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ROBOTYKA Szeroko pojęta robotyka jest jednym z głównych obszarów działalności naszej firmy. DJ Products Engineering Solutions posiada w swej ofercie pełne spektrum robotów przemysłowych, systemów zrobotyzowanych oraz części zamiennych do robotów przemysłowych wszystkich przodujących marek. Oferujemy:

Design and Construction of Work Stands Industrial Automatics Automatyka i robotyka - przemysł motoryzacyjny Robotics n n n n n n n n n n n

roboty przemysłowe, roboty paletyzujące, roboty spawalnicze, roboty do środowisk sterylnych, systemy sterowania, intergacje systemów zrobotyzowanych, modyfikację istniejących systemów, doradztwo, serwis, szeroki wachlarz części zamiennych, niestandardowe rozwiązania.


Oferowane produkty oraz rozwiązania cechują najwyższe standardy bezpieczeństwa oraz niezawodności.

engineering solutions



engineering solutions

DJ Products Engineering Solutions company was established in 2005. Our headquarters is based in Potęgowo in the northern part of Poland. In 2011, according dynamic development of the company, our strategy evolved based on functioning of DJ Products Engineering Solutions in direct vicinity to our key partners. On 15th of July 2011 the other facility was opened in Wałbrzych, in Wałbrzysk’s Special Economic Zone. Tightening cooperation connections with automotive manufacturers had crucial influence on placing the new facility, where we focus on designing and creating advanced works stands considering industrial automation and robotics. Our services : n

complex implementation of design considering automated and robotic work stands,,


realization of technologically difficult projects, featuring very high level of complication,


industrial automatic systems, spare parts,


industrial robots, service and spare parts,


manufacture of machinery parts, based on delivered documentation,


technical supply of industry.

We collaborate with selected subcontractors. Our key goal is to provide customers with complex service, beginning with technical consulting, manufacture of details, work stands, servicing, up to creation of consignment warehouse, assurance of supply chain and logistic support. Our knowledge and skills enable us to adjust for Your orders realizations. engineering solutions


DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF WORK STANDS Our specialty is construction and manufacture of machinery and specified installations, construction of production lines, assembly stands, specialized devices for automatic welding, riveting and control - measure instruments. We also deal with professional technical consulting, considering optimization of production processes in customers facilities. As a result, we implement various modifications, modernizations and upgrades, which positively influence production process, improving the product line effectiveness and work safety.


engineering solutions

We are able to create either stand alone assembly stands, or stand setups connected in automatic production lines. Constant improvement of processes and implementation of technical innovations, enables our clients to raise price competitiveness. Following the need of device reliability in harsh conditions (high temperature, welding elements, dirt) we use parts from top-quality manufacturers, adapted for true endurance and fulfilling the highest work standards. Our safety aspects are pushed to the limits. All designs created by DJ Products are consistent with European and Polish law, based on highest standards and quality norms.

We deliver readable documentation and we guarantee comfortable, efficient and professional service.

engineering solutions


INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATICS Here in DJ Products, we deal with fresh design and implementation as well as modernization and adaptation of existing industrial automatics systems. Projects we create are based on elements manufactured by reputable companies. This guarantees reliability and safety of work for both staff and machinery. We execute: n complex projects and construction of industrial automatic systems, n modernization of existing systems (control panels, additional equipment), n elements selection and assembly (electric motors, servomotors) n PLC controllers programming, n operators’ panels programming, SCADA visualization systems, n assembly of steering cases and NN switchgears, n inspection and diagnostics of existing systems. We offer: n preparation of technical-motive documentation, n preparation of electric and pneumatic schemes, n spare parts from reliable and reputable manufacturers, n service and consultancy 6

engineering solutions

ROBOTICS Widely considered robotics is one of DJ Products Engineering Solution main branches. Our company deals with programming of following industrial robots: Motoman Yaskawa, ABB, Fanuc, as well as with design and launch of installations, based on new and used industrial robots. We design and program robotized stands for variety of industrial applications: n welding n cutting, n gluing, n painting, n packing, n carriage, n palletization and depalletization. We also execute other applications, according customer’s requirements.

engineering solutions


CNC, METAL TREATMENT We offer complex service in metal treatment, starting from metalwork machining, through plastic and thermal treatment, to specified coating process including titan coating solutions made in CVD and PVD technology. Our strategy is based on complete solutions – we cooperate with our customers from the phase of first design, up to whole logistic service and final delivery. Using our grounded, long experience, knowledge of business line and access to the newest technologies, our personnel is able to fulfill demanding clients’ expectations. Machinery base that we possess, make us finalize tooling projects characterized with high level of complication, technologically difficult, requiring extremely precise treatment. We stay in consist and tight cooperation with automotive branch companies, where quality expectations are kept on the very top. All Your details and products can be manufactured based on technological documentation, as well as using patterns of delivered samples.

Every customer and every project are treated with individual approach.


engineering solutions

Electrical Discharge Machining: n n

die-sink EDM, wire-cut EDM.

Machining: n n n n n n n

turning, drilling, milling, planing, grinding, chiselling, gear cutting.

Heat treatment: n n n n

hardening, induction hardening, carburizing, improvement.

Coating: n n n n n n

titanizing (CVD, PVD), galvanization, passivation, nickel electroplating, chrome plating, copper coating.

Industrial metrology: n n n

CMM measuring, quality control at every, production stage, reporting on compliance, of the customer requirements.

Processed materials: n n n n n n

tool steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, plastic materials.

engineering solutions



engineering solutions


We deal with complex material – technical supply of various industrial sectors, delivering parts and mechanical details as well as we offer consulting, servicing and training support. We also provide our customers with keeping proper interchangeable parts amount in consignment warehouses. DJ Products Engineering Solutions employs specialists from various branches and experienced designers with strictly professional and practical background. Our wide knowledge of different business lines and constantly enhanced database of actual quality norms requirements, directly affect our products and services – they always feature proper certificates, warranty and post-warranty manufacturer’s service. The device we believe in is the highest quality and punctuality possible to achieve.

engineering solutions


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AUTOMATYKA PRZEMYSŁOWA Zajmujemy się projektowaniem oraz wdrażaniem systemów automatyki przemysłowej a także modernizacją i dostosowaniem już istniejących. Wykonywane przez nas projekty oparte są na podzespołach renomowanych firm. Gwarantuje to niezawodność oraz bezpieczeństwo pracy ludzi i maszyn. Wykonujemy: n kompleksowe projekty oraz wykonawstwo systemów automatyki przemysłowej, Automatyka i robotyka - przemysł motoryzacyjny n montaż szaf sterowniczych oraz rozdzielnic NN, n n n n n n n n n

modernizacja już istniejących systemów (systemy sterowania, osprzęt), dobór i montaż elementów wykonawczych (napędy elektryczne, siłowniki), programowanie sterowników PLC, komputerów przemysłowych IPC, programowanie pulpitów HMI, przygotowanie dokumentacji techniczno-ruchowej, przygotowanie schematów elektrycznych i pneumatycznych, podzespoły oraz części zamienne renomowanych firm, przeglady i diagnostyka istniejących systemów, Branch Swiebodzice DJ PRODUCTS Engineering Solutions Sp. z o.o. serwis oraz Potegowo, doradztwo.Przemyslowa 7 Str. PL-58160 Świebodzice, ul. Piłsudskiego 31c Str. PL-76230 T / F +48 59 843 07 31


engineering solutions

T / F +48 74 665 81 05

Company presentation industrial automatics&robotics 2014  
Company presentation industrial automatics&robotics 2014