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PROBLEM DEFINITION Vietnam is now at a fast-paced development and it is obvious that the country needs more and strong leaders to be fully responsible for the country’s development. Meanwhile, the youth, who are regarded as future owners of the country, are the possible force that need to take the lead in this progress of both improving economic state and creating positive impact to the society.

World Economics Forum defines Once, the best indication of success was an individual's past experience. Now, with the world as interconnected as it is, we find the old models are no longer working and we need fresh approaches from the youth to solve the world's most pressing problems.

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SUMMER CAMP Summer Camp is a national project run by AIESEC Vietnam, aiming to raise self awareness as well as acknowledgement about current trends and issues in high school students and freshmen in universities. Summer Camp also gives them opportunity to create positive impact on society through practical experience. Mission Create environment for high school students and freshmen in universities to raise their self awareness, understanding of social issue and trends in Vietnam, acknowledge of their responsibility for themselves and the society and empower them to take action by giving them opportunity to create their own impact on society through practical experience. Vision We envision that Vietnam has a lot of young leaders to contribute to the development of the country, who are responsible for their lives and society.

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Social Impact Strategies o o

Camp includes self awareness, social issues acknowledgment and ends with a campaign to solve one of the issues in attendees city in collaboration with the companies; Camp activities are tailored with debate, discussion, presentation, teamwork activities, role play, simulation, practical case studies to obtain practical soft skills.

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Social Impact INDICATORS o o o o

Change in mindset of students based on survey sending; Company’s feedback; Positive change relating to SC in attendees life, possibly after they get back to studying; The scale of follow up campaign and its practical. (MoS will be defined during camp)

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# of members working on realization of project (including supporters, ambassadors...); # of attendants; scale of follow-up campaign; Income from project to LC budget.

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Summer Camp Social Plan  

National Project | AIESEC in Vietnam '14

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