and reverential all at once. “Hula tells a story; it’s not only a physical thing, it’s emotional,” La`a says. “A dancer endeavors to ‘become’ the story – the wind blowing through the trees, the fragrant forest, the rippling waters, the warmth of the sun, the dew on a budding flower.” La`a hasn’t stopped dancing since that fateful day in the shopping center. Along with her official duties at Island Pursuits at Kukui`ula – and unofficial job as cultural ambassador – she’s a devoted kumu hula herself who loves seeing haumana (students) connect with the mele (song), “and imparting to them that they are contributing to an ancient form of preserving history,” La`a says. “What an honor and a privilege!” La`a currently studies under kumu Blaine Kamalani Kia and his kumu, Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett. She has even competed, several times, in the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, the competitive peak for dancers of the many forms of hula. But hula isn’t about winning. It’s about expression. “Anyone can hula,” says La`a, who’s deepening her practice by learning to translate Hawaiian. “If you want to tell a story and you’re passionate about life, you can hula.”


The Shops at Kukui`ula Village light up as the sun goes down


The Kukui`ula Village, with its plantation architecture, winding pedestrian-only street and artful, authentic provisioners, is an integral part of island life. It invites visitors to become neighbors, welcomes locals and makes Kukui`ula part of the family of island towns.


With jewelry and board shorts, locavore chefs and curated groceries – along with a full schedule of entertainment and events – The Shops at Kukui`ula Village are both a lively diversion and a dynamic connection to Kaua`i. Only a short stroll from Kukui`ula, and with the easy ambiance of a sugar town, the village offers local culture for all the senses: along with the varied shops and dining opportunities, there’s the fresh fun of the Kaua`i Culinary Market weekly, and a monthly Art Walk, sponsored by the many eclectic galleries in the village.





Build or Bungalow and live your island dream at Kukui`ula



We believe that architectures that endure are ones where form honors and celebrates function: a building’s orientation finds the breeze, lanai are sheltered from trade winds, porches are broad and welcoming. Kukui`ula’s Plantation Style is deep and lasting, rooted in tradition, artisanship and custom, and its tactile beauty nurtures those who live in it with easy, casual comfort. There are custom sites on the hillside on which to build a home to take your breath away, and the architects of Kukui`ula have designed a series of 1,500 to 3,800 sq. ft. plantation-style cottages sited on the first four holes of the golf course. Bright, breezy and authentic, they offer a range of configurations and plans that make choices easy. The better to live Kukui`ula on your terms, in no time at all.






Home sweet bungalow: 3,500 square feet of pure island ease


Kukui`ula development company president brent herrington


ku ku i ` u l a d e v e l o p m e n t c o m pa n y The Kukui`ula Development Company is a group of long-time promise keepers – developers with long histories, much success and a passion for the island. The company is an affiliate of DMB Associates, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based diversified real estate development and investment firm; and an affiliate of A&B Properties, a subsidiary of Alexander & Baldwin, one of Hawai`i’s largest private landowners. When the developers of Kukui`ula first began to define the look, feel and texture of the community, they sought out what DMB’s Brent Herrington calls “the irreducible localness of Kaua`i” as inspiration for the architectural style of key buildings, from the clubhouse to residences. Kukui`ula Development Company understands how development can preserve and enhance. The group shares an unflagging determination to make good on their plans and their promises and they’ve never wavered in their vision for a community that brings together the charm of old Hawai`i with the families that understand and love its simplicity.


On the peaceful living garden of Kaua`i, nourished by the warm embrace of Kukui`ula, you will grow – grow closer to your family and friends as they gather here, and also grow to understand the profound happiness of simple beauty, casual pleasures, genuine connections with a place and its people — and the profound peace of this marvelous island land.


A sunset stroll at Salt Pond 77


Kukui`ula Realty Group LLC. Obtain a property report or its equivalent as required by Federal or State Law and read it before signing anything. No Federal or State Agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of this property. This is not an offer or solicitation in CT, NJ, or NY or in any state in which the legal requirements for such offering have not been met. Warning: CA Dept. of Real Estate has not inspected, examined or qualified this offering. Fees, memberships and restrictions may apply for certain amenities. Details available. Price and availability subject to change. Š January, 2011. Kukui`ula Development Company (Hawai`i), LLC. All rights reserved. 1 855 742-0234


The seductive charm of old Hawai`i. The transcendent beauty of Kaua`i. The islands’ most significant new luxury community in decades.


The seductive charm of old Hawai`i. The transcendent beauty of Kaua`i. The islands’ most significant new luxury community in decades.