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There are many ways to stay connected with the IU Maurer School of Law. Add these networks to your contact lists:

Assistant Dean for External Affairs and Alumni Relations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Andrea C. Havill


Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kenneth L. Turchi, ’83

Indiana University Maurer School of Law

Executive Director of Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lisa Hosey

Indiana University­– Maurer School of Law

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Director of Development, Major Gifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Susan Yoon, ’96


Director of Communications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . James Boyd


ergo is published in print in March and September, and electronically in February, April, August, and October, by the Indiana University Maurer School of Law. Arthur M. Lotz Office of Alumni and Development / Indiana University Maurer School of Law + Baier Hall + 211 S. Indiana Ave. + Bloomington, IN 47405-7001 + (812) 855-9700 + (877) 286-0002 Copyright 2016 The Trustees of Indiana University

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Writing the introduction to this edition of ergo, I am again reminded of how crucial your support is. The Law School attracts some of the best and brightest students and

projects, including assisting low-income families with tax preparation, immigration, tenant assistance, and

faculty from around the world. We are able to do so only because of your generosity.

domestic violence. With these efforts students are honing their lawyering skills while making an impact.

Your support of our school is truly remarkable. All of us are grateful for it.

dear friends

In this edition of ergo, we celebrate the generosity of our alumni and friends. Your gifts to the Law School in 2014-2015 reached $3,353,292.1 Gifts to our annual fund, the Fund for

Excellence, made up $1,165,912 of that amount. The Fund for Excellence is so important to our success because it gives us the flexibility to direct resources when and where they are needed most. More than 800 of you served as moot court coaches, mentored our students, and gave back in many other ways. Also, because of your generosity, the Law School is already well on its way to achieving its $60 million capital campaign goal, with $36.6 million raised so far, $22.4 million of which was booked in 2015. In addition to previously announced tremendous gifts from Lowell E. Baier, ’64 ($20 million), Glenn Scolnik, ’78, and his wife, Donna ($2 million), and Kathleen Harrold, in memory of her husband, Bernard “Bernie” Harrold, ’51 ($1.1 million), you will read in this issue about other major gifts that provide the school the financial resources to do great things. In addition to celebrating alumni generosity, we feature some of the best stories about

I also have good news on our staff front. To support our students’ career development efforts, we have hired a new assistant dean of career services, Rachel Dawson, ’99, who joined us in February. She has experience in all three facets required of a successful career services leader: professional development, career counseling, and employer relations. You can read more about Rachel in this issue, and become better acquainted with Greg Canada, our assistant dean for admissions, who joined the school last summer. There’s a lot packed in this edition, but it doesn’t cover everything. One story untold is that of our new, awardwinning website, which just launched. It replaces our old version from 2008. The new website represents the cutting edge in website design, using stunning images to tell a story of who we are, what our alumni do, and how the Law School makes an impact. The website’s primary audience is prospective students. Because the majority of young students now use mobile devices to surf the web, the new site is designed to work particularly well on smart phones and tablets. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look. We hope you like it and welcome your feedback. Finally, I hope to see you soon. In January and February, I completed visits to New York, Seattle, Portland, Miami, Naples, San Diego, San Francisco, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Washington, DC. It was terrific to catch up with so many friends. We’re building stronger alumni networks around the country, and these visits are opportunities for alumni to get to know each other. I hope you’ll join me at other events this spring: Check our coming events listing on page 32 and watch for updates on Facebook, Twitter, and our website.

our alumni and other happenings at the Law School over the last six months. Our faculty continued to distinguish themselves. Hannah Buxbaum has been appointed director of IU’s new Europe Gateway office in Berlin, a pivotal link to the university’s global


partnership strategy. Jeannine Bell has been selected as co-editor of the prestigious Law and Society Review. And the university has named Fred H. Cate vice president for research, with responsibility for coordinating the Grand Challenges initiative, which identifies $300 million in funding for solving problems whose answers lie beyond the frontiers of current knowledge. You may have seen recently that for the second year in a row,

Austen L. Parrish Dean and James H. Rudy Professor of Law

William Henderson has been named the most influential person in legal education by National Jurist magazine. Alumna Kellye Testy, ’91, and former dean Bryant G. Garth also made the list. On pages 28-29, you can read about how our faculty’s research and work are changing the world. Our exceptional students continue to excel, inside and outside the classroom. A record number participated in the annual Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition, and in late January, the annual Mock Trial Competition was held with spectacular results. Interest in our seven clinics (including our new non-profit legal clinic) and nine externships has reached record levels. Hundreds of students donate time through our student-led 2

Beginning in 2015, we are reporting your gifts on a calendar-year basis rather than on the university’s June 30 fiscal-year basis, so a year-to-year comparison is difficult. That is also why this issue of ergo has been moved from December to March. 1

ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 3

embracing our responsibility to lead LAW SCHOOL COMMITS TO IU BICENTENNIAL CAMPAIGN “FOR ALL” On a warm evening in late September, Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie stood before a packed crowd at the State Fairgrounds and said the two words that will guide the university — and our prestigious law school — into the next era of prosperity and growth:

help create that success. Indiana Law is tasked with raising $60 million, and while the number sounds daunting, it is already well within reach. As of February 1, Indiana Law had raised more than $36.5 million, including some of the transformative gifts you’ll read about in this edition of ergo. Alumni and friends like Lowell E. Baier, ’64, and Glenn, ’78, and Donna Scolnik, have already made a tremendous impact with headline-grabbing donations. The Allen Whitehill

For all.

Clowes Charitable Foundation, Inc., has made a generous contribution to the Tom Lofton, ’54, Scholarship Fund in

As the university prepares to celebrate its bicentennial in 2020, McRobbie announced an historic fundraising campaign

early success. These and other similar gifts serve as a rock-solid foundation that Dean Austen Parrish hopes will be

that will generate upward of $2.5 billion over the next five years. “It will be through all of our generous, unselfish, and unstinting support for the Indiana University Bicentennial Campaign that we can ensure that IU remains, and grows further, as one of the great public research universities of the world, one that is a shining beacon of hope and a better life, ‘for all,’” he said. The “for all” carries with it tremendous meaning and responsibility. McRobbie noted that while the campaign is for all, the campaign will need all of us to succeed.


The Maurer School of Law, one of the most recognizable and oldest schools at the university, has been called on to

memory of this distinguished alumnus. And a gift from Rick, ’70, and Mary Davis has further boosted the campaign’s built on over the coming years. “Great schools do not survive on tuition dollars alone,” he said. “It’s through the generosity of alumni and others that the school can create new programs, hire outstanding faculty, provide significant scholarship assistance to students, and reach new heights. The campaign is one way for us to galvanize alumni and other support to catapult the school to the next chapter of our development. Success in a large campaign is a signal of the school’s being on the right track.” With three programs ranked in the top 25 by U.S. News & World Report (tax, international, and intellectual property),

ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 5

new assistant deans of admissions and career services, the nation’s most influential person in legal education,


and innovative new programming like our successful Wintersession, Indiana Law is on the right track. But we can only go so far on our own. “The reality is, to compete with our key competitor and peer schools, and to make gains on schools like Vanderbilt, Emory, Minnesota, and Michigan, for example, the school needs an endowment and annual fund that competes with those top institutions,” Parrish said. Of the $60 million, a large part will go toward student scholarships, allowing Indiana Law to compete for the best and brightest students in the country. Recruiting and retaining a world-class faculty becomes easier. And creating a welcoming, modern environment that combines state-of-the-art learning facilities with the rich history and tradition of Baier Hall will inspire students already here, and help recruit future alumni for generations to come. As an alumnus, you possess the power to make these dreams become realities. It can start with the smallest of steps. Attending one of our many alumni events throughout the year. Calling a prospective student. Contributing to our annual fund. Connecting a recent graduate with a job lead. Whether small or large, everything counts. The “For All” campaign is the most ambitious fundraising goal ever set by the university. It is the most ambitious

DAVISES’ GIFT EMBODIES INDIANA LAW SPIRIT OF GIVING From the moment they met — he was a senior, she a freshman — through a Bloomington church group, Richard and Mary Davis knew that Indiana University would mean something very special to them as a couple. Though he majored in accounting, Rick decided law school might be a good idea. So, too, did Mary. But Rick ended up at

fundraising goal set by the Law School. But all of these things begin with you.

the Maurer School of Law, graduating in 1970. Mary made what she calls “a foolish decision” and matriculated at

More than a century ago, IU President William Lowe Bryan remarked that friends of the university were making

a big issue. So much so that it was hard to decide whether to print 50 copies or 100. They went with the 100 and

philanthropic gifts at an unprecedented rate because, in his words, “the state university… represents the whole people, and serves the whole people.”

the University of Illinois College of Law, finishing a year later. When it came time to send out résumés, money was have never looked back. The Davises worked for a few years at a firm in Elkhart before deciding to open their own practice there in 1981. And after an illustrious career, the couple retired in 2010, but never forgot Bloomington.

indiana law is no different. we serve, we teach, we give, we make a difference — not for one or for some. FOR ALL.

“It’s a great place and a special place,” Mary said. “We realized the schools always have some level of difficulty when it comes to finances and how varied state support can be. So we wanted to give back.” And so they have. The couple has made a generous gift to the Law School of 25% of their estate, designated for any need the school sees fit. “I had such great professors,” Rick recalled. “They were all just so entertaining and great teachers. We want the Law School to continue to be the vibrant institution we remember it as.” That’s not the only way they’ve given to the Law School. When it came time to retire, the Davises wanted someone to take over their practice, and they found just the people in Robert “R.J.” Butler and April Sellers, both of whom graduated from Indiana Law in 2008. From one couple to another, the Indiana Law spirit of giving lives on.


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 7

distinguished service awards presented to three outstanding alumni

carden, conway, curiel and o’connor to be inducted into academy

Holiday “Holly” Hart McKiernan, R. Anthony “Tony” Prather, and Gene E. Wilkins

The Indiana University Maurer School of Law will award its highest honor on April 15

were honored with Distinguished Service Awards in Bloomington on Oct. 16.

at a ceremony in the Indiana Memorial Union’s Tudor Room. This year’s inductees into

McKiernan and Prather were classmates, graduating from the Law School in 1983,

the Academy of Law Alumni Fellows are:

and Wilkins is a 1957 graduate of the school.

David L. Carden, ’76;

“Holly, Tony, and Gene all exemplify the best qualities we’ve come to expect from

Catherine A. Conway, ’78;

Maurer School of Law alumni,” said Dean Parrish. “They have dedicated considerable

Hon. Gonzalo P. Curiel, ’79; and

time and resources to their profession and their community. They have set the kind

Joseph D. O’Connor, ’78.

of example we hope all our current students will follow.”

Amb. (Ret.) Carden is partner-in-charge of Asia for Jones Day and was the first resident US Ambassador to the Association of South East Asian Nations. Conway is a partner at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP, where she is a leading labor and employment litigator with more than 25 years’ trial experience representing major companies in high-stakes


employment cases. She also serves on Indiana Law’s Board of Visitors. Curiel was commissioned as United States District Court for the Southern District of California judge in October 2012. O’Connor has been a partner at Bunger & Robertson since 1983 and an adjunct faculty member at Indiana Law for several years. We look forward to honoring these exceptional individuals this spring.




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alumni reception Alumni and friends of the Law School gathered in Naples, Fla. in February to hear an update on the school from Dean Parrish.


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 11



class reunions



The classes of 1965, 1985, 1990 and 1995 celebrated their reunions in Bloomington on October 17.





ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 13

A short time ago, a special group of young alumni came together to figure out ways to help their fellow alumni acclimate to new cities. By creating a structured group dedicated to serving the needs of recent graduates, the Young Alumni Steering Committee has helped welcome young alumni in places like Indianapolis, Chicago, and Washington, DC, among others. This past year Indiana Law added ten new representatives from eight additional cities: Denver, Evansville, Grand Rapids, Houston, Miami, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Seattle. They join our 16 founding members, representing 11 cities, who continue to organize to create pathways for students and networking opportunities for recent graduates. If you’re interested in joining our Young Alumni Steering Committee or participating in one of their events, check our website for further details. We’re pleased to welcome our new YASC members who joined in 2015:

new group welcomes, assists recent graduates












ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 15

In addition to the Law School’s Board of Visitors and Advisory Boards, three other affinity boards support the school’s students and faculty. The presidents of three of them were recognized recently for their tireless leadership of their boards as they welcomed their successors. Here are profiles of each.

dean’s advisory boards salute outgoing, incoming leaders BLACK LAW STUDENT ASSOCIATION (BLSA) ALUMNI ADVISORY BOARD

During her term as president, Shakeba DuBose, ’04, further solidified the board’s relationship with BLSA members and strengthened the board’s roster, adding seven new members in the fall of 2015. “Her work has been tireless and effective and has provided a seamless transition for Tony Prather to take over as president this year,” said Andrea Havill, assistant dean, external affairs and alumni relations. DuBose is based

LATINO ALUMNI ADVISORY BOARD Marisol Sanchez, ’02, successfully completed her term as board president in July and is credited with further strengthening the connection with Latino alumni and LLSA students. She is vice president of legal affairs and general counsel at Endress+Hauser, Inc., in Fishers, Ind. Taking over as board president is Martín Montes, ’95, who has begun developing a comprehensive board strategy focusing on assisting the admissions office, continuing student mentoring, and furthering alumni engagement. Montes is director of regulatory affairs at Commonwealth Edison in Chicago and has been active in Law School activities for the past 20 years.


in Columbus, Ohio, where she heads the DuBose Law Firm LLC. R. Anthony (Tony) Prather, ’83, has been elected to succeed DuBose. A longtime participant in the school’s alumni affairs, Prather is a partner in the Labor and Employment Practice Group at Barnes & Thornburg LLP in Indianapolis. He received the Law School’s Distinguished Service award in 2015 and is well-known by alumni and students as a friend and mentor whose leadership talents and connections will further enhance the BLSA board. The new BLSA board members are: Lauren P. Buford, ’07, David E. Corbitt, ’97; Stephen E. Reynolds, ’08; Freedom S. Smith, ’04; Alonzo Weems, ’95; Charlotte F. Westerhaus-Renfrow, ’91 and Gerry L. Williams, ’95.


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 17

LGBT ALUMNI ADVISORY BOARD Michael D. Shumate completed his two-year term as board president in July. During his


term — and for years before — he was instrumental in coordinating timely and relevant

One of the most crucial parts of any law student’s life is finding the path to take after law school comes to an end.

LGBT events and programming that benefited the entire Law School. He also helped

Some have long known what they want to do, while others discover new passions and interests during their extensive

establish the board’s mentoring program, pairing board members with OUTlaw students,

coursework at Indiana Law. Either way, finding success in the competitive legal job market requires skill, confidence,

and spearheaded efforts to financially support students participating in the Williams

and help. That’s where Indiana Law’s career services office comes into play. And with newly appointed assistant

Institute Moot Court Competition (see below). “Mike’s contributions have been especially

dean Rachel Dawson, ’99, at the helm, students will find a champion for their futures, wherever they may be. Dawson

noteworthy because although his undergraduate degree is from IU, he earned his law

was appointed assistant dean for career services in January.

degree at the University of Michigan,” said Havill. Taking over as president is Christina (Tina) Clark, ’08. A founding member of the board, Tina has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to LGBT issues that will surely guide the board during the next two years. Clark is legal counsel at Wabash National Corporation in Lafayette, Ind.

full circle

“As a lawyer I have focused my career on developing young lawyers and law students, and helping them reach their full potential by not only developing excellent technical lawyering skills but also those business and professional skills now required to be successful in our industry,” she said. Dawson knew early on she wanted to be a criminal defense attorney, and she practiced for several years in Chicago. But helping others ultimately became Dawson’s focus, resulting in a rewarding career that saw her at the helm of Faegre Baker Daniels’ professional development program. With such diverse experience, Dawson knows how to work with students and practicing attorneys alike.

LGBT alumni advisory board underwrites student moot court competition

“I hope current students will find that the CSO provides resources and guidance to everyone, no matter what area of law they wish to practice and no matter the setting,” she said. “Career planning is complex work, and we hope to partner with students to help them reach their career goals and we hope make it a pleasant experience in which they learn, develop, and grow.”

For the past four years, the Maurer LGBT Alumni Advisory Board has sponsored at least one team to participate in the Williams Institute Moot Court Competition at UCLA, the premier national moot court competition on sexual orientation and gender identity. Last year, the team advanced to the semi-finals, besting teams from the nation’s top ten schools. More than two dozen Indiana Law students have been able to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity thanks to the generous support of LGBT alumni board members. ABOUT RACHEL DAWSON – Indiana University Maurer School of Law JD (1999) – University of Michigan BA in Political Science (1995) – Former assistant appellate defender for the State of Illinois – Former associate director of the section of litigation and director of the

young lawyers division, American Bar Association

– Former director of professional development, Faegre Baker Daniels 18

ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 19

With law school applications trending downward the last few years, the job of any admissions leader could easily be considered one of the hardest jobs at any institution. Greg Canada, who was appointed assistant dean of admissions on July 1, brings a wealth of energy and enthusiasm toward recruiting Indiana Law’s future classes. Greg answered a few questions to introduce himself to our alumni base and prospective students.

admissions q+a: textured assessment and alumni impact You came from University of California, Hastings College of Law. What drew you to the Maurer School of Law? Part of the decision to apply to Indiana Law was to be closer to family. With two young kids, it was important for my wife and me to raise them close to our families in Minnesota and Virginia. The job itself appealed to me because of the long-standing reputation Indiana Law has as one of the pre-eminent public law schools in the country. It is well known that the Law School has incredibly strong support from the larger university and its alumni, which was often made apparent by the numbers of applicants I’d lose each year to this law school because of the low tuition and generous financial support that it was able to provide. On a personal level, I was incredibly attracted to the idea of returning to a university setting. I am an administrator with the heart of an academic.

I like to think of what I do when reviewing a file is making textured assessments. I do not plug a bunch of numbers into a sophisticated formula to arrive at my decisions. (Applicants are usually happy when they hear I do not rate them the way law schools get rated.) Instead, I peel through the layers that each application presents, making a series of considerations at various points along the way. At Indiana Law, we utilize an academic index, a certain weighing of LSAT and GPAs based upon first year performance, to help provide the admissions office with a general orientation to each file. The questions I will start the evaluation off with will tend to be slightly different depending on where an applicant sits in the range of academic indexes. For instance, if one’s application has a very high academic index, then that usually triggers a certain set of questions that I will try to address as I feel my way through the application. For example, are there any concerns about fitness of character or judgment? Granted the applicant may have high scores, but does she write well? As for people with low indexes, I will want to know: Why is that LSAT low, or why is that GPA low? Maybe the GPA is 20 years old, and then a different set of questions emerges. I have a responsibility to look for applicants for whom the numbers do not give us the best indicators of future promise, the diamond in the rough. So numbers orientate my evaluation, but for the most part, do not determine my decisions. I cannot ignore non-cognitive factors like motivation, authenticity, and commitment to others that are rightfully left unquantified in the application.

As we speak, the admissions office is working hard to bring in the class of 2019. What can our alumni and friends do to help? Continue to excel in the profession. The quality of the work our alumni do in the practice of law reflects positively on the Law School in many ways, ranging from the professional reputation score in the U.S. News & World Report rankings to the numbers of Superlawyers we get to highlight. Also, many aspiring attorneys who may be interning at your firm, department or agency are taking note of where you and your fellow attorneys went to law school. To the extent that you continue to adhere to the highest standards in your professional life, you will continue to send solid applicants to Indiana Law. Another way to help is to take part in our admissions alumni outreach initiative, where the admissions office pairs up our alumni with admitted applicants who may live nearby or who share a similar interest in the law. Many applicants want to know that the Law School will help with their success in the profession no matter where or what they want to practice. Having an informal conversation with them about your own journey after law school can do wonders! Also, volunteer at one of our Admitted Student Days in the spring. Each year we’ll put on a panel of alumni who attest to the strength of a degree from our Law School in the competitive legal market.

To this day, I still bury my nose in books and articles on a range of topics, including

How can someone volunteer? What’s the best way to reach you?

jurisprudence, ethics, and critical social theory. Having the opportunity to attend

If you know someone who is interested in the law, feel free to pass along my email address (canadag@indiana.edu).

lectures or even take courses to deepen my perspective in these areas of inquiry has tremendous appeal for me.


Deciding who gets in and who doesn’t has got to be an incredible challenge. Do you have a particular philosophy or approach when it comes to the admissions process?

I’d relish the opportunity to educate family and friends of our alums on the application process and introduce them to our Law School!

ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 21

CENTER FOR CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY CREDITED WITH HELPING LIBERIA BECOME “A MORE JUST SOCIETY” A delegation from Liberia consulted experts from the Center for Constitutional Democracy on several issues surrounding the Liberian constitutional amendment process last fall. Professors David Williams and Susan Williams, who direct the CCD, represented IU along with Gary Anderson, the center’s advisory board chair, and several doctoral and JD student affiliates who are working on constitutional issues. “In March of 2014, Liberia’s president held a National Constitutional Review Conference that was charged with reviewing the country’s current constitution, which was enacted in 1986,” Susan Williams said. “Out of that conference came several recommendations on possible amendments, which the Liberian legislature voted on in late 2015. Our visitors consulted with us primarily on amendments relating to gender equality, electoral gender quotas, and issues raised by customary law.” The five-day meeting enabled the CCD to assist the Liberian delegation in drafting specific amendment provisions, which were later presented to the Liberian legislature.

real world democracy

“The Center for Constitutional Democracy’s expertise on these complex and technical issues is of great value to the Liberian government,” David Williams said, “and we were honored to be able to participate in the development of new amendments to their constitution.” “I don’t think there could be anything more exciting for, or a greater testament to, our Center for Constitutional Democracy than being consulted on several new initiatives that will likely shape the future of an entire nation,” Dean Austen Parrish said. “This opportunity for our faculty, staff, and students was remarkable, and another indication of the kind of high-impact, real-world opportunities our many centers and programs offer.” Indiana University, the Maurer School of Law, and the Center for Constitutional Democracy have a rich history with Liberia, dating back to 2004. Provost Lauren Robel, who was the dean of the Law School at the time, and the Williamses were invited to visit Liberia at the request of the country’s former interim president, Amos Sawyer, and president-elect, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The IU representatives spent several days meeting with Liberian officials, attorneys, and leaders, eventually forming a partnership — with support from the Firestone Corp. — with the Arthur Grimes Law School of the University of Liberia. Since then, several Liberian law professors have attended the Maurer School of Law, earning LLM or SJD degrees before returning home to teach at the Grimes Law School. One of those fellowship recipients is Jallah Barbu, who earned both an LLM and SJD from Indiana Law in 2008 and 2009, respectively. Barbu is now chair of the Law Reform Commission of Liberia. “In the past decade, the CCD has offered crucial expertise to help Liberia move toward a more democratic and more just society, and provided expert guidance that has helped my country make wiser choices in promoting the



rule of law,” Barbu said.

ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 23

Two acclaimed international scholars spoke to Indiana Law students and faculty during November visits to the Center on the Global Legal Profession. On November 13, Dr. (Tony) Wang Yu-Chi, Taiwan’s National Security Advisor to President Ma Ying-jeou, spoke to students in CGLP Director and Professor Jayanth Krishnan’s comparative legal systems course. Wang was the first graduate from Maurer’s SJD program, receiving his degree in 1997. Wang discussed with the Indiana Law students his experiences as a key policymaker in Taiwan, as well as his former role as the country’s minister for mainland affairs, where he worked intensively on cross-strait relations between Taiwan and China. On November 18, the center hosted the Honorable Deepender Singh Hooda, an IU Kelley School of Business alumnus who is in his third term as a member of India’s lower house of parliament, the Lok Sabha. Hooda currently holds the visiting Poling Chair of Business and Government at Kelley. Hooda told students about the state of politics in India and his position as the whip for his party (the Indian National Congress), which is now in opposition to the current ruling government in power in India.

center on the global legal profession welcomes visitors from taiwan, india 24



ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 25

inaugural wintersession a major success

memorial for longtime professor, former dean douglass boshkoff

Steve Burns, ’68, and Bill Hunt, ’69, were wheeling and dealing, negotiating a potential settlement. Jeff

The Indiana Law community and the family of Douglass G. Boshkoff will gather in Baier Hall on April 1 to

Thinnes, ’84, was videoconferencing leaders of Airbus. And the Hon. Nancy Vaidik was grilling a witness in a

celebrate the life of this remarkable professor, who died unexpectedly on November 1, 2015.

contentious workplace harassment lawsuit. Four days into the new year, with the winter break in full swing, you’re normally hard-pressed to find many peo-

teaching fellow there for two years. He practiced law in Buffalo and taught at Wayne State University Law

ple in Baier Hall. But Indiana Law’s inaugural Wintersession brought dozens of students and several renowned

School from 1959 until 1961. He came to Bloomington for a temporary teaching position that year and would

practitioners together for a week of intensive, hands-on education.

go on to become one of the Law School’s most beloved and respected faculty members.

Seeing an opportunity to capitalize on the break, Dean Austen Parrish and Professor Bill Henderson enlisted

Boshkoff served as acting dean of the Law School in 1971-72 and was appointed dean in the fall of 1972,

the help of alumni and friends of the school to offer six pass/fail, four-day courses that were offered at no cost to

serving until January 1976. He was instrumental in fending off challenges from the Indiana General Assembly

2L and 3L students.

to combine the Bloomington and Indianapolis law schools, paving the way for the Maurer School of Law’s

The courses included “The Lawyer as Business Executive” (led by Burns and Hunt), “Ethics and Compliance”

greatness as a nationally recognized institution.

(Thinnes), “Pre-Trial Litigation: Depositions” (Vaidik), “Legal Operations” (Bill Mooz), “Pre-Trial Litigation: Criminal

Boshkoff stepped down as dean in 1976 and continued to teach in the areas of contracts and creditor’s rights.

Practice” (Doris Pryor, ‘03), and “International Business Negotiations” (Jay Finkelstein).

Although he officially retired in 1995, he continued teaching his favorite course, contracts, until 2014.

Registration for the session far exceeded expectations, Parrish said, and the school will look to make the event

A memorial for Boshkoff will be held in the Moot Court Room of Baier Hall on Friday, April 1 at 3:30, followed by

a permanent part of the winter break calendar.

a reception in the Faculty Lounge. RSVPs (lawalum@indiana.edu or (812) 855-9700) are helpful, but not required.

Henderson offered tremendous thanks to the alumni and other practitioners who volunteered their time to teach and to Executive Associate Dean Donna Nagy, who recruited faculty and led the design of the curriculum.


A native of Buffalo, New York, Boshkoff earned his AB and LLB from Harvard University and served as a

A scholarship in memory of Boshkoff is being established. Contact Stephanie Coffey in the Development Office (stcoffey@indiana.edu) for more information.

ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 27

Indiana Law’s distinguished faculty have always been respected for their break-

Professor Hannah L. Buxbaum, the John E. Schiller Chair in Legal Ethics, has been

through research and teaching capabilities, but four members have received national

appointed academic director of the new Indiana University Europe Global Gateway.

and international recognition in recent months for their work.

Like IU’s other Gateways near New Delhi, India, and Beijing, China, the IU Europe

faculty making impact at home, and abroad

Global Gateway will support scholarly research and teaching, conferences and workshops, study abroad programs, distance learning initiatives, and alumni events. “Berlin is a tremendously exciting city,” she said, “and the Gateway will provide a wonderful base for IU faculty and students to expand their engagement in Germany and throughout Europe.”

Indiana University has tapped Distinguished Professor Fred H. Cate to head the university’s office for research. As vice president, Cate now holds IU’s top research post. Cate’s appointment is for a two-year term, which is designed to allow him to oversee the launch of the university’s Grand Challenges initiative and to conduct a review of the vice president for research’s role and responsibilities within Indiana University. Cate will also work to expand and diversify support for research and creativity at IU, facilitate public-private partnerships and technology transfer, and increase collaborative research opportunities.

For the second time in as many years, Professor William Henderson has been named the “most influential person in legal education” by the National Jurist. In addition to ranking first in both 2015 and 2016, Henderson ranked second in both 2013 and 2014. He is a staunch believer in the need for change in the way tomorrow’s lawyers are shaped in today’s classrooms. According to National Jurist, he “has been long admired for his research and well-reasoned opinions on legal education.” Indiana Law has other ties to the top 25: Alumna Kellye Testy, ’91, and current dean of University of Washington’s School of Law ranked sixth; former Dean Bryant Garth was 23rd. Professor Jeannine Bell, the Richard S. Melvin Professor of Law, has been appointed editor of the prestigious Law and Society Review, a publication of the Law and Society Association. Bell is a longtime member of the association and has previously served as an associate editor of the journal and as treasurer and a trustee of the Law and Society Association. She has also served as a member of the American Political Science Association’s Presidential Taskforce on Political Violence and Terrorism. Her appointment is effective from 2017 to 2019.


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 29



Indiana is a state where entrepreneurs are fueling economic growth. Every day, in

A simple elastic bracelet is saving the lives of babies in South America. The pro bono services of the IP Clinic

every county, creative minds are developing products with market values that need

are helping protect that invention as it takes hold in the global marketplace.

the protection of federal intellectual property law: copyright, patent, and trademark. But like most startup ventures, their founders often lack the funds to protect their work. That’s where Indiana Law’s new IP clinic comes into play.

The bracelet is the brainchild of Lauren Braun, who spent a summer in Peru as a global-health student focusing on health care in low-resource countries. “While I was there, I learned about the problem of late vaccinations,” she explained. “Kids were dying because their mothers weren’t getting them vaccinated in time. Nurses were

“IP protection is a classic chicken-or-egg scenario,” explained Norman J. Hedges,

spending their days trying to track down mothers, and money was wasted because vaccines were expiring and

’98, clinical associate professor of law and director of the clinic. “You can’t afford IP

had to be destroyed. I thought, ‘There has to be a better way.’”

services without funds, but often you can’t get funds unless you have IP protection. We bridge that gap for start-ups by helping them protect their IP until they’re on more solid ground financially.”

It turns out there was. Braun invented an elastic bracelet (below) that enables mothers to track their children’s immunization records, greatly increasing the chance of complete and on-time vaccinations. Worn by the child, the bracelet is simple — numbers and symbols only, no words — and replaces paper reminders, which mothers

Established in January 2015 as part of the Law School’s Center for Intellectual

lose or forget about. When the child is vaccinated, the corresponding symbol is punched with a hole punch.

Property Research, this semester’s clinic has 16 students, all of them providing

The bracelet was given to 167 mothers in Peru and Ecuador as part of a research study and is now being readied

hands-on, pro bono support to a wide array of start-up clients. Services provided

for distribution in Nigeria.

under Hedges’s supervision include patent, trademark, and copyright searches and related clearance opinions; patent, trademark, and copyright applications; and IP agreements. “We’ve built informal partnerships throughout the state including Purdue University’s Foundry, which acts as a filter and training program for entrepreneurial ventures,” Hedges said. “They’re a great resource for us because one of their referrals is more likely to lead to economic development given that their clients have already gone through their training program.” The clinic is establishing another partnership with the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville, and hopes to expand its reach to referral sources in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and other regions of the state. Clients also come

Braun and her organization, Alma Sana Inc. (healthy soul in Spanish), initially applied for a patent using outside counsel, and the US Patent and Trademark Office acted on it much faster than they had expected, which paradoxically kept them from securing grant funding in time to move forward with product development. In the meantime, the application went abandoned. Enter the IP Clinic. “Norm [Hedges] and his team of five students are working to revive the application and are helping us position our product against other inventions the Patent Office says are similar,” Braun said. “It’s giving us such great peace of mind to know that we’re going to have the protection we need while we raise the funding to get to the next stage.” More information about Alma Sana is available at almasanaproject.org

to the clinic through PatentConnect for Hoosiers, which links Indiana entrepreneurs with patent lawyers and students in the clinic who have volunteered their services. The clinic has been certified by the US Patent and Trademark Office as part of its Law School Clinic Certification Pilot Program. The Maurer School of Law is currently one of only eighteen schools in the nation selected to join both the patent and trademark portions of the program.


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 31

coming events

new alumni board members selected

Mark your calendars now for these upcoming alumni receptions. Check the calendar on our website, law.indiana.edu, for updated times and locations.

Nine alumni have been chosen for the Law Alumni Board. The board works closely with the dean and the alumni relations office to increase alumni engagement and provide mentoring opportunities for students.

7 13 23 APRIL

Atlanta alumni reception


Fort Wayne alumni luncheon


Grand Rapids, Mich. alumni reception

The new members are: > Hon. Elaine Brown, ’82; Indiana Court of Appeals, Indianapolis > Heidi Goebel, ’97; Founder and Managing Partner, Goebel Anderson, Salt Lake City > Tracy Larsen, ’84; Partner, Barnes & Thornburg, Grand Rapids, Mich. > Lance Lindeen, ’11; Assistant District Attorney, Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office > Edward (Ned) Mulligan V, ’10; Associate, Cohen & Malad, Indianapolis > Amy Nefouse, ’91; Senior Counsel, Sempra Energy, San Diego > James Parker, ’12; Associate, Davis Wright Tremaine, Portland, Ore.


Be sure to save the date for your class reunion in Bloomington on October 1 (classes of 1966, 1986,

> Marisol Sanchez, ’02; Vice President and General Counsel, Endress+Hauser, Inc., Greenwood, Ind.

1991, 1996, and 2006). Contact Danielle Judin (djudin@indiana.edu) for more information.

> Erin Schrantz, ’00; Partner, Jenner & Block, Chicago ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 33

class of 2015 recognized for fundraising efforts bicentennial campaign cabinet announced The Law School has appointed seven distinguished alumni to serve as a cabinet for the bicentennial campaign. They will act as advisors to Dean Parrish and the development office in mapping strategies, identifying prospects, and following through with alumni on major gifts. The members of the campaign cabinet, all of whom also serve on the Law School’s Board of Visitors, are: > Catherine A. Conway, ’78, president of the Board of Visitors > Michael E. Flannery, ’83, former president of the Board of Visitors > V. William Hunt, ’69, co-chair of the Law School’s record-breaking Matching the Promise capital campaign > Robert P. Kassing, ’64, co-chair of the Matching the Promise campaign > Michael S. (Mickey) Maurer, ’67

of a group of dedicated 3L students, the class turned a record 62% participation rate, with $7,079 in pledges. Scott Flanders, ’82, generously matched this gift again this year. “Alumni participation is a key factor in the long-term success of the school,” said Lisa Hosey, executive director of development. “We are so grateful for the efforts of the 3L pledge committee and for the generosity of the class of ’15.” The 3L pledge committee consisted of: > Sarah Haefner, Chair

> Anah Hewetson Gouty

> Steve Briles

> John Pence

> Francesca Cardillo

> Spenser Rohler

“I am delighted to have the counsel of these dedicated alumni,” said Dean Parrish. “We have a formidable goal

> Jamie Davis

> Zack Shapiro

ahead of us, and their assistance will be invaluable as we move ahead.”

> Michael Deschenes

> Simone Sprague

> Lisa C. McKinney, ’92 > Stephen H. Paul, ’72


The Class of 2015 is getting an early start as advocates for the Law School. Thanks to the leadership

ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 35

students recognized for contributions

The firm also sponsors the top participants in Access to Justice, the school’s pro bono program: Megan Lawson, Paul Newendyke, and Erin Buerger, shown here with Dean Parrish. Students set a goal of providing 60 hours of pro bono service during their three years of law school. Indiana Law students have logged more than 16,500 hours since May 2014.

Faegre Baker Daniels sponsors the annual recognition of students for their work in the school’s Tenant Assistance Project. This year’s TAP executive board: Eric Liest, Jordan Downham, Hannah Dill, Lori Chen, faculty advisor Prof. Jennifer Prusak, and Justin Nalos.


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 37

about the honor rolls

Your gifts to the Indiana University Maurer School of Law build and sustain resources that support faculty chairs and professorships, scholarships, law journals, trial advocacy programs, the Jerome Hall Law Library, faculty development, and many other initiatives. The Law School’s giving societies are: $10,000 and above: Dean’s Circle Visionaries $5,000 to $9,999: Dean’s Circle Benefactors $1,000 to $4,999: Dean’s Circle Directors $250 to $999: Partners $249 and under: Associates The 2014–2015 Honor Roll of Donors reflects gifts from July 1, 2014 through December 31, 2015. An asterisk indicates that the donor is deceased. Every effort has been made to avoid errors. Please accept our apology if you have been listed incorrectly or omitted. Please report corrections to: Lisa G. Hosey, Executive Director of Development Arthur M. Lotz Office of Alumni and Development 211 South Indiana Avenue > Bloomington, IN 47405 (812) 855-9953 > (877) 286-0002 lawalum@indiana.edu


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 39

Partners in Excellence enable the Maurer School of Law to plan for the future of mission-critical programs by pledging their sustained support to the school in the amount of $2,500 per year over a period of five years. The support of our Partners in Excellence makes possible the services and programs that distinguish Indiana Law from its peers. The Law School deeply appreciates the investment of this elite group of donors.

partners in excellence


Amy G. Applegate

Andrew W. Hull, ’86

John E. Seddelmeyer, ’74

John S. Applegate

V. William Hunt, ’69

Randolph L. Seger, ’72

Robert D. Aronson, ’77

R. Neil Irwin, ’71

Julian L. Shepard, ’83

Bruce J. Artim, ’82

David H. Jacobs

Jacqueline A. Simmons, ’79

David O. Barrett, ’95

Ian G. John, ’95

Marshall S. Sinick, ’68

M. Scott Bassett, ’86

David F. Johnson, ’81

Milton R. Stewart, ’71

Janet Min Beach, ’95

Gregory J. Jordan, ’84

Kathleen O. St. Louis, ’84

Wayne D. Boberg, ’78

Robert P. Kassing, ’64

James P. Strenski, ’94

William J. Brody, ’76

James Koday, ’76

Elizabeth Stuart John, ’95

James R. Brotherson*, ’78

Susan M. Kornfield, ’82

Charles P. Sutphin, ’85

Stephen F. Burns, ’68

William C. Lawrence, ’79

Tommy F. Thompson, ’75

Donald W. Buttrey, ’61

Stephen W. Lee, ’77

Courtney R. Tobin, ’92

Amy D. Brody, ’00

Millard D. Lesch, ’67

Malcolm J. Tuesley, ’99

Willard Z. Carr, ’50

Elliott D. Levin, ’66

Kenneth L. Turchi, ’83

Gregory A. Castanias, ’90

Elliot R. Lewis, ’87

Inge M. Van der Cruysse, ’04

Clyde D. Compton, ’65

John L. Lisher, ’75

Ted A. Waggoner, ’78

Michael R. Conner, ’75

Mary K. Lisher, ’75

Judith A. Waltz, ’81

Catherine A. Conway, ’78

Robert G. Lord, ’73

Brian P. Williams, ’81

James L. Cooper, ’91

Susan C. Lynch, ’93

David C. Williams

Greta Cowart, ’85

Larry A. Mackey, ’76

Susan H. Williams

Jeffrey S. Davidson, ’73

Scott Y. MacTaggart, ’76

Mark S. Wojciechowski, ’81

Richard A. Dean, ’73

Michael S. Maurer, ‘67

Frank E. Wrenick, ‘65

John H. de Boisblanc, ’66

Thomas R. McCully, ’66

Mark E. Wright, ’89

Alecia A. DeCoudreaux, ’78

Lisa C. McKinney, ’92

Kenneth R. Yahne, ’68

Ann M. DeLaney, ’77

R. Bruce McLean, ’71

James P. Zeller, ’76

Kathleen A. DeLaney, ’95

Leslie S. Mead, ’84

Anne N. DePrez, ’81

Edward L. Michael, ’81

Debra Dermody, ’82

David C. Milne, ’94

Francis J. Dermody, ’82

Megan (McAuley) Milne, ’94

Donald P. Dorfman, ’57

Burke J. Montgomery, ’99

Robert P. Duvin, ’61

Robert E. Neiman, ’66

William B. Edge, ’98

Austen Parrish

Sidney D. Eskenazi, ’53

George T. Patton, Jr., ’87

Richard L. Fanyo, ’76

Stephen H. Paul, ’72

Thomas M. Fisher, ’94

Jeffrey P. Petrich, ’84

Scott N. Flanders, ’82

Steven M. Post, ’77

Michael E. Flannery, ’83

Lisa A. Powell, ’84

Brenda (Osborne) Freije, ’94

Stephen M. Proctor, ’82

Richard T. Freije, Jr. ’84

John F. Richardson, ’77

Eric A. Frey, ’67

James G. Richmond, ’69

Philip C. Genetos, ’77

Randall R. Riggs, ’77

Bonnie K. Gibson, ’78

Timothy J. Riffle, ’83

Steven E. Goode, ’93

Lauren K. Robel, ’83

Harry L. Gonso, ’73

Thomas F. Schnellenberger, Jr., ’79

David E. Greene, ’74

Glenn Scolnik, ’78 ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 41

giving by class


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 43


Associate Bernice E. Weatherholt


Associate William F. McNagny


Dean’s Circle Director Jeanne S. Miller Partner John L. Carroll Associate Herschel E. O’Shaughnessey


Associates Frederick A. Beckman J. Leslie Duvall Paul H. Jacob


Dean’s Circle Visionary Willard Z. Carr, Jr. Associates Philip J. Harris Donald R. Smith Stanley Talesnick


Partner Allen M. Sowle Associates Waldo F. Beebe Harry F. Smiddy, Jr. William D. Stephens


Dean’s Circle Visionary Robert H. McKinney Dean’s Circle Directors Ellis B. Anderson Elwood H. Hillis Associates Richard R. DeCamp Horace A. Foncannon, Jr. Clarence J. Greenwald James R. Grossman Howard R. Henderson William J. Wood


Dean’s Circle Visionary Sidney D. Eskenazi


Partners Andrew C. Emerson Thomas D. Logan* Ray G. Miller Richard S. Rhodes Associates Charles E. Fritz Harley B. Nelson

Associates Theodore W. Hirsh Thomas M. Small


Dean’s Circle Director Thomas M. Lofton* Partner Dale E. Armstrong Associates William B. Heubel Arnold Krevitz* Ellwood W. Lewis, Jr. Jim A. O’Neal* George R. Taylor

Dean’s Circle Visionary David G. Elmore Dean’s Circle Director John H. Heiney* Partners Leroy W. Hofmann Joseph T. Ives, Jr. William E. Ryckman, Jr. Associates Herbert K. Douglas William A. Freihofer Vincent F. Grogg* Richard C. Quaintance, Sr. William E. Reifsteck Thomas L. Ryan




Dean’s Circle Director Duane W. Beckhorn Partner Leon D. Rogers* Associates Vernon Atwater Alexander Jokay Donald D. Martin

Dean’s Circle Directors Gerald L. Cooley Miles C. Gerberding* Russell H. Hart, Jr. Associates Hon. Shirley S. Abrahamson Robert B. Bush Edwin G. Charle, Jr., Ph.D. James C. Clark Donald G. Hendrickson William W. Peach Joseph G. Roberts Max D. Rynearson

Dean’s Circle Directors James F. Fitzpatrick Marvin L. Hackman Barry S. Jellison John H. Sweeney Partners Virgil L. Beeler Daniel D. Fetterley Hon. William I. Garrard Conrad G. Harvey Stanley H. Matheny William McCrae Philip C. Potts William N. Salin, Sr. Associates John E. Chevigny Terry D. Dietsch* Kenneth P. Fedder Joseph A. Hays George D. Owens Samuel L. Reed William Theodoros Anne Paramenko Weeks




Dean’s Circle Visionary Donald P. Dorfman Partners Marvin S. Crell Ralph L. Jewell Donald C. Lehman Cliff K. Travis Edwin Fitch Walmer

Dean’s Circle Directors Clarence H. Doninger Lloyd H. Milliken, Jr. Hon. Hugo C. “Chad” Songer Partners George N. Beamer Richard L. Brown Lester R. Irvin

Associates Jerry E. Hyland Floyd R. Lively John M. O’Drobinak Philip H. Siegel Clifford E. Stoner


Dean’s Circle Visionaries Donald W. Buttrey Robert P. Duvin Dean’s Circle Benefactor Thomas E. Burchfield Dean’s Circle Director Hon. V. Sue Shields Partners William G. Bruns Joseph T. Bumbleburg John A. Jeffries, Ph.D. Eugene J. McGarvey, Jr. Associates Robert L. Fonner John S. Jackson H. Theodore Noell John T. Scott Robert J. Shula


Dean’s Circle Directors Jerry Moss Vernon J. Owens Partners Thomas A. Dailey David C. Dale Martin J. Flynn Milford M. Miller, Jr. Sidney Mishkin Carl E. Ver Beek Albert T. Willardo Associates Daniel P. Byron Rafe H. Cloe John J. Lorber, Ph.D. Hugo E. Martz John L. Selis Richard J. Van Mele Oscar C. Ventanilla, Jr. David S. Wedding


Dean’s Circle Directors Joseph A. Franklin Gary L. Gerling Roger L. Pardieck William R. Riggs

Partner George E. Buckingham Associates Larry C. Amos David L. Brewer John W. Clark Donald D. Doxsee Lewis R. Katz Sherman J. Keller Stanley A. Levine John D. Ulmer


Dean’s Circle Visionary Lowell E. Baier Dean’s Circle Benefactor Robert P. Kassing Dean’s Circle Directors Timothy J. Connor Thomas A. Coyne P.M. Mitchell Sydney L. Steele Partners William C. Ervin David B. Hughes Frederick M. King Gerald H. McGlone James V. McGlone Gene E. Robbins Marshall D. Ruchman Robert P. Tinnin, Jr. Robert A. Wagner Charles O. Ziemer Associates Joe D. Black Craig B. Campbell* Edward C. King Ellis K. Locher, Jr. Walter G. Meyer James J. Nagy Ronald P. Nelson Robert E. Peterson George P. Smith, II


Dean’s Circle Benefactor Frank E. Wrenick Dean’s Circle Directors Vorris J. Blankenship Clyde D. Compton Leonard E. Eilbacher Hon. Ezra H. Friedlander Arthur M. Lotz Justin P. Patterson D. Reed Scism John W. Whiteleather, Jr.

Partners Stephen W. Crider Hon. Thomas G. Fisher Thomas G. Karter* Frank T. Lewis Robert F. Welker Associates Vincent J. Backs James E. Bourne Donald H. Dunnuck Brian M. McCormick David S. Poston Earl B. Pulse George L. Stubbs, Jr. William C. Whitman Thomas G. Wright*


Dean’s Circle Visionaries John H. de Boisblanc Thomas R. McCully Dean’s Circle Benefactors Stephen L. Ferguson Robert E. Neiman Dean’s Circle Directors William D. Chambers Donald I. Grande Denis L. Koehlinger Elliott D. Levin Tracy E. Little Frank J. Otte Partners Charles A. Cohen Dennis J. Dewey Robert A. Garelick Nancy J. Litzenberger Associates Douglas R. Bridges William J. Hein Henry C. Hudson William E. Jenner Robert D. Mann Stephen C. Moberly Mamoru Muraoka Darrel K. Peckinpaugh Daniel A. Roby Peter B. Stewart


Dean’s Circle Visionary Michael S. Maurer Dean’s Circle Benefactors Eric A. Frey Millard D. Lesch Dean’s Circle Directors Jeffrey J. Kennedy

James C. Nelson Richard E. Woosnam Partners Elliott Abrutyn Robert V. Kixmiller Donald C. Lewis Malcolm C. Mallette David H. Nicholls William H. Robbins III John F. Tweedle Philip D. Waller, Jr. Sally M. Westley Associates Stephen W. Adair George A. Brattain Craig W. Caplinger Charles J. Collet Ronald K. Gehring Frank R. Hanning, Jr. Jon H. Moll Thomas A. Swihart William F. Thompson David O. Tittle


Dean’s Circle Visionaries Stephen F. Burns Kenneth R. Yahne Dean’s Circle Directors Carl L. Baker Larry R. Fisher Thomas M. McGlasson Marshall S. Sinick Partners Harold E. Brueseke Stephen W. Cook John K. Graham Robert E. Kabisch David A. Kruse David F. McNamar E. Kent Moore Michael D. Peyton Walter W. Rauch Donald C. Wells Kent H. Westley Associates Ernest F. Aud, Jr. Ronald B. Bremen Gary J. Clendening Richard J. Darko Ernest D. Daugherty Hon. Bruce E. Dickson John G. Forbes, Jr. Alan H. Hedegard James W. Holland Thomas A. Keith

Joseph S. King Charles D. Little Robert L. Meinzer, Jr. Anthony W. Mommer William C. Reynolds Alexander L. Rogers Robert K. Ryan, Jr. Daniel B. Seitz Kelly N. Stanley Peter W. Steketee Frederick F. Thornburg William H. Van Deest


Dean’s Circle Visionaries V. William Hunt James G. Richmond Dean’s Circle Directors Thomas M. Hamilton, Jr. James A. Strain Partners James E. Freeman, Jr. Gerald F. George Gregory A. Hartzler David M. Haskett Robert S. Hulett James R. Kuehl Daniel A. Medrea Lon D. Showley Associates Thomas H. Bryan Richard L. Darst Patrick E. Donoghue Richard M. Handlon John A. Hargis Edwin A. Harper Carl A. Heldt III Frank C. Hider David T. Kasper Lucien G. Lewin Robert W. Loser II Brian J. May Charles J. Myers William R. Pietz John L. Pogue Robert B. Relph Jay W. Sexton John F. Suhre Robert N. Swartz John R. Treat Gordon D. Wishard Joseph S. Van Bokkelen


Dean’s Circle Directors Ronald B. Brodey ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 45

Richard W. Davis, Jr. Roger T. Stelle Alan C. Witte Partners Samuel R. Born II David A. Dodge Robert D. Epstein Robert G. Fishman T. Todd Hodgdon Robert T. Johnson Thomas O. Magan John W. Mead David A. Rose Edward L. Volk William E. Weikert Associates Bruce B. Aulick Daniel C. Blaney Richard T. Dawson Penelope S. Farthing Jack H. Frisch J.P. Glynn Gordon F. Gulitz Ruth E. Huitema Harvey M. Kagan Steven Krohn Jerome R. Krueger James B. Long William J. Maher Janet Ruesch Victor L. Streib Gregory W. Sturm Charles C. Wicks


Dean’s Circle Visionary R. Neil Irwin Dean’s Circle Directors John G. Baker David C. Evans Larry R. Linhart Robert A. Long Martin A. Rosen John M. Segal Milton R. Stewart Partners Richard E. Boston Ronald L. Chapman Linda L. Chezem Terry K. Hiestand James D. Kemper Stanley M. Levco Douglas W. Nutt William H. Replogle II Jack L. Walkey


Associates Michael D. O’Connor Charles T. Spencer Richard E. Stahl John P. Stelle


Dean’s Circle Visionaries Stephen H. Paul Randolph L. Seger Dean’s Circle Benefactor Michael T. McLoughlin Dean’s Circle Directors Kathleen H. Gillmore John F. Sturm William K. Thomas Partners John S. Chappell Thomas C. Cornwell Lynn H. Coyne C. Thomas Fennimore Julia C. Lamber Anthony J. Metz III Thomas L. Shriner, Jr. David S. Sidor Joseph C. Swift Associates John M. Beams John D. Bodine Laud Y. Bosomprah Edward Chosnek William C. Harlow Hon. W. Michael Horton Marcel Katz Stephen R. Place Robert S. Rifkin John L. Tuttle IV Kipling N. White Robert T. Wildman


Dean’s Circle Visionary Jeffrey S. Davidson Dean’s Circle Benefactors Richard A. Dean Harry L. Gonso Dean’s Circle Directors George N. Bewley, Jr. Thomas A. Clancy Dorothy J. Frapwell Michael R. Fruehwald Barbara J. Kelley Laurence A. McHugh Marilyn B. Resch William A. Rotzien Hon. Ellen K. Thomas

Albert J. Velasquez S. Lee Woodward Hon. Patrick J. Zika Partners Robert D. Budesa, Sr. Richard E. Fox Dale E. Hunt Terry A. Mumford Carolyn S. Price Thomas L. Pytynia Theodore H. Randall, Jr. William D. Roessler Charles R. Rubright C.D. Yates Associates Joseph L. Amaral Scott H. Anderson Thomas J. Brannan James D. Collier Alice M. Craft Leroy E. Cummings Michael R. Fisher Ward S. Hamlin, Jr. Alan L. Johns Robert L. Lewis Jeffrey S. Marlin Paul J. Mason Kevin B. McGrath Hon. Ronald S. Reinstein Stuart Senescu Willoughby G. Sheane, Jr. Arthur M. Small J. Eric Smithburn Arthur G. Surguine, Jr. Robert W. Thacker James N. Videbeck Michael F. Ward Philip L. Zorn, Jr.


Dean’s Circle Visionaries David E. Greene John E. Seddelmeyer Dean’s Circle Directors Michael E. Armey Dana I. Green Mary E. Ham Charles A. Hessler Jane T. Hessler Clarine Nardi Riddle Sarah M. Singleton Partners Robert D. Bray Michael Burns James E. Carlberg Laura J. Cooper

David L. Hanselman, Sr. Daniel M. Kirwan Sally A. Lied Hon. Basil H. Lorch III Frank E. Marley, Jr. Ward W. Miller Timothy M. Morrison Robert W. Sikkel Robert O. Smith Associates Douglas B. Altman Larry G. Amick John R. Carr III Harry C. Dees, Jr. Lawrence L. Hermalyn Guy R. Loftman David F. Morado, Jr. Joseph S. Northrop Robert C. Rosenfeld Frank E. Thomas


Dean’s Circle Visionaries John L. Lisher Mary S. Lisher Tommy F. Thompson Dean’s Circle Directors Hon. James M. Carr Terry M. Dworkin Aline M. Mohr James L. Mohr K. Stephen Royce John D. Tinder Partners Thomas L. Davis Paul S. Elkin William R. Fatout Roy R. Johnson Larry J. Kane Scott T. Kragie David J. Mallon, Jr. John T. McCaulay Larry J. McClatchey Mark E. Neff Grant F. Shipley Yvonne K. Stam Fred O. Towe, Jr. Robert E. Wrenn Associates Kenneth W. Dodge Kenneth E. Gordon John C. Haury* Douglas C. Lehman Kenneth W. Macke Daniel A. Nicolini Joyce M. Notarius

Marcia W. Sullivan W. Charles Thomson III


Dean’s Circle Visionary James P. Zeller Dean’s Circle Benefactors Gary L. Birnbaum James Koday Larry A. Mackey Scott Y. MacTaggart Dean’s Circle Directors William J. Brody Richard L. Fanyo Charles E. Greer Donald E. Hinkle Donald R. Lundberg Elizabeth N. Mann John W. Purcell Partners Ann K. Bailey Mary Beth Brody William E. Davis James P. Fenton James F. Gillespie Barbara J. Lembo Christina M. McKee Roy T. Ogawa James L. Petersen Vincent O. Wagner Barbara S. Woodall Darell Eugene Zink, Jr. Associates Dianne Blocker Braun J. Carol Brooks John P. Cameron Sarah A. Carter Emily Copeland Cato Carol Connor Cohen Clifford V. Dunn Frederick R. Folz Michael P. Gray Alan K. Hofer Jerry L. Neal Stephen R. Pennell Michael H. Sahn Olga Stickel Larry J. Stroble* Michele E. Suttle Ned M. Suttle Michael L. Wills


Dean’s Circle Visionaries Robert D. Aronson Steven M. Post

Dean’s Circle Benefactors Jeff Richardson Randall R. Riggs Dean’s Circle Directors Patricia A. Daly Ann M. DeLaney Philip C. Genetos Fred J. Logan, Jr. Byron L. Myers Nancy E. Weissman Craig M. White Partners Elizabeth A. Frederick Brenda E. Knowles Doyal E. McLemore, Jr. James D. Moore Thomas E. Nelson Ann L. Nowak William M. Pope Harry I. Price Lori L. Price Thomas C. Scherer Sue A. Shadley* Associates Robert N. Berg Robert J. Black Stephen R. Bowers Myrna E. Friedman Jeffrey L. Gage Paul A. Hass Sami J. Jadallah Frances E. Komoroske Mark J. Roberts Daniel F. Sanchez Michael J. Schneider James R. Walker


Dean’s Circle Visionaries Catherine A. Conway Alecia A. DeCoudreaux Bonnie K. Gibson Mark S. Niblick Robert V. Reagan, Jr.* Glenn Scolnik Dean’s Circle Benefactor Wayne D. Boberg Dean’s Circle Directors James R. Brotherson* Howard R. Cohen John McGee Joseph D. O’Connor Michael L. Pate Jeffrey K. Riffer John W. Rowings Linda M. Rowings

Reed E. Schaper Margaret A. Williford Partners Anne E. Aikman-Scalese James R. DeMotte David M. Keen Mitchell A. Kline James S. Kowalik Janett L. Lowes Patricia S. Roberts Hugh A. Sanders David L. Sandweiss Carolyn W. Spengler* Ted A. Waggoner Associates Aladean M. De Rose Smithburn Scott E. Fore Alicia J. Irr Veda M. Jairrels Debra K. Luke Harry G. McConnell Philip L. McCool Renee Mawhinney McDermott George E. Reed, Jr. J. C. Rice Hoyt B. Stuckey Emily C. Tobias Daniel D. Trachtman Ann R. Vaughan Brenda Wheeler Zody


Dean’s Circle Visionary William C. Lawrence Dean’s Circle Directors Jeffrey A. Burger Jeanne A. Hoffmann Frederick B. Kruger Agnes S. Peters Bruce J. Rasch Thomas F. Schnellenberger, Jr. Jacqueline A. Simmons William Weeks Partners Jane Alshuler Daniel C. Emerson Mark E. GiaQuinta Bruce A. Hugon Teresa A. Lorenz Paul D. Mathias Sue P. Murphy Daniel J. Skekloff

Associates Donald E. Baier Elizabeth Domsic Baier Robert M. Bond Michael J. Botkin Darcy J. Chamberlin Donald D. DeGrasse Thomas J. Felts Rick Franzblau Mary B. Goss John M. Kyle III Joseph E. Trester Julie Underwood Barbara Wand Sabra A. Weliever


Dean’s Circle Benefactor Mary N. Larimore Dean’s Circle Directors R. Philip Carey Michael J. Hinchion Debbi M. Johnstone Hon. Susan L. Macey Miranda K. Mandel Christopher G. Scanlon Carole B. Silver Ernest Summers III Partners Meredith L. McIntyre David B. McKinney Vicki J. Moore Jean M. Pechette Stephen J. Peters Thomas A. Pyrz Robert L. Ralston David J. Theising David B. Wilson Associates Michael A. Aspy Phillip L. Bayt Sue A. Beesley Kathryn A. Brogan Dolores Hahn Jane A. Hamblin Hon. Frances M. Hill Christina K. Kalavritinos Dennis A. Kokinda Frederick N. Kopec Alice A. Kuzemka Ernesto S. Medina Konstantine G. Orfanos Edward F. Schrager Sharon Zoretich Terry

ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 47


Dean’s Circle Visionaries Edward L. Michael Mark S. Wojciechowski Dean’s Circle Benefactors David F. Johnson Judith A. Waltz Brian P. Williams Dean’s Circle Directors Ted R. Brown David L. Ferguson Bruce F. Lewis Richard A. Rosenthal Robert K. Stanley Partners Alan W. Becker Philip K. Cone J. A. Crawford Anthony P. Gillman Michael A. Pechette Jeffrey I. Richards John R. Schaibley III Donald P. Shively Jack S. Troeger Myra L. Willis Associates Maria Luz Corona Anne N. DePrez Clifford W. Garstang Robert W. Jonas, Jr. James S. Legg Matthew R. Lewin Julia E. Merkt Kathryn A. Molewyk Richard M. Quinlan Dennis M. Stark Michael E. Sum Alan Whaley Richard W. Young


Dean’s Circle Visionaries Bruce J. Artim Scott N. Flanders Dean’s Circle Benefactor Susan M. Kornfield Dean’s Circle Directors Joseph M. Ambrose Debra Dermody Francis J. Dermody Jay Jaffe Lisa Donk Lewis Kevin C. Miller Stephen M. Proctor Hon. Frank E. Sullivan, Jr.


Partners Karen E. Arland Peter G. Bakas Roger W. Bennett Elaine B. Brown Bradley J. Dougherty Edward D. Feigenbaum Collin D. Higginbotham, Ph.D. Alan A. Levin Cathy S. Moore Christopher S. Roberge Carol M. Seaman Peter A. Teholiz Associates Robert G. Andree, Jr. Jeffrey A. Boyll Michael S. Callahan Paula F. Cardoza Daryl M. Carson Linda Jo Clark Dague Ellen S. Gabovitch Jean M. Henne Branch R. Lew Darlene K. McSoley Les B. Morris John B. Powell Kathryn Knue Przywara Madonna K. Starr John W. Van Laere Kathryn A. Watson


Dean’s Circle Visionaries Michael E. Flannery Timothy J. Riffle Lauren K. Robel Dean’s Circle Directors Samuel R. Ardery Candance A. Grass Bruce C. Haas Mark C. Krcmaric Holiday H. McKiernan Philip B. McKiernan Thomas P. McNulty Susan Blankenbaker Noyes Zaldwaynaka L. Scott Julian L. Shepard Kenneth L. Turchi Keith E. White Joseph H. Yeager, Jr. Partners John H. Kahle Gina Skelton Koons Jason W. Levin Susan R. Levin Arthur A. Lopez

Martin A. McCrory Jeffrey L. Rensberger Jeffrey B. Rubenstein Douglas D. Small Camie J. Swanson-Hull Mark W. Weller Rebecca L. Wilkinson William R. Wilkinson Tracey L. Wise Associates Deborah L. Darter Becky J. Frederick Elizabeth A. Justice Peter C. Kelty Yvette Gaff Kleven Mary Periolat McGarrah Mark J. Moryl Christopher A. Ramsey Susan E. Reed Richard J. Thrapp Julie P. Verheye Norris K. Wang


Dean’s Circle Visionary DG Elmore, Jr. Dean’s Circle Benefactors Richard T. Freije, Jr. Leslie S. Mead Jeffrey P. Petrich Lisa A. Powell Kathleen O. St. Louis Dean’s Circle Directors Rebecca A. Craft Bruce D. Donaldson Mark C. Eriks Stephen J. Hackman Pamela Jones Harbour Gregory J. Jordan Brian J. Shapiro James J. Weber Kirk A. Wilkinson Partners James F. Beatty Lee R. Berry, Jr. Timothy J. Boeglin Gilbert R. Perez Thomas L. Perkins Cynthia J. Reichard Kimberly D. Rife Jeffrey A. Thinnes Associates George H. Abel II Ralph F. Gaebler Stanley E. Johnson, Jr. Stuart A. Katz

John P. Lahaie Tracy T. Larsen Frank R. Martinez III Carol Nolan Skinner Regina M. Tibbs David R. Warshauer* James L. Whitlatch


Dean’s Circle Visionary Greta E. Cowart Dean’s Circle Directors Scott A. Brown Augustavia J. Haydel Michael D. Huber Karen B. Jordan-Boyd Alan R. Loudermilk Peter C. McCabe III Anne E. Norris Charles P. Sutphin Partners James F. Bleeke James W. Foltz Joan M. Heinz Karl M. Koons III John A. Larson Richard J. McConnell David W. Quist David M. Snyder Richard C. Starkey Sally J. Vander Ploeg Donald J. Vogel Associates Gary S. Batke Barbara L. Brugnaux Timothy M. Conway Bruce M. Dresbach Phyllis J. Emerick Matthew J. Gray Timothy J. Haffner Marion P. Herrington Ulrich C. Kartzke Denise L. Kelly David M. Kraus Bernard Landman III Michael J. Lewinski Corinne E. Lewis Jane Magee Miriam A. Murphy Bryce D. Owens Philip M. Purcell Shelia C. Riddick Maria V. Pangonis Senior Richard H. Vetter


Dean’s Circle Visionary M. Scott Bassett Dean’s Circle Directors Eric E. Boyd James A. Gesmer Partners Arend J. Abel John A. Bain John Fedors, Jr. Bonny J. Forrest Hon. John M. Hamilton David J. Hensel Andrew W. Hull Louis K. Nigg Bernard O. Paul Peter M. Racher Steven J. Riggs Kathryn J. Roudebush Charles B. Sauers David T. Schaefer Maryanne Pelic Thickstun Timothy L. Tyler Mark R. Waterfill Associates James A. Button Andrew L. Cameron Daniel Cueller Elisabeth M. Dagorrette Todd S. DeGroff Kurt A. Diefenbach Thomas E. Farrell Kevin D. Gibson Marilyn E. Hanzal Daniel J. Lueders Mary C. Lueders Thomas B. Parent Ann C. Varnon Margaret M. Wrynn


Dean’s Circle Visionaries Kathleen A. Moccio Vincent J. Moccio Dean’s Circle Directors D. Albert Daspin Elliot R. Lewis Joseph H. Marxer Lawrence T. Oates Robert S. O’Dell Gayle L. Pettinga Mark V. Pettinga Partners Jennifer J. Abrell Frank E. Berrodin James D. Darnley, Jr.

Samuel E. Eversman Bryan H. Hall William B. Kohn Robert J. Lahaie Kim M. Laurin V. Samuel Laurin III Thomas M. Maxwell Howard J. Miller Thomas R. Newby George T. Patton, Jr. George Sistevaris Amy M. Smith Associates Douglas J. Brackmann Jan N. Campbell Mindy K. Dale Michael K. Davis Robert G. Devetski Angela M. Espada Daniel M. Gurfinkel Mark E. Holcomb Grant Kaufman Jeffrey A. King Lars H. Liebeler Patricia Caress McMath Timothy J. Ormes Brian L. Porto Stanley H. Rorick Gregory L. Schenkel Gail S. Shaps Philip P. Simon Emerson H. Tiller Susan H. Vrahoretis Thomas E. Wheeler II Melani W. Wilson


Dean’s Circle Directors Julia C. Dierker Sonia D. Overholser Allan T. Slagel Partners David R. Bolk Debra I. Danner Linda K. Fariss Robert A. Hicks John D. Inwood Scott M. Keller Bruce W. Longbottom Christopher A. Nichols Kevin D. Nicoson Kevin C. Schiferl David J. Shannon Scott E. Tarter Thor Y. Urness

Associates Scott B. Ainsworth Carl W. Balge Douglas C. Ballantine Brent R. Baughman Cynthia J. Cappello John F. Dietrich Darya S. Druch Edward A. Gohmann Kirk E. Grable Wendy S. Greengrove-Smith Jeanne B. Heaton Jo Ann Hendryx Randall M. Jacobs Thomas G. King Michael D. Scott Jeffrey G. York


Dean’s Circle Visionary Mark E. Wright Dean’s Circle Directors Deborah J. Allen-Slagel Steven C. Bruess Jeffrey S. Cohen Mark D. Janis Bryan A. Richards Geoffrey G. Slaughter Partners Thomas E. Baltz William W. Barrett Kevin E. Brown Keith A. Buckley Andrew B. Buroker Richard W. Head Laurie L. Schmidt Peter Villarreal Associates Katrina J. Amos James E. Anderson Michael D. Carder Steven L. Carson Larry L. Chubb Susan D. Conner Michael D. Dobosz Robert H. Ebbs Alison D. Frazier Shirley A. Gauvin Gerard L. Gregerson Terry L. Harrell James P. Kearns Jeffrey P. Leedy Brian L. Oaks Peter J. Shakula II James K. Simonian David R. Steiner

John P. Steketee Anthony C. Sullivan Guy P. Tully


Dean’s Circle Visionary Gregory A. Castanias Dean’s Circle Directors Benjamin P. Beringer William M. Braman Mark A. Dittrich J. Scott Enright Bonnie L. Foster David A. Foster Kelly A. Johnson Kris Markarian Andrew D. Otis Partners Ellen E. Boshkoff Mark B. Gramelspacher William C. Hermann Michael J. MacLean Christian J. Morrison Tracy A. Pappas Michael E. Schrader Theodore C. Stamatakos Hon. Martha B. Wentworth Associates Kathryn L. Brahm David A. Brown Sheila M. Carson Michael E. Clarizio William S. Dickenson Tammy K. Haney Michael D. Hardy Mark D. Johnson Nicholas K. Kile Lance D. Like Joanne C. Mages Julia McClellan-Leavitt Chad D. Naylor Jennifer J. Payne Theodore Washienko, Jr.


Dean’s Circle Benefactor James L. Cooper, Ph.D. Dean’s Circle Directors Stephan E. Kyle Marianne Mitten Owen Partners Julia E. Cassidy Sylvia Y. Chou Barry I. Kroot David G. Larmore Natalie A. Mason ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 49

Nicholas C. Pappas Shapleigh Smith, Jr. Robert H. Wright Laura A. Zwicker Associates John D. Bessler Shuba Bhatt Gregory M. Bokota Natalie Bokota Pamela K. Bratt Mary L. Kohn Barry F. McDonnell Marsha K. Morris MaryAnn Schlegel Ruegger Mark J. Smith Joan E. Tupin-Crites Julia C. Weissman Michael A. Wheeler


Dean’s Circle Directors Greg A. Bouwer Darrin M. Dolehanty Lisa C. McKinney Courtney R. Tobin Partners Kathleen M. Anderson John T. Cooper John R. Fernandez James T. Flanigan Anne M. Frye John R. Gastineau Philippa M. Guthrie Kevin A. Halloran James A. Joven Matthew J. Miller Diane E. Smith Alyssa D. Stamatakos Brantley H. Wright Associates Juliet M. Casper Dawn C. Wrona Eby Robert W. Eherenman Scott E. Herbst James M. Hinshaw Cynthia A. King Randal L. Lloyd Timothy E. Ochs Pamela R. Perkinson Debra L. Schroeder Lisa M. Thielmeyer Alan S. Townsend J. Brad Voelz Mark J. Wassink



Dean’s Circle Benefactors Steven E. Goode Susan C. Lynch Dean’s Circle Directors Patrick S. Cross Clayton C. Miller Patrick W. Rasche Mike J. Yoder Partners Kevin G. Baer Carl A. Greci Nancy J. Guyott Nestor F. Ho James L. Vana Jennifer A. Vana Associates Judson G. Barce John P. Breen, Ph.D. Julie M. Conrad Mark A. Drewes Sharon Mollman Elliott Joseph A. Foster Laurie A. Gray Daniel T. Hackman Mario N. Joven Gary D. Levenson Jennifer L. Lloyd Jason P. Lueking Sarah S. Riordan Kent A. Rollison Michael P. Sanchez Mary B. Schultheis-Burger Anne M. Stamper Kevin E. Steele Eric A. Todd


Dean’s Circle Visionaries David C. Milne Meagan K. Milne Dean’s Circle Benefactor Brenda H. Freije Dean’s Circle Directors Craig C. Burke Dana M. Emery John T. Keith Angela F. Parker James P. Strenski Partners Edward G. Bielski Pamela S. Coffey Rebecca L. Collins Thomas E. Deer Paul S. Fardy Thomas M. Fisher

Daniel P. Fowler Sarah K. Funke Jeffrey S. Goldenberg Sandra K. Rasche Hemmerlein Karen S. Howe-Fernandez Carol Nemeth Joven David J. Jurkiewicz Michael B. Langford Joanne C. McAnlis Christopher S. Sears Todd J. Stearn Associates Amanda O. Blackketter Daniel J. Mathis Henry S. Noyes Janet C. Stavropoulos, Ph.D. Sean S. Steele Shawn M. Sullivan Tracy L. Troyer


Dean’s Circle Visionaries David O. Barrett Elizabeth Stuart John Ian G. John Dean’s Circle Directors Janet Min Beach Kathleen A. DeLaney Matthew T. Furton Charles J. Meyer Bret D. Raper Peter S. Song Partners Cynthia Storer Baran Carla D. Boddy Derek Y. Brandt Jeffrey L. Carmichael Shannon L. Clark Robert A. Dubault Jennifer Kelly Fardy Hank H. Kim Raymond A. Limon Angela M. McDonald-Fisher Alonzo Weems Associates Douglas W. Hyman Shinichi Kusanagi Angela R. Lang David J. Lazerwitz James P. Leahey David A. Locke Erin N. O Daniel Jill T. Powlick David H. Schwartz Kathryn A. Sullivan

John M. Yarger


Dean’s Circle Directors Randal J. Kaltenmark Elissa J. Preheim Susan J. Yoon Partners Robert F. Barron II Kepten D. Carmichael Michelle Davis Carmichael Rhonda Hospedales Jason L. Kennedy Jamison S. Prime Stephen E. Scheele Melinda J. Schwer Susan M. Shook Ketaki Sircar Associates Christine M. Cahill Jill M. Denman Daniel M. Grove Michael R. Lieber Mark W. Miller Sandip H. Patel Brian S. Perry Frederick W. Schultz Jennifer K. Schultz Kevin Tessier John F. Townsend III


Dean’s Circle Directors Troy D. Farmer John P. Fischer, Jr. Dominic W. Glover W. James Hamilton Wendy Melone Hamilton John M. Mueller Jason R. Reese Jill E. Reese Jered J. Wilson Partners James K. Cleland, Jr. Kelly Collier Cleland Heidi G. Goebel Steven S. Hoar Raoul K. Maitra Associates Thaddeus R. Ailes Gina C. Ashley Theodore H. Burmeister Robert W. Burt, Jr. Roger P. Colinvaux David H. Iskowich Johanna J. Maple

Daleta D. Mitchell Manish S. Sampat Jeffrey E. Stratman Ellen J. Townsend Konrad M. Urberg Julie A. Veach Heather L. Wilson


Dean’s Circle Directors Stephen W. Beard, Jr. William B. Edge Norman J. Hedges Jennifer Wheeler Terry John S. Terry Partners James H. Beckett Angela Smith Fisher Kristin Bierlein Keltner Kendall H. Millard Christine M. Soneral Gerald B. Zelenock, Jr. Associates Denise Y. Barkdull Erin A. Clancy Sean T. Devenney Travis N. Jensen Andrew S. Paine Ryan M. Poor Michael M. Pratt April E. Sellers Dawn A. Wildrick-Cole Germaine W. Willett Bryan B. Woodruff


Dean’s Circle Benefactor Malcolm J. Tuesley Dean’s Circle Directors Julie M. Florida Jason D. Kimpel Damon R. Leichty Partners Bryan H. Babb Rose E. Gallagher Aaron N. Goldberger Lonene C. Maynard Kathy L. Osborn Daniel R. Roy Jennifer A. Thomas James W. Tuesley Julie P. Wilson Brian D. Yeley Associates Mark R. Anderson Lynne E. Ellis

Karen L. Hsu John H. Kedeshian Heather J. Kidwell Anita A. Kontoh-Scott Nicholas F. Lancaster Joseph H. Merrick Carleton P. Palmer IV Rozelia S. Park James B. Robinson David L. Theyssen Daniel C. Walters Lezlie B. Willis Welty Lawrence Wu


Dean’s Circle Directors Amy D. Griner Gary L. Griner, Jr. Angela Karras Neboyskey David A. Neboyskey Erin R. Schrantz Partners Magdalena A. Acevedo Lasca M. Alekseevna Jessica E. Barth Amy D. Brody Matthew S. Carr Joel T. May Laura Thomas Associates James E. Fisher Robert S. Meitus Pamela S. Meyer Sandra Perry


Dean’s Circle Directors Ian D. Arnold Sonia C. Arnold Michael J. Hulka Matthew D. Kellam Partners Daniel P. King Marc F. Malooley John D. Snethen Susan Hutz Worth Associates Ben T. Caughey Edward J. Cockerill Thomas G. Drennan Eliza R. Gordner Woon-Bae Kim Trenten D. Klingerman Kevin R. Martin Peter S. Nemeth Shiv O’Neill

Jacob C. Pond Jason A. Scheele Simone L. Sterling Thomas J. Treutler Eric M. Zion


Dean’s Circle Directors Tom Lunsford April J. Risk Marisol Sanchez Rafael A. Sanchez Angela S. Yoon Hongsun Yoon Partners Mary K. Glazner Jenny N. Masunaga Terrance Stroud Associates Matthew E. Conrad Justin V. Czubaroff Thomas R. Failor Tamisha I. Keith Heather H. Lacy Dominique K. O’Neill Johnny D. Pryor Jeffrey D. Roberts Peter P. Ten Eyck Jason M. Torres Stefanie J. Weigand


Dean’s Circle Directors John D. Sweeney Zhiqiang Zhao Partners William J. Brinkerhoff Kathryn E. Gordon Michael E. Heintz Maj. Brian Mathison Jennifer L. Shea Lena N. Snethen Jennifer L. Weber Associates Kristin L. Acuff Christopher T. Anderson Anna Bednarski Hyun S. Choi Nicole D. Conrad Brett M. Haworth Jennifer M. Herrmann Matthew R. King Karen E. Klein Scott N. Kumis Samuel F. Miller Derek M. Mills

Alexander C. O’Neill Joshlene A. Pollock Doris L. Pryor Matthew Silverman Aaron M. Staser Julie A. Swinney Valerie M. Tachtiris Jaime L. Turley-Perz M. Dani Weatherford


Dean’s Circle Directors Nicole F. Cammarota Shane D. Deaton Sean M. Downey Jeanette Hanna-Ruiz Matthew C. Luzadder Inge M. Van der Cruysse Daniel J. Wagner Partners Matthew K. Beardsley Paula Konfal Motzel Michael N. Red Kristine L. Seufert John R. Worth Associates Jason W. Cottrell Darren A. Craig Steven R. Davis Carina M. De la Torre Cyril R. Emery Ashley E. Harwel David A. Lohr Snider Page Michael D. Ray Freedom S. Smith


Dean’s Circle Directors Liane C. Hulka Amanda N. Raad Partners Kathryn M. Brinkerhoff Renea E. Hooper Associates Robyn N. Baggetta Rachael N. Clark Paul M. Dubbeling Matthew L. Larson Steven R. Latterell Torrence E. Lewis Heidi A. Lukacsik Katherine A. Miltner Kevin J. Rapp Adam J. Richter Anne M. Tucker ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 51

Nancy S. Woodworth


Dean’s Circle Directors Christina M. Finn Anna Meyer Simpson Christopher W. Smith Partners Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh, Ph.D. Joel R. Meyer William A. Ramsey Christopher M. Ripley Angela L. Weber Associates Kellie M. Barr Matthew B. Barr Joshua L. Christie Michelle T. Cosby Robert E. Downey Stephen E. Fenn Catherine L. Matthews, Ph.D. Jessica L. Merkel Courtney K. Rangen Jennifer Handel Richter Adam C. Shields Douglas P. Skelley Lesli M. Sorensen Shana C. Stump Alison R. Sutter Daniel Tounsel III


Dean’s Circle Directors Elizabeth L. Baney Nathan D. Baney Shaun M. Raad Partners Mark K. Leeman Jason Liao Aaron B. Niskode-Dossett Jacob B. Schtevie Associates Matthew W. Bedan Dustin R. DeNeal Casey J. Eckert Jill M. Felkins Corinne T. Gilchrist Matthew P. Gregoline Laura J. Koenig Nithin B. Reddy Jason T. Schnellenberger


Dean’s Circle Directors Amy M. Foust 52

Andrew B. Fromm David A. Meek II Partners Andrew W. Beyer Christine N. Habeeb Stephen E. Reynolds Benjamin J. Schmidt James R. Wood Associates David E. Amaya Holly L. Amaya Erin E. Bauer Maria E. Bennett Mindy L. Boehr Eric D. Bowers Garry A. Boyle IV Susan A. Castorina Jonathan D. Conley Tanner J. Coulter Ryan J. Guillory Jeremiah R. Handschuh Jennifer M. Hesch Keiko Nezaki Shuichi Nezaki James F. Olds Lucas M. Rudisill Shalina A. Schaefer James D. Shanahan Nathan W. Steed


Dean’s Circle Director Laura M. Walda Partners Paul R. Hogan Amanda R. Whiffing Teryl L. Yoder Associates Timothy V. Addison Angela N. Aneiros Michael J. Blinn Keirian A. Brown Lisa M. Dunkin Laura J. Durfee Kathleen E. Field Alex E. Gude Tyler D. Helmond Nathan L. Hutchings Michala P. Irons Laura A. Jungels Clark P. Kirkman Kathleen L. Lee Anna K. Obergfell Munjot Sahu Marguerite C. Snyder


Partners Benjamin A. Blair David R. Clark Rachel Leahey Edward B. Mulligan V Eric A. Rey Associates C.R. Davis Gavin F. Ferlic Peter Gundy Robert Henson Nancy C. Rachlis Jeremiah I. Williamson Patrick A. Ziepolt


Dean’s Circle Director Margaret D. Flores Partners Christopher E. Hopkins-Gillispie Associates Aaron B. Aft Amir R. Ali Jonathan T. Armiger Jessica L. Asbridge Caridad Austin Jeffrey A. Block Jesse J. James Kara M. Jensen Joseph E. Kassab Erin E. McAdams Gregory C. Touney


Dean’s Circle Director Sarah C. Kessler Partners James Parker Paul E. Vaglica Associates Scott A. Allen Ivo Austin Eric C. Cook Aaron G. Corn Daniel A. Dixon Lucas M. Fields Kelsey B. Hanlon Blake R. Hartz Daniel P. O’Reilley Mark J. Plantan Ozair M. Shariff Justin O. Sorrell Lauren C. Sorrell Eric S. Spengler

Nathan B. Wenk Lindsay E. Wertenberger


Dean’s Circle Directors Jerry U. Carter Cedric A. Gordon Partners Megan McMahon Okun Paul D. Root Associates Jerod A. Adler Lucas M. Amodio Barbara T. Andraka Helen D. Arnold Gregory M. Averill Erin E. Bantz Katherine L. Barrett Brandon M. Benjamin Darrian L. Campbell Christopher M. Chamness Russell C. Chaplain Kyle E. Doherty-Peters Marios Fellouka Anne M. Fishbeck Viviana I. Gonzalez Kristen M. Head Melanie M. Jesteadt Lauren D. Kreiser William R. Lafleur II Michael C. Mattingly Taylor A. Mayer Albert B. Merkel Andrew S. Murphy David E. Okun Justin R. Olson Matthew A. Pfaff Caleb P. Phillips Joyana Progar Keith P. Rahman Evan T. Sarosi Eli R. Stoughton Danny G. Thiemann Patrick C. Thomas Patrick W. Thomas Benjamin M. Urban Jeremy S. Votaw Ian T. Watterson Andrew H. Winetroub Leticia C. Mayberry Wright

Kathleen J. Rowe Associates Jordan K. Baker Elizabeth Millis Bolka William H. Brainard Joseph T. Carley Rachel A. Davakis Janelle R. Duyck Karina Zazueta Esparza Claire C. Foley Nicholas A. Gable Andrew T. Grein Michaelene E. Hanley Zachary S. Heck Jessica S. Jackson-McLain Joshua A. Kurtzman Julie A. Laemmle Taryn E. Lewis Jia Li Stephen E. Lucas Michael J. Ogershok Tara E. Paul David M. Robbins Jennifer A. Rulon Jay D. Rumbach Leah L. Seigel Charles D. Shaw, Jr. James A. Spangler, Jr. David M. Stupich Stephen M. Tye Maggie J. Watson Ryan R. Weiss John M. Westercamp Juliana Yanez


Partner Elizabeth P. Conkle Associates Caitlin Judge Sharyl L. Pels Emily A. Storm-Smith


Dean’s Circle Director Anonymous Partners Rajat Khanna ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 53

dean’s circle visionaries

+ Kathy E. Anderson Gary J. Anderson, M.D. Amy G. Applegate John S. Applegate Hannah L. Buxbaum Daniel O. Conkle Deborah W. Conkle Kathleen Harrold Edward W. Herrmann David H. Jacobs Hon. Edward W. Najam, Jr.

dean’s circle benefactors + Gary W. McFarron Austen Parrish

friends, faculty, staff, and students The IU Maurer School of Law extends a special thanks to these

non-alumni groups, whose support reflects their close ties to the school.

David C. Williams Susan H. Williams

dean’s circle directors

+ Alfred C. Aman, Jr. Cyan Banister Scott Banister Patricia L. Brotherson Cameron L. Bryan Beth E. Cate Fred H. Cate Yvonne M. Cripps, Ph.D. John H. Ferguson Karen W. Ferguson 54

Joan L. Gerberding Carol J. Greenhouse Roberta M. Gumbel Carol L. Hillis Joseph L. Hoffmann Mary Hoffmann Betty B. Lofton Donald J. Polden Susan Polden Ryan W. Scott Harry L. Wallace Carwina Weng John C. Whistler Priscilla S. Woodward Patricia D. Wright, M.D. Peter D. Wright


+ A. James Barnes Michael E. Bauer Wilma L. Bauer Thomas F. Beck Jeannine Bell, Ph.D. Maarten Bout Barbara J. Briggs Brian J. Broughman Kevin D. Brown Charlene J. Brown Trevor R. Brown, Ph.D. Beth A. Burrous John A. Conkle Phyllis P. Conkle Judith C. Enslen Raleigh K. Enslen Jane L. Eslick Catherine Fuentes-Rohwer Luis E. Fuentes-Rohwer Thomas P. Gannon Douglas Goldstein David A. Haist Sandra C. Haist Kenneth E. Hardman Michael A. Hart Hon. Valeri Haughton Andrea C. Havill Yamini Hingoran Aaron L. Hosey Lisa G. Hosey Sarah J. Hughes Brian J. Kearney Jayanth K. Krishnan Laura E. Krishnan Sarah E. Luse W.K. Luse Timothy E. Lynch

Ajay K. Mehrotra Alexander Mirkin Frank Motley Christiana Ochoa Aviva A. Orenstein Jennifer Prusak Victor D. Quintanilla Joyce Q. Rogers Kenneth Rogers Annette F. Rush Robert L. Rush, Sr. Juan Sanchez Samantha Schu Karen Shaw, D.M. Michael D. Shumate Arthur Spengler Janet E. Stake Jeffrey E. Stake Patricia R. Villars Susan J. Voelkel Nona K. Watt Stephen M. Watt Deborah A. Widiss Donna K. Wilber-Fromm


+ Beverly Adams David Adams Charles W. Ardery, Jr. Joanne R. Ardery Deborah Atlas John D. Beck Elizabeth A. Beck Elizabeth R. Birch, M.S.N. Cecile A. Blau Douglass G. Boshkoff* Ruth O. Boshkoff Donna T. Bouchie Amy Buddenbaum David Buddenbaum, Jr. Andrew T. Bunger Leah Bunger Bradley Burns Matthew R. Christ, Ph.D. Lauren Clark Christopher G. Coffey Stephanie J. Coffey Bradley H. Cohen Tina L. Cohen Daniel H. Cole Stephen A. Conrad, Ph.D. Cynthia O. Cook Steven C. Cook Jane R. Corn Kevin J. Corn

Lauren Cowart Laura B. Daghe Fred W. Dahling, M.D. Suzanne E. Dahling Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt David Delaney Marilyn S. DeMarco Catherine E. Dyar Meredith J. Eads Miriam Effron* Jaci Eisenberg Ashley Eklund Mary K. Emison Robert L. Fischman Jane M. Fletchall Gina G. Fletcher Pamela C. Foohey Mary Gaus Bethany A. Gavel Charles G. Geyh Kendra L. Gjerdingen Donald H. Gjerdingen Emily Golding Mary A. Gonzalez-Howard Sophia C. Goodman Edwin H. Greenebaum Mildred S. Grogg Janet K. Guest Janet Hall Lee Ann Haury Thomas C. Hays Mary L. Hays Michael J. Jeffirs Gerald E. Jehle Patricia L. Jehle Julius R. Jerich Carol S. Johnson Danielle N. Judin Diane Kerkhof Jerry L. Kerkhof John Kimberling Elizabeth Kohn Robert N. Kohn James E. Koran Mary J. Koran Izabela Kowalewska-Cole Clark Lackert Marie Lackert Megan Lawson Leandra Lederman Paul E. Leopold III Brian Lewis Zhihao Li Herbert T. Lovelace, Jr. Margaret Maes Rustie L. Mills

Jennifer L. Morgan Barbara Muceus Eric E. Muceus Donna M. Nagy Elizabeth J. O’Donnell Eleanor C. O’Neal Brian J. O’Neill Thomas A. Peters Jose M. Pienknagura Janis L. Randall Ruth Rifkin* Janet S. Robertson Kristy L. Rorschach Reagan C. Rorschach Dianne Ruderman John Steele Susan M. Stroble Kenny R. Tatum Charles Thaler Flora M. Valentine Kenneth B. Valentine, Ed.D. Emily F. Van Tassel Martha M. VanStone Frank R. Vaughan Gregory W. Wagner Karen S. Wagner Marie Warshauer Mary E. Weishaar Elaine E. Whitbeck Mary Martha Wright Judy L. Zacher, M.D. Steven K. Zacher

ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 55

dean’s circle visionaries

corporations, foundations, and law firms Gifts from these special friends of the Law School further support

its many programs. The following organizations made a direct gift or matched contributions from alumni and friends of the school.

+ Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation Inc. American Constitution Society American Endowment Foundation Bentson Foundation Central Indiana Community Foundation China University of Political Science and Law Conservation Law Center, Inc. Cook Alex McFarron Manzo Cummings & Mehler Ltd. Cook, Inc. Davidson Family Trust Demarest & Almeida EH2 LLC Eli Lilly & Company Eugene & Marilyn Glick Foundation Corporation Faegre Baker Daniels LLP Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fremonty LLC Gary & Kathy Anderson Charitable Foundation Indiana Square LLC Jewish Federation of Cleveland John W. Anderson Foundation Martha H. Miller Foundation Maurice B. Miller Memorial Scholarship Trust Miraflores Investments LLC National Philanthropic Trust Novus Law LLC Oregon Gardens, LLC Saltsburg Fund Charitable Trust Schwab Charitable Fund Stilllife Construction of California, Inc. The DBJ Foundation

dean’s circle benefactors

+ Amarchand & Mangadas & Suresh A. Shroff & Co. Deloitte Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation 56

Jackson Lewis, P.C. Lilly Endowment Inc. Lumina Foundation Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. Silicon Valley Community Foundation Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

dean’s circle directors

+ Akzo Nobel Inc Arthur M. Lotz Revocable Living Trust ATF Jellison Trust Beechwood Manor Apartments Benevity Social Ventures, Inc Bose McKinney & Evans LLP Caterpillar Foundation Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Donors Trust, Inc. Ernst & Young Foundation Faegre Baker Daniels Foundation Fitzpatrick Charitable Foundation Gary and Paula Gerling Foundation, Inc Greater Kansas City Community Foundation GS Capital Partners LP HSBC – North America Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum Johnson & Johnson Jordan, Kowal & Apostol, LLC KPMG Foundation LLP Leeman Law Office Lincoln Financial Foundation Malu Limited Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP Maurer Family Foundation, Inc. McKinney Family Foundation Microsoft Corporation Milwaukee Jewish Federation, Inc. O’Dell & Associates PC OneAmerica Financial Partners, Inc.

ONEOK, Inc. Foundation Rhys Corporation Skadden Arps Slate Meagher Flom LLP Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Inc. The Kresge Foundation Tracy E Little Revocable Living Trust Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations


+ Aetna Foundation American Electric Power Company Inc Aon Foundation Charles A Cohen Revocable Trust Consolidated Edison, Inc. Coriden Coriden Andrews & Glover LLC Dailey Living Trust DeLaney & DeLaney LLC The Dow Chemical Company Foundation Ferguson & Ferguson General Electric Foundation Global Charitable Fund Hoover Hull Turner LLP JJC Charitable Trust JP Morgan Chase Foundation K & L Gates LLP McKesson Foundation, Inc. McNamar & Associates, P.C. Network for Good Northwestern Mutual Foundation Procter & Gamble Fund Salin Foundation, Inc. Scopelitis Garvin Light Hanson & Feary PC Sempra Energy Shell Oil Co. Foundation Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP Showley Revocable Trust Thomas L Pytynia Trust Time Warner, Inc. Foundation Twenty Mysteries LLC The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust Voya Foundation Wabash Valley Community Foundation Inc.

Wells Fargo & Co. Foundation


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Arthur P. Kalleres Memorial Scholarship Aaron B. Aft, ’11 Craig C. Burke, ’94 Benjamin T. Caughey, ’01 Erin A. Clancy, ’98 Sarah K. Funke Philip C. Genetos, ’77 Mary M. Larimore, ’80 Steven R. Latterell, ’05 Michael R. Lieber, ’96 David J. Mallon, Jr., ’75 Ryan M. Poor, ’98 Christopher S. Sears, ’94 Karen Shaw, D.M. Freedom S. Smith, ’04 David O. Tittle, ’67 Germaine W. Willett, ’98 Bernard Harrold Scholarship Kathleen Harrold Bentson Foundation Scholarship Bentson Foundation Mark S. Niblick, ’78 Burchfield Bridge-toPractice Fund Thomas E. Burchfield, ’61 Center for Constitutional Democracy Gary J. Anderson, M.D. Kathy E. Anderson Jeffrey A. Block, ’11 Pamela S. Coffey, ‘94 Kevin J. Corn Kenneth P. Fedder, ’59 James F. Fitzpatrick, ’59 Harry L. Gonso, ’73 Christine N. Habeeb, ’08 Hon. David F. Hamilton Sarah C. Kessler, ’12 Sarah E. Luse W. K. Luse Kathleen A. Moccio, ’87 Vincent J. Moccio, ’87 Clarine Nardi Riddle, ’74 Inge M. Van der Cruysse, ’04 Anne Paramenko Weeks, ’59 David C. Williams Susan H. Williams Jeremiah I. Williamson, ’10

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Charles Wilson Memorial Scholarship Roberta M. Gumbel James J. Weber, ’84 Child Advocacy Program Karen L. Hsu, ’99 Class of 1979 Scholarship Fund Jane Alshuler Darcy J. Chamberlin Agnes S. Peters Bruce J. Rasch Barbara Wand Mary V. Weeks W. William Weeks Class of 1997 Scholarship Fund Troy D. Farmer Raoul K. Maitra Johanna J. Maple Colleen Kristl Pauwels Memorial Fund Gregory M. Bokota, ’91 Natalie Bokota, ’91 Eric E. Boyd, ’86 Karen Jordan-Boyd, ’85 Charlene J. Brown Trevor R. Brown, Ph.D. Keith A. Buckley, ’89 Juliet M. Casper, ‘92 Beth Cate Fred H. Cate Michelle T. Cosby, ’06 James H. Fariss Linda K. Fariss, ’88 Robert L. Fischman Michael E. Flannery, ’83 Ralph F. Gaebler, ’84 Edwin H. Greenebaum James E. Koran Mary J. Koran Paul D. Mathias, ’79 Harry G. McConnell, ’78 Jennifer L. Morgan Carol M. Seaman Joseph E. Trester, ’79 Ann R. Vaughan, ’78 Frank R. Vaughan Nona K. Watt Stephen M. Watt, Ph.D. Margaret M. Wrynn, ‘86

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Gifts in memory of F. Thomas Schornhorst Fred Aman and Carol Greenhouse Daniel and Deborah Conkle Marilyn DeMarco Roger and Terry Dworkin Marianne Mitten Owen, ’91 Jeffrey and Janet Stake Raleigh and Judith Enslen

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Gifts in memory of Stephen H. Thrasher Bruce Artim and Brenda Hayes-Artim Donald, ’66, and Barbara Grande

Lauren Robel Scholars Program Stephen F. Burns, ’68

Gift in memory of Thomas G. Wright Indiana Judges Association Glenn and Donna Scolnik Clinical Chair Conservation Law Center Inc. Donna H. Scolnik Glenn Scolnik, ’78 Harry T. Ice Memorial Fund Samuel R. Born II, ’70 Karen E. Arland, ’82 William R. Riggs, ’63 Harry Pratter Professorship in Law Philip C. Potts, ’59 Jackson Lewis Labor and Employment Law Scholarship Jackson Lewis LLP John F. Kimberling Scholarship Estate of John F. Kimberling Troy D. Farmer, ’97 Justice Juanita Kidd Stout Professorship Austen Parrish Lauren Robel, ’83 Kathleen A. Buck Loan Repayment Assistance Fund Richard A. Dean, ’73

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Peter C. McCabe, ‘85 Doyal E. McLemore, Jr. James D. Moore, ’77 David Okun, ’13 Megan McMahon Okun, ’13 Jim A. O’Neal, ’54 Orchard Software Corporation Sandip H. Patel, ’96 William Pietz, ’69 Jason R. Reese, ’97 Jill Reese, ’97 Jeffrey L. Rensberger, ’83 Janet Ruesch, ’70 William E. Ryckman, Jr., ’58 David S. Sidor, ‘72 Carole B. Silver, ’80 Anna T. Simpson, ‘06 Hon. Sarah M. Singleton, ’74 Geoffrey G. Slaughter, ’89 Frederick F. Thornburg, ’68 in memory of James F. Thornburg Edward L. Volk, ’70 Edwin F. Walmer, ’57 Kent H. Westley, ’68 Sally Westley, ’67 John R. Worth, ‘04 Susan L. Worth, ‘01 Robert H. Wright, ‘91 Richard W. Young, ’81 Zhiqiang Zhao, ’03 Charles O. Ziemer, ‘64 Law Library Fund Wayne D. Boberg, ’78 Juliet M. Casper, ’92 Richard T. Dawson, ’70 Michael D. Dobosz, ’89 Kathleen C. Gillmore, ‘72 Rachel Leahey, ’10 Renee M. McDermott, ‘78 James C. Nelson, ’67 Lawrence T. Oates, ’87 Stephen R. Place, ’72 Rhys Corporation Julian L. Shepard, ’83 George P. Smith, II, ’64 in memory of Colleen Pauwels Lawrence Bridge-toPractice Fund Grace M. Lawrence William C. Lawrence, ’79

Len Fromm Emergency Scholarship Fund Jerod A. Adler, ’13 Lucas M. Amodio, ’13 Barbara T. Andraka, ’13 Gregory M. Averill, ’13 Erin E. Bantz, ’13 Katherine L. Barrett, ’13 Brandon M. Benjamin, ’13 James E. Bourne, ’65 Darrian L. Campbell, ’13 Jerry U. Carter II, ’13 Christopher M. Chamness, ’13 Russell C. Chaplain, ’13 Karina Zazueta Esparza, ’14 Marios Fellouka, ’13 Christina M. Finn, ’06 Anne M. Fishbeck, ’13 Viviana I. Gonzalez, ’13 Mary A. Gonzalez-Howard Kelley J. Halliburton, ’05 Kristen M. Head, ’13 Adesuwa Ighile, ’14 Melanie M. Jesteadt, ’13 Lauren D. Kreiser, ’13 William R. Lafleur, ’13 Michael C. Mattingly, ’13 Albert B. Merkel, ’13 Andrew S. Murphy, ’13 David E. Okun, ’13 Megan McMahon Okun, ’13 Justin R. Olson, ’13 Thomas A. Peters Matthew A. Pfaff, ’13 Caleb P. Phillips, ’13 Keith P. Rahman, ’13 Paul D. Root, ’13 Evan T. Sarosi, ’13 Patrick W. Thomas, ’13 Benjamin M. Urban, ’13 Jeremy S. Votaw, ’13 Ian T. Watterson, ’13 Ryan R. Weiss, ’14 Andrew H. Winetroub, ’13 Leticia C. Mayberry Wright, ’13 Leonard D. Fromm Memorial Fund Anonymous Arend J. Abel, ’86 George H. Abel, ’84 Magdalena A. Acevedo, ’00 David E. Amaya, ’08 Holly L. Amaya, ’08

Christopher T. Anderson, ’03 Robert G. Andree, ’82 Bruce J. Artim, ’82 Regina C. Ashley, ’97 Caridad Austin, ’11 Bryan H. Babb, ’99 Robyn N. Baggetta, ’05 Peter G. Bakas, ’82 Jordan K. Baker, ’14 Elizabeth L. Baney, ’07 Nathan D. Baney, ’07 Judson G. Barce, ’93 Kellie M. Barr, ’06 Matthew B. Barr, ’06 William W. Barrett, ’89 Jessica E. Barth, ’00 Gary S. Batke, ’85 Erin E. Bauer, ’08 Brent R. Baughman, ’87 Janet Min Beach, ’95 Stephen W. Beard, ’98 Matthew K. Beardsley, ’04 Matthew W. Bedan, ’07 Maria E. Bennett, ’08 Benjamin P. Beringer, ’90 Frank E. Berrodin, ’87 John D. Bessler, ’91 Andrew W. Beyer, ’08 Edward G. Bielski, ’94 James F. Bleeke, ’85 Carla D. Boddy, ’95 Mindy L. Boehr, ’08 Elizabeth M. Bolka, ’14 Eric D. Bowers, ’08 Garry A. Boyle, ’08 William H. Brainard, ’14 Pamela K. Bratt, ’91 John P. Breen, ’93 Craig C. Burke, ’94 Theodore H. Burmeister, ’97 Robert W. Burt, ’97 Hannah L. Buxbaum Andrew L. Cameron, ’86 Jan N. Campbell, ’87 R.P. Carey, ’80 Joseph T. Carley, ’14 Jeffrey L. Carmichael, ’95 Jerry U. Carter, ’13 Julia E. Cassidy, ’91 Gregory A. Castanias, ’90 Sylvia Y. Chou, ’91 Rachael N. Clark, ’05 Andrea K. Cleland, ’97 James K. Cleland, ’97 Rebecca L. Collins, ’94 Jonathan D. Conley, ’08

Julie E. Conrad, ’93 Eric C. Cook, ’12 James L. Cooper, Ph.D., ’91 Tanner J. Coulter, ’08 Greta E. Cowart, ’85 J. A. Crawford, ’81 Daniel Cueller, ’86 Debra I. Danner, ’88 James D. Darnley, ’87 D. Albert Daspin, ’87 Rachel A. Davakis, ’14 Jeffrey Davidson, ’73 Michael K. Davis, ’87 Carina De la Torre, ’04 Todd S. DeGroff, ’86 Robert G. Devetski, ’87 Kurt A. Diefenbach, ’86 Mark A. Dittrich, ’90 Thomas G. Drennan, ’01 Mark A. Drewes, ’93 Janelle R. Duyck, ’14 Dawn C. Wrona Eby, ’92 Casey J. Eckert, ’07 William B. Edge, ’98 Robert W. Eherenman, ’92 Angela M. Espada, ’87 Samuel E. Eversman, ’87 Paul S. Fardy, ’94 Thomas E. Farrell, ’86 Penelope S. Farthing, ’70 John Fedors, ’86 Stephen E. Fenn, ’06 David L. Ferguson, ’81 John R. Fernandez, ’92 Christina M. Finn, ’06 John P. Fischer, ’97 Scott N. Flanders, ’82 Michael E. Flannery, ’83 Claire C. Foley, ’14 Bonny J. Forrest, ’86 Andrew B. Fromm, ’08 Sarah K. Funke, ’94 Rose E. Gallagher, ’99 Corinne T. Gilchrist, ’07 Mary K. Glazner, ’02 Dominic W. Glover, ’97 Edward A. Gohmann, ’88 Aaron N. Goldberger, ’99 Jeffrey S. Goldenberg, ’94 Edwin H. Greenebaum Gary L. Griner, ’00 Daniel M. Gurfinkel, ’87 Philippa M. Guthrie, ’91 Timothy J. Haffner, ’85 Bryan H. Hall, ’87 Kevin A. Halloran, ’92

Jane A. Hamblin, ’80 Hon. David Hamilton Hon. John M. Hamilton, ’86 Jeremiah R. Handschuh, ’08 Michaelene E. Hanley, ’14 Jeanette Hanna-Ruiz, ’04 Marilyn E. Hanzal, ’86 Terry L. Harrell, ’89 Ashley E. Harwel Richard W. Head, ’89 Jeanne B. Heaton, ’88 Zachary S. Heck, ’14 Norman J. Hedges, ’98 Jo Ann Hendryx, ’88 Scott E. Herbst, ’86 William C. Hermann, ’90 Marion P. Herrington, ’85 Jennifer M. Hesch, ’08 Nestor F. Ho, ’93 Paul R. Hogan, ’09 Mark E. Holcomb, ’87 Christopher E. Hopkins-Gillispie, ’11 Michael D. Huber, ’85 Nathan L. Hutchings, ’09 Douglas W. Hyman, ’95 Jessica S. Jackson McLain, ’14 Mark D. Janis, ’89 Elizabeth Stuart John, ’95 Ian G. John, ’95 Dawn Johnsen James A. Joven, ’92 Mario N. Joven, ’93 Laura A. Jungels, ’09 Grant Kaufman, ’87 James P. Kearns, ’89 Tamisha I. Keith Matthew D. Kellam, ’01 Kristin B. Keltner, ’98 Hank H. Kim, ’95 Cynthia A. King, ’91 Daniel P. King, ’01 William B. Kohn, ’87 Susan M. Kornfield, ’82 Barry I. Kroot, ’91 Scott N. Kumis, ’03 Joshua A. Kurtzman, ’14 Stephan E. Kyle, ’91 Julie A. Laemmle, ’14 Michael B. Langford, ’94 David G. Larmore, ’91 Kim M. Laurin, ’87 V. Samuel Laurin III, ’87 David J. Lazerwitz, ’95 Jeffrey P. Leedy, ’85 ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 61

Damon R. Leichty, ’99 Michael J. Lewinski, ’85 Corinne E. Lewis, ’85 Taryn E. Lewis, ’14 Jia Li, ’14 Randal L. Lloyd, ’92 David A. Lohr, ’04 Arthur A. Lopez, ’83 Stephen E. Lucas, ’14 Jason P. Lueking, ’93 Matthew C. Luzadder, ’04 Hon. Susan L. Macey, ’80 Raoul K. Maitra, ’97 Joseph H. Marxer, ’87 Natalie A. Mason, ’91 Jenny N. Masunaga, ’02 Thomas M. Maxwell, ’87 Joanne C. McAnlis, ’94 Peter C. McCabe, ’85 Richard J. McConnell, ’85 Jeremy McCrary, ’08 Martin A. McCrory, ’83 Mary Periolat McGarrah, ’83 Lynn K. McKay, ’91 Patricia C. McMath, ’87 Thomas P. McNulty, ’83 in memory of Zeff A. Weiss Leslie S. Mead, ’84 Ajay K. Mehrotra Robert S. Meitus, ’00 Jessica L. Merkel, ’06 Julia E. Merkt, ’81 Joseph H. Merrick, ’99 Kendall H. Millard, ’98 Howard J. Miller, ’87 Matthew J. Miller, ’92 Derek M. Mills, ’03 David C. Milne, ’94 Megan K. Milne, ’94 Anastasia Bednarski Molnar, ’03 Vicki J. Moore, ’80 Jerry Moss, ’62 Paula M. Motzel, ’04 John M. Mueller, ’97 Miriam A. Murphy, ’86 Angela Karras Neboyskey, ’00 David A. Neboyskey, ’00 Carol Nemeth Joven, ’94 Thomas R. Newby, ’87 Keiko Nezaki, ’08 Shuichi Nezaki, ’08 Christopher A. Nichols, ’88 Louis K. Nigg, ’86


Aaron B. Niskode Dossett, ’07 Anne E. Norris, ’85 Robert S. O’Dell, ’87 Michael J. Ogershok, ’14 Alexander C. O’Neill, ’03 Dominique K. O’Neill, ’02 Shiv P. Ghuman O’Neill, ’01 Timothy J. Ormes, ’87 Sonia D. Overholser, ’88 Andrew S. Paine, ’98 Carleton P. Palmer, ’99 Nicholas C. Pappas, ’91 Tracy A. Pappas, ’90 Thomas B. Parent, ’86 Rozelia S. Park, ’99 Angela J. Parker, ’94 George T. Patton, ’87 Bernard O. Paul, ’86 Tara E. Paul, ’14 Jennifer J. Payne, ’90 Gilbert R. Perez, ’85 Jeffrey P. Petrich, ’84 Mark J. Plantan, ’12 Jerome E. Polk, ’02 Brian L. Porto, ’87 Jill T. Powlick, ’95 Jamison S. Prime, ’96 Joyana Progar, ’13 Doris L. Pryor, ’03 Johnny D. Pryor, ’02 Thomas A. Pyrz, ’80 David W. Quist, ’85 Amanda N. Raad, ’05 Shaun M. Raad, ’07 Peter M. Racher, ’86 Kevin J. Rapp, ’05 Michael D. Ray, ’04 Stephen E. Reynolds, ’08 Jeffrey I. Richards, ’81 Adam J. Richter, ’05 Jennifer Handel Richter, ’06 Timothy J. Riffle, ’83 Steven J. Riggs, ’86 David M. Robbins, ’14 Lauren K. Robel, ’83 Kent A. Rollison, ’93 Stanley H. Rorick, ’87 Kathleen J. Rowe, ’14 Jeffrey B. Rubenstein, ’83 MaryAnn S. Ruegger, ’91 Jennifer A. Rulon, ’14 Jay D. Rumbach, ’14 Manish S. Sampat, ’97 Marisol Sanchez, ’02 Rafael A. Sanchez, ’02

David T. Schaefer, ’86 Gregory L. Schenkel, ’87 Laurie L. Schmidt, ’89 Jennifer K. Schultz, ’96 David H. Schwartz, ’95 Melinda J. Schwer, ’96 Michael D. Scott, ’88 Carol M. Seaman, ’82 Leah L. Seigel, ’14 Maria V. Pangonis Senior, ’85 Peter J. Shakula, ’89 Gail S. Shaps, ’87 Jennifer L. Shea, ’03 Donald P. Shively, ’81 Matthew Silverman, ’03 Philip P. Simon, ’87 James K. Simonian, ’89 Ketaki Sircar, ’96 George Sistevaris, ’87 Douglas P. Skelley, ’06 Douglas D. Small, ’83 Amy M. Smith, ’87 Mark J. Smith, ’91 David M. Snyder, ’85 Christine M. Soneral, ’98 Lesli M. Sorensen, ’06 Justin O. Sorrell, ’12 Lauren C. Sorrell, ’12 James A. Spangler, ’14 Kathleen O. St. Louis, ’84 Richard C. Starkey, ’85 Aaron M. Staser, ’03 Janet C. Stavropoulos, ’94 Nathan W. Steed, ’08 Stephen E. Scheele, ’96 Eli R. Stoughton, ’13 Anthony C. Sullivan, ’89 Jennifer S. Terry, ’98 John S. Terry, ’98 Kevin Tessier, ’96 Jeffrey A. Thinnes, ’84 Jennifer A. Thomas, ’99 Patrick C. Thomas, ’13 Emerson H. Tiller, ’87 Courtney R. Tobin, ’92 Eric A. Todd, ’93 Jason M. Torres, ’02 Gregory C. Touney, ’11 Daniel Tounsel, ’05 Ellen J. Townsend, ’97 John F. Townsend III, ’96 Tracy L. Troyer, ’94 Anne M. Tucker, ’05 Malcolm J. Tuesley, ’99 Joan E. Tupin-Crites, ’91 Stephen M. Tye, ’14

Thor Y. Urness, ’88 Inge M. Van Der Cruysse, ’04 Sally J. Vander Ploeg, ’85 J. Brad Voelz, ’92 Donald J. Vogel, ’85 Jeremy S. Votaw, ’13 Daniel J. Wagner, ’04 Gregory W. Wagner Karen S. Wagner Norris K. Wang, ’83 Mark J. Wassink, ’92 Jennifer L. Weber, ’03 Alonzo Weems, ’95 Stefanie J. Weigand, ’02 Ryan R. Weiss, ’14 Hon. Martha M. Wentworth, ’90 Michael A. Wheeler, ’91 Amanda R. Whiffing, ’09 William R. Wilkinson, ’83 Brian P. Williams, ’81 Julie P. Wilson, ’99 Mark E. Wright, ’89 Robert H. Wright, ’91 Juliana Yanez, ’14 Angela Yoon, ’02 Hongsun Yoon, ’02 Jeffrey G. York, ’88 Gerald B. Zelenock, ’98 Laura A. Zwicker, ’91

Michael S. and Janie Maurer Scholarships Janie K. Maurer Michael S. Maurer, ’67 Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart Fellowship in Labor & Employment Law Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. Patrick L. Baude Scholarship Brenda E. Knowles, ’77

McLoughlin Family Scholarship Michael T. McLoughlin, ’72 Susie McLoughlin

Public Interest Law Fellowship Beverly Adams David Adams Fred C. Aman, Jr. Amy G. Applegate John S. Applegate Deborah Atlas Alexander B. Avtgis, ’15 Kevin G. Baer Jeannine Bell Timothy J. Boeglin, ’84 Brian J. Broughman Andrew T. Bunger Beth A. Burrous Hannah L. Buxbaum Daniel O. Conkle Martin H. Cozzola, ’15 Laura B. Daghe Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt David DeLaney Robert E. Downey, ’06 Elliot C. Edwards, ’17 Ashley Eklund, ’16 Pamela C. Foohey Luis E. Fuentes-Rohwer Charles G. Geyh Donald H. Gjerdingen Gina G. Gletcher Emily Golding, ’17 Sophia C. Goodman Hon. John M. Hamilton, ’86 Sarah J. Hughes Linda S. Hunt, ’99

Michael K. Guest Memorial Scholarship Charles W. Ardery Joanne R. Ardery Janet K. Guest

Public Interest Law Foundation Dawn E. Johnsen Caitlin Judge, ’15 Danielle N. Judin

Leonard D. Fromm Student Support Fund Daniel O. Conkle Deborah W. Conkle M.A.L. Fund Michael R. Conner, ’75 in memory of Tom Lofton Betty B. Lofton Marilyn Wheeler Pendergast Scholarship Wabash Valley Community Foundation

Clark P. Kirkman, ’09 Daniel M. Kirwan, ’74 Jayanth K. Krishnan Megan Lawson, ’17 Paul E. Leopold Herbert T. Lovelace Catherine L. Matthews, ’06 Ajay K. Mehrotra Rustie L. Mills, ’17 Christian J. Morrison, ’90 Timothy M. Morrison, ’74 Eric E. Muceus Anna K. Obergfell, ’09 Christiana Ochoa Brian J. O’Neill, ’17 Aviva A. Orenstein Austen Parrish Sharyl L. Pels, ’15 Victor D. Quintanilla Cynthia J. Reichard, ’84 Samantha Schu, ’17 Ryan W. Scott Carol M. Seaman, ’82 John D. Snethen, ’01 Lena N. Snethen, ’03 Jeffrey E. Stake John Steele Emily A. Storm-Smith, ’15 Kenny R. Tatum Hon. Ellen K. Thomas, ’73 Carwina Weng Deborah A. Widiss Donna K. Wilber-Fromm David C. Williams Susan H. Williams R. Neil & Michele Irwin Scholarship Michele K. Irwin R. Neil Irwin, ’71 Rapheal M. Prevot, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Roberta M. Gumbel Angela M. McDonald Fisher, ’95 Richardson/Tinder/ Logan Scholarship Public & Community Service Scholarship Fred J. Logan, Jr., ’77 John F. “Jeff” Richardson, ’77 Hon. John D. Tinder, ’75

Robert and Darlene Duvin Scholarship Robert P. Duvin, ’61 Darlene Duvin Robert A. Lucas Endowed Chair Mark E. Holcomb, ’87 Robert H. McKinney Professorship Robert H. McKinney, ’52

Albert J. Velasquez, ’73 to benefit BLSA and Latino Advisory Board Student Support Fund Deborah J. Allen-Slagel, ’89 Roger B. Dworkin Terry M. Dworkin Heidi G. Goebel, ’97 John T. McCaulay, ’75 Allan T. Slagel, ’88 Tom Lofton Scholarship Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation

S. Hugh & Samuel Dillin Scholarship Patricia D. Wright, M.D. in memory of Judge S. Hugh Dillin Peter Wright

V. Sue Shields Endowed Scholarship Cecile A. Blau Bryan A. Richards, ’89 Kristine L. Seufert, ’04 Hon. V. Sue Shields, ’61 William E. Shields Lisa M. Thielmeyer, ’92

Sidney D. Eskenazi Scholarship Sidney D. Eskenazi, ’53 Sig Beck Award Elizabeth A. Beck in memory of Sigmund J. Beck John D. Beck Thomas F. Beck

V. William Hunt Scholarship Nancy Hunt V. William Hunt, ’69

SimmonsSchnellenberger Scholarship Thomas F. Schnellenberger, Jr., ’79 Jacqueline A. Simmons, ’79 Stephen Jeffirs Memorial Scholarship Michael J. Jeffirs Student Organizations Fund Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh, ’06 John P. Fischer, ’97 for Williams Moot Court Competition Thomas P. Gannon Alex E. Gude, ’09 Jason L. Kennedy, ’96 Alexander Mirkin Michael D. Shumate for Williams Moot Court Competition Maggie J. Watson, ’14

Val Nolan Endowed Chair Ellwood W. Lewis, ’54 Viola J. Taliaferro Family and Children Mediation Law Clinic Amy Applegate John S. Applegate Jan A. Dickson Hon. Brent E. Dickson in honor of Judge Taliaferro Meaghan Klem Haller, ’10 Willard and Margaret Carr Professorship in Labor & Employment Law Margaret Carr Willard Z. Carr, ’50 William R. Stewart Fund John H. Ferguson Karen W. Ferguson William W. Oliver Chair in Tax Law Joseph T. Ives, ’58

ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 63

2015 annual fund top ten classes

2015 annual fund law firm and corporation challenge

top 10 classes by dollars raised Class Agent(s)



Dave Ferguson and Bill Jonas



Keith White



Jim Kowalik and Ted Waggoner



John Van Laere



Larry McHugh





Faegre Baker Daniels

Pat Cross and Mark Wright



Steve Hackman and Jim Whitlatch


Barnes & Thornburg

Randy Kaltenmark and Tim Riffle



Shannon Clark and Matt Furton


Eli Lilly & Company

Alonzo Weems



Tom Deer and Henry Noyes


Ice Miller

Phil Genetos





Bingham Greenebaum Doll

Meg Christensen


Bose McKinney & Evans

Bryan Babb, Bob Kassing and Lisa McKinney


Stuart & Branigin

Tom McCully


Frost Brown Todd

Randy Riggs


Arnold & Porter

James Cooper


Jones Day

Greg Castanias


top 10 classes by participation Class Agent(s)



top law firms and corporations by dollars raised Firm Solicitor(s)



Bob Kassing



Jim Fitzpatrick



Don Dorfman









Alan Witte


Bose McKinney & Evans

Bryan Babb, Bob Kassing and Lisa McKinney



Dick Rhodes


Cohen Garelick & Glazier

Bob Garelick



Jim Kowalik and Ted Waggoner


DeLaney & DeLaney

Kathleen DeLaney



Mary Beth Brody


Stuart & Branigin

Tom McCully



Larry Fisher


Hackman Hulett

Marvin Hackman


top law firms by participation Firm Solicitor(s)


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 65

Arend J. Abel, ’86

Debra Begley

Michael Chopp

Daniel K. DeWitt, ’94

Thomas M. Frohman, ’83

Hon. Shirley (Schlanger)

Christina Bellardo

Margaret M. “Meg” Christensen, ’07

Hon. Mary Ellen Diekhoff, ’86

David J. Froiland, ’97

James K. Bemis, ’85

Abigail A. Clapp, ’99

Daniel A. Dixon, ’12

Luis Fuentes-Rohwer

Magdalena A. (Przytulska) Acevedo, ’00

Anne A. Bennett, ’91

Charles R. Clark, ’62

Francina A. Dlouhy, ’77

John M. Fultz, ’99

Laura Acosta

Maria E. Bennett, ’08

Christina A. Clark, ’11

Donald P. Dorfman, ’57

Matthew T. Furton, ’95

Kenneth J. Adams, ’00

Spiro Bereveskos, ’81

Christina L. Clark, ’08

Jason Du Mont

Joseph R. Fuschetto, ’13

Carol M. Adinamis, ’92

Elizabeth J. Wysong Berg, ’05

David W. Clark, ’05

Robert A. Dubault, ’95

Nicholas K. Gahl, ’08

Ashley Ahlbrand

Benjamin P. Beringer, ’90

Rachael N. Clark, ’05

Ernest J. DuBose, ’07

Kenneth A. Gandy

Samira Ahmed, ’13

Adam J. Berlin, ’99

Shannon L. Clark, ’95

Shakeba DuBose, ’04

Thomas P. Gannon

Sumedha Ahuja

Davina Patterson Biddle, ’03

Christal J. Coakley, ’08

Marguerite Durston

Kathryn J. Ahlgren Garcia, ’08

Anne E. Aikman-Scalese, ’78

Thomas J. Birchfield, ’88

Hamish S. Cohen, ’01

Todd C. Dvorak, ’10

Robert A. Garelick, ’66

Amir R. Ali, ’11

Jennifer Bird-Pollan

James A. Coles

Peter H. Dykstra, ’97

Philip C. Genetos, ’77

Megan Alvarez

K. Steven Blake, ’90

Rachel E. Collins, ’15

Jessica M. Eaglin

Gerald F. George, ’69

Holly L. Amaya, ’08

Nicholas R. Blesch Clark, ’08

Clyde D. Compton, ’65

Derek K. Early, ’08

Allison Gerkman

Erica Andersen

Alexandra J. Block, ’13

Daniel O. Conkle

Ross D. Eberly, ’09

Bonnie K. Gibson, ’78

Gary J. Anderson

Christopher A. Bloom, ’75

Cammy Contizano

W. Brian Edge, ’98

Samuel C. Giesting, ’10

Bruce Andis

John Bober

Catherine A. Conway, ’78

Jessica A. Edgerton, ’04

Laura Ginger

Barbara “Basia” T. Andraka, ’13

Jack A. Bobo, ’96

Timothy M. Conway, ’85

Amanda R. Elizondo, ’11

Donald Gjerdingen

John Applegate

Timothy J. Boeglin, ’84

Eric C. Cook, ’12

Kristen L. Ellis, ’11

Raymond W. Gliva, ’64

Samuel R. Ardery, ’83

Mindy L. Boehr, ’08

Jessie A. Cook, ’79

D. G. Elmore Jr., ’84

Matthieu Goddeyne

Samuel J. Arena, ’01

Sara S. Bosco, ’83

James L. Cooper, ’91

Michael D. Engber, ’67

Heidi G. Goebel, ’97

Jonathan Armiger, ’11

Doug Boshkoff

Jason P. Cooper, ’92

J. Scott Enright, ’90

Jeffrey S. Goldenberg, ’94

Robert D. Aronson, ’77

Ellen E. Boshkoff, ’90

John T. Cooper, ’92

Robert D. Epstein, ’70

Rainier Gonzalez, ’98

Angela L. Arrington, ’02

Shelby M. Bowen, ’84

David E. Corbitt, ’97

Rachel B. Evans, ’94

Steven E. Goode, ’93

F. Wesley Bowers, ’51

Braden K. Core, ’06

P. Stephen Fardy, ’94

Sophia Goodman

A. James Boyajian, ’10

Thomas C. Cornwell, ’72

Troy D. Farmer, ’97

Daniel J. Goshorn, ’08

Eric E. Boyd, ’86

Hon. Maria L. Corona, ’81

Penelope S. Farthing, ’70

Anah H. Gouty, ’15

Stephanie K. Boys, ’01

Amanda C. Couture, ’04

R. Daniel Faust, ’09

Mark B. Gramelspacher, ’90

Cherri L. Branson, ’85

Greta E. Cowart, ’85

Michael Fazio

Donald I. Grande, ’66

Melissa Briggs

Reid A. Cox, ’00

Jason Feder, ’14

E. Lynn Grayson, ’86

Stephen L. Briles, ’15

Gregory B. Coy, ’95

Jodi Feldman

Beth K. Greene, ’82

Kasie M. Gorosh Brill, ’12

Daniel Craig

Hon. Paul A. Felix, ’95

David E. Greene, ’74

Mary Beth (Kleiser) Brody, ’76

Kim Craig

Hon. Thomas J. Felts, ’79

Sharon L. Groeger, ’82

William J. Brody, ’76

Joseph E. Crehan, ’65

David L. Ferguson, ’81

Alex E. Gude, ’09

Kevin M. Brooks, ’85

Theresa D. Cropper

John T. Ferguson Jr., ’93

Ariel Gursky

James R. Brotherson, ’78

Patrick S. Cross, ’93

Elizabeth Ferrufino, ’12

Philippa M. Guthrie, ’91

Dianne Brown

Patricia D. Cummings, ’02

Lucas M. Fields, ’12

Matthew R. Gutwein, ’88

Hon. Elaine B. Brown, ’82

Elizabeth A. Cure, ’89

Trisha Fillbach

Bruce C. Haas, ’83

Bruce J. Artim, ’82

Jennifer Brown

James W. Curtis Jr., ’71

Alison A. Finkelmeier, ’11

Marvin L. Hackman, ’59

Stephanie A. Artnak, ’07

Kevin D. Brown

Daniel M. Cyr, ’15

Kim Finney

Stephen J. Hackman, ’84

Sophia J. Atcherson, ’97

Lisa Brown

Laura Dabney

Mindy A. Finnigan, ’02

Vivek R. Hadley, ’15

Michael K. Ausbrook, ’93

Joseph L. Brownlee, ’72

Joseph R. Dages, ’11

John P. Fischer, ’97

Mark A. Hagedorn, ’98

Bryan H. Babb, ’99

Steven C. Bruess, ’89

Rachel A. Davakis, ’14

Robert L. Fischman

Matthew K. Hagenbush, ’08

Alese Bagdol

George E. Buckingham, ’63

Kristen J. Davee, ’14

Larry R. Fisher, ’68

Martha Haines

Rebecca L. Bailey Jacobsen, ’06

Lauren P. Buford, ’07

Kristen Davenport

Thomas G. Fisher, ’65

James Hairston

Lowell E. Baier, ’64

Joseph T. Bumbleberg, ’61

Lisa D. Davidson, ’98

Thomas M. Fisher, ’94

Catherine C. Hall, ’09

J. Adam Bain, ’86

Jamie L. Burnett, ’10

Jamie L. Davis, ’15

James F. Fitzpatrick, ’59

Meaghan E. Haller, ’10

Michael T. Balser, ’14

Stephen F. Burns, ’68

Rachel A. Dawson, ’99

Scott N. Flanders, ’82

Hon. David F. Hamilton

Kapil Banaker

Andrew B. Buroker, ’89

Carina M. De la Torre, ’04

Michael E. Flannery, ’83

John M. Hamilton, ’86

Elizabeth L. Baney, ’07

John P. Bushemi, ’73

Erica L. De Santis, ’96

Gina-Gail S. Fletcher

Lee H. Hamilton, ’56

Rammy G. Barbari, ’14

Trisha Bushey

Paul A. Dean, ’98

Hector L. Flores, ’83

Thomas M. Hamilton Jr., ’69

Denise Y. Barkdull, ’97

Eleanor P. Cabrere, ’93

Shane D. Deaton, ’04

Timothy C. Flowers, ’11

Kelsey B. Hanlon, ’12

Hon. Sarah Evans Barker

Nicole F. Cammarota, ’04

Janet R. Decker, ’04

Robert Foos

Scott R. Hansen, ’92

Alida Barletta

Darrian L. Campbell, ’13

Lisa K. Decker, ’85

Bonny J. Forrest, ’86

Hon. Matt Hanson

David S. Barnhill, ’10

Hon. James M. Carr, ’75

Alecia A. DeCoudreaux, ’78

Steven D. Forry, ’02

Samantha R. Hargitt, ’13

Matthew B. Barr, ’06

Willard Z. Carr, ’50

Daniel J. Deeb, ’96

Gregory Fowler

Amy Hariana

M. Scott Bassett, ’86

Philip L. Carson, ’67

Thomas E. Deer, ’94

Jennifer Fox, ’01

Amy Hariani

Kiersten Baumgartner

Devin Carter

Maria G. DeFord, ’03

Susan Franke

Hon. Teresa Harper

Caleb J. Bean, ’14

Evan Cass

Ann M. DeLaney, ’77

David Frankland

Jazmin E. Harris, ’15

Stephen W. Beard, Jr., ’98

Kyle A. Cassidy, ’11

David G. DeLaney

Dorothy J. Frapwell, ’73

Woody Harrison

Alan W. Becker, ’81

Gregory A. Castanias, ’90

Kathleen A. DeLaney, ’95

David A. Frazee, ’14

Herbert D. Hart III, ’77

James H. Beckett, ’98

Nicholas A. Catania, ’14

Gina DelChiaro

Eric A. Frey, ’67

Kathleen Hartley

Frederick A. Beckman, ’49

Robyn Charles

Anne (Nading) DePrez, ’81

Hon. Ezra H. “Zeke” Friedlander, ’65

Eldin Hasic, ’15

Abrahamson, ’56

volunteers In 2015, more than 800 alumni and friends volunteered

their time in support of the Law School’s initiatives. We are honored to recognize them.


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 67


Guy H. Haskell, ’07

Sarah C. Kessler, ’12

Simon I. Malinowski, ’12

Thomas R. Newby, ’87

Jack Raffetto

Ryan Scott

Patrick C. Thomas, ’13

Brian S. Williams, ’89

Nina R. Hatfield, ’73

Zachary S. Kester, ’09

Sean T. Maloney, ’86

Naseem Nixon

Mark Raffman

Zaldwaynaka L. Scott, ’83

Milton O. Thompson, ’79

Gerry L. Williams, ’95

Augustavia (Johnson) Haydel, ’85

Rajat Khanna, ’14

Hon. Elizabeth (Noyes) Mann, ’76

Jane Ann Noblitt, ’86

Angela L. Rapp Weber,’06

Frank Seales, Jr., ’74

Scott Timmerman

Matt Williams

Julie Head

Nicholas K. Kile, ’90

Alphonso Manns, ’72

J. Michael Nossett, ’14

Patrick W. Rasche, ’93

John E. Seddelmeyer, ’74

David O. Tittle, ’67

Maurice L. Williams, ’06

Zachary S. Heck, ’14

Brendan Killeen

Jill R. Marcrum, ’86

Henry S. Noyes, ’94

Angie Raymond

John M. Segal, ’71

Courtney R. Tobin, ’92

Noah T. Williams, ’11

Norman J. Hedges, ’98

Cynthia A. King, ’91

Monica Mark

Anna K. Obergfell Kirkman, ’09

Kara L. Reagan, ’05

Randolph L. Seger, ’72

John L. Tompkins

Shannon Williams

Mark Heller

Larry Kirsch

Antonia Martinez

Christiana Ochoa

Michael N. Red, ’04

Leah L. Seigel, ’14

Sean O. Towles, ’15

Stacee E. Williams, ’96

Jane A. Henegar, ’88

Donald E. Knebel

Rich Matheny

Rory O’Bryan, ’72

James L. Reed, Jr., ’92

Andrea Sellers

Andrea Townsend

Julie P. Wilson, ’99

Robert Henson, ’10

Julie V. Knost, ’85

Katy A. Mathews, ’09

Joseph D. O’Connor III, ’78

Jason R. Reese, ’97

Hon. Bruce M. Selya

Mario Treto, Jr., ’12

Andrew H. Winetroub, ’13

William C. Hermann, ’90

Robert Kodrea

Brad R. Maurer, ’99

Robert S. O’Dell, ’87

Morgan E. Rehrig, ’08

Todd M. Sermersheim, ’04

Thomas J. Treutler, ’01

Alan C. Witte, ’70

Lauren E. Hernandez, ’13

Laura J. Koenig, ’07

Michael S. Maurer, ’67

Megan E. Okun, ’13

Deanna Reichel

Sue A. Shadley, ’77

Michelle Trumbo

Mark S. Wojciechowski, ’81

Marion P. “Mimi” Herrington, ’85

Jeffrey B. Kolb, ’76

Peter C. McCabe III, ’85

Justin R. Olson, ’13

Rodney S. Retzner

Peter J. Shakula II, ’89

Christopher L. Tucker, ’11

Hon. Diane P. Wood

Jennifer M. Hesch, ’08

Michelle Koliopoulos

Ann E. O’Connor McCready, ’11

Shiv O’Neill, ’01

Meg Reuter

Abrahim J. Shanehsaz, ’14

Kenneth L. Turchi, ’83

Nancy S. Woodworth, ’05

Michael J. Hinchion, ’80

Anna Konradi

Thomas R. McCully, ’66

Aviva Orenstein

Stephen E. Reynolds, ’08

Ozair M. Shariff, ’12

Jonathan B. Turpin, ’14

Mark E. Wright, ’89

Paul R. Hogan, ’09

Christopher S. Koves, ’08

Renee (Mawhinney) McDermott, ’78

Sylvia Orenstein

Richard S. Rhodes, ’53

Steven R. Sharpe, ’05

Mary E. Tuuk, ’90

Samantha J. Wuletich, ’14

Katherine A. Holley, ’13

James S. Kowalik, ’78

Patrick J. McGowan, ’04

Andrew D. Otis, ’90

Emily N. Richardson, ’09

Charles D. Shaw, Jr., ’14

Benjamin M. Urban, ’13

Cathleen D. Wyatt, ’15

Darrick J. Hooker, ’00

Kenneth G. Kubes, ’02

Michael McGregor

Marianne M. Owen, ’91

Kimberly Richardson, ’06

Thomas L. Shriner, Jr., ’72

Hon. Nancy Vaidik

Robert S. Wynne, ’85

Renea E. Hooper, ’05

Abigail L. Kuzma, ’81

Kyle P. McHugh, ’15

Michael W. Padgett, ’91

James G. Richmond, ’69

Michael D. Shumate

Jose G. Valtierra, ’82

Jonathan F. Yates, ’01

Paul Horan

John M. Kyle III, ’79

Laurence A. McHugh, ’73

Scott J. Palmer, ’01

Clarine Nardi Riddle, ’74

Darin A. Siders, ’01

James M. Van Buren, ’01

Ryan J. Yates, ’10

Michael D. Huber, ’85

Seth Lahn

Michelle McKeown

Jeffrey R. Pankratz, ’91

Jeffrey K. Riffer, ’78

Catherine D. Siebecker, ’11

Inge M. Van der Cruysse, ’04

Brian Yeley, ’99

Michael A. Huerta, ’83

Brian J. Lally, ’01

Lisa C. McKinney, ’92

Timothy M. Pape, ’95

Timothy J. Riffle, ’83

Eric S. Silvestri, ’13

John W. Van Laere,’82

Pete R. Yonkman, ’98

Michael J. Hulka, ’01

Matt Lambert

R. Bruce McLean, ’71

Krupa Parikh

Randall R. Riggs, ’77

Jacqueline A. Simmons, ’79

Jessica L. Van Dalen, ’10

Hongsun Yoon, ’02

Andrew W. Hull, ’86

Katie Langlois

Thomas P. McNulty, ’83

Angela (Foster) Parker, ’94

William R. Riggs, ’63

George Sistevaris, ’87

Jennifer M. Van Dame, ’15

Hon. Richard L. Young

V. William Hunt, ’69

Mary (Nold) Larimore, ’80

Daniel A. Medrea, ’69

James G. Parker, ’12

Kaitlin A. Riley, ’14

Scott A. Skiles, ’15

Armen Varitan

James P. Zeller, ’76

Ryan M. Hurley, ’03

Robert D. Lattas, ’01

Hannah L. Meils, ’03

Justin C. Parker, ’10

Conrad Risher

Allan T. Slagel, ’88

Hon. Salvador Vasquez, ’91

Hon. Patrick J. Zika, ’73

Jeffrey B. Hyman, ’03

V. Samuel Laurin III, ’87

Robert S. Meitus, ’00

Kenneth L. Parker, ’97

Joe Robbins

Geoffrey G. Slaughter, ’89

John Vassos

Michala P. Irons, ’09

Karen Laymance

Jessica L. Merkel, ’06

Richard Parker

Jill Roberts

Deirdre L. Smith, ’11

Hon. Albert J. Velasquez, ’73

R. Neil Irwin, ’71

David J. Lazerwitz, ’95

Suzanne Michel

Austen Parrish

Kevin E. Roberts, ’15

Freedom Smith, ’04

Brian A. Verbus, ’13

Katherine F. Jackson-Lindsey, ’08

Jennifer Lee

Andrew Milano

Gretchen L. Parrish, ’15

Cameron E. Robinson, ’12

George P. Smith, II, ’64

Hon. Jesse M. Villalpando, ’84

Jesse J. James, ’11

Stephen W. Lee, ’77

Anne E. Milkey, ’14

Sandip H. Patel, ’96

Kyle A. Rockershousen, ’15

Mark J. Smith, ’91

Joseph M. Villanueva, ’00

Jared Jedick

Daniel Leigh

Clayton C. Miller, ’93

Stephen H. Paul, ’72

Hon. Jose M. Rodriguez, Jr., ’80

Steven P. Smith, ’00

Peter D.P. Vint, ’74

Robert A. Jefferies, Jr., ’66

Matthew N. Leist, ’15

Sonia L. Miller-Van Oort, ’97

Amy Payne

Michael A. Rogers, ’08

Stuart Smith

Donald J. Vogel, ’85

David E. Jefferies, ’98

Timothy Lemper

Lloyd H. Milliken Jr., ’60

Jennifer J. Payne, ’90

Spenser K. Rohler, ’15

David M. Snyder, ’85

Ted A. Waggoner, ’78

Rachel A. Jefferson, ’01

Millard D. Lesch, ’67

Derek M. Mills, ’03

John E. Pence, ’15

Ezequiel J. Romero, ’13

Hugo C. Songer, ’60

Laura M. Walda, ’08

Manotti L. Jenkins, ’96

Amanda Leslie

David C. Milne, ’94

Gilberto R. Perez, ’84

Hon. Flerida P. Romero, ’55

Lauren C. Sorrell, ’12

Carolyn Waldron

Travis N. Jensen, ’98

Stanley M. Levco, ’71

Dana L. Miroballi, ’95

Dave Permut

Michael Rooney

Julie A. Spain, ’14

Denise A. Walker, ’06

Joby Jerrells

Alan A. Levin, ’82

Mariangela Monteiro

Derek R. Peterson, ’12

Gavin M. Rose, ’06

James A. Spangler, Jr., ’14

Eric F. Walker, ’98

Michelle Jerrells

Jonathan M. Levy, ’13

Martin Montes, ’95

Jeffrey P. Petrich, ’84

Michael Rosiello

Myra (Podvoll) Spicker, ’73

Judith A. Waltz, ’81

Charles C. Jiang, ’08

Branch R. Lew, ’82

Burke J. Montgomery, ’99

Matthew A. Pfaff, ’13

Kathleen J. Rowe, ’14

Emily A. Springston, ’01

Yu-Chi “Tony” Wang, ’97

David C. Johnson, ’09

Alexander F. Lewis, ’13

Angela D. Moore, ’15

Mark J. Phillipoff, ’80

Jane E. Rueger, ’03

Rebecca St. John

Zhuhao “Henry” Wang, ’11

Kelly A. Johnson, ’90

Krista K. Lewis, ’14

Ronald J. Moore, ’95

Jeanne M. Picht, ’94

William E. Ruiz, ’12

Kathleen St. Louis, ’84

Rochelle A. Warren Gordon, ’10

Leif K. Johnson, ’12

Jason Liao, ’07

Bill Mooz

Rachael L. Pileggi, ’09

Jennifer A. Rulon, ’14

Matthew R. St. Louis, ’04

Daniel J. Wasserberg, ’03

R. William Jonas Jr., ’81

Troy D. Liggett, ’09

Molly J. Moran, ’98

Kirk A. Pinkerton, ’75

Hon. Loretta H. Rush, ’83

Catherine Stafford

Lisa Watson

Heather Jones

Raymond A. Limon, ’95

Timothy M. Morrison, ’74

Kristin M. Pinkston, ’08

Anna Rutigliano

Theodore C. Stamatakos, ’90

Mickey K. Weber, ’07

Gregory J. Jordan, ’84

Sherry X. Lin, ’14

Melissa M. Mortimer, ’05

Paula E. Pitrak, ’14

Julia Saladino

David A. Steiger, ’90

Alonzo Weems, ’95

Anthony R. Jost, ’93

Winston Lin, ’11

Aminta J. Moses, ’14

Jessica L. Pixler, ’13

Taylor M. Sample, ’15

David R. Steiner, ’89

W. William Weeks, ’79

Caitlin F. Judge, ’15

Lance M. Lindeen, ’11

Jerry Moss, ’62

Casey J. Plant, ’10

Marisol Sanchez, ’02

Roger T. Stelle, ’70

Michael D. Wiese, ’13

Randal J. Kaltenmark, ’96

Margaret Liu

Angela R. Moudy, ’09

John L. Pogue, ’69

Rafael A. Sanchez, ’02

Amanda L. Stephens, ’14

Judith V. Welling, ’06

Hon. Michael S. Kanne, ’68

Karen A. Lloyd, ’83

Lisha Mu, ’14

William D. Polansky, ’90

Steve Sanders

Simone L. Sterling, ’01

Carwina Weng

Alex Kasner

Randal L. Lloyd, ’92

Adam C. Mueller, ’05

Polli Pollem

Christopher Saporita, ’03

Milton R. Stewart, ’71

Nathan B. Wenk, ’12

Robert P. Kassing, ’64

Daniel M. Long, ’96

John M. Mueller, ’97

Michael Pope

Robert W. Sargeant, ’82

Megan H. Stifel, ’04

Hon. Martha B. Wentworth, ’90

James L. Katz, ’98

Robert A. Long, ’71

Edward B. “Ned” Mulligan, ’10

Lisa A. Powell, ’84

Evan T. Sarosi, ’13

Emily A. Storm-Smith, ’15

Brittany L. West, ’13

Brett P. Kaufman, ’09

Arthur A. Lopez, ’83

Ieshaah Murphy

Jill T. Powlick, ’95

Naike Savain

Terrance Stroud, ’03

Charlotte F. Westerhaus-

Kiely C. Keesler, ’14

Hon. Basil H. Lorch III, ’74

Kellen T. Myers, ’09

R. Anthony Prather, ’83

Devin K. Schaffer, ’08

Daniel B. Strunk, ’04

Matthew D. Kellam, ’01

Alan R. Loudermilk, ’85

Hon. Edward W. Najam, Jr.

Elissa J. Preheim, ’96

Kevin C. Schiferl, ’88

Natalie J. Stucky, ’89

Allison E. Weyand, ’12

Hon. Marc Kellams, ’78

Kaarin M. Lueck, ’02

Murtaza Navsariwala, ’05

Leslie B. Prill, ’11

Bill Schneck

Hon. Frank E. Sullivan, Jr., ’82

Thomas E. Wheeler, ’87

Barbara J. Kelley, ’73

Donald R. Lundberg, ’76

Robin D. Neace, ’15

Jamison S. Prime, ’96

Ashley K. Schneider, ’11

J. Alexander Tanford

David G. White, ’95

Hon. David O. Kelley, ’72

Thomas C. Lunsford, ’02

Angela K. Neboyskey, ’00

Lorna Propes

Thomas F. Schnellenberger, Jr., ’79

Kenny Tatum

Keith E. White, ’83

Matthew J. Kelley, ’08

Susan C. Lynch, ’93

David A. Neboyskey, ’00

Seth T. Pruden, ’84

Gretchen V. Schrader, ’15

Christian C. Taylor, ’94

James L. Whitlatch, ’84

Heidi A. Kendall-Sage, ’94

Duncan A. MacDonald, ’69

Amy L. Nefouse, ’91

Philip M. Purcell, ’85

Steve Schreiner

Meghan E. Tepas, ’09

Lora M. Whitticker, ’02

Jason L. Kennedy, ’96

John W. Madison, ’02

Andrea (Isaacs) Need, ’93

Hon. Rudolph R. Pyle III, ’00

Jacob B. Schtevie, ’07

Dodd Terry

Deborah Widiss

Melina (Maniatis) Kennedy, ’95

R. Patrick Magrath, ’06

Mark E. Need, ’92

Thomas A. Pyrz, ’80

Tammy Schulman

Kevin Tessier, ’96

Camille Wiggins

Allison Kerndt

David M. Main, ’75

Kyle B. Nelson, ’12

Peter M. Racher, ’86

Glenn Scolnik, ’78

Laura A. Thomas, ’00

Brian P. Williams, ’81

Renfrow, ’92

ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 69

kimberling society In November 2009, the Law School honored John F. (Jack) Kimberling, ’50, for his generosity and vision

by creating The Kimberling Society: a special group of donors who have made arrangements to support the Law School in their estate planning. Membership in the Kimberling Society is open to all who make or have made a planned or deferred gift commitment to the Law School. This is accomplished by naming the IU Maurer School of Law as a beneficiary through a bequest in a will, charitable remainder uni-trust or annuity trust, pooled income fund, charitable gift annuity, life insurance, retirement plan, or other life-income arrangements. Members in the Kimberling Society are automatically included in the IU Foundation’s planned giving society, the Arbutus Society. We are pleased to recognize and thank the members of the Kimberling Society:



William C. Hermann

Gene R. and Marguerite R. Shreve


Elwood “Bud” and Carol L. Hillis

Robert J. and Gayle A. Shula


Sarah Jane Hughes and A. James

George P. Smith, II


Richard E. and Carol L. Stahl


V. William and Nancy Hunt

Milton R. and Judi Stewart

John J. Adams

R. Neil and Michele Irwin

Hon. Frank Sullivan, Jr. and Cheryl Sullivan

Alfred Aman, Jr. and Carol Greenhouse

Harvey M. Kagan

Hon. John D. Tinder and Jan M. Carroll

Lowell E. Baier

Arthur P.* and Sue A. Kalleres

David O. and Susie D. Tittle

J. Adam Bain

Robert P. and Troy Kassing

Kenneth L. Turchi

Frederick A. Beckman

Barton and Judy Kaufman

Leslie E. Vidra and Jerry L. Ulrich

Virgil Beeler

James and Diana Kemper

Sharon A. Wildey

Samuel R. “Chic” Born II and Brenda

Robert and E. Carol Kixmiller

Kenneth and Louise Yahne

John Kyle and Marcia Dunne-Kyle



F. Wesley Bowers

Mary N. Larimore

Mary B. (Kleiser) Brody

Douglas and Minda Lehman

William J. Brody

Millard D. Lesch

Charles E. and Jean Bruess

Larry and Sherry Linhart

Thomas E. Burchfield

Robert A. and Susan J. Long

Hon. James and Angela Carr

Hon. Susan L. Macey

Willard and Margaret Carr

Michael S. “Mickey” and Janie Maurer

Fred H. and Beth Cate

R. Bruce McLean

Charles and Karen Cohen

Thomas R. and Susan C. McCully

Richard J. Darko

Thomas M. and Susan M. McGlasson

Richard and Mary Davis

Robert H. and Shelley McKinney

Alecia A. DeCoudreaux

Clayton C. Miller

Ann and Edward DeLaney

Jeanne S. Miller

Francina A. Dlouhy

P. Michael Mitchell

Clarence and Judith Doninger

Jerry and Anne Moss

Donald P. Dorfman

Byron and Margaret Myers

Robert P. and Darlene Duvin

Hon. Edward W. Najam, Jr.

Mrs. Gordon S. Eslick

Rory and Pamela O’Bryan

Douglas S. Abney and Sherry A.

Peter L. and Sandra S. Obremskey

Stephen H. and Deborah L. Paul


Scott N. and Linda A. Flanders

James and Helen Petersen

Jane M. Fletchall

Jeffrey Petrich and Leslie Mead

Dorothy J. Frapwell

Kirk A. and Melinda K. Pinkerton

Elizabeth A. Frederick

Bruce and Linda Owen Polizotto

Hon. Ezra H. Friedlander

Timothy J. Riffle and Sarah M. McConnell

Robert and Susan Garelick

William R. and Gloria A. Riggs

Philip and Dorothea Genetos

Hugh A. and Debra A. Sanders

Frank* and Donna R. Gilkison

Glenn and Donna H. Scolnik

Harry and Lucy Gonso

Randolph L. and Mary E. Seger

David E. Greene and Barbara J. Bealer

James A. and Rebecca L. Shanahan

Bernard* and Kathleen Harrold

Brian J. and Sarah R. Shapiro


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 71

before 1960 Hamilton authors collection of presidential essays Lee H. Hamilton, ’56, LLD’91, is the author of Congress, Presidents, and American Politics: Fifty Years of Writings and Reflections, to be published by Indiana University Press in April. The essays in the book cover domestic milestones from Vietnam to the post-9/11 years. A recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Hamilton served Indiana in the US House of Representatives from 1965 to 1999 and is one of the nation’s foremost experts on Congress, foreign policy, intelligence, and national security. He is currently a member of the President’s Homeland Security Advisory Council and a professor of practice in the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs and Distinguished Scholar in the School of Global and International Studies. Donald P. Dorfman, ’57, was recently featured in the Sacramento Bee as the defense attorney in a high-profile case involving the murder of a six-year-old girl.

class notes

1960s Joseph T. Bumbleburg, ’61, has been reappointed to a 17th term as judge advocate of the Indiana

American Legion. Bumbleburg, a lawyer with the Lafayette, Ind., law firm Ball Eggleston, focuses his practice on real estate development, municipal law, zoning, and subdivision law. He is also a registered mediator in Indiana and devotes much of his time mediating disputes involving personal injury, wrongful death, and various other civil matters. Bumbleburg lives in Lafayette. Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that Robert P. Kassing, ’64, has been included in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Kassing’s practice focuses on corporate law, mergers and

acquisitions law, and tax law in the firm’s Indianapolis office. He is a member of the Law School’s Board of Visitors.

Wabash City Schools Hall of Distinction inducts George P. Smith, II George P. Smith, II, ’64, was inducted into the Wabash (Ind.) City Schools Hall of Distinction on

October 3 in Wabash. Jason Callahan, the superintendent of Wabash City Schools, spoke of Smith’s international reputation as a lecturer and scholar in the fields of bioethics and health law and of his prodigious writings, which include a bibliography of some 193 entries and 15 books. One book, The Christian Religion and Biotechnology: A Search for Principled Decision-Making (Springer, 2005) was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. His most recent book is Palliative Care and End-of-Life Decisions (Macmillan-Palgrave, 2013). Smith’s plaque in the Hall of Distinction recognizes him as a “distinguished professor, legal scholar, and leading expert in the fields of bioethics and medical law. Recognized by his alma mater, Indiana University Maurer School of Law, for his contributions to this field with a Distinguished Professorship — Chair and the George P. Smith, II, Graduate Fellowship in Law.” Bill Konyha, a member of Governor Michael R. Pence’s cabinet, on behalf of the Governor, made a surprise presentation to Smith of a Sagamore of the Wabash, acknowledging Smith as “distinguished by his humanity in learning, his loyalty in friendship, his wisdom in council, and his inspiration in leadership.”


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 73

The Allen County Bar Association has honored nine alumni with the Golden Award for 50 years of legal service: Robert A. Wagner, LLB’64, a member of the firm Shambaugh Kast Beck & Williams;

Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that C. Daniel Yates, ’73, has been included in

The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Yates’s practice focuses on non-profit/charities law, and trusts

Vincent J. Backs, ’65, a partner at Beers Mallers Backs & Salin LLP; Sherrill William Colvin,

and estates in the firm’s Indianapolis office.

Fletcher LLP; Philip H. Larmore, ’65, who has his own firm; P. Michael Miller, ’65, retired from

Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that James E. Carlberg, ’74, has been included

& Terrill; John W. Whiteleather, Jr., LLB’65, a partner at Bloom Gates & Whiteleather, LLP; and

bankruptcy and creditor debtor rights/insolvency and reorganization law, and litigation — bankruptcy

LLB’65, a partner at Haller & Colvin, PC; and Leonard E. Eilbacher, ’65, a partner at Eilbacher

Hunt Suedhoff Kalamaros LLP; Phillip R. Terrill, LLB’65, a partner at Leonard Hammond Thoma Stephen J. Williams, LLB’65, a member of the firm Shambaugh Kast Beck & Williams. All honorees

in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Carlberg’s practice focuses on banking and finance law, in the firm’s Indianapolis office.

practice in Fort Wayne, except Whiteleather, who is from Columbia City, Ind.

Hon. Ezra “Zeke” Friedlander, LLB’65, received the Indiana University Distinguished Alumni

Barnes & Thornburg is pleased to announce that Michael R. Conner, ’75, was selected for

inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Conner focuses his practice on bet-the-company

Service Award at a ceremony in October. The annual award recognizes outstanding alumni who are

litigation, commercial litigation, personal injury litigation — defendants, and product liability litigation

leaders in their chosen fields. They make significant contributions benefiting their community, state,

— defendants and works in the firm’s Indianapolis office.

nation, or university. It is the highest accolade reserved solely for alumni. Friedlander is a senior judge in the Court of Appeals of Indiana. Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC is pleased to announce that Henry P. Lee, ’65, was selected for

Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, PC, one of the largest labor and employment law firms representing management, is pleased to announce that its managing shareholder, Kim F. Ebert, ’76, has been named to Human Resource Executive magazine’s 2015 list of “The Nation’s Most

inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Lee focuses his practice on trusts and estates and

Powerful Employment Attorneys.” This is the third consecutive year that Ebert has been selected for

works in the firm’s Royal Oak, Mich., office.

inclusion on the Most Powerful list.

Stephen L. Ferguson, ’66, received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Greater Bloomington

Barnes & Thornburg is pleased to announce that Donald R. Lundberg, ’76, was selected for inclu-

Chamber of Commerce. Ferguson is the chairman and executive vice president for Cook Group, Inc.

sion in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Lundberg focuses his practice on ethics and professional responsibility law and legal malpractice law — defendants and works in the firm’s Indianapolis office.

David O. Tittle, ’67, has been named a 2016 “Lawyer of the Year” by The Best Lawyers in America. Tittle focuses on legal malpractice law — defendants in the Indianapolis office of

class notes

Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP. Peru, Ind., attorney Thomas A. Keith, ’68, along with other Fijis from the IU Class of 1965, orga-

nized a pledge class reunion weekend around a football game. This year they came together for the Ohio State game. Terry R. Noffsinger, ’69, has joined the law firm of Crossen Kooi LLP, Carmel, Ind., where he now practices law with his son Kyle, who also joined that firm. After a speech at the Harvard Law

School, Terry recently was awarded the Frontier Torts Award “for his use of tort law to pursue and achieve justice.”

Aronson inaugural recipient of lifetime achievement award Immigration attorney Robert D. Aronson, ’77, was recently honored as the inaugural recipient of

the Roberta Freedman Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the field of physician immigration. The award was granted by the International Medical Graduate Taskforce during the recent annual meeting of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. According to the IMG Taskforce, the award was created to recognize an immigration practitioner who exhibits “excellence in the advancement in the field of physician immigration [and] to an individual who over the course of their career has contributed to the scholarly advancement of the field of physician immigration law, helped foster and mentor practitioners in the field while simultaneously exhibiting the best of the lawyerly attributes of professionalism, integrity, and client service.” Aronson is a shareholder at Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. in Minneapolis.

1970s Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that Robert T. Wildman, ’72, has been included in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Wildman’s practice focuses on corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions law in the firm’s Indianapolis office. Tucker Ellis LLP is proud to announce that Best Lawyers has selected Richard A. Dean, ’73,

as a 2016 Lawyer of the Year. Dean focuses his practice on mass tort litigation/class actions — defendants and is a partner in the firm’s Cleveland office. Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that Charles R. Rubright, ’73, has been included in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Rubright’s practice focuses on education law in the firm’s

Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that Michael J. Schneider, ’77, has been included in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Schneider’s practice focuses on corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions law in the firm’s Indianapolis office. Michael E. Brown, ’78, senior partner in the Indianapolis office of Kightlinger & Gray LLP, has become a registered civil mediator in Indiana.

In October, Hon. Thomas J. Felts, ’79, was inducted as chair of the House of Delegates of the

Indiana State Bar Association at the association’s annual meeting in French Lick. He is Judge of the Allen Circuit Court in Fort Wayne, Ind., having been first elected to that position in November 2002. He was recently re-elected to a third term in office. From 1989 to 2015, Judge Felts served as magistrate of the Allen Circuit Court Family Relations Division. He lives in Fort Wayne.

Indianapolis office. 74

ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 75

1980s Indiana Super Lawyers magazine recently named Stephen J. Peters, ’80, from Plunkett Cooney,

one of the Midwest’s oldest and largest law firms, to its 2015 list of “Super Lawyers.” Peters serves as the managing partner of the Indianapolis office. He focuses his practice in the areas of civil litigation and appellate law. His litigation practice includes claims involving insurance coverage, employment liability, professional liability, and business disputes. His extensive appellate practice includes serving as primary or amicus curiae counsel in more than 100 appeals. Peters has also been selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America 2016.

The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute honored Wexford County Probate Judge Kenneth L. Tacoma, ’80, as an Angel in Adoption™ at an awards ceremony on October 6 and gala

on October 7 in Washington, DC. Tacoma was honored for his work improving law and processes for protection of neglected and abused children in Michigan and his efforts to achieve safe and stable homes for children brought into the child protection system. His research and writing in legal journals in 2007 resulted in the formation of a study group with Michigan Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan that led to several changes in Michigan law in the following years, including increasing family-based solutions with the creation of juvenile guardianships. Tacoma has received several other awards for his work, including the 2008 Judicial Advocate Hero for Children Award from Michigan’s Children. In 2013 he was appointed by Governor Rick Snyder to chair the Governor’s Task Force on Child and Abuse, an office he still holds. Kenneth J. Allen, ’81, has been elected president-elect of the board of the Indiana Bar Foundation.

class notes

Allen has his own law firm, Kenneth J. Allen Law Group, in Valparaiso, Ind.

Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that Alan W. Becker, ’81, has been included in

The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Becker’s practice focuses on securities/capital markets law in the firm’s Indianapolis office. Advanced Disposal, an integrated environmental services company, is pleased to welcome Jeffrey

C. Everett, ’81 as vice president and assistant general counsel. Everett will focus on general corpo-

rate, securities and finance matters, litigation management, and merger and acquisition transactions. Clifford W. Garstang, ’81, was named an Emerging Author finalist for the Indiana Authors Award sponsored by the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Foundation and the Indianapolis Public Library.

Garstang also won the Emerging Writer fellowship from the Writer’s Center, a Washington, DCarea organization that supports writers. He also received the first alumni fellowship to the Tinker Mountain Writers’ Workshop. Indiana Attorney General Gregory F. Zoeller, ’82, has been appointed to serve on the Intergovern-

mental Policy Advisory Committee, a special federal advisory panel that shares the concerns of local and state governments with the Office of the US Trade Representative as it shapes the nation’s trade policy. Zoeller has also been named Attorney General of the Year by the National Association of Attorneys General. Called the Kelley-Wyman Award, in honor of two former attorneys general,

Mollo’s work with at-risk families and children recognized Hon. Heather M. Mollo’s, ’83, concern and commitment to ensure the community and courts

work together for the best outcomes of at-risk families and children were recognized at the Indiana State Bar Association’s annual meeting in French Lick, where she received the Hon. Viola J.

Taliaferro, ’77, Award. Mollo has worked in the juvenile court of Bartholomew County since 2000, first as a juvenile referee and now as a juvenile magistrate. She is a member of the Juvenile

Detention Alternative Initiative (current chair), the Bartholomew County Youth Services Center (member, advisory board), the District Eleven Legal Aid (board member) and the Regional Services Council for Region 14 (member). She is also active on several state judicial committees, including the Child Welfare Improvement Committee (current chair), Indiana State CASA (member, advisory board) and the Juvenile Benchbook Committee (member). Jackson Walker LLP is pleased to announce that Kurt D. Nondorf, ’83, was selected for inclusion

in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Nondorf focuses his practice on real estate law and works in the firm’s Houston office. Barnes & Thornburg is pleased to announce that R. Anthony Prather, ’83, was selected for

inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Prather focuses his practice on employment law — management and works in the firm’s Indianapolis office. He received the Law School’s Distinguished Service Award in 2015. Barnes & Thornburg LLP held a reception to pay homage to three women who are blazing trails of their own in the legal field. Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush, ’83, was one of the three honored. Rush is the first woman chief justice of the Indiana Supreme Court.

Indiana University Auditorium: 1941-2016 is the title of a new book by Kenneth L. Turchi, ’83, to

be published in April by the IU Press in conjunction with the Auditorium’s 75th anniversary. The book draws from interviews and the Auditorium’s archives to commemorate its illustrious history. Turchi’s other book, L.S. Ayres & Company: The Store at the Crossroads of America, is the basis for an exhibit about the store at the Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis through August 6, 2016. Turchi is assistant dean of finance and administration at the IU Maurer School of Law. Barnes & Thornburg is pleased to announce that Keith E. White, ’83, was selected for inclusion in

The Best Lawyers in America 2016. White focuses his practice on employment law — management

and labor law and works in the firm’s Indianapolis office. Barnes & Thornburg is pleased to announce that Bruce D. Donaldson, ’84, was selected for

inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Donaldson focuses his practice on public finance law and works in the firm’s Indianapolis office. Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP is pleased to announce that William H. Hollander, ’84, has been

recognized by Best Lawyers as “Lawyer of the Year” for 2016 in the area of copyright law. Hollander is a managing partner in the firm’s Louisville office.

the honor is the group’s highest and is presented each year to the state attorney general who best represents and acts on the organization’s objectives.


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 77

Joshua J. Minkler, ‘88, has been sworn in as the United States attorney for the Southern District Torres profiled, honored as Health Care Businesswoman of the Year

of Indiana.

Denice Torres, ’84, was profiled recently in Latina Style magazine’s report on Latina women in

Fernando Triana, MCL’88, is partner and head of the litigation department of the law firm Triana,

business. Earlier in 2015, she received the Health Care Businesswomen’s Association Woman of the Year Award, citing her scholarship to the Law School as a watershed event. According to pharmexec.com, “Torres enjoyed figuring out how people respond in different situations, but a career as a psychologist did not kindle her passion. Since she was brought up to value education and hard work, she turned to a career that required both: law. ‘I still remember opening that letter from [the] Maurer School of Law,’ she says. The university awarded her a full scholarship. The analytical

Uribe & Michelsen in Bogotá, Colombia. He was listed in 2013 by Best Lawyers in the practice areas of corporate and mergers and acquisitions, and in intellectual property and litigation. He has been top ranked as an intellectual property practitioner by Chambers Latin America and nominated by his peers as one of the world’s leading practitioners of trademark law and a leading expert on competition law in Colombia for 2016.

aspects of law captivated Torres and some of her most memorable academic studies happened while working together with her peers.” In 2013, Johnson & Johnson recognized Torres as Working Mother of the Year. The company’s highest-ranking Latina in North America, Torres currently serves as co-chair of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., North America and president of its McNeil

Basombrio argues before US Supreme Court Juan C. Basombrio, ’89, argued before the United States Supreme Court on October 5, 2015, in

Consumer Healthcare division.

the first case in 22 years interpreting the commercial activity exception to foreign sovereign immunity

Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that Richard J. McConnell, ’85, has been

Basombrio represents OBB, the train instrumentality of the Republic of Austria. The Supreme Court

in the firm’s Indianapolis office.

that the claim be “based upon” commercial activity of the foreign state is applied, under the FSIAs

included in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. McConnell’s practice focuses on trusts and estates

Joseph M. Scimia, ’85, has joined Ice Miller LLP in the firm’s Indianapolis office. He is a partner

under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. See OBB Personenverkehr AG v. Sachs, No. 13-1067. will decide two issues: who qualifies as an agent of the foreign state, and how the requirement commercial activity exception.

in the real estate group.

Andrew B. Buroker, ’89, has joined Faegre Baker Daniels’s national real estate practice as a

John M. Hamilton, ’86, has been elected mayor of the City of Bloomington. He started in the

industrial, office, medical office building, retail and multi-family real estate transactions, public finance

partner in the firm’s Indianapolis north side office. Buroker advises on all aspects of commercial,

position on January 1, 2016.

for real estate projects, mergers and other corporate reorganizations involving real estate, and

Hoover Hull Turner is pleased to announce that Andrew W. Hull, ’86, was selected for inclusion in

due diligence, real estate conveyances, contract drafting, title insurance, surveys, planning and

The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Hull focuses his practice on commercial litigation and litigation —

ERISA and is a partner in the firm’s Indianapolis office. James D. “Dan” Darnley, Jr., ’87, has joined the Detroit-based law firm Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn as a partner in the firm’s intellectual property department. He is a member of Honigman’s patent practice group and is based in the firm’s Kalamazoo, Mich., office. Darnley joins Honigman from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company/Millennium Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, Mass., where he served as vice president and chief intellectual property counsel. Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that V. Samuel Laurin III, ’87, has been

included in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Laurin’s practice focuses on real estate in the firm’s

municipal government matters. He frequently presents on issues such as finance, closings, leases, zoning, development, and annexation. Jackson Lewis PC, is pleased to announce Richmond office managing principal Kevin D. Holden,

’89, has been elected chair of the labor and employment section of the Virginia Bar Association. He was previously vice chair of the section. Holden’s two-year term began on January 1, 2016. William N. Riley, ’89, is a partner in the newly opened firm, Riley Williams & Piatt LLC specializing

in complex litigation. Riley was previously a partner in Price Waicukauski & Riley, which formed two firms in late August 2015. Both firms remain at the same location in downtown Indianapolis. Geoffrey G. Slaughter, ’89, was elected president of the board of the Indiana Bar Foundation on

Indianapolis office.

June 26, 2015. Slaughter will serve a one-year term as president of the board of directors. He is a

Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that George T. Patton, Jr., ’87, has been included

complex business litigation, including administrative, antitrust, appellate, and constitutional litigation.

DC office. Patton has also been appointed to the Warren E. Burger Society by the National Center for

Court and United States Supreme Court.

in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Patton focuses on appellate practice in the firm’s Washington,

partner in the Indianapolis office of Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP. He has extensive experience in He has litigated cases at all levels of the state and federal courts, including the Indiana Supreme

State Courts. Michele S. Bryant, ‘88, was named president-elect of the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana at

the twenty-second annual conference and annual meeting. She assumed office on January 1, 2016. Bryant is a partner at Wooden & McLaughlin LLP in Evansville. Theofilos G. Galoozis, ‘88, has been promoted to vice president, labor employee relations at Waste Management, Inc.


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 79

1990s Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn LLP is pleased to announce that Shannon S. Frank, ’90, has been

included in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Frank represents closely held companies in a variety of matters, including buy-and-sell transactions, business organization, contracts, sale and leasing of properties, and employment issues. She also assists many builders, subcontractors, and suppliers in the construction industry and assists clients with their estate and wealth transfer planning and during the probate and trust administration process. Barnes & Thornburg is pleased to announce that Michael D. Hardy, ’90, was selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Hardy focuses his practice on banking and finance law and financial services regulation law and works in the firm’s South Bend office. In 2014, Mark D. Johnson, ’90, acquired the firm of Allen Allen. The new firm is Allen Johnson, LLC, a general practice firm with a focus on family law, real estate, and appellate practice. In 2015 Allen Johnson became the city attorneys for the city of Salem, Ind. John D. Bessler, ’91, received first place for 2015 from Scribes — The American Society of Legal

Writers for his book, The Birth of American Law: An Italian Philosopher and the American Revolution. Since 1961, Scribes has presented an annual award for the best work of legal scholarship published during the previous year.

Adinamis makes history as third woman to lead Indiana State Bar Association Carol M. Adinamis, ’92, was named president of the Indiana State Bar Association, only the third

woman to serve as president in its 119-year history. While practicing business planning, estate planning, taxation, and business law at Adinamis & Saunders has prepared her as a lawyer, her prior experience as vice president and president-elect of the ISBA will make Adinamis a well-rounded leader. Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn LLP is pleased to announce that Kent A. Brasseale II, ’93, has been

included in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Brasseale’s degree in chemical engineering and his more than 20 years’ legal experience equip him to represent clients in matters involving real estate

development, brownfield redevelopment, construction contracts, oil and gas lease transactions, coal lease transactions, mineral asset sales and acquisitions, mineral project capitalization, trademark and copyright registrations and infringement claim resolution, and confidentiality agreement negotiation and claim prosecution. Christopher D. Lee, ’93, has been elected to the board of the Defense Trial Counsel for

Indiana at the twenty-second annual conference and annual meeting. Lee is a partner at Wooden & McLaughlin LLP in Evansville. Foster Swift is proud to announce that Karl W. Butterer, ’94, has been elected shareholder

in the firm. Butterer works in the firm’s Grand Rapids office and is an established litigator who concentrates his practice in the areas of employment, torts, civil rights, contract disputes, and commercial litigation.

Alumni Board member named Bloomington corporation counsel Philippa M. Guthrie, ’91, has been named corporation counsel to the City of Bloomington by its

newly elected mayor, John M. Hamilton, ’86. Previously, Guthrie was vice president and general counsel at the Indiana University Foundation.

The National Jurist has included Kellye Y. Testy, ’91, at number six on its “Most Influential People in

Legal Education” list. Testy is dean at the University of Washington School of Law.

The law firm of Bose McKinney & Evans LLP is pleased to announce that partner Lisa C. McKinney,

‘92, has been elected to serve as an at-large member on the executive council of the Indiana Uni-

versity Alumni Association. She will serve a three-year term on the council. As one of the six at-large members of the executive council, McKinney will advise the IUAA in helping shape alumni programs and community development. At Bose McKinney & Evans, McKinney is chair of the hospitality, alcoholic beverage, and administrative law groups and a partner in the environmental group. She has extensive experience in administrative matters before the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission. She represents a range of clients including convenience stores, large retailers, hotels, wineries, taverns, and others. McKinney was also included in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that Alan S. Townsend, ’92, has been included

in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Townsend’s practice focuses on bet-the-company litigation, commercial litigation, eminent domain and condemnation law, and professional malpractice law — defendants in the firm’s Indianapolis office. Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that Brantley H. Wright, ’92, has been included in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Wright’s practice focuses on real estate law in the firm’s

Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that David J. Jurkiewicz, ’94, has been included

in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Jurkiewicz’s practice focuses on litigation — bankruptcy in the firm’s Indianapolis office. Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates is pleased to announce the addition of John T. Keith, ’94, to the firm. Keith is an 18-year veteran of the Indiana University Foundation where he served as

associate vice president of individual giving. His expertise in major and planned giving and campaigns will be an invaluable asset to JGA’s clients. Hoover Hull Turner is pleased to announce that Alice M. Morical, ’94, was selected for inclusion in

The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Morical focuses her practice on commercial litigation and is a partner in the firm’s Indianapolis office.

James P. Strenski, ’94, has been elected to the board of the Defense Trial Counsel for Indiana at

the twenty-second annual conference and annual meeting. Strenski is a partner at Cantrell Strenski Mehringer in Indianapolis. Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP is pleased to announce the expansion of its intellectual property practice group with the addition of Gregory B. Coy, ’95, as partner. Coy has more than 19 years of experience and concentrates his practice in the areas of patent preparation and prosecution,

trademark protection, patent and trademark portfolio management, intellectual property transactions, and intellectual property counseling and enforcement. He provides intellectual property services to individuals, universities, research institutions, and companies of all sizes ranging from start-up companies and small local concerns to large established international firms.

Indianapolis office.


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 81

Louis W. Voelker, ’95, has been elected to the board of the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana at the

twenty-second annual conference and annual meeting. Voelker is a partner at Eichhorn & Eichhorn in

Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that Bryan H. Babb, ’99, has been included in The

Best Lawyers in America 2016. Babb focuses on appellate practice in the firm’s Indianapolis office.

Hammond, Ind. Jack A. Bobo, ’96, has been named one of Scientific American’s Top 100 Most Influential People

in Biotechnology Today. Bobo held various positions, including the senior advisor for biotechnology,

Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that Bryan B. Woodruff, ‘98, has been included

in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Woodruff’s practice focuses on banking and finance law and securitization and structured finance law in the firm’s Indianapolis office.

in his 13-year career at the United States Department of State. Bobo has taken a new job as senior vice president, chief communications officer at Intrexon, a company working on food, health, and energy issues.

Philip K. Calandrino, ’98, managing attorney at Small Business Counsel, presented at the “Arbitration Backlash” webinar along with arbitrators Lawrence Kolin and Brandon Peters of Upchurch

Watson White & Max. Calandrino and the arbitrators examined issues contributing to the emerging Julie K. Stapel, ’96, participated in the game show Jeopardy! in an episode that aired on October

backlash to arbitration and strategies to preserve private arbitration in lieu of public litigation. He also

29, 2015.

presented drafting tips to mitigate business risk through tailored arbitration clauses.

Robert B. Thornburg, ’96, was named vice-president of the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana at

David E. Bailey, ’99, was elected to the board of governors of the Indiana State Bar Association

in Indianapolis.

Fletcher in Fort Wayne, Ind..

Barnes & Thornburg is pleased to announce that T. Joseph Wendt, ’96, was selected for inclusion

Cohen & Malad, LLP has named Jeffrey A. Hammond, ’99, as a partner. Hammond focuses his

in the firm’s Indianapolis office.

construction site accidents, medical malpractice, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, and

the twenty-second annual conference and annual meeting. Thornburg practices at Frost Brown Todd

in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Wendt focuses his practice on commercial litigation and works

at the twenty-second annual conference and annual meeting. He is a partner at the firm Eilbacher

practice on personal injury litigation and serves clients seriously injured in semi-truck collisions,

other events leading to catastrophic injury as well as wrongful death. A recent notable case involved Susannah M. Hall-Justice, ’97, has been elected as a member of the board of directors of

a client who was seriously injured in an assisted living facility. Hammond fought for his client, took

the Tippecanoe County Bar Association. She has her own law firm, Hall-Justice Law Firm, in

the case to trial, and was able to secure a $1,020,000 verdict to help make up for the harms and

Lafayette, Ind.

losses to that client.

Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that W. James Hamilton, ’97, has been included in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Hamilton’s practice focuses on employee benefits law, non-

profit/charities law, and tax law in the firm’s Indianapolis office. Steven S. Hoar, ’97, a civil litigator at Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn LLP, has been elected president of the Evansville Bar Association. Hoar primarily handles contract, construction, manufacturing,

corporate, financial services, real estate, and creditors’ rights disputes through state and federal courts, as well as arbitration. He also has extensive experience enforcing creditors’ rights through liens, replevins, receiverships, garnishments, and other enforcement techniques. Thomas Yunlong Man, ’97, has published a new book, English Colonization and the Formation

of Anglo-American Polities, 1606-1664. It is the first comprehensive examination of the formation of the uniquely “American” form of triadic government in the process of English colonization of North America during the first half of the seventeenth century.

2000s Cho elected president of IU Alumni Association Korea chapter Heejin Cho, MCL’00, has been elected president of the Indiana University Alumni Association’s Korea chapter. Cho is deputy chief prosecutor of the Seoul High Prosecutor’s Office. She is the highest ranked female prosecutor in Korea, as well as the first woman to hold this position. Barnes & Thornburg is pleased to announce that Mark J. Crandley, ’00, was selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Crandley focuses his practice on commercial litigation and works in the firm’s Indianapolis office. Proloy K. Das, ’00, has joined Murtha Cullina LLP as counsel and will chair the firm’s appellate

Minnesota State Bar Associations elects Miller-Van Oort as treasurer

practice group.

Sonia L. Miller-Van Oort, ‘97, of Sapientia Law Group PLLC in Minneapolis, has been elected

Inman & Fitzgibbons is pleased to announce that Sonia C. Das, ’00, has joined the firm and

Van Oort on track to become the MSBA president during the 2017-18 bar year. Miller-Van Oort is an

Review rated AV attorney with fifteen years of experience defending worker’s compensation

experienced litigation attorney and founding member of Sapientia Law Group PLLC. She has worked

claims throughout the State of Indiana. Das has experience litigating all disputes arising before

on a variety of litigation involving commercial disputes, product liability cases, non-competition and

the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Board. She also has experience litigating worker’s

non-solicitation matters, breach-of-contract cases, invasion-of-privacy matters, franchise disputes,

compensation issues in civil courts, including exclusive remedy defense and coverage issues.

tortious interference claims, and misrepresentation and fraud claims.

Das also has experience in the areas of appellate law, insurance coverage litigation, asbestos

treasurer of the Minnesota State Bar Association. The office, which she assumed July 1, puts Miller-

will be based in the firm’s newly relocated Indianapolis office. Das is a Martindale-Hubbell Peer

defense, and general liability insurance defense litigation.


ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 83

Bose McKinney & Evans is pleased to announce that Sandra Perry, ’00, has been included in The

leadership role in the community. Menyhart is a former diplomat with extensive international

Best Lawyers in America 2016. Perry’s practice focuses on employment law — management in the

experience, most recently serving as political unit chief at the US Consulate in Shanghai from 2011-

firm’s Indianapolis office.

2014. A member of Taft’s litigation group, he assists both US and foreign clients in navigating

Reed Smith LLP is pleased to announce that Jesse J. Ash, ’01, has been promoted to partner in

the firm’s Washington, DC office. Ash is a member of the firm’s life sciences health industry group, with a practice focused on product liability litigation. He has extensive experience handling matters for an array of multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, health care, automotive, and alcoholic beverages industries in both state and federal courts. As national and regional counsel for some of the world’s largest companies, Ash has managed thousands of cases through discovery, trial, and/or settlement. He has also represented clients on a wide range of compliance issues, governmental investigations, and large-scale civil action discovery responses. Hamish S. Cohen, ’01, has joined three other attorneys and formed a new legal services firm, Proteus Discovery Group LLC in Indianapolis.

Scott B. Tittle, ’01, former health care policy director for Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, and

former president of the Indiana Health Care Association, is the new executive director of the National Center for Assisted Living. Shan “Susan” Xu, LLM’01, has joined the US Department of Commerce as an international economist. Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP is pleased to announce the expansion of its intellectual property practice group with the addition of Jonathan F. Yates, ’01, as of counsel. Yates concentrates his practice in the areas of patent and trademark prosecution, and general intellectual property and

class notes

related business counseling. He has significant experience in patent matters related to medical devices, complex machinery, electro-mechanical systems, and the life sciences. Prior to joining Taft, Yates served as a private practice intellectual property attorney for nearly 14 years at intellectual property firms in the Detroit, Mich., Bloomington, Ind., and Indianapolis areas, and continues to serve clients in those communities and throughout the world. Stacy R. Thompson, ’02, has been elected to the board of the Defense Trial Counsel for Indiana

at the twenty-second annual conference and annual meeting. Thompson is a partner at Clendening

international legal issues, with a substantial portion of his practice focused on compliance with anti-corruption laws and export controls. Fluent in Mandarin, he also assists Chinese and other foreign companies and individuals with the legal aspects of investing in the United States, immigration matters, and other complex legal issues. Menyhart also works with social entrepreneurs in building successful purpose-driven companies through the use of the benefit corporation legal entity, B Corp certification, and other tools. He serves on the board of directors for The International Center and the America China Society of Indiana. Terrance Stroud, ’03, was a guest speaker at the pre-law and internship opportunity orientation held at Brooklyn College. He has also joined the advisory board of his high school alma mater, Brooklyn Tech. Lisa M. Adler, ’04, was recently elected managing partner of Harrison & Moberly LLP, a 65-year-old law firm with offices in Indianapolis and Carmel, Ind. She practices in the areas of estate planning and administration, trusts, and probate litigation. Hoover Hull Turner is pleased to announce that Jason L. Fulk, ’04, was selected for inclusion

in The Best Lawyers in America 2016. Fulk focuses his practice on commercial litigation and is a partner in the firm’s Indianapolis office. Tiffany D. Presley, ’04, of Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP, has joined the strategic planning committee for the Economic Club of Indiana.

The law firm of Buckley King is pleased to welcome Nathaniel R. Sinn, ’04, as an associate in its Cleveland office. Sinn represents financial institutions involving distressed loans and property,

workouts, secured transactions, creditors’ rights-related litigation, receiverships, and bankruptcy. His practice also focuses on real estate transactions and related litigation. The Richard G. Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series announced that Kathleen E. Mote, ’05,

Johnson & Bohrer, PC in Bloomington, Ind.

President, Ivy Tech Madison, has been selected as a member of the 2015-2016 Class. Mote’s

Shontrai D. Irving, ’03, has been elected to the board of governors of the Indiana State Bar Asso-

sentative of Jefferson County to be chosen for the program.

selection for participation in the prestigious leadership program is also historic: She is the first repre-

ciation. He is an assistant clinical professor at the College of Business — Purdue University Calumet. Matthew R. King, ’03, has been elected to the board of the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana at

the twenty-second annual conference and annual meeting. King is an associate at Frost Brown Todd in Indianapolis. Kiyoaki Kojima, ’03, is a partner at Barnes & Thornburg in their Atlanta office. He is a member of the firm’s corporate and labor and employment departments, and the Japanese services group. Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP is pleased to announce that Russell C. Menyhart, ’03, has been

chosen as a member of Class XL of the Stanley K. Lacy Executive Leadership Series. Menyhart is one of 25 young professionals accepted into the series, a highly competitive program that seeks to expand the ranks of community leaders by teaching and motivating members to address the needs of central Indiana. Class members are chosen because of their significant community involvement and professional achievement, their demonstrated interest in community issues, a record of participation and achievement in voluntary community activities, and their willingness to expand their


Leslie B. Pollie, ’05, has been named partner at the Indianapolis office of Kopka Pinkus Dolin.

Her practice is focused on representing retail stores and malls in premises liability cases, product liability, collections, personal injury, car accident, general tort litigation, and insurance defense litigation, including medical malpractice defense. Clayton H. Slaughter, ’06, recently became chief operations officer and general counsel of Platformatics Inc., headquartered in Bloomington, Ind. Platformatics is a lighting technology

company that works to improve productivity and comfort while conserving energy. Slaughter is also the managing partner of Bloomington law firm Slaughter & Slaughter, where he focuses on the areas of corporate, transportation, technology, and education law. Denise A. Walker, ’06, received a bronze medal for commendable service from the Environmental

Protection Agency for “providing expert legal advice and significant input into the agency’s landmark rules to reduce carbon pollution from new and existing power plants.” Walker is an attorney advisor in the Office of General Counsel at the EPA. ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 85

Suzann I. VanNasdale, ’06, was selected to be the first director of sponsored research foundation

litigation. During that time, she was selected for inclusion on the 2014 and 2015 Rising Stars list

support at Ohio Dominican University, and has subsequently been appointed university counsel.

published by Illinois Super Lawyers in the insurance coverage category. Prior to becoming an

She assists faculty and staff in all phases of sponsored contract and grant proposal preparation,

attorney, McCready worked in strategic communications, managing reputation risk and communica-

submission, award negotiation, and post-award administration. In addition, she provides in-house

tion strategies stemming from large-scale litigation and participating in public relations campaigns

counsel to the university for a variety of legal issues, such as human resources, student conduct,

to further awareness of and support for client issues. While in law school, McCready was the

legal and policy compliance, and board of trustees matters.

editor-in-chief of the Federal Communications Law Journal and clerked for the Honorable E. Michael Hoff on the Monroe County Circuit Court.

Elizabeth L. Baney, ’07, has been named principal for FaegreBD Consulting. Baney focuses her practice on the intersection of internet, technology, and health policy issues.

Jonathan K. Powers, ’11, was elected and installed as chair of the Kentucky Bar Association’s tax section in June 2015 and will serve through June 2016. His practice focuses on tax, private equity,

Eric J. McKeown, ’07, has joined Ice Miller LLP in Indianapolis as of counsel. He will be part of the

executive compensation, and corporate transactions.

data security and privacy, along with intellectual property litigation and government investigations.

Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP is pleased to announce the expansion of its intellectual property

litigation and intellectual property groups, and concentrate his practice in domestic and international

DeLaney & DeLaney is pleased to announce the arrival of new associate attorney Kathleen E.

Field, ’09. During law school, Field worked as a certified legal intern with Student Legal Services of

Indiana University and the Tenant Assistance Project. Following law school, Field served as a judicial law clerk to Hon. Basil H. Lorch III, ’74, from August 2008 to March 2011. After completing her

practice group with the addition of Gregory D. Sturm, ’11, as an associate. Sturm concentrates his practice in the area of patent preparation and prosecution.

Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP is pleased to announce that R. William Gardner, ’12, has joined the

firm’s Indianapolis office as an associate in the environmental group. Gardner’s experience includes

clerkship, Field worked as a staff attorney for the United States Bankruptcy Court in the Southern

representing clients in environmental matters before administrative agencies and in court, advising

District of Indiana.

the regulated community regarding their legal obligations under a variety of environmental laws, helping clients evaluate environmental liabilities in real estate and business transactions, and working

Robert J. Simmons, ’09, has joined the litigation team at Wooden McLaughlin LLP in its

with environmental consultants and clients to manage remediation projects.

Indianapolis office.

Andrew S. Murphy, ’13, began working as a staff law clerk for the United States Court of Appeals

class notes

2010s Reminger Co., LPA is pleased to announce that Phillip D. Olsson, ’10, has joined its Indianapolis office. Olsson defends employers before the Worker’s Compensation Board of Indiana and repre-

sents employers in state and federal courts in matters ranging from wage disputes to employment

for the Seventh Circuit.

Retailer The Limited selects Vaughn for cover of campaign The Limited has selected Tearra Vaughn, ’13, to appear on the cover of a website campaign high-

lighting women in leadership and community building. Her profile says, “In addition to practicing law,

discrimination. He advises employers on their rights and duties under Indiana’s worker’s compensa-

Tearra’s passion lies in encouraging the next generation to dream big and achieve more. She serves

tion law, and on wage issues, employee termination, the drafting of employment-related contracts

as a mentor to young women interested in math and science and also speaks on various university

such as employment, non-disclosure, and non-competition agreements, and the drafting of

panels.” An intellectual property attorney with the Columbus, Ohio retailer, Vaughn was involved with

employment policies and handbooks. Olsson also defends hospitals and physicians sued for

the IP Association and the Women’s Law Caucus while in law school.

medical malpractice before the Indiana Department of Insurance and in state court. Additionally, he advises and represents attorneys sued for legal malpractice.

In November, law firm Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney welcomed Amanda “Mandy” Black, ’15, as an associate attorney in its Chicago office. She focuses her practice on the litigation of

Jonathan Armiger, ’11, has joined Wagner Reese LLP as an associate. He focuses his practice on representing plaintiffs in medical malpractice and personal injury cases.

toxic tort claims. Black has experience in all stages of litigation, including the drafting of pleadings and demand letters, and the research and legal writing necessary for motion practice. She has also served as a liaison with congressional and ambassador staff related to adoption issues and

Thomas C. Cook, ’11, has been appointed to the administration of Indianapolis Mayor

has created policy strategies in accordance with this work.

the Hogsett for Indianapolis campaign manager.

Kristin L. Garner, ’15, has joined Slotegraaf Legal in Bloomington, Ind., as an associate attorney.

Joe Hogsett, ’81, as his chief of staff. Cook served as One City Indy transition director and as

Garner worked as a law clerk for Judge Francie Hill and for Bunger & Robertson law firm prior to Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP is pleased to announce Ann O’Connor McCready, ’11, has

joining the firm. She will primarily focus on her interest in family law and estate planning.

litigation, including disputes stemming from commercial general liability claims, professional liability

Ogletree Deakins is pleased to announce that Kevin E. Roberts, ’15, has joined the firm’s Indianap-

joined the firm as an associate attorney. McCready focuses her practice on insurance coverage

claims, and property claims. She also litigates commercial matters and advises clients regarding

olis office as an associate. Roberts focuses his practice on employment law and litigation.

contract-related disputes. Before joining the firm, McCready spent four years as an associate attorney at Tressler LLP in Chicago, where she concentrated her practice in insurance coverage 86

ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 87

Patricia A. McNagny, ’51, 89, a lifelong Columbia City, Ind., resident, died July 28, 2015. She

Club, the board of directors of Parkview Memorial Hospital, and the Allen County Bar Association.

was born June 29, 1926 in Columbia City, to Governor Ralph Fesler and Helene Julia (Edwards)

He served on the Fort Wayne Community Schools board of trustees, Fort Wayne Philharmonic

Gates. She was one of only one of three women in the Law School class of 1951.

board of directors, Methodist Church builders board and any other civic organizations. Surviving

On February 24, 1951 she was united in marriage to Phil McClellan McNagny, Jr. They made their home in Columbia City and raised their four daughters there. Her husband became US Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana, a partner in the law firm of Gates Gates and McNagny in Columbia City, and later a judge for the Northern District of Indiana.

in memoriam

Patricia McNagny started her legal career primarily at home while raising her daughters. In 1969, she began working with her husband until his death in 1981. The following year, she successfully ran for judge of the Whitley County (Superior) Court, becoming the first woman judge in the coun-

ty. In 1991, she retired from the bench to join her daughter Marcia in the practice of law. During her time as judge, McNagny played an active role bringing new initiatives to the county court system, including working toward the establishment of a Community Corrections Department. McNagny was active in school, her community, and state and local bar associations. At IU, she was the first Wendell Willkie Scholar to the United Nations, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Mortar Board (president), and active in Kappa Alpha Theta, serving as sorority president for two terms. She served as secretary of the Indiana State Bar Association and was named a fellow in the Indiana Bar Foundation. In April, 2014, she was honored in Bloomington as an Academy of Law Alumni Fellow, the highest honor that Law School can bestow upon a graduate. At the local level, she was an active member in the First Presbyterian Church and she was president of the Peabody Public Library and served on its board for many years. She was vice chairperson of the Whitley County Republican Committee and director of the Whitley County Drug Awareness Program at the Otis R. Bowen Center for Human Services. She was active in Tri Kappa, Parliamentary Club, the Crooked Lake Association, was the first female President of Old Settlers, and was involved in many other philanthropic organizations. For her successful campaign to purchase a 100-acre tract of land on Crooked Lake, and for the personal donation of land dedicated as the Crooked Lake Nature Preserve in honor of her father, she was given the Nature Conservancy Oak Leaf Award. Surviving relatives include her four daughters, Julia E. (Dr. David) Hurley of Columbia City, Elizabeth C. McNagny of Olympia, Wash., Carolyn G. McNagny of Chelsea, Mich., and Marcia A. McNagny (Kip E. Tom) of Columbia City; and four grandchildren.

are brother, Grayson of Houston, Texas; sister, Joan Wedgeman (Alvis) of Groesbeck, Texas; four sons, Kirby (Barb), Kent, Parker (April) and Paul; and five grandchildren, Rachel Moss, Jordan Moss, Taylor Moss, Carolyn Moss, and Grayson Moss. He was preceded in death by his beloved wife of 56 years, Jeanne.

Miles Carston Gerberding, LLB ’56, of Ft. Wayne, Ind., Arcadia and Ft. Myers Beach, Fla.,

died on October 28, 2015 at Munson Hospice House. He was born to the late Arnold and Luella Gerberding on Oct. 25, 1930 in Decatur, Ind. He graduated from Concordia Lutheran High School in 1948 and went on to attend Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind., where he obtained his undergraduate and Juris Doctor degrees. He served honorably as a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps from 1950 to 1952. Gerberding married Ruth Hostrup Gerberding on Aug. 20, 1955, joined together until Ruth’s death in 1992. On Jan. 2, 1993, he married Joan Wyatt Gerberding, who survives. After his service in the Marine Corps and following graduation from law school, Gerberding and his wife moved to Ft. Wayne, where he began what would become a long, distinguished career in the practice of law and public service. After 41 years of private practice in Indiana, he retired from Barnes & Thornburg LLP in 1997. His practice included helping with everything from large multinational corporations to individual families and numerous charitable organizations, which today owe much of their financial footing to the tax-exempt status he secured for them. Along the way he also served as corporate counsel to what is now known as Do It Best Corporation, which had been founded by his own father and which he helped nurture into what is now a member-owned hardware and home center chain of over 3,800 outlets in over 50 countries. Gerberding was a leader in his chosen profession as demonstrated through national and state offices he held, including as president of the Indiana State Bar Association and as chairperson of America Bar Association committees. He was committed to helping charitable and community organizations both in Frankfort and Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the Maurer School of Law. In addition to his parents, Gerberding was preceded in death by first wife, Ruth; and his youngest sister, Charlotte. He is survived by his loving spouse, Joanie; four children, Karla Smith, of Traverse City, Mich., Greta (David) Cowart, of Dallas, Texas, Kent (Diane) Gerberding, of Elk Rapids and Traverse City, Mich., and Brian (Kim) Gerberding, of Traverse City, Mich.; along with two stepchildren, Stephen (Madeline) Fackler, of Palo Alto, Cal., and Deborah Holbrok, of Elk Grove, Cal,; two brothers, Keith (Joanna) Gerberding, of Southgate, Mich., and Mark (Debra) Gerberding, of Spencer, Ind.; and sister, Carmen (Nolan) Armstrong, of Tucson, Ariz. Twelve grandchildren

Lindy G. Moss, LLB’52, 88, died June 8, 2015. Born in Hobart, Ind., July 21, 1926, he was the

and step-grandchildren and four step-great-grandchildren also survive.

son of the late Glenn Moss and Gladys Pleake. Raised in Hobart, he attended and graduated from Hobart High School. Moss served in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II. Early in his legal career, he served as a deputy prosecutor and as a public defender for Allen County. He was a fellow of the Allen County Bar Foundation and a member of the American College of Probate Counsel. Moss served as president of the Law School’s Alumni Association from 1967 to 1969 and received its Distinguished Service Award in 1997. In 2008, he received the IU Alumni Association’s President’s Award, which honors the IUAA’s most dedicated volunteers, those who lead the way in providing opportunities for their fellow alumni and friends to stay connected with their alma mater. He served as president of the Fort Wayne Rotary Club, the Fort Wayne Quest 88

John Henry Heiney, ’58, 81, of Fort Wayne, Ind. died on Saturday, May 9, 2015, at Park Place

Senior Living, where he was lovingly cared for throughout the past four years. Born Jan. 15, 1934, and raised in Huntington, Ind., Heiney graduated from Indiana University in 1955, and from the Law School in 1958. He was a practicing attorney for more than 50 years at the firm now known as Rothberg Logan & Warsco. He was a member of the Allen County Bar Association, the Indiana State Bar Association, and the American Bar Association. He was the author of Fifty Years of Fine ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 89

Music, Fort Wayne Philharmonic and editor of The Quest of Fort Wayne. In addition to being a de-

Indianapolis, now known as Robert H. McKinney School of Law. He was named a Sagamore of

voted husband and proud father, John loved nothing more than Indiana University, Orchard Ridge

the Wabash by Governor Frank O’Bannon, ’57, on Jan. 23, 1999.

Country Club, vacations in Sea Island, Ga., and his Wildwood Park home of 44 years. Surviving are his brother, Robert (Jean Ann) Heiney; two daughters, Marie (Mark) Eifert and Kathleen (Tony Pelz) Heiney; nine nieces and nephews; and three grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, Fred and Susan Marie (Draper) Heiney; and wife of 26 years and 26 days, Janet (Myers).

He was preceded in death by his parents; his amazing first wife, the artist, Diana Tade Stroud; his niece, Debbie Walker-Boggass; his aunt, Evelyn Dougherty; and his sister-in-law, Mary Frances McAndrews, RN, BS. He is survived by his loving wife of 35 years, Angela (McAndrews) Stroud; his son, Christopher Lively (Terry) and granddaughter, Karen Lively, all of Westport, Conn.; Chris’ sister, Mary Lively of Seattle, Wash.; his nephew, Tade Powell (Robin) of Marion, Ind.; his loving sister, Sara (Stroud) Walker and her children Mark Walker (Alice), Michele Jennings and Kathy

Frederick T. Bauer, LLB’59, age 79, of Terre Haute, Ind., died October 4, 2015. Bauer was born

Walker and her grandchildren; his brother, Donald E. Stroud (Trudi) of Michigan and their children

December 29, 1935 in Terre Haute to Lenhardt E. Bauer and Ethel Gross Bauer.

Cheryl Wyndowski (Gary), Denise Carmack (Don), Jeffery Stroud (Diane), Steven Stroud and David

Bauer was a 1954 graduate of Wiley High School and attended Indiana University where he

and brother-in-law, David B. McAndrews; and by his wonderful friend and caregiver, Deb Staples.

received his undergraduate degree in English followed by a JD from the Law School. He served in

He is also survived by a host of nieces, nephews, extended family, colleagues and students.

Stroud and grandchildren and great-grandchildren; his loving sister-in-law, Anna Rohrer (Steve)

the United States Army as a first lieutenant working as a judge advocate general attorney at Fort Benning in Georgia. After his military service, he returned to Terre Haute to practice law with his father and brother. In 1963 he was elected to the Indiana House of Representatives. He served 10 years in the House under three governors. He was elected as House majority leader in 1965

community and gained a reputation for success as a litigator, died January 6, 2016. He was 81.

and minority leader in 1971.

in memoriam

Charles R. “Chic” Clark, LLB’62, a Muncie, Ind., native and longtime lawyer who served his

Bauer was well-known for his service to Union Hospital, having served on the hospital Board of

Clark was a practicing attorney for more than 53 years, admitted to the bar in 1962. He attended

Trustees for 47 years. While at Union, he served on the ethics, compliance and personnel

DePauw University after serving in the US Army from 1955 to 1957. He began his career practic-

committees as well as other committees. Bauer was instrumental in the establishment of the

ing with his father, Ray W. Clark, at the firm of Warner Clark & Warner. After his father died, the

Terre Haute Center of Medical Education, which serves local rural communities. He was a strong

younger Clark moved to Beasley & Guilkinson LLP. He retired in 2012, but remained active with a

advocate for nursing education and was honored with the prestigious Baur Award in 2009. Public

small solo practice until recently.

education was another long time priority and endeavor. In 1977, he was appointed to the Board of Higher Education, where he served for 32 consecutive years and where he also served as

Clark was proudest of his achievements trying and settling lawsuits. Those include a $10 million

chairman; and from 1983-2013 he served as the attorney for the Vigo County School Corporation.

class-action on behalf of a group of retirees and a $1.5 million judgment in a Madison County

Bauer was a three-time recipient of the Sagamore of the Wabash, bestowed on him by three

attorney, and as city attorney for Muncie, Marion, and Parker City.

personal-injury trial. Clark also served as a public defender, deputy prosecutor, Delaware County

Indiana governors. He was also a Mason, earning his 32 Degree with the Scottish Rite, where he nd

was Thrice Potent Master and later was honored with the 33rd Degree. Survivors include his wife, Victoria “Vickie” Phegley Bauer; two daughters, Annie Bauer of Terre Haute and Kristin Berghoff and her husband, Mike, of Indianapolis; a step-daughter, Teal Allen and her husband, Jason, of Terre Haute; and a son-in-law, Paul Gayso of Terre Haute. Also surviving are seven grandchildren, a great-grandson, a brother-in-law, Paul Winegar and his wife, Gladys, and several nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents; a daughter, Barbara J.

Larry D. Berning, ’68, age 74, died August 2, 2015. He was a longtime partner at Sidley Austin, Chicago. Survivors include his wife, Phyllis Low Berning; children, Emily Berning (Aron)

Weisner and Scott Berning; stepchildren Catherine (Erich) Richey, Bruce Cameron and David (Lori) Cameron; and several grandchildren and step-grandchildren.

Gayso; a brother, L. Eric Bauer; and a sister, Barbara A. Erwin. Sue Ann Shadley, ’77, Bloomington, Ind., died October 19, 2015 after a battle with ALS (Lou Kenneth Martin Stroud, ’61, 80, attorney and law professor emeritus, of Indianapolis, died

August 17, 2015. He was born on January 26, 1935, in Indianapolis, to Silas Eugene Stroud and Florence Julia (Dougherty) Stroud. Stroud graduated from Cathedral High School in 1953, where he played a role in Cathedral’s football powerhouses of the early 1950s, receiving All-City honors as a guard on the 1952 team. He spent one year studying engineering at Purdue University before joining the US Army, where he served two years. While in law school, he was elected to the Order of the Coif. He did postgraduate studies in philosophy of science. In 1963 he became an assistant US attorney in the Southern District of Indiana, and later clerked for the Indiana Supreme Court Justice Roger O.

Gehrig’s disease). She was born February 10, 1952 in Crawfordsville, Ind., to the late Kenneth W. and Wilma G. Shadley. She grew up in the small town of Hillsboro, Ind., and graduated from Fountain Central High School. She received a BS degree from Purdue University in 1974 before earning her JD from the Law School. Following law school, Shadley worked as an attorney for Indiana University followed by positions of public service for the State of Indiana’s Air Pollution Control Board and the Department of Natural Resources. At the DNR, she helped write, and then as an administrative law judge, administered the new surface coal mining reclamation law in Indiana. In 1986 she became the first general counsel of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

DeBruler. In 1972 his career as a law professor began at Indiana University School of Law in 90

ergo: spring 2016 / www.law.indiana.edu 91

In 1988 Shadley started what is now the law firm of Plews Shadley Racher & Braun as a founding

president of many boards in the Elkhart community, including Elkhart Rotary Club, the YMCA

partner. She retired from the law firm at the end of 2013. She served numerous governmental

board of directors, and the Samaritan Center. He served as a member of the board of the Center

and nongovernmental entities during her lifetime, including the Indiana Chamber of Commerce

for Hospice and Palliative Care and the Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County.

Environmental Committee (1983-2008), the Indiana Manufacturers Association Environmental

He stayed in close contact with his law school colleagues, and served as the president of the law

Legal & Technical Advisory Committee (1988-2008), the Indiana Recycling and Energy Develop-

school’s alumni association’s board of directors.

ment Board (1988-1992), Indiana’s Environmental Crimes Task Force (2005-2007), and Purdue University’s Agronomy Advisory Council.

He is survived by his wife of 36 years, Patricia, along with two sons, Andrew J. (Linda) and

Shadley was an exceptional lawyer, who applied her great intelligence and ability to enhance the

Notre Dame, Indiana, and two sisters: Nancy B. Banks (John) and Susie M. Swartz (Marshall).

Spencer J. (fiancée, Sarah Holstine). He is also survived by his father, Richard W. Brotherson of

natural environment, which she loved. But as sterling as was her great skill as a lawyer, it is her kindness that was her greatest gift. She treated everyone she touched with affection, genuine concern, and integrity. No opponent, no matter how fierce the case or task, ever had anything bad to say about her. She was a mentor to dozens of lawyers (and non-lawyers), inside her firm and out, a role model who would take the time to help them along their path. That is why Shadley was recently honored by the Indianapolis Bar Association’s Women and the Law Division when she was awarded the Antoinette Dakin Leach Award. She won many other honors, including being listed as an Indiana “Super Lawyer” for environmental law starting in 1999 and being named a Top 25 Female Indiana “Super Lawyer” from 2004 to 2010. She was named a Distinguished Agricultural Alumna at Purdue in 2000 and a Distinguished Fellow of the Indianapolis Bar Foundation in 2006.

David R. Warshauer, ’84, age 58, of Indianapolis, died on December 19, 2015. He was born

in Fort Wayne, Ind. to William and Louise Warshauer. He practiced law at Barnes & Thornburg in Indianapolis for 25 years before retirement. He was a proud member of Congregation Beth-El Zedeck, Little Red Door, Noble of Indiana, and a former president of the Jewish Community Relations Council. He was a lifelong fan of the Chicago Cubs. Warshauer is survived by his loving wife, Marie Zacher Warshauer; sons, Michael (Los Angeles, CA), Andrew (St. Louis, MO), and Daniel (Vail, CO); siblings, Susan (Don) Kennicott, Bruce (Holly) Warshauer, and Amy (Ed) Platt; in-laws, Al and Hannah Zacher; brother-in-law, Steven (Judy) Zacher; and many nieces and nephews.

Shadley is survived by her loving husband of 31 years, Michael A. Hart, and her loving sister, Kay L. Shadley-Myara of New York City.

James R. Brotherson, ’78, age 63, passed away at the Hospice House of Elkhart surrounded by his family and friends on December 18, 2015.

He was born in South Bend on February 27, 1952, but grew up in Elkhart and graduated from Elkhart High School in 1970. In 1974 he graduated from Duke University where he was a member of the varsity swim team and Delta Tau Delta fraternity. After college, Brotherson spent a short stint as a newspaper reporter in Anderson, Ind., but ultimately enrolled in law school at the Maurer School of Law, graduating in 1978. In the mid-1990s, he served as assistant dean for alumni relations at the Law School. Brotherson began practicing law in Elkhart in 1978 with Robert A. Pfaff. Their firm grew from Pfaff and Brotherson to Chester, Pfaff and Brotherson, and in 2000 joined Baker & Daniels, LLP. Ultimately, Baker & Daniels, LLP merged with Minneapolis-based Faegre & Benson, LLP forming Faegre Baker Daniels, which created one of the 100th largest law firms in the United States. Brotherson’s area of concentration was primarily corporate law, with an emphasis on the rights and obligations of the corporation’s owners. Most of his work was devoted to the recreational vehicle industry. He led Faegre’s recreational vehicle industry practice, one that was truly national in scope. The firm’s clients included companies in Elkhart, Canada, California, Texas, Iowa, and Florida. Brotherson believed that lawyers carry an important duty to the communities in which they practice. To that end, the Maurer School of Law presented him with its Distinguished Service Award in 2013. He was also named a Sagamore of the Wabash presented to him by Indiana Governor Mike Pence. In April of this year the Elkhart Noon Rotary presented him with the J & K Kissinger award for his 36 years of service in civic and community affairs. He served as 92

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