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The Epiphany of Tea Kuei* 2012 Solo Exhibition

圖 文集 。

Introduction: "The Epiphany of Tea" On my journey of creation, I spent much of the time observing and waiting. I observe the colors I create when I improvised, and the intriguing sense of flowing that has no rules to follow. I wait for the moment I can be told what they wish themselves to become. Or, if I'm lucky enough, they're willing to accomplish the scene I wish to accomplish according to my imagination. Over these years, I learn that I should hold no assumption, for it always turns out to be different from what I imagined. The only thing I can do is to appreciate the beauty cause by accidence whole-heartedly and contentedly. Face with tea, I'm nothing but an immature kid. I open my mind and absorb knowledge. This time, I present "The Epiphany of Tea" because gradually tea has become part of my life. And it is because of tea, I learn how to appreciate the beauty of tea pots and props, how to enjoy listening the sound of boiling water and smelling the scent of floras and fruits. I learn to taste bitterness, as well as sweetness, and sense that my body shift between hot and cold. Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and together with my body, are all full of senses. Hence, I'd like to depict what I truly feel and the feeling aroused by tea, my five senses. Other than that, painting what tea itself possesses as its feelings. This serves as a reminder for myself that tea can be as alive as my paintings, that both share life. I am so thankful that I can be the one who observe, wait, and appreciate.

2012/6/24~9/22 K u e i * 2 0 1 2 S o l o Ex hi b i t i on


在創作中,我很多的時間是花在觀察、等待; 觀察自己在即興時玩出來的色彩以及那種沒有規範的流動感, 等待有那麼一刻,被告知他們希望變成的模樣, 或是,如果我很幸運,他們願意結合我的想像,達成我希望的畫面。 很多年後,我學會不能預設任何事情,因為畫出來的一定會和想像中的不一樣。 我唯一可以做的,就是心滿意足地欣賞這些意外的美麗。

面對茶,我是個一知半解的幼子, 開放著自己,吸收新知。



學習欣賞茶器具、聽水滾的聲音、聞花果蜜香、品苦甜澀味、感覺身體冷熱變化。 眼耳鼻舌身,都充滿了感覺。 於是,想要畫出這份感覺,因茶而察覺的,自己的五感。 另外就是畫,茶,他所擁有的感覺。 提醒自己,茶和畫一樣,都有他們自己的生命, 我很幸運可以做那個觀察、等待、欣賞的人。



彈落的那一剎那 陽光化作珍珠

捧在掌心 暖入人心

Pearls˙Beads of dew The moment it drops Sunshine transformed into pearls Cradled by palm and thereto warm your heart

30x30cm/ acrylic on canvas/ 2012


香˙聚 是什麼樣的緣份 眾香齊聚

是什麼樣的巧合 你 懷抱於這緣份間 就這樣 傳千里 傳百年 Scents˙Galore and gather What’s written in the stars made all the scents hence gather What coincidence that brought you as our paths crossed and stars aligned Across thousands of miles, for eons of time 30x30cm/ acrylic on canvas/ 2012


煙曲 一串旋律 拉攏 天際人間 一縷輕煙拾起 無限愛憐

穿透 每個細胞的共舞 短暫的永恆 翩翩 A symphony orchestrated by smokes With melody, the heavenly world and our world combine With a thread of smoke, infinite love and tenders are intertwined Together, resonate with the sound of joy brought by the dance of each of body cells as the transient eternity flutters away

30x30cm/ acrylic on canvas/ 2012


30x30cm/ acrylic on canvas/ 2012

凝神 卻非刻意專注


因為所有的所有 都可能是個暗示 暗示下一秒 爆發了的澎湃

Focus but not intentionally concentrate on For all at all could be a hint per se Hinting that at the very next second, the outburst of emotions will flood

會 跳躍的流轉軌跡即興 沒有劇本

只有等待發芽的劇情 意會 而後形會 這裡交集 那裡分離

Accomplish The route of hopping was random without pre-written script Only storylines that wait for sprouting First fulfill intrinsic meaning, and then fulfill the outer forms Intersect here, while separate there


30x30cm/ acrylic on canvas/ 2012


30x30cm/ acrylic on canvas/ 2012

轉˙之一 轉眼 瀟灑曾經昇華 婉轉不知降落  掀 傾 又是一室飄香 Twist and turn / part 1 In a flash, the uninhibited spirit that once sublimed knows nowhere to land Flip and splash; Again the room is all enriched by fragrance


轉˙之二 轉念 線索輕攪時空 以為 沒有說 出口的思緒 不再 回音的漣漪卻 淹蓋

Twist and turn / part 2 As the mind shifts, with clues slightly stirring up time and space, and I thought Those unspoken feelings no longer linger Ripples of echo, however Overwhelm

20x20cm/ acrylic on canvas/ 2012


轉˙ 之三 轉身

能有多遠 和自己的距離

是探戈 還是恰恰 融解了速度 易位了節拍

是誰 置身事外

20x20cm/ acrylic on canvas/ 2012

Twist and turn / part 3 Turn around but how far it could be The distance between me and myself is tangle or Cha Cha Cha That melts speed and switch beats Who, keeps himself away from all this

09 30x30cm acrylic on canvas 2012

茶中精靈˙羽 獸篇

The fairies of tea˙Chapter Feathered Creature

揮翅 千萬流水潺潺

Flutter, while miles of waters gurgle

將軍我 一世氣宇風狂

General, me, harbor clouds and winds in arms

10 30x30cm acrylic on canvas 2012

茶中精靈˙蝴蝶篇 那似曾相識的 

是在潛意識邊上 我為你們編織的旋律 點點 夢裡 層層 域外

The fairies of tea˙ Chapter Butterflies What seems to be familiar is the melody I orchestrate for you on the boundaries of sub-consciousness Note by note, into the dream step by step, out of the boundary

茶中精靈˙人魚篇 雲煙是我鼓動 海波 流浪是我停靠礁岸 異鄉的景思鄉的情 綿延 不斷 The fairies of tea˙Chapter Mermaid Swirling clouds, result from the sea waves I propel Rove, generated at the reefed-coast where I dock The scenes of this place away from home and my memories of home neither will ever end

11 30x30cm acrylic on canvas 2012

茶中精靈˙海豚篇 留下印記的先人們 如此先知 循著密語 我 療癒連結

The fairies of tea˙Chapter Dolphin Ancestors who left marks have told us so Following these secret words I, hence recovery and connect

12 30x30cm acrylic on canvas 2012

守護者 在這廣大方圓中

如果不是你希望著 我不會發現你 這就是人們說的心電感應吧

你的心 期待著被懂得欣賞的人守護著 我懂 Guardian In this vastly broad world If you did not wished so, I would never find you I guess this is what they called telepathic Your heart is waiting for being guarded by someone who will truly appreciateI truly know

Φ30cm/ acrylic on canvas/ 2012


37 . 5x49 .5 c m(含 框 )/ o il o n c ar db oa rd / 20 1 2


味蕾魔術˙之一 我們喜好相近 氣味相投

因為分享 歡樂加倍

想來是這點 感染了魔術的堆疊 Taste bud magic / part 1 We share similar interests and kindred spirits For we share, the joy is doubled I guess this is the cause for being infected with an aggregation of magic

味蕾魔術˙之二 曾經認真研究過 我們的不同  你多了些羽毛 我多了些力道

發現我們一起 魔術就改變時  才明白 還好我們是不同的

Taste bud magic / part 2 I have deeply gone through the difference between us I found you have some more feathers while I have some more strength As I found the time we joined as one the magic subsequently changed I discovered: It’s good that we are different


37 .5 x49. 5 c m (�楆 ) / o il o n c a r d b o a r d / 20 1 2

37 . 5x49 .5 c m(含 框 )/ o il o n c ar db oa rd / 20 1 2


味蕾魔術˙之三 自由 是我們的呼吸我們的血液 這魔術賜與我們以遠見  以遠見我們榮耀自由

Taste bud magic / part 3 Freedom is our breath and our blood This magic has granted us foresight with which we glorify freedom

味蕾魔術 ˙之四

你喜歡窩在暖暖的地方  躲在縫隙裡 你也喜歡四處巡邏  宣告魔術的開演

Taste bud magic / part 4 You enjoy staying in somewhere warm somewhere like a gap You too, are fond of strolling everywhere to announce the premiere of magic

37.5x49.5cm(含框)/ oil on cardboard/ 2012


樹火 那日午後的海邊 狂風撩起深海的裙襬 搖擺 我在白色沙灘上 遙望兩個太陽 樹火標出了永恆


The fire of tree One afternoon on the beach Fierce wind blowed up the skirt of deep sea, and it swing I sat on the white sand beach and watching the two suns far away The fire of tree marked out eternity


45.5x53cm/ acrylic on canvas/ 2011

With those gaze over thousands of decades Silent web that weaved by fate was finally cast down

91x72.5cm/ acrylic on canvas/ 2012

茶舟 袖攬浮日滄滄 胸懷氣宇濤濤 波瀾擁簇 天地一舟 Boat of tea Those days past away are kept under my belt and my bosom is full of endless ambitions Through the waves that gather The boat wanders in the world



客來 客來 烹茶 請君一杯

迷濛交錯 越苦還香 A visitor comes As he comes, we boil tea And we fill a cup to welcome his visit All the fuzziness surround and it tastes bitter yet still smells mesmerizing

91x72.5cm/ acrylic on canvas/ 2011





3 4



一式˙ 起手無悔  二式˙ 巧捷萬端

三式˙ 成己成物  四式˙ 轉海回天

五式˙ 合衷共濟  六式˙ 吐納於心

Tea ritual Yoga Steps 1/ Take action and no look back 2/ Swiftness encompass infinity 3/ Accomplish yourself and the thing itself 4/ Return to the sea and back to the sky 5/ For the same start point that two ways cross 6/ Breathe from and to your heart

91x72.5cm/ acrylic on canvas/ 2012


The Waterpouring Town As spring comes


kids in town grab their paper kite


and swarm to places with


clear sky and strong wind You may not see through the


deep grand gardens of a mansion


but those smokes of cooking


On the lush garden’s bridge

signal the excitement of a reunion

是爺二十年前 沒成的姻緣

await a romance that never

注水城腳下 注水河邊上 

Down under Waterpouring Town

comes true twenty years ago

and on the river back of it


people swinging for fun and

沁著水涼 打著鞦韆 

enjoying the coolness of water

22 91x72.5cm/ acrylic on canvas/ 2012

特別感謝陪我一路走來的家人、朋友 以及促成這次展出的櫳翠坊

Special thanks to my dear family, friends, and LOST. TRAINED. FOUND. for it’s contribution to this exhibition.

Copyright © 2012 Kuei-Ling Hsu. All Rights Reserved.

The Epiphany of Tea  

drawings and poems inspired by tea

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