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global news bulletin

global news bulletin

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About KUGlobalAid KUGlobalAid is an international service-learning student group which organizes international aid projects under the control of OIP with the contribution of Koรง University students.

Mission KUGlobalAid is a place where volunteer university students gather for helping people in need in foreign countries. KUGlobalAid also enables making connections between volunteer university students and local people. Projects are carried out by the funds of activities and donations. Being a part of KUGlobalAid, which is pioneer in Turkey, is a great step for achieving global citizenship.

Vision KUGlobalAid is an international service-learning student group, working to build awareness, international solidarity and support those in need. For its members, KUGlobalAid builds leadership skills, different perspectives and experiences about variety of cultures. By representing both Koรง University and Turkey in the international arena and developing social responsibility projects, KUGlobalAid contributes to communication, interaction and solidarity among people from all over the world.

Global News Bulletin The Global News Bulletin is a weekly news journal that has been established under KUGlobalAid. Through sharing concise summaries of news as well as more extensive commentaries on particularly controversial issues, this Bulletin aims to establish within its readers a global understanding of the goings-on of the world.

Mission The Global News Bulletin was implemented with the aim of being informative, thought provoking and globally conscious. Through critically highlighting the many things tha are happening throughout the world, it aims to promote the qualities of analytical thinking and global awareness among its readers. Owing to its wide range in content it also targets to highlight the importance of having the perspective of a “world citizen.� Moreover, it does all of this without being overbearing or dogmatic.

Format The digital version of the Global News Bulletin can be accessed every week through the official website of KUGlobalAid. The online versions of the Bulletin include direct gateways to the original news articles along with a user friendly design and background music. Colorful and high quality printed versions of the Bulletin are also available every other week. The brief and visually appealing style of the Bulletin makes it easy to simply pick up and look through.



The content of the Global News Bulletin can be broken down into five various sections.

The more broadly named “Interactive” section is where a diverse range of tidbits can be found. This section includes weekly suggestions of Tumblr and Twitter pages, websites, videos, smartphone applications etc. that are all relevant to the informative nature of the Bulletin.

“Hey There!”

The final part of the Bulletin is an individualized letter from the editor named “Hey There!” The content of this short section changes every week and may include anything from weekly musings to the latest news about KUGlobalAid projects.


As part of the cultural “Art” section, each week an artwork is presented with a short explanation of its significance. These artworks vary from classical paintings to photography. Said artworks also establish the color scheme of the Bulletin for the week. The main three colors of the art piece are used in the design of that week’s bulletin.


First and foremost there are the “News” and “Commentary” sections that form the majority of the Bulletin’s content. These sections include abridged extracts from the week’s news and a more comprehensive opinion article respectively. Smaller spaces are also reserved for the


Plans Among its many plans for the future, the most prominent projects of the Global News Bulletin can be listed as follows: • • •

Be printed every week instead of every other week. Find a sponsor to fund this project. Be distributed not only in Koc University but in other prominent universities in Istanbul as well. Begin distribution to bookshops, coffee shops, galleries and libraries around the city.

Plans Considering that the Global News Bulletin has only very recently been put into action the amount it has progressed is important to note. From a mere idea of “some sort of journal� it has developed into a bulletin of both digital and printed proportions, and it boasts an impressive design as well as constantly changing content. Its process of publication has also developed from just a few people working frantically to get everything done to a clearly established and regular crew that has learned the whole process of publication from beginning until end. The fact that the Bulletin can now not only be found on the KUGlobalAid website but also throughout the Koc University campus, the University’s official website, and on Facebook is indicative of the extent that the Bulletin has grown, and aims to further develop.

Benefits for the Sponsors The Global News Bulletin has already advanced a significant amount and plans to only improve after this point. However in order to do this it inevitably needs sponsors to support its development. In exchange for such support the Global News Bulletin has several benefits it can offer its sponsors, not the least of which is that all sponsors will have access to 4000 Koc University students and 400 lecturers.

KuGlobalAid offers special privileges to its supporters: •The sponsor’s name and logo will appear every week in the Global News Bulletin. •Supporter Company’s name and logo will be featured in all KUGlobalAid events (photography exhibition, documentary events etc.) •Supporter Company’s name and logo will be presented on the homepage of official KUGlobalaid website. •Supporter companies will be able to make one-page-length advertisement in annual student’s guidebook that is published by OIP (Office of International Programs) •Supporter companies gain opportunity to open stands in Koç University Student Centre for promotion or selling of the products. • Supporter Company will be able to put on posters on 70 boards in Koç University for agreed time period.

Sponsorship The fact that the Global News Bulletin has been positively received by the students and faculty that frequent Caffe Nero at the Koc University campus acted as the first indicator that a collaboration between this bulletin and Caffe Nero’s marketing projects would be successful. We believe that the Global News Bulletin is a project that has a great goal and bright future however it needs some support in order to reach its full potential. What we ask of Caffe Nero is that, through this sponsorship, it takes on the cost of printing this bulletin every week and allowing for a number of Bulletins to be placed in its shops around the city.

While we realize that this is a significant commitment to a cause we would once again like to point out that this collaboration would give Caffe Nero straight access to an audience that is not easy to reach directly. Furthermore, this partnership would be a perfect portrayal of a two sided grassroots marketing strategy. While the Global News Bulletin would gain immediate access to the readers it wants to reach, Caffe Nero would be given the chance to reach out to a community consisting of more than 4000 students and faculty in order to promote its products in a way that is parallel to its branding strategy.

In brief, we believe that a sponsorship agreement between Caffe Nero and the Global News Bulletin would trigger nothing but benefits for both parties.

Global News Bulletin Sponsorship Folder  
Global News Bulletin Sponsorship Folder  

The Global News Bulletin is a weekly news journal that has been established under KUGlobalAid. Through sharing concise summaries of news as...