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{ BY THE K9 KOKUA OHANA } last longer.

There are currently so many different types of ‘bullys’ out there - Staffordshire Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, APBTs, Amer-

Those of us that appreciate bully breeds will tell you that they are

ican Bullys, Shorty Bulls -- well, you get the picture. In essence, there

like any other dog, but so much more. They may seem like really

are MANY variations to the widely misused term Pit Bull or Pitbull.

tough dogs that don’t need much thought about daily care other than

We could go on and on about the breed subject and if we have

food and water. Such is what one would picture a ‘junk-yard dog’ to

peaked your interest into learning more about the differences, you

be like -- rough and tough, and can weather any drought or rain-

will also uncover why Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is ineffective

storm, unaffected. This is not true. The bully breeds are prone to hav-

and discriminatory simply by judging a dog on its looks. We en-

ing sensitive skin and often, if left untreated, can rapidly produce

courage you to seek out trusted experts with proper and proven in-

secondary issues (dermatitis, eye infections, etc.) Simple consistency

formation regarding the ineffectiveness on the enforcement of these

of baths and timely preventative flea/tick products will aid in the skin


health of your bully, which in turn greatly reduces the chances of

We lovingly refer to these dogs as bullys, because the breeds share

skin infections or mange. A bully with a healthy skin and coat can be

a lot of the same attributes with skin, coat and quick onset of heat

your best beach buddy! Here are a few more things to enjoy a sunny

stroke. Plus, any bully breed is a blast to have as a companion!!

day with your bully:

In the heat of summer, it is always a good idea to have a few things on hand to protect your dog. Besides the normal items such as a

PARK/BEACH/HIKE: SHADE! We can’t emphasize that enough. Limit direct sun expo-

towel, bowl, cold water, and clean-up bags, here are a few suggestions of what to include in your bully beach bag:

sure and apply dog-safe sunscreen to your dog’s snout and ears.

• Canine Ear cleaner. It is VERY important to clean your dogs ears

Light-colored and short-furred dogs are prone to sunburn quicker.

after contact with any water. The cleaner dries out the ears and

Bully breeds tend to overheat quicker from simply being short in

helps to avoid ear infections. And yes, even though your bully

stature. They are low to the ground, thus taking in heat concentrated

may not have floppy ears, they are more susceptible to debris en-

on their chest/belly area more than a taller dog would. NO drinking salt water or stream water!! They may get seriously

tering their ears. • Epi-Pet Sun Protector -- the only FDA approved sunscreen for dogs. Yes, even black bullys can get a sunburn!

Limit the time that your dog is allowed to run on the sand. It is very

• One meal of kibble sealed in a ziplock-type bag -- just in case

strenuous on their system and is not the same as exercising on solid

you see friends and stay longer, your bully has what he/she needs.


Note: Bullys thrive best with structure. This includes eating at the

NEVER allow your dog to pick up something from the grass or

same time of day.

sand. Bones left from previous BBQs could be lying around and that

• One sealed bag of your dog’s favorite treats.

is an instant choking hazard.

• A ‘beach’ collar WITH ID Tag, so your dog’s daily collar will




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