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I Wo n d e r A b o ut A l la h ( B o o k O n e)

Of course you wonder about Allah, who created all these flowers, all more beautiful than the other, all so colourful and with their individual fragrances. Oh no, I almost forgot! What about the sparrows chirping in the trees? Think about the tall storks. What about the seagulls you throw your bread at? Close your eyes for a second and think about all the birds you have seen. Think about how they beat their wings when they fly, and how they float with the wind. Some have pleasant voices. Some have magnificent feathers. And some make spectacular nests and feed their chicks. I wonder more than anything about Allah, who created those birds and gives them beaks, wings and voices. You want to see Him too and you want to know why you can’t. You’re completely right. We’re both right.

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I Wonder About Allah by Ozkan Oze  
I Wonder About Allah by Ozkan Oze  

The I Wonder About Islam series give young readers answers to the BIG questions they have about Islam in brilliant little books. Written in...