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IAAS LC IPB monthly newsletter “am pakkan” soal m akanan rakjat ini setjara besar-besaran, setjara radikal dan revoloesioner, kita akan m engalam i tjelaka… ”.


outh is the days of when we are very energic. A tim e when all feels beautiful and pleasing. Even though, som etim es often attacked a storm of sadness , but youth, those with unlim ited vigor to do som ething. Som ething that is great . Som ething that could bring a change. The Agriculture is a very im portant topic to be discussed. However, for som e reason this topic becom e taboo today. The form erly taboo topics to be discussed, just call it sex, even m ore often discussed in the m edia any tim e, everywhere. has wollipop which is special to discusses sex, love, and it's sub-topic. Kaskus, the largest indonesian forum does not have a sub-forum dedicated to agriculture. Ironic. Then what is the relation of youth and agriculture? If I were told to answer that question now, the youth+agriculture = tacky. Youth who is engaged in the field of agriculture is considered as a young m an that tacky. If we heard agriculture, the things in our m ind are about hoeing, rice paddies, farm ers, and all words w hich is encapsulated as a word, tacky. The effects, devotee for lecture course that concerns the field of agriculture are not m uch as technology, m edicine, econom ics, etc. The less devotee m ake less com petition, the less com petition will rarely give birth to a new hero. In this context the agricultural hero. But as w e all know, agriculture is not trivial, it is fundam ental to hum an life. Even Sukarno had m entioned in his speech “Saoedara-saoedara, soal persediaan m akanan rakjat ini, bagi kita adalah soal hidoep ataoe m ati. Tjam kan, sekali lagi tjam kan, kalaoe kita tidak

Then, what exactly is the m aster puppet of all? The answ er is sim ple, we are undergoing degradation of loving agriculture. W e all know no one person in this world that can describe what love is. Love is so abstract. How ever, one thing about loving som ething is we will do everything for whom we love. W e will be staying out nights to sim ply say happy birthday, drop off and pick her/him up, etc. That's love. Im agine if we love agriculture. W e are going to desperately learn PIP com pared to other subjects, when eating rem em ber agriculture, when going to bed we can not sleep because agriculture. There is no second m issed without agriculture. As a result, m ore and m ore discussions about agriculture, new s on television will continue to broadcast farm , m ore and m ore parents who support their children to enter the Departm ent of agriculture, m ore and m ore agricultural students, farm ing heroes. And finally, Indonesia will be known as exporter agricultural com m odity. Am in. But funny if just m e and you that read this essay w ho love agriculture, like Kahitna love song, “Cinta Sendiri”. Therefore w e should open up thousands of youth eyes out there to love agriculture together. 1000 Coco stick m ore difficult to be broken than if just 1, right? A m ovem ent of loving agriculture m ust be grounded in the youth. The next question is, how we gonna m ake it? I do not know. But I've described above, the im age of agriculture in the eyes of youth is tacky. So how do we change it all. Perhaps we need to know the tastes of youth today, what is the trend. A sm all exam ple that was boom ing in the air of youth is twitter. W ho would not have twitter now ? Twitter becam e the m ost powerful m edia to

com m unicate, once w e update status hundreds of our follow ers will know. The addiction for twitter beat the addiction to the people w ho take drugs. W hy do we not try to create a twitter account about m ovem ent for loving agriculture. @ poconggg just can invite 1,6 m illion his followers to “galau” in congregation, we could be doing the sam e thing for agriculture. For Sure. The next trend is m oney. Not a trend indeed, but we all need it. So the youth. Unfortunately, when we talk about m oney , agriculture not the right thing because in the eyes of them , agriculture is not a thing that prom ises to generate a lot of m oney. W e know, they are wrong. It is precisely in the field of agricultural business which will always survive. The hum an need to eat every day, and if no one is going to works on agriculture, w hat will the people eat? As its slogan from ITP, “Feed The W orld”. Just two exam ples of it, but that's what's really happening now. So, what the Youth M ovem ent for Environm ent Sustainability to Support Agriculture Developm ent? The answer is brief, love. It’s all about how we love agriculture. How can we start the m ovem ent but we do not learn to love it first? Loving agriculture m ovem ents becom e the answer to this loving degradation. Don't need to think of anything to develop agriculture yet, just get everyone else to love agriculture. They who already in love w ith agriculture, will think the way to develop it. It will bring up new ideas for sure. This m ovem ent will be a candle that is ready to ignite other candles forward. Then , at som e point w e going to change the form ula youth + agriculture = tacky , becom e youth + agriculture = love . Goodbye degradation of loving agriculture. W elcom e, i love agriculture ! !

opinion from @herviansyah



n LC scale, we have LCC. In NC the scale, we have the National Congress. In this year, National Congress was held in Bandung on February 18 to 22, 2012, with Unpad as the host. XVII National Congress was attended by 7 LC, @iaasipb @IAAS_UB @IAAS_UNS @IaasUndip @iaas_unpad @iaaslcugm and IAAS LC Mataram university. IAAS LC Haluoleo University was unable to attend @natconunpad. Here we are delegation from @iaasipb: @naddiaelsa @randy_sugarface @annisabebek @agathakinanthi @diaserfan @faradilaaa @jajangjaelani93 @soobitch @herviansyah @fadilamh @titistus @Anggara2912 Aldith Natakusuma, and Farah Hulliandini. On the first day, @natconunpad National Seminar invited @ridwankamil as initiator of Indonesia Berkebun and @Leo_Moko as @UNESCOYouthDesk Coordinator. The seminar that was moderated by @dewa_rahyang ran attractively and successfully inspired the agriculture students that were attend. @ridwankamil who has architecture as basic education also wants to

interfere with @idberkebun movement that successful in persuading peoples to utilize vacant land for gardening. @Leo_Moko through his presentation, disclosed the fact that 60% of farmers aged over 40 years and 64% of the population in Indonesia is the poor who live in the village and became a farmer. “Y U NO B FARMER YOUNG MAN??” After the seminar finished each LC display the typical items of each area and of course sold it. @iaasipb sell iaas agenda, iaas pin, horta, and BrownCo. After the seminar, delegates rested on lodging and prepared to continue the evening agendas, those were the reading of the agendas and rules of session, and the selection of permanent presidium. The session over the next 3 days was officially opened by the first temporary presidium @deddebahhtiar @jajangjaelani93 @ditta_andina In the evening, @newpaund (@IAAS_UB) was elected as the first permanent presidium, @herviansyah (@iaasipb) as the second permanent presidium, and @nrilac (@IAAS_UNS) as the third permanent presidium. After that, the

delegates slept tightly in their own rooms. The second day, in the early morning we woke up and did exercise. The session began with discussion of the candidate members. Through some debates, @iaaslcugm and IAAS LC Unram officially became a full member @IAAS_Indonesia. PDPRT discussion became the longest session agenda of that day. Each LC debated the editorial on the proposed amendment. Next, @annisabebek and @diaserfan reported WOCO 2011. Their presentation made the delegates want to try next year’s WOCO. The report of @IAAS_UNS Natcon 2011, NSPCA 2011 @iaasunpad, and report progress of each LC ran properly. Membership fee discussion agenda decide that have IAAS LC Unram have to pay €25, @iaasipb €40, @IAAS_UB €40, @IAAS_UNS €35, @IaasUndip €35, @iaas_unpad €35, @iaaslcugm €20, and IAAS LC Unhalu €35. The third day was the same. we had to get up early and started gymnastics activities. After breakfast with potatoes and fried chicken, we returned to sit on our hot seat. The

Unfortunately, none of CCNC could attend, so, the monitoring reports of CCNC were sent via email and read alternately by a representative of each LC. @titistus (ND 2011/2012), @Anggara2912 (VD Finance 2011/2012), @masamukti (VD Exchange 2011/2012), and @dewa_rahyang (VD Communication 2011/2012) were still being able to perform ’unify the hand’ ritual together before determining their report accepted or not.. "The forum accepted conditionally. :p "

state ...

The next agenda was set of UGM as Natcon 2013 host. However, if within one month forward UGM states unable to be the host, then it belongs to the IPB. Next, preparation of WOCO delegation who have secret mission that will be brought to WOCO, there are @arif_syahputra (@IaasUndip), @fadilamh, @faradilaaa, Aldith Natakusuma, Farah Hulliandini (@iaasipb), and @achrsty (@IAAS_UNS) After it finished, the next session will be led by the Election Committee who had elected before, @agathakinanthi, @desinjez, and Asusti. The

next agenda (that has been awaited by all of the delegates) was the presentation and determination of NC and CCNC 2012/2013. The candidate leaders of @IAAS_Indonesia displayed in front of the forum. We was sure, the eyes of the delegates dazzled at that time. The candidates were @diaserfan and @elvira_ch as ND candidate, @annisabebek @ari_knowles and @calistakezia as VDC candidate, @naddiaelsa @randy_sugarface and Khusnul Khotimah as VDE candidate. Presentation and question and answer session was last so long time, so at 03.00 am the session should be suspended. 4 hours after the break, delegates re-assembled in the courtroom and the session started at 07.00. The closed discussion about ND 2012/2013 began. In a fairly tough session, the forum agreed and the elected new NC are.... National @elvira_ch


Vice Director Communication: @annisabebek


Vice Director Exchange: Khusnul Khotimah

Vice Director Partnership: @randy_sugarface


Vice Director of Finance: @calistakezia After the determination of Control Council National Committe (CCNC), the forum agreed that @Anggara2912, @dewa_rahyang and @au_lola as the new CCNC The next agenda was discussion of IAAS Art Festival (IAF) that planned will be held by @IAAS_UNS and @IaasUndip this year. However, with various considerations, finally the forum agreed not to hold IAF in Indonesia. The atmosphere of the session which very frozen, melted by @doddyhollic attractive presentation about alumnie board @iaasipb. Then all delegates were invited to go into a line that has been provided in the BOS II agenda. There were exchange, finance, communication, and partnership. Each line was guided by the each Vice Director. The elected NC socialized their next one year working programs after receiving recommendation from BOS II. The next agenda became livelier after @iaasipb proposed a reconsideration of IAF. For

the the good name of @IAAS_Indonesia, finally the forum agreed and elected @IaasUndip and @iaaslcugm as the host. But there is little change of the name, from IAF to ISAF(IAAS Scientific and Art Festival). About 00.00 am, the three-days-tiringsession was officially closed. Although it was early days, the delegation still had spirit to hold a farewell party that actually scheduled at 20.00. @iaasundip delegates performed amazingly although only represented by a person alone. The farewell party winner was @IAAS_UB.

excited to take pictures in Kawah Putih area. We didn’t know how much sulfur that we breathe there. On the schedule we should be visiting strawberry farm in Ciwidey, but we didn't because we've bought a lot of strawberries in Kawah Putih shop. Finally we continued our trip to Otto Iskandar Dinata to buy typical souvenirs of Bandung. Overall @natconunpad held attractively and the foods were delicious!!

Hopefully National Committee 2012/2013 can do their job well, and next year's National “Unforgetable night J ” Congress will be more In the morning we all interesting. packed up and did think globally, act agendas that far from the locally! hot seat. We visited

COMING SOON!! VILLAGE CONCEPT PROJECT “Fun Learning” Saturday - March 3, 2012 @ Pasarean Elementary School I Depart at 7.00 am cp: @jajangjaelani93 +6287 724 118 124

IAAS TABLET (Team Building and Leadership Training) March 17-18, 2012 @ Bogor Agricultural Institute Day I start from 03.30 pm Day II start from 7.00 am till end there will be: seminar, talkshow, and outbond fee: 10.000 Obligate for IOP 19 and IAAS LC IPB Board 2011/2012 CP: @dodi507 +6285 693 134 099

Elementary School. Unexpectedly, elementary school children were very enthusiastic about taking a series of quizzes and listening an explanation of the environment that we provide. The events in elementary was finished by the giving of tree seedlings from @IAAS_Indonesia. After having fun with the kids, we went to the Kawah Putih. When we got there, we had lunch and ride the ontanganting. Although it was raining, we were all still

XVII National Congress Family

OPEN FOR EVERYONE: ICC WEEKLY Every Wednesday at 5.00 pm @ GKA there will be: Discussion about everyting!! cp: @deryermawan +6289 638 202 520 @nisadhien +6285 259 556 949 FREE!!

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