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The PlayStation 4 is the most powerful games console on the planet. With more graphical power than the Xbox One, 32 times more system memory than the PS3 and a firm focus on pure gaming experiences rather than media mojo, it has established itself as the next-gen console to beat. It's a games console built by gamers for gamers. It won the hearts and minds of many from the word go, with lots of prospective next-genners left feeling alienated by some of Microsoft's bizarre policies and choices for the Xbox One – many of which were reversed as a result of a backlash.

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Coming in at £350, the PS4 is also £80 cheaper than the Xbox One, making it appear terrific value. It doesn't come with the PlayStation Camera (the One does come with Kinect) but this can be bought separately for £45 if

Kcp CARNAVALES With rnc games KCP is celebrating there 75th carnavales. Plus love and friendship serenatas and carnations. Last but not least, since kcp news is promoting a video game section, a fifa 14 tournament. All of the money recollected will go to our funding school “escuelita del bosque’’ . The carnation will copst 5 thousand pesos and will include a lovely note and a candy. The serenate will be a romantic song and lots of confetti and the serenate could be anonymous or real name. now for what we are here for the fifa 14 latest EA sports game, a 20 players max game 20000 pesos the admission. It will last about one week tops at lunch. The games will last five minutes each. The winners price will be a surprise.

Tetsu Sumii in RNC Where are you from Japan Since when have you been working on the ps4? 2012 What was your inspiration to create the ps4 shell? An eraser, to erase the xbox one What is different from the ps3 It has a lot of new inner designs and the control and the console are renovated What is your favorite feature about the new next gen console, Ps4? The new home screen and renovated ps4 controller Whats new about the ps4 controller? We renovated the design and added new features like the touch pad, and changed the start and select button, now they are called share and options.we also added the ability of plugging in the headset or headphones to the ps4 controller. Whats new about the inner design? We made the layout more complex and added other apps, like hulu plus, cinema now and other applications that can make your playstation experience better than it already is. We already have gone over alot of features are we missing something? If you own a smartphone you can download (its free), a app that can directly connect with your ps4, it can be used as a second screen and can send commands to your play station.

Infamous second son Infamous has been around the ps3 since the beginning. With infamous 1 and 2. Now with the new ps4 console the new infamous is coming out. With a whole new story and more powers. Its called second son. It takes place in Seattle, Washington. The main characters powers are sucking other conduits powers. Also he can control smoke and become smoke. He also has a chain in his arm used for melee attacks. The game has 21 hours of gameplay and about 60 side missions. Also has the ability of 4k quality and great graphics. In the past series of infamous you had the choice to become a bad guy and have a bad karma. Or be A hero and have a good karma. Threw out the game there where missions in which you had to make decisions. That will affect your karma level. In infamous second son you are always evil and cant become a hero. You'll have a different set of lethal attacks like the chain we mentioned before. It can become a neon sword that will paralyze enemies. The game was produced by Sucker Punch and it is an exclusive for ps4. you can transfer your old infamous games (if you purchased them at the Psn store) for 10 bucks with play station plus.

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