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Popular hiking trails Kaiserlift middle station - Waldkapelle Kaiserlift bottom station Approx. 1 hour walking time

Kaiserlift middle station - Dickicht Kapelle Hochbehälter Theaterhütte - Kaiserlift bottom station Approx. 1 hour walking time

Kaiserlift middle station - Elfenhain Kaiserlift bottom station Approx. 1.5 hours walking time

Kaiserlift Kufstein

Frequently asked questions:

Daily from May 1st to October 31st, from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm (last entry for ascent at 4.15 pm, for descent at 4:30 pm)

Can i use the Kaiserlift with my bike? No, unfortunately bicycles cannot be transported by the lift. When riding your bicycle in the Nature Reserve please stay on the designated forest road.

2019 rates Single ticket Kaiserlift I + II Kaiserlift I + II Kaiserlift I + II Kaiserlift I Kaiserlift I

Ascent and descent top station Ascent to top station Descent from top station Ascent and descent middle station Descent from middle station

(4 lift rides) (2 lift rides)  (2 lift rides)  (2 lift rides)  (1 lift ride) 

Can i use the lift with a wheelchair or pram?

€ 17 € 12 € 12 € 12 € 8

If the wheelchair or pram can be folded up and weighs less than 30 kg then it can be transported on the transport hook.

Can i use the lift with a dog? Foto: Gretter

Kaiserlift top station - Schneerosenweg – Duxer Alm - Kaiserlift middle station Approx. 1 hour walking time

Kaiserlift top station - Berghaus Aschenbrenner Kaiserlift bottom station Approx. 2 hours walking time

Kaiserlift top station - Gamskogel Steinbergalm - Kaiserlift top station

Discounts (valid for 2 or 4 lift rides-ticket): Family price for single tickets: All children up to the age of 18 accompanied by a paying adult ride for free. Child ticket: When unaccompanied by a paying adult, children up to the age of 18 get 50% discount. Group rate: From 8 full-paying adults € 10,50 or € 15 (2 or 4 rides). Disabled (70%), civilian- and military-servants, students (1993 and younger): 50% discount (with valid evidence)

Approx. 3 hours walking time

Seasonal ticket

Kaiserlift top station - Bettlersteig – Hinterbärenbad - Kaiserlift bottom station

Adults Children Families with children  Single parents with children 

Approx. 6 hours walking time

Kaiserlift top station - Hocheck - Walleralm – Locherer Kapelle – Kaiserlift bottom station Approx. 7 hours walking time

€ 85 € 42 € 135 € 110

Single parents or families with children: 1 or 2 adults and all children (2004 and younger), students (1993 and younger), disabled, civilian- and military-servants (with valid evidence) that live in the same household.

The Kaiserlift is part of Austria´s largest mountain experience The partnership between the Kaiserlift and the Ellmau-Going cable cars opens up new perspectives for hikers and nature lovers: the Kaiserlift can be used with the Mountain Experience-Card WilderKaiser-Brixental (day or seasonal ticket)! Just one ticket gives you access to 13 cable cars, six unique experience worlds, the "Naturerlebnis Kaisergebirge", well signposted hiking paths, the KaiserJet and 23 bonus partners. The Mountain Experience-Card is available from the SkiWelt, the Kaiserlift or Stadtwerke Kufstein. The SkiWelt experience hiking pass season ticket costs: adults €164; youth (2001-2003) €123; children (2004-2014) €82.

Yes, as long as it can sit on your lap. There are also 2 chairs with a mounted dog box – these can be used to transport larger dogs.

How long does the lift ride take? It takes approx. 15 minutes to the middle station, and the Brentenjoch top station is reached in approx. 30 minutes. In the middle station you have to change.

Is my child allowed to ride alone on the Kaiserlift? From a height of 115 cm children may travel alone on the lift, the age is not relevant. Smaller children can sit on the lap of an adult. The lift staff makes the final decision about whether a visitor is "fit to ride".

Can two children ride together on one seat? It is not permitted to transport two children on one seat.


Where are the toilets?

There are toilets at the bottom and middle stations.

Does the lift operate in bad weather too? The lift operates from May 1st to October 31st, daily from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. An exception to this is when severe thunderstorms are forecast. In case of doubt you can find out more at 05372 6930-363.

Naturerlebnis Kaisergebirge

Which lift passes are valid on the Kaiserlift? Both the Mountain Experience-Card Wilder Kaiser-Brixental and the Kitzbühel Alps Summer Card are valid on the Kaiserlift. The same applies to the Tyrol Snowcard (however this is limited from May 1st to 15th and from October 1st to 31st).

Can the KufsteinCard be used on the Kaiserlift? Yes, with the KufsteinCard you have unlimited use for 365 days not only the Kaiserlift but also the swimming pool, Hechtsee, city buses and the ice arena, and can also visit Kufstein Fortress (including fortress cable car) and the Sinnfonie at Riedelglas.

Is the car park at the Kaiserlift subject to a fee? Yes, it is a private parking lot that is subject to a fee from May 1st to October 31st. The day ticket costs €2.50 and can be purchased from the pay station at the car park. There is also bike parking for free.

Why does the lift sometimes stop? Safety is of utmost importance to us. To ensure that visitors can get on and off the Kaiserlift safely it is sometimes stopped. The ride will continue after a couple of seconds. If the lift stops for a longer period please stay calm and listen to the loudspeaker announcements.

Is it possible for the lift to go more slowly when getting on and off? Yes. Please inform the lift staff before you get on. The speed of the lift will be reduced. As an indication that you would like assistance when getting off, your seat will be marked with a small board.

Feel the uniqueness The impressive Kaiser mountain range is the backdrop for hiking on the high plateau from Brentenjoch to the Steinberg Alpine pastures. Starting at 1,256 meters is a habitat that has been registered as a nature reserve since 1963. Over the centuries, nature and the native plant world has formed a symbiotic relationship with Alpine farming and its animals. Around 1,000 kilometres of well-signposted hiking paths await hikers and passionate mountaineers in the Kaiser Mountains nature experience; the Tyrolean Eagle Walk also passes through this area. The Kaiserlift makes it possible for not quite so sporty people to enjoy unforgettable experiences and views in the mountains.

Kaiserlift Kufstein Obere Sparchen 17 | 6330 Kufstein | Österreich Tel +43 5372 6930-363 |

W i l d e r

e r h m a Z

Ellmauer Halt 2.344 m

Totenkirchl Karlspitze 2.190 m 2.260 m

r i s e K a Pyramidenspitze

K a i s e r

Sonneck 2.261 m

Hackenköpfe 2.129 m Kleine Halt 2.116 m

Feldberg 1.813m

1.999 m

Scheffauer 2.113 m

10 Stripsenjochhaus 1.577 m 6 hr. walk from the Kaiserlift top station Tel. +43 5372 62579, Accommodation (44 beds, 140 dorm beds) Open daily (middle of May until the end of October)

Inns and huts 1 Liftstüberl 514 m

Zettenkaiser 1.968 m

Tel. +43 5372 71222, Closed Tuesdays

Stripsenkopf 1.809m

11 Hans Berger Haus 936 m

Stripsenjochhaus 10

4.5 hr. walk from the Kaiserlift top station Tel. +43 5372 62575, Accommodation (48 beds, 9 dorm beds) Open daily (start of May until the middle of October)

2 Berggasthof Hinterdux 736 m

Petersköpfl 1.745 m

20 min. from the Kaiserlift middle station Tel. +43 5372 63675, Accomodation (45 beds) Closed Mondays

Naunspitze 1.633 m

Hans Berger Haus




Hinterbärenbad Anton-Karg-Haus




Sky View


Gamskogel 1.449 m

Ridge Walk Kaindlhütte

Hocheck 1.470 m


Ritzaualm Antalau



Brentenjoch Alm



Freedom - Space - Time


Eagle's View



Antonius Kapelle

1.256 m

3 Duxer Alm 896 m Tel. +43 5372 63812, Open daily (summer) 4 Weinbergerhaus 1.269 m Tel. +43 664 2564760, Accommodation (28 beds) Open daily (summer)

13 Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte 1.384 m 2 hr. walk from the Kaisertal Aufstieg Tel. +43 5372 63482, Accomodation (36 beds, 50 dorm beds) Open daily (summer)

5 Brentenjoch Alm 1.208 m





14 Ritzau-Alm 1.161 m 1.5 hr. walk from the Kaisertal Aufstieg Tel. +43 5372 63624, Accommodation (38 beds) Closed Mondays

Tel. +43 5372 58313, Open daily (end of May until the end of September)


Source of Life

12 Hinterbärenbad - Anton Karg Haus 829 m 4 hr. walk from the Kaiserlift top station Tel. +43 5372 62578, Accommodation (30 beds, 70 dorm beds) Open daily (start of May until the start of October)


6 Steinbergalm 1.318 m Pfandlhof



1.5 hr. walk from the Kaiserlift top station Tel. +43 664 6592424, Open daily (end of May until the end of September)

enweg 8

Alm Pharmacy

Berghaus Aschenbrenner

Mittelstation 894 m

Gasthof Veitenhof

Duxer Alm

7 Kaindlhütte 1.293 m 1 hr. walk from the Kaiserlift top station Tel. +43 664 1686568, +49 174 8067449 Accommodation (26 beds, 16 dorm beds) Open daily (summer)

Dickicht Kapelle








15 Hinterkaiserhof 861 m 1.5 hr. walk from the Kaisertal Aufstieg Tel. +43 5372 62574, Accommodation (May - October) Closed Fridays


16 Pfandlhof 778 m 45 min. walk from the Kaisertal Aufstieg Tel. +43 5372 62118, Accommodation (18 beds) Closed Thursdays

Gasthof Hinterdux

8 Berghaus Aschenbrenner 1.128 m

Tischofer Höhle

30 min. walk from the Kaiserlift top station Tel. +43 5372 62220, Accommodation (23 beds) Closed on Mondays (apart from pubic holidays)



17 Gasthof Veitenhof

714 m 30 min. walk from the Kaisertal Aufstieg Tel. +43 5372 63415, Accommodation (13 rooms) Closed Mondays and Tuesdays

Kaiseraufstieg 18

9 Walleralm 1.171 m

Liftstüberl 1


2 hr. walk from the Kaiserlift top station Tel. +43 664 9858139 Accommodation (18 beds) Open daily (summer)



Basislager Harmonie




18 Basislager Harmonie 514 m Tel. +43 676 9243964, Closed Mondays

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Ridge Walk

Power and awareness places Eagle's View This power place is directly next to the top station. When you look off into the distance through the viscope you will see the names of the mountains at the same time: the telescope will display the names of peaks and inns.

Ridge Walk The Hocheck ridge is located between Steinberg and Walleralm. The sheltered spiral invites hikers to take a cosy rest. A viscope provides great views that bring hikers closer to the mountain peaks.

Freedom - Space - Time The layout of this place is a spiral. Here your view is focused on the northern face of the Wilder Kaiser – a natural jewel that is worth exploring. Hikers can also enjoy fantastic views of the imposing Kaiser Mountains from here.

Sky View At Gamskogel there is a magical place to watch the sky and the clouds. The spiral-shaped larch wood bench lets you lie looking in any direction you want, or sit inside, depending on the sun and your mood.

The Kufstein Kaiserlift takes nature-lovers to the high plateau of the Steinberg Alpine pastures. The new single-seat chair lift is not only the first step to get to the mountains easily, but also a pleasantly slow form of transport which lets you enjoy some solitude.

Alm Pharmacy Discover the highest alm pharmacy in Austria. Four modules allow interactive experiencing of old pharmacy handcraft and herbal knowledge. A number of local herbs and their healing effects are presented in text and pictures, and some of the aromas will be familiar.

Source of Life You will find this power place on a hike along forestry roads between the middle and top stations. At the Riegen fountain you draw energy from the power of water.

Alm Pharmacy Freedom - Space - Time Eagle's View

Sky View Source of Life

Awaiting you once you reach 1,256 m above sea level is untouched nature, wonderful hiking paths, stunning views and traditional huts. Six power and awareness places let you understand the importance of the natural and animal world while surrounded by the powerful backdrop of the Kaiser Mountains and the nature reserve. In 2016, as part of the initiative "9 places – 9 treasures", the Kaisertal was selected as Austria's most beautiful place.

Nature Experience Kaiser Mountains  
Nature Experience Kaiser Mountains