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Tips for Making your show sound GOOD! Here is just a quick list of some useful hints and tips for making your show sound professional to avoid landing yourself in hot water. 1) Preparation. There is no such thing as too much preparation when it comes to your show, so have it prepared and sound d professional. Before your show think about what you are going to do, and during songs think about what you are going to say next. A list of bullet points is often useful as a prompt. 2) No Explicit Lyrics. SONGS WITH EXPLICIT CONTENT SHOULD NOT BE PLAYED BEFORE 9PM. Once past this time if you are playing songs with bad language the listener must be warned before the song begins; e.g. 'If you're offended by bad language you might want to go and make a cup of tea'. a'. If you do accidentally play a song before 9pm and it contains swearing, apologise and then move on, don’t make a big deal about it, chances are the casual listener wouldn’t have noticed it! If you are in any doubt about any content, whether it is fit for f broadcast or not,, please contact the Programme Controller before it is aired. 3) Don’t swear on air. It sounds unprofessional and could land you and KUBE in hot waters no matter what time a day it is! If accidental apologise and quickly move on. 4) Don’t be libellous! Don’t say something about someone/something which isn’t true – it could land you and the station in trouble. Also be careful what you say about upcoming/current court cases – contempt of court is a very serious offence. Libellous show content could result in a court case ourselves and the station being shut down SO DON'T DO IT! 5) One link, one thought. Try not to waffle as you’ll just lose the listener. Focus your your links to one idea/thought and then go to the next song. If you're a specialist show after 6PM this may not apply directly as you might have a discussion show. Waffling Wafflin is never entertaining, if it starts just put on a song and collect your thoughts. 6) Don’t have dead air.. It’s radio!! People want to hear something at all times so try to combat dead air by having “bed music” in the background (this could be an instrumental). instrumental) 7) Talk into the microphone, it's amazing g how many people don't! . Make sure when you talk and play music that your level falls within the orange (or LOW red) bars and never get high enough to peak the blue light. High red (and blue) means it distorts on the listeners end and green means it will be too quiet on the listeners end. 8) Use headphones. Following on from above, listen to what you are broadcasting when talking, especially when playing ‘bedding’ music. If your bedding music is too high, your listeners will not be able to to hear what you are saying. Simply use the headphones available or plug in your own ear phones below the CD Decks. Using headphones makes your show sound more professional. 9) Have fun!! Excitement is contagious!! The best shows are passionate about what they do and have a great time doing it! No harm in a chuckle either as long as you make sure to have your laughing fit away from the mic; laughing is LOUD and you'll peak the red/blue.

© Keele University Broadcast Enterprises 2010

Top Tips for making your show sound good  

Copyright Keele University Broadcast Enterprises 2010

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