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M5640SU/M7040SU 4WD Special Utility Tractors Introducing two M-Series tractors built with the power and features to tackle almost any task.

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KUBOTA’S NEW MULTIState-of-the-art hydraulics. Intuitive operation. Superior lifting power. The new M5640SU/M7040SU are simply multi-talented. Sleek and powerful, these feature-rich multi-task tractors can do-it-well. Tractor tough, so bring it on!

M5640SU M7040SU

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-TASK UTILITY TRACTOR Kubota Diesel Engine The Kubota engine produces greater power, increased efficiency and cleaner emissions. The V2403-T and V3307 engines (M5640SU and M7040SU) boast 56HP and 68HP respectively. They also provide higher PTO power, with the M5640SU offering 50HP and the M7040SU providing a whopping 62HP.

M5640SU M7040SU

Partially-Synchronized Transmission with Synchronized Shuttle The Kubota M5640SU and M7040SU are equipped with a partially synchronized main transmission to increase travel efficiency. The range shift lever can act as a synchronized shuttle transmission between forward (low range) and reverse, making front loader work more efficient.

Synchro-Shuttle Shift Located on the left side of the seat, this conveniently placed shuttle lever allows you to quickly and easily switch between forward and reverse. It’s particularly handy when performing tasks that require repetitive motions, like front loader work.

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Cerametalic Disc Clutch (M7040SU only) Forward

Built to last, the main clutch in the synchroshuttle transmission features cerametalic material of superb abrasion resistance.

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Engine Key Stop

The hand accelerator has been relocated near the steering wheel, making both steering and accelerating easier. The M7040SU’s hand accelerator is on the right console for easy accessibility.

A 4-position (preheat/on/off/start) keyoperated switch engages a solenoid to shut off the engine.

Digital Panel A digital LCD panel makes viewing vital functions of your M-Series tractor clear and easy. View PTO revolution and hour meter information digitally. Analog indicators include a large tachometer, temperature gauge and fuel gauge.

Wide Fenders One-Piece Full Open Hood Halogen Head Lights Large Front Grill

ISO-Mounted Semi-Flat Deck With Hanging Pedals

Easy and Intuitive Operation The M-Series’ PTO lever and 3-point hitch lever are on the right console, and the 4WD lever and high/low/Reverse range gear shift are on the left console. Together, these provide an intuitive and easily accessible layout for tractor operation. M7040SU

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Bevel Gear 4WD/Front Axle The bevel-gear front axle provides greater all-around maneuverability and a tighter turning radius. This allows intricate and heavy-duty operation even in the most confined areas.

Flip-Up Type PTO Shield Telescopic Stabilizers

Adjustable Lift Rod

Hydraulic Independent PTO

3-Point Hitch

Hydraulic Control System

The Live-Independent, 540rpm PTO with wet-type clutch expands the use of these tractors to include rear-mounted, PTO-driven implements such as rotary tillers, post-hole diggers, snow blowers and rear-mount mowers.

The category I and II 3-point hitch has an adjustable top link, turn-buckle-type lift rod, and telescopic stabilizers to provide faster and easier attachment of rear-mount implements. It also offers more than 3,300lbs of lift capacity, 24 inches behind the lift points.

The hydraulics on the M5640SU and M7040SU are state-of-the-art. Internal hydraulic cylinders offer responsive and powerful lifting capacity. Both tractors offer a large pump capacity of 11.0gpm. As a result, the front loader cycle times are short, increasing productivity and facilitating operation. Up to three hydraulic control valves are optional* *M5640SU/SUD offers up to two optional valves when loader is attached.

Front Loaders Kubota’s front loaders offer superior lifting capacity, making them perfect for a variety of light and heavy-duty tasks on the farm or at the worksite. Loaders are fully integrated into the tractor design with a slanted boom to match the tractor’s hood. This not only gives these models a sleeker look, it supplies the operator with more visibility and clearer sight lines to the bucket and loader sides.

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Front loader Tractor model Boom cylinder fulcrum Maximum lift height to pivot pin Maximum lift height under level bucket Clearance with bucket dumped Reach at maximum lift height (dumping reach) Maximum dump angle Reach with bucket on ground Bucket roll-back angle Digging depth Overall height in carrying position Lift capacity to maximum height at pivot pin Bucket rollback force at ground level Raising time Lowering time Bucket dumping time Bucket rollback time Quick coupler

in. (mm) in. (mm) in. (mm) in. (mm) degrees in. (mm) degrees in. (mm) in. (mm) lbs. (kg) lbs. (N) second second second second

LA1002 M5640SU 112.5 (2853) 105.4 (2678) 80.4 (2297) 33.7 (855) 38 70.4 (1787) 26 3.4 (87) 60.6 (1540) 2580 (1170) 5350 (23800) 4.1 2.8 1.7 2.6 option

LA1153 M7040SU Height position Power position 132.7 (3370) 117.2 (2977) 123.3 (3131) 107.8 (2738) 101.5 (2577) 85.5 (2172) 19.6 (498) 37.4 (951) 43 60 76.7 (1947) 43 5.3 (134) 4.4 (111) 61.9 (1573) 2469 (1120) 2928 (1328) 3690 (16415) 4.7 3.6 2.8 3.0 std

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Specifications Model Engine Type (Make: KUBOTA) No.of cylinders/Aspiration Engine net power/PTO power Total displacement Fuel tank capacity Air cleaner Alternator Transmission No. of speeds Main gear shift (4 speeds) Synchro-shuttle Main clutch diameter Main clutch type Brake type Mechanical differential lock Final drive PTO PTO type Speed Hydraulics Pump capacity (3-point hitch) 3-point hitch Category Control system Lift capacity at 24 in. behind lift point No. of remote valves Other features Steering Hood type/Pedal type Deck type Standard tire size Dimensions & weight Overall length Overall height (top of ROPS) Overall width (Minimum) Wheelbase Crop clearance (Front Axle) Tread width Front Rear Turning radius (w/o brake) Tractor weight


HP (kW) (cc) gal. (l)


V2403 -T V3307 E-TVCS, Indirect injection, liquid cooled diesel E-CDIS, Direct injection, liquid cooled diesel 4/ Turbocharged 4/Natural aspirated 56 (41.7) / 50 (37.3) (@2700 rpm) 68(50.7) / 62(46.2) (@2600 rpm) 148.5 (2434) 203 (3331) 13.1 (50) 18.5 (70) Dry, dual-element 40 Amp

45 Amp 8F/4R Partially synchronized (3rd & 4th) Between forward (low) & reverse range 10.8 (275) Dry single plate Mechanical multi-plate wet disc

in. (mm)

Rear standard Inboard Planetary Live-independent, hydraulic PTO with PTO brake, multi-plate wet clutch 540 rpm gpm (l/min.)

lbs. (kg)

11 (41.6) Telescopic stabilizers, turn-buckle-type lift rod I / II Position 3307 (1500) Optional (Max 3)*1 Hydrostatic power steering Full-open hood / Hanging pedals Semi-flat (ISO-mounted)

Front/Rear in. (mm) in. (mm) in. (mm) in. (mm) in. (mm) in. (mm) in. (mm) ft. (m) lbs. (kg)

8.3-24 R1/14.9-28 R1

9.5-24 R1/16.9-30 R1

134.6 (3420) 94.1 (2390)

138 (3500) 97.2 (2470) 73.2 (1860)

78.7 (2000) 18.7 (475) 51.2, 55.1 (1300, 1400) 52.0 -- 67.7 (1320 -- 1720) 12.1 (3.7) 3858 (1750)

81 (2050) 19.7 (500) 55.9 -- 71.7 (1420 -- 1820) 55.9, 59.8 (1420, 1520) 55.9 -- 67.7 (1420 -- 1720) 12.1 (3.7) 4608 (2090)

*1 M5640SU/SUD offers up to two optional valves when loader is attached. This brochure is for descriptive purposes only. The company reserves the right to change the above specifications without notice. Please contact your local Kubota dealer for warranty information. For your safety, Kubota strongly recommends the use of a Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and seat belt in almost all applications. For complete operational information, the operator's manual should be consulted.

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