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The Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree program at Khalifa University is a professional degree program modeled after the North American medical education system. Applicants are required to have completed a baccalaureate degree prior to admission. The program seeks applicants who are passionate about healthcare and are interested in becoming medical doctors. By employing leading-edge technology to promote scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and comprehensive clinical expertise, medical students will be fully prepared to enter residency training in any specialty anywhere in the world.

Content Medical students will gain mastery of contemporary medical knowledge, concepts, and the methods fundamental to applying them to the health of individuals and populations. Medical students also acquire clinical experience in both inpatient and ambulatory settings at affiliated hospitals and clinics in Abu Dhabi.

Structure & Duration The MD degree is a four-year full-time program that integrates basic and clinical sciences into each year. The program is divided into four periods of study with five strands: Biomedical Science; Clinical Medicine; Physicianship; Medicine and Society; and Research, Technology and Innovation. The first two periods focus on the core biomedical sciences, organ systems, clinical skills, the role of physicians in society, professional development, and clinical research. The third and fourth periods focus on clinical clerkships and specialty training. Period 1: Foundations of Medicine Period 2: Integrated organ systems Period 3: Core Clinical Clerkships Period 4: Advanced Clinical Rotations

Admission Requirements


Applicants will be evaluated on their academic performance, non-academic

Khalifa University offers all candidates admitted to the MD degree program

experiences (e.g., leadership, service, research clinical work), demonstrable interest

100% tuition coverage. Additional scholarship benefits may include:

in healthcare, and personal attributes such as maturity, leadership and resilience.

• Monthly stipend for UAE nationals

To apply, students must meet the following criteria:

• Free textbooks

1. Bachelor’s degree (STEM discipline preferred) from an accredited college or university

• Free accommodations in university housing (subject to availability) • Support to attend educational events locally and internationally

2. Cumulative GPA ≥ 3.0; Science GPA ≥ 3.0 3. MCAT: Official score must be provided. Scores ≥ 500 are preferred 4. English Proficiency as evidenced by: iBT TOEFL (internet-based test) score of 91 or greater or Overall academic IELTS score of 6.5 or greater or 1550 or greater EmSAT English score Exemption for this requirement may be possible for native English speakers who have completed a degree at an English-speaking university 5. Pre-requisite courses: General Biology with laboratory – 2 semesters General Chemistry with laboratory – 2 semesters Organic Chemistry with laboratory – 2 semesters or Organic Chemistry with laboratory – 1 semester plus Biochemistry – 1 semester Physics with laboratory – 2 semesters Mathematics (College Algebra or higher) – 2 semesters In addition, it is recommended that applicants have completed at least two courses in one or more of the following: bioethics, business, economics, epidemiology/statistics, cell biology, foreign/additional language, genetics, humanities, immunology, microbiology, physiology, psychology, social sciences, sociology. 6. Student can meet Technical Standards with or without reasonable accommodation 7. Three letters of support from professional and personal references. At least one reference must be from a faculty member from the candidate’s conferring university.

Application & Information Apply online: For additional information: