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the University of Kansas

2012 panhellenic association

fall formal recruitment

table of contents letter from panhellenic exec. board letter from head counselors day 1: open house rounds day 2: first invitational rounds day 3: second invitational rounds day 4: preference rounds day 5: bid day chapter overviews financial information links and resources greek traditions greek terminology greek alphabet frequently asked questions


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PHA mission

The Panhellenic Association exists to promote the values of and to serve as an advocate for its member groups in collaboration with those members, campuses and communities.

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PHA creed

We, as Undergraduate members of woman’s fraternities, stand for good scholarship, for guarding of good health, for maintenance of fine standards, and for serving, to the best of our ability, our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities. We, as Fraternity Women, stand for service through the development of character inspired by the close contact and deep friendship of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The opportunity for wide and wise human service through mutual respect and helpfulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live.

letter from the exec. board

Welcome to the University of Kansas! We are so thrilled to invite you to participate in Panhellenic Fall Formal Recruitment! The Panhellenic Association at the University of Kansas prides itself on our devotion to scholarship, leadership, sisterhood and service, which are the four pillars of our community. As members of our community, you will engage with the strongest leaders on campus, be provided with unique academic resources, find new opportunities for service and finally, enjoy a lifelong bond of sisterhood. The Panhellenic Association is led by nine extraordinary members of our community who serve as executive directors, and vice president and president to ensure that we continue to strive toward our lofty goals. Panhellenic executive board members direct the agenda and goals each year for our community, maintain all governing policies, and organize the cooperative efforts of our thirteen chapters here on campus. During fall formal recruitment, our executive board works behind the scenes to smooth the recruitment process for all involved, both chapter women and potential new members alike. We hope that should you have any further questions that you feel free to ask any of us, and good luck! Rock Chalk! ~The Executive Board of the University of Kansas Panhellenic Association

letter from the recruitment chairs

contact information

Kansas Union 1301 Jayhawk Blvd. (785) 864-4643 Room 422 Lawrence, KS 66045

We are really excited that you are interested in Greek Life at the University of Kansas! Our role is to make sure your recruitment experience goes as smooth as possible. In going through this process, you will be meeting so many amazing women in just a few short days. We encourage you to ask a lot of questions and to keep an open mind. This booklet is to guide you through the “to-dos� as well as the structure of the week. If you still have questions after looking through it, feel free to contact us any time. We look forward to seeing you in August! Rock Chalk,

Whitlee Douthitt Director of Recruitment

Lauren Edwards Assistant Director of Recruitment


letter from the counselors

The recruitment process opens the door to countless opportunities and experiences that can enhance the rest of your college career. Throughout recruitment, you will make all sorts of new friends and acquaintances. Among these people, you will find support from your Recruitment Counselors. These women are members from each of the 13 Panhellenic chapters at the University of Kansas and have been carefully selected to guide you through this process.

We are confident that you will find these women to be approachable and resourceful. The Recruitment Counselors have gone through extensive training to prepare themselves specifically for your recruitment. They have disaffiliated from their chapters to be your unbiased, confidential and encouraging support system for the week. They will be able to answer any of your questions about the recruitment process, the University of Kansas, and the Panhellenic Association as a whole. We hope that you will utilize these women to make your recruitment process the best that it can be. Because we held the Recruitment Counselor position last year, we will act as resources for them throughout the week. Each night, we will meet as a group to ensure that things are going as smoothly as possible. Additionally, we are excited to meet all of you throughout the week! Rock Chalk, Amanda Bucher and Jane Mahoney Head Recruitment Counselors


open house rounds tuesday, aug. 14

On this day, you will have the opportunity to visit each of the 13 chapters that KU has to offer. Buses will transport you to and from each event and you will have 25 minutes to meet women from each chapter and get to know a little bit more about Greek Life at KU.

what to wear

This day is a very relaxed day and we want you to be as comfortable as possible. We will provide you a Tshirt and we encourage you to wear comfortable shoes (i.e. tennis shoes or flats) and shorts, jeans, capris or a skirt that would be appropriate to sit comfortably on the floor.

1st invitational rounds wednesday, aug. 15

On this day, at your morning meeting, you will receive your schedule. You will have the opportunity to visit a maximum of 10 chapters. The buses will transport you to and from events. The Recruitment Counselors will be available to help you find each chapter house. At each event, you will spend 25 minutes learning about each chapter’s philanthropy by participating in a philanthropy project.

what to wear

The attire for this day is a little dressier than Open House Rounds but still comfortable. We encourage you to once again, wear comfortable shoes and shorts, capris or a skirt with a blouse.


2nd invitational rounds thursday, aug. 16

On this day, at your morning meeting, you will receive your schedule for the day. You will have the opportunity to visit a maximum of 7 chapters. The buses will transport you to and from events. The Recruitment Counselors will be available to help you find each chapter house. At each event, you will spend 40 minutes with the chapter women touring their facilities. You will also get the opportunity to watch a short skit that highlights the values of our Panhellenic Community in a unique way while providing insight to the chapter’s personalities. A financial presentation will also be on this day.

what to wear

The attire for this day is the dressiest of all 4 days. We suggest wearing something similar to what you would wear to a summer wedding. A tasteful dress in which you feel comfortable and confident is recommended.


what to wear

The attire for this day is dressier than the day before. We encourage you to wear a light sundress or a skirt and blouse. Nice sandals, flats, wedges or boots are acceptable.

preference rounds friday, aug. 17

On this day, at your morning meeting, you will receive your final recruitment schedule. You will have the opportunity to attend a maximum of 3 chapters. The buses will transport you to and from events. At each event, you will spend 60 minutes with the chapter women learning what sisterhood means to them. You will have the opportunity for deeper conversation with chapter women.

bid day

monday, aug. 20

On this day, you will meet your recruitment group at the Kansas Union after classes are over. There will be a revealing ceremony of your Recruitment Counselors as well as instructions on what to do for the rest of the evening. You will receive your sealed bid card and when announced, everyone will open them at the same time. Afterward, you will proceed to your new chapter home to participate in your chapter’s bid day!

what to wear The attire for this day is much like the Open House rounds. You will be provided a T-shirt from your chapter. We encourage you to dress comfortably in shorts, jeans, capris or a skirt with simple shoes such as flip flops or tennis shoes.


the chapters at kansas alpha chi omega


colors: symbol: flower: founded: president: website:

Scarlet & Olive Green The Lyre & Tri-Star Red Carnation 1885, Depauw University Jordan Klein

alpha delta pi colors: symbol: flower: founded: president: website:

Azure & White Diamond Woodland Violet 1851, Wesleyan College Taylor Jenkins


alpha gamma delta 8


colors: symbol: flower: founded: president: website:

Red, Buff, & Green Double Rose Red and Buff Rose 1904, Syracuse University Elle Rose

the chapters at kansas chi omega


colors: symbol: flower: founded: president: website:

Cardinal & Straw The Owl White Carnation 1895, University of Arkansas Nell Neary

delta delta delta colors: symbol: flower: founded: president: website:

Silver, Gold, & Blue Pearl, Pine, Pansy, Trident Pansy 1888, Boston University Mackenzie Braatz


delta gamma


colors: symbol: flower: founded: president: website:

Bronze, Pink, & Blue Anchor Cream-Colored Rose 1873, Lewis College Ali Meeks


the chapters at kansas gamma phi beta


colors: symbol: flower: founded: president: website:

Brown & Mode Crescent Moon Pink Carnation 1874, Syracuse University Kayla Cowell

kappa alpha theta colors: symbol: flower: founded: president: website:

Black & Gold Kite Black & Gold Pansy 1870, Depauw University Margaret Brill


kappa delta 10


colors: symbol: flower: founded: president: website:

Olive Green & Pearl White Dagger, Nautilus Shell White Rose 1897, Longwood University Dani Pfeifer

kappa kappa gamma


colors: symbol: flower: founded: president: website:

Light Blue & Dark Blue Golden Key & Owl Fleur-de-lis 1870, Monmouth College Hannah Holcomb

pi beta phi colors: symbol: flower: founded: president: website:

Wine & Silver Blue Golden Arrow Wine Carnation 1867, Monmouth College Hannah Pragman


sigma delta tau


colors: symbol: flower: founded: president: website:

Cafe Au Lait & Old Blue Gold Torch Golden Tea Rose 1917, Cornell University Sara Finesilver

sigma kappa colors: symbol: flower: founded: president: website:

Lavendar & Maroon Heart, Pearl Violet 1874, Colby College Ariel Puccetti



financial information

Financial responsibility is important for all college students. Every member of a sorority agrees to be fiscally responsible as a student and as a chapter member. In order to help you prepare for the obligations of membership and cost of living we are providing you with a snapshot of fees that your daughter will have to pay during her membership at KU. Fees may include dues, room, board, building fund, and a parlor fee. Some of the chapters assess fees on an annual basis, while others are semesterly. These rates are subject to change and are only the rates reported to Greek life programs. Please note that the costs may cover different costs of membership and that some chapters may assess additional fees throughout the year while others may only require the flat fee shown. To provide comparison, the average cost of living in the residence halls for a double room with an unlimited access meal plan is $7300 dollars a year. Sorority houses are not located on University property and are privately owned. Questions about individual housing facilities should be directed to the chapter’s local housing corporation board.

alpha chi omega alpha delpta pi alpha gamma delta chi omega delta delta delta delta gamma gamma phi beta

live live new in out member 6700





















kappa alpha theta kappa delta







kappa kappa gamma













pi beta phi sigma delta tau sigma kappa

links and resources registration:

hazing policy:

membership recruitment code of ethics:


PNM bill of rights:

greek traditions


Each year, sororities and fraternities pair up and participate in various events including: Jayhawk jingle, Canstruction, Chalk N’ Walk, and a mural competition. The week culminates in our homecoming football game, along with a parade that the fraternity and sorority pairs build and showcase.

Rock Chalk Revue 68 years of tradition! Each year, fraternities and sororities pair up and compose a 30 minute musical, complete with an original song. Five of the top shows are showcased in a production at the Lied Center in the spring benefiting the United Way of Douglas County.

greek terms bid

An invitation to join a sorority.


A membership unit of an inter/national sorority.

house mother

A woman who is hired to supervise the kitchen responsibilities, serve as official host or hostess for chapter events and be a “parent-awayfrom-home.”


A man or woman who has recently become an active member of his or her fraternity/sorority.


A ritualistic ceremony during which new members receive lifelong membership privileges.


A relationship with a chapter and a family member (i.e. mother, sister, grand mother). There is no standard policy regarding legacies and invitations for membership. Each chapter or national organization has its own policy.

new member

A woman who has accepted a bid but is not yet an initiated member.

panhellenic association

Social Activities

Each chapter participates in unique socials throughout the year, including formals and mixers. Many of the fraternities and sororities on campus hold philanthropies for chapters as a whole to participate in. This is a great way to get involved on campus, as well as give back to the community.

The cooperative campus organization of collegiate members of National Panhellenic Conference women’s fraternities and sororities.

potential new member

Any woman interested in becoming a sorority member who is matriculated and eligible according to Panhellenic Association requirements.


A Greek-letter sisterhood.


frequently asked questions

are the potential new members responsible for their own meals?

what does housing look like during recruitment?

Only breakfast. Lunch and dinner will be provided each day for the women. There will be additional meals added onto their meal plan for the days she will be in the recruitment process. If a Potential New Member lives off campus and does not have a meal plan, there will be meal vouchers provided and charged to her Bursar account.

When you register for recruitment, your information will be put on the early move in list that will be sent to housing. You will be moving into your specific residence hall room one week before the rest of KU’s students. If you are living off campus, you will commute to a designated spot each morning to meet with your recruitment group.

No. Letters of recommendation are not required at the University of Kansas. For some chapters, it is recommended. If you wish to send letters of recommendation, you can find the mailing preference information on our website.

Once you accept a bid, you are bound until the next formal recruitment process, which is traditionally held in the fall at the University of Kansas. You are only a member to a chapter once you become initiated. The period of time between accepting a bid and initiation is determined by each chapter, but normally ranges for six to ten weeks.

are letters of recommendation required?

can i still be involved on campus if i’m in a sorority?

Yes! In fact, being in a sorority makes it easier to get involved in other campus organizations. When you are in a sorority, you are surrounded by many different personalities and interests, it is almost certain you will find someone who will want to join other campus organizations or go to other meetings with you! All of the sororities at the University of Kansas promote leadership and campus involvement.

what does accepting a bid entail?

do i need to provide my own transportation?

No. We will provide buses to transport you to and from events, meals and residence halls.

for more FAQ’s, please visit

greek alphabet A B G D E Z H Q I K L M N X O P R S 14 T U F C Y W alpha

beta gamma delta epsilon zeta

kappa lambda tau












theta iota rho sigma

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Guide to Fall Formal Recruitment 2012