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Welcome to Kaleidoscope! We are so excited to have you joining us for Puente Theatre's Gruff! We know that you might have lots of questions about the show and what to expect. This guide has been created just for you to help you prepare for your theatre experience.

Gruff is a musical that is performed outdoors at a beautiful


park in your community. When you arrive you may see lots of trees or flowers or a big field where the stage is set up. You may hear birds chirping, other kids playing, and people around you talking and laughing. You might arrive by car or bus or bikes with your family or maybe your friends. You also might have to walk a little ways until you get to the performance area. There might not be paved roads, and sometime you might walk on gravel or grass to get to where you are going to see the show.  You will see a red tent with the words THEATRE IN THE PARK BOX OFFICE printed on it, and display boards saying GRUFF out front. That is where a friendly Kaleidoscope staff member will welcome you and show you where to sit. If you arrive early, you may be asked to stand with your family beside a cone until we are ready to let you sit down in the performance area. If this is the case, you may see some of the actors warming up and stretching or doing a sound test with their microphones.

In the audience you will see other children, their parents and maybe even their grandparents! Those are other members of the audience. They’re just as excited as you to see the show. You will probably hear them chatting before the show begins. You might be a little anxious about coming back to a theatre performance during a pandemic. This is completely understandable. Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People is taking the COVID-19 prevention protocols very seriously. If you have any questions feel to ask any of our audience services staff.  You might see lots of people in masks. Some masks might be colourful and cover the lower half of the face, and others might be clear and cover the whole face. If you would feel more comfortable wearing a mask, you are encouraged to do so.  You may have to space out and line up before you go in. This could take a little while, but it is to ensure your safety so everyone can follow the physical distancing rules. If you are having trouble passing the time try counting the number of plants you see. Or try playing I-Spy! We'll go first: I spy with my little eye something that is red. Your turn!

Waiting for the Show to Start... In the audience area there will be people in front, beside and behind you. You can sit in a group of up to 6 people who are already in your social “bubble”. There will be a distance of 8 feet between you and other members of the audience. There will be light music playing over speakers to entertain you while you wait. Since we are outdoors in a park, you will most likely be sitting on grass. If this is uncomfortable for you, your parents or whoever you are coming to the show with are more than welcome to bring a blanket, towel or beach chairs to sit on during the performance. We’d also recommend a light sweater or blanket as it is sometimes chilly at our performance sites near the ocean.  Do dogs make you nervous? Have no fear. While most parks allow pets, we ask that you leave your canine companions at home. Dogs are often scared of our larger than life goat masks, but do tell them all about it when you get home. Woof Bark Woof Woof!

You will know the show is going to start soon when you see someone walk into the performance area. It takes a whole team of people to put on a show like this, so it is the speakers job to thank them! You are welcome to show your appreciation by clapping for these sponsors and supporters who have helped make this production possible. The show will then begin. You will hear goat noises, and the audience will quiet down.  The show is performed on a set that has been designed and built to look like an old wooden bridge. It might look really old and rickety, and it might shake and creak when the actors run over it, but it has been made to look like this. Don't worry, it is perfectly safe. One side of the bridge is covered with lots of yummy grass that the Rich Goat loves to eat. Before the show begins, you may see the Troll in his cave underneath the bridge. It is important to remember to stay away from the bridge set both before and after the show. While it might look like a fun playground, it is only for the actors and or stage managers to touch and walk on.

This is what the Bridge looks Like


There are three characters in this show. Rich Goat, Poor Goat and the Troll. They are played by three different actors. Each actor wears a big mask and wears really fun costumes that help bring their character to life on stage. You will see the actors in big goat heads. These are puppets that the actors wear to help tell the story. This show is a musical, so there will be singing. Sometimes you will be asked to join in by doing a call and response by moaning sadly, saying harrumph, and by sticking your tongue out at the troll or waving your arms in the air. You only have to participate if you want to.  During the show you might see or hear things that surprise you and make you feel happy, sad, scared, excited or angry.


Pat is the actor who plays the Rich Goat. Rich Goat wears a red cape, and likes to sing and eat grass on his side of the bridge. You will hear him squeak an old car horn to ward off any trespassers trying to eat his grass. Rich Goat is not good at sharing and wants to keep all the grass for himself.

This is Pat

Pat as Rich Goat

MEET JANA Jana plays Poor Goat. Poor Goat is hungry and determined to cross the bridge and try some of the green grass.

Jana as Po or Goat

You will hear her sing, and moan sadly and say harrumph! Poor Goat will ask you to join her to help defeat the bad guy (but you can help her from where you are sitting)

This is Jana

This is Trevor

MEET TREVOR Trevor is the actor who plays the Troll. You will hear the Troll roar and stomp around the bridge trying to scare off the trespasser. The Troll might seem scary, but it’s important to remember he’s just an actor in a mask. The troll roars really loud and waves his arms around in the air, but don’t worry, he won’t come out into the audience or come near you. Watch for the Troll playing with his pet rock, or sucking his thumb when he goes to sleep. Can you see Troll's little tuft of yellow hair? Or his cute smile?

Trevor as the Troll

BEHIND THE SCENES Mercedes with the cast There are lots of people who work off stage to make a production like Gruff possible. Gruff has a script by Mercedes BĂĄtiz-BenĂŠt, and Judd Palmer with Music created by Brooke Maxwell. Mercedes is also the director of the play. A director sets the artistic vision for a play, including selecting the cast, collaborating with all the designers, blocking the play's movements, leading rehearsals, and monitoring the production's pacing. Once the show beings performing for audiences, it's up to the stage manager to make sure that the actors continue to perform the show as the director wanted. On Gruff, we have a stage manager named Becca and an apprentice stage manger named Kelsey.

A Stage Manager organizes the day to day running of a theatre company from rehearsals right through to performances. They talk and communicate with the everyone involved in the show and organize each team to make sure everything goes as planned. We also work with a technician named Emma who helps to make sure the technical aspects of the show comes together - like microphones and music! You will see Becca, Kelsey, and Emma around the performance area before and during the show. Many other people are also involved in creating a show like Gruff, including a set designer, a costume designer, carpenters, sewers, painters, and Kaleidoscope's admin staff who support the production from Kaleidoscope's offices taking care of marketing, communication, box office, and more!

At the end of the Show... At the end of the show, the actors will take off their masks and bow. People around you will start to clap. You can clap too! People clap at the end of the show to show their appreciation to the actors and the crew who have worked hard to entertain you. The actors will then go to their dressing rooms and change out of their costumes. Depending on what time you come, they may be taking a short break before they have to perform the show all over again for a whole new audience to enjoy. Kaleidoscope's audience services team will help direct you to leave the performance area and thank you for coming. It is now time for you to go home with your family! If you like the show, our actors love receiving fan mail, drawings, and pictures. If you want to share something with the actors, you can send us an email at info@kaleidoscope.bc.ca or mail drawings to: Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People 401-3980 Shelbourne Street Victoria, BC, V8N 6J1


Is there an intermission?

The show still goes on if it drizzles. We will stop

No. Gruff has a running time of approximately 60

the show if it is unsafe for our performers.

minutes and does not have an intermission.

What if I don't know if I will like it?

Are the actors paid?

You are more than welcome to leave at any

Yes, they are! We are a professional theatre

moment if you realize the show is not for you

company and a member of the Professional

(although there are singing Goats…. What’s not

Association of Canadian Theatres. The actors are

to love?) If you get scared or need to take a

members of the Canadian Actors’ Equity

break, we ask that you only exit using the main

Association. Our entire team (crew, actors, stage

centre aisle that will be marked off with red rope.

managers, and staff) are paid professionals and work professionally in theatre as their career.

Find Answers to more FAQ at KALEIDOSCOPE.bc.ca


Gruff is made possible with support from the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Victoria Foundation.

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Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People - Production Guide - Gruff  

Production Guide for Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People's production of Puente Theatre's Gruff. This production guide serves as a resourc...

Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People - Production Guide - Gruff  

Production Guide for Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People's production of Puente Theatre's Gruff. This production guide serves as a resourc...

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