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Organize The Whole House With Milk Crates Do you feel as if clutter is threatening to take over your life? While you might hire an expert to organize for you, there is a far more budget-friendly solution. Milk crates offer a brilliant solution to getting organized in record time. This storage item is hot right now, yet is also helpful. You are almost guaranteed to sort them in the pages of virtually any home magazines as you flip through. You can be clutter free soon if you let them become the backbone of your home organizing process. Where to Start Walk through your home, room by room with a piece of paper and pen and make note of the areas where things are piling up. You might like to gather up your newspapers and magazines into one spot in the living room as an example. Continue walking through each and every room, making notes of where you would like to place each milk crate. In the den, you may want separate ones for kids’ toys, board games, video games and controllers, and also other paraphernalia that you use frequently. To get the jumble of items off the floor or on the shelves as well, milk crates work well in closets. The kids’ rooms are a space where these containers truly shine. Simply to handle the toy volume, you may want several. With their colorful primary colors, they’ll also jazz up the rooms. In the kitchen, these containers are great to use under your sink to corral all of your cleaning products. In places like the laundry room, a sewing room and even in your home office, you will also find them useful. If you have stairs in your house, put an empty crate at the bottom of them and fill it up throughout the course of the day with items that need to go back upstairs. That way, it is possible to take everything back upstairs in a single trip. Once you start evaluating your own needs, you’ll quickly recognize places where these crates will help you neaten your surroundings. Your garage, basement and attic also need to be considered. These areas are perfect candidates for stacking crates and storing items. A fantastic idea is to leave several empty ones in your garage, so that you can grab them on your way out to the market. To hold your grocery bags upright, place them in the trunk of your automobile. Shapes and Sizes of Dairy Crates Although you can find many similar looking bins in the marketplace, you need to use real milk crates, since they are constructed to withstand many years of abuse. There are two standard sizes of these crates. Initially meant to hold 6 gallons of milk is the rectangle which is 18.75" x 13". That should give you an idea of its strength. The other alternative is a square measuring 13" x 13" x 11", made to hold 4 gallons of milk. Again, it is this strength that you are seeking. These crates are stackable and are available in numerous color options in addition to being sturdy and durable. Spray paints are now available for plastic and, after using a primer, you can spray paint your crate a color to fit in with your décor if you don't locate the color you would like. Try integrating some of these dairy crates into your problem areas, and you might soon find that clutter is a thing of the past. Your home will look neater and more welcoming, and it will always be company ready! FARMPLAST LLC.

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Organize The Whole House With Milk Crates

Do you feel as if clutter is threatening to take over your life? While you might hire an expert to organize for you, the...

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Organize The Whole House With Milk Crates