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kuebler w perry University of South Florida School of Architecture and Community Design project portfolio



Introduction to Architecture

Introduction to Technology Materials and Methods

Forensic Architecture Care of Making 3D Studio Max

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core design one prof steve cooke | fall 2006

a line with 3 corners

drawing in section

drawing in perspective

the plan

axonometric plan extrusions

field journal

use two inter locking planes as the basis for the design and construction of a three dimen sional “tribute to space� in which the transition of spaces, with var ied degrees of enlclosure, flow together to create a tribute to space

a unified whole

space and habitation | designing in section

... I remembered the barn just in time. I hadn’t thought of it in at least twelve years, except for once when my father told me they bulldozed it into its own bowels... the memory of the barn retains a certain quality for me, I think because I didn’t know what was going on... it was night time in there, pitch black at first, with an overhead teeming with points of light...this instance of ignorance was a strange moment of clarity; to exist so separately filled with wonder- not knowing why it looked like this and then just as quickly figuring it out and my eyes adjusting and the picture becoming fuller as the rest of the space comes into focus and the stars overhead becoming holes in a rotted roof...most compelling was the light coming through the roof, tiny portals into the space where sky and earth mixed to become something special...also of note was the light that came in from beneath, through collapsed portions of foundation, in some moments lighting up the explosion of joists and glass and old rope that once held weight...

space into light | the light model

final project | riverfront retreat

Process is more important than outcome. When the outcome drives the process we will only ever go where we’ve already been. If process drives the oucome we may not know where we’re going, but we will know we want to be there. Love your experiments (as you would an ugly child). Joy is the engine of growth. Exploit the liberty in casting your work as beautiful experiments, iterations, attempts, trials, and errors. Take the long view and allow yourself the fun of failure every day. -Bruce Mau

core design two beverly frank | spring 2007

field journal

Synthesize and apply your discoveries of technique and techtonic qualities from your initial precedent studies in the design of the corner of a house. The design of the corner will address each of the components in a single, unified system. Emphasis is on the synthesis and application of research towards the poetics of construction. Skillful and thoughtful integration of components into a holistic system. Craft. ** Plan ahead regarding material choices, the shop will be closed for the move.

the corner |





for the floor | ceiling project, we were to design



pavilion for a woman on the site of an old family house- I devised a large rack that held inserted






other material with a focus on the ability of the materials to retain the heat of the day, or their tactile contrast or similarity to sand- and the subsequent impact on the user through the floor + ceiling project | Beach Place

his or her

bare feet

the wall study

modular housing | charrette with: daniel ehret christina theoharide joshua jones

our group conceived a modular system focused on unspoken but related instances of interaction between neighbors each unit was attatched to a massive wall, alternating sides down its length-each resident entered their unit from the opposite side of the wall, so by virtue of choosing your entry path, and passing underneath the other unitsyour way is illuminated by the interior lights of residents above, and you come to identify with themwho stays up late, who never sleeps at home, who has a cat in the window every morning, etc.

design 2 final project | corner typology


152 gaston bachelard, from “The Poetics of Space”

objects | furniture

The impact of creating full-scale, useable objects that begin to explore some of the same ideas encountered in design studios has been immeasurably positive for me. These pieces have been ongoing in production, both individually and in groups. Many pieces were jointly accomplishedwith Logan Mahaffey, and collaboration seldom starts or stops with a single project. Several pieces are selling, but all are in a spirit of exploration, both conceptually and materially, with an ultimate goal of seamless fusion between the two. This enjoyable and productive study on the sidelines has influenced both my studio work and that of my collaborators, I think, for the better.

mahogany bench | summer 2006 this bench was constructed from 17 feet of solid steel rod, bent with an oxy /acetylene torch and a welded steel jig for accuracy the seating surface is solid mahogany treated with danish oil process began upon receipt of SACD acceptance letter

cardboard table: introduction to technology prof. steve cooke

care of making | prof. steve cooke

table | clock table- constructed subtractively from rough form of laminated plywood sheets and wood glue dyed with powdered pigment clock- strips of masonite laminated, planed, and cut to size both projects sought to explore possibilities in layering materials, what qualities about the material might be exploited through layering and through what was adhering the layers together, as well as what might be discovered by placing many pieces of the same material adjacent to each other

red bench this bench was a study for a larger piece, with ideas taken from ship hull construction, the goal was an apparent heaviness and solidity, with uniformity of thick material- but with an actuality of lightness, hollowness, greater strength, and an economy of material use plywood, mdf, stain

low-tech dish this dish is an exploration of the interface between tool and material- where a plank is manipulated with only one tool, and the shape of that tool’s contact is intersected with the same shape in a different plane solid ash

ketchaus these clocks are the result of days spent in the studio simultaneously working on individual projects and the inevitable collaboration that occurs when ideas pass back and forth and someone needs you to help them clamp something

stand materials and methods spring 2008 prof. michael haflants with: josh deacon ashleigh baird danielle derosa

Wisdom is like electricity. There is no permanently wise man, but men capable of wisdom, who, being put into certain company...become wise for a short time, as glasses rubbed acquire electric power for awhile. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

core design three prof. jin baek | fall 2007

project one | an experimental pre-school

sandbox concept

this design developed from two main observations- the first was a prominent seabreeze through the site, carrying sound, smell, and temperature into the school, and also out of the school into the surrounding pedestrian area- which came into being based on the second observation: presence of a large retirement complex directly across the street. the buildings axis exploits the seabreeze for cooling play areas and creates a secondary outdoor environment bounded to the south by the heavy walls of the existing building, activating it as a shaper of newer, more purposeful space. the design establishes an interactive environment where the lives of the old could become enriched via proximity to the young, and vice-versa. as the wind carries the smells and coolness of the sea and of the garden center plantings into the schools main corridor of occulus-crowned sandboxes, the laughter of playing children would be carried along to the old in the newly developed circulation areas streetside, allowing a chance for personal reflection with reference to the various stages of life present

project two | a sustainable bed and breakfast

this project was an intensive study in spatial relationships and their subsequent effect on human interaction, bodily movement and exertion through space, and their ability to reinforce the heirarchy of certain programmatic elements. the site was the same as project one, this time the focus dealt with breakfast as a glorified moment, and concentrated the experiences around breakfast to promote a greater sense of community and human interaction between visitors as the dining table dialogue opened up and increased in scale to encompass the entire project, experiences drawn from travelers and breakfasteers alike informed initial design criteria and spatial organization, while studies in section, wall, and floor|ceiling conditions as well as programming and space planning combined to bring the architecture to completion

cross-stage communicative relationships

planar surface illumination in moring sunlight

conceptual models

wall study

section | floor | ceiling study

this sketch model allowed for placement of various floor | ceiling study inserts from the previous page, and also functioned as a tool for studying light conditions, alignment, and space planning it enabled a 3d representation of plan| section relationships that connected directly with the corresponding 2d drawings and diagrams

sketch model

two sides of the building were roughly designed with previous models, and then refined slightly and rebuilt in this model, leaving room to concentrate on the central furrow space and which of the various conditions might work best

section model a study in supporting floors of different heights with the same horizontal members, and how the differential structure might begin to enhance the vertical space it spans

“The only pos sible atmosphere in which to carry on creative work is one in which these qualities prevail: regularity, modesty, continuity, perseverance.� Le Corbusier

for your patience, encouragement, and humor,

thank you steph kate mom & phil dad & donna rog mercedes jenny daryl sobek fadi amalia logan jared aaron josh shawn ashley gil steve jin michael beverly katrina sonia

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