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Power. Traction. Tight turning radius. With the innovative “Glide Steer,” the GR2000 and GR2100 outperform all other ride-on lawn and garden tractors in their class.

Revolutionary new technology:


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Innovative technology. Advanced engineering Plus the revolutionary “Glide Steer.” For professional results, no wonder the Kubota GR Series is unrivalled. Revolutionary new technology:

STEER Introducing a technology so revolutionary, it enables the GR Series to turn on a dime. By employing the unique “Glide Steer,” these lawn and garden tractors easily and efficiently cut grass in the tightest areas. The GR Series also has the ability to control and provide good traction even under difficult conditions. Add it all up, and you have the most maneuverable and powerful lawn and garden tractors Kubota ever built.

Glide Steer

Limited inner rear wheel traction


Front wheel turning angle

Limited inner rear wheel traction

Travelling direction

Inner rear wheel traction (%)

Here's how our new technology works. Whenever starting a turn on either the GR2000 or GR2100, the inside rear wheel begins to track freely. Thus, enabling a tight turn while preventing damage to the turf.


During Glide Steer operation 100


10 0

Steering angle


*Not shown actual figures, only image.

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Outstanding traction When driving in a straight direction, the GR Series provides outstanding traction with their all-wheel drive.

Sharp turning For the sharpest turn possible, both front wheels turn an incredible 70 degrees.

Outstanding traction Once the front wheels are straight, the GR Series resumes all-wheel drive.

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Performance You demand the best and the GR2000/GR2100 deliver.

By using the same advanced technology found in Kubota farm tractors, the GR Series is equipped with features that are unmatched in its class.

Powerful engine Tapping Kubota’s legendary heritage of quality engine design, the GR2100 is powered by a 21-horsepower, 3-cylinder diesel engine, while the GR2000 has a 2-cylinder, high performance gas engine. The engines generate a high torque rise that easily handles hours of heavy-duty mowing, even in tall grass.

Versatile HST transmission Kubota’s reputable HST transmission is easily controlled by a single foot pedal, and produces a smooth and comfortable ride.

Diesel engine

Hydrostatic power steering Soft-touch power steering enhances maneuverability, reduces fatigue, and makes operating both the GR2000 and the GR2100 effortless.

Gasoline engine

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Tu r f Our Performance Pro 48-inch and 54-inch mower decks ensure professional results. The GR2000 and GR2100’s 48-inch and 54-inch, heavy-duty mowers have a 5-inch-deep deck to achieve a superior, professional cut. With user-friendly features such as easy to reach cutting-height adjustment dial and convenient hydraulic mower lift lever, it's easy to operate the mowers and get professional results. For an immaculate finish, an easy-to-attach/detach mulching kit is also available.

Easy reach cutting height adjustment dial

Hydraulic mower lift lever

Mulching kit (Optional) A one-piece unit that's easy to install, our mulch system makes grass clippings disappear into your grass, creating a healthier lawn.

“Catch All” grass catcher (Optional) Incredibly sturdy yet lightweight, the large capacity, 10 bushel collection system lets you cut longer without having to stop and empty the bags.

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Durability Ultra durable means years of dependable service.

Enhanced durability Every component has been designed to provide amazing durability. For exceptional strength and toughness, a 3/16-inch, U-shaped frame has been used as the starting platform—ensuring many years of trouble-free performance.

Shaft-drive transmission Unlike the belt-drive systems utilized in conventional garden tractors, our low-maintenance shaft-drive transmission will provide years and years of reliable service.

Shaft-drive PTO/ Wet-type PTO clutch Conventional garden tractors also utilize belt-drive PTOs, but our garden tractors don’t. Our shaft-drive PTO and wet-type PTO clutch have proven to deliver higher reliability with far less maintenance. No more belts and pulleys to maintain.


Grass catcher (GCK54-GR)

48" Front blade (GR2705)

46" Snow blower (GR2707)

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Comfort Maximum comfort for maximum output.

Suspension seat/Full-flat operator platform Oversized and generously padded, the GR2000 and GR2100’s parallel linkage suspension seat can be adjusted to provide a high level of comfort to a wide range of operators. The full-flat open platform minimizes operator fatigue by offering plenty of legroom.

HST pedal

Full-flat open operator platform

Cruise control To engage, simply depress the HST pedal, then set the speed by pulling the speed-set knob.

Easy reach cutting height adjustment dial

Hydraulic mower lift lever

Comfortable suspension seat Cup holder

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Specifications Model Engine Model Type Total displacement Gross horsepower Engine layout Fuel tank capacity Dimension Overall length Overall width (w/mower) Overall height Wheelbase Tread Front/Rear Weight (w/mower) Tire size Front/Rear (cc) HP (kW)



GH630 2 cylinders, gasoline, air cooled 38.1 (624) 20.0 (14.7)

Kubota D782 3 cylinders, diesel, water-cooled 47.7 (782) 21.0 (15.5) Horizontal 4.8 (18)

gal. (l) inch (mm) inch (mm) inch (mm) inch (mm)

77.2 (1960) 60.4 (1535) 50.4 (1280)

inch (mm) lbs. (kg)

66.3 (1685) 48.4 (1230)

32.5 (825) / 31.5 (800) 881 (400)

948 (430) 16 × 6.5 – 8 / 23 × 10.50 – 12 Hydrostatic transmission

Transmission Transmission drive

Shaft drive

Speed control

Single foot pedal

Traveling speed Forward/Reverse mph (km/h) Brake PTO clutch Mower deck drive Steering system Operator's deck Seat adjustment Seat suspension Fuel gauge Hour meter Easy checker Mower Operator Presence Control (OPC) Travel Operator Presence Control (OPC) Blade shut off brake Grass catcher (optional) Capacity bushel Material of bag

0 – 6.2 (0 – 10.0) / 0 – 3.1 (0 – 5.0) Internal expanding brake Mechanical wet multi discs U-joint shaft Glide Steer, hydrostatic power steering Flat Slide Parallel linkage Std. Std. Std. Std. Std. Mechanical wet multi discs 10 cloth

Mower Specifications Cutting width Mower drive Lifting device Mower mounting method Cutting height Cutting height adjustment Cutting height increments Number of blades Direction of discharge Minimum uncut diameter Mower deck ground clearance

inch (mm)

48 (1219)

inch (mm)

inch (mm) inch (mm)

54 (1372) Shaft drive Hydraulic Parallel linkage 1.0 – 4.0 (25– 102) Dial 1/4" 3 Right side

40 (1016)

35 (889) 5.5 (140)

The company reserves the right to change the above specifications without notice. This brochure is for descriptive purpose only. Please contact your local Kubota dealer for warranty information. For complete operational information, the operator's manual should be consulted.

©2004 Kubota Corporation


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