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Life beyond the law: Indiana Law alumni pursue varied careers Academy of Law Alumni Fellows inducted A summer in India alumni news + spring 2010 + a publication of Indiana Law

Sidney Eskenazi rolls the dice in more ways than one.

cover story

from the Law Alumni Board President by James Boyd At our Alumni Board meeting earlier this year, Dean

Lauren Robel listed the two top priorities for the months ahead: placement and funding. I am happy to report that with the assistance of many of our alumni and alumni board members, nearly

I am excited about ergo, the Indiana University Maurer School

97 percent of the Class of 2009 had secured employment as of Feb.

Sidney Eskenazi rolls the dice in more ways than one.

rowing up in Indianapolis,

own typing, took my own calls.” After the

first names of his two daughters, Sandy and

Sidney Eskenazi’s favorite

lawyer he shared space with got into some

Dori—employs more than 50 people,

game was Monopoly.

trouble with the Teamsters, Eskenazi found

including his son David, president of

As an adult, he’s played

himself again on his own. “I opened a

the company’s Indianapolis office, and

of Law’s new magazine for alumni and friends. Like previous

15, 2010. However, the percentage of employed alumni who are

the real-life version of the game, learning

two-room office. I had an 8-by-12 foot

his nephew, Jay D. Stein, president of

publications, ergo is intended to bring you up-to-date on upcoming

still looking for permanent, full-time work is larger than in past

the risks and rewards of real estate

room, and an 8-by-10 room. That first year

the Scottsdale, Ariz. office. For many

events and the activities of the Law School’s alumni. There are

years, so the Class of 2009 still needs assistance. And the job market

development from his first client: the late

I took in $2,000 in gross revenue. The most

years, Eskenazi also ran a successful law

new features, as well as a spotlight on activities of the School’s

continues to be very challenging for the Class of 2010.

shopping-center magnate

I ever made was $8,000.”

practice in Indianapolis.

students—the alumni of tomorrow—and in-depth coverage

Melvin Simon.

of important events affecting all of us. I look forward to your

providing leads, networking, and other advice. As always, your

Eskenazi was struggling to

said. Now, even at 80 years old, he remains

comments on ergo.

contribution of time and talent is most welcome and appreciated.

company now dominates

make ends meet as a solo

active in the everyday operations of the

Please contact me at bwilliams@kddk.com or our outstanding

the large upscale mall

practitioner, a childhood

business he founded. His accomplishments

corned beef don’t seem to have much to do with each other. But

Assistant Dean for Career and Professional Development Michael

market—owning the

friend from Indianapolis’

would not have been possible without

in this issue, you’ll meet four alumni who have built successful

Keller at mikeller@indiana.edu if you can provide assistance

likes of Park Place or

south side was off falling

ambition, hard work, and yes, a bit of

careers in these very different disciplines, where lawyers aren’t

identifying career openings for the Class of 2010 or if you know


in love with a young Army

luck, but Eskenazi is also grateful for the

quite so common. Despite their varied paths, all of these alumni say

someone who can.

has cornered the

soldier named Mel Simon.

education he was able to receive.

that their Indiana Law degree has been indispensable every day of

When the couple returned,

their lives. Their achievements prove that a law degree truly can

financial commitment is more important than ever. The Indiana

Eskenazi’s friend introduced

able to say I’m a lawyer has helped

lead you anywhere.

General Assembly now provides less than 27 percent of our funding,

compared with 55 percent in the early 1980s. It is up to us to help

The Prince of Wales, conservation, higher education, and

You will also read about six students who have been selected

As an Indiana Law alum, you can be a valuable resource by

Finally, with dwindling state support of public education, your

While Simon’s

market on less glitzy but highly profitable

Sidney Eskenazi, JD’53

At the same time

“We’ve been very fortunate,” Eskenazi

“More than anything, simply being

strip mall shopping centers, the kind

him and Simon.

me tremendously,” he said. “Students

you’d find on Mediterranean and Baltic

graduating today are bright, but the times

“Mel walked up to me and said he

Avenues. Spanning 23 states and some

needed a lawyer. I was desperate for

are tough. Open a small office. Work out of

as Milton Stewart (JD’71) Fellows to participate this summer in

close the gap. Please make your contribution by June 30, 2010, and

7.5 million square feet of retail space,

money at the time, even working in a

an apartment or your house. There’s room

internships in a variety of settings in India. This program is a key

bring us up-to-date at the same time by completing the self-mailer

Eskenazi’s Sandor Development Company

jewelry story part time. Anything to make

in the world for the old-fashioned way of

initiative of the School’s Center on the Global Legal Profession,

included in this issue. We truly value receiving communication

has become one of the country’s largest

a dollar. I became Mel’s lawyer, and this

practicing law. You’ll be good at it.”

which seeks to develop our students’ ability to excel in today’s

from you!

developers of strip malls.

was before he had any sort of organization

globalized legal environment.

together. As a consequence, I had to

students face, Eskenazi has donated money

including Eskenazi himself—would have

learn how to do everything. He let me do

that goes strictly to students like him:

predicted his future success.

everything but discuss rent with tenants.

average. “I’ve been so grateful for what I’ve

I got leases done, helped supervise

been able to achieve, I figure others like me

On April 16, six distinguished alumni were inducted as

Academy of Law Alumni Fellows, the highest honor the School can

As an Indiana Law student, few—

“I was a C-student,” he said recently.

To help limit the financial debt some

bestow. Please join me in celebrating their longstanding commitment

Brian P. Williams, JD ’81

to our School as you read about their accomplishments.

Law Alumni Board President

“I’d never get into the Law School today.

construction. I thought to myself, ‘What’s

out there deserve a chance, too,” he said.

I’d never even get into IU.”

hard about this? I can do this!’”

extraordinarily successful in his own real

Though academics weren’t his strong

Eskenazi decided to stake out on his

Though he’s gone on to become

Dean . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lauren Robel

Law Alumni Board Officers

Associate Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs . . . . . . . . . . . . Leonard Fromm

President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brian P. Williams, JD’81

suit, persistence and sheer determination

own again, this time forming an Indianapolis

life game of Monopoly, Eskenazi knows

Assistant Dean for Alumni Relations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Andrea Havill

President-Elect . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thomas McNulty, JD’83

were. After earning his JD in 1953, Eskenazi

partnership with two colleagues. In the

what any good lawyer should: even in

Assistant Dean for Communications and Marketing . . . . . . . Kenneth Turchi

Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Angela Karras Neboyskey, JD’00

opened his own practice. Things didn’t go

early 1960s, Eskenazi began snapping

a board game, you need someone who

Writer/Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . James Boyd

Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joseph O’Connor, JD’78

nearly as well as he’d envisioned.

up properties that would eventually

knows the rules.

Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Greg Jordan, JD’84

become anchored by major retailers

Past President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Greg Castanias, JD’90

law,” he said. “I found a lawyer who let me

like K-Mart, Wal-Mart, and Kohl’s. Today

use a table in his reception room. I did my

Sandor—the name is a combination of the

Ergo is a semi-annual publication of the Indiana University Maurer School of Law to inform alumni and encourage their interest and support.

“I was starving to death practicing

3 + www.law.indiana.edu

A law degree truly can take you anywhere. In this special report, ergo profiles four Maurer School of Law alumni whose career choices have taken them outside traditional practice settings.

Most recent law graduates spend anxious months

awaiting their bar exam results. Jose Guadalupe Valtierra,

held numerous positions at Indiana University, Purdue

JD’82, waited four years. Even after passing the bar in

University, and Ivy Tech Community College. He was

1986, Valtierra didn’t go into practice; he was already well

named chancellor of Ivy Tech Northwest—where he

on his way toward a successful career in higher education.

oversees the Gary, East Chicago, Michigan City, and

Valparaiso campuses—in 2002. Despite having never

Now the chancellor of Ivy Tech Community College

Northwest, Valtierra began thinking about law school

practiced law, Valtierra credits his legal training with

while an undergraduate at Purdue University. “I was part

much of his success.

of that generation in the 1970’s that wanted to change the

world, and there were so many avenues available to do

something else entirely, I have the perspective to look at all

that,” Valtierra recalled. “Law school was one of them, but

the different possible outcomes,” he said. “Because we’re

my counselor kept asking ‘What if you don’t get in?’”

such a litigious society, it helps to have that background.

I’m not afraid to ask questions or say I don’t know the

Valtierra was accepted into Indiana Law, where he

found a mentor in Professor Edwin Greenebaum.

“As I sat in class, I often wondered what I was

doing there,” Valtierra said. “The Law School had such wonderful instructors who kept my interest. Professor Greenebaum was my instructor for a class on social issues in the law. Taking that class with him gave me the

stand in front of a judge all day.”

“Whether it’s a student issue, a faculty issue, or

answer right now.

opportunity to start thinking that maybe I don’t have to

4 + ergo + indiana law alumni news

Since earning his master’s degree, Valtierra has

Law school doesn’t mean you have to go into practice. You can go into industry, education, social sciences, and anything else.

Valtierra served as a resident assistant in Ashton

Residence Center during his final year at Indiana Law, and realized that a career in higher education would allow him to live close to a college campus. He applied to the IU School of Education and was accepted into the master’s program—thus the delay in sitting for the Indiana bar. “I met with the applications committee, and they seemed excited at the prospect of having someone from law cross over into education,” Valtierra said.

“Law school doesn’t mean you have to go into practice.

You can go into industry, education, social sciences,

and anything else once you’ve learned how to analyze situations and think critically. I put my skills to use now working with students to help change their lives through education. You can’t beat that.”

Robin Boles JD/MBA’79

“The Prince of Wales is the world’s most successful

doors. They help millions of people in need every year

social entrepreneur.” Robin (Kramer) Boles, JD/MBA’79,

sourcing the goods more than 7,000 charities have needed,

makes that statement with first-hand knowledge. As CEO

from toiletries, tools, and appliances, to toys, clothing,

of In Kind Direct, one of 20 Prince’s Charities, Boles has

and cleaning supplies. Since start up, 800 companies have

earned her place in what she calls “the outside of the inner

donated £100 million (US $151 million) in goods. “And this

circle” of the prince’s trusted advisers.

is all new resource into the sector, not recycled money,”

Boles emphasized. “Without us, much of these goods would

The road from Bloomington to the prince presented

many interesting detours to Boles. A native of Pittsburgh,

have gone to waste.”

she finished her JD/MBA in three years and joined the

Arthur Young accounting firm, where she specialized in

Boles says his ideas are invaluable. “He founded In Kind

taxation of Americans living abroad. While visiting clients

Direct because there was unmet need, and no organization

in England and Scotland early in her career, she met her

coordinating the logistical and administrative complexities

future husband, a native of Glasgow. “When we decided to

of distributing surplus products to UK organizations

get married, we compromised on London,” she recalled.

working at home and abroad,” she said. “That’s been the

“After my second maternity leave, I left Arthur Young to

case with all 20 charities he’s started.” She added that the

become finance director for an asset management company.

Prince’s Charities generate annual revenue of more than

When that company was sold, I had the chance to move

£100 million (US $151 million).

back to the US, but wanted to stay in England.”

and over again,” and believes she wouldn’t be where she is

Boles’s decision not to leave London led her to the

As for the Prince of Wales’s role at In Kind Direct,

Boles says she uses her law and business training “over

public sector, where she was named deputy CEO and head

today without her law and MBA degrees and her experience

of operations at the Financial Services Compensation

in business. “Unfortunately, many people still think

Scheme, the UK fund of last resort for people who have

charities are run by hairy-legged do-gooders,” she said.

lost their investments due to fraud or negligence. While

“But that isn’t true. Along with many thousands of others,

reading the Sunday Times (London) one weekend in 1996,

I am running a multimillion pound business.”

Boles noticed an ad for a CEO to form the charity In Kind

Direct. She jumped at the opportunity. “I was eager to start

the world for her advice on the formation and operation

an organization and set the culture, as well as explore my

of charities and social businesses. “It’s all been quite an

curiosity about working for the prince,” she said.

experience for a girl from Pittsburgh,” she said. “And my

years in Bloomington have made a huge difference.”

Under Boles’s leadership, In Kind Direct has become

a successful social enterprise and charity distributing donated new consumer products directly to charities’

Boles is tapped by governments and consultants around 5 + www.law.indiana.edu

Jose Guadalupe Valtierra JD’82

I use my law and business training over and over again while working for the Prince of Wales.

My JD gives me the intellectual and technical background I need to understand environmental issues.

Peter Dykstra JD/MPA’97 Peter Dykstra, JD/MPA’97, knew from his first day of law

Brian Shapiro JD’84

through the Law School, and the MPA program at IU was

school that he wanted to be an environmentalist. But the

more holistic and not limited to environmental subjects.”

line at Shapiro’s Delicatessen in Indianapolis. Among them:

school degrees every day. “Both schools teach abstract

path he took to get there turned out to be very different from

In-person visits with Dean Fred Aman and Professors Sarah

a who’s who of downtown business leaders, politicians—

thinking,” he said, “but you learn different skills. Business

what he had planned.

Jane Hughes, Rob Fischman, and Lauren Robel clinched the

and lawyers. But most lawyers who enjoy the corned beef,

school analysis is more about the nuts-and-bolts side of the

deal. “I could tell they really cared about me and wanted me

pastrami, and kosher franks probably don’t know that

equation—projections, budgets, and strategy. Law school

Wilderness Society, a not-for-profit organization dedicated

to succeed,” he recalled. “There’s never been a day, minute,

this Hoosier landmark is run by one of their own: Brian J.

analysis teaches you to consider all the angles. And as a 1L,

to conservation of America’s wild spaces, Dykstra is

or second when I’ve regretted the extra year required to earn

Shapiro, JD’84.

you knew all the angles by the time [Professors] Boshkoff

responsible for building consensus around protecting public

a joint degree.”

and Schornhorst got through with you!

lands and keeping local economies viable. He credits both

at the helm, beginning with his great-grandparents, Louis

his JD and MPA degrees from IU with giving him the tools

of luck, hard work, and circumstance, he adds that the

and Rebecca Shapiro, who emigrated from czarist Russia

concluded. “Law school gave me insight into social

he needs to help the organization and its constituencies

reputation and student-focused approach of both the Law

and opened a kosher-style grocery at Meridian and McCarty

policy, and that’s been a big help to me in working with

meet their goals. “My JD gives me the intellectual and

School and the School of Public and Environmental Affairs

Streets in 1903. After Prohibition ended, the Shapiros’

employees and customers. It helped me put myself in other

technical background I need to understand environmental

helped him reach his goal earlier. He concluded, “One of the

sons began selling beer and offering salami and corned beef

people’s shoes.”

issues,” he said. “The MPA makes me a better manager of

great things about IU is that it helps you dream big, and you

sandwiches to go with it. “In those days,” Brian Shapiro

people, policy, and politics in the not-for-profit world.

need to dream big.”

explained, “Jews couldn’t afford the better cuts of meat, so

As Pacific Northwest Regional Director for the

Although Dykstra attributes his success to a combination

“I always had a sense I wouldn’t be a traditional lawyer,”

Every day at noon, hundreds of hungry patrons get in

Shapiro represents the fourth generation of his family

beef, and the deli’s spiced meatballs are three examples

before I moved into hands-on environmental work. I had

of delicious dishes the family created from available

the opportunity and knew that if I didn’t give it a try I

ingredients. “The first dish they served was spaghetti and

years as a practicing lawyer in both the public and private

Distinguished Service Award nominations due June 4

sectors proved to be invaluable training for his transition to

meatballs,” he said. Today, Shapiro’s serves more than 2,000 customers every day at its original downtown location and at a newer store in Carmel.

environmental work in 2002.

exemplifies the ideals of this award, please go to

what he’d planned when majoring in accounting at IU’s

BA in history and environmental studies, Dykstra headed


Kelley School of Business. “After college, I started law

for Colorado, where he looked at law schools in the West

on the Law School’s Web site. This link explains the

school and was taking MBA courses, but Great Uncle Max

that offered specialized environmental programs. But only

nomination process and provides further information

called me and said his health wasn’t very good,” Brian

IU offered a program with degrees from two highly ranked

about the award and selection criteria. Nominations

recalled. “He told me to hurry and finish my law degree and

graduate schools. “I was always told to go to the best

are due Friday, June 4, 2010.

get up to Indianapolis as soon as I could.” Five months later,

After graduating from IU Bloomington in 1992 with a

Shapiro says he uses his both his business and law

“The restaurant business is a people business,” Shapiro

we learned how to work with what we had.” Brisket, corned

he recalled. “But I ended up practicing law for six years

would look back and ask ‘what if?’” Dykstra added that his

6 + ergo + indiana law alumni news

If you would like to nominate an alumnus who

Brian Shapiro’s rise to the top of the company was not

school you can get into,” he said. “Plus I liked the variety

the elder Shapiro died with no offspring, leaving Brian in

of environmental law clinics and internships available

charge, where he’s been for a quarter-century.

Friend, follow, and link with us: Indiana University Maurer School of Law


Indiana University Maurer School of Law

7 + www.law.indiana.edu

Law school helped me put myself in other people’s shoes.

Meeting old and new friends in New York, Chicago, and Washington, DC

Alumni Receptions

Three dozen Indiana Law students visited New York and Washington, DC,

On March 18, the Chicago firm Mayer Brown, with the assistance of Steve

during spring break to learn about careers in the public and private sectors.

Sanders, BA’84, hosted a reception and discussion on print media in the digital

Alumni welcomed students for interviews and information sessions in a variety of

age. Featured were Scott Flanders, JD’82, CEO of Playboy Enterprises, Inc.;

formal and informal settings.

Gerould Kern, BA’71, Editor, Chicago Tribune; and Dean Bradley J. Hamm, IU

With the assistance of Bruce Artim, JD’82, Eli Lilly & Co. welcomed

School of Journalism, moderator. Dean Lauren Robel, the Chicago Chapter of

90 guests to a reception on March 15 hosted by Dean Lauren Robel, featuring

the Indiana University Alumni Association, and the IU School of Journalism

a special presentation by Fred H. Cate, Distinguished Professor and C. Ben Dutton

welcomed more than 100 alumni and friends.

Professor of Law, and Director, Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research. Cate’s presentation, “A Nation Under Siege: Information Security and the Attack on American Interests,” described the risks to national security in today’s digital global economy. On March 16, Dean Robel hosted a breakfast for Washington– area alumnae at the firm of Baker & Daniels, with the assistance of Elizabeth Baney, JD’07.

Dean Lauren Robel and Scott Flanders, JD’82.

Brian Lally, JD’01, Robert Lattas, JD’01, and Joel May, JD’00.

Ryan Finn, Laura Rossi, and Simon Malinowski, all JD’12.

Maggie Racher Snyder, JD’09, Matt Silverman, JD’03, Jessica Jenkins, JD’09, and Andrew Otis, JD/MPA’90.

Tony Kim, JD’98, Michael Elam, JD’80, and Eleanor Oh, BA’91. 9 + www.law.indiana.edu

8 + ergo + indiana law alumni news

Students and alumni enjoyed a reception in New York on March 18. Hosted by the Law School’s Office of Career and Professional Development, the event gave students the opportunity to meet alums who live and work in the New York area.

Maurer School of Law Inducts

Academy of Law Alumni Fellows On April 16, the Maurer School of Law recognized six outstanding alumni by inducting them into the Academy of Law

Academy Fellows are part of an elite group that includes US senators, federal judges, and managing partners

Alumni Fellows, the highest honor the Law School can bestow. The inductees represent the values that the Law School

of national law firms. Each brings honor to the legal profession and enhances the Maurer School of Law’s national

holds in highest esteem: intellectual rigor, continuous achievement, and a commitment to the highest standards of the

and global reputation.

legal profession.

Sidney D. Eskenazi, JD’53, has built a successful career as a commercial real estate developer

Charles Halleck, LLB’24, was a leading voice in national Republican politics for more than

and lawyer, while generously supporting his community in a variety of ways. Sandor

four decades and a strong advocate for civil rights.

Development, which Eskenazi founded in 1963, today owns and manages more than 7 million

1935, when he was elected to the US House of Representatives following the death of

a real estate developer, Eskenazi established and served as managing partner of an 18-member

Representative-elect Frederick Landis. Halleck continued to represent Indiana’s Second

law firm in Indianapolis.

Congressional District for the next 34 years.

Throughout his career, Eskenazi has demonstrated a deep commitment to Indiana

A prominent member of the Conservative Coalition, Halleck served as majority leader in

University. In 1970, he endowed a scholarship fund for students at both the Bloomington

the House of Representatives after the elections of 1946 and 1952 and as minority leader from

and Indianapolis law schools. He and his wife, Lois, have also established scholarships at the Herron School of Art and

1959 to 1964. A staunch Republican and supporter of the Vietnam War, he was one of the strongest advocates in Congress for

Design and the IU Medical School, and have made endowment gifts to the Jewish Community Center–Indianapolis,

the enactment of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

the Hooverwood Jewish Home, and the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation. Eskenazi has twice received the Spirit of

Philanthropy Award from Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis. In 2007, the IUPUI Herron School of Art and

battlefield, he earned an LLB in 1924. He died in 1986.

Design honored the Eskenazis by naming its new building Eskenazi Hall in recognition of their philanthropy.



John C. Onoda, JD’76, has spent most of his career in the public relations profession, counseling Penelope S. Farthing, JD’70, is an outstanding legal practitioner focused on public policy,

the world’s most visible and influential companies during a period of unprecedented change.

with extensive experience on Capitol Hill. As staff attorney for the Federal Trade Commission

After earning his law degree, Onoda earned a master’s degree from the Medill School of

and the Federal Communications Commission, she specialized in legislative and regulatory

Journalism at Northwestern University. He spent the next five years as a newspaper reporter

matters. At the United States Department of Agriculture, she directed congressional affairs

and in 1981 began a distinguished public relations career as a senior communications

for Food Safety and Quality Service, the USDA’s food inspection and grading agency.

executive with several Fortune 500 companies. In 2002 he joined Fleishman-Hillard

She also helped form a coalition of advertisers and led them in successful battles against

International Communications, where he advises companies on reputation management

unconstitutional restrictions. Farthing’s additional accomplishments include leading an

and corporate social responsibility. Onoda has also provided communications counsel and

industry-wide coalition on gender-based insurance rating, serving as Washington counsel for

managerial expertise to several non-profit organizations.

the new Denver airport project, and assisting USAir in its proposed alliance with British Airways.

corporate communications officers, and in 1997 was inducted into the Medill School of Journalism’s Hall of Achievement.

Her record of outstanding public service has been recognized by the Federal Bar Association, which has twice awarded

her its Distinguished Service Award. Currently she is senior counsel at Patton Boggs LLP in Washington, specializing in

He served for many years on the board of trustees of the Arthur Page Society, the country’s leading organization for


public policy and lobbying, appropriations, and municipal representation.

John F. (Jeff) Richardson, JD’77, has devoted his career to providing access to health


care and social services for Indiana families, people with HIV/AIDS, and citizens of The Honorable Thomas G. Fisher, LLB’65, is a highly respected and widely published jurist

10 + ergo + indiana law alumni news

Halleck was born in Demotte, Ind. and served as a US Army infantryman during World War I. Upon returning from the

developing countries.

and scholar with a long-standing record of community service. A graduate of Earlham

Richardson began his career with Eli Lilly & Co. before moving into the public sector.

College and the Maurer School of Law, Judge Fisher was admitted to practice in Indiana in

Under Governor Evan Bayh, he served as secretary of the Indiana Family and Social

1965 and was named to the Indiana Tax Court in 1986. Previously, Judge Fisher served as the

Services Administration and commissioner of the Indiana Department of Human Services.

Jasper County prosecuting attorney and maintained a private practice in Jasper County for

In 1993, Richardson became executive director of GMHC, the largest AIDS service

21 years. Judge Fisher has written numerous articles for state and local publications.

organization in the United States. Currently he is vice president of the Abbott Fund, the

He is a member of many professional and civic organizations, including state and local

not-for-profit philanthropic arm of Abbott, the health care company, overseeing its efforts to help children and families

bar associations, the National Conference of State Tax Judges, and the American Judicature

affected by HIV and AIDS, malnutrition, and other health challenges in the developing world.

Society. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Conner Prairie Foundation and was

previously a member of the board of trustees of Earlham College and a district governor of Rotary International.

Richardson’s advocacy began during his college years. He was elected president and vice president of the Indiana

University Student Government and served four years on the Bloomington City Council.

11 + www.law.indiana.edu

Halleck’s relatively brief legal career as a prosecuting attorney was interrupted in

square feet of retail space comprising 70 developments in 23 states. In addition to his role as

his contribution to pro bono

He also advises companies in a wide

to serve on the board of directors

representation and assistance in

variety of business and legal matters

of the Legal Services Corporation.

his community.

including real estate, environmental,

LSC is the leading provider of civil


and labor and employment law.

legal aid for the poor in the United

Dale E. Hunt, JD’73, retired as an


States. She is one of 11 members

attorney in October 2007. He served

Maryann M. Mukete, JD’74, is

on the bipartisan board. Singleton

as a judge for the Jay County (Ind.)

coordinating a project providing

previously worked at the law firm of

Circuit Court from 1977 to 1988 and

psycho-socio support to caregivers

Montgomery & Andrews in Santa Fe,


was then appointed a Sagamore of the

Hoagland “Hoagy” Carmichael,

as senior legal research associate

of HIV/AIDS-infected orphans in

where she has been since 1985.

Wabash, the highest honor Indiana

LLB’26, and George Gershwin’s

for LexisNexis in Dayton, Ohio,

Cameroon. The project is sponsored


Terry G. Fewell, JD’65, served as an

can bestow on a citizen.

“Summertime.” An attorney and

from 1999 to 2007. He and his wife,

by the United Nations Development

Thomas L. Davis, JD’75, a senior

attorney for PepsiCo Inc. from 1965 to


Indianapolis civic and business

Ruth Ann, have three sons and

Fund for Women. She is also

partner at Frost Brown Todd LLC

1976 and then became vice president

Indiana University trustee Stephen L.

leader, Maurer has enjoyed a long and

eight grandchildren.

teaching part-time at the University

in Indianapolis, received the

and general counsel for Allied Van

Ferguson, JD’66, was named chairman

successful career in cable television,


of Buea in its Department of Women

Honorable Paul H. Buchanan, Jr.

Lines from 1976 to 1989. After 10 years

of the board of directors of the Indiana

film production, radio broadcasting,

Michael E. Armey, JD’74, an attorney

and Gender Studies. Mukete teaches

Award of Excellence. The Buchanan

in his own business, he served as of

Chamber of Commerce. Ferguson,

newspaper publishing, government

at Rothberg Logan & Warsco LLP

field placement, which enables

Award is given to an Indianapolis

counsel for Scopelitis Garvin Light

chairman of Cook Group Inc. in

service, and banking.

in Warsaw, Ind., was recognized

students to learn organizational

Bar Association member whose

& Hanson in Indianapolis from 1998

Bloomington, Ind., has served on the


by the Volunteer Lawyer Network,

structure and development.

attainments as a lawyer have been

to 2000. Since then, he has enjoyed

chamber’s board since 1994. He began

James E. Burke, JD’69, an attorney

Inc. for his contribution to pro bono


notable, whose contributions to

his semi-retirement by studying,

his one-year presidential term in

in Mishawaka, Ind., was recognized

representation and assistance in

Sarah M. Singleton, JD’74, was

the association have been unique,

acquiring, and dealing in antiques.

November. Appointed to the Board of

by the Volunteer Lawyer Network,

his community. Armey practices

selected to replace First Judicial

and whose honorable service to

He also serves as a class agent for the

Trustees of Indiana University in 1998,

Inc. for his contribution to pro

regularly in the areas of banking,

Judge Jim Hall in Santa Fe, N.M.

the profession has extended over

Wabash College class of 1962.

Ferguson served as vice president of

bono representation and assistance

corporation and commercial law,

Singleton was appointed by

a significant period. Davis’ service


the board from 2003 to 2005 and as

in his community.

serving as legal counsel to Lake City

President George W. Bush and

includes the Indianapolis Bar

Charles A. Cohen, JD’66, a managing

its president from 2005 to 2009. He

Bank and other businesses.

confirmed by the Senate in 2006

Foundation Board of Directors and

partner at the law firm of Cohen

also served four terms in the Indiana

Garelick & Glazier in Indianapolis,

House of Representatives and is a past


was appointed to the Jewish

chairman of the Indiana Commission

Jay L. Davis, JD’70, is a commissioner

Federations of North America’s

for Higher Education.

for the Superior Court of Arizona,

Budget Committee. Cohen previously


Maricopa County. He lives in

served the organization’s board on

Mickey’s Corner, a television program

Glendale, Ariz.

the executive committee and as

hosted by Michael S. Maurer, JD’67,


a representative for intermediate

was awarded a regional 2009 Emmy

Carl R. Klein, JD’70, is an attorney

cities. Cohen focuses his practice in

Award. The winning program,

at Howard & Howard in Chicago.

business and tax planning, estate

which aired on public television

Klein specializes in corporate and

planning, health care, and employee

station WFYI in Indianapolis,

securities law along with merger and

Lowell E. Baier, LLB’64, a real estate developer at Baier

benefits. Cohen entered the US

was recognized as best interview/

acquisition transactions at the firm,

Properties Inc. in Bethesda, Md., won the Outdoor Life 25 Award

Army upon law school graduation,

discussion program by the Lower

which recently merged with Defrees

as the Readers’ Choice Conservationist of the Year. In 2008,

and was awarded the Bronze Star

Great Lakes Chapter of the National

& Fiske LLC.

Baier received the Budweiser Outdoor Conservationist of the

for his service in a combat zone in

Association of Television Arts &


Year Award. For 24 months, Baier led a battle to facilitate the

Vietnam. In 2004, Cohen earned dual

Sciences. The hour-long program

Joseph L. Amaral, JD’73, an

federal government’s acquisition of the largest remaining piece

community honors: he received the

featured Sylvia A. McNair, MM’83,

attorney in South Bend, Ind.,

of Theodore Roosevelt’s historic Elkhorn Ranch still in private

Jerusalem Medal from the Israel Bond

DM Hon’98, who performed a variety

was recognized by the Volunteer

ownership. Baier returned the $50,000 prize to the Elkhorn

organization for service to Israel and

of songs, including “Stardust” by

Lawyer Network, Inc. for

Ranch for wildlife habitat restoration projects.

alumni feature Preserving our nation’s wildlife habitats

13 + www.law.indiana.edu

12 + ergo + indiana law alumni news

Enjoy reading about the accomplishments and life events of your fellow alumni, and continue sending us your news— online or by mail.

associations, including the American,

Florida Super Lawyers 2006-2009,

employment matters, financing

was honored at Lambda Legal’s 10th Anniversary Indiana Benefit

Indiana, and Indianapolis Bar

as well as Best Lawyers in America

issues, transactions between

Dinner for her extraordinary work to further equal treatment and

Associations. He is also a fellow of

2009-2010. Dickson is also an

businesses, and the purchase and sale

recognition of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender civil rights,

the Indianapolis and American Bar

active member of the bar and the

of businesses and their assets.

both locally and statewide. Baird has been an active participant in

Foundations and served in recent

community, receiving the Florida


the organization for more than 10 years. A solo practitioner since

years on the board of directors

Bar Pro Bono Service Award, St.

Aladean M. Derose, JD’78, an attorney

2000, Baird focuses her practice on probate, estate planning, and

and as president of the National

Petersburg Bar Pro Bono Award,

in South Bend, Ind., received the

business transactions.

Organization of Bar Counsel.

National Association for Community

Professor Thomas L. Shaffer Award of


Leadership Distinguished Leadership

Exceptional Service Pro Bono Publico

John W. Purcell, JD’76, a partner at

Award, and the Leadership St.

in recognition of her dedication to

Baker & Daniels LLP in Indianapolis,

Petersburg Alumni Association

pro bono work. The award, which

was selected as the Indianapolis

Leadership Award.

is presented by the Volunteer

Employee Benefits Lawyer of the Year


Lawyer Network, Inc., is given to

by Best Lawyers. At Baker & Daniels,

Jeffrey L. Gage, JD’77, a partner at

an attorney who has contributed a

Purcell represents employers and

Quarles & Brady LLP in Phoenix,

significant number of hours to pro

fiduciaries regarding counseling, plan

was selected as a Best Lawyer in

bono cases through legal services

design, regulatory compliance and

America 2010. Gage practices in the

to disadvantaged populations in

litigation with respect to employee

firm’s Real Estate Group in the areas

St. Joseph, Elkhart, Marshall, and

alumni feature

the IBA presidency. During his term

witnesses, and the public. Judge Hoff

the National Academy of Elder Law

benefit plans, including pension and

of real estate development, real estate

Kosciusko Counties in Indiana.

as IBA president, Davis is credited

is a member of the Indiana Judges

Attorneys, the American College of

profit sharing plans, employee stock

finance, corporate, commercial, and


with starting the annual Bench

Association and the Monroe County

Trust and Estates Counsel and the

ownership plans, health and welfare

county government.

Glenn Scolnik, JD’78, President

Bar Conference. He also served as

Domestic Violence Task Force.

Estate Planning and Administration

plans, executive compensation


and CEO of Hammond Kennedy

IBA vice president and counsel


Specialty Certification Board, also

programs, and other benefits practices.

In June, William E. Adams, Jr., JD’78,

Whitney & Co. in Indianapolis, was

to the board, and devoted time to

Kim F. Ebert, JD’76, was elected

serving as co-chair. An active


assumed the position of dean and

recently elected to the Indiana Law

the IBA’s Young Lawyers Division

managing shareholder of Ogletree,

member of the ISBA, Kolb has

In October, Michael E. Uslan, JD’76,

president of the Western State College

Board of Visitors.

and Litigation Section. Davis has

Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, PC

published more than 100 articles

president of Branded Entertainment in

of Law in Fullerton, Calif. At its July

served on the Indianapolis Legal

in Indianapolis. Ebert was elected to

and books related to estate planning

Cedar Grove, N.J., will be the guest of

meeting, the Council of the Section

Aid Society’s Board of Directors for

his new role during the firm’s annual

and administration.

honor and keynote speaker at the New

of Legal Education and Admissions

over a decade, and is currently its

shareholders’ meeting and is the first


York Comic Con at the Javits Center.

to the Bar of the American Bar

vice president. He is also currently

non-founding shareholder to hold

Donald R. Lundberg, JD’76, longtime

Ranked the second-largest event in

Association granted full ABA

serving his second term on the

the position. In his new role, Ebert

executive secretary of the Indiana

New York City, the New York Comic

approval to the law school.

Indiana Pro Bono Commission.

will serve as chair of the executive

Supreme Court Disciplinary

Con is a popular culture convention



management team and will be

Commission, recently joined Barnes

displaying comics, graphic novels,

James R. Brotherson, JD’78, a

The Honorable E. Michael Hoff,

responsible for the strategic growth

& Thornburg LLP’s Indianapolis office

anime, manga, video games, toys,

partner at Baker & Daniels in South

Please direct letters

JD’75, judge of Monroe Circuit Court,

of the firm and its 37 offices.

as a partner in the firm’s Litigation

movies, and television and is expected

Bend, Ind., was recognized by the

and class notes to

received the 2009 Civility Award at


Department and as the firm’s deputy

to draw over 77,000 attendees.

Volunteer Lawyer Network, Inc.


the Indiana State Bar Association’s

Jeffrey B. Kolb, JD’76, a partner at

general counsel. In his new position,


for his contribution to pro bono

or to Indiana University

annual meeting in November.

Emison Doolittle Kolb & Roellgen in

Lundberg will represent judges,

V. James Dickson, JD’77, was named

representation and assistance in his

Maurer School of Law,

Sponsored by the ISBA Litigation

Vincennes, Ind., was honored with a

lawyers, and other professionals in

partner in charge of Adams and Reese

community. Brotherson concentrates

Arthur M. Lotz Office of

Section, the award recognizes

presidential citation from R. William

disciplinary and licensing matters,

LLP in the firm’s St. Petersburg, Fla.,

his practice in the representation

Alumni and Development,

Indiana attorneys and judges who

Jonas Jr., JD’81, outgoing president

ethics issues, malpractice cases,

office. Dickson focuses his practice

of closely held businesses and

211 S. Indiana Ave.,

demonstrate outstanding civility and

of the Indiana State Bar Association,

and other matters of professional

on construction law, environmental

counsels management on issues

Bloomington, IN 47405.

professionalism in their dealings

at the association’s annual meeting

responsibility. Lundberg is a

law, and commercial litigation.

relating to business formation and

with judges, attorneys, parties,

in November. Kolb is a member of

member of numerous professional

Dickson has been recognized in

growth, shareholder relationships,

15 + www.law.indiana.edu

14 + ergo + indiana law alumni news

Advocating equal justice for the LGBT community

In September, Barbara J. Baird, JD’77, an attorney in Indianapolis,

on intellectual property issues,

Vincent D. Zahnle, JD’82, was

every edition of The Best Lawyers

communications and marketing.

care industry.

including infringement, licensing,

promoted to the rank of colonel in

in America since 1993. He serves on

From 2006 to 2009, he was senior vice

Mary Nold Larimore, JD’80,


and branding.

the US Army Reserve in August.

the board of directors of the Osceola

president of marketing at Duke Realty

a partner at Ice Miller LLP in

Mark J. Phillipoff, JD’80, an


He is a federal attorney working

Little League and is chairman of the

Corporation, a real estate investment

Indianapolis, was recently featured

attorney at Jones Obenchain LLP in

Judith A. Waltz, JD’81, a partner

in administrative law at the Fort

Advisory Board of the Mishawaka

trust based in Indianapolis. From

in the Indiana Super Lawyers

South Bend, Ind., was recognized by

at Foley & Lardner LLP in San

Leonard Wood, Mo., military base.

Salvation Army.

1985 until 2004, Turchi was

magazine. The article, “Oh, the

the Volunteer Lawyer Network, Inc.

Francisco, was recently elected to

Zahnle’s wife, Lucy (Klingelhoefer),


responsible for marketing, strategic

Places She’s Been,” describes how

for his contribution to pro bono

the Indiana Law Board of Visitors.

BA’81, is an online instructor of

In September, Kurt D. Nondorf, JD’83,

planning, and retail banking at First

her adventurous spirit led her to

representation and assistance in his

Waltz regularly advises clients

English composition and technical

a partner at Jackson Walker LLP in

Indiana Bank in Indianapolis. He

hike the famous Haute Route across

community. His practice includes

who are the focus of government

writing at Bryan College in

Houston, was named a 2009 Texas

was an attorney at Bose McKinney

the Alps. The article also recounts

general trial work, family law, estate

investigations and other enforcement

Springfield, Mo., and is the author of

Super Lawyer. Nondorf has diverse

& Evans in Indianapolis from 1983

Nold Larimore’s determination

planning, probate, and real estate

actions, and has negotiated False

the novel The Rogue’s Revenge.

experience in real estate transactions

to 1985, and has taught numerous

and passion as a trial lawyer, as

law. He has also handled appeals in

Claims Act settlements with the


law, including the representation

courses in business law, marketing,

well as her love of the law and her

Indiana and Michigan and before

US Department of Justice as well as

Steven L. Hostetler, JD’83, a partner

of large institutional clients in

and management as an adjunct

respect for the clients she represents.

the Seventh Circuit Court of

corporate integrity agreements with

at Thorne Grodnik & Ransel in

connection with the acquisition,

instructor at Butler University and

A member of Ice Miller’s Drug

Appeals in Chicago.

the Office of Inspector General. She is

Mishawaka, Ind., was recognized

sale, financing, and leasing of office

Wabash College.

and Device Practice Group, Nold


co-chair of the Life Sciences Industry

by the Volunteer Lawyer Network,

buildings, apartment complexes,


Larimore was also named to the 2010

Jeffrey L. Simnick, JD’81, joined

Team, and former vice chair of the

Inc. for his contribution to pro bono

industrial sites, warehouses, and

Joseph “Jay” H. Yeager, Jr., JD’83,

Super Lawyer list.

Drewry Simmons Vornehm LLP in

Health Care Industry Team. She is

representation and assistance in his

hotels. He also has significant

a partner at Baker & Daniels LLP


Indianapolis, where he practices as

also a member of the White Collar

community. Hostetler practices in

experience in the purchase and sale

in Indianapolis, was named the

In November, Ellen W. Lazar, JD’80,

senior counsel in the areas of eminent

Defense and Corporate Compliance

the areas of bankruptcy, creditors’

of apartment complexes and other

Indianapolis “Bet-the-Company

a senior advisor on consumer policy

domain, government services,

and Enforcement Practices, Life

rights, real estate, and general

multifamily projects.

Litigator of the Year” by Best Lawyers.

at the Federal Deposit Insurance

litigation, mediation, real estate,

Sciences Industry Team and former

corporate law. He is also a member


At Baker & Daniels, Yeager represents

Corporation, was honored with the

and construction law. Simnick is a

co-chair of the Health Care Payments/

of the St. Joseph County and Indiana

Kenneth L. Turchi, JD’83, joined

businesses and individuals in a wide

Rabbi Joseph P. Weinberg Community

frequent lecturer on eminent domain

Compliance Practice.

State Bar Associations. Hostetler

the Indiana University Maurer

variety of lawsuits and arbitrations,

Builder Award in Washington,

law and is recognized as a leader


has been honored by being listed in

School of Law as assistant dean for

including contract actions, business

DC. Lazar has devoted her career

in the field. He is also registered as

Beth “Betsy” K. Greene, JD’82, a

to expanding the availability of

a civil mediator with the Indiana

partner at Greene & Schultz Trial

affordable housing, developing

Supreme Court’s Commission of

Lawyers in Bloomington, Ind.,

communities, and protecting

Continuing Legal Education, which

received the GP Hall of Fame Award

consumers. Before working at

maintains the Registry of Approved

at the Indiana State Bar Association’s

the FDIC, Lazar was a partner at

Court Mediators.

annual meeting in November. She

Venture Philanthropy Partners, a


currently serves as director of the

philanthropic organization that

Richard W. Young, JD’81, a partner at

Indiana Trial Lawyers Association

the Diversity Inclusion Award at the 2009 USA Swimming Annual

invests in nonprofit institutions that

Quarles & Brady LLP in Chicago, was

and the Indiana Supreme Court

Convention. Established in 2006, the award is presented to the

serve children and youth.

selected as a Best Lawyer in America

Committee on Character and

person or group who has positively heightened the awareness


2010. He was also recently selected

Fitness. She is also a member of the

of inclusion efforts through various modes and media resulting

In October, Jean M.R. Pechette,

for inclusion in the 2010 Illinois

Monroe County, Morgan County,

in the increase and successful participation of currently

JD’80, joined McDermott Will &

Super Lawyers list. As a member of

Indiana State, and Seventh Circuit

underrepresented groups in the sport. Lopez has championed

Emery LLP as a partner in the firm’s

the firm’s intellectual property group,

Bar Associations, the American

minority and disadvantaged individuals throughout his career. In

Chicago office. Pechette focuses her

Young litigates patent, trademark,

Association for Justice, the American

2004, he founded Nadar por Vida (Swimming for Life). Through

practice on information technology

and copyright actions in federal

Board of Trial Advocates, and the

the independent, nonprofit corporation, Lopez and other USA

and intellectual property matters,

trial and appellate courts around

Trial Lawyers College Alumni Board.

Swimming-certified coaches and volunteers teach primarily

the country. He also counsels clients


Hispanic, at-risk, and economically and socially disadvantaged

alumni feature Promoting inclusion through sports

Arthur A. Lopez, JD’83, Special Assistant to the Deputy Director at the US Office of Government Ethics in Washington, DC, received

children to swim competitively.

17 + www.law.indiana.edu

16 + ergo + indiana law alumni news


with a concentration on the health

issues and has secured significant

J. Adam Bain, JD’86, was recently

on the board of directors of the

Chris K. Gawart, JD’87, a partner at

property laws and to coordinate

disputes, class actions, international

results in Internal Revenue Service

elected to the Indiana Law Alumni

National Conference of Women’s Bar

Quarles & Brady LLP in Milwaukee,

and harmonize such laws in the

litigation, aviation litigation, and

employee plans team audits and in

Board. Bain is a trial attorney in

Associations and the Coalition of

was selected as a “Best Lawyer

Americas.” Triana is head of litigation

corporate governance disputes.

US Department of Labor audits of

the Environmental Torts Division

Women’s Initiatives in Law Firms.

in America 2010.” He was also

for the law firm Triana, Uribe &


employee benefit plans.

at the US Department of Justice in


awarded the “Five Star Best in

Michelsen in Bogotá, Colombia.

Morgan G. Graham, JD’84,


Washington, DC.

Mark T. Hayden, JD’86, deputy

Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager”


a managing partner of the law

In November, Timothy J. Haffner,


chairman at Greenebaum Doll &

distinction for 2009 by Milwaukee

In December, Ernest P. Galos, JD’89,

firm Phillips Lytle in Buffalo, N.Y.,

JD’85, a partner at Baker & Daniels

In June, the Honorable M. Gino

McDonald PLLC in Cincinnati, was

magazine. Gawart practices in the

an attorney in South Bend, Ind., was

continues to serve as vice president

LLP in Fort Wayne, Ind., was

Brogdon, Sr., JD’86, who previously

selected to the 2010 Ohio Super

areas of estate planning, closely held

recognized by the Volunteer Lawyer

of the board of managers of the

named a volunteer of the year by

served as a superior court judge

Lawyers and the 2010 Cincy Leading

business planning, general corporate,

Network, Inc. for his contribution

Buffalo and Erie County Historical

the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.

in Atlanta, released his debut

Lawyers lists. As a business trial

and tax-exempt organizations. He has

to pro bono representation and

Society. The organization, which

The award honors individuals who

crime thriller novel, Demons in

attorney for more than 20 years,

extensive experience representing

assistance in his community.

has existed since 1862, presents an

diligently work with the chamber

the Crawlspace. He also recently

Hayden has experience in a wide

individuals and corporate clients in


annual array of programs, exhibits,

for the betterment of the business

attended the 40th Bouchercon World

variety of litigation matters. He has

wealth-transfer and related matters.

Kevin D. Holden, JD’89, joined

tours, and events and is host to

community. Haffner, who started

Mystery Convention in Indianapolis.

extensive jury and bench trial and


Jackson Lewis LLP as a partner in

more than 100,000 artifacts, 200,000

his legal career 24 years ago at Baker

With more than two decades in

appellate experience in both state

In February, Kevin C. Schiferl, JD’88,

the firm’s Richmond, Va., office.

photographs, and 20,000 books.

& Daniels, focuses his practice in

Atlanta’s courtrooms, Judge Brogdon

and federal courts. Hayden has

a partner at Frost Brown Todd LLC in

Holden focuses his practice on


business and corporate finance,

is a much sought after legal analyst

concentrated his trial practice on

Indianapolis, was featured in Indiana

employment law, including defending

Kimberly D. Rife, JD’84, an attorney

economic development, and sports

who has appeared several times on

complex business disputes, product

Lawyer for being a 2010 recipient of

claims of wrongful discharge; race,

at Barkes Kolbus & Rife LLP in

and entertainment. He has been

CNN’s Nancy Grace Show. Judge

liability, construction litigation,

the Distinguished Hoosier Award.

sex, and disability discrimination;

Goshen, Ind., was recognized by

recognized for his work in corporate

Brogdon is an expert on family

competitive practices and insurance

The Distinguished Hoosier is one of

noncompete agreements; sexual

the Volunteer Lawyer Network, Inc.

law and mergers and acquisitions by

violence and child abuse. As a

coverage. In addition, Hayden is

the highest awards given by the state

harassment; breach of contact;

for her contribution to pro bono

The Best Lawyers in America.

judge, he has presided over many

active in civic affairs as an elected

of Indiana to its citizens. Schiferl

and unpaid overtime compensation.

representation and assistance in


such cases, elements of which he

Campbell County commissioner,

received the award in recognition of

Previously, he was a partner at

her community.

In September, Bloomington, Ind.,

interweaves into Demons in the

board member at Covington Catholic

his service over the last several years

Kaufman & Canoles.


Mayor Mark R. Kruzan, JD’85,

Crawlspace. The book, which is the

High School and a Catholic lay

on the Government Reorganization

Jay A. Rigdon, JD’84, an attorney at

appeared as a guest on the “Mayor

first of 11 books in his crime thriller

pastoral minister.

Committee. The committee’s work

Rockhill Pinnick LLP in Warsaw,

Monday” segment of Fox Business

series, has won praise from both the


resulted in the first combination in


Ind., was recognized by the

Network’s Fox Business with

literary and legal community.

Eric M. Jensen, JD’86, was named

Indiana of three units of government

In July, K. Steven Blake, JD’90,

Volunteer Lawyer Network, Inc.

Liz Claman and David Asman.


a partner at Morgan & Pottinger in

into one, thus streamlining

executive vice president, general

for his contribution to pro bono

Kruzan answered questions about

In November, E. Lynn Grayson,

Louisville, Ky. In his new position,

governance, eliminating waste,

counsel, and corporate secretary at

representation and assistance in his

Bloomington’s local economy and

JD’86, a partner at Jenner & Block in

Jensen will take on additional

and promoting tax efficiencies.

Heidrick & Struggles International,

community. Rigdon concentrates

spoke about the city’s approach

Chicago, received the Women with

responsibilities in expanding


Inc. in Chicago, was elected to the

his practice on criminal and general

to economic development. The

Vision Award from the Women’s Bar

the firm’s banking litigation and

In October, Fernando Triana,

Indiana University Kinsey Institute’s

civil litigation, family law, real estate,

nationally syndicated program

Association of Illinois. A member

commercial law practice areas.

MCL’88, was named president of

Board of Governors. Blake was also

corporate business practice, and

features mayors from larger

of the firm’s Environmental, Energy

Jensen is admitted to practice law in

the Inter-American Association of

recently elected to the Indiana Law

personal injury.

metropolitan areas, and the hosts

and Natural Resources Law, Climate

Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, and US

Intellectual Property during the

Board of Visitors. He has served as


pointed to Bloomington as an

and Clean Technology Law, Defense

District Courts in Kentucky’s Eastern

organization’s 17th International

executive vice president, general

Greta E. Cowart, JD’85, a partner

example of how smaller cities

& Aerospace, and Environmental

and Western Districts, Indiana’s

Congress in Lima, Peru. He will

counsel, and secretary for Heidrick &

at Haynes & Boone LLP in Dallas,

can balance their budgets while

Litigation Practices, Grayson

Northern and Southern Districts and

govern and represent the organization

Struggles since 2005.

was recently elected to the Indiana

preserving important municipal

has an extensive environmental

Ohio’s Southern District. He is also

for the next three years. Founded


Law Alumni Board. Cowart is

programs and services.

law background including both

admitted to practice law in the US

in 1964, the association gathers

Mary L. Kohn, JD’91, an attorney in

known for her expertise in resolving


private practice and government

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

together professionals to “study,

South Bend, Ind., was recognized

service experience. She is also


disseminate, and develop intellectual

by the Volunteer Lawyer Network,

complex employee benefit plan

19 + www.law.indiana.edu

18 + ergo + indiana law alumni news

and securities fraud, sale of business

tenants, and property owners in a

Kent A. Rollison, JD’93, a partner at

business litigation, and general

and challenge of a global practice from Juan C. Basombrio, JD’89. A

variety of real estate and economic

Baker & Daniels LLP in Indianapolis,

civil litigation.

partner at Dorsey & Whitney LLP in Irvine, Cal., Basombrio visited

development transactions. He has

was recognized as a 2009 Five Star


the Maurer School of Law on March 31. In a noontime session, he

received a number of accolades for

Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth

Janice Brockman Hitzeman, JD’95,

discussed recent developments in international law and the trends

his real estate and land use work,

Manager. The award is presented by

is an assistant prosecuting attorney

that newly admitted lawyers need to address to become successful

including recognition in Chambers

Crescendo Business Services LLC to

for Delaware County, Ohio. She

in the global economy. Basombrio also attended Professor Christiana

USA: A Guide to America’s Leading

assist consumers in selecting a wealth

handles litigation and trials for felony

Ochoa’s seminar in human rights, where he critiqued the students’

Business Lawyers in the real estate

manager who provides exceptional

criminal cases. Hitzeman is licensed

participation in negotiations based on a case study. The negotiations

category. Hardin publishes a regular

client satisfaction as indicated by

to practice law in Indiana, Ohio, and

included students from Indiana Law and from the Escola de Direito

real estate alert for the real estate

other consumers. Rollison devotes

Florida and maintains a separate

do Rio de Janeiro da Fundação Getúlio Vargas. The students in Brazil

community, and he frequently

his practice to family wealth transfer

law practice for civil, real estate, and

participated in the discussion via a video linkup.

lectures on real estate and economic

and tax planning techniques, and

probate matters.

development issues.

representing individual and corporate



personal representatives and trustees

Raymond A. Limon, JD’95, chief

In December, Nancy J. Guyott,

in estate and trust administration.

human capital officer at the

JD’93, was named president of the


Corporation for National and

Indiana AFL–CIO, the first woman

P. Stephen Fardy, JD’94, an equity

Community Service in Washington,

to be elected to this position. The

partner in the Chicago office of

DC, was selected to speak at the

alumni feature

Inc. for her contribution to pro

practice, Pankratz served as director

Broadcasting System, Inc. In this

AFL–CIO is a federation of 800 local

Swanson, Martin & Bell LLP, was

2009 Third Annual Human Capital

bono representation and assistance

of management and organizational

capacity, he manages all legal matters

unions across the state representing

selected from a pool of more than

Management: Federal Symposium.

in her community.

development for Enterprise

for Turner Entertainment Networks,

more than 300,000 working Hoosiers.

1,000 nominees as one of the “40

Limon also serves as a member of


Community Partners in Columbia,

including TBS, TNT, truTV and

Guyott previously spent five years

Illinois Attorneys Under 40 to

the Maurer School of Law’s Latino

Jeffrey R. Pankratz, JD’91, managing

Md., and as the executive director of

Turner Classic Movies, and Turner

as the AFL–CIO’s legal counsel. She

Watch” by the Chicago Lawyer

Alumni Advisory Board.

director of Development Sourcing

the Community Development Law

Sports, including Turner’s television

also spent 12 years with the Indiana

magazine and the Chicago Daily


Advisors LLC, formed Justice

Center in Indianapolis.

sports programming (e.g., NBA

Department of Labor, serving as its

Law Bulletin. Fardy concentrates his

In August, Timothy J. McCaffrey,

Ventures International, a nonprofit


on TNT, MLB on TBS) and sports

commissioner from 2003 to 2005.

practice in the area of intellectual

JD’95, joined the national real estate

corporation whose mission is

In November, Kathleen M. Anderson,

digital properties (e.g., NBA Digital,


property transactions and litigation

law firm Pircher Nichols & Meeks

to secure freedom, justice, and

JD’92, a partner at Barnes & Thornburg

NASCAR.com, PGA.com). Cooper

Clayton C. Miller, JD’93, joined

and is a member of the Illinois State

in Chicago as a partner. Named to

restoration for the poor and oppressed

LLP in Fort Wayne, Ind., was elected

also manages Turner’s corporate

Bamberger, Foreman, Oswald

and Indiana State Bar Associations.

Illinois Super Lawyers’ “Rising

by strengthening justice ventures,

to the board of governors of the

legal matters (including mergers

& Hahn LLP as a partner in the


Stars” list for two consecutive years,

organizations that work to protect

Indiana State Bar Association. She will

and acquisitions), Turner’s digital

firm’s Indianapolis office. Miller

Thomas M. Fisher, JD’94, solicitor

McCaffrey previously served as

human rights and to promote

represent District 4 and her term will

distribution, transactions, rights

practices in the area of utility law,

general at the Indiana Office of the

a litigation partner at Winston &

development. Prior to his current

expire in 2011. Anderson is a member

and policy matters, and oversees the

representing clients in the energy,

Attorney General, was elected to join

Strawn, where he participated as lead

position, Pankratz was of counsel

of the Allen County (past president),

administration and operations of the

telecommunications, water, and waste

the Indiana Law Alumni Board.

and support counsel in a variety of

at Venable LLP in Washington, DC.

Indiana State, and American Bar

Turner legal department.

disposal industries. Prior to joining


cases, both civil and criminal.

Throughout his career, he has been

Associations. She also serves on the


Bamberger, Miller was counsel with

Thomas R. TerMaat, JD’94, a


active in pro bono matters in the areas

board of directors for the Fort Wayne

Steven D. Hardin, JD’92, a partner at

Baker & Daniels in Indianapolis,

partner at Siebers Mohney, PLC in

Dana L. Miroballi, JD’95, is an

of human rights and development. In

Children’s Zoo and various other not-

Baker & Daniels LLP in Indianapolis,

served as chief administrative

Grand Rapids, Mich., was selected

attorney in the National Security

2003, Pankratz worked in southern

for-profit health care, education, and

was elected chair of the Indiana

law judge of the Indiana Utility

for inclusion in The Best Lawyers

Division of the US Department of

India for the International Justice

community organizations.

State Bar Association’s Land

Regulatory Commission and as

in America 2010. TerMaat focuses

Justice in Washington, DC. She and

Mission, a Christian human rights


Use and Zoning Section. Hardin

attorney advisor in the Office of

his practice in the areas of no-

her husband, David Firkin, welcomed

organization, supporting its efforts

John T. Cooper, JD’92, was promoted

practices in the firm’s real estate

Public Utility Regulation at the US

fault automobile insurance law,

their first child, Luke Christopher

to eradicate bonded slavery in that

to senior vice president and

and land use group, representing

Securities & Exchange Commission

transportation and trucking law,

Firkin, in August.

region. Prior to entering private

associate general counsel for Turner

developers, contractors, landlords,

in Washington, DC.

premises liability, commercial and


21 + www.law.indiana.edu

20 + ergo + indiana law alumni news

Offering law students insight into international practice

Indiana Law students recently gained insights into the opportunities

served briefly as an assistant attorney

In October, Kostas A. Poulakidas,

including the building products,

officer, Pyle served four years as a

benefit trusts in all aspects of the

associate vice president, regional

general for the state of Washington.

JD’99, an attorney at Krieg DeVault

energy, and health care industries.

judicial clerk for the Indiana Court

design, tax qualification, and ERISA

counsel at Nationwide. In her new


LLP in Indianapolis, received

Brasser has also worked on M&A

of Appeals, taught government and

compliance of retirement plans,

position, Autry will continue to

Julie A. Veach, JD’97, was named

top honors in the law category at

transactions involving public

law classes at Anderson University,

executive compensation, and health

lead the PCRO legal team, which

policy director for the Federal

Indy’s Best and Brightest Awards

mergers and private acquisitions.

and was deputy prosecuting attorney

and welfare benefit plans.

provides legal, regulatory, and state

Communications Commission’s

reception. Poulakidas was honored


in Madison County before his


legislative support. Prior to joining

development of the national

for his outstanding work in the

Proloy K. Das, JD’00, a partner

appointment to the court.

Hamish S. Cohen, JD’01, was elected

Nationwide in July 2007, Autry served

broadband plan in Washington, DC.

area of economic development and

at Rome McGuigan, PC in Hartford,


a partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP

as regulatory counsel at State Farm


public finance at Krieg DeVault

Conn., was recently featured in

Jeffrey G. Robertson, JD’00,

in Indianapolis. Cohen, who practices

Insurance Company.

April E. Sellers, JD’98, was named

LLP. Poulakidas was among 100

the Connecticut Law Tribune for

an attorney with the labor and

in the firm’s litigation department, is


a partner at Baker & Daniels LLP in

finalists age 40 and under to be

winning his second civil appeal

employment law firm Barran

on the board of directors for the St.

James K. Cleland, JD’97, a shareholder

Indianapolis. Sellers concentrates

considered for this prestigious

before the Supreme Court. Das

Liebman LLP in Portland, Ore.,

Joseph Institute for the Deaf and is a

at Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione in Ann

her practice in business litigation,

award. He provides economic

was also recently featured in the

was listed in the 2010 publication

member of the Sherman Minton Moot

Arbor, Mich., was named a Michigan

representing clients in a variety

development and bond financing

Connecticut Lawyer, a publication

of the Best Lawyers in America.

Court Advisory Board for the Law

Super Lawyers “Rising Star” for the

of trial, pretrial, and post-trial

representation to clients, including

of the Connecticut Bar Association

Best Lawyers conducts exhaustive

School. He is also a member of the

second consecutive year. Cleland’s

proceedings before state and

municipalities and counties,

(CBA). As Chair of the CBA’s Young

peer-review surveys to compile its

Indianapolis Inn of Court as well as

litigation experience includes trials,

federal courts. Sellers also has

real estate development firms,

Lawyers Section, he will have a

annual listing. Robertson represents

the Indianapolis, Indiana State, and

preliminary injunction hearings,

experience representing business

commercial banks, manufacturers,

monthly article in the publication.

employers in the drafting, design,

American Bar Associations.

Markman hearings, summary

and government clients, including

and nonprofit organizations.


and growth of retirement and health


judgment proceedings, and all aspects

briefings to the United States


The Honorable Rudolph R. Pyle

plans, as well as compensation

In January, Marc E. Gustafson, JD’01,

of fact and expert witness discovery,

Supreme Court.

Daniel R. Roy, JD’99, was named a

III, JD’00, was appointed the first

advice for executive compensation

joined Essex Richards in Charlotte,

spanning federal courts across the


partner at Baker & Daniels LLP in

African-American judge of Madison

and 409A compliance. He counsels

N.C., as counsel. Prior to his new

country. His patent prosecution

In November, Shelese (Emmons)

Indianapolis. Roy, who focuses his

County, Ind., by Gov. Mitch Daniels.

private employers, municipalities,

position, Gustafson was employed at

experience includes preparation of

Woods, JD’98, assistant United States

practice in business litigation, has

A former Indiana State Police

and multi-employer pension and

LendingTree LLC as assistant general

patent applications in the United

Attorney for the Southern District

represented a wide array of clients,

States and foreign countries.

of Indiana, and her husband, Steve,

including Fortune 500 companies,


welcomed the arrival of a daughter,

governmental bodies, entrepreneurs,

In February, Peter H. Dykstra, JD’97,

Elizabeth Jane Woods. Elizabeth

and nonprofits in a variety of

joined The Wilderness Society in

joins her sister, Maggie, and her

business and commercial disputes.

Seattle as the organization’s Pacific

brother, Noah.

Roy also has experience in mediation

Cynthia L. Bauerly, JD’98, was elected vice chair of the Federal Election

Northwest regional director. Dykstra


and arbitration, at trial, and before

Commission for 2010. Bauerly was nominated to the commission by

previously worked at The Trust

Brad R. Maurer, JD’99, was named

state and federal courts of appeal.

President George W. Bush and unanimously confirmed by the United

for Public Land for six years and

a partner at Baker & Daniels LLP in

as the Washington State director

Indianapolis. Maurer concentrates

for four years, where he managed

his practice in intellectual property,


Bauerly served in the United States Senate in the office of Senator

conservation transactions, lobbied for

where he has experience in securing

Bradley C. Brasser, JD’00, was

counsel on the Senate Judiciary and Rules Committees. Her policy

appropriations, created conservation

and protecting intellectual property

named a partner at Jones Day

work while on Capitol Hill included election reform, campaign finance,

strategies with communities and

rights in transactions, litigation, and

in the firm’s Chicago office.

technology, telecommunications, intellectual property, antitrust,

partners throughout Washington, and

prosecution matters. He routinely

Brasser practices in the areas of

legal process reform, immigration, and ethics. Commissioner Bauerly

developed local conservation finance

advises clients on trademark and

corporate finance and mergers

has also worked in private practice in Minnesota and Washington

efforts. Prior to his involvement in

copyright infringement, unfair

and acquisitions. He represents

specializing in complex litigation and appellate law, with a focus on

land conservation, he specialized in

competition, and publicity and

issuers and underwriters in public

intellectual property. She previously served as a judicial clerk for the

water rights as a lawyer for a small

privacy matters.

and private securities offerings

Honorable Florence-Marie Cooper of the United States District Court

nonprofit and for two law firms and


in a variety of business sectors,

for the Central District of California and the Honorable Theodore R.

alumni feature States Senate on June 24, 2008. Prior to her appointment, Commissioner

Federal Election Commission vice chair appointed

Charles E. Schumer of New York as his legislative director and as his

Boehm of the Indiana Supreme Court.

23 + www.law.indiana.edu

22 + ergo + indiana law alumni news

Cecil J. Autry, JD’96, was elected

Shiv Ghuman O’Neill, JD’01, was

Steven D. Forry, JD’02, an associate

discovery, including expert

Andrew J. Reitz, JD’03, an associate

Corporate Practice Group, Malone

Alston & Bird in Atlanta and Kennedy

named a partner at Baker & Daniels

at Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn in

discovery, depositions, motion

at Faruki Ireland & Cox in Dayton,

focuses his practice on mergers and

Covington Lobdell & Hickman in

LLP in Indianapolis. A member of

Columbus, Ohio, was named a 2010

writing, and fact investigations.

Ohio, was selected as a “Rising Star”

acquisitions, franchising law, and

Charlotte. In 2009, Gustafson was

the firm’s Construction and Real

“Ohio Rising Star” by Law & Politics.


by Super Lawyers magazine. His

general corporate matters. Malone

elected to the University of North

Property Litigation Group, O’Neill

The honor is designed to identify

In October, Michael E. Heintz, JD’03,

practice ranges from quasi-contractual

has extensive experience representing

Carolina Board of Visitors and

focuses her practice on all aspects

outstanding Ohio lawyers who are

joined the Environmental Law and

disputes to complex business torts

buyers and sellers of private businesses

was named outstanding emerging

of the construction process, from

age 40 and under or who have been

Policy Center in the organization’s

and employment related issues. Reitz

and business units. He also has

philanthropist by the Association of

contract negotiation and drafting to

practicing 10 or fewer years, and

Ohio office. The Environmental Law

also focuses on data security and

substantial experience in the formation

Fundraising Professionals. Gustafson is

litigation and arbitration of disputes.

who have demonstrated superior

and Policy Center is an advocacy/non-

privacy matters, contract disputes, and

of corporations, limited liability

also the owner of Gallery Pantone 278,

She represents owners, design

professional potential. Forry focuses

profit organization focusing on policy

First Amendment issues, including

companies and limited partnerships,

a contemporary art gallery in Charlotte.

professionals, construction managers,

his practice on representing clients

and development issues associated

defamation, access to news and

commercial transactions, and Ohio


general contractors, subcontractors,

involved in commercial litigation,

with clean, renewable energy sources,

public records, and the Freedom of

liquor license law.

Philip J. Gutwein II, JD’01, was

and suppliers across the country.

including contract disputes, business

and high-speed rail.

Information Act.


named a partner at Baker & Daniels


torts, products liability litigation,



A significant case handled by

LLP in Indianapolis. A member of the

Thomas J. Treutler, JD’01, an attorney

financial services litigation, and

Shontrai D. Irving, JD’03, an attorney

In July, Janet R. (Rumple) Decker,

Benjamin D. Arden, JD’05, an

benefits and executive compensation

at Tilleke & Gibbins in Hanoi,

trade secrets.

at State Farm Litigation Counsel in

JD’04, joined Indiana University’s

associate at Williams Mullen in the

group, Gutwein concentrates his

Vietnam, was appointed by Little


Crown Point, Ind., recently received

Center for Evaluation and Education

firm’s Washington, DC, office, was

practice in employee benefits law. He

League International as the district

Justin E. Long, JD’02, was named chief

the Alumni Achievement Award

Policy (CEEP) as a research associate.

recently featured in the Wall Street

represents employers and fiduciaries

administrator for Little League

deputy prosecutor of Putnam County,

from Mortar Board National College

She plans to complete her PhD in

Journal. Arden and his colleagues

in plan design, tax and benefits law

Baseball in Vietnam. Treutler and his

Ind. After law school, Long went into

Senior Honor Society at the society’s

educational leadership and policy

petitioned the United States Trade

compliance, executive compensation,

wife, Ngoc Thuy, founded Hanoi’s

private practice and came to Putnam

recent national conference in Chicago.

studies from Indiana University in

Representative to file a complaint

corporate transactions, benefits-related

first youth baseball team in 2008,

County as a public defender in 2006.

The Alumni Achievement Award

May 2010.

with the World Trade Organization

disputes with unions and multi-

and coached the Hanoi Little League

He has been a deputy prosecutor in

is conferred annually upon Mortar


challenging China’s trade practice.

employer welfare and pension plans,

all-star team at the Asia-Pacific Minor

Putnam County for two years.

Board alumni who are outstanding

Jeffrey S. Goens, JD’04, started

The USTR granted the petition and

and a wide variety of benefits-related

League Championships in Jakarta,


in their professional lives; who have

Dialawg, a company that provides

the complaint was filed. The case will

litigation (ERISA and non-ERISA).

Indonesia, in June. Treutler was also

Lora M. Whitticker, JD’02, was

contributed at the local, national and

secure communication services

now proceed to dispute settlement


named by Chambers Asia as a leading

elected chair of the National Bar

international communities; and who

exclusively to attorneys and clients.

before a WTO panel and the possible

Laura J. Hilmert, JD’01, was named a

lawyer in intellectual property law in

Association’s Young Lawyer Division.

serve as remarkable role models to

The company, which allows

imposition of trade sanctions against

partner at Armstrong Teasdale LLP in

Vietnam in 2008 and 2009.

Whitticker recently spoke at the

collegiate members. In November,

attorneys and clients to send, store,

China by the US and the EU.

St. Louis, Mo. A member of the firm’s


professional development seminar

Irving was also chosen as an

and organize encrypted messages


IP practice group, Hilmert’s primary

Jonathan F. Yates, JD’01, is a patent

hosted by the National Black Law

Indianapolis Colts Anthem Angels

and files, was recently accepted as

Mark J. Horvick, JD’06, an associate

focus is on the counseling of clients

attorney for the law firm Liell &

Students Association in Washington,

honoree, an award he received

a participant in the American Bar

at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, is relocating

in the biological, chemical, and life

McNeill in Bloomington, Ind. He and

DC, during the Congressional Black

because of his outstanding commit-

Association’s TechEZ program.

to the firm’s Shanghai office from

sciences fields.

his wife, Mandy (Renschler), BA’00,

Caucus Annual Legislative Conference

ment to serving his community of


Chicago. Horvick concentrates his


MLS’08, welcomed a daughter, Audrey

in September.

Gary, Ind.

Nicholas D. Malone, JD’04,

practice on corporate law.

Robert D. Lattas, JD’01, was recently

Liesl, in July.



an associate in Shumaker, Loop &


elected to the Indiana Law Alumni


Hongsun Yoon, JD’02, an associate

Brandy A. Osimokun, JD’03, recently

Kendrick, LLP in Toledo, Ohio, was

Captain Jason L. Morris, JD’06,

Board. An attorney at a private firm

Christopher W. Cotterill, JD’02,

at Barnes & Thornburg LLP in

accepted a position with the United

selected to participate in the Ohio

was recently featured in Real Clear

in Chicago, Lattas has been featured

has been appointed to serve as chief

Indianapolis, was recently elected

States Postal Service in the pricing

State Bar Association’s first class of its

Politics in an article titled, “Success in

in numerous publications, including

of staff for Indianapolis Mayor Gregory

to the Indiana Law Alumni Board.

and product development section of

Leadership Academy. The Leadership

Afghanistan Will Require Commitment

Real Estate Executive magazine, and

A. Ballard. Cotterill formerly held

Yoon’s practice primarily involves

the law department in Washington,

Academy is designed to identify

for the Long Haul.” Morris recently

is an adjunct professor in the College

the position of corporation counsel

patent litigation across a variety

DC. Osimokun and her husband,

future leaders in the legal community

returned from a six-month tour in

of Commerce at DePaul University

to the city of Indianapolis and

of technologies. Yoon also has

Bankole, have a three-year-old son

and provide them with support and

Afghanistan, where he served as the

in Chicago.

Marion County.

experience in all areas of litigation

named Fela.

training. As a member of the firm’s

judge advocate for Second Battalion,

25 + www.law.indiana.edu

24 + ergo + indiana law alumni news

counsel and served as a litigator with

Third Marines. During his time in

and handle labor contract negotiations

landlord-tenant disputes, personal

simple wills, and she represents

as a member of the firm’s business

she married David E. Amaya, JD’08,

Afghanistan, one of his jobs was to

and national arbitrations, including

injury matters, small business

clients in real estate transactions.

finance and restructuring practice.

an associate at the San Diego law

help build the rule of law in Nimroz

interest arbitrations.

formation, real estate, wills and trusts,


During law school, Persons served

office of Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard &

Province and Farah Province. By the


and workers’ compensation claims.

Sara Slayton Leeman, JD/MPA’07, is

as a managing editor of the Federal

Smith, who was recently promoted

time his unit left six months later, the

After three years practicing as an


the corporate environmental manager

Communications Law Journal.

into the firm’s employment law group.

Afghan national police were able to

environmental attorney, Alison R.

R. Nicole (Slaughter) Brittain, JD’07,

of Clover Technologies Group of



lead joint patrols with the Marines.

Waske, JD/MPA’06, was named

joined Mead Johnson Nutrition

Ottawa, Ill. She was previously the

James K. Schleiffarth, JD’07, founded

Robert J. Butler, JD’08, an associate at

Morris counts the training of the

sustainability manager for the law

Company as associate counsel,

environmental manager of several

Schleiffarth Law Firm LLC in St.

Davis & Davis PC in Elkhart, Ind., was

police in Delaram as “one of the

firm Warner, Norcross & Judd in

commercial and Europe.

Weyerhaeuser Company facilities in

Louis, Mo. After beginning his career

recognized by the Volunteer Lawyer

biggest successes for our battalion.”

Grand Rapids, Mich. Using her


Louisiana and Arkansas.

at AmLaw 100 firm Husch Blackwell

Network, Inc. for his contribution to


background in environmental policy

Tiffany E. Farber, JD’07, recently


Sanders LLP in St. Louis, Schleiffarth

pro bono representation and assistance

Kimberly Richardson, JD’06, joined

and management, she is charged

opened her own practice in Chicago,

John P. MacKenzie, JD’07, was

opened the new firm, which focuses

in his community.

the United States Postal Service in

with creating a corporate

where her focus on advocacy

promoted to district attorney level 3

on real estate law, estate planning and


Washington, DC, as an attorney in

sustainability legal practice at the

for children with disabilities in

in the Sacramento District Attorney’s

general transactional business law.

Rachel G. Buxkamper, JD’08, joined

the Labor & Employment Section

firm and developing clients in this

special education matters. Farber

Office. His current assignment is as a


the Office of General Counsel of the

of the Law Department. In her new

area of practice.

provides representation through

trial deputy in the juvenile division.

Holly L. Johnson Amaya, JD’08,

Tennessee Department of Health. In

position, Richardson will specialize in


advocacy at school meetings such as

MacKenzie and his wife were

joined Green Bryant & French LLP

her new position, she will specialize in

traditional labor law and occupational

Nathan D. Baney, JD’07, recently

individualized education plan and

expecting their second child, a girl,

in San Diego. In her new position,

litigation before the Board of Nursing.

safety and health administration.

started his own law firm, Nathan

disciplinary meetings, 504 meetings,

in March 2010. Their son, Cayden, is

Johnson Amaya will be responsible


Specifically, she will advise USPS

D. Baney, Attorney at Law PLLC, in

mediations, prehearing conferences,

two-and-a-half years old.

for assisting with representation

Christina L. Clark, JD’08, joined

managers, other business groups,

Alexandria, Va. The firm will help

and due process hearings. She also


of the firm’s 200-plus community

Baker & Daniels LLP as an associate

and lawyers across the country on

people in the Washington, DC, area

operates a general law practice

Charles M. Persons, Jr., JD’07, joined

associations and real estate developer

in the firm’s Indianapolis office. Clark

safety issues, conduct trainings, lead

with a variety of matters, including

providing estate planning services

Weil, Gotshal and Manges LLP as an

clients. She will also be working on

is a member of the firm’s business

regular national conference calls,

bankruptcy and financial distress

such as guardianship of adults and

associate in the firm’s Dallas office. In

employment matters and assisting

litigation team. Before joining Baker

chair all national OSHA litigation,

issues, contract disputes, family law,

minors, powers of attorney, and

his new position, Persons will serve

with wrongful death cases. In June,

& Daniels, she served as a law clerk for Judge Nancy Vaidik in the Indiana Court of Appeals.

alumni feature

Catherine A. Conway, JD’78, a partner at Akin Gump Strauss

David J. Lazerwitz, JD’95, was honored with a California Lawyer

Hauer & Feld LLP in Los Angeles, was named a California Lawyer

Attorney of the Year Award in the environmental category for his

Attorney of the Year by California Lawyer magazine. Conway

work to help protect California’s desert from off-highway vehicle

was recognized for her work in Chau v. Starbucks Corp., where

impacts. Lazerwitz and two other attorneys won a summary

she persuaded the Fourth District Court of Appeal to reverse a

judgment on behalf of seven environmental organizations. The

trial court’s ruling that Starbucks’ policy of dividing tips among

judgment requires the Bureau of Land Management to adhere to

workers was illegal, overturning a $105 million damages award

federal statutes and its own regulations to protect environmental

to a certified class of baristas. Conway was also named one of

resources. Lazerwitz is a partner at Farella Braun + Martel in

the Top 10 Defense Attorneys for the state of California and

San Francisco.

was recently featured on the front page of the Los Angeles Daily Journal for her work in the Starbucks case.

27 + www.law.indiana.edu

26 + ergo + indiana law alumni news

Two Indiana Law alums named California Attorneys of the Year by California Lawyer

Laurie N. Robinson, JD’98, has been promoted to senior vice president of CBS Corporation in New York, where she also

Hon. James J. Jordan, LLB’59

through December 2002 and was

years as a CFO in the fire protection

joined CBS in 2007 in a newly created role reporting directly

The Honorable James J. Jordan,

named senior judge by the Indiana

industry and was owner of Goldman

to Louis J. Briskman, the company’s vice president. Robinson

former judge of Delaware Circuit

Supreme Court until his death. Judge

and Co. LLC in Merrillville, Ind., for

is also the founder and CEO of Corporate Women of Color, a

Court No. 4 in Muncie, Ind., died

Jordan was a member of the Indiana

10 years. He was also chairman of the

2,300-member organization for in-house women attorneys of

on February 8, 2010. Judge Jordan

Trial Lawyers Association, the Indiana

building committee for Temple Israel

color to promote their advancement and all aspects of global

was Delaware County’s first public

State Bar Association, and the Muncie

in Valparaiso.

diversity in the legal profession and workplace.

defender from 1960 to 1964 and later

Bar Association. Memorials may be


served as a deputy prosecutor. He

made in his name to the Salvation

David L. Mayer, JD’78

was Delaware County prosecutor

Army, Muncie Mission, the American

David L. Mayer, an entertainment

from 1974 until 1979. He was also a

Cancer Society, and the American

industry executive and attorney for

member of the firm of Dennis, Cross,

Heart Association.

30 years, died on October 27, 2009, in

Raisor, Jordan, and Marshall and was


Santa Barbara, Calif. A graduate of

master commissioner in Delaware

Jay A. Goldman, JD’73

Princeton University, Mayer worked

Superior Court No. 2. for 19 years

Jay A. Goldman, of South Bend,

at Universal Studios, Orion, Disney

under Judge Richard Daily. In 1998,

Ind., died on July 14, 2009, following

Studios, and most recently Reveille.

Governor Frank O’Bannon, JD’57,

a year-long battle with esophageal

Donations in memory of Mayer

alumni feature

Douglas A. Hass, JD’08, joined the

Kellen E. Lynch, JD’09, joined Warner

Laura M. Walda, JD’09, joined

appointed Judge Jordan to complete

cancer. Goldman began his career at

can be made to the National Parks

Social Security Administration’s

Norcross & Judd LLP as an associate in

Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor

the term of Circuit Court Judge A.J.

Price Waterhouse in 1973 and left the

Conservation Association.

Office of the General Counsel as

the firm’s Grand Rapids, Mich., office.

& Reed P.A. in Orlando, Fla., as

Hall, who died in office. He served

firm as senior manager. He spent 16

an Assistant Regional Counsel in

Lynch was recently admitted to the

an associate. In October, she was

Chicago. Before joining the SSA, he

State Bar of Michigan.

admitted to the Florida Bar. With

served as a law clerk for Judge Karla


125 lawyers, the firm provides vital

R. Spaulding on the US District Court

Munjot Sahu, JD’09, joined Baker &

assistance to clients in almost every

for the Middle District of Florida.

Daniels LLP as an associate in the

aspect of business, from capital


firm’s Indianapolis office. While

raising to copyright and trademark

Grant M. Haynes, JD’08, joined the

in law school, Sahu was a summer

advice, from corporate governance

Law Offices of Christopher J. Canlas

associate at the firm and now serves

to employment law, from entity

You are invited to attend these Law

• Entrepreneur Summit, Tuesday, April 27, 2010, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.; Mayer

in Montebello, Calif. His work for

as a member of its business litigation

formation to expanding locally,

School events. (The Alumni Summit

Brown, Chicago. Presented by Mark Need, JD/MBA’92, clinical associate

the firm will focus on workers’

practice group.

nationally, and internationally.

is open only to the Dean’s Advisory

professor of law and director of the Elmore Entrepreneurship Law Clinic,

compensation and employment issues.


Boards.) To register, or for more

in conjunction with the IUAA Chicago Chapter. Topic: How Chicago-area


information, contact the Arthur M. Lotz

alumni can benefit from the clinic’s services.

Michael J. Blinn, JD’09, was

Office of Alumni and Development at

• Alumni Luncheon, Friday, August 27, 2010, noon to 1:30 p.m.; Winfield K.

named third place winner of the

(812) 855-9700 or toll free at

Denton Federal Courthouse; Evansville. Hosted by Hon. Richard Young,

2009 Tannenwald Student Writing

(877) 286-0002, or by e-mail at

Hon. Carl Heldt, JD’69, and Maurer School of Law Alumni Board President

Competition in the field of tax law.


Brian Williams, JD’81.

upcoming events

His paper, “The Behavioral Case for

• Alumni Summit, Friday, October 8, 2010, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Annual

a Value-Added Tax,” was one of 52

conference of all of the Dean’s Advisory Boards. The Distinguished Service

papers submitted by both JD and

Award will also be presented.

graduate law students from numerous

• Class Reunions. If you are a member of the Class of 2000, 1985, or 1960

schools through the country.

and would like to help coordinate your reunion, contact Chrissy Brown


at crytbrow@indiana.edu or at (812) 855-9700. Reunions will be held

October 8-9 in Bloomington.

29 + www.law.indiana.edu

28 + ergo + indiana law alumni news

An alumna’s rapid rise at CBS

acts as assistant general counsel to the company. Robinson

Alumni of Tomorrow: Student news from the Maurer School of Law

Inaugural Milton Stewart Fellows to gain hands-on legal experience in India

Six students at the Indiana University Maurer School of

Timothy Flowers, JD’11

in the fall of 2010. Following an intensive acculturation

Milton Stewart Fellows in the Law School’s Center on the

session in May during which they will be introduced to

Global Legal Profession. This unique program offers students

India’s legal system, they will spend a good portion of the

experiences in a variety of settings, including highly reputed

summer working in New Delhi.

30 + ergo + indiana law alumni news

law firms; rights-based, non-governmental organizations;

Stewart Fellows:

Employed Women’s Association–Bharat, an NGO focused on

head of the India Initiative at the Center on the Global Legal

empowering the rights of women in India;

Profession. “Through our strong, longtime relationships

with lawyers in a range of sectors, we are following through

law firm of J. Sagar Associates;

on the Law School’s commitment to be a leader within

American legal education by making India of primary focus.

focused on empowering the rights of women in India;

The program is in keeping with the Center’s mission of

developing our students’ ability to practice in the globalized

Mangaldas & Suresh A. Suroff & Company, India’s largest

legal environment as business lawyers, public servants, and

law firm, followed by an internship at the Indian Solicitor

social change agents.”

General’s Office;

A panel of five distinguished judges and lawyers presided at the final

arguments of the 2009–2010 Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition on February 26 at the Law School. The panel heard arguments in a case centering on whether the government should be permitted, without a warrant, to take and maintain DNA samples from individuals who have only been arrested by police.

Erin Mihalik, who will spend her internship at the Self

K. Krishnan, the Charles L. Whistler Faculty Fellow and

Funding for this program was assembled in just five

Pictured above (clockwise from top left) are the 2010

and the Indian Solicitor General’s Office. “This is a pioneering initiative,” said Professor Jayanth

Distinguished judges and lawyers preside at Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition finals

All of the Stewart Fellows will be second-year students

Law have been selected for summer internships in India as

Jonathan McPike, JD’11

Judges for the final arguments were Roderick Morgan, a partner at the

Indianapolis firm Bingham McHale LLP and president of the Indiana State Bar Association; the Honorable Randall T. Shepard, Chief Justice of Indiana;

Nicholas Dau-Schmidt, who will serve as an intern at the

Dean Lauren Robel; the Honorable John Tinder, JD’75, judge of the US Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit; and the Honorable Richard Young, chief judge of

Zachary Holladay, who will intern at Jagori, an NGO

the US District Court, Southern District of Indiana. The winners of this year’s competition were Timothy Flowers, JD’11, and Jonathan McPike, JD’11.

Erica Oppenheimer, who will work for Amarchand &

The competition honors Justice Sherman Minton, LLB’15, a former US senator

from Indiana and associate justice of the US Supreme Court from 1949 to 1956.

Jillian Rountree, who will be employed by the Clarus

Two continents, one joint degree

months through the generosity of alumni, foundations, and

Law Firm; and

law firms. In particular, Milt Stewart, JD’71, in addition to

his philanthropy, also donated his time to travel to India

Foundation, an NGO focused on empowering the rights of the

to assist in finalizing the internship opportunities for the

lowest castes in India, followed by an internship at the law

participate in the School’s new joint degree program with Sungkyunkwan

students. The Law School honored Stewart in 2009 by

firm of Lalit Bhasin & Company.

University, Seoul, Korea. The Maurer Law/SKK program gives students the

naming its Comparative Legal Professions Program after him.

opportunity to complete the MBA portion of their joint degree in the practical

through a strong partnership with the Unitarian

context of a real-world global business setting. “I am looking forward to my year

culture of the world’s largest democracy will expand the set

Universalist Holdeen India Program and its director,

at SKK, especially the amazing cultural experience I’m sure I’ll have,” Wenk

of opportunities for their employment when they are ready

Kathy Sreedhar. The NGO interns will also be further

said. Mark E. Need, JD/MBA’92, associate clinical professor and director of the

to enter the job market,” said Professor William Henderson,

designated as Holdeen Scholars.

Law School’s Elmore Entrepreneurship Clinic, said that the Maurer Law/SKK

“The students’ exposure to the systems, practices, and

a Harry T. Ice Faculty Fellow and Director of the Center on the Global Legal Profession.

Renee Turner, who will serve as an intern at the Dalit

The NGO internships have been made possible

Nathan Wenk, JD/MBA’12

Nathan Wenk, JD/MBA’12, becomes the first Indiana Law student to

program “has everything you’d expect from an exceptional JD/MBA program, with the added benefit of an international perspective.”

Nonprofit Organization U.S. Postage


211 S. Indiana Ave. Bloomington, IN 47405-7001

Indiana University Permit No. 2

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