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boating No licence required in Germany, France and Poland

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Telephone advice and booking: +49 3 98 23 26 60 Now also by WhatsApp at this number. KUHNLE-TOURS GmbH, Hafendorf Müritz, 17248 Rechlin, Germany,


KUHNLE-TOURS gives you the opportunity to experience the perfect boating holiday. We own more than 130 boats along Europe’s finest waterways. In Germany, our home waters are in and around the capital of Berlin.

For selected areas mainly no licences or prior experience required.

Gdańsk Rostock


Hafendorf Müritz


Waren (Müritz)

Zehdenick Hannover


Citymarina Berlin

Germany Berlin



Oneways in Germany

Rostock Schwerin



Hafendorf Müritz Neustrelitz

Frankfurt (Main) Luxembourg

Trier Germany Saarbrucken

France Metz




Havel- Havel kanal Spree


Niderviller Magdeburg





Berlin-Rummelsburg Zeuthen


Boating holidays, ideal for … Families and groups Couples



We provide large houseboats for families or groups of friends. Enough room for everyone to be together and enjoy each other’s company, but also have their own space on board.


Time just for two – enjoy time on the boat together, planning where to go next and what to do at each destination.

Our fleet accommodates all levels of experience. The boats are easy to manoeuvre and are fully equipped. With helming joysticks as well as bow and stern thrusters you can now relax on your holiday.


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BOAT & WINE: Wine Festival & Boat Show Weekend

13 and 14 April 2019 in Niderviller (Alsace-Lorraine)



Berlin celebrates 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

November 9th 1989 was the day when government officials opened up the wall between East and West Berlin. There will be many events and exhibitions in Berlin around the anniversary to celebrate fall stacked logo (for sharing only) stackedthe logo (for sharing only) of the Berlin Wall.


Citytours, Garden Shows or wine tours – we offer unforgettable, cultural & gourmet packages. How about a culinary cruise with wine tasting and regional Alsatian specialities? Or a music festival in Berlin?




Tom Pingel

Food, wine, culture

Cycling is a very popular pastime. Take it in turns for one couple to captain the boat whilst the other cycles along the towpath. Bring your own bicycle or hire from us.

Freedom to fish in a glorious setting – with Kuhnle-Tours we provide the right type of boat and all the required fishing licences. If you prefer you can also book fishing days.



The North East of Germany: Müritz, Mecklenburg and Brandenburg Lake District

SIXT car rental station at the Hafendorf Müritz for travel for example from the airport and one-way travels:

Enjoy the beautiful scenery, golden yellow canola fields, green avenues, bright blue waterways and historic cities. Fishing is excellent, the wildlife is superb and canoeing in the rivers is a lot of fun. We offer a number of one-way options between our bases in Germany.

Kormoran 1280 on the Müritz before Klink

Haines on the Mecklenburg small lakes

Febomobil and Kormoran: base for water sports


Foto: Achim Meurer

Mecklenburg Lake District Our main location for boating holidays is right in the centre of this region, on the southeast shore of the Müritz, Mecklenburg‘s largest lake. KUHNLE-TOURS is the biggest charter company in this region. 2500 kilometres of rivers and well over 1000 lakes and canals are waiting for you. Almost untouched nature, cultural highlights and historic sights are there for you to discover. Enjoy the abundant wild flowers and look out for rare waterbirds. Journey through lake after lake, each as beautiful as the last, but none the same. The Blue Quartet comprises of Plauer lake, Fleesensee, Kölpinsee and the queen of all German lakes: the Müritz. Each of these four lakes is impressive by its size. There are no locks and just a few bridges making the area ideal for houseboats. Müritz-Havel Waterway – Castle Island, Castle Mirow and Rheinsberg The first highlight on the way from the Müritz to Berlin is the former ducal residence, Mirow. Cross the moat and stroll through the park. Visit the baroque palace where the English Queen Sophie Charlotte lived and stroll to the Love Island. Before the completion of the MüritzHavel waterway, the Müritz was connected to the small lake area over the so-called Old ride and the Bolter lock. Today, only the Lake is navigable. In the summer, the lilies are in bloom and a visit is highly recommended. A trip to the Rheinsberg waters leads to the Brandenburg town, made famous by the German poets Theodor Fontane and Kurt Tucholsky. The Rheinsberg Palace with its garden provides a unique backdrop from the boat. The Rheinsberg waters have numerous tributaries, lakes and bays and both beautiful and quiet anchorages. Upper Havel Waterway – Neustrelitz and Furstenberg In the northern part of the small lakes at the beginning of the Upper Havel waterway is Neustrelitz. This former residence of the Dukes of Mecklenburg-Strelitz has an impressive baroque square and interesting streets. With its cultural offerings (State Theatre of Mecklenburg, Kachelofenfabrik, Slavic Village) and good shopping, a visit is worthwhile. A walk through the castle garden with its large lawn and orangery is not to be missed. Between Neustrelitz and Furstenberg is the beautiful countryside along the Upper Havel. The banks are natural and are largely untouched. Look out for kingfishers and if you are very lucky you may see osprey. There are many tranquil bays. The "Wasserwanderrastplatz" in Wesenberg offers a beautiful mooring. Furstenberg offers a wide variety of things to do: many restaurants and in the old town you can admire the historic fishermen's houses. A visit to the Ravensbrück memorial provides insights into the recent history of the place. In Himmelpfort, stop and visit the old city and the Christmas post office. After this you are now entering one of the most beautiful sections as the Upper Havel gently winds between Himmelpfort and Burgwall. It is a unique place for nature. At the start of this waterway is Schorfheide, which is an unspoilt area of marsh. In this area even cranes and gray geese breed. Even if you have no plans to go towards Berlin it is worth making this detour to experience the route. Another worthwhile detour is to Templin. The old town has well preserved medieval city walls and a modern natural thermal spa will make a memorable day ashore. The historic drawbridge and lock are a couple of sights best seen from the boat.





Few locks

Licence free area

Robert Tremmel

Mecklenburg Lake District

Kormoran before Röbel on the Müritz

Brandenburg Waterways

Rheinsberg Palace with the Kurt Tucholsky Memorial Example oneways: or vice versa, more online

Example cruises: out and back

Hafendorf Müritz - Zehdenick 4-7 days / 93 km / 10 locks Zehdenick - Zeuthen (Havel/Spree)* 4-7 days / 102 km / 6 locks Hafendorf Müritz - Zeuthen* 7-10 days / 202 km / 16 locks *If your country requires a boat licence then you are required to have one on this stretch of waterway - otherwise not.

Hafendorf Müritz, Plau Hafendorf Müritz, Rheinsberg Hafendorf Müritz, Fürstenberg, Lychen Hafendorf Müritz, Rheinsberg, Fürstenberg, Neustrelitz

3 days / 86 km 3 days / 89 km / 8 locks 7 days / 128 km / 14 locks 7 days / 170 km / 18 locks




We have floating apartments in the citymarina Berlin-Rummelsburg available from November to March. If you have a boating licence, then why not go on a city cruise? Winter cruises and “Floating Apartments” see ➤ page 15 and

In the Capital of Germany houseboats are available all year round Experience Berlin: Travel by boat to the many places of significant historic interest. Let us help you plan the perfect cruise.

Berlin and Potsdam Many major cities are on the water, but only one can be busy with charter boats: Berlin. The city has a good network of waterways from bustling canals, small and large lakes and romantic waterways. In addition to numerous interesting shore excursions to travel by boat to the Chancellery, and Reichstag is a major highlight for any visitor. There are 183 kilometres of urban waterways which offer a perfect network of roads with few locks. The city has twelve waterways in which you can achieve almost any attraction in the capital. A license is not required to travel for boats up to 15 PS / kW 11,03. The Potsdam Havel has many great mooring facilities. Boaters are welcome everywhere. The lakes of Potsdam Havel are beautiful, but do not forget that visit to Potsdam with its many castles and estates. There are some special moorings; Einstein's summer house in Caputh and the island town of Werder has orchards and vineyards worth visiting. A short detour from the main route is Paretz Palace, the former summer residence of the legendary Queen Louise. Like pearls on a chain, the Havel lakes connect and lead you west. Berlin Centre There's no better way to discover our capital Berlin, than at the controls of a houseboat. 183 kilometres of urban waterways offer a perfect network of roads with few locks. The city has twelve water ways in which you can find almost any attraction in the capital. The Berlin waterways are far easier than the motorways, and…which European Capital offers you the change to "review" your rulers from your boat? By the way … your sightseeing does not incur car parking charges (or the hassle of finding a spot). You are almost always able to find a mooring in the city, what better than mooring comfortably on a silent river/canal bank (separated by trees from the rush of city life) BUT with easy access to all that Berlin has to offer – shopping, strolling, museums, great food in boutique restaurants.

Experience New Year's Eve in Berlin

Berlin, Government district


Berlin Outskirts For anyone who has seen enough of the city, point your bow east or west. Going east enables you to go across lake Müggelsee and the charming canal-Datschenlandschaft Little Venice. After Dämeritzsee the idyllic Rüdersdorfer waters and Loecknitz provide welcome entertainment. The clear water is perfect for swimming. Here you can explore the limestone quarries and visit the Captain Museum. By going west along the Lower Havel waterway you go through Spandau and on to the Elbe. Potsdam City and surrounding area The Prussians have their own Havel. Flowing south under the Glienicker bridge it then turns to the northwest and travels through the vineyards and orchards to Werder. The Potsdam Havel benefits from many moorings, however boaters are welcome everywhere. Of interest are the castles at Potsdam as well as the interesting moorings at Einstein's summer house in Caputh, with the the island town of Werder and its beautiful orchards and vineyards - well worth a stroll. Paretz palace, the former residence of the legendary Queen Louise is just a short detour, and the town or Ketzin is also worth a visit. Brandenburg town is also close by. The city is completely visible from the water and the centre has several good mooring facilities. Try not to miss the cathedral and museums which are worth a visit.

Berlin and Brandenburg Waterways

City Museums experience parks shopping zoos events

Nature & town

Few locks

Area partially free of licence

Drive anywhere, thanks to licence-free boats**

Foto: Dr. Dietrich Hub

15 HP

The Molecule Man is a monumental work in the Spree River near the Oberbaumbrücke


On the condition that your home country does not require a boat driving licence or you can drive a boat less than 15 HP/11.03 kW (Our boats bellus, vetus 915, Febomobil are below this threshold.) There is one exception, a 6.6 km stretch near the Government Buildings in Berlin (km 14,1 to 20,7 SOW).

Areas a licence is NOT needed:

See the map for areas in Germany where you do not need a licence. (regardless of whether a licence is required in your home country). Any boat that is in our fleet can be driven in these destinations without a licence.

The Glienicke Bridge across the Havel River is connecting the Wannsee district of Berlin with the Brandenburg capital Potsdam.

Whilst most of the French waterways allow you to go boating without a boat driving licence, Germany has a number of fairly specific rules: If you are required in your home country to have a licence to drive a boat then the same applies in Germany – i.e. you need a boat driving licence. Our base Zeuthen is located in a “licence required” area. However the areas that include South of Berlin and the lower Havel-Waterway do NOT require a licence. If you wish to cruise an “licence required” area and you do not have a licence we will place an instructor on board who drives you to the next licence free area. German Residents of all nationalities have to observe the German laws – once they have resided in Germany in excess of 12 months.

Berlin, UNESCO World Heritage Site Museum Island With Bode museum and Pergamon Museum, in the background the Berlin TV Tower at Alexanderplatz Example oneways: or vice versa, more online Zehdenick - Zeuthen (Havel/Spree)* Hafendorf Müritz - Zeuthen*

Example cruises: out and back

4-7 days / 102 km / 6 locks 7-10 days / 202 km / 16 locks

Example round-trip

Citymarina Berlin-Rummelsburg, Köpenick, Müggelsee, Dämeritzsee Grünheide, Dämeritzsee, Gosener Kanal, Seddinsee, Schmöckwitz, 3-6 days / 63 km Köpenick - zurück nach Rummelsburg** Citymarina Berlin Rummelsburg - Berlin-Mitte (Anleger Spreekanal, 4-7 days / Alexanderplatz) - Berlin-Regierungsviertel (Anleger Schiffbauer72 km / damm) - Charlottenburg (Anleger Iburger Ufer) - Spandau (Anleger 3 locks Altstadthafen Berlin-Spandau) across Teltowkanal and Britzer Verbindungskanal back to Citymarina Berlin-Rummelburg* Berlin-centre: Zeuthen, Rummelsburger See, Landwehrkanal (Kreuz4-7 days / 101 km / 5 locks berg), Charlottenburg, Spandau, Berlin-Mitte, Müggelspree, Zeuthen*

Berlin-Potsdam: Zeuthen, Köpenick, Berlin-centre, Charlottenburg, 7-14 days / 187 Zeuthen, Rüdersdorfer Gewässer, Köpenick** 3 days / 90 km Wannsee, Potsdam, Werder, Teltow, Zeuthen* km / 5 locks *If your country requires a boat licence then you are required to have one on this stretch of waterway - otherwise not. **No licence required for boats up to 15 hp / kW 11.03 (bellus 700, vetus 915, Febomobil 1080 and 990) except a 6,6 km stretch near the Government Buildings in Berlin (km 14,1 to 20,7 SOW). All other boats: with boat driving licence as required in your home country.


BLUE PARADISE Welcome to Brandenburg – all around Berlin Cycling

Hydraulic Experience structures history


Niederfinow Boat-lift of Niederfinow ship lift

Free licence destination

Trip to Poland

The Havel-Oder waterway is a commercial waterway and has been expanded accordingly. However, the 400-year-old Finow canal is something quite different. This historical channel was lovingly repaired in the 90's and has since been awakened from its slumber. The shores are densely covered and lined with tall trees. There are hand-operated locks, many a gem of industrial architecture (riveted steel bridges, old forts and brick-memory) and channel banks densely covered in vegetation giving you the feeling of being in a different country. Visit the twelve gates of the Finow canal and admire the boat lift. Niederfinow is one of the oldest operating ship lifts in Germany and a fine example of exceptional engineering. Two boat lifts are next to each other and transport boats in a steel basin (trough) which goes up and down like an elevator. The old 1934 elevator (trough length 85 meters) is now only available for recreational boating, while the new long elevator is for next generation boats and can cater for lengths up to 115 m. Niederfinow is a true marvel and a magnet for visitors. The Werbelliner waters Close by the Biosphere Reserve is the water of Werbellin. It is reached by driving through the beautiful, lush Werbellin Canal. The water is of such good quality that it is able to serve Fischerstuben whitefish. You can either eat on the spot or buy and create yourself a great meal believe me it is worth it - or of course catch your own!




Trip to Poland

Few locks Licence free area

The Dahme-chain of lakes On the outskirts of Berlin begins the Dahme-chain of lakes in the south. You find our base at Zeuthen, the subway station is only a few minutes from the marina. The green shores of Lake Zeuthen and Sellzugsee hide the King's palace in Wusterhausen. At Prieros every boat crew is faced with a choice: Go right into the quiet waters of Teupitzer or left towards Storkow where you travel over several lakes and canals lined with water lilies. Eventually you will reach Fontane's "Märkisches Meer", the Scharmutzelsee, and the spa town of Bad Saarow. Since reunification this region has become increasingly popular. The Spree-Oder waterway Where Berlin stops in Schmoeckwitz, the Spree-Oder waterway from the Dahme separates. After a break in Seddinsee you cruise from the lock Wernsdorf on the channel to the east. Fürstenwalde with its five hundred year old cathedral and the many games and fun activities for children is a worthwhile stopover on the way to the Spreewald. At Neuhauser you can quickly go to the next chain of lakes, leading to Schwieloch in Lower Lusatia. This lake has little traffic because the lake has no onward lakes and is a turnaround point. Continue along the Spree-Oder waterway, via Eisenhüttenstadt and reach the border between Poland and Germany. Sand banks and groynes shape the riverside going to the twin cities of Frankfurt / Slubice. On the Warta River Estuary at Kiistrin, the Oder continues through natural floodplains and isolated riverside forests. In Hohensaaten the waterway proceeds to Szczecin Lagoon or turn west towards Berlin or to Müritz.

Example cruises: out and back

Example cruise: out and back

Zehdenick, Langer Trödel, Werbellinsee 3-7 days / 96 km 10 locks Zehdenick, Langer Trödel, Finow Canal 4-7 days / 81 km / 30 locks Zehdenick, Templin, Lychen, Fürstenberg 7 days / 170 km / 17 locks Zehdenick, Oderberg, Schwedt, Gartz, Szczecin*** 7 days / 236 km / 5-7 locks / 2xboat lift

Zeuthen, Bad Saarow, Teupitz

Example round-trip


Lake District Spree-Oder

Foto: Albrecht Frieß

Finow Canal

7 days / 149 km / 8 locks

Example round-trip Zeuthen, Fürstenwalde, Eisenhüttenstadt, Frankfurt, Oderberg, Oranienburg, Berlin, Zeuthen (or from/to Zehdenick)***

10-14 days / 344 (357 km) / 10 (13) locks

Example oneway Zehdenick, Langer Trödel, Finow Canal, boat 3-7 days / 78 km / 15 locks / 1xboat lift Zeuthen, Zehdenick across the Oder*** 7-10 days / 280 km / 9 locks lift Niederfinow, Havel-Oder-Waterway**  **No licence required for boats up to 15 hp / kW 11.03 (bellus 700, vetus 915, Febomobil 1080 und 990) All other boats: with boat driving licence as required in your home country. ***With boat driving licence as required in your home country, the rivers Elbe and Oder can only be booked downstream and only with steel boats (no GRP-boats)

ES & POLAND Experience Polish hospitality! Masurian Lakes





Few locks Experience history

Licence free area

Galindia The waterways of Poland enjoy a wide range of mooring facilities many of which have been developed following the EU accession. The region also enjoys easy access from the Gdańsk, OlsztynMazury and Warsaw airports with a good highway leading to the Polish cruising areas. The area has seen a tourist boom with significant infrastructure renovation (locks, bridges, etc). The region now has many restaurants with interesting menus using seasonal fare.


The Great Masurian Lakes regions is legendary with its amazing scenery and over 3000 lakes, 25 of which are interconnected making it the ideal cruising area. The lakes are nicknamed in Polish “sky eyes“ due to the stunning emerald and ultramarine colours generated when reflecting the sky. Not only does the region offer the lakes but on land Mazury has beautiful quiet cobbled streets, ancient avenues and extensive natural birdlife with storks, sea eagles, cranes and bright canola fields, an unparalleled boating area. With our base in the south in Piaski we are nearby the native settlement “Galindia” on Lake Beldahn, where there are some amazing (and bizarre carvings) alternatively you are able to soak in the sprawling catacombs with a cold beer. Adjacent you have the 114 square kilometers of Lake Spirding almost the same size as Müritz. Mikolajki the main town of the southern chain of lakes is considered by some to be the Masurian Venice. To the north are the 104 square-kilometer Lake Mamry, surrounded by dense mixed forests. The region has Gizycko considered by many to be the capital of water sports. It is in this region that you find Marina Sztynort, a good base for a trip back into history with a visit to the von Lehndorff family castle in Sztynort (famous for his involvement in Hitlers assassination attempt – for which he was executed) or visit the museum on rural life in Wegorzewo. Example cruises

Handover and district recommendations at our base in Piaski

South-cruise: Piaski, Wierzba, Pisz, Mikołajki, RucianeNida, Piaski North-cruise: Piaski, Wierzba, Mikołajki, Ryn, Giźycko, Sztynort, Węgorzewo, out and back South-north-cruise: from Piaski in the south later in the north and then back

4-7 days / 80-120 km 7-10 days / 120-180 km 10-14 days / 150-220 km



Gourmet area, idyllic villages and hydraulic structures

Our fleet is located in Alsace-Lorraine. The rivers (Mosel and Saar) and numerous canals are fantastic to explore. Here we have meandering rivers intersecting with straight canal-sections. The route is diverse in that it runs through mountainous areas, vast fields of open countryside, and busy towns like Strasbourg, Nancy, Metz or Saarbrucken. The rivers Mosel and Saar are characterised with quaint little wine villages and historic buildings. Cruising along is a real trip back in time and dining ashore is a culinary delight. Delicious food in Alsace-Lorraine

Canal de la Marne au Rhin and Saar Expansive grain-fields, woods with plenty of game, picturesque villages and a number of reservoirs and lakes characterize these two canals. The main attraction of a boating holiday in Alsace-Lorraine lies in the historic architecture of the canalside buildings and structures, including the huge lock of Réchicourt and the boat-lift of St. Louis-Arzviller. The 290 kilometers of the Canal de la Marne au Rhin connects the basin around Paris with the plain of the river Rhine. Navigating several locks it travels through the Vosge mountains and the LorraineDepartment. Our main base, Niderviller is situated at the top where there is a long section with no locks. After this highest point the canal runs through two tunnels and drops down again into the lovely Alsacien valley of the river Zorn and on to Lutzelbourg, a village famous for glass-blowing. Towering above the village is a castle dating back to the 12th century. Several locks further down is Saverne with its pretty old houses and busy little shops.


The Canal de la Sarre leads from the Etang de Gondrexange at the Canal de la Marne au Rhin to Sarreguemines and is situated about 80 kilometres further North. The lakes on either side offer great views with some great swimming. The canal winds down in three major curves until it gets into the Saar-valley. River Saar offers many places to see, among them the famous Saar Bow near Mettlach.

KUHNLE-TOURS base at Niderviller



Famous wine region


Archeological sites


Gourmet area Idyllic villages and towns

The wine region Mosel and Saar The early part of this region is characterised by wide green fields with the occasional industrial area, the later section (between Toul and Thionville) enjoys beautiful vineyards. The French part of the river has only short canal sections. The cities, like Pont-à-Mousson and Metz have good mooring facilities within an easy stroll of beautiful old quarters. We highly recommend Metz which is a former bishops’ and imperial city and is well–known for its cathedral with its famous glass paintings and the new Centre Pompidou Metz. Thionville is great for night life containing many squares where you can enjoy the cafes, restaurants and bars whilst savouring the atmosphere. The castle town of Sierck-les-Bains is where the Mosel says goodbye to France. Remich and Grevenmacher are the major cities on the Luxembourg Mosel. But also the smaller towns are worth a visit. Pass by Schengen, the place where Europe, as we know it today, has begun and Wormeldange, where you can go up the “Koeppchen”, probably the most expensive vineyard in Luxembourg. Destinations like Trier with its Roman sites and the medieval town of Saarburg are popular places to stop on these rivers.


Hydraulic structures

Gourmet area

Idyllic villages and towns


Free licence destination

From 24 to 26 May 2019, the boat lift of Saint-Louis Arzviller celebrates its 50th birthday. We will be on the spot with a boat. Rent a boat and visit the spectacular ship lift.

World Cultural Heritage Site Völklinger Hütte


Natural wonders Saar loop


Experience history

Gourmet area

Foto Tom Pingel


Saarschleife Example cruises: (out and back), more online Niderviller, Saverne Niderviller, Strasbourg Niderviller, Nancy Niderviller, Saarbrücken

3-4 days / 46 km / 26 locks 7-10 days / 132 km / 70 locks 7 days / 164 km / 42 locks 7-10 days / 198 km / 62 locks

Example round-trips

Round-trip Toul-Nancy: Niderviller, Neuves7-10 days / 233 km / 70 locks Maisons, Toul, Frouard, Nancy, Niderviller Mosel-Saar-tour from/to Niderviller* 10-14 days / 430 km / 72 locks *If your country requires a boat licence then you are required to have one on this stretch of waterway - otherwise not.




Kormoran 1280

Most of our boats have a second steering position on the sun deck. There is always a fitted sitting area or separate chairs and table. Protection from rain and sun is provided by a folding bimini (sun shade) or parasol and many boats have an outdoor shower on the bathing platform.



Foto: Achim Meurer


Our Kormoran and Aquino boats have the saloon and helm midship giving panoramic views enabling relaxing whilst helming. On the Febomobil all cabins are on one level. On the Vetus, the saloon, galley and helm are in one large area at the front of the boat.


Febomobil 1180

On many boats an open kitchen is integrated into the saloon. It will have a sink with hot and cold running water, gas stove and refrigerator, the large boats Kormoran 1500, 1290, 1280, Pirate 1200 G, and vetus 1500 have two fridges.


Febomobil 990

Comfortable double or single berths - in the plans the beds marked with red arrows are movable. Each cabin usually includes a wet room with toilet, shower and sink with hot and cold running water.


Each charter gets a detailed chart briefing by our experienced technicians on changeover day. Service Guarantee – 24-hour emergency service for technical problems or mishaps. For Primus Kormoran, there are special bicycle holders available from Hafendorf Müritz and Niderviller. At the end of your cruise we will refuel the boat with diesel, top up the water tanks and empty any holding tanks. The spent fuel is charged to the operating hours. Wi-Fi is included on the Aquino. For all other boats a Wi-Fi router can be booked as an extra.

Included in the charter fee: Aquino


Electricity: Shorepower Independent Schuko sockets to Aquino 1190, Kormoran 1500, the new Kormoran 1290 and 1150, Pirate 1200 G and Haines boats. 12-volt car sockets are located on all boats. (except belllus 750) Drive: The description of the drive, for example with hydraulic bow and stern thruster, joystick control, can be found online: Heating: On Primus Kormoran hot water heaters are installed. The Aquino 1190 and the Kormoran 1290 and 1150 also have under floor heating in the lounge. On all other boats warm air heaters are installed. All through the seasons you can be assured your boat will be comfortable. Hot and cold water: available to all boats. The solar system on top of the Febomobilen and the Pirate 1200 G runs the refrigerator and other on-board devices. Echo sounder: on board all boats except in France.

inventory including household- and boating equipment, tableware, glasses, cutlery, pots, pans and other kitchen utensils, bathroom including shower, WC, hot and cold water, gas stove with gas-cooker and -oven, fridge, electric lights, heating throughout the boat (at small boats at least in one cabin), pillows and blankets, necessary boating equipment including mooring lines, anchor, boat hook, fender and safety equipment, fuel and water tanks, detailed briefing before departure (ca. 3 hours in case of bookings in Germany without licence), waterway guide and captain’s manual, 24-hour-emergency service in case of problems and breakdown.

Starter boat package:

Inclusive at Aquino and Primus-Kormoran. Includes bed-linen, hand towel and beach towel (depending on the number of people), tea towels (two for each boat, 3- and 4-cabin boat: three for each boat), dishwashing-liquid, sponge cloth, toilet paper (one role for each bathroom), hand soap (one for each bathroom). Bookable for Febomobil, Haines- and vetus-boats. Pirate 1200 G and bellus and Tjonger ➤ page 15.

Not included in the price:

are the hours of operation and the personal holiday insurance. The fuel and gas are charged based on hourly usage.

Detailed boat descriptions:



Suitable for 2 - 7 people and barrier-free!

Primus-Kormoran: Suitable for 2 - 12 people Kormoran 1500 (10+2) 15,00 x 4,40 x 0,75 m ideal for groups

Kormoran 1290 (7+2) 12,80 x 3,90 x 0,75 m perfect for multiple families


Kormoran 1280 (7+2) 12,80 x 3,90 x 0,75 m perfect for multiple families

Kormoran 1150 (6+2) 11,44 x 3,90 x 0,75 m ideal for beginners boat

Foto: Achim Meurer

Kormoran 1140 (6+2) 11,40 x 3,90 x 0,75 m ideal for couples



Febomobil 1180 (5+2) 11,80 x 3,80 x 0,50 m ideal for a family

Primus Kormoran boats are in constant development reflecting our customers demands. The boats are equipped with a second steering position on the sun deck, hydraulic bow thruster, large swim platform with boarding ladder and outdoor shower, connection for shore power, hot water heater and are also equipped with a bimini. In the sleeping areas there are fly screens on the windows. Please note there are no biminis in France and on the Kormoran 940.

Feeling like being in a holiday apartment on water, but flexible: Discover lakes and waterways and enjoy the recreative life on board. The light-filled lounge area and the cabins are on one level with no stairs.

Febomobil 990 (3+2) 9,90 x 3,35 x 0,50 m ideal for small families

Febomobil 870 (3+2) 8,70 x 2,50 x 0,50 m ideal for small families

The new Kormoran 1290 and 1150 have a wide staircase from the deck to the bathing platform. Modern lighting, handrails, wider steps inside and outside, functional shelves, electric toilets, underfloor heating and musch more offer more comfort on the water.

führerscheinfrei Febomobil 720 Cabin

Febomobil 720 Cabin (2+2) 7,20 x 2,50 x 0,50 m ideal for a couple 8

führerscheinfrei führerscheinfrei

Febomobil 720 Cabin Febomobil 720 Cabin

führerscheinfrei Febomobil 720 Open

führerscheinfrei Febomobil 720 Cabin

führerscheinfrei Febomobil 720 Open


Febomobil 720 Open (max. 7 day guests) 7,20 x 2,50 x 0,50 m ideal for small groups or family


Febomobil 720 Open

Foto: Achim Meurer

Kormoran 940 (3+2) 9,40 x 3,90 x 0,75 m ideal for a couple

AFFORDABLE führerscheinfrei führerscheinfrei

Febomobil 720 Open Febomobil Open

Boats for bargain hunters and small crews führerscheinfrei Febomobil Open

Aquino: Suitable for 5 - 7 people Aquino 1190 (5+2) 11,90 x 3,90 x 0,75 m ideal for beginners boat

Wi-Fi while cruising

Haines: Suitable for 2 - 8 people Haines 1190 (6+2) 11,90 x 4,00 x 1,05 m ideal for groups

Haines 1080 (4+2) 10,70 x 3,70 x 0,95 m Haines 1070 (4+2) 10,70 x 3,70 x 0,95 m ideal for families

vetus 1500 (10+2) 15,00 x 4,15 x 0,90 m ideal for groups


An elegant cruiser equipped in modern marine style. It is easy to handle due to the help of the joystick technology.

vetus 1200 K3 (8+3) 12,00 x 4,15 x 0,90 m ideal for families



vetus 900 /915 (3+2) 9,00 x 3,40 x 0,80 m ideal for a couple/family

Gruno 38 Royal


bellus 750 (2+2) 7,50 x 2,60 x 0,70 m bellus 750 ideal for a couple


Pirate 1200 G (9+3) 12,00 x 4,15 x 0,90 m ideal for groups

Pirate 1200 G

Our refited vetus: New saloon extension with a more comfortable layout, new galley with second refrigerator and 3-burner gas hob with cover plate. Sleeps 12 with each cabin having independent power outlets, USB sockets, LED lighting, solar panel (photovoltaic), new speakers & sound system, electric toilets and last but not least a stern shower on the bathing platform.


The vetus series was designed by the Dutch designer, Pieter Beeldsnijder, who revolutionized boat design by reversing the traditional houseboat form of flat in front, aft high. The result is a motor cruiser perfect for inland waterways with a large space above and below deck.

vetus 1000 (6+2) 10,00 x 3,80 x 0,80 m ideal for couples and families

Modern house boat with bimini and cozy sunken lounge on the sundeck. In France the Haines 1070 is equipped with a bimini. New in our fleet is the Gruno 33 Sport Haines 1080: More comfort with hot water heater and hydraulic bow thruster.

Gruno 33 Sport

Pirate: Suitabel for groups and events

The new Febomobil 720 Open offers a large terrace with a lot of room for sitting and sleeping, curtain planes against rain and for more privacy. Kitchen and bathroom equipped with all comforts.

Gruno 38 Royal

Zum Doppel- oder Einzelbett umbaubar



Due to a minor draught and overhead clearance. Kuinder

Tjonger Welle Tjonger (3+3) A Tjonger is a traditional 8,80 x 3,20 x 0,75 m Tjonger ideal for couples/small family inland cruiser.bellus 750

Ausklappbare Badeleiter


*No licence required for boats up to 15 hp / kW 11.03 (bellus 700, vetus 915, Febomobil) except a 6,6 km stretch near the Government Buildings in Berlin (km 14,1 to 20,7 SOW). All other boats: with boat driving licence as required in your home country. 13 Zum Doppel- oder Einzelbett umbaubar

Ausklappbare Badeleiter


January 2019. Changes and errors possible regarding all information, delivery dates and prices.

The ideal place to get the best prices is on or call to ask our reservationists: 0049 (0)39823-2660 In order to remain competitive we flex our pricing system with the seasons we thus have "from-to" prices. All prices are in Euro. Organizer: KUHNLE-TOURS GmbH, based in Rechlin, Germany, commercial register Neubrandenburg HRB 5221, managing director: Dipl.-Ing. Harald Kuhnle, USt-ID DE 14781 6396

Embarkation and disembarkation day = 1 day. Prices are in euros.

Germany Daily rates

Number of people Bases

till 17.4. 23.4.-25.4. from 7.10.

18.4.-22.4. 26.4.-28.5. 13.9.-6.10.

29.5.-4.7. 16.8.-12.9.



embarkation/disembarkation HMR: Hafendorf Müritz

Mecklenburg Lake District

ZEU: Zeuthen

Kormoran 1290


from 309

till 337 from 393

till 432 from 477

till 522 from 527

till 561

Kormoran 1150


from 238

till 274 from 306

till 343 from 366

till 425 from 430

till 457

Kormoran 1500


from 374

till 408 from 476

till 524 from 578

till 632 from 639

till 680 Finow Canal and Oder

Kormoran 1280


from 301

till 328 from 383

till 421 from 465

till 509 from 514

till 547

Kormoran 1140


from 231

till 266 from 297

till 333 from 355

till 413 from 417

till 444

Kormoran 940


from 147

till 172 from 190

till 218 from 243

till 284 from 293

till 312

Aquino 1190


from 226

till 273 from 306

till 348 from 367

till 437 from 442

till 470

Haines 1190


from 181

till 212 from 235

till 270 from 300

till 350 from 362

till 385 Alsace-Lorraine

Haines 1070


from 151

till 177 from 196

till 225 from 251

till 293 from 303

till 322

Pirate 1200 G


from 192

till 224 from 249

till 286 from 318

till 371 from 384

till 408

Febomobil 1180


from 144

till 174 from 195

till 222 from 234

till 279 from 282

till 300 For all cruises of 21 days or more,

Febomobil 990


from 113

till 137 from 153

till 175 from 184

till 219 from 222

till 236 we grant 7 % discount

till 139 from 144

till 153 we grant 10 % discount

till 114 from 118

till 125


Febomobil 720 Cabin 2+1 HMR Febomobil 720 Open

max. 7 day guests








till 107 from 119











Berlin and Brandenburg Waterways

ZEK : Zehdenick BCM: Citymarina Berlin-Rummelsburg Berlin, Potsdam

PKI: Piaski Masury

NID: Niderviller

Discounts Longterm discount

For all cruises of 14 days or more, we grant 5 % discount

For all cruises of 28 days or more,

BUDGET vetus 1500

10+2 HMR, ZEU, ZEK

from 227

till 266 from 295

till 339 from 378

till 440 from 455

till 484

vetus 1200 K3


from 174

till 204 from 226

till 260 from 289

till 338 from 349

till 371

Family discount Depending on boat types we offer a family discount of 5 % if one child under 18 years of age at embarkation is on board. At the same time we offer a discount of 10 % if two or more children under 18 years of age at embarkation are on board.

vetus 1000


from 154

till 180 from 199

till 229 from 255

till 298 from 307

till 327 Group discount

vetus 900/915


from 124

till 145 from 161

till 185 from 206

till 240 from 248

till 264 the same base and get a group discount of

Febomobil 870

3+2 HMR



till 106 from 117

till 134 from 150

till 175 from 180

till 192





till 109 from 121

till 139 from 155

till 181 from 187

till 199


3+3 HMR



till 102 from 113

till 130 from 144

till 168 from 174

till 185


2+2 HMR





till 113 from 126

till 147 from 152

till 162

Grommer 800

2+2 HMR

from 134

till 146 from 171

till 188 from 207

till 227 from 229

till 244 Any second booking made in the same year

Almeria 850

2+2 HMR





from 111

till 126 from 133

till 158 from 160

till 170

bellus 750









from 111

till 129 from 133

till 142


2+1 HMR







till 102 from 114

till 133 from 137

till 146


Number of Daily rates / Boat people Bases


till 9.5. from 27.9.



10.5.-28.5. 6.9.-26.9.

29.5.-4.7. 9.8.-5.9.

Charter two boats at the same time and from



5 %. If you charter three boats at the same time and from the same base, you will get a discount of 10 %. If you charter four boats at the same time and from the same base, you will get a discount of 15 %. Repeat Client Discount

will receive a 10% discount. This discount is calculated on the cheaper of the 2 charters. This discount cannot be applied to: Day charters, consecutive charters or charters that already have a discount. Under occupancy discount in France If you are a couple then you are able to enjoy a 10 percent discount on your charter fee. This discount is applied to charters on the Kormoran 940 and the Haines 1070. Our discounts can be accumulated

Kormoran 1280

7+2 PKI

from 301

till 328 from 383

till 421 from 465

till 509 from 514

till 547 up to 20%. They will be given on the

Kormoran 1140

6+2 PKI

from 231

till 266 from 297

till 333 from 355

till 413 from 417

till 444

Kormoran 940

3+2 PKI

from 147

till 172 from 190

till 218 from 243

till 284 from 293

till 312 Additional Costs


Number of Daily rates / Boat people Bases

till 17.4. from 7.10.

18.4.-28.5. 20.9.-6.10.

29.5.-27.6. 30.8.-19.9.




Locations of

Kormoran 1280

7+2 NID

from 291

till 344 from 370

till 407 from 423

till 439 from 476

till 529

Kormoran 1140

6+2 NID

from 224

till 275 from 288

till 323 from 344

till 357 from 387

till 430

Kormoran 940

3+2 NID

from 159

till 195 from 204

till 229 from 244

till 253 from 275

till 305

Haines 1070

4+2 NID

from 154

till 203 from 200

till 236 from 256

till 269 from 295

till 328

price of the boat, not the extras.

Till 23th May and from 13th September: week-end +20% Between 29th May and 4th July and between 16th August and 12th September: week-end +15% Between 5th July and 15th August: less than 7 nights + 5% Surcharge Whitsunday 9th June: + 10%, except Haines, Budget boats, Febomobil 870, 720

Embarkation and disembarkation day = 1 day Embarkation: Friday, Saturday or Monday from 3 pm Disembarkation: Friday, Saturday or Monday until 8:30 am Price for early arrival or late departure see Extras Daily embarkation from Hafendorf Müritz: Flexible departure days for Febomobil 720 Open, Tjonger, vetus 900/915 and 1000: The duration of your stay, as well as the departure dates, are fully flexible to suite your needs. Daily embarkation in Germany and Poland: Till 23.5. and from 7.10.2019 we can book you any boat on any given day of the week. Till 4.7. and from 27.8.2019 you can start every day of the week with all boats, except the Kormoran and Aquino boats. For a booking you require a minimum stay of three days. Daily embarkation in France except sundays: Till 23.5. and from 24.6. till 19.8. and from 7.10.2019.

Winter boat trips in Berlin


Prices in Euro per night including bed-linen, towels, heating, electricity, water and final cleaning.

from/to Citymarina Berlin-Rummelsburg from november to march, from/to Zeuthen november and march


 Daily rates

Aquino 1190 Kormoran 1280 Kormoran 1150 Kormoran 1140 Kormoran 940 Febomobil 1180 Febomobil 990

New Years Eve

minimum stay of 2 nights

minimum stay of 4 nights 29.12. to 2.1.

306 383 306 297 190 195 153

367 460 367 356 228 234 184

5+2 7+2 6+2 6+2 3+2 5+2 3+2


Please pre-book all extras at the time of booking. Prices are in euros. Embarkation and disembarkation day = 1 day


Early arrival (from 13 o`clock) or late departure (until 11 o`clock)



85 (on request)

Surcharge for oneway 100 no oneway possible no oneway possible Bed-linen, hand and beach towel: inclusive at Aquino and Primus-Kormoran (depending on the number of people), on all other boats: 7 / bed-linen set, 2 / hand towel, 3 / beach towel or see next line for the bookable Exclusive boat package. Starter boat package: 35 / two persons, 10 / additional person (surcharge bed-linen and towels). Exclusive boat package includes bed-linen, hand towel and beach towel (depending on the number of people), tea towels (two for each boat, 3- and 4-cabin boat: three for each boat), dishwashing-liquid, sponge cloth, toilet paper (one role for each bathroom), hand soap (one for each bathroom). Putting sheets on 3 / bed Dinghy (smaller 3 m) Dinghy (4,30 m) Outborder for dinghy

7.50 / day (HMR, ZEU, PKI)

not available

9 / day (HMR, ZEU, PKI)

not available

9 /day (HMR, ZEU, PKI)

Canoe as dinghy

12 / day (HMR, ZEU)

Stand-UP-Paddling, SUP-Board (30€ bond) 10 / day (HMR) Table grill (Lotus) including first filling, 28 / first day, grill charcoal, lighter (50€ bond) 6 / additional day (HMR) 20 / first day, Binoculars (Steiner) (100€ bond) 5 / additional day (HMR) Cooling box (50€ bond) 4 / day (HMR) Curing stove (50€ bond)

Extras for fishing

not available not available not available not available not available not available

Fishing rod rental (50€ bond)

3 / day (HMR)

not available

Fishing licence for tourists

24  / 28 days (HMR)


Bicycle extras


18.4.-22.4. 3.6.-6.6. 12.6.-20.6. 26.8.-15.9. 99 83 79 70

30.5.-2.6. 7.6.-11.6. 21.6.-25.8. 27.12.-2.1. 119 99 95 83



3 rooms with balcony 1 room

Surcharge if only one night is booked: 25 Euro Hafendorf Müritz: Additionally visitor’s tax: 1,50/person; kids under the age of 16: free of charge; pupils and students up to 27 years old: 1/person

150 / day*

not available

8 / day (HMR)

not available

Mountain bike (50€ bond)

8 / day (HMR)

not available

8 / day

4 2

29.3.-9.5. 16.9.-4.11. 75 50

not available

Touring bicycle (50€ bond) Folding bike (50€ bond)

16.3.-17.4. 23.4.-29.5. 16.9.-3.11. 20.12.-26.12. 3 rooms with balcony 4+2 88 2 rooms with balcony 2+2 72 2 rooms 2+2 69 1 room 2 62 Apartment


45 / charter

Skipper (plus food and their own berth/cabin)

Hafendorf Müritz

Marina Niderviller

not available

2.50 / day (HMR)

Our Hafendorf Müritz (Mecklenburg Lake District) and Niderviller (Alsace-Lorraine) are perfect places to stay for boaters and their crews. For those wishing to stay ashore we offer modern holiday apartments for two to six persons. Some of our apartments are fitted with a balcony. All apartments are equipped with a kitchen, TV and Wi-Fi. Eat a delicious breakfast and have coffee at the Captain's Inn or relax by the water at the Pirate's Bar.

93 61

7 / day 7 / day 7 / day on Primus-Kormoran boats (but Kormoran 940) without surcharge from/to HMR and NID

Bicycle carrier

TV (reservation necessary, Television reception can not be guaranteed, 100€ bond)

free of charge

not available

Kormoran 940 included, for all boats but for other boats 3 /day Haines 1070 included Kormoran 1500, 1290, 1280, 1150, 1140; Aquino Kormoran Bimini 1190; Haines 1190, 1070; 1280 Haines 1070 and 1140 Pirate 1200 G; vetus 1500, 1200 K3 Waterway guides trip planner** guide for water*** canal guide*** Wi-Fi / W-Lan: HMR (in the Captain's Inn apartment building, Pirate's Bar and in the charter boat berths near the Pirate's Bar), ZEU and NID free. Berth: HMR, ZEU, NID, PKI: free of charge; ZEK and BRB: first and last night of charter free of charge Tourist tax/day only Rechlin (HMR): 1,50/person; kids under the age of 16: free of charge; pupils and students up to 27 years old: 1/person * Zeuthen: Get a free skipper for the cruise from Zeuthen to lock „Neue Mühle“, if you charter a boat with required licence. From here you can cruise all lakes to the Scharmützelsee and the Teupitzer Gewässer without a licence. Minimum stay: three days. ** On board you will find detailed chart material including „Törnatlas Mecklenburgische und Märkische Gewässer“. *** Detailed map on board.

Refundable security deposit & CLEANING Please pre-book all extras at the time of booking. Prices are in euros. depending on the length

up to 9.50 m but bellus 750 from 9.60 m from 11.50 m and Febomobil up to 11.45 m up to 13.90 m from 14 m 720 Open

Refundable security deposit





if you want to cruise on the river Elbe or Oder* between Eisenhüttenstadt and Hohensaaten









Deposit for fuel app.

bellus 750 Febomobil 720 Open 600


Fuel (depending on hours operated) app. 190 / week app. 190 / week app. 190 / week app. 190 / week app. 20/day Collision damage waiver with the collision damage waiver the refundable deposit can be reduced to 250 euros (plus the deposit for fuel). Cleaning fee

10 / day

13 / day

15 /day

18 / day







* No collision damage waiver available, please note, that the rivers Elbe and Oder can only be booked downstream and only with steel boats (no GRP-boats)



Overnight on the houseboat

Prices in Euro per night including bed-linen, towels, heating, electricity, water and final cleaning.

Berlin-Rummelsburg Citymarina November to March Boats must not be driven

Cabins on Primus-Kormoran or Febomobil

Pers. max.2


Pers. max.2 max.2

99 89

Hafendorf Müritz Boats must not be driven

Cabin Kormoran Cabin vetus

Surcharge if only one night is booked: 25 Euro Hafendorf Müritz: Additionally visitor’s tax: 1,50/person; kids under the age of 16: free of charge; pupils and students up to 27 years old: 1/person


Please pre-book all extras at the time of booking. Prices are in euros. Pet: 25 / first day, 2 / additional night (HMR) Deposit for children‘s set (highchair/stool/changing facility) only at Hafendorf Müritz available for free: 50 € bond Storage room for bikes for free Washing machine/Dryer 6  /  each

More extras at the left


Boating and Cruising  

KUHNLE-TOURS gives you the opportunity to experience the perfect boating holiday. We own more than 130 boats along Europe's finest waterways...

Boating and Cruising  

KUHNLE-TOURS gives you the opportunity to experience the perfect boating holiday. We own more than 130 boats along Europe's finest waterways...