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S E R V I C E PA R T N E R O F F S H O R E , I N D U S T R Y & P R O P E R T Y


Key Features • Real-time display of device status, sensor readings, and alarms • User interface with simultaneous on-screen instrument readings • Integrated Google Maps show precise instrument locations with alarm status • Supports up to 500 instruments simultaneously • Remote alarming via email and text messages • Datalogging in text and graphical formats, including boolean filters • Open platform for third-party devices and systems



KTV GROUP KTV Group is an ISO sertified service partner for offshore and land based industry. Since 1992, KTV Group has specialized in professional high pressure jetting and surface treatment, and our experience makes us very versatile and adaptable. The fact that we are adaptable and have skilled and experienced staff allows our business today to embrace a lot more areas than it did in the early years. Our main areas currently include industrial cleaning, tank cleaning, NDT, gas monitoring, coating, pipe flushing, pipe inspection, pipe renewal, access techniques, high pressure cleaning, ventilation and waste management & hazardous waste. KTV Group’s quality and environmental management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007. The certification was done by DNV (The Norwegian Veritas). Our quality assurance system was tailor-made for our purposes. It works in practice - and not just on paper. All company information is archived electronically and all logging of accidents and non-conformities on procedures is done on the Intranet or via mobile units with access to the internet. The end result is an HSE system which is always updated and accessible, regardless of wherever our personnel may be in the world. Our customers can follow their projects in real time / direct through their own unique weblink that is automatically created for each project conducted by KTV Group. Project information, daily reports with pictures and / or video, personnel information, information about equipment, checklists, quality controls and more are available through the same weblink. KTV Group focus strongly on research and development. For many years we have developed new systems and equipment for making each day safer for our employees, without affecting their efficiency. The fresh air mask Freshcom and our remote industrial cleaning robot, are both good examples that we are at the forefront when it comes to innovation, safety and efficiency. Major focus areas going forward is new technology in NDT and gas monitoring. Our employees and work environment. A good, stable and safe working environment is very important to us, and all our employees are highly valued by the company. A good working environment will also ensure a good work ethic and a good service factor.

Achilles JQS


Our employees have a high level of quality and experience. They are all specially trained and educated within our business. Transfer of experience and knowledge are very important factors for us. Quality on time is KTV Group’s slogan. This is us! All KTV Group employees live according to the saying “The YES people”. We are and will be forthcoming in all situations. We have the unique ability that we don’t see problems. We only see challenges, and we love challenges. We are “The YES people”.

24/7 LIVE AIR QUALITY MONITORING • Simultaneous monitoring by global teams • Remote monitoring of wide areas • Lower deployment costs • Increased situational awareness • 24/7 datalogging of exposure conditions • Early warning and tracking of hazardous threats • Ideal for rapid deployment situations

Secure gas MONITORING when working in tanks and CONFiNED spaces KTV Group has been managing gas measurement in tanks for several years on rig classification projects. We have followed the development of requirements for gas measurement in tank and enclosed spaces up close. Today KTV Group have 15 certified gas certificate issuers.

The cost is reduced.

In recent years, the demands have become greater in relation to the documentation of air quality. The industry has found that the need for documentation is necessary to ensure the safety of workers in these environments. But has the industry done enough?

All readings available live online (web).

Most areas have requirements for measuring every 6-24 hours, in addition to the requirements of personal measures on workers. KTV Group has over a long period of work and during many projects noticed the following problems: - When working in tanks the environment changes quickly. If changes happens it doesn’t help much if the gas measurements were taken an hour earlier. - Individual monitors are often damaged due to stress from the work environment and can lead to a false sense of security for the worker. - There is often a lack of individual monitors, or they are not used, even if the entry certificate requires so. - There have been a number of cases where hot work has been initiated without a valid gas certificate. - Gases from solvents, cutting torch or other hazards are not captured during work. - The cost is high due to the cost of certificate per tank. - No quality control on the documentation of the air quality in the tank if there is an accident. KTV Group’s development section has for six months been working on a solution to all these challenges, and now we will present a method that solves them all.

Introducing the AQ MONITOR system The AQ MONITOR system measures the gases in the tank/ confined spaces continuously 24 hours a day. No individual monitors necessary. The system also measures vapors from solvents/flame cutting.

Complete measuring history during the entire period. Sensors tailored to customer requirements.

So how does it work? No 1. Planning. Usually we know the scope of work before the rig is docked. Therefor the number of sensors can be mobilized and ready before the rig docks. No 2. Placement of the monitors. Our coordinator ensures placement of monitors in all places where work will be carried out. This is done in cooperation with the rig management. No 3. The monitors will stand on the outside of the tanks. When the values exceeds the assigned values, the monitor will make an alarm sound and the warning light signal will start blinking. The guard can start to evacuate the tank or confined space immediately. No 4. The measurements starts and the certificate issuer puts the appropriate certificates on all measuring locations. The certificate is valid until there is an alarm. When an alarm goes off the certificate issuer will take the appropriate action and then he will re-certify the entry certificate. No 5. In our control center we monitor all measurements 24 hours a day. Our on-site coordinator is in contact with the control center if incidents should occur. The control center will report to the customer. No 6. The customer can follow all the monitors measurements via web if desired. The control center ensures that the documentation is satisfactory. If there is network problems and the control center loses contact with the network, the on site certificate issuer also has a portable monitor to capture alarms. No 7. Project ends. KTV Group stores complete history of all measurements and monitoring on the web. These data will be available for the customer as long as the customer desires - even after the project has ended.

Locations We perform these services world wide.


AQ MONITOR software represents an advanced generation of real-time wireless gas detection software, and serves as a mobile command center for all your threat-detection needs.

It allows incident commanders and HSE/safety managers to get constantly updated, real-time data anywhere and anytime they need it.

AQ MONITOR accepts real-time detector data and instantly displays device status, alarm, and sensor reading information, integrating all information on a single, dynamic map display.

AQ MONITOR software connects, integrates, and relays data from AQ MONITOR and selected partners’ wireless products to remote monitors located anywhere you choose.

With AQ MONITOR, we monitor your installation from anywhere in the world. Geographically dispersed teams can coordinate threat responses while simultaneously viewing the same situational data, all in real-time.

KTV GROUP AS Hanøytangen 111 N5310 Hauglandshella

Tel: (+47) 55 20 71 90 Fax: (+47) 55 20 71 99

24 HOUR: (+47) 48 000 777


E All KTV Group employees live according to the saying “The YES people”. We are and will be forthcoming in all situations. We have the unique ability that we don’t see problems. We only see challenges, and we love challenges. We are “The YES people”.

KTV Group AQ Monitor  

Air Quality Monitor by KTV Group

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