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SUCCESS COUNTS “Successful long-range shooting is the result of various factors falling into place: A major contributor is a stable, stress-free shooting position and a rifle with excellent shooting characteristics.”

Type A: Thread M15x1 for calibers up to .375 H&H, barrel diameter: 17 mm (2/3")

D UAL B RAKE M UZZLE BRAKE The new long-range shooting kit for long-distance shooters and hunters is tailored to accuracy. Featuring a bipod and a monopod, the M 03 Target provides an extremely stable shooting position in a matter of seconds – not only on the shooting range but also when being out in the hunting ground. The combination trigger additionally supports a controlled shot. Technical Specifications Calibers: Standard : 6,5x55, .308 Win., .30-06, 8,5x63 Magnum: .300 Win. Mag., 8x68S, .338 Blaser Mag. Barrel length / total length with Dual Brake: In Standard calibers: 60 / 116 cm (23" / 45 1/2") In Magnum calibers: 65 / 121 cm (25" / 47 1/2") Weight: With bipod and butt spike: Approx. 4.9 kg (without approx. 3.9 kg), approx. 10 3/4 lbs. (without approx. 8 1/2 lbs.)


Features Swivel-bipod (height adjustable) Detachable fold-up butt spike at the butt stock (height adjustable) Synthetic stock Extreme, two colors to select from (sand and grey) Fully adjustable comb (black) Combination set trigger Magazine safety Mag-Safe All metal parts black Barrel with muzzle thread and Dual Brake type B Thread cover with Muzzle-Safe including 25 patches Detachable sling swivels with multiple attachment options

Main illustration with rifle scope and Mauser Double Square Mount (optional). Further upgrades such as a fluted barrel are optionally available.

Type B: Thread M17x1 for calibers up to .458 Lott, barrel diameter: 19 mm (3/4")

The new Mauser muzzle brake minimizes both recoil and muzzle flash. Function and effect The first row of vents (right-angled red) acts as diffuser generating a gas shield. Further vents (beveled, blue) divert the remaining gases at the shield. The gases to the rear are decelerated considerably. Recoil is significantly reduced and the shock wave, which many shooters perceive as very unpleasant, is minimized. Controlled powder burn reduces muzzle flash.

Once the muzzle brake is removed, a thread cover with Muzzle-Safe protects barrel and thread.

inflowing gases

Wearing ear protection and protective glasses is absolutely necessary. Illustrated Features Fold-up butt spike Bipod foldable resp. detachable Detachable sling swivel

laterally forced diversion

(Highly simplified illustration.)

Retrofitting of muzzle thread/-brake available with Mauser M 03 barrels.

Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH

Ziegelstadel 1

88316 Isny, Germany


ANNIVERSARY OF A LEGEND “To celebrate the 140th Mauser anniversary, the legendary rifle manufacturer presents a special edition of the M 03 bolt action rifle. Its exquisite design and its sophisticated engravings are dedicated to the founding fathers and ingenious inventors Paul and Wilhelm Mauser.”

Since the foundation of Mauser in 1872 the company’s name stands for ingenious constructions, high functionality and legendary rifle manufacturing. The special Anniversary Edition is limited to 140 rifles. Each of them combines modern weapons technology with the classic design of the company’s early years. The anniversary rifle features a beautiful grade 4 stock wood. Blued action and Mag-Safe magazine safety. Action, magazine, trigger and trigger guard shine in light gloss finish. Engraved portraits of both founding fathers in photorealistic quality on the magazine cover next to the Mauser anniversary emblem. The trigger guard bears the serial number of the rifle ranging from 1 to 140. The letterings “140 Jahre Mauser” and “Jubiläumsmodell”, both framed by a discreet banderole, are engraved in the bolt planes. Special highlight: the bolt handle ball with the original Mauser logo framed by 140 miniature Mauser barrels.


Further options and upgrades possible. All offered calibers available.

Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH

Ziegelstadel 1

88316 Isny, Germany



M ASTERPIECES They are testament to their owners’ dreams and to the noble tradition of rifle making: Mauser “Meisterklasse” rifles. Meisterklasse stands for Master Class and is the new name Mauser has given its exclusive line of custom-made, hand-engraved Mauser rifles: each Meisterklasse rifle is designed and crafted by a master‘s hand.

M 03 “The Ghost”

M 03 “The Darkness“

Ranging from subtle elegance to utmost sophistication, each Mauser engraving is a symbol for the traditional art of fine rifle ornamentation. The engraving covers the entire metal work on the receiver and is brought to full effect by a high-gloss finish. High-grade stocks ranging up from wood grade 6 are carved with fine ornaments on demand, emphasizing the unique appearance of each rifle. Every single Meisterklasse rifle comes with its very own certificate. In addition, a leather hang tag on the trigger guard with an imprinted Mauser logo bears testimony of this rifle’s high value and exclusivity.

Meisterklasse engraving examples Find a complete overview on /meisterklasse

Each rifle is delivered in an exquisite leather case which is ornamented with fine gold embossing on the inside of the lid.

M 03 „Diana“

M 03 “Diana”

“Every hunter dreams the dream of his very own rifle, a rifle that is made according to his personal wishes. We turn this dream into a reality in wood and steel.” A LBERT VO ß G UNSMITH & S TOCK M AKER (M EISTERKLASSE -T EAM ) 6

Fig. Meisterklasse case with additional equipment (optional).


Subject to technical changes and modifications. Sale of firearms to holders of appropriate permits and authorizations only.






Mauser iwa news 2012 en  
Mauser iwa news 2012 en