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The Art Of Approaching Women Review

Do you see that beautiful lady by the bar? Do you want to meet her, and maybe have a couple of drinks, and more? Just walk up to her and start a conversation; it’s pretty simple, right? Well, not if you’re like most men. A lot of men are too nervous to just walk up to a girl and talk to her, especially if she’s really attractive.

However, there are men who can approach women with ease and assurance. If you want The Art of to be one of them, try reading “The Approaching Approaching“. This “Art of Approaching” review is intended to give you an idea of just how helpful this book by Joseph can be. If you’ve read a few books about dating, especially those that were written by successful pick-up artists and experts in the art of seduction, you’ve probably been told that in order to approach women successfully,

you should be confident because women love a man who is in control and at ease in his own skin.

Usually, these books won’t tell you how you can correctly turn your shy, timid self into a confident lady-killer. That’s where James Matthews’ book will help you. This book tells you what confidence really means – and it’s not about adopting a swagger or spouting the right pick-up lines.

“The Art of Approaching” is divided into several sections that cover various “arts” such as body language, approach, confidence, flirting, storytelling, seduction, and being social. This makes it very user-friendly, concise, and clear.

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This book goes to the root of the idea of confidence and approaching women. It focuses particularly on illustrating how common misconceptions can get in the way by destroying a man’s confidence. It also enumerates the bad habits that keep you from developing self-assurance. To further underscore the importance of psychology in a man’s success with women, the book mentions the right state of mind essential to approaching and hooking up with women.

On the subject of making an actual approach, Matthews gives a list of convenient “openers” that really work. These are openers and not pickup lines and thus include such reasonable topics of conversation as advice, complements and opinion.

There are also more unconventional openers like telling a joke or even a judiciously chosen insult. More elaborate methods like role-play, drama and situational openers are also explained. Of course, the merits of the direct approach are discussed s well. These openers aren’t just given out as a list. The theory behind each one is also carefully discussed so that you can adapt and adjust each opener to suit your own personal style.

But what happens after you’ve managed to make an opening? You’ll have to keep the lady’s attention of course, and that’s where a very enlightening segment on storytelling comes in. You only have to see a movie house full of spellbound people to understand how powerful a skill storytelling can be.

In the section on storytelling, Matthews shows you that you can make incidents out of your life can be used to create a compelling narrative that will capture a woman’s imagination and hence, get her involved and create an emotional response.

The chapter on seduction will also tell you how to be the man women want to be with, so that attracting women and keeping them interested becomes natural and easy rather than fraught with difficulty and effort.

James Matthews says that he used to be a shy man who was “hopeless with women”. This “The Art of Approaching” review is actually a

description of the book he wrote after much observation and trial-and-error in order to help all the nice guys out there who deserve a beautiful lady’s time and attention.

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The Art Of Approaching Women Free Download  
The Art Of Approaching Women Free Download  

If you’ve read a few books about dating, especially those that were written by successful pick-up artists and experts in the art of seductio...