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R o ta R Y t E d d E R a n d R a K E

tE4052t Ra1042t

Rotary tedder and rake with working widths of 17’1” and 13’9” respectively


During the hydraulic folding action for transport, the tines are automatically raised. 2

Pull-type drawbar.

Triangular washers allow the tine angle to be set quickly and easily in three different positions.

NG PROCESS STRONG AND EASY TO MAINTAIN The Kubota TE4052T features a maintenance friendly gearbox, with only one grease nipple. The gearbox is mounted directly to the frame that provides full support across the tedder.

The Kubota Super-C tines are made of 9mm shot-peened spring steel for added strength and extended service life, even when tedding large quantities of crop. The tines are equal length, so no need to store two types of tines.

The Kubota TE4052T is built around a rugged new box section chassis, made out of one piece of metal with only one welding seam - for maximum rigidity. The chassis design is fully enclosed at the top edge for maximum strength – an exceptionally solid design, which allows the tedder to withstand the most severe loads.

The Hay Making Tedder The new Kubota TE4052T is designed to optimize performance for producing dry hay. The four rotors, in combination with a wide overlap, ensure complete pick up of the hay and equal distribution over the entire working width. The Kubota TE4052T rotors are driven by a low maintenance gearbox with only one grease point. The bearings from

the pinion and crown wheel ensure maximum longevity of the driveline. The low weight of 904 lbs (410kg) is ideal for applications with small tractors, or on hilly terrain.

Powerful Dimensions This smaller model excels with a rotor plate diameter measuring 19.7� (500mm). The gearbox is mounted directly to the frame that provides full support across the tedder.




Ideal for Low Horsepower Tractors

Exceptional Raking Performance

Easy Set for Transport

The new Kubota RA1042T single rotor rake is designed for low power requirements, while still delivering considerable working width of 13’9” (4.2m). Offering a pull-type design and linkage mounted drawbar, the Kubota RA1042T can be easily operated by low horsepower tractors.

The flexible tines do not touch the ground during work, significantly reducing the risk of dirt being collected into the windrow. The Kubota RA1042T leaves a fluffy and well-shaped windrow, either as a single row or two rows into one windrow. All tine arms can be removed and parked along the frame, an advantage in both transport and storage.

The Kubota RA1042T is easily set for transport, and can be conveniently raised up to a height of 1’6” (500mm) from the tractor driver’s seat. The guard is easily folded manually, and tine arms are quickly removed for even more narrow transport width.

OW MAINTENANCE Maintenance-Friendly Gearbox The Kubota RA1042T features oilimmersed cam discs and guide rollers. Tine arm bearings are integrated into, and permanently greased inside, the cam track and are virtually maintenancefree. High-tensile tine arm holders provide the compact unit with strength and dependability. Kubota-developed cam tracks are specifically tailored to individual rotor diameters for optimum raking at any working width and on any model.

Gearbox with permanent lubrication of curve disc and cam followers, including tine arm control.

High Lift Tine Arms For Better Windrows The Kubota RA1042T is fitted with curved tine arms, to ensure a regular and even windrow formation. Additionally the curved shape prevents material from being pushed in the direction of the rotor and allows a higher lifting out of the swath.

Kubota tine arms Conventional tine arms

Flexible Raking Tines The Kubota RA1042T is fitted with 11 tangential tine arms and 4 double tines per arm. The high tine frequency ensures clean raking performance, even at reduced rpm and high travel speed. Infinitely variable cam track adjustment allows fine tuning to obtain optimum raking and swath formation according to crop conditions.

The Kubota RA1042T offers narrow transport width and plenty of clearance.

With 19.7� (500mm) lifting height, windrows can be driven over with no problems. The rotor is lifted using only a single acting valve.

9 mm wire diameter tines for outstanding durability.

4-wheel 18.5� tandem axle is standard and offers excellent ground contour following, minimizing the amount of the dirt into the windrow.



Kubota TE4052T: • • • • • •

17’1” (5.2m) working width. Weight 904lbs (410kg). Pull-type design with low weight and power requirements. Low maintenance gearbox with only one grease point. Super-C tines with large spring coil diameter for added service life. Double bearings in the pinion and crown wheel ensures maximum longevity of the driveline.

Kubota RA1042T: • • • • • 6

13’9” (4.2m) working width. Weight 1256lbs (570kg). Virtually maintenance-free gearbox. Lifting height of 19.7” (500mm). Pull-type design for low horsepower tractors.




13’9” (4.20)

Dimensions & Weight Working width (ft/m)

17’1” (5.20)

Tedding Width (ft/m)

17’9” (5.40)


Transport width (ft/m)

9’6” (2.90)

6’7” (2.00)

Transport length (ft/m)

8’6” (2.60)

12’1” (3.90)

Storage height (ft/m)

8’8” (2.65)


Weight approx. (lbs/kg)

904 (410)

1256 (570)

Hitch Type/Drawbar Linkage drawbar Rotors/Tine Arms Number of rotors



Rotor diameter (ft/m)


11’ (3.35)

Number of tine arms/rotors



Number of double tines per arm



Detachable tine arms


Tine adjustment system


Reduction gearbox for night windrows



Height adjustment



Wheels and Axles Wheels (4)



Tandem axle


Warning panels

- With integrated lighting



• = standard o = optional - = not available

Swath board for Kubota TE4052T 5’3”/5’10” 6’7”/6’11” (1.60/1.80m) (2.00/2.10m)

7’9” (2.40m)

9’2” (2.80m)


The company reserves the right to change the above specifications without notice. This brochure is for descriptive purpose only. Some of the items pictured in this brochure are optional and not standard equipment. Please consult your local Kubota dealer for warranty, safety or product information. For your safety, Kubota strongly recommend the use of a seat belt in all applications.

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