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By Candy Evans

one iota. Never mind that the urban dwellers living near this big box will not have enough space to store one of The biggest news in those giant paper Dallas Real Estate towel bundles. is the head-scratchAnd never mind ing going on over that we are basion Central on the cally telling DART old ACS property. over at Cityplace Snapped up by to go “you know Trammell Crow, what itself.” No the company promone buys in bulk ised a mixed use and then hops on smorgasbord of Candace Evans a train with a few urban walk-ability giant bags. No, and living choices. this is not a “Not So who do they lease 100,000 in my back yard (NIMBY)” plus square feet to? They lease decision. This is a very poor to Walmart for a new Sam’s real estate decision for the Wholesale Club. city of Dallas. Never mind that there But the NIMBY’s are is a Sam’s about three miles hard at work Behind the away at Northwest Highway Pink Wall. At a neighborand Abrams. Never mind that hood meeting Tuesday, the this doesn’t fit in with the folks who do not want to see City’s Forward Dallas plan

MAY 30 - JUNE 5, 2014

a luxury apartment complex with snazzy underground parking go up at Preston and Northwest Highway voiced concerns that their property values would decrease because of a graduated six-story complex. Give me a break! Photos courtesy of Karen Wagner, The Premier Property Group Pretty soon all these developers are going On the porch and in the kitchen of this $3.6 million dollar home in Watercolor Beach Club, Fla. to flip Dallas the the Watercolor Beach Club, Asking is now $3,600,000. landscape along the lake. You bird and head north, kind of which has two pools. Plus my That’s all it takes to have a get formals — which means like Toyota did. favorite — just lay out at the family compound getaway on flip-flops (no bare feet) — and Speaking of birds, it is beach, with the ocean in the the west coast of Florida! a family room designed to almost June and time to get background. The classical proporbring you relief from the heat. your vacation home in order. This elegant home has a tions and sophisticated Then there is a huge kitchen Once the Wright Amendment touch of sophistication, but modern lines you see are the with every amenity and a goes “bye-bye” in October, it was designed to be a large, work of Bates & Corkern screened-in porch breakfast we will be able to climb onto casual family compound. Architects and designer Liz room. a Southwest Air Lines flight Built in 2007, the home has Hand Woods of Birmingham, Coffee. On that porch. at Love Field and get to Santa 4,433 square feet and four Alabama. The three-story Priceless. Rosa Beach via Panama City, bedrooms, four full and two home embraces outdoor is Fla. in less than two hours. I half baths, to house everyone ing. The front porch presents the only blog in Dallas for am so ready! plus the kitchen sink. Most a traditional welcome to the the truly Real-Estate obLocated in the heart of street, but the moment you sessed! Named by National Watercolor, 401 Western Lake beach homes in this neck of the woods have twin beds in walk inside it’s a contemAssociation of Real Estate Drive skirts Western Lake as many rooms as possible to porary world with natural, Editors as the BEST Real and is less than a five minfit in more sleepers. beach-washed finishes. A Estate Blog in the country, ute walk to the beach. If you And the listing agent, sliding barn door introduces we celebrate Real Estate know Watercolor, you know the breezeway and a private every single day! Sign up at all there is to do there: kayak- Karen Wagner, who once courtyard with a pool. All is to get the lating, paddle boarding, fishing, lived in Dallas, tells me the home has been reduced! tucked within a lush natural est real estate news delivered! shops and restaurants, plus


Two brutal workouts

By Rob Lord

It's the perfect time to train outdoors in Dallas. And Katy Trail is the perfect place to do it. The key to having great workouts on the trail, or anywhere else, is measuring your performance and improving it. You will need a watch and something to keep a record of your workouts. You can use your smart phone or just keep a small notebook in your car. Both of these workouts are great cardio, but they focus on different muscle groups. Perform these workouts three days per week and never on consecutive days. Alternate between the two workouts. For example, during your first week you could perform the Leg Blaster workout on Monday and Friday and the Abs and Arms workout on Wednesday. The next week you would complete the Abs and Arms workout Monday and Friday and the Leg Blaster workout on Wednesday. Leg Blaster. This is the most brutal workout of the two. If you are looking for a outdoor workout that can seriously shape your legs and

burn hundreds of calories, this is it! Location: Reverchon Park (the big concrete overlook near mile marker 2 on the trail) Duration: 30-40 minutes Muscles Trained: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, and Calves. 1. Warm-up with four minutes of progressively faster running (first minute: slow, second minute: light jog, Rob Lord third minute: fast jog, fourth minute: as fast as you can maintain for the minute). Recover for two minutes. 2. Hill Sprints, 30 seconds each. At Reverchon Park, using the big hill that leads to the Katy Trail. Start at the bottom of the concrete path at the base hill. Start your stopwatch when you start running and go as far up the hill as possible in 30 seconds. DO NOT RESET your watch. Walk back to the bottom. Every three minutes, start another 30-second sprint. Repeat four to eight times. Record number of sprints completed and estimated distance covered each sprint. 3. Jumping Lunges. This is an advanced movement that not everyone can do. Start slow with your hand on a rail for balance. The idea is start in a lunge position and

jump straight up and switch legs in mid-air. Both feet leave the ground at the same time in the advanced version. Complete as many reps as possible in 30 seconds, rest one minute and repeat three times. Record total reps. 4. One legged calve raises. Complete as many reps as possible for 30 seconds on your left leg followed by as many reps as possible for 30 seconds on your right leg. Repeat for three minutes without rest. Record total reps. Abs and Arms. For each of the exercise you are going to use the Tabata timing method. Tabata, named after a Japanese exercise scientist, simply means you work for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds and repeat for eight total intervals. This adds up to a total of four minutes per exercise. In addition to your watch and notebook, you will need a small towel (dish towel sized) for this workout. Location: Anywhere on the trail with room to do some sit-ups and push-ups Duration: 34 minutes Muscle trained: Abdominals, pectorals, deltoids and triceps. 1. Tabata Push-ups. Find a flat spot that is out of the way of the cyclists. Fold up a small towel and place under your knees. Perform your tabata interval push-ups and record total reps. Don’t be surprised if you can only do

a few reps per twenty second interval! Rest one minute. 2. Tabata sit-ups. Place the folded towel under your tail bone. Perform the sit-ups with the soles of your feet together. Touch the ground behind your head, then throw your arms forward and touch your toes. Record total reps. Rest one minute. 3. Tabata Sprints. Simply run in one direction for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, then run back the other direction for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, etc. Record the estimated distance covered each sprint. Rest one minute. 4. Take a four minute break and repeat the entire sequence again. Start slow and make steady, measurable gains. Remember, whatever you want to do better, measure it, then ask your body to do a little more each week. Rob Lord is the owner and head trainer at The He can be reached at 214-557-1588.

Ebby House to help thousands By Shelia Huffman Dallas real estate icon Ebby Halliday Acers cut the ribbon last Wednesday afternoon at the dedication of “The Ebby House,” a new innovative transitional community for young women who have aged out Photo courtesy of Shelia Huffman of foster care. Senior Co-Pastor Dr. Debbie The facility is openChisolm and Ebby Halliday Acres. ing at Juliette Fowler Communities in the Lakewood neighborhood of Dallas. Fowler Communities is the only intergenerational residential community in Dallas, providing a loving, Christian environment to senior citizens (those living independently or in need of assistance) as well as long and short-term rehabilitation care, foster care residences for children under 18 and now the newly constructed Ebby House for young ladies. Every year, about 1,500 young women age out of the foster care system. Before the age of 21, many of them face severe outcomes due to lack of family and adult connections. The Ebby House program seeks to reverse that negative trend by offering them a home to live in and mentors to love them while they learn to become self-reliant adults before having to face the challenges of the world on their own. Attending the ribbon cutting to help commemorate the occasion and to celebrate Halliday’s legendary efforts to empower women were several members of Dallas’ Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), where Halliday is a longtime member. She and her late husband, Maurice Acers, were married at Central Christian Church on Easter Sunday in 1965. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, guests had the opportunity to tour The Ebby House.

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