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Dean’s Report 2008–2009

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The Dean’s Report is an annual publication of the IU Maurer School of Law.

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A message from the dean

Lauren K. Robel, JD’83


Development office helping alumni reconnect

Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law: Hannah Buxbaum


Stewarts introduce law students to a world of art

Associate Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs: Leonard Fromm


Successful alumnus takes alternative career path

Assistant Dean for Alumni Relations: Andrea Havill

10 Honor roll of donors

Assistant Dean for Advancement: Dean Regenovich

24 Lilly Endowment gift brings five exceptional scholars to Indiana Law

Dean and Val Nolan Professor of Law:

Director of Annual Giving and Stewardship: Lisa Hosey Gift Planning Officer: Brian Kearney Assistant Dean for Communications and Marketing: Kenneth L. Turchi, JD’83 Director of Communications and Marketing: Debbie O’Leary

38 Kimberling: This is the time to start giving 42 Six inducted into Academy of Law Alumni Fellows 44 Distinguished Service Award winners take many paths to fullfilling service

Writer/Editor: James Boyd

47 Class Notes

Produced By: Mediaworks

63 Law School honors Professor John Scanlan

Arthur M. Lotz Office of Alumni and Development Indiana University Maurer School of Law 211 S. Indiana Ave. Bloomington, IN 47405-7001 (812) 855-9700 Toll free (877) 286-0002

Cover photos from left to right: Pamela Tibihikirra-Kalyegira, SJD’09, recently named dean of the law school at Uganda Christian University; Professors Jayanth Krishnan and Bill Henderson, of the Center on the Global Legal Profession; and entrepreneur Michael S. “Mickey” Maurer, JD’67, who was recently honored for his generous gift to Indiana Law.


A Message

from the


Dear Alumni and Friends: terms of diversity and personal achievement. Our students face many challenges and opportunities as the profession adapts to the demands of a global economy. To help them prepare for this new environment, we have launched our Center on the Global Legal Profession and forged partnerships with schools in Korea and India. A new firstyear course on the legal profession provides students with the tools they need to identify and evaluate important career choices and to develop their own distinctive strategies for career development. Our strategic plan is built on the following vision: to be a highly visible and influential law school whose faculty, students, and alumni promote knowledge, justice, and the public good around the state, the nation, and the world. I am deeply grateful to our extraordinarily committed volunteers and

donors who have helped make our vision real and tangible. Your investments create incredible momentum. The IU Maurer School of Law has risen in the national rankings and is now recognized as a top 10 public law school. And yet there is much to be done. The challenges of the recent economic downturn have greatly affected the School, our students, and indeed our profession, and we turn to our alumni and friends for help now more than ever. As the honor rolls in this publication attest, the IU Maurer School of Law continues to build on its strong tradition of volunteerism and philanthropy. Our alumni provide financial support, serve on advisory boards, judge moot court, donate scholarships, teach classes, and mentor our students in myriad ways.

The Indiana University Maurer School of Law reached several significant milestones in 2009. As we celebrate our successes and prepare for the challenges of the future, I would like to highlight a few of our accomplishments and say thank you to the many alumni and friends who made them possible.

This level of support is especially necessary and appreciated in the career and professional development arena. Law students across the country are looking for employment in a legal market that shed 2,000 jobs in October 2009 alone. Fortunately, our students are connected to a creative, energetic, and engaged group of alumni and friends who offer crucial advice and assistance. During our Sept. 25 Alumni Summit, we surveyed 70 members of our alumni advisory boards, including our Board of Visitors; Alumni Board; the Intellectual Property, Business Law, and Environmental Law Program Advisory Boards; and the Latino and Black Law Student Alumni Advisory Boards. These alumni reported that they have worked closely with our Office of Career and Professional Development to provide shadowing opportunities, resume reviews, networking assistance, and career coaching. In addition, these volunteers worked independently with students as mentors, on-campus or on-location recruiters, and provided other forms of active career assistance. This group is representative of an entire network of advocates for our students. I cannot thank you enough. I know that I will be calling on all of you in the future for your counsel and assistance as the IU Maurer School of Law faces the challenges that the new decade is sure to bring. The School has benefited greatly from your investments of time and treasure, and I am looking forward to working with all of you as we capitalize on the momentum we have built together.

The visionary generosity of one outstanding alumnus, Michael S. Maurer, JD’67, has given the School a new name and will provide much-needed scholarship assistance for generations of students. A generous gift from the Lilly Endowment has enabled us to hire five outstanding faculty members whose timely scholarship will affect the profession and society for years to come. The Matching the Promise capital campaign has raised more than $90 million – 300 percent ahead of our goal with one year to go. In order to make the most of these incredible gifts, we are preparing a new strategic plan that will guide the School through the next decade.

IU President Michael A. McRobbie (top) prepares to present Michael and Janie Maurer with a ceremonial key to the Law School. Hundreds of students and alumni (bottom) filled the IU Auditorium for the Law School naming ceremony.

All my best,

Lauren Robel, JD’83 Dean and Val Nolan Professor of Law

This year’s entering class is not only the strongest academically in the School’s history, but is also strong in

Michael S. “Mickey” Maurer, JD’67, delivers remarks at the official naming ceremony of the IU Maurer School of Law.



2008–2009 Annual Fund

2008–2009 Annual Fund

Regenovich noted that donors can determine exactly how their gifts are used. A gift can be for something as specific as a particular clinic — the School has several that give students a chance to put their education into action while helping the local community — or for an all-encompassing purpose like the School’s general fund. Regenovich and his staff, Gift Planning Officer Brian Kearney and Director of Annual Giving and Stewardship Lisa Hosey, work with alumni to find ways to match a donor’s passion with an opportunity at the School. “We try to connect the dots with where their interests lie and what the Law School has to offer,” Regenovich said. “We want to get them involved with something they care about.”

Dean Regenovich, Lisa Hosey, and Brian Kearney

Development office helping alumni reconnect “Good afternoon! This is Dean Regenovich calling from the IU Maurer School of Law....” By the time Regenovich, the School’s assistant dean for advancement, can even finish the sentence, the alumnus on the other end of the line often assumes the School is calling for a monetary gift. It is a tough perception to overcome, but, in fact, Regenovich and his staff focus on helping alumni reconnect before asking for financial support. “Our first order of business is to get our alumni reconnected with the Law School,” Regenovich said. “When people see anything that has the word ‘development’ in the title, right away they think we’re going to show up on their doorstep asking for money. What we’re really trying to do is find ways to engage them with the School.”


Despite a record-setting fundraising campaign, the Law School is in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime push of forward momentum. Transformative gifts from Michael S. Maurer, JD’67, and his wife, Janie, and from the Lilly Endowment have enabled the School to provide students with an affordable legal education and to hire outstanding new faculty. But the Law School’s wide range of programs and services also needs financial help, especially as state revenue continues to fall below forecasts. “We have been so fortunate with the Lilly and Maurer gifts, but those are designated for very specific purposes,” Regenovich said. “We have incredible opportunities in student programs, clinical programs, student support, and other areas where alumni can really make a difference.”

An attorney who travels the globe for business and recognizes the need to train future lawyers in international legal markets can make a specific gift to the School’s new Center on the Global Legal Profession. An alumnus with a passion for domestic violence prevention can support the Protective Order Project. There is no shortage of opportunities for alumni reconnection. And it doesn’t take a six-figure check to make a difference. “All levels of gifts are important in elevating the Law School to where it can be,” Regenovich emphasized. He encouraged alumni to reconnect with the School. “There is a direct correlation between where we are now and the incredible generosity of our alumni. While financial gifts are great, we need sweat equity just as much. Come spend some time in our classrooms. Help in mentoring our students. Help them find job opportunities. All of these are important pieces to building the future of the Law School.” The Development office is actively working with its counterparts in the Office of Career and Professional Development, hand-carrying student resumes to alumni who may have job leads or could serve as a mentor. “Any possible way we can get our alumni engaged with the School is a plus,” Regenovich said. “It has been gratifying to see the level of support alumni are providing our current students, whether it’s letting them know about an open clerkship or simply connecting with them through a phone call. Our alumni know how tough the economy is right now, and we appreciate all the help they are willing to provide.”


2008–2009 Annual Fund

2008–2009 Annual Fund

Stewarts introduce law students to a world of art A few weeks ago, a large crowd from the Indiana Law community had gathered in the soaring atrium of the IU Art Museum. Designed by I.M. Pei, the atrium is the gateway into one of the finest art collections on a university campus. Milt and Judi Stewart stood on the steps, watching many law students experience the museum for the first time. It was, as the Stewarts later recalled, an experience of great satisfaction. “When I was an undergrad here at IU, I’m afraid I didn’t have the wisdom — or take the time — to appreciate the culture of this university,” Milt Stewart said. “The Bloomington campus offered so much, whether it was a wonderful art exhibition or an opera or theater production, and, yet, I missed most of it.” Now the client relations partner at Davis Wright Tremaine in Portland,

Ore., Milt and his wife, Judi, have made a pledge to open the eyes of law students to at least one cultural opportunity, hosting an evening reception for the Law School’s students, faculty, and staff. The catered affair has been such a success over the last few years that the Stewarts now intend to host one annually. “It’s really important to me that law students get not just a great legal education, but also the exposure to the abundance of culture on campus,” he said. “We want them to be engaged in the university itself.” The Stewarts have been engaged with IU and Indiana Law for a number of years, but they didn’t know the extent to which they could one day help. Milt Stewart grew up in a home where college wasn’t an option. It was a dream.

“It’s really important to me that law students get not just a great legal education, but also the exposure to the abundance of culture on campus.” — Milt Stewart

Milt Stewart and family: (from left) son, Peter Stewart-Skei and his wife, Hannah Austin, Judi and Milt Stewart, daughter, Amy Skei and her husband, Rob Preston


“It’s not entirely fair to my parents, both of whom are now gone, but I grew up in a family which could not afford college expenses for me,” he recalled. “There was no college in my future and certainly no law school. But I went to a great high school, West Lafayette High School, and a guidance counselor and principal there helped me understand that I could — and should — go to college. I ended up

at IU because the IU Foundation provided me with scholarships all through my undergrad years. And I was able to go to law school because people who had gone before me had given back in ways that provided me with scholarships and other financial aid. I can’t tell you that I fully appreciated that then, but I do now.”

Center on the Global Legal Profession’s Comparative Law Program named in honor of Stewart

Stewart said the generosity of others gave him the opportunity to better himself. He now hopes others will do the same.

“When I made the decision to go to Portland, I thought I’d be entering into a local practice and that I wouldn’t have any exposure to the global markets,” Stewart said. “I didn’t recognize then the importance the Pacific Rim would play in the world economy.”

“It occurred to me more than 20 years ago that I had an obligation to pay my good fortune forward,” he said. “I had to do for others what someone had done for me.”

Now a successful attorney focusing on mergers and acquisitions, Stewart has become fully aware of the need to train tomorrow’s lawyers in the ways of the world.

That doesn’t necessarily mean financial contributions. Time, talent, and treasure can all have equal value in helping shape the successful career of a current or future student, Stewart said. For Milt and Judi Stewart, that includes introducing law students to life outside of the Law Building. The couple had not been back to the Bloomington campus in some 25 years when Milt Stewart became his firm’s mentor to the son of then IU President Thomas Ehrlich. That connection brought the Stewarts back to visit, and they have since been ardent supporters of the Art Museum, the university, and the Law School. “I wouldn’t be doing the things I do if I hadn’t re-engaged,” Stewart said. “A critical piece of the Law School’s future depends on our alumni finding ways to reconnect with the School. Find your way.”

Milt Stewart, JD’71, was right out of the U.S. Army when he turned down jobs in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, opting instead to begin his legal career at Davis Wright Tremaine in Portland, Ore. He didn’t know it at the time, but Stewart ended up having a virtual front-row seat to witnessing the explosion of globalization in the legal profession.

“Even though I’m based in Portland, a tremendous amount of my practice — at least 40 to 50 percent — involves dealing with issues, companies, and people outside of the United States,” he said. “Anyone who has read The World Is Flat or who keeps up with the national or international press knows the world is shrinking. I used to get exposure to international stocks by buying foreign stocks, but now most of my domestic stocks have international holdings. Whether it’s Colgate or Buick, these products are being manufactured and sold all over the world. The legal implications and opportunities from that are huge. I think a day is coming when our graduates will look as much outside the U.S. as inside for their first job.” For his commitment to the School and its students, the Law School named its Comparative Legal Professions program in Stewart’s honor. The goal of the program, which is part of the Law School’s new Center on the Global Legal Profession, is to immerse students within global markets that are booming centers of commerce, politics, and social change. “We are studying the legal profession not just to learn about the everyday, nutsand-bolts work of lawyers, but also how lawyers are helping to contribute to nationbuilding, promoting transparency, strengthening the rule of law, judicial reform, and providing greater access to justice in different parts of Asia, Latin America, and Africa,” said Professor Jay Krishnan. “Milt Stewart has expertise in all of those regions. He knows lawyers, government officials, NGO workers, and business entrepreneurs all over the world, and his experience and willingness to assist our students in this global endeavor is a huge boon for all of us.” Stewart said he was “completely shocked” by the news that the School was naming a program after him. “It is extraordinarily humbling,” he said. “I am so passionate about this School, and I care about it in so many ways. To have my name associated with it in any way is an incredible honor.” 7

2008–2009 Annual Fund

2008–2009 Annual Fund

Successful alumnus takes alternative career path Q. Starting off with a little background, why did you decide to return to Indiana for law school after venturing off to Colorado for your undergraduate work? A. I wanted to go to an academic law school as opposed to a practitioner’s law school. I saw law school more as a PhD program than as an opportunity to learn a specific legal skill set. For me, the benefit of having three years of rigorous legal training was excellent preparation for a career. That plan has come together for me because I rely on the skills I learned in law school to give me an advantage in each position I’ve held. Plus, I also attended a public high school in Indianapolis, and to satisfy my teenage wanderlust I went to UC-Boulder. Once I decided to go to law school, I knew it had to be an aesthetically beautiful campus, and, of course, Bloomington is unbeatable in that regard. Q. You graduated in 1982 and had always been a steady donor to the Law School, but within the last few years you’ve really increased your involvement with the School. What encouraged you to get re-engaged? A. It was entirely a result of Dean Robel. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Even though I was not a practicing lawyer when we reconnected at a New York alumni gathering a few years ago, she made a point to get on my calendar. When we met, I found myself being enthusiastically reeled into her orbit. I’m very guarded when it comes to my non-professional commitments. I don’t lightly take on things just because I’m asked. But she really was committed to making a difference, and it shows in the caliber of students and faculty we’re attracting. These positive changes are now being recognized by U.S. News & World Report.


All of that passion and success come from leadership. I’m very proud of the School, and I’m extremely appreciative of the skills that I gained there and how they’ve given me a competitive advantage in my business career. You combine that with how fun Lauren makes it to be engaged, and it’s a pleasure to commit both my time and my financial contributions to the School. Q. Given the position you’re in, I’m sure you’re asked all the time to be involved with different organizations and charities. Why is it important to you to support Indiana Law? A. The public law school education was instrumental in my success. I think those of us who have been more fortunate in terms of what we’ve achieved financially — and I don’t mean to say that we’ve done more important work — but those of us who have had that opportunity need to give back disproportionately to our School. That’s one reason why Mickey Maurer is a hero and mentor for me. He’s gone on to do such great things — not only as an entrepreneur, but philanthropically as well. I hope others may one day say, in some small way, that I made a fraction of the difference that Mickey has. Q. You made a recent pledge to endow the Scott N. Flanders scholarship. How does it feel knowing you will have given future students tremendous help in the pursuit of their legal education? A. I want our Law School to be accessible to qualified students regardless of their financial status. A public law school has the responsibility to be accessible to students regardless of socioeconomic status. The accessibility of a public law education has changed since I attended the School because the cost of delivering a high-caliber legal education has significantly increased. The vast majority of students cannot afford the cost of a three- or four-year legal education, particularly those from out-of-state, without some financial assistance. My hope is that with this scholarship — and others I hope to endow in the future — many students will be able to choose the IU Maurer School of Law with less consideration of its tuition cost.

Q. Not only are you one of the Law School’s top financial contributors, you are one of its top donors of time as well. How do you balance your extremely busy schedule with volunteering on the Board of Visitors and participating in events like FutureFirm 1.0, where participants envisioned the ideal law firm of the future? A. It’s a pleasure to participate and rejuvenating to be back on the Bloomington campus. I welcome the variety of activities. Plus, I learn so much from each event or meeting. For example, at FutureFirm, I changed the way I think about legal services, especially as a corporate executive who authorizes a lot of spending on legal fees. Media businesses are legal-intensive because of the nature of intellectual property rights and copyrights that must be defended. FutureFirm was all about creativity, and I received as much out of it as I put in. It was a lot of fun.

“I’m very proud of the School, and I’m extremely appreciative of the skills that I gained there and how they’ve given me a competitive advantage in my business career.” — Scott Flanders In addition to that, the perspective of having different issues to address beyond my day-to-day responsibilities augments my skills as a corporate executive and makes me more informed about the School’s goals and how I might help achieve them. In my talks with Lauren, she shares the challenges she faces with her team, the legislature, faculty recruiting, and maintaining our School’s diversity. Those are the types of strategic issues she sounds off on and that I try to help with. I do feel I often get more than I give, but I hope I add some value to the conversation too! Q. Your career path can serve as a model for those students who may not follow the traditional route of going straight from law school to a job with an established law firm. You co-founded an e-commerce company, served as the head of Columbia House, and now are the CEO of one of America’s most recognizable brands in Playboy Enterprises, Inc. How did Indiana Law prepare you for the successful career you’ve had, and what lessons can be drawn from the path you’ve taken?

A. My Indiana Law education makes me feel that in every meeting I go into I am intellectually fully empowered to handle whatever is thrown at me. There is no interaction you have in business that’s more intense than law school. Having gone through the intellectual boot camp of law school makes every business situation unintimidating, and that’s one hell of an advantage. Almost every business decision I make has to be documented by a contract of some sort. That’s just what IP and copyright businesses do. It’s rare for an agreement to end up in litigation, but when it does happen, what’s important is reaching a basic meeting of the minds. Understanding the issues viscerally, as opposed to just understanding them technically, comes out of the rigor of a three-year legal education. When you think about a legal education, it has such a broad value. My sense is that business is about human interaction. It’s about moving people and getting them to make decisions that benefit you both. I think a legal education prepares a person to be able to achieve that true win-win negotiation in business arrangements. I never expected to practice law when I went to law school. I went into it with a view that being in a legal library working to one day be part of a firm just wouldn’t be fulfilling for me. It’s not what I had in mind. I hope more of our graduates can take a nontraditional approach to their careers. They can distinguish themselves. When you’re competing to get into a top law firm, you’re competing against other top students from across the country. But in the business world, you’ve got such an advantage with a legal education. Life is a bit easier. Q. Do you have any advice for alumni who are looking to get more involved with the School? What can they do to help the School right now? A. We need more graduates from the ’80s and ’90s to get involved. We have a seasoned Board of Visitors which can bring a certain cachet. But as one of the younger members at age 52, we need a younger group to start getting more active, too. We have a very committed group of alumni and Board of Visitors and we need grads from the ’80s and ’90s to start stepping up. There is room for their ideas and contributions. Many feel that they are still too busy building their careers at this point in their lives, but I think they’re missing out on how much they can get if they get involved. I think many would find it the perfect outlet. Plus, the School always benefits from the time and expertise of alumni at various stages in their careers. Personally, I’d love to talk to our alumni to figure out how they can help get involved. E-mail me at sflanders@, and we’ll get something together.


Honor Roll

About the Honor Roll of Donors Through annual gifts from donors, the Indiana University Maurer School of Law has been able to sustain and consistently expand resources for law journals, trial advocacy programs, scholarships, and the Law Library among many other programs. The Indiana Law community is deeply grateful to its donors for their investments. Every gift promotes the success of the School as it strives to increase its visibility and influence on the global legal conversation. The 2008–2009 Honor Roll of Donors reflects gifts from July 1, 2008, to June 30, 2009. Gifts up to $25,000, including unrestricted gifts and annual gifts to student organizations, scholarships, and the Law Library, are recognized as contributions to the Fund for Excellence. An asterisk (*) indicates that the donor is deceased. Every effort has been made to avoid errors. Please accept our apologies if your name has been listed incorrectly or has been omitted. Please report any corrections to: Director of Annual Giving Arthur M. Lotz Office of Alumni and Development 211 S. Indiana Ave. Bloomington, IN 47405 Or, you may call us at (812) 855-9953. We appreciate your feedback.


Honor Roll

Partners in Excellence

Dean’s Circle

Our Partners in Excellence enable the IU Maurer School of Law to plan for the future of mission-critical programs by pledging their sustained support to the School in the amount of $2,500 per year over a period of five years. The support of Partners in Excellence makes possible the services and programs that distinguish Indiana Law from its peers. The Law School deeply appreciates the investment of this elite group of donors.

Members of the Dean’s Circle are valued friends and alumni who demonstrate their ongoing commitment through annual gifts to the Fund for Excellence of $1,000 or more. We gratefully acknowledge their generosity and thank all of those who contributed their time, talents, and resources.

Terrill D. Albright, ’65 Alfred C. Aman Jr. M. Scott Bassett, ’86 Larry D. Berning, ’68 K. Steven Blake, ’90 Susan Blankenbaker Noyes, ’83 Wayne D. Boberg, ’78 Robert J. Braman, ’68 James R. Brotherson, ’78 Jerry J. Burgdoerfer, ’83 Donald W. Buttrey, ’61 David L. Carden, ’76 Willard Z. Carr, ’50 Gregory A. Castanias, ’90 William D. Chambers, ’66 Jeffrey S. Cohen, ’89 Clyde C. Compton, ’65 Michael R. Conner, ’75 Catherine A. Conway, ’78 John H. de Boisblanc, ’66 D. Albert Daspin, ’87 Gary L. Davis, ’82 Alecia A. DeCoudreaux, ’78 Ann M. DeLaney, ’77 Kathleen A. DeLaney, ’95 Anne N. DePrez, ’81 Donald P. Dorfman, ’57 Robert P. Duvin, ’61 William B. Edge, ’98 Sidney D. Eskenazi, ’53 David C. Evans, ’71 Richard L. Fanyo, ’76 Scott N. Flanders, ’82 Micheal E. Flannery, ’83 Brenda (Osborne) Freije, ’94 Richard T. Freije Jr., ’84 Eric A. Frey, ’67 Rose E. Gallagher, ’99 Philip C. Genetos, ’77 Lisa McKinney Goldner, ’92 Steven E. Goode, ’93 David E. Greene, ’74

Kalpak S. Gude, ’94 Matthew R. Gutwein, ’88 Herbert D. Hart III & Victoria (Van Duren) Hart, ’77 Jane A. Henegar, ’88 Elwood H. “Bud” Hillis, ’52 Leroy W. Hofmann, ’58 Andrew W. Hull, ’86 V. William Hunt, ’69 R. Neil Irwin, ’71 Robert A. Jefferies Jr., ’66 John W. Anderson Foundation David F. Johnson, ’81 Gregory J. Jordan, ’84 Robert P. Kassing, ’64 Lester A. Kassing, ’58 Barton L. Kaufman, ’65 John F. Kimberling, ’50 James Koday, ’76 Tracy T. Larsen, ’84 Robert D. Lattas, ’01 Stephen W. Lee, ’77 Millard D. Lesch, ’67 John L. Lisher, ’75 Mary K. Lisher, ’75 Thomas M. Lofton, ’54 Scott Y. MacTaggart, ’76 Hon. Elizabeth F. Mann, ’76 Michael S. Maurer, ’67 Peter C. McCabe III, ’85 Thomas R. McCully, ’66 Gary W. McFarron R. Bruce McLean, ’71 Michael T. McLoughlin, ’72 Thomas P. McNulty, ’83 Edward L. Michael, ’81 Jeanne Seidel Miller, 48 Kevin C. Miller, ’82 Janet (Beach) Min, ’95 Jerry Moss, ’62 Robert E. Neiman, ’66

Stephen H. Paul, ’72 Mark V. Pettinga & Gayle (Gerling) Pettinga, ’87 John L. Pogue, ’69 Steven M. Post, ’77 Stephen M. Proctor, ’82 Richard S. Rhodes, ’53 James L. Reed Jr., ’92 John F. Richardson, ’77 James G. Richmond, ’69 Randall R. Riggs, ’77 Jeffrey K. Riffer, ’78 Timothy J. Riffle, ’83 Lauren K. Robel, ’83 William N. Salin Sr., ’59 Reed E. Schaper, ’78 Thomas F. Schnellenberger Jr., ’79 Glenn Scolnik, ’78 John E. Seddelmeyer, ’74 Randolph L. Seger, ’72 Michael D. Shumate Jacqueline A. Simmons, ’79 Geoffrey G. Slaughter, ’89 George P. Smith, II, ’64 Milton R. Stewart, ’71 James P. Strenski, ’94 Charles P. Sutphin, ’85 Tommy F. Thompson, ’75 Hon. John D. Tinder, ’75 Ted A. Waggoner, ’78 Richard C. Witte, ’56 Mark S. Wojciechowski, ’81 Frank E. Wrenick, ’65 Kenneth R. Yahne, ’68 James P. Zeller, ’76

Visionaries $10,000 and above

Anonymous K. Steven Blake, ’90 Stephen F. Burns, ’68 Gregory A. Castanias, ’90 Clyde D. Compton, ’65 Ann M. DeLaney, ’77 Donald P. Dorfman, ’57 David C. Evans, ’71 Firestone Natural Rubber Co. Scott N. Flanders, ’82 David E. Greene, ’74 Leroy W. Hofmann, ’58 V. William Hunt, ’69 Robert A. Jefferies Jr., ’66 John W. Anderson Foundation Lilly Endowment Inc. Thomas M. Lofton, ’54 Michael S. Maurer, ’67 Edward L. Michael, ’81 Robert E. Neiman, ’66 Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust Val Nolan Jr., ’49* James L. Reed Jr., ’92 Richard S. Rhodes, ’53 Thomas F. Schnellenberger Jr., ’79 John E. Seddelmeyer, ’74 Jacqueline A. Simmons, ’79 Geoffrey G. Slaughter, ’89 Milton R. Stewart, ’71 Richard C. Witte, ’56 Mark S. Wojciechowski, ’81

Benefactors $5,000 to $9,999

Bruce J. Artim, ’82 Baker & Daniels LLP M. Scott Bassett, ’86

Wayne D. Boberg, ’78 John H. de Boisblanc, ’66 Donald W. Buttrey, ’61 Michael R. Conner, ’75 Catherine A. Conway, ’78 Stephen H. Paul, ’72 Anne N. De Prez, ’81 Sidney D. Eskenazi, ’53 Michael E. Flannery, ’83 Barton L. Kaufman, ’65 Thomas R. McCully, ’66 Gary W. McFarron Jeffrey K. Riffer, ’78 Michael D. Shumate Tax Analysts Thomson Reuters Kenneth R. Yahne, ’68

Directors $1,000 to $4,999

Anonymous Terrill D. Albright, ’65 Joseph M. Ambrose, ’82 Ellis B. Anderson, ’52 John Applegate Amy Applegate Carl L. Baker, ’68 Cynthia (Losure) Baraban, ’98 George N. Bewley Jr., ’73 Susan Blankenbaker Noyes, ’83 Vorris J. Blankenship, ’65 Bose McKinney & Evans LLP Wade R. Bosley, ’71 James E. Bourne, ’65 Eric E. Boyd, ’86 Robert J. Braman, ’68 William J. Brody, ’76 James R. Brotherson, ’78 Jerry J. Burgdoerfer, ’83 David L. Carden, ’76 James M. Carr, ’75 Willard Z. Carr, ’50

Beth Cate Fred H. Cate William D. Chambers, ’66 Thomas A. Clancy, ’73 Gary J. Clendening, ’68 Philip R. Cockerille, ’75 Daniel O. Conkle & Deborah W. Conkle James L. Cooper, ’91 Greta (Gerberding) Cowart, ’85 D. Albert Daspin, ’87 Gary L. Davis, ’82 Richard A. Dean, ’73 Kathleen A. DeLaney, ’95 Francina (McWilton) Dlouhy, ‘77 Darrin M. Dolehanty, ’92 Clarence H. Doninger, ’60 John P. Dudeck Robert P. Duvin, ’61 J. Scott Enright, ’90 David C. Evans, ’71 Richard L. Fanyo, ’76 Troy D. Farmer, ’97 John H. Ferguson & Karen W. Ferguson Donovan R. Flora,’74 Brenda (Osborne) Freije, ’94 Richard T. Freije Jr., ’84 Hon. Ezra H. Friedlander, ’65 Helen (Russell) Friedli, ’80 Matthew T. Furton, ’95 Rose E. Gallagher, ’99 Philip C. Genetos, ’77 Gary L. Gerling, ’63 Gary D. Gold, ’91 Judith E. Golitko, ’06 Harry L. Gonso, ’73

Steven E. Goode, ’93 Daniel M. Graly, ’74 Donald I. Grande, ’66 Dana I. Green, ’74 Geoffrey M. Grodner, ’75 Kalpak S. Gude, ’94 Matthew R. Gutwein, ’88 Marvin L. Hackman, ’59 Stephen J. Hackman, ’84 Herbert D. Hart III, ’77 Victoria (Van Duren) Hart, ’77 Russell H. Hart, ’56 Jane A. Henegar, ’88 Michael J. Hinchion, ’80 Donald E. Hinkle, ’76 Jeanne A. Hoffmann, ’79 John W. Houghton, ’42* Andrew W. Hull, ’86 Ice Miller Indiana Legal Foundation Inc. Jenner & Block LLP Elizabeth Stuart John, ’95 Ian G. John, ’95 Craig W. Johnson David F. Johnson, ’81 Peter J. Johnson Debbi (Merriman) Johnstone, ’80 Aleka L. Jones, ’07 Gregory J. Jordan, ’84 Karen Jordan-Boyd, ’85 John C. Kapsner, ’73 Lester A. Kassing, ’58 Robert P. Kassing, ’64 Jeffrey J. Kennedy, ’67 John F. Kimberling, ’50 Jack A. King, ’61 Gregory C. Knapp, ’81


Honor Roll James Koday, ’76 Susan M. Kornfield, ’82 Fred B. Kruger, ’79 Tracy T. Larsen, ’84 Robert D. Lattas, ’01 William C. Lawrence, ’79 Stephen W. Lee, ’77 Millard D. Lesch, ’67 Edward S. Livingston, ’07 Fred J. Logan Jr., ’77 Robert G. Lord, ’73 Thomas C. Lunsford, ’02 Susan Macey, ’80 Larry A. Mackey, ’76 Scott Y. MacTaggart, ’76 Peter C. McCabe III, ’85 Thomas M. McGlasson, ’68 Laurence A. McHugh, ’73 Holiday (Hart) McKiernan, ’83 William F. McNagny, ’47 Thomas P. McNulty, ’83 Clayton C. Miller, ’93 Jeanne Seidel Miller, ’47 Kevin C. Miller, ’82 Lloyd H. Milliken Jr., ’60

Honor Roll Janet (Beach) Min, ’95 Burke J. Montgomery, ’99 Jerry Moss, ’62 Hon. Edward W. Najam Jr. Marianne M. Owen, ’91 Fred J. Pain, Jr., ’55 Roger L. Pardieck, ’63 Justin P. Patterson, ’65 George T. Patton Jr., ’87 Marilyn Pendergast Gayle (Gerling) Pettinga, ’87 Mark V. Pettinga, ’87 William R. Pietz, ’69 Steven M. Post, ’77 Lisa A. Powell, ’84 Stephen M. Proctor, ’82 Thomas L. Pytynia, ’73 David A. Rammelt, ’90 Bruce J. Rasch, ’79 Christopher J. Rasmussen, ’05 Rhys Corporation John F. Richardson, ’77 Timothy J. Riffle, ’83 Randall R. Riggs, ’77 Lauren K. Robel, ’83

Gerald P. Rodeen, ’73 Joel Rosenbloom, ’54 Robert C. Rosenfeld, ’74 Richard A. Rosenthal Jr., ’81 William A. Rotzien, ’73 William N. Salin Sr., ’59 Hugh A. Sanders, ’78 Reed E. Schaper, ’78 Rebecca K. Schmitt, ’88 D. Reed Scism, ’65 Glenn Scolnik, ’78 Randolph L. Seger, ’72 Brian J. Shapiro, ’84 Sarah M. Singleton, ’74 Marshall S. Sinick, ’68 Sara R. Slaughter, ’88 Thomas C. Smith, ’88 George P. Smith, II, ’64 Kathleen (O’Connor) St. Louis, ’84 Roger T. Stelle, ’70 Thomas L. Stevens, ’55 James P. Strenski, ’94 Amy L. Strong, ’05 Curtis B. Stuckey, ’73

John F. Sturm, ’72 Hon. Frank E. Sullivan Jr., ’82 Charles P. Sutphin, ’85 Hon. Viola J. Taliaferro, ’77 Hon. Ellen K. Thomas, ’73 William K. Thomas, ’72 William C. Thomson III, ’75 Elizabeth L. Thompson, ’89 Tommy F. Thompson, ’75 Hon. John D. Tinder, ’75 David O. Tittle, ’67 Kenneth L. Turchi, ’83 Ted A. Waggoner, ’78 W. William Weeks, ’79 Zeff A. Weiss, ’83 Zoe (Urena) Weiss, ’83 Mark W. Weller, ’83 Carwina Weng Brian P. Williams, ’81 Gordan D. Wishard, ’69 Alan C. Witte, ’70 Frank E. Wrenick, ’65 Kenneth R. Yahne, ’68 James P. Zeller, ’76

Giving by Class

Classes up to 1947


Robert L. Bach Ralph E. Dennis Jr. Associates

Total: $1,700 Dean’s Circle Directors

John W. Houghton, ’42* Associates

Howard E. Baumgartner Frank E. Gilkison Jr. Philip J. Harris Donald R. Smith Stanley Talesnick

Paul D. Ewan, ’37

Classes of 1947–1948 Class Agent: William F. McNagny Total: $2,900 Participation: 15% Dean’s Circle Directors

William F. McNagny, ’47 Jeanne Seidel Miller, ’48 Partners

* deceased

John L. Carroll, ’48 Harry H. Hardy, ’48 Associates

Herschel E. O’Shaughnessey, ’48

Class of 1949 Class Agent: Fred Beckman Total: $10,550 Participation: 17%

The Fund for Excellence 2008–2009 Campaign raised more than $1 million for the third year in a row. The campaign was conducted during the fiscal year from July 1 through June 30. This Honor Roll of Donors recognizes gifts made from July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009. Gifts made after June 30, 2009, will be recognized in the 2009–2010 Honor Roll. Special recognition must be given to Don Dorfman, class agent for the Class of 1957, and to Frank Tolbert, class agent for the Class of 1955, who each had alumni participation rates of at least 50 percent. Also, special congratulations are in order for Larry Fisher, class agent for the Class of 1968, for most dollars raised ($63,100) and to Daniel Serban and Marce Gonzalez, class agents for the Class of 1982, for raising the second-highest amount of dollars ($43,297). Thank you to all of our class agents and alumni for helping make this year’s Fund for Excellence Campaign a huge success!

Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Val Nolan Jr.* Partners

Lawrence R. Taylor Jr.* Associates

Frederick A. Beckman J. Leslie Duvall

Class of 1950 Total: $3,550 Participation: 26%

Class of 1951 Total: $1,300 Participation: 15% Partners

Waldo F. Beebe Max Cohen Allen M. Sowle Associates

Raymond W. Gray Jr. Harry F. Smiddy Jr. William D. Stephens

Class of 1952 Class Agent: Carl D. Overman Total: $2,560 Participation: 29% Dean’s Circle Directors

Ellis B. Anderson Partners

Clarence J. Greenwald Gene R. Johnson Carl D. Overman Associates

Richard R. De Camp Horace A. Foncannon Jr. Robert H. McKinney Lindy G. Moss James L. Smith William J. Wood

Class of 1953 Class Agent: Richard S. Rhodes Total: $11,175 Participation: 23%

Dean’s Circle Directors

Willard Z. Carr John F. Kimberling

Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Richard S. Rhodes



Honor Roll Dean’s Circle Benefactors

Sidney D. Eskenazi Partners

Honor Roll Ray G. Miller Jim A. O’Neal Joseph S. Thompson Jack N. Van Stone

Andrew C. Emerson Associates

William T. Burke Charles E. Fritz Thomas D. Logan Alfred W. Moellering Harley B. Nelson

Class of 1954 Class Agent: Joel Rosenbloom Total: $16,180 Participation: 35% Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Thomas M. Lofton Dean’s Circle Directors

Joel Rosenbloom Partners

Thomas A. Hoadley Arnold Krevitz Associates

Dale E. Armstrong John W. Donaldson Willis H. Ellis William B. Heubel

Class of 1955

Class of 1956 Class Agent: Richard C. Witte Total: $33,300 Participation: 30%

Class Agent: Frank E. Tolbert Total: $6,284 Participation: 50%

Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Dean’s Circle Directors


Fred J. Pain Jr. Thomas L. Stevens Partners

James T. Corle Donald D. Martin William J. Sampias Frank E. Tolbert Associates

Vernon Atwater Robert J. Eder Herbert R. Gerdink Alexander Jokay Christopher Kirages Gordon G. Mac Kenzie* Charles K. McCrory Carl D. Overholser Vitold Reey Robert H. Stahlschmidt Bernard G. Wintner

Richard C. Witte Dean’s Circle Directors

Russell H. Hart James C. Clark Gerald L. Cooley Wayne C. Ponader Charles R. Tiede

Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Donald P. Dorfman Partners

Marvin S. Crell Ralph L. Jewell Donald C. Lehman Edwin F. Walmer Associates

Frank A. Barnhart Rudolph V. Dawson Theodore W. Hirsh John H. Menzel Thomas J. O’Connor Robert C. Riddell Thomas M. Small J. Stewart Smith Cliff K. Travis


Stanley H. Matheny William McCrae John H. Sweeney Allen W. Teagle William Theodoros Associates

William H. Andrews III John E. Chevigny Terry D. Dietsch Kenneth P. Fedder Hon. William I. Garrard Joseph A. Hays Millard M. Morrison G. Douglass Owens Anne Paramenko Weeks Samuel L. Reed Spencer J. Schnaitter Hillard J. Trubitt

Hon. Shirley (Schlanger) Abrahamson Miles C. Gerberding Ralph O. Lafuze Robert W. Miller William W. Peach Reza Rezazadeh

Class of 1958

Class of 1960

Total: $12,175 Participation: 22%

Class of 1957

Leroy W. Hofmann

Class Agents: Lloyd H. Milliken Jr., and Hugo “Chad” Songer Total: $3,900 Participation: 15%

Class Agent: Donald P. Dorfman Total: $12,075 Participation: 50%

Dean’s Circle Visionaries Dean’s Circle Directors

Dean’s Circle Directors

Lester A. Kassing Partners

Clarence H. Doninger Lloyd H. Milliken Jr.

David G. Elmore



Lester R. Irvin Hugo C. Songer

Vincent F. Grogg* Joseph T. Ives Jr. James R. Quigg Jr. William E. Reifsteck Thomas L. Ryan

Class of 1959 Class Agent: James F. Fitzpatrick Total: $9,150 Participation: 41%


George N. Beamer Jr. Richard L. Brown Robert E. Highfield Clifford E. Stoner


Joseph T. Bumbleburg James D. Hall

John E. Allen Timothy J. Connor Thomas A. Coyne David B. Hughes Mark A. McIntosh P. Michael Mitchell Sydney L. Steele Robert P. Tinnin Jr.

Class of 1962 Total: $2,495 Participation: 18% Dean’s Circle Directors

Jerry Moss Partners

David C. Dale John J. Lorber Carl E. Ver Beek Associates

Daniel P. Byron Rafe H. Cloe Thomas A. Dailey Martin J. Flynn Milford M. Miller Jr. John L. Selis Oscar C. Ventanilla Jr. David S. Wedding

Class of 1963 Total: $3,285 Participation: 19% Dean’s Circle Directors

Gary L. Gerling Roger L. Pardieck Partners

Thomas C. Bigley Jr. George E. Buckingham John D. Ulmer Associates

Class of 1961 Class Agent: Eugene J. McGarvey Jr. Total: $9,500 Participation: 12%

Dean’s Circle Directors



Marvin L. Hackman William N. Salin Sr.

Dean’s Circle Benefactors


Donald W. Buttrey

Paul E. Ave Virgil L. Beeler Daniel D. Fetterley James F. Fitzpatrick Joseph A. Hays Jordan D. Lewis

Dean’s Circle Directors

Robert P. Duvin Jack A. King

Larry C. Amos Gary E. Becker David L. Brewer Donald D. Doxsee Lewis R. Katz Sherman J. Keller Edward B. Wallis

Class of 1964 Total: $8,525 Participation: 33%


Dean’s Circle Directors

William G. Bruns Eugene J. McGarvey Jr.

Robert P. Kassing George P. Smith, II


Joe D. Black Craig B. Campbell William C. Ervin Edward C. King Ellis K. Locher Jr. Gerald H. McGlone James V. McGlone James J. Nagy Robert E. Peterson R. Scott Plain Gene E. Robbins Marshall D. Ruchman

Class of 1965 Class Agents: James E. Bourne & John W. Whiteleather Jr. Total: $38,850 Participation: 24% Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Clyde D. Compton Dean’s Circle Benefactors

Barton L. Kaufman Dean’s Circle Directors

Terrill D. Albright Vorris J. Blankenship James E. Bourne Hon. Ezra H. Friedlander Justin P. Patterson D. Reed Scism Frank E. Wrenick Partners

Sherrill W. Colvin Thomas E. Fruechtenicht Robert S. Koor Arthur M. Lotz P. Michael Miller George L. Stubbs Jr. John W. Whiteleather Jr. Associates

Donald H. Dunnuck

Thomas G. Karter Frank T. Lewis Arthur C. Nordhoff Jr. Robert F. Welker Thomas G. Wright

Class of 1966 Class Agent: Thomas R. McCully Total: $37,930 Participation: 21% Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Robert A. Jefferies Jr. Robert E. Neiman Dean’s Circle Benefactors

John H. de Boisblanc Thomas R. McCully Dean’s Circle Directors

William D. Chambers Donald I. Grande

Professor Jeff Stake takes time to answer a student’s questions after class.


Robert J. Delaney Robert A. Garelick Henry C. Hudson Denis L. Koehlinger Tracy E. Little Frank J. Otte Associates

Robert D. Arnold Douglas R. Bridges David A. Butcher Ralph B. Eddy Arthur M. Fell William J. Hein Nancy (Lehman) Litzenberger Robert D. Mann Thomas K. Milligan Stephen C. Moberly Mamoru Muraoka Darrel K. Peckinpaugh Patrick J. Roberts

Class of 1967 Class Agents: Eric A. Frey & David O. Tittle Total: $10,369 Participation: 19%

Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Michael S. Maurer Dean’s Circle Directors

Jeffrey J. Kennedy Millard D. Lesch David O. Tittle Partners

Elliott Abrutyn Philip L. Carson Malcolm C. Mallette James C. Nelson Philip D. Waller Jr. Richard E. Woosnam Associates

Stephen W. Adair John F. Androski Jon C. Baxter Jon M. Brown, Sr. Craig W. Caplinger Charles J. Collet F. Roberts Hanning Jr. John R. Hillis Donald C. Lewis William C. Lloyd Jon H. Moll James E. Randall William H. Robbins III Ronald A. Tibaldi Sally (Hartfield) Westley

Class of 1968 Class Agent: Larry R. Fisher Total: $63,100 Participation: 25% Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Stephen F. Burns Dean’s Circle Directors

Carl L. Baker Robert J. Braman Gary J. Clendening Thomas M. McGlasson Marshall S. Sinick Partners

Larry R. Fisher John K. Graham I. Michael Heine Hon. Michael S. Kanne David A. Kruse Thomas K. Maxwell B. Patrick O’Donnell W. Wyatt Rauch Daniel B. Seitz Donald C. Wells Associates

John V. Barnett Jr. George H. Brant


Honor Roll

Honor Roll Philip A. Frantz Peter L. Goerges Gregory A. Hartzler David M. Haskett Carl A. Heldt III Frank C. Hider Max W. Hittle Jr. Robert S. Hulett James R. Kuehl Stephen P. Malak Daniel A. Medrea Charles J. Myers Lon D. Showley Robert N. Swartz

Class of 1970 Class Agents: Ronald B. Brodey & Alan C. Witte Total: $6,180 Participation: 21% Dean’s Circle Directors

Roger T. Stelle Alan C. Witte Partners

Ronald B. Bremen Richard J. Darko E. Duane Daugherty Maribelle (Gannon) Harlow Stephen A. Harlow Alan H. Hedegard Robert E. Kabisch Joseph S. King Frank G. Kramer Douglas C. Leatherbury C. David Little Richard W. Maroc E. Kent Moore Michael D. Peyton William C. Reynolds Alexander L. Rogers William H. Van Deest Kent H. Westley John M. Whitmore Jr. Alan K. Wilson


Class of 1969 Class Agent: John L. Pogue Total: $7,940 Participation: 13% Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Anonymous V. William Hunt Dean’s Circle Directors

William R. Pietz Gordon D. Wishard Partners

John E. Coldren Donald C. Johnson Associates

Thomas H. Bryan Richard L. Darst Patrick E. Donoghue Curtis B. Eskew

Ronald B. Brodey Richard W. Davis Jr. Richard T. Dawson David A. Dodge Penelope S. Farthing T. Todd Hodgdon Edward L. Volk Associates

Robert G. Fishman Jack H. Frisch David E. Gilman J. Patrick Glynn Gordon Gulitz Ruth (Myer) Huitema Rex M. Joseph Jr. Harvey M. Kagan Thomas O. Magan William J. Maher William A. Resneck James A. Schmidt Victor L. Streib Gregory W. Sturm Dane L. Tubergen

Class of 1971 Total: $8,205 Participation: 20%

Dean’s Circle Visionary

Milton R. Stewart Dean’s Circle Directors

Wade R. Bosley David C. Evans Partners

Hon. John G. Baker Terry K. Hiestand James D. Kemper Larry R. Linhart Robert A. Long Richard D. Robinson

Richard L. Halpert George L. Henry W. Michael Horton Marcel Katz Julia Lamber Clifton M. Liter Frederick A. Schurger William M. Shattuck Joseph C. Swift John L. Tuttle IV Kipling N. White Wayne L. Witmer


Ronald L. Chapman Linda Chezem Geoffrey K. Church James W. Curtis Jr. Stanley M. Levco Thomas M. Newman Michael D. O’Connor Richard J. Shagley John L. Shambach William L. Skees Jr. Charles T. Spencer Richard E. Stahl John P. Stelle Rollin E. Thompson Jack L. Walkey

Class of 1972 Class Agent: Randolph L. Seger Total: $13,787 Participation: 20% Dean’s Circle Benefactors

Stephen H. Paul Dean’s Circle Directors

Randolph L. Seger John F. Sturm William K. Thomas Partners

C. Thomas Fennimore Anthony J. Metz III Joe A. Rowe Thomas L. Shriner Jr. Robert T. Wildman Associates

Charles F. Busse John S. Chappell Edward Chosnek Thomas C. Cornwell Kathleen (Hoehn) Gillmore

Class of 1973 Class Agent: Laurence A. McHugh Total: $20,469 Participation: 22% Dean’s Circle Directors

George N. Bewley Jr. Thomas A. Clancy Richard A. Dean Harry L. Gonso John C. Kapsner Robert G. Lord Laurence A. McHugh Thomas L. Pytynia Gerald P. Rodeen William A. Rotzien Curtis B. Stuckey Hon. Ellen K. Thomas Partners

Robert D. Budesa Michael R. Fruehwald Gilmore S. Haynie Jr. Michael C. Lacey Terry (Miller) Mumford Charles R. Rubright Myra (Podvoll) Spicker Michael F. Ward C. Daniel Yates Hon. Patrick J. Zika

Daniel D. Johns Stephen J. Johnson Jeffrey S. Marlin Paul J. Mason Hon. Ronald S. Reinstein William D. Roessler Thomas H. Sawyer Stuart Senescu Arthur M. Small J. Eric Smithburn Robert W. Thacker Philip L. Zorn Jr.

Class of 1974 Class Agents: Mary (Hall) Ham & James E. Carlberg Total: $35,686 Participation: 20% Dean’s Circle Visionaries

David E. Greene John E. Seddelmeyer Dean’s Circle Directors

Donovan R. Flora Daniel M. Graly Dana I. Green Robert C. Rosenfeld Sarah M. Singleton Partners

Charlie P. Andrus Michael E. Armey Thomas J. Breed

W. Michael Burns James E. Carlberg Laura J. Cooper John W. Couter Mary (Hall) Ham Charles A. Hessler Jane (Titus) Hessler Sally A. Lied Basil H. Lorch III Clarine Nardi Riddle Robert O. Smith Associates

Douglas B. Altman Larry G. Amick Robert D. Bray Daniel V. Davidson Harry C. Dees Jr. Larry R. Downs Lawrence L. Hermalyn Michael A. Howard Mark I. Lillianfeld Guy R. Loftman Timothy M. Morrison Joseph S. Northrop Jon S. Readnour Judith A. Schevtchuk Tom W. Stonecipher

Class of 1975 Class Agents: James M. Carr & Michael R. Conner Total: $21,969 Participation: 24%

Dean’s Circle Benefactors

Michael R. Conner Dean’s Circle Directors

James M. Carr Philip R. Cockerille Geoffrey M. Grodner Tommy F. Thompson Wm. C. Thomson III Hon. John D. Tinder Partners

Terry M. Dworkin Roy R. Johnson John L. Lisher Mary (Sturmon) Lisher David M. Main Mark E. Neff Jay M. Rosen K. Stephen Royce Fred O. Towe Jr. Associates

Richard L. Brown Thomas L. Davis Pedro J. De Jesus Kenneth W. Dodge Thomas C. Ewing William R. Fatout Thomas B. Grier Hon. E. Michael Hoff Jr. Larry J. Kane Scott T. Kragie Douglas C. Lehman Kenneth W. Macke J. Timothy McCaulay Larry J. McClatchey Joyce (Milner) Notarius Fred Schwab


Joseph L. Amaral Scott H. Anderson Lee J. Bell Thomas J. Brannan John P. Bushemi James D. Collier Alice M. Craft LeRoy E. Cummings II John F. Fuzak Ward S. Hamlin Jr. Alan L. Johns Indiana Law maintains a 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio, allowing students and professors to engage one another in an intimate environment.

Grant F. Shipley Yvonne Stam Marcia W. Sullivan Bradley L. Williams Robert E. Wrenn

Class of 1976 Class Agent: Mary Beth Brody Total: $22,365 Participation: 31%

David L. Steiner Larry J. Stroble Vincent O. Wagner Barbara S. Woodall

Class of 1977 Total: $48,975 Participation: 22% Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Ann M. DeLaney

Dean’s Circle Directors

Dean’s Circle Directors

William J. Brody David L. Carden Richard L. Fanyo Donald E. Hinkle James Koday Scott Y. Mac Taggart Larry A. Mackey James P. Zeller

Francina (McWilton) Dlouhy Philip C. Genetos Victoria (Van Duren) Hart Herbert D. Hart III Stephen W. Lee Fred J. Logan Jr. Steven M. Post John F. Richardson Randall R. Riggs Hon. Viola J. Taliaferro


Mary (Kleiser) Brody Eric B. Brown William E. Davis Clifford V. Dunn Raymond L. Faust James F. Gillespie Thomas W. Kramer Donald R. Lundberg John W. Purcell Bruce A. Smith Michele (Usack) Suttle Ned M. Suttle


Thomas M. Barr Patricia A. Daly Jeffrey L. Gage Brenda E. Knowles William M. Pope Thomas C. Scherer Sue A. Shadley Roger A. Treece



Ann (Keller) Bailey Margaret (Martin) Berry Gary L. Birnbaum Dianne (Blocker) Braun Joan C. Brooks Sarah A. Carter Emily C. Cato Cathryn V. Deal Steven A. Dodge Frederick R. Folz John B. Ford Michael P. Gray Alan K. Hofer Steven C. Jackson Barbara H. Lembo Christina M. McKee Charles W. McNagny Roy T. Ogawa Stephen R. Pennell Rebecca L. Rouch Michael H. Sahn

Gerald F. Allega Garrison R. Armstrong Mary B. Cook Gerald L. Fischer Elizabeth A. Frederick Paul A. Hass Kurt R. Kaboth Joel M. Marver Doyal E. McLemore Jr. James D. Moore Joyce (Patrick) Morlin Thomas E. Nelson Ann L. Nowak Robert F. Parker Fredrick L. Rice Bruce W. Roberts Mark J. Roberts Daniel F. Sanchez Michael J. Schneider James R. Walker


Honor Roll

Honor Roll Fred B. Kruger William C. Lawrence Bruce J. Rasch W. William Weeks Partners

Jeffrey A. Burger Daniel C. Emerson Mark E. GiaQuinta Michael G. Hyatte John M. Kyle III William E. Langdon Jr. Agnes (Siedlecki) Peters Linda M. Woolcott Associates

Class of 1978 Class Agents: James S. Kowalik & Ted A. Waggoner Total: $26,388 Participation: 27% Dean’s Circle Benefactors

Wayne D. Boberg Catherine A. Conway Jeffrey K. Riffer Dean’s Circle Directors

James R. Brotherson Hugh A. Sanders Reed E. Schaper Glenn Scolnik Ted A. Waggoner Partners

Scott E. Fore Bonnie K. Gibson Barry G. Gomberg Mitchell A. Kline John W. McGee Joseph D. O’Connor III Michael L. Pate John W. Rowings Linda (Ritchie) Rowings David L. Sandweiss Rebecca (Deputy) Urquhart William L. Urquhart Margaret A. Williford Associates

Michael E. Brown Howard R. Cohen


James R. De Motte Aladean Derose– Smithburn Alicia J. Holland Veda M. Jairrels D. Michael Keen James S. Kowalik Janett (Burns) Lowes Debra K. Luke John P. Martin Philip L. McCool Renee (Mawhinney) McDermott Patricia S. Roberts Barry C. Slagle Stephen G. Smith Carolyn W. Spengler Samuel A. Wachtel James H. Young Brenda (Wheeler) Zody R. Brent Zook

Class of 1979 Class Agents: Thomas F. Schnellenberger Jr. & Jacqueline A. Simmons Total: $18,280 Participation: 16%

Jane Alshuler Maria Arista-Volsky Michael J. Botkin Darcy J. Chamberlin Donald D. De Grasse Jeffrey S. Dible Bruce A. Hugon Ronald E. James Madalyn S. Kinsey Teri M. Lorenz Hon. Frank M. Nardi Dan D. Stuart Sabra A. Weliever Joseph K. Wiley

Class of 1980 Class Agents: Michael J. Hinchion & Christopher G. Scanlon Total: $8,750 Participation: 17% Dean’s Circle Directors

Helen (Russell) Friedli Michael J. Hinchion Debbi (Merriman) Johnstone Susan Macey Partners

Thomas F. Schnellenberger Jr. Jacqueline A. Simmons

Michael A. Aspy Wyman N. Bravard Miranda (Kiser) Mandel Meredith (Mettlen) McIntyre Jean (Reyes) Pechette Robert L. Ralston Ernest Summers III David J. Theising

Dean’s Circle Directors


Jeanne A. Hoffmann

Sue A. Beesley

Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Kathryn A. Brogan Theodore J. Ferguson Dolores Hahn Jane Harper Alport Frances (Gall) Hill Keith P. Huffman Dennis A. Kokinda Alice A. Kuzemka Ellen W. Lazar Mark J. Phillipoff Thomas A. Pyrz Pamela A. Rons Edward F. Schrager Peter A. Schroeder Randall R. Shouse Carole B. Silver Sharon (Zoretich) Terry David B. Wilson

Class of 1981 Class Agents: David L. Ferguson & Robert (“Bill”) W. Jonas Jr. Total: $36,477 Participation: 19% Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Karen R. Jones James S. Legg Matthew R. Lewin Jefferson A. Lindsey Timothy W. Miller Kathryn (De Neut) Molewyk David C. Ollis Jeffrey I. Richards Darrell R. Shepard Michael E. Sum Richard W. Young

Class of 1982 Class Agents: Daniel E. Serban & Marce Gonzalez Total: $43,297 Participation: 23% Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Scott N. Flanders Dean’s Circle Benefactors

Bruce J. Artim Dean’s Circle Directors

Dean’s Circle Benefactors

Joseph M. Ambrose Susan M. Kornfield Kevin C. Miller Stephen M. Proctor Hon. Frank E. Sullivan Jr.

Anne N. De Prez


Dean’s Circle Directors

Edward D. Feigenbaum Kenneth H. Inskeep Jay Jaffe Alan A. Levin Cathy S. Moore Madonna (Kissel) Starr Peter A. Teholiz Hon. Patrick D. Zimski

Edward L. Michael Mark S. Wojciechowski

David F. Johnson Gregory C. Knapp Richard A. Rosenthal Jr. Brian P. Williams Partners

Alan W. Becker Ted R. Brown David L. Ferguson Michael A. Pechette Richard M. Quinlan John R. Schaibley III J. Scott Troeger L. Alan Whaley James R. Williams* Myra L. Willis Associates

Joseph A. Colussi John A. Crawford William P. Fletcher Clifford W. Garstang Anthony P. Gillman


Robert G. Andree Peter G. Bakas Roger W. Bennett Jeffrey A. Boyll Elaine (Becher) Brown Michael S. Callahan Paula (Brandenburg) Cardoza Linda (Clark) Dague Stanley O. Faith Ellen S. Gabovitch Jean (Ellett) Henne C. Dean Higginbotham

George L. Lenard Branch R. Lew Michael J. McCaffrey Bruce L. McSpadden Les B. Morris John A. Namovice* Kathryn (Knue) Przywara Joseph W. Rebone Christopher S. Roberge Catherine (Thomas) Ruf Barbara (Reinhart) Schoellkopf Carol M. Seaman Barbara (Welch) Skaggs John W. Van Laere Kathryn A. Watson

Class of 1983 Class Agents: Jerry J. Burgdoerfer & Kenneth L. Turchi Total: $26,935 Participation: 23% Dean’s Circle Benefactors

Michael E. Flannery Dean’s Circle Directors

Susan Blankenbaker Noyes Jerry J. Burgdoerfer Holiday (Hart) McKiernan Philip B. McKiernan Thomas P. McNulty Timothy J. Riffle Lauren K. Robel

Kenneth L. Turchi Zeff A. Weiss Zoe (Urena) Weiss Mark W. Weller Partners

Philip C. Eschels Becky J. Frederick Christopher B. Gambill Bruce C. Haas Howard E. Kochell Mark C. Krcmaric Jeffrey B. Rubenstein Rebecca (Wilkinson) Rubenstein Paul S. Ruderman Douglas D. Small Associates

Samuel R. Ardery Richard A. Clark Deborah L. Darter Pamela J. Fratini Marcia (Lee) Harlow Elizabeth A. Justice John H. Kahle Peter C. Kelty Yvette (Gaff) Kleven Nancy (Vozar) Knapp Karen A. Lloyd Mark J. Moryl Chris A. Ramsey Jeffrey L. Rensberger Thomas E. Satrom Susan (Reed) Schwab Gerhard A. Stuebben Suzanne Sturgeon Camie (Howard) Swanson-Hull Elizabeth (Markham) Warren Tracey (Nicolau) Wise

Class of 1984 Class Agents: Stephen J. Hackman & James L. Whitlatch Total: $15,750 Participation: 14% Dean’s Circle Directors

Richard T. Freije Jr. Stephen J. Hackman Gregory J. Jordan Tracy T. Larsen Lisa A. Powell Brian J. Shapiro Kathleen (O’Connor) St. Louis Partners

James F. Beatty Phillip M. Crane Leslie S. Mead Gilberto R. Perez Thomas L. Perkins Jeffrey P. Petrich James J. Weber Associates

Lee R. Berry Jr. Donald E. Brier Mark C. Eriks Daniel P. Harris Stanley E. Johnson Jr. John P. Lahaie Frank R. Martinez III Paul D. Reid Carol (Nolan) Skinner David R. Warshauer Judith A. Workman

Alan R. Loudermilk RicharJ. McConnell Anne (Boyd) Norris Erick D. Ponader David W. Quist Associates

Scott A. Brown James C. Carlino James W. Foltz Brian L. Goins Daniel M. Griebel Richard T. Groff Joan M. Heinz Timothy D. Hernly Marion P. Herrington Michael D. Huber Denise L. Kelly Jane Magee Verlin R. Nafziger Philip M. Purcell Brian W. Rude Robert J. Tornatta

Class of 1986 Class Agents: J. Adam Bain & Sean T. Maloney Total: $13,700 Participation: 22% Dean’s Circle Benefactors

M. Scott Bassett Dean’s Circle Directors

Eric E. Boyd Andrew W. Hull Partners

Class of 1985 Class Agents: Alan R. Loudermilk & Donald J. Vogel Total: $12,010 Participation: 15% Dean’s Circle Directors

Greta (Gerberding) Cowart Karen Jordan-Boyd Peter C. McCabe III Charles P. Sutphin Partners

William M. Hathaway David M. Kraus

J. Adam Bain John Fedors Jr. James A. Gesmer David J. Hensel Sean T. Maloney C. Brian Sauers Mark R. Waterfill Wendy (Wright) Ponader Associates

Grace M. Buechlein James M. Dion John M. Hamilton Mark T. Hayden Daniel J. Lueders Mary (McArdle) Lueders Leslie W. Meredith Daniel G. Pappas Thomas B. Parent

Bernard Peter M. Racher Susan (Holtzberg) Roberts John J. Roggeman Susie (Poole) Ross Kathryn J. Roudebush David T. Schaefer Karl R. Sturbaum Mary (Pelic) Thickstun Timothy L. Tyler Lawrence A. Vanore

Class of 1987 Class Agents: V. Samuel Laurin III & George T. Patton Total: $10,560 Participation: 22% Dean’s Circle Directors

D. Albert Daspin George T. Patton Jr. Gayle (Gerling) Pettinga Mark V. Pettinga Partners

Jennifer (Burns) Abrell Mark L. Abrell James D. Cockrum Mary T. Crouse Ewald P. Da Veiga Catherine (Fitzgerald) Duclos Nancy (Craig) Jacobs Robert J. Lahaie Kim (Ohmart) Laurin V. Samuel Laurin III Julia (Overton) Maloney Thomas R. Newby Gerald A. Role Susan Eads Role Associates

Douglas J. Brackmann Marie (Adamson) Collins Mindy K. Dale Robert G. Devetski Sam E. Eversman Janis L. Johnston James L. Koewler Jr. Michael C. Lueder Thomas M. Maxwell Douglas R. Meyer Ellen (Zeruld) Mufson Robert S. O’Dell Brian L. Porto


Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Geoffrey Slaughter, JD’89 Partner, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

Living in Indianapolis has its advantages for Geoffrey Slaughter. When it comes to supporting the Law School, Slaughter is just an hour away from attending a Board of Visitors meeting or volunteering to serve as a Moot Court judge. “I learned many years ago how much I get back from giving to the Law School,” Slaughter said. “Whether it’s coming down for a football weekend and stopping by the School to talk with students for 15 minutes or judging Moot Court, the students always appreciate hearing from alums who are practicing lawyers.” Slaughter earned his JD in 1989, spent two years in a federal judicial clerkship in South Bend, Ind., then moved to Chicago for a job with a large law firm. At the same time, former Dean Fred Aman was seeking out alumni from outside the Bloomington and Indianapolis regions to get more involved with the School. Slaughter jumped at the opportunity, but fate made things even easier when he accepted a position as counsel to the Indiana attorney general. What was supposed to be a year or two in Indianapolis has become a permanent home for Slaughter and his wife, Julie, also a lawyer. Now a partner at Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP, Slaughter is able to return to Bloomington whenever he is needed. Time isn’t Slaughter’s only gift to the School; he has been active in fundraising over the last decade. “It’s important to me to give back to the Law School, which afforded me with so many opportunities,” Slaughter said. “That’s part of the culture I was raised in. The Law School and Indiana University are very important to Julie and me.” Slaughter said this is a crucial time for the School. With the hiring of exceptional new faculty, a successful capital campaign, and a surge in the recent U.S. News & World Report rankings, he said the School can solidify its reputation as one of the top public law schools in the nation. “There’s no question we’re at a crossroads right now,” he said. “Dean Robel’s terrific leadership has put us on the threshold of some amazing opportunities for the School. We’re already doing some very exciting things, and further goals are within our reach.” Slaughter encourages alumni to consider getting involved with the School in one capacity or another, even if it’s simply keeping an ear to the ground for possible job opportunities for current students or recent graduates. As current students search for career options in a challenging economy, even a tip in the right direction could pay huge dividends. “It’s never too late to get involved,” Slaughter said. “Alumni involvement can be modest or ambitious. Of course, money always helps. We’ve had some incredible gifts from the Lilly Endowment and the Maurer family, but we also have alumni who have never written a check for any amount. Yet even modest participation from those who haven’t given before can truly add up.” 20

Gail (Benjamin) Shaps George Sistevaris Joel K. Stein Emerson H. Tiller II Susan H. Vrahoretis Thomas E. Wheeler Stephen R. Womble

Class of 1988 Class Agent: Allan T. Slagel Total: $9,624 Participation: 20%

Andrew S. Ward Allison D. Wharry

Class of 1989 Class Agent: Natalie J. Stucky Total: $21,630 Participation: 16% Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Geoffrey G. Slaughter Dean’s Circle Directors

Elizabeth L. Thompson Partners

Dean’s Circle Directors

Matthew R. Gutwein Jane A. Henegar Rebecca K. Schmitt Sara R. Slaughter Thomas C. Smith Partners

Kevin W. Betz Sean M. Clapp Julia (Church) Dierker Jonathan D. Fishbane John D. Inwood Randall M. Jacobs Michael A. Klein Kevin D. Nicoson Emily (Elliott) Powers Browning Kevin C. Schiferl Allan T. Slagel Scott E. Tarter Associates

Scott B. Ainsworth Daniel J. Brondyk Dale E. Carpenter Kerry C. Connor John F. Dietrich Bruce W. Longbottom Douglas M. McCoy Kathleen (O’Donnell) McKune Christopher A. Nichols Katherine Novak Townsend Mona (Lindsey) Paddock Rebekah (Sims) PiersonTreacy Michael D. Scott David J. Shannon Deanna J. Shirley

Deborah Allen-Slagel Thomas E. Baltz Steven C. Bruess Andrew B. Buroker Jeffrey S. Cohen Richard W. Denning Celia (Driscoll) Fisher Bryan A. Richards Amy B. Smith Natalie J. Stucky Associates

Katrina J. Amos James E. Anderson Dean J. Arnold Kevin E. Brown Larry L. Chubb Beth (Niehaus) Folz Alison (Tam) Frazier Shirley (Banner) Gauvin Neil S. Haldrup Terry L. Harrell Richard W. Head Karen M. Heard Mark D. Janis Edward A. McGlone Daniel R. Miller Laurie (Wightman) Schmidt David R. Steiner John P. Steketee Anthony C. Sullivan Brian S. Williams

Class of 1990 Class Agents: Mark B. Gramelspacher & Ted C. Stamatakos Total: $28,992 Participation: 12%

Dean’s Circle Visionaries

K. Steven Blake Gregory A. Castanias Dean’s Circle Directors

J. Scott Enright David A. Rammelt Partners

William M. Braman Bonnie L. Foster David A. Foster Mark B. Gramelspacher Tammy (Amor) Haney Kelly A. Johnson Anthony J. Rose Theodore C. Stamatakos Associates

Jeffrey J. Beihoff Ellen E. Boshkoff David A. Brown P. Lowell Haines William C. Hermann Julia (McClellan) Leavitt Joanne (Krause) Mages Kris Markarian Christian J. Morrison Tracy (Tuley) Pappas

Class of 1991 Class Agents: Anne A. Bennett & Mary Ann Ruegger Total: $6,550 Participation: 12%

Barry F. McDonnell Daniel G. McNamara David J. Paik Nicholas C. Pappas Salvador Vasquez Julia C. Weissman Robert H. Wright Janet (Raycraft) Zeigler Laura A. Zwicker

Class of 1992 Class Agents: James A. Joven, Stephen Koers, & Mark E. Need Total: $14,735 Participation: 9% Dean’s Circle Visionaries

James L. Reed Jr. Dean’s Circle Directors

Darrin M. Dolehanty Partners

Steven M. Badger Greg A. Bouwer Lisa McKinney Goldner Kevin A. Halloran James A. Jovan Matthew J. Miller Alyssa (Forman) Stamatakos Courtney R. Tobin Alan S. Townsend Brantley H. Wright Associates

Dean’s Circle Directors

James L. Cooper Gary D. Gold Marianne M. Owen Partners

John C. Erickson III Philippa M. Guthrie Barry I. Kroot Associates

Edward P. Benchik Shuba (Krishnan) Bhatt Gregory M. Bokota Natalie (Koziol) Bokota Brad E. Burnett Michael H. Gottschlich Julia E. Heitz Cassidy Cynthia A. King Shuba Krishnan Laura A. Linneball

Judith M. Bolles James T. Flanigan Anne M. Frye James M. Hinshaw Randal L. Lloyd Timothy E. Ochs Debra L. Schroeder

Class of 1993 Class Agents: Clayton C. Miller & James L. Vana Total: $6,290 Participation: 12% Dean’s Circle Directors

Steven E. Goode Clayton C. Miller


Patrick S. Cross Carl A. Greci Sarah S. Riordan Raymond T. Seach James L. Vana Jennifer (Aichele) Vana Associates

Carrie (Atkins) Barron Julie (Meredith) Conrad Laurie A. Gray Nestor F. Ho Anthony R. Jost Christopher D. Lee Jennifer (Lang) Lloyd Michael J. Lotus Mark J. Lowney Paul W. Malone Michael R. Peterson Delanie P. Pope Matthew M. Price Patrick W. Rasche Michael P. Sanchez Anne (Murray) Stamper Kevin E. Steele

Class of 1994 Class Agents: Thomas E. Deer & Henry S. Noyes Total: $8,105 Participation: 15%

Stephen P. Fardy Elena (Becker) Gobeyn Keith E. Grindstaff Sandra (Rasche) Hemmerlein Heather (Reichert) Hodge Michael T. Hylland Robert A. Laudeman David B. Mammel Daniel J. Mathis Joanne (Crawford) McAnlis Henry S. Noyes Sean S. Steele Ronald Wilcox

Class of 1995 Class Agents: Kathleen A. DeLaney & Ian John Total: $7,870 Participation: 12% Dean’s Circle Directors

Kathleen A. DeLaney Matthew T. Furton Janet (Beach) Min Elizabeth Stuart John Ian G. John Partners

Brenda (Osborne) Freije Kalpak S. Gude James P. Strenski

David O. Barrett Daniel P. Fowler Raymond A. Limon Charles J. Meyer Christopher J. Rabideau



Dean’s Circle Directors

Craig C. Burke Thomas M. Fisher Jeffrey S. Goldenberg David J. Jurkiewicz Carol (Nemeth) Joven John T. Keith Angela F. Parker A. Yasmine Rassam Associates

Edward G. Bielski Amanda (Owens) Blackketter Geoffrey J. Bradley Karl W. Butterer Rebecca L. Collins Karen (Mellencamp) Davis

Carla D. Boddy Jeffrey L. Carmichael Julia (McCord) Chavez Gregory B. Coy Robert A. Dubault Jennifer (Kelly) Fardy Douglas W. Hyman Jeffrey E. Kimmell James P. Leahey David A. Locke Dana L. Miroballi Jill T. Powlick John M. Yarger

Class of 1996 Class Agent: Randal J. Kaltenmark Total: $2,400 Participation: 9% Partners

Rhonda Hospedales Randal J. Kaltenmark Shou Y. Ling Elissa J. Preheim Susan J. Yoon Associates

Robert F. Barron II Christine (Carroll) Cahill Manotti L. Jenkins Angela M. King Sandip H. Patel Jamison S. Prime Frederick W. Schultz Jennifer (Roessler) Schultz Melinda (Gentry) Schwer Ketaki Sircar John F. Townsend III John P. Twohy

Class of 1997 Class Agents: Troy D. Farmer, Jason R. Reese, & Sonia MillerVan Oort Total: $4,830 Participation: 14% Dean’s Circle Directors

Troy D. Farmer Partners

James K. Cleland Kelly (Collier) Cleland Dominic W. Glover W. James Hamilton Wendy (Melone) Hamilton Sonia L. Miller-Van Oort Jacqueline (Jaques) Pugh Associates

Thaddeus R. Ailes Anne M. Burton David E. Corbitt Eric M. Douthit Jose M. Espinosa Jennifer M. Fitzgerald


Honor Roll Heidi G. Goebel Linda A. Graft Allen J. Guon Scott F. Hill Steven S. Hoar Mary (Jordan) Jankowski Raoul K. Maitra Michelle (Kok) Moritz Johanna J. Philhower Maple Jose J. Sanchez Jill M. Sears David A. Suess Ellen (Morrison) Townsend Konrad M. Urberg Heather (Tallman) Wilson Jered J. Wilson

Class of 1998 Class Agents: Martha Braswell & Jay Zelenock Total: $4,155 Participation: 10% Dean’s Circle Directors

Cynthia (Losure) Baraban Partners

Cynthia L. Bauerly Jennifer (Wheeler) Terry John S. Terry Gerald B. Zelenock Associates

Stephen W. Beard Terri (Ozbun) Bruksch Michael L. Griffin Mark A. Hagedorn Joshua D. Hague Norman J. Hedges Tony Y. Kim Andrew D. Kruse Wesley S. Marion Brian T. McElfatrick Kendall H. Millard Marc T. Quigley April (Hunsinger) Schilling Michael D. Schwartz Angela R. Smith Fisher Germaine (Winnick) Willett Bryan B. Woodruff


Honor Roll

Class of 1999 Class Agents: Bryan H. Babb & Julie P. Wilson Total: $6,905 Participation: 10% Dean’s Circle Directors

Rose E. Gallagher Burke J. Montgomery Partners

Bryan H. Babb Tamatha (Gawlik) Earnhart Jason D. Kimpel Danielle R. Louton Associates

Adam J. Berlin Beverly A. Bruns Karen L. Hsu John H. Kedeshian Damon R. Leichty Jeffrey M. Monberg Julie (Sanders) Monberg John C. Musto Brett E. Nelson Kathy L. Osborn Mathew J. Roth Daniel R. Roy Christy A. Short David L. Theyssen Daniel C. Walters Brian Yeley

Class of 2000 Class Agents: Angela Karras Neboyskey & David A. Neboyskey Total: $1,750 Participation: 8% Partners

Jessica (Proctor) Barth Amy (Hurley) Brody Byoung Y. Kim Angela Karras Neboyskey David A. Neboyskey Associates

Matthew S. Carr Tenley L. Drescher Heather (Miller) Emenhiser Jonathan P. Emenhiser

James E. Fisher Jacqueline M. Goldman Gara U. Lee Joel T. May Robert S. Meitus Pamela S. Meyer Jeffrey D. Mills Jang-Geun Nam Sandra Perry Leslie Schafer de Ochoa

Class of 2001 Class Agents: Emily L. Fitzgerald & Robert D. Lattas Total: $5,569 Participation: 13% Dean’s Circle Directors

Robert D. Lattas Partners

Jasna (Brblic) Dolgov Mary M. Freeman Elizabeth A. Gabig Jason A. Houdek Brian J. Lally Associates

Laura (Boeckman) Cauley Sonia S. Chen Paula (Cuadros) Clarkston Pamela R. Cleary Hamish S. Cohen Robert C. Corbett Daniel S. Dooley Emily L. Fitzgerald Michael J. Hulka Matthew D. Kellam Trenten D. Klingerman Rebecca Kreisher Peter S. Nemeth Shiv (Ghuman) O’Neill Sherry A. Oswalt Jason A. Scheele Justin T. Schneider Greg A. Small John D. Snethen Peter T. Snow James M. Van Buren Susan (Hutz) Worth

Class of 2002 Class Agent: Joseph M. Meadows Total: $3,870 Participation: 13% Dean’s Circle Directors

Thomas C. Lunsford Partners

Mindy A. Finnigan Jenny N. Masunaga Joseph M. Meadows Terrance Stroud Angela (Schultz) Yoon Hongsun Yoon Associates

Changhwa J. Cheu Shannon (McClellan) Cohen Matthew E. Conrad Justin V. Czubaroff Michael A. Harrison Lauren E. Minto Kelly A. Powis Johnny D. Pryor Rachel Rabideau Lipinski Aaron R. Raff Jeffrey D. Roberts Marisol Sanchez Rafael A. Sanchez Travis G. Sandifur Peter P. Ten Eyck Jason M. Torres Stefanie J. Weigand

Class of 2003 Class Agent: Dani Weatherford Total: $2,225 Participation: 11% Partners

Karen (Klein) Jenkins Associates

Misbah (Sethi) Chaudhry Hyun S. Choi Michael P. Commons Lawrence A. Dailey Maria G. DeFord Michael E. Heintz Sarah E. Herkamp

Jennifer (Burger) Herrmann Janet G. Horvath Shontrai D. Irving Matthew R. King Lisa E. Kinney Cynthia (Cross) Lasher Alexander C. O’Neill Jane E. Rueger Jennifer L. Shea Matthew Silverman Lena (Nasr) Snethen Valerie M. Tachtiris Jennifer L. Weber

Leslie C. McCoy Derek R. Molter Edward R. Murray Olubunmi O. Okanlami Shamil R. Patel Charles M. Persons Jr. Tanya R. Pettay Kenneth K. Rathburn Nithin B. Reddy Joshua K. Richardson Paul C. Rudolph Christopher D. Schimke Jason T. Schnellenberger Jacob B. Schtevie Tiffany L. Sorge Smith Emily L. Tamlyn Mickey K. Weber Jennifer E. Winnett Denniston

Class of 2004 Class Agents: Michael N. Red & Matthew St. Louis Total: $6,227 Participation: 16% Partners

Rebecca (Biller) Elmore Joseph J. Glenn Catherine L. Knowles Bryan R. Mason Patrick J. McGowan Timothy B. Paul Jacob P. Sheehan Megan Stifel Wildstein Inge M. Van der Cruysse Daniel J. Wagner Kristine L. Zeabart

Class of 2008 Ashley E. Tatman John R. Worth Andrew J. Yoder

Class of 2005 Class Agents: David W. Clark & Renea Vealey Hill Total: $4,745 Participation: 12%


Jeffrey S. Ankrom Tracy Betz-Sandifur Jacqueline V. Brown Ernest C. Cooper Darren A. Craig Steven R. Davis Thomas J. Davis Carina M. De la Torre Kerrye Dove Cyril R. Emery Matthew E. Fink Daniel R. Flynn Jason L. Fulk Olivia Gabriel Christopher M. Gibbs Richard H. Hedrick Robin E. Moll Michael N. Red Emily M. Salatich Freedom S. Smith

Dean’s Circle Directors

Christopher J. Rasmussen Amy L. Strong Partners

Howard W. Anderson III Justin J. Harrison Jennifer (Johnson) Monberg Megan Tucker Gimbel Renea Vealey Hill Amanda C. Wiley Matthew S. Winings Associates

Kimberly Case David W. Clark Rachael N. Clark Jill (Klasing) Doggett Kathryn M. Dywan Abram B. Gregory Liane C. Groth

Layne S. Keele Steven R. Latterell Matthew R. Lesher Katherine A. Miltner Melissa M. Mortimer Kristin J. Neff John W. Russell Anthony J. Spotts Elizabeth J. Wysong

Class of 2006 Class Agents: Rebecca Bailey Jacobsen & Maurice Williams Total: $4,690 Participation: 11% Dean’s Circle Directors

Judith E. Golitko

Kellie Johnson Bradley T. Jones Austin K. Lee Karen E. Levy Jason L. Morris Adam C. Shields Lora S. Smith James T. Spolyar Tandra (Foster) Stovall Shana C. Stump Faye H. Teng Martin N. Weiser

Class of 2007 Class Agents: Stephanie A. Artnak & Laura J. Koenig Total: $8,826 Participation: 26%


Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh Christina M. Finn Anna T. Meyer Joel R. Meyer Christopher W. Smith John S. Wills Holly L. Yoakum Associates

Joshua L. Christie Michelle Cosby Stephen E. Fenn

Dean’s Circle Directors

Aleka L. Jones Edward S. Livingston Partners

Stephanie A. Artnak Brent A. Burris Rachel E. Clark Joel T. Koerner Mark K. Leeman Peter J. Wozniak


Elizabeth (Lewis) Baney Nathan D. Baney Kristin (Steckbeck) Bilinski Birk K. Billingsley Hannah (Johnson) Bornstein Robyn (Slaughter) Brittain Matthew D. Bruno David T. Callan Casey B. Cox Sarah W. Dame Dustin R. DeNeal Michael F. Donnelly Jill M. Felkins Corinne (Welch) Gilchrist Laura M. Ginn Jane E. Glynn Nicholas M. Gottlieb Robin (Hall Potter) Hall Laura (Corderman) Harbison Ryan M. Hasler David C. Hiestand Adam D. Houston Laura L. Jakubowski Corey A. Johanningmeier Laura J. Koenig Christopher D. Lang Suzy E. Lee

Class Agents: Maria E. Bennett & Jennifer M. Hesch Total: $315 Associates

Erin Bauer Matthew D. Lawless James F. Olds Jeffrey M. Peabody Jennifer L. Schuster James D. Shanahan Craig P. Smith

Class of 2009 Total: $505 Partners

Rachael L. Yates Associates

Benjamin J. Keele * deceased


Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Lilly Endowment gift brings five exceptional scholars to Indiana Law Five new faculty members have joined Indiana Law’s teaching ranks, strengthening the School’s already outstanding faculty. The Lilly Endowment’s $25 million grant to the Law School in December 2007 was designated for faculty retention and the recruitment of top scholars. From established researchers to up-and-coming legal academics, the Lilly Endowment’s exceptional gift is being put into action with the addition of new faculty. All five began their teaching duties this fall. An associate professor, Brian Broughman came to Indiana Law from University of California– Berkeley, where he had been a visiting assistant professor. Broughman’s scholarship focuses on corporate governance, financial contracting, and law and social norms. He recently presented a new research project (co-authored with Jesse Fried, professor of law at the University of California–Berkeley) titled “Do Venture Capitalists Use Inside Financing to Dilute Founders?” at the Midwest Law and Economics Association conference.

Mark Janis, JD’89, professor and Ira C. Batman Faculty Fellow, is spearheading the Law School’s emerging intellectual property program. He is excited about recruiting top students interested in pursuing legal careers in IP fields and expanding programs in both patent and trademark/copyright law. He recently participated in a panel discussion on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in In re Bilski.

Within a few days of moving to Bloomington, Jayanth Krishnan, the Charles L. Whistler Faculty Fellow, was on a plane to India, where the Law School announced its new Center on the Global Legal Profession. A noted scholar on globalization and the law, Krishnan is working closely with Professor William Henderson and others to secure the Law School’s position as a leader in the study of the global legal profession. He presented “Comparative Legal Methodologies in India” at the American Society of Comparative Law Meeting in October.

A former Bristow Fellow in the solicitor general’s office and clerk for Judge Michael McConnell of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, Ryan Scott is teaching in the areas of criminal law and procedure and federal jurisdiction. His expertise on federal sentencing guidelines was recently sought by The Wall Street Journal for an extensive article on variations in criminal sentences by federal judges.

A former visiting assistant professor at Brooklyn Law School, Deborah Widiss has bolstered the Law School’s offerings in family law, the course she is teaching this fall semester. Her work has been published by Notre Dame, Florida State, and the Harvard Journal of Law & Gender. Earlier this year, Widiss was a winner of the Association of American Law Schools’ annual scholarly papers competition, which recognizes excellent scholarship by junior faculty. She recently participated in a panel discussion at the Law School on marriage and employment rights.


Friends, Faculty, Staff, and Students Friends, faculty, staff, and students have a close bond to the School. The IU Maurer School of Law especially appreciates their support. Dean’s Circle Benefactors

Gary W. McFarron Michael D. Shumate Dean’s Circle Directors

Amy Applegate John Applegate Beth Cate Fred H. Cate Daniel O. Conkle Deborah W. Conkle Diane K. Dudeck John P. Dudeck John H. Ferguson Karen W. Ferguson Craig W. Johnson Peter J. Johnson Hon. Edward W. Najam Jr. Marilyn Pendergast Lauren K. Robel, ’83 W. William Weeks, ’79 Carwina Weng Partners

Lida M. Baker David N. Baker Jr. A. James Barnes Jeannine Bell Rita L. Bender William J. Bender Elizabeth R. Birch Stephen A. Conrad Yvonne Cripps Kenneth G. DauSchmidt Luis Fuentes-Rohwer Nancy J. Gargula Jacquelyn C. Gauss Robert L. Gauss Charles Geyh Aaron L. Hosey Lisa G. Hosey Sarah J. Hughes Brian Kearney Debra M. Lynch Michael L. Lynch

David M. Main, ’75 Helen A. Merrick Aviva A. Orenstein Curtis R. Simic Judith E. Simic Jeffrey D. Stemerick Emily F. Van Tassel Associates

Loraine R. Allen Lawrence E. Allen, MD Charles E. Barbieri Yvonne Berry Diane L. Black Rodney M. Black Craig M. Bradley Hannah Buxbaum Bradley H. Cohen Georgia S. de Araujo Mark K. de Araujo Cheryl Decorso Gene S. DeVane Gladys F. DeVane, PhD John S. Dickerson Brent E. Dickson Jan A. Dickson Paul J. Dunne Roberta S. Dunne Catherine E. Dyar Dawn C. Eby Miriam Effron Mary I. Emison Peter P. Eyck Aline M. Feldman Marielle Fischman Robert L. Fischman Leonard Fromm David H. Gamble Patricia K. Gamble Mary Gaus Sally A. Glynn Sophia Goodman Ann Harrigan Daniel J. Harrigan William D. Henderson Yamini Hingorani Mark Janis, ’89 Elizabeth L. Kyle

Leandra Lederman H. David Levyne Clarence J. McClane Ajay K. Mehrotra Jeanne C. Meyer Martha S. Michael Michael D. Moon Jr. Amy L. Moon, MD Barbara Muceus Eric E. Muceus Mark A. Newton Kevin L. O’Neill William C. Petranoff Anne Redman Kirby D. Redman, OD Robert E. Reed Emily Richardson Philip Richardson Janet S. Robertson Lorie J. Seitz-Barbieri David Shafer Archana Sridhar Janet Stake Jeffrey E. Stake Leola Tillman Talmadge C. Tillman Jr., PhD Flora M. Valentine Kenneth B. Valentine Gregory W. Wagner Karen B. Wagner Bruce A. Walker Candace Walker Mary M. Weakley Philip Whistler Donna K. Wilber David Williams Susan Williams Betty J. Yoder


Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Class of 2009 Campaign

Ways to give Alumni and friends can support Indiana Law’s annual giving

Class of ’09 sets five-year pledge challenge

program — the Fund for Excellence — in the following ways. For more information, please contact the director of annual giving and stewardship at (812) 855-9953.

Gifts by check Send your check, payable to the IU Foundation/Maurer School of Law, to:

Give $20.09 for 2009 and give time in 2009

Indiana University Maurer School of Law Indiana University Foundation P.O. Box 2298

Pledge campaign co-chairs: Paul R. Hogan & Ross D. Eberly

Bloomington, IN 47402-2298

Since 2004, each graduating class has participated in a fund-raising campaign to solicit pledges of financial support for the Law School. The Class of 2009 decided to add a new component to its campaign where graduates could also pledge a gift of service to the Law School. In a difficult economic year, this was a great option for many students. They selected the themes, “Give $20.09 for 2009” and “Give Time in 2009” and challenged each other to step forward and support their School. Thank you to the members of the Class of 2009 for their commitment to the future of our School.

Gifts by credit card To charge your gift using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover, please call the IU Foundation at (800) 558-8311 , or visit our Web site to make a secure gift online through the IU Foundation.

Gifts by electronic transfer Your gift to the Law School can be deducted automatically

Jazmine Abadia Timothy V. Addison Abhishek Chaudhary Mary D. Clerkin Colin E. Connor John Paul H. Cournoyer Kristin L. Crone Logan K. Davis Brooke E. Dorsey Laura Jane Durfee Ross D. Eberly Benjamin C. Ellis Raymond D. Faust Jonathan E. Fields Andrew V. Fitzgerald Katherine M. Grgic Lisa M. Grier


Lawrence S. Hagerman Susan M. Hinds Paul R. Hogan Laura E. Howard Kristin T. Jackson John M. Keele Clark P. Kirkman Gregory V. Kovatch Erika L. Kroeger Benjamin R. Lawson Kathleen L. Lee Alex B. Leeman Kellen E. Lynch Lindsey Lanae Gorrel Magaro Nicholas M. Matthews Pradeep Nagappa Anna R. Obergfell

Nathan P. Patterson Michael E. Riskin Munjot Sahu Matthias L. Sayer Kristin J. Streicher Blake C. Thomas Margaret R. Tucker Rachel A. Vilensky Bryce A. Wagner Amanda R. Whiffing Rachael L. Yates Jasmine Z. Zaki

each month from your checking account or credit card. For more information, please call the IU Foundation at (800) 5588311.

Gifts of securities The Law School welcomes gifts of securities and appreciated stock. For more information, call the IU Foundation at (800) 558-8311.

Law firm and corporate matching gifts Matching gifts can double or triple your gift. Please contact your personnel or benefits office to request the necessary forms. To find out if your organization has a matching program, go to


Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Corporations, Foundations, and Law Firms How does the IU Maurer School of Law manage to improve its national rankings, attract top students and professors, and offer increasingly competitive scholarships? Gifts from corporations, foundations, law firms, and other organizations enable the School to maintain — and improve — its standard of excellence. The following list includes organizations that made a direct gift to the School or matched contributions from alumni supporters. Indiana Law is grateful for these invaluable partnerships. Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Firestone Natural Rubber Company John W. Anderson Foundation Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust Lilly Endowment Inc. Dean’s Circle Benefactors

Baker & Daniels LLP Tax Analysts Thomson Reuters Dean’s Circle Directors

Anonymous Bose McKinney & Evans LLP Ice Miller LLP Indiana Legal Foundation Inc. Jenner & Block LLP Rhys Corporation Partners

Barnes & Thornburg LLP Barrett & McNagny LLP Bingham McHale LLP Bricker & Eckler Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione Bryan Cave LLP Faruki Ireland & Cox Foley & Lardner Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC Greenberg Traurig Greenebaum Doll & McDonald PLLC Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP Indiana Legal Services Inc Jones Day


Kirkland & Ellis LLP Latham & Watkins LLP Locke Reynolds LLP May Oberfell & Lorber Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw McDermott Will & Emery LLP Miller Murphy LLP Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren RhineErnest LLP Rothberg Logan & Warsco LLP Seyfarth Shaw State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Stewart & Irwin PC Stites & Harbison Swanson Martin and Bell LLP Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP The Judge Villapando Committee Thompson Hine LLP Varnum Riddering Schmidt & Howlett Vedder Price Kaufman & Kammholz PC Warner Norcross & Judd LLP Western Newspaper Publishing Co. Wooden & McLaughlin LLP Associates

Hoover Hull LLP Indiana Judges Association

Law firm and corporate giving challenge 100% alumni participation rate The IU Maurer School of Law gratefully acknowledges the law firms that achieved 100-percent alumni participation in the 2008–2009 Fund for Excellence. Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, Indianapolis Lisa M. Goldner, ’92 Robert P. Kassing, ’64 Daniel B. Seitz, ’68 Jones Day, Washington, D.C. Gregory A. Castanias, ’90

Stuart & Branigin, Lafayette, Ind. & Indianapolis Thomas R. McCully, ’66 Yoder Ainlay Ulmer & Buckingham LLP, Goshen, Ind. George E. Buckingham, ’63

Krieg DeVault LLP, Indianapolis Andrew B. Buroker, ’89

Top firms and corporations by dollars raised Indiana Law gratefully acknowledges the law firms that have raised more than $5,000 in generous alumni support for the Fund for Excellence. Baker & Daniels, Indianapolis James M. Carr, ’75 Parick S. Cross, ’93 Barnes & Thornburg, Indianapolis Randal J. Kaltenmark, ’96 Laurence A. McHugh, ’73 Bingham McHale LLP, Indianapolis Rafael A. Sanchez, ’02 Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, Indianapolis Lisa M. Goldner, ’92 Robert P. Kassing, ’64 Daniel B. Seitz, ’68

Ice Miller LLP, Indianapolis David J. Mallon Jr., ’75 Jones Day, Washington, D.C. Gregory A. Castanias, ’90 Stuart & Branigin, Lafayette, Ind. & Indianapolis Thomas R. McCully, ’66 Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP, Indianapolis Hannah Meils, ’03 Winston & Strawn LLP, Chicago Amanda C. Wiley, ’05

DeLaney & DeLaney, Indianapolis Kathleen A. DeLaney, ’95


Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Special and Memorial Gifts

Kathleen A. Buck Loan Repayment Assistance Fund

Indiana Law gratefully acknowledges the donors who have chosen to honor loved ones, friends, and colleagues with memorial and honorary gifts. We also thank donors to dedicated funds, including named scholarships.

Charles M. Persons Jr., ’07

Firestone Natural Rubber Company

Catherine E. Dyar Steven Robert Latterell, ’05 & Tammy K. Latterell Jennifer J. Monberg, ’05 Kristin Jane Neff, ’05 Gerald P. Rodeen, ’73 Curtis B. Stuckey, ’73 Kristine L. Zeabart, ’04

Curriculum Support Fund

Gary and Denise Birnbaum Scholarship

Kenneth & Louise Yahne Scholarship

Stephen F. Burns, ’68

Gary L. Birnbaum, ’76 & Denise B. Birnbaum

Kenneth R. Yahne, ’68 & Louise A. Yahne

Gary McFarron Intellectual Property Scholarship

L.H. Wallace Teaching Award

Community Legal Clinic

DeLaney Scholarship Fund Ann M. DeLaney, ’77 & Edward O. DeLaney

Firestone Scholarship

Gary W. McFarron

Donald P. Dorfman Scholarship Donald P. Dorfman, ’57

Arthur P. Kalleres Memorial Scholarship Craig Cassin Burke, ’94 & Diane Cruz-Burke Robert L. Gauss and Jacquelyn C. Gauss Philip C. Genetos, ’77 & Dorothea A. Genetos David O. Tittle, ’67 & Sue D. Tittle Philip Whistler Germaine W. Willett & Brian C. Willett

Baker & Daniels LLP Pro Bono Fellowship Baker & Daniels LLP

Child Advocacy Program Karen L. Hsu, ’99 & Peter Miller Leslie C. McCoy, ’07


Timothy B. Paul, ’04

Elmore Entrepreneurship Law Clinic

Eric M. Douthit, ’97 Troy D. Farmer, ’97 Raoul K. Maitra, ’97

D.G. Elmore Jr., ’84 & Virginia Elmore David G. Elmore, ’58 Michael E. Flannery, ’83 & Lori Flannery Adam C. Shields, ’06

Class of 1979 Scholarship Fund

Elmore Family Scholarship

Maria E. Arista-Volsky, ’79 & George Volsky Jeffrey A. Burger, ’79 Darcy J. Chamberlin, ’79 Donald D. DeGrasse & Lee E. DeGrasse, ’79 Bruce A. Hugon, ’79 & Nancy A. Hugon Madalyn S. Kinsey, ’79 John M. Kyle III, ’79 & Marcia Dunne-Kyle Bruce J. Rasch, ’79 & Jeanne A. Hoffmann, ’79

D.G. Elmore Jr., ’84 & Virginia Elmore David G. Elmore, ’58

Class of 1997 Scholarship Fund

Environmental Law Program Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust

Greene and Bealer Scholarship David E. Greene, ’74 & Barbara J. Bealer

Harry T. Ice Memorial Fund Karen E. Arland, ’82 & David H. Arland Byron L. Myers, ’77 & Margaret A. Myers OneAmerica Financial Partners William R. Riggs, ’63 & Gloria A. Riggs L. Alan Whaley, ’81 & Elizabeth Whaley

Harry Pratter Professorship Philip C. Potts, ’59 & Mary P. Potts

James Louis Calamaras Professorship David O. Tittle, ’67 & Sue D. Tittle

Dale E. Armstrong, ’54 & Julia L. Armstrong Susan J. Voelkel Harry L. Wallace

Law Journal Sustaining Fund David O. Barrett, ’95 & Jacqueline R. Barrett Thomas C. Bigley, ’63 & Carol L. Bigley Gary L. Birnbaum, ’76 & Denise B. Birnbaum William T. Burke, ’53 Donald W. Buttrey, ’61 & Karen Lake Buttrey Larry L. Chubb, ’89 Michael R. Conner, ’75 & Susan O. Conner Richard J. Darko, ’68 & Betty J. Darko Anne N. DePrez, ’81 Robert A. Dubault, ’95 David G. Elmore, ’58 & Donna Tuttle Daniel C. Emerson, ’79 & Virginia A. Emerson Arthur M. Fell, ’66 & Therese Fell Miles C. Gerberding, ’56 Christopher M. Gibbs, ’04 Vincent F. Grogg, ’58 &

Mildred S. Grogg Marvin L. Hackman, ’59 & Jane M. Hackman John M. Hamilton, ’86 & Dawn E. Johnsen William J. Hein, ’66 & Diane E. Hein Leroy W. Hofmann, ’58 & Eleanor J. Hofmann Robert A. Jefferies, ’66 & Sylvia M. Jefferies Robert P. Kassing, ’64 & Troy I. Kassing Larry R. Linhart, ’71 & Sherri S. Linhart David A. Locke, ’95 Lumina Foundation for Education Peter C. McCabe, ’85 & Cynthia D. McCabe Doyal E. McLemore Jr., ’77 Anna T. Meyer, ’06 Milford M. Miller Jr., ’62 Montgomery & Andrews PA James D. Moore, ’77 Ellen Z. Mufson, ’87 Michael D. O’Connor, ’71 Sandip H. Patel, ’96 William R. Pietz, ’69 Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP Richard S. Rhodes, ’53 & Judith A. Rhodes Randall R. Riggs, ’77 & Ann M. Riggs Debra L. Schroeder, ’92 Darrell R. Shepard, ’81 Sarah M. Singleton, ’74 Geoffrey G. Slaughter, ’89 & Julie Randolph Slaughter Peter T. Snow, ’01 Thomas L. Stevens, ’55 & Nancy F. Stevens Joseph S. Thompson, ’54 & W. Jean Thompson Cliff K. Travis, ’57 & Joan C. Travis Edward L. Volk, ’70 Western Newspaper Publishing Co. Susan L. Worth, ’01 & John R. Worth, ’04 Peter J. Wozniak, ’07 Richard W. Young, ’81

Law Library Fund Wayne D. Boberg, ’78 & Nancy E. Boberg Michelle T. Cosby, ’06 Richard T. Dawson, ’70 & Linda M. Dawson Karen M. Heard, ’89 John H. Menzel, ’57 Lauren E. Minto, ’02 Rhys Corporation George P. Smith, II, ’64

Lila B. Louden Memorial Fellowship Lila B. Louden Trust

Lloyd G. Balfour Fund L. G. Balfour Foundation

M.A.L. Fund Lilly Endowment Inc Thomas M. Lofton, ’54 & Betty L. Lofton

Marilyn Wheeler Pendergast Scholarship Marilyn Pendergast Wabash Valley Community Foundation

McLoughlin Family Scholarship Michael T. McLoughlin, ’72 & Mary K. McLoughlin

Michael K. Guest Memorial Scholarship Joanne R. Ardery & Charles W. Ardery

Michael S. and Janie Maurer Scholarships Michael S. Maurer, ’67 & Janie Maurer

Past Presidents Emergency Loan Fund Christina M. Finn, ’06 Hugo C. Songer, ’60 & Lillian M. Songer Holly L. Yoakum, ’06

Gifts in Honor of Professor Pat Baude Eric E. Boyd, ’86 & Karen Jordan-Boyd, ’85 Gregory A. Castanias, ’90 & Jane E. Castanias


Honor Roll

William R. Fatout, ’75 David F. Johnson, ’81 Brenda E. Knowles, ’77 Milton R. Stewart, ’71 & Judi Stewart

Public Interest Law Fellowship Anonymous Jeannine Bell Craig M. Bradley Daniel O. Conkle & Deborah W. Conkle Yvonne M. Cripps Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt & Elizabeth R. Birch Karen J. Davis, ’94 & Daniel L. Davis Mindy A. Finnigan, ’02 & Ken Kulus Leonard D. Fromm & Donna K. Wilber Luis E. Fuentes-Rohwer Charles G. Geyh & Emily F. Van Tassel Sarah J. Hughes & A. James Barnes Peter J. Johnson


Honor Roll

Edward S. Livingston, ’07 Julia McClellan-Leavitt, ’90 & Richard P. Leavitt Christian J. Morrison, ’90 Eric E. Muceus & Barbara Muceus Christiana Ochoa Aviva A. Orenstein Emily Richardson & Philip Richardson Lauren K. Robel, ’83 Carol M. Seaman, ’82 Matthew Silverman, ’03 Jeff Stemerick, ’10 Emily L. Tamlyn, ’07 Hon. Ellen K. Thomas, ’73 James L. Vana, ’93 & Jennifer L. Vana, ’93 Carwina Weng David C. Williams & Susan H. Williams Rachael Yates, ’09

R. Neil & Michele Irwin Scholarship Robert N. Irwin, ’71 & Michele K. Irwin

Ralph Fuchs Memorial Fund Lewis R. Katz, ’63 & Jan K. Katz

Rapheal M. Prevot Jr. Memorial Scholarship Sylvia A. Bier, ’05 Carla D. Boddy, ’95 & Bryan K. Moore Tricia R. Bogle & Charles R. Bogle Cherri L. Branson, ’85 Mary Ann Cappo & Bruce M. Cappo James M. Carr, ’75 & Angela M. Carr Patricia S. Clark & John D. Clark Theresa M. Collins Catherine A. Conway, ’78 Gary L. Davis, ’82 & Lisa Egbuonu-Davis Yolanda D. Edwards, ’03 Michael E. Flannery, ’83 & Lori A. Flannery Leonard D. Fromm & Donna K. Wilber Gramelspacher Foundation David E. Greene, ’74 & Barbara J. Bealer Barrington M. Hammond, ’06 Natalie B. Hannau & Michael P. Hannau Scott R. Hansen, ’92 & Genee Hansen Pamela L. Harbour, ’84 & John H. Harbour Augustavia J. Haydel, ’85 Sharon R. Hidalgo Darrick J. Hooker, ’00 Manotti L. Jenkins, ’96 & Karen A. Lloyd, ’83 Robert P. Kassing, ’64 & Troy I. Kassing Mary L. Kilbane & Farrell M. Kilbane Millard D. Lesch, ’67 Lonene C. Maynard, ’99 Angela M. McDonald, ’95 R. Bruce McLean, ’71 & Rachel A. Adams Dana P. Moore

Frank Motley & Valeri Haughton National Bar Institute Inc. James R. Overdorf & Michele L. Overdorf R. Anthony Prather, ’83 Countess W. Price Beth O’Laughlin Rapier Richard S. Rhodes, ’53 & Judith A. Rhodes Shelia C. Riddick, ’85 Randall R. Riggs, ’77 & Ann M. Riggs Lauren K. Robel, ’83 Rose V. Sampson Zaldwaynaka L. Scott, ’83 Frank Seales Jr., ’74 Zeynep Semin & Juien D. Bramel Geoffrey G. Slaughter, ’89 & Julie Randolph Slaughter H.T. Smith Li Song & Ping Huang Ken J. Sternweis Terrance Stroud, ’02 Freida L. Wheaton Brian P. Williams, ’81 & Barbara C. Williams Tracie J. Woods, ’95

Robert and Sylvia Jefferies Scholarship Robert A. Jefferies Jr., ’66 & Sylvia M. Jefferies

Robert A. Lucas Endowed Chair Mark E. Holcomb, ’87 & Wendy K. Holcomb

S. Hugh and Samuel Dillin Scholarship Lola D. Hoskins Patricia J. Wright, MD & Peter D. Wright

Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition Thomas E. Fruechtenicht, ’65 & D. Jane Fruechtenicht

V. Samuel Laurin II, ’87 & Kim M. Laurin, ’87 Michael J. Schneider, ’77 Daniel B. Seitz, ’68

Stephen Jeffirs Memorial Scholarship Beverly A. Jeffirs & Michael J. Jeffirs

SimmonsSchnellenberger Scholarship Jacqueline A. Simmons, ’79 & Thomas F. Schnellenberger Jr., ’79

Student Organizations Fund Hannah L. Buxbaum Fred H. Cate & Beth E. Cate Daniel O. Conkle & Deborah W. Conkle Stephen A. Conrad Roger B. Dworkin & Terry M. Dworkin, ’75 Robert L. Fischman Leandra Lederman Aviva A. Orenstein Jeffrey E. Stake & Janet E. Stake James A. Tanford & Philippa M. Guthrie, ’91

Student Support Fund Hannah L. Buxbaum Fred H. Cate & Beth E. Cate Daniel O. Conkle & Deborah W. Conkle Stephen A. Conrad Roger B. Dworkin & Terry M. Dworkin, ‘75 Robert L. Fischman & Marielle Fischman Leandra Lederman Aviva A. Orenstein Jeffrey E. Stake & Janet E. Stake James A. Tanford & Philippa M. Guthrie, ’91

Viola J. Taliaferro Family and Children Mediation Law Clinic Amy Applegate and John Applegate Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh, ’06 & Akwasi B. Assensoh David Baker & Lida Baker Yvonne Berry Gary J. Clendening, ’68 & Carol Clendening Gene S. DeVane & Gladys F. DeVane Hon. Brent E. Dickson & Jan A. Dickson John P. Dudeck & Diane K. Dudeck Hon. Frances G. Hill, ’80 & Philip C. Hill Kresge Foundation H. David Levyne Thomas M. McGlasson, ’68 & Susan McGlasson

Robert L. Ralston, ’80 Annette M. Schmit, ’08 Christopher W. Smith, ’06 & Caroline A. Smith Hon. Viola J. Taliaferro, ’77 & George Taliaferro Talmadge Tillman Jr. & Leola Tillman Mary M. Weakley Amanda C. Wiley, ’05

V. Sue Shields Endowed Scholarship Rebecca B. Elmore, ’04 Nancy J. Gargula Susan T. Edlavitch, ’76 & Harvey L. Grossinger Craig W. Johnson Debra M. Lynch & Michael L. Lynch Bryan A. Richards, ’89

V. William & Nancy B. Hunt Scholarship V. William Hunt, ’69 & Nancy B. Hunt

Willard and Margaret Carr Professorship in Labor & Employment Law Willard Z. Carr, ’50 & Margaret Carr

William R. Stewart Fund John H. Ferguson & Karen W. Ferguson


Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Indiana Law Volunteers In 2008–2009, more than 800 alumni selflessly donated their time and efforts to help support Indiana Law initiatives. We are proud to recognize each of them in this roster. David M. Abbott, ’02 Arend J. Abel, ’86 Hon. Shirley (Schlanger) Abrahamson, ’56 Khalil AbuGharbieh Lisa M. Adler, ’04 Anne E. Aikman-Scalese, ’78 Terrill D. Albright, ’65 Kathryn J. Ahlgren, ’08 Nathan D. Alder, ’95 David M. Allen, ’00 Joe Altonji Erica Andersen Howard W. Anderson III, ’05 William Halstead Andrews III, ’59 Samuel R. Ardery, ’83 Benjamin D. Arden, ’05 Lisa M. Arent, ’92 David A. Arthur, ’75 Bruce J. Artim, ’82 Stephanie A. Artnak, ’07 Nicole Auerbach Michael K. Ausbrook, ’93 Kathleen (Buchler) Austin, ’88 Bryan H. Babb, ’99 Ethel Badawi David Baffa Stuart K. Baggerly, ’89 Brian E. Bailey, ’00 J. Adam Bain, ’86 Hon. John G. Baker, ’71 Robert B. Baker, ’84 Elizabeth (Lewis) Baney, ’07 Michael H. Baniak, ’80 Joseph M. Banyash, ’02 Denise Y. Barkdull, ’97 Hon. Sarah Evans Barker A. James Barnes Frank A. Barnhart, ’57 Matthew B. Barr, ’06 Heidi Barrett Jessica P. Barth, ’00 Rick E. Bartlett, ’81 M. Scott Bassett, ’86 Thomas L. Batties, ’81 Patrick L. Baude Bradford W. Bayliff, ’99 Scott A. Bearby, ’92


Stephen W. Beard, ’98 Frederick A. Beckman, ’49 Byram R. Beckstead, ’09 Matthew W. Bedan, ’07 James K. Bemis, ’85 Gabriel Bender, ’00 Anne A. Bennett, ’91 Jeffrey T. Bennett, ’88 Maria E. Bennett, ’08 Spiro Bereveskos, ’81 Adam J. Berlin, ’99 Lori Berman Kathy Bielefeldt Stephanie S. Bisselberg, ’00 K. Steven Blake, ’90 James F. Bleeke, ’85 Nicholas R. Blesch, ’09 Michael J. Blinn, ’09 Christopher A. Bloom, ’75 Neal R. Blythe, ’02 Jack A. Bobo, ’96 Heather Bock Timothy J. Boeglin, ’84 Mindy L. Boehr, ’08 Tonya Bond Michael K. Bonnell, ’86 Hon. Lisa Borges Hannah R. Bornstein ’07 Pamela S. Boshears, ’07 Allyson Bouldon James E. Bourne, ’65 F. Wesley Bowers, ’51 Stephen R. Bowers, ’77 Eric E. Boyd, ’86 Marissa Bracke Sara R. Bradbury, ’04 Geoffrey J. Bradley, ’94 Carly A. Brandenburg, ’07 Stephen M. Brandenburg, ’07 Martha M. Braswell, ’98 John P. Breen, ’93 Brigette Brennan Hon. Douglas R. Bridges, ’66 R. Nicole Brittain, ’07 Ronald B. Brodey, ’70 Mary Beth (Kleiser) Brody, ’76 William J. Brody, ’76 Hon. Mitchell G. Brogdon Sr., ’86

Hon. Sanford M. Brook, ’74 Marques C. Brooks, ’07 April A. Brown, ’06 Elizabeth Brown Joseph L. Brownlee, ’72 Harold E. Brueseke, ’68 Steven C. Bruess, ’89 Terri L. Bruksch, ’98 Matthew D. Bruno, ’07 Brad Bruton George E. Buckingham, ’63 John Bugalla Joseph T. Bumbleburg, ’61 Jerry J. Burgdoerfer, ’83 Stephen F. Burns, ’68 Andrew B. Buroker, ’89 Elizabeth Burrows Megan R. Burzych, ’06 Robert J. “R.J.” Butler, ’08 Eleanor P. Cabrere, ’93 Joseph Cahill Nicole F. Cammarota, ’04 David L. Carden, ’76 James E. Carlberg, ’74 Jeffrey L. Carmichael, ’95 Steven D. Carpenter, ’89 James M. Carr, ’75 Willard Z. Carr, ’50 Stephanie Cassman Gregory A. Castanias, ’90 Beth Cate Michael A. Chary, ’02 Susan B. Chesley, ’07 Linda Chezem, ’71 John Childers Davina L. Childs, ’93 Scott Chinn Cindy J. Cho, ’08 Michael Chopp Margaret (Held) Christensen, ’07 Joshua L. Christie, ’06 John Chun Matthew M. Ciesielski, ’09 Abigail A. Clapp, ’99 Charles R. Clark, ’62 Christina L. Clark, ’08 David W. Clark, ’05 Rachel E. Clark, ’07 Rachael N. Clark, ’05

Brian P. Clifford, ’06 Hamish S. Cohen, ’01 Howard R. Cohen, ’78 Reuben C. Coleman, ’01 James A. Coles Mark Colucci Michael R. Conner, ’75 Kerry C. Connor, ’88 Catherine A. Conway, ’78 Timothy M. Conway, ’85 James L. Cooper, ’91 Jason P. Cooper, ’92 Braden K. Core, ’06 Thomas C. Cornwell, ’72 Hon. Maria L. Corona, ’81 Michelle T. Cosby, ’06 Amanda C. Couture, ’04 Alice M. Craft, ’73 Darren A. Craig, ’04 Paul Craig Steve Crawford Patrick S. Cross, ’93 Patricia D. Cummings, ’02 James W. Curtis Jr. ’71 Warren W. Cutshall, ’05 Cindy Dabney Patricia A. Daly, ’77 Sonia C. Das, ’00 Anthony Davis Gary L. Davis, ’82 Jay L. Davis, ’70 Thomas J. Davis, ’04 Amy E. Dawson, ’92 John P. Dayton, ’90 Carla de la Barra Helstrom, ’08 Carina M. de la Torre, ’04 Cathryn V. Deal, ’76 Paul A. Dean, ’98 Shane D. Deaton, ’04 Alecia A. DeCoudreaux, ’78 Daniel J. Deeb, ’96 Thomas E. Deer, ’94 Maria G. DeFord, ’03 Donald D. DeGrasse, ’79 Ann M. DeLaney, ’77 Kathleen A. DeLaney, ’95 Kevin M. Dent, ’08 Anne (Nading) DePrez, ’81 Marshall C. Derks, ’93

Honor Roll Tonio DeSorrento John C. DeVoe, ’90 Daniel K. DeWitt, ’94 William S. Dickenson, ’90 V. James Dickson, ’77 Hon. Mary Ellen Diekhoff, ’86 Heath Dixon Matthew C. Dixon, ’05 Francina A. Dlouhy, ’77 Sean M. Dooley, ’01 Donald P. Dorfman, ’57 James P. Doyle Jr., ’94 Kiply S. Drew, ’89 Robert A. Dubault, ’95 Shakeba DuBose, ’04 Krista L. Duncan, ’96 Laura J. Durfee, ’09 David P. Durm, ’98 Peter H. Dykstra, ’97 Kathryn M. Dywan, ’05 Ross D. Eberly, ’09 Suzanne Eckes William B. Edge, ’98 Susan T. Edlavitch, ’76 Yolanda D. Edwards, ’03 Michelle F. Eisele, ’85 Jill A. Ellis, ’03 David G. Elmore, ’58 D. G. Elmore Jr., ’84 Michael D. Engber, ’67 Richard J. English, ’60 J. Scott Enright, ’90 Hon. Thomas R. Ensor, ’71 Philip C. Eschels, ’83 David C. Evans, ’71 Mike Evers Jonathan Faber Kirk D. Falvay, ’72 Troy D. Farmer, ’97 Penelope S. Farthing, ’70 Christine L. Feil, ’06 Paul A. Felix, ’95 Hon. Thomas J. Felts, ’79 David L. Ferguson, ’81 John T. Ferguson Jr., ’93 Daniel D. Fetterly, ’59 Allison S. Fetter-Harrott, ’05 Larry R. Fisher, ’68 Thomas M. Fisher, ’94 Emily L. Fitzgerald, ’01 John M. Fitzgerald, ’77 James F. Fitzpatrick, ’59 Scott N. Flanders, ’82 Michael E. Flannery, ’83 Hector L. Flores, ’83 Robert M. Flory, ’81

Tamu “TK” Floyd, ’02 David O. Ford, ’06 Marisa J. Ford, ’85 Kristen H. Fowler, ’07 Phil Fowler Dorothy J. Frapwell, ’73 Mary M. Freeman, ’01 Michael H. Freese, ’83 Elizabeth P. Freitag, ’97 Eric A. Frey, ’67 Thomas M. Frohman, ’83 Seth R. Frotman, ’04 Matthew T. Furton, ’95 Stephanie E. Gabay-Smith, ’87 Marc Galanter Rose E. Gallagher, ’99 Stephen R. Galvin, ’81 Kenneth A. Gandy Robert A. Garelick, ’66 Laura M. Gaskill, ’06 Joseph D. Gaunt, ’01 Philip C. Genetos, ’77 Gerald F. George, ’69 Brett B. Gibson, ’97 Leslie B. (Morse) Gibson, ’05 Corinne T. (Welch) Gilchrist Patricia Gillette Laura M. Ginn, ’07 Daniel W. Glavin, ’80 Brian Glazberg M. Kristin Glazner, ’02 Rodney D. Glover, ’05 Heidi G. Goebel, ’97 Lisa McKinney Goldner, ’92 Marce Gonzalez Jr., ’82 Rainier Gonzalez, ’98 Linda A. Graft, ’97 Mark B. Gramelspacher, ’90 Donald I. Grande, ’66 E. Lynn Grayson, ’86 Carl A. Greci, ’93 Joanna L. Green, ’92 Beth K. Greene, ’82 David E. Greene, ’74 *Fred H. Gregory, ’53 Amy D. Griner, ’00 Michael Grossberg Alex E. Gude, ’09 Kalpak S. Gude, ’94 Ryan J. Guillory, ’08 Philippa M. Guthrie, ’91 Matthew R. Gutwein, ’88 Philip J. Gutwein, ’01 Bruce C. Haas, ’83 Christine N. Habeeb, ’08 Marvin L. Hackman, ’59

Stephen J. Hackman, ’84 Gillian Hadfield Mark A. Hagedorn, ’98 Lawrence S. Hagerman, ’09 Timothy A. Haley, ’06 Kevin A. Halloran, ’92 Mary (Hall) Ham, ’74 Hon. David F. Hamilton John M. Hamilton, ’86 Lee H. Hamilton, ’56 Jennifer K. Handel, ’06 Scott R. Hansen, ’92 Joy M. Hanson, ’02 Ryann S. Hardman, ’06 Bradley E. Hargis, ’06 Steve Harmon Virginia Harper-Ho Daniel P. Harris, ’84 Wayne A. Harris, ’90 Nathan W. Harter, ’85 Dr. Marilyn A. Hartman, ’85 Holley M. Harvey, ’97 Lakshmi D. Hasanadka ’03 Guy H. Haskell, ’07 Nina R. Hatfield, ’73 Valerie Haughton Gabriel A. Hawkins, ’02 Augustavia (Johnson) Haydel, ’85 Timothy G. Hayes, ’07 Brendon Healey Richard H. Hedrick, ’04 Sandra L. Heeke, ’81 Blaire M. Henley, ’05 Brian L. Henry, ’98 E. Maria Hermann, ’02 Jennifer M. Herrmann, ’03 Jennifer M. Hesch, ’08 Robert A. Hicks, ’88 Frank C. Hider, ’69 Renea E. Vealey Hill, ’05 Mark Hilycord Michael J. Hinchion, ’80 Nestor F. Ho, ’93 John Hobson Hon. E. Michael Hoff Jr., ’75

Douglas A. Hoffman, ’90 Leroy W. Hofmann, ’58 Scott S. Holmes, ’03 Darrick J. Hooker, ’00 Mark J. Horvick, ’06 *John W. Houghton, ’42 Adam D. Houston, ’07 Michael A. Huerta ’83 Trish Huffman Andrew W. Hull, ’86 Joe Humke V. William Hunt, ’69 Douglas W. Hyman, ’95 Jeffrey B. Hyman, ’03 R. Neil Irwin, ’71 Feisal A. Istrabadi, ’88 Kathrine D. Jack, ’06 Rebecca L. Bailey Jacobsen, ’06 Jay Jaffe, ’82 Madhulika “Mini” Jain, ’92 Mark D. Janis, ’89 Pamela Jarvis David E. Jefferies, ’98 Robert A. Jefferies Jr., ’66 Karen E. Jenkins, ’03 Manotti L. Jenkins, ’96 Sarah C. Jenkins, ’06 Travis N. Jensen, ’98 Joby Jerrells Ian G. John, ’95 Kellie M. Johnson, ’06 Kelly A. Johnson, ’90 R. William Jonas Jr., ’81 Katherine Jones Jennifer (Cook) Jontz, ’92 Gregory J. Jordan, ’84 Hon. James A. Joven, ’92 Randall J. Kaltenmark, ’96 Hon. Michael S. Kanne, ’68 Robert P. Kassing, ’64 James L. Katz, ’98 Anthony Kearns Matthew D. Kellam, ’01 Hon. Marc Kellams, ’78 Barbara J. Kelley, ’73


Honor Roll

Meilssa Kelly Jeff Kelsey Melina (Maniatis) Kennedy, ’95 Allison Kerndt Lutfi Kharuf Daniel E. Kidd, ’96 Kevin J. Kiernan, ’07 Megan J. Kight, ’97 Nicholas K. Kile, ’90 Jack F. Kimberling, ’50 Kevin M. Kimmerling, ’06 Reilly M. Kimmerling, ’07 Ryan J. Kinch, ’09 Hon. Angela M. King, ’96 Cynthia A. King, ’91 Edward C. King, ’64 Pete King Spencer H. King, ’06 Martin H. Kinney, ’55 Kimberly Kirkland Daniel M. Kirwan, ’74 Martin J. Klaper, ’71 Trenten D. Klingerman, ’01 Gregory C. Knapp, ’81 Nancy (Vozar) Knapp, ’83 Laura J. Koenig, ’07 Joel T. Koerner, ’07 Stephen M. Koers, ’92 Jeffrey B. Kolb, ’76 James S. Kowalik, ’78 Jonathan D. Kramer, ’00 Jeffrey Kraus Peter Krupp Paul Kruse John M. Kyle III, ’79 Brian J. Lally, ’01 Patrick Lamb Linda L. Lanam, ’75 Carla Landry Angela R. Lang, ’95


Honor Roll Mary (Nold) Larimore, ’80 Josh Larsen Robert D. Lattas, ’01 V. Samuel Laurin III, ’87 William C. Lawrence, ’79 David J. Lazerwitz, ’95 Stephen W. Lee, ’77 Kelly Leeman, ’74 Kelsey R. Lenox, ’09 Millard D. Lesch, ’67 Stanley M. Levco, ’71 Alan A. Levin, ’82 Elliott D. Levin, ’66 Branch R. Lew, ’82 Robert L. Lewis, ’73 Raymond A. Limon, ’95 Jeff Lind Shou Yeh “Tony” Ling, ’96 Laura A. Linneball, ’91 Paul Lippe Guy R. Loftman, ’74 Thomas M. Lofton, ’54 Fred J. Logan Jr., ’77 Robert A. Long, ’71 Arthur A. Lopez, ’83 Hon. Basil H. Lorch III, ’74 Arthur M. Lotz, ’65 Alan R. Loudermilk, ’85 Kaarin M. Lueck, ’02 Susan C. Lynch, ’93 Timothy Lynch Duncan A. MacDonald, ’69 Susan L. Macey, ’80 John P. MacKenzie, ’07 Joanne C. Mages, ’90 David J. Mallon Jr., ’75 Jane P. Mallor, ’76 Sean T. Maloney, ’86 Marc F. Malooley ’01 Hon. Elizabeth (Noyes) Mann, ’76 Alphonso Manns, ’72 Hon. Jill R. Marcrum, ’86 Wesley S. Marion, ’98 Melanie Margolin Kevin R. Mason, ’06 Jenny N. Masunaga, ’02 Janie K. Maurer Michael S. Maurer, ’67 Peter C. McCabe III, ’85 Harry G. McConnell, ’78 Jeremy P. McCrary, ’08 Thomas R. McCully, ’66 Renee (Mawhinney) McDermott, ’78 Paul McDonald Eugene J. McGarvey Jr., ’61

Thomas M. McGlasson, ’68 Patrick J. McGowan, ’04 Jayson McGrath Laurence A. McHugh, ’73 R. Bruce McLean, ’71 William F. McNagny, ’47 David F. McNamar, ’68 Thomas P. McNulty, ’83 Joseph M. Meadows, ’02 Daniel A. Medrea, ’69 Ellen H. Meilaender, ’00 Hannah L. Meils, ’03 Robert S. Meitus, ’00 Bruce Melton Nicolette E. Mendenhall, ’08 Diana L. Mercer, ’88 Jessica L. Merkel, ’06 Kimberly Metzger Nathan T. Metzger, ’96 Anna T. Meyer, ’06 Wayne A. Miani Jr., ’00 Suzanne Michel David B. Millard, ’79 Kendall H. Millard, ’98 Clayton C. Miller, ’93 Daniel R. Miller, ’89 Julie Miller Lyndsay Miller Stephen G. Miller, ’94 Vess A. Miller, ’06 Sonia L. Miller-Van Oort, ’97 Lloyd H. Milliken Jr., ’60 Matthew B. Millis, ’06 David C. Milne, ’94 Katherine A. Miltner, ’05 Dana L. Miroballi, ’95 Chad Mitchell Dennis J. Mondero, ’93 Martin Montes, ’95 Burke J. Montgomery, ’99 Daniel J. Moore, ’02 Raeanna S. Moore, ’97 Ronald J. Moore, ’95 Roderick Morgan Jerry Moss, ’62 John M. Mueller, ’97 Maryann Mukete, ’74 Erin M. Mundy, ’01 Hon. Edward W. Najam Jr. Nan G. Nash, ’89 Angela Karras Neboyskey, ’00 David A. Neboyskey, ’00 Thomas R. Newby, ’87 Kurt D. Nondorf, ’83 Henry S. Noyes, ’94 Ken Nunn, ’67

Melinda B. Nusbaum, ’07 Rory O’Bryan, ’72 Edward F. O’Connor, ’69 Joseph D. O’Connor III, ’78 William L. O’Connor, ’89 Olubunmi “Peju” Okanlami, ’07 James R. Oliver, ’92 Craig A. Olsinski, ’05 Shiv G. O’Neill, ’01 Kathy L. Osborn, ’99 Brandy A. Osimokun, ’03 Andrew D. Otis, ’90 Carl D. Overman, ’52 F. Anthony Paganelli, ’95 Roger L. Pardieck, ’63 Nirav Parikh, ’07 Angela (Foster) Parker, ’94 Kenneth L. Parker, ’97 Rahul “Monish” Patel, ’00 George T. Patton Jr., ’87 Stephen H. Paul, ’72 Jeffrey M. Peabody, ’08 Nora E. Peoples, ’82 Sabrina M. Petesch, ’87 Jeffrey P. Petrich, ’84 Mark J. Phillipoff, ’80 Suzanne J. Phillips, ’98 Jeanne M. Picht, ’94 Dustin L. Plummer, ’06 John L. Pogue, ’69 Ameek Ponda Joseph J. Pophal, ’92 Lisa A. Powell, ’84 Kelly A. Powis, ’02 Jill T. Powlick, ’95 R. Anthony Prather, ’83 Elissa J. Preheim, ’96 Aric Press Jamison S. Prime, ’96 Johnny D. Pryor, ’02 Philip M. Purcell, ’85 Peter J. Raack, ’91 Amanda (Feltman) Raad, ’05 Peter M. Racher, ’86 Aaron R. Raff, ’02 David A. Rammelt, ’90 William A. Ramsey, ’06 Angela L. Rapp Weber, ’06 Bruce J. Rasch, ’79 Patrick W. Rasche, ’93 Jennifer Sirras Ray Matthew A. Ray, ’98 Kara L. Reagan, ’05 Michael N. Red, ’04 Tasha S. Reed, ’02 Jason R. Reese, ’97

Edwin Reeser Mitt Regan Cynthia J. Reichard, ’84 Deanna Reichel Rodney S. Retzner Richard S. Rhodes, ’53 Fredrick L. Rice, ’77 Charles B. Rich, ’78 Kenneth Richards Kimberly Richardson, ’06 James G. Richmond, ’69 Clarine Nardi Riddle, ’74 Jeffrey K. Riffer, ’78 Timothy J. Riffle, ’83 Randall R. Riggs, ’77 William R. Riggs, ’63 Lauren Stiller Rikleen Sarah S. Riordan, ’93 Rebecca M. Robbins, ’84 Richard D. Robinson, ’71 Kevin R. Robling, ’98 William D. Roessler, ’73 Susan (Eads) Role, ’87 Flerida P. Romero, ’55 Anthony J. Rose, ’90 David A. Rose, ’70 Joel Rosenbloom, ’54 Mike Roster MaryAnn Ruegger, ’91 Saul I. Ruman, ’52 Janet R. Rumple, ’04 Hon. Loretta H. Rush ’83 Malavika P. Sahai, ’03 Marisol Sanchez, ’02 Rafael A. Sanchez, ’02 David D. Sanders, 97 Steve Sanders David L. Sandweiss, ’78 Christopher Saporita, ’03 Christopher G. Scanlon, ’80 Devin K. Schaffer, ’08 William J. Schenck, ’94 Matt Scherer-Smith Kevin C. Schiferl, ’88 John T. Schlafer, ’09 James K. Schleiffarth, ’07 Pamela G. Schneeman, ’94 Amanda J. Schneider, ’06 Jason T. Schnellenberger, ’07 Thomas F. Schnellenberger Jr., ’79 Nina S. Schultz, ’06 Jennifer L. Schuster, ’08 Nicole M. Schuster-Hawkins, ’01 Glenn Scolnik, ’78 Michael D. Scott, ’88

Julie R. Sculli, ’02 Frank Seales Jr., ’74 John E. Seddelmeyer, ’74 John M. Segal, ’71 Randolph L. Seger, ’72 Taylor C. Segue, ’83 Daniel B. Seitz, ’68 Andrea Sellers Hon. Bruce M. Selya Daniel E. Serban, ’82 Gary Secrest Todd M. Sermersheim, ’04 Steven J. Sersic, ’94 Sue A. Shadley, ’77 David B. Shafer, ’08 Peter J. Shakula II, ’89 Brian J. Shapiro, ’84 Christopher Shaw Jennifer L. Shea, ’03 Todd S. Shellenbarger, ’90 Hon. Randall T. Shepard Hon. V. Sue Shields Mike Short Lon D. Showley, ’69 Thomas L. Shriner Jr., ’72 Matthew Silverman, ’03 Jacqueline A. Simmons, ’79 Hon. Philip P. Simon, ’87 Sarah M. Singleton, ’74 Allan T. Slagel, ’88 Geoffrey G. Slaughter, ’89 Sara (Rollins) Slaughter, ’88 Candi N. Smiley, ’04 Christopher W. Smith, ’06 Craig P. Smith, ’08 Paul L. Smith, ’99 Steven P. Smith, ’00 Joseph L. Smith Jr., ’95 George P. Smith, II, ’64 John D. Snethen, ’01 Hugo “Chad” Songer, ’60 Mary E. Spears, ’07 Myra (Podvoll) Spicker, ’73 Emily A. Springston, ’01 Kathleen (O’Connor) St. Louis, ’84 Matthew R. St. Louis, ’04 Rebecca (Benedict) Stachel, ’07 Tim Staggs Theodore C. Stamatakos, ’90 John Steele Karl S. Steinmanis, ’73 Roger T. Stelle, ’70 David Y. Stevens, ’05 Charles A. Stewart, ’84 Judi Stewart

Milton R. Stewart, ’71 Gregg E. Strellis, ’88 Daniel B. Strunk, ’04 David M. Stryker, ’83 Natalie J. Stucky, ’89 Shana C. Stump, ’06 Dennis M. Stutsman, ’85 Hon. Frank E. Sullivan Jr., ’82 Ernest Summers III, ’80 Andrew W. Swain, ’88 Kathleen M. Sweeney, ’84 Deanna Swisher, ’85 Andrew A. Szakaly Jr., ’75 Hon. Viola J. Taliaferro, ’77 Christian C. Taylor, ’94 Gregory G. Taylor, ’96 Suzanne M. Taylor, ’00 Beth (Ahlemeyer) Tevlin, ’85 Jeffrey A. Thinnes, ’84 Hon. Ellen K. Thomas, ’73 Milton O. Thompson, ’79 Hon. John D. Tinder, ’75 David O. Tittle, ’67 Scott B. Tittle, ’01 Courtney R. Tobin, ’92 Eric A. Todd, ’93 Frank E. Tolbert, ’55 Larry C. Tomlin, ’01 Angelina A. Torain, ’97 Kenneth L. Turchi, ’83 Mary E. Tuuk, ’90 Stephen A. Tyler, ’80 Michael E. Uslan, ’76 Hon. Nancy Vaidik Jose G. Valtierra, ’82 Inge M. Van der Cruysse, ’04 John W. Van Laere, ’82 James L. Vana, ’93 Suzann I. VanNasdale, ’06 Lawrence A. Vanore, ’86 Hon. Salvador Vasquez Julie A. Veach, ’97 Renea E. Vealey Hill, ’05 Robert O. Vegeler, ’75 Hon. Albert J. Velaquez, ’73 Megan Vetula Hon. Jesse M. Villalpando, ’84 Daniel B. Vinovich, ’90 Peter D.P. Vint, ’74 Donald J. Vogel, ’85 Eric P. Voigt, ’03 Teresa L. Voors, ’03 Ted A. Waggoner, ’78 Stephen M. Wagner, ’94 Hon. Thomas W. Waldrep Jr., ’83

Denise A. Walker, ’06 Michael S. Wallack, ’91 Edward B. Wallis, ’63 Joseph B. Walterman, ’03 Jonathan B. Warner, ’06 Robert M. Warner, ’07 Mark A. Warsco, ’80 Mark R. Waterfill, ’86 Jennifer L. Weber, ’03 Mickey K. Weber, ’07 W. William Weeks, ’79 Elizabeth K. Weilhoefer, ’03 Robert W. Welsh, ’83 Destiny L. Wenning, ’08 Charlotte F. Westerhaus, ’92 Deborah G. Weston, ’06 Sue E. White, ’05 John W. Whiteleather Jr., ’65 James L. Whitlatch, ’84 Lora M. Whitticker, ’02 Megan H. Stifel Wildstein, ’04 Amanda C. Wiley, ’05 Brian P. Williams, ’81 Brian S. Williams, ’89 Cynthia C. Williams, ’88 Joe Williams Maryann (O’Leary) Williams, ’88 Maurice L. Williams, ’06 J. Stephen Wills, ’06 Heather L. Wilson, ’97 Julie P. Wilson, ’99 Robert M. Winteringham, ’94 Gordon D. Wishard, ’69 Alan C. Witte, ’70 Richard C. Witte, ’56 Mark S. Wojciechowski, ’81 Jennifer M. Wolsing, ’07 Brad E. Wolven, ’98 Hon. Diane P. Wood Barbara S. Woodall, ’76 Katie E. Worsham, ’07 Mark E. Wright, ’89 Robert S. Wynne, ’85 Elizabeth J. Wysong, ’05 Brian D. Yacker, ’92 Holly L. Yoakum, ’06 Andrew J. Yoder, ’04 Pete R. Yonkman, ’98 Hongsun Yoon, ’02 Hon. Richard L. Young Richard W. Young, ’81 Corey L. Zarse, ’06 Erin A. Zarse, ’05 Daniel A. Zeft, ’93 Gerald “Jay” Zelenock, ’98 Hon. Patrick J. Zika, ’73


Honor Roll

Kimberling: This is the time to start giving

Honor Roll

In his home state of California, John F. “Jack” Kimberling has seen a trend that he believes will spread eastward before too long. The University of California system increased student fees by 32 percent in late November, giving many students doubts about their ability to afford higher education. As this trend continues, higher education will rely more than ever on private support

his name, served as national co-chair for IU’s endowment campaign in the 1980’s, was a steering committee member of the Campaign for Indiana, and has served as a visiting law professor and member of the Law School’s Board of Visitors. He was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Service Award from the university in 2001, the highest honor an alumnus can receive.

“It used to be, in the golden days, a university was principally funded by the state and the legislature,” Kimberling, JD’50, said recently from his home in Palm Springs. “That’s no longer true. As more and more support has dwindled from the state, we have to depend more and more on private giving. That’s why it’s so important for the Law School to have private funding sources.”

Kimberling’s longtime involvement with the Law School has reinforced his belief that it is essential to give back to the School that helped start him on a lifelong journey of success. “So many times we go through life, we pay off our mortgage, we educate our children, and now we’re in a position where we can do things for others,” Kimberling said. “We can do things for the Law School, for society, for our communities. It means so much to me to give back to a place that is doing so much good for the profession. What’s happening here in California is going to happen in Indiana. There will be a shortage of state funds, and IU and the Law School are going to be facing more of a shortage of money from the state and depending more on private giving. This is the time to start giving.”

Kimberling is one of the top private donors to the Law School. After an extremely successful career in Los Angeles — The American Lawyer once called him one of the top trial lawyers in the country — Kimberling endowed a chair in

alumni don’t realize they can include gifts to the Law School as part of their estate planning. Kimberling himself has established several charitable trusts to benefit the School. By naming the Law School as a beneficiary in a will, trust, or insurance policy, donors can secure their current financial needs while assisting the Law School in the future. Dean Regenovich, assistant dean for advancement, said his office can help guide donors through the various options available to them. Kimberling encouraged alumni to think about the future and consider the Law School in their plans. “It’s important for alumni and others to give some thought to their estate planning and to gifts they give out of their estates,” he said. “A lot of us don’t give a thought to that, so the Heritage Society can be an important vehicle to achieving that goal. We often go about our lives and careers as lawyers, and we forget how important the Law School has been to us. The School has enabled us to have careers and lives that have been successful. We cannot forget how much the Law School gave to us. It’s important to give back, and these planned gifts we can make are an easy way.”

Part of Kimberling’s long-term view of the School’s future includes his leadership in planned giving. He said many

“We can do things for the Law School, for society, for our communities. It means so much to me to give back to a place that is doing so much good for the profession. What’s happening here in California is going to happen in Indiana. There will be a shortage of state funds, and IU and the Law School are going to be facing more of a shortage of money from the state and depending more on private giving. This is the time to start giving.” — John F. “Jack” Kimberling, JD’50



Honor Roll

Honor Roll

Heritage Society Established in 1991 to provide a framework for lasting bequests and to foster future legal education, the Heritage Society honors friends and alumni who invest in the IU Maurer School of Law through deferred gifts. These gifts provide funds for Law School projects, or they endow chairs, professorships, or scholarships. The generosity of Heritage Society members ensures that the School of Law can continue to offer the highest quality legal education. Membership in the Heritage Society is open to all who make or have made a planned or deferred gift commitment to the Law School. This is accomplished by naming the IU Maurer School of Law as a beneficiary through a bequest in a will, charitable remainder unitrust or annuity trust, pooled income fund, charitable gift annuity, life insurance, retirement plan, or other life-income arrangements. Members of the Heritage Society are automatically included in the IU Foundation’s planned giving society, the Arbutus Society. We are pleased to recognize and thank the members of the Heritage Society:


Anonymous Anonymous Terrill D. Albright & Judith A. Albright* Frederick A. Beckman Alfred C. Aman Jr. & Carol J. Greenhouse Robert L. Austin & Charlotte C. Austin Sherwood Blue* & Janet Roberts Blue* Samuel R. “Chic” Born II F. Wesley Bowers Mary Beth (Kleiser) Brody William J. Brody Charles E. Bruess & Jean E. Bruess James M. Carr & Angela Carr Willard Carr & Margaret Carr Robert O. Chambers Charles A. Cohen & Karen J. Cohen Richard J. Darko Richard W. Davis Jr. & Mary E. Davis Alecia A. DeCoudreaux Ann M. DeLaney David Dodge and Carol Dodge Clarence H. Doninger & Judith L. Doninger Donald P. Dorfman C. Ben Dutton* & Jane S. Dutton* Mrs. Gordon S. Eslick Sherry A. Fabina-Abney & Douglas S. Abney Dorothy Frapwell Hon. Ezra H. Friedlander Robert A. Garelick & Susan A. Garelick Philip Genetos & Dorothea Genetos Frank E. Gilkison & Donna R. Gilkison Harry L. Gonso David Greene & Barbara Bealer John R. Harman* Elwood “Bud” Hillis & Carol Hillis John W. Houghton* & Ruth P. Houghton The Family of Honorable Paul G. Jasper*

Leslie Howell V. William Hunt & Nancy B. Hunt R. Neil Irwin & Michele K. Irwin Robert L. Jessup* & Florence L. Jessup Harvey M. Kagan Arthur P. Kalleres* & Sue A. Kalleres Robert P. Kassing & Troy Kassing Barton L. Kaufman & Judy D. Kaufman James Kealing* and Jane C. Kealing James D. Kemper John (Jack) F. Kimberling Robert V. Kixmiller & E. Carol Kixmiller John M. Kyle III & Marcia Dunne-Kyle Mary Nold Larimore Douglas Lehman Millard D. Lesch Mike Lewinski & Miki Lewinski Larry Linhart Robert A. Long & Susan J. Long Robert A. Lucas* Susan L. Macey Michael S. Maurer & Janie Maurer Renée McDermott & Jim McDermott Thomas M. McGlasson & Susan M. McGlasson Robert H. McKinney R. Bruce McLean Jeanne Seidel Miller Jerry Moss & Anne Moss Byron L. Myers & Margaret A. Myers Rory O’Bryan & Pamela O’Bryan Peter L. Obremskey & Sandra S. Obremskey Paul Overhauser Stephen H. Paul & Deborah D. Paul James J. Pellerite James L. Petersen & Helen Petersen Bruce A. Polizotto & Linda O.

Polizotto Jeanette Rearick & Jack Rearick* Richard S. Rhodes & Judith M. Rhodes William R. Riggs & Gloria A. Riggs Joel Rosenbloom Hugh A. Sanders Glenn Scolnik & Donna Scolnik Randolph Seger & Maribeth Seger Dr. Francis M. Sellers & Marcile S. Sellers James Shanahan & Rebecca Shanahan Brian J. Shapiro Gene Shreve Robert J. Shula & Gaye Shula George P. Smith, II Earl A. Snyder Carolyn Spengler & Arthur Spengler Richard E. Stahl & Carol L. Stahl Milton R. Stewart & Judi Stewart Hon. Frank Sullivan Jr. & Cheryl L. Sullivan Sylvan W. Tackitt* Milton O. Thompson David O. Tittle & Sue D. Tittle Leslie E. Vidra & Jerry Ulrich Gordon D. Wishard Kenneth R. Yahne & Louise A. Yahne Louis “Buddy” Yosha * Deceased

If you would like more information about the Heritage Society or you would like to make a planned gift to the IU Maurer School of Law, please call or write: Indiana University Maurer School of Law Arthur M. Lotz Office of Alumni and Development 211 South Indiana Avenue Bloomington, IN 47405 (812) 856-1246

Giving to the Fund for Excellence Annual giving is vital to the Indiana University Maurer School of Law’s mission to provide excellence in legal education. The Fund for Excellence — our annual giving program — provides the dean with the flexibility to enhance academic and co-curricular programs that make the crucial difference between an adequate education and a truly excellent one.

Student Programs Law students benefit directly from your gift to the Fund for Excellence, which supports all of the Law School’s student services and programs beyond classroom education. Contributions to the Fund for Excellence go toward scholarships; three law journals; 25 student organizations; five centers; community advocacy programs; the Law Library; and the offices of Career and Professional Development, Admissions, and Student Affairs. These programs, to name only a few, are essential in preparing our students to serve the profession and their communities according to the highest standards.

Alumni Support Every gift to the Fund for Excellence, at any level, influences the School’s successes. Strong evidence of alumni support is important to the School’s ability to leverage funding from other sources. Corporations, foundations, and potential major donors frequently use alumni participation rates (i.e., how many alumni give, not the total amount of the gifts) when deciding whether to award grants or make significant gifts. Matching gifts from employers also increase dollars raised for the Fund for Excellence.

Reputation The Fund for Excellence supports mission-critical programs that greatly improve the Law School’s reputation. As the School’s reputation increases, so does the value of your degree. For more information, please contact Lisa Hosey, Director of Annual Giving & Stewardship, at (812) 855-9953 or via e-mail at


A l um n i N e w s

A l um n i N e w s

Six inducted into Academy of Law Alumni Fellows Six alumni were inducted into the Law School’s Academy of Law Alumni Fellows in April. They were recognized for their dedication to the highest standards of the legal profession and their extraordinary personal achievements. From the posthumous induction of the School’s first African-American graduate to a lawyer whose persistence and dedication led to the overturned conviction of an accused murderer, the 2009 ALAF recipients have made a lasting impression on the Law School community and the lives of others.

Samuel S. Dargan, LLB’09 (posthumously) The first African-American graduate of the Law School, Dargan began working for the Indiana Law Library after earning his degree. He became curator of the Law Library in 1924, a position he held until retiring in 1948. Known as the “father” of the Law School, Dargan would regularly give advice and his own money to students in need, but his generosity extended to the entire IU and Bloomington communities. At a time when minority students were not permitted to live in university housing, Dargan operated “Dargan’s House,” the first private dormitory for AfricanAmerican students at IU. He later bought other properties to offer housing options to minority students. Upon his death in 1954, the Indy Times ran an editorial saluting Dargan’s achievements. “The memory of Mr. Dargan,” the editorial said, “will burn long in the minds of Indiana’s law graduates.”


Francina A. Dlouhy, JD’77

Robert A. Long, JD’71

A partner at Baker & Daniels, Dlouhy is considered one of the leading tax lawyers in America. She has been listed in The Best Lawyers in America for more than 20 years, named an Indiana Super Lawyer, and is a recipient of the state’s highest civilian honor — the Sagamore of the Wabash. “I’m grateful for this recognition,” Dlouhy said. “This induction is very meaningful to me, because there is not a day that goes by where I don’t use something I learned at this Law School.” Dlouhy has been honored twice by the Indianapolis YWCA with its “Salute to Women of Achievement” award, received the Antoinette Dakin Leach Award from the Indiana Bar Association and named a distinguished fellow by the Indianapolis Bar Foundation.

Long spent his entire career with Latham & Watkins LLP in Los Angeles, where he served as managing partner from 1992 to 1997 and held a variety of management roles prior to that time. Long represented many of the nation’s leading aerospace and computer companies as a business litigator and trial lawyer, leading to his 1999 election to the American College of Trial Lawyers. His pro bono work for Mario Rocha, a then 16-year-old convicted of murder, led to an overturned conviction in 2008. The eight-year fight to secure Rocha’s freedom was the subject of a documentary film, Mario’s Story. Long said he was humbled to be inducted into the ALAF. “My experience at the Law School transformed my life in terms of what I’ve been able to achieve professionally and who I am today,” he said.

Arthur M. Lotz, JD’65

Lloyd H. Milliken Jr., JD’60

Milton R. Stewart, JD’71

Lotz graduated from Indiana Law in 1965 after serving 10 years in the U.S. Air Force. After working in the IU Treasurer’s office and for the IU Alumni Association, Lotz joined the Law School as assistant dean for placement and bar relations in 1978. He became the assistant dean for budget administration, bar relations, and development in 1980, the position he held until he retired in 1996. Under Lotz’s direction, the School’s annual fund rose from less than $50,000 per year when he started the job to more than $800,000 per year in 1996. He was instrumental in securing support and funding for major renovations to the Law School during the 1980’s. The School’s Office of Alumni and Development is named in his honor.

Milliken is nationally renowned for his work as a trial lawyer and leader of the defense bar. His practice has focused primarily on representing defendants in product liability cases. He gained national recognition for his service as Indiana counsel for General Motors in the litigation against NBC arising out of the Dateline program that misrepresented the effect of high-speed crashes involving GM trucks. He has been inducted into the American College of Trial Lawyers and was named the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana’s Defense Lawyer of the Year in 1993. In 2007, Milliken was elected the inaugural president of the National Foundation for Judicial Excellence and received the Defense Research Institute’s Louis B. Potter Lifetime Professional Services Award. He has spent his entire career with Locke Reynolds, which recently merged with Frost Brown Todd.

Stewart settled at the firm of Davis Wright Tremaine in Portland, Ore., after serving in the U.S. Army. He served for 13 years on the Firm Management (Executive) Committee and currently serves as its client relations partner. Stewart’s practice has focused on structuring merger and acquisition transactions, reorganizations, and management buyouts. He is the author of International Joint Ventures: A Practicum for the Journal of the Association of Corporate Counsel, and co-authored Mergers & Acquisition Law 2007 and Winning Legal Strategies for Mergers & Acquisitions. Stewart and his wife, Judi, regularly host a reception at the IU Art Museum to encourage students, faculty, and staff members to explore the extensive art collection on the Bloomington campus. “Virtually everything I am and virtually everything I’ve achieved I owe to this university and to the three years I spent at the Law School,” Stewart said. “I am eternally grateful for what you have given me.”

Hunt and Kassing awarded President’s Medals V. William Hunt, JD’69, chairman and owner of Hunt Capital Partners LLC, and Robert Kassing, JD’64, partner at Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, were honored by the IU Foundation for their exceptional dedication to fundraising on behalf of the university and the Law School. IU Foundation President and CEO Gene Tempel presented the two with President’s Medals at the April ALAF ceremony, lauding their achievements to ensuring the university and the Law School remain top-level institutions that are affordable to all. “We have a better university and a better Law School because of Bill Hunt and Bob Kassing,” Tempel said. “The Law School will be forever different because of their remarkable work.”


A l um n i N e w s

A l um n i N e w s

Distinguished Service Award winners take many paths to fulfilling service The recipients of the 2009 Distinguished Service Awards all have different backgrounds, successes, and stories. They are united by the IU Maurer School of Law and their dedication to making a difference in both the School and their communities. “They go above and beyond in every single way possible, and they set the standards for what we expect our students to do,” Dean Lauren Robel said. This year’s recipients were honored on Sept. 25 at a luncheon in the Indiana Memorial Union’s Alumni Hall.


Lisa McKinney Goldner, JD’92

Fred J. Logan Jr., JD’77

Lisa McKinney Goldner’s colleagues have described her service to the Indianapolis community and the Law School as “doing well by doing good.” Goldner has been a mainstay on the School’s Alumni Board since 1996. Robel praised Goldner’s “transformative leadership” as board president in 2007. Under Goldner’s leadership, the Alumni Board organized committees to increase alumni involvement in recruiting top students as well as mentoring them in their quest to find jobs. A partner at Bose McKinney & Evans, Goldner devotes countless hours to the Indianapolis community, volunteering with the American Cancer Society and through the McKinney Family Foundation. “My experiences serving nonprofits have enabled me to serve the community and to follow my passions for making others’ lives better,” she said. Goldner said she is grateful to the Law School for the education she received. “The Law School has played such an incredible and important part of shaping my life,” she said. “My professors challenged me to think outside of the box and allowed me to follow my mission and dreams.”

Though he has called Johnson County, Kan., home for the last three decades, Fred J. Logan Jr. will always be a Hoosier at heart. After graduating from Indiana Law in 1977, Logan worked as a law clerk in Bedford, Ind., making the daily commute from Bloomington. He still has a photo from his Lawrence County days tacked to his office wall. “There is a lot of Indiana in me, and there’s a lot of this Law School that I carry with me in my heart every day,” Logan said. After opening a law firm with his brother, Scott, Logan became, at that time, the youngest state leader of a major political party in the United States. He has since taken on leadership roles with St. Luke’s South Hospital, the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City, and United Community Services. Logan said he recognizes the duties and responsibilities that come with being a lawyer. “When we practice law, we are given a privilege. It is truly a noble calling,” he said. “When we can add public service to our mission, we have the privilege of making our communities better by doing our part to fill in the blanks.” For his public service efforts in Kansas, Logan was named Johnson Countian of the Year in 2008. “Fred’s life and career exemplify what one lawyer can do to shape an entire community,” Robel said.

Edward C. King, JD’64

Arthur A. Lopez, JD’83

From Detroit to Micronesia, Edward C. King pursued a legal career that has taken him all over the world. After six years serving as a corporate lawyer, King and his wife, Joan, decided they could achieve more good by doing more good. “Joan said we could live a more simple life and do more good and help more people,” King said. “Life as a corporate attorney just seemed wrong to us at the time.” So, he decided to dedicate his time to helping those with little power or wealth find a voice for their legal needs. After serving as director of the Center for Urban Law and Housing at the University of Detroit Law School, King and his family moved to Micronesia, where he became chief of litigation for Micronesian Legal Services. King returned to the United States to direct the National Senior Citizens Law Center (NSCLC), which advocates for and promotes the independence and well-being of low-income elderly and disabled Americans. In 1980, King was asked to become the first chief justice of the now self-governing Federated States of Micronesia. He held that position for 12 years then served as a justice in two other Pacific Island jurisdictions and as a Federal Magistrate Judge for the U.S. District Court for Hawaii. King returned to the NSCLC in 2002, where he continued his advocacy for the elderly and disabled before retiring in 2007.

Arthur A. Lopez has achieved phenomenal success in his professional life. He has served as director of civil rights for the Federal Transit Administration and special counsel to former President Clinton. But, he takes the most pride in helping at-risk youth discover their potential through swimming. In 2006, Lopez founded Nadar Por Vida. Its English translation — Swimming for Life — can be interpreted in many ways. “So many people want to help at-risk kids succeed. We now have a program that can help them achieve that,” Lopez said. By holding practices on weekend nights, swimmers in the program have an outlet from the dangers on the street. A latecomer to the Law School — Lopez was accepted at age 29 — he has wasted no time helping the youth of Washington, D.C., or his alma mater. Despite a busy career as special assistant to the deputy director of the Office of Agency Programs in the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, Lopez was a founding member and chair of Indiana Law’s Latino Alumni Advisory Board. Robel said Lopez’s commitment to the School and to bettering his community is “truly inspiring.”


A l um n i N e w s

A l um n i N e w s

Letter from the Alumni Board President Brian Williams

Class Notes

obtaining his law degree, Dunfee was a pilot in the U.S. Air Force for three years. He practiced law for 23 years as a partner at Barnes and Thornburg in the firm’s South Bend, Ind., office. Before moving to Santa Fe in 2006, he enjoyed retirement on Kiawah Island, S.C. Among his many interests were environmental issues, outdoor activities, military history, and music.

Your Law School needs YOU now! Visualize Dean Lauren Robel dressed as Uncle Sam pointing her finger at YOU in a similar fashion as the iconic government recruiting poster. You ask, “And why does my Law School need me?” Because, as it was put at the recent Indiana Law Alumni Summit, there is a “global war on legal jobs.” According to the School’s Office of Career & Professional Development, reports indicate that in the past 18 months more than 25,000 legal jobs have been lost across the United States. This is why your Law School needs you now! The Law School needs each and every alumnus who reads these words to provide Michael Keller (mikeller@indiana. edu), assistant dean for OCPD, at least one employment lead for the current law graduates. These employment leads could be with local state court judges or magistrates, they could be with local banks or with legal aid organizations, they could be with prosecutor or criminal defense offices, or they could simply be for hourly contract work. Leads could be with your own or with other law offices.

I hope you get the idea. Your Law School and its graduates are looking for any lead for legal jobs. They will even accept leads for non-paying legal jobs.

In February, Oscar C. Ventanilla Jr., LLM’62, a tax consultant at Philippine Airlines Inc., was selected to receive the Indiana University Alumni Association President’s Award, the IUAA’s highest recognition awarded exclusively to alumni volunteers. Ventanilla, who serves as president of the Philippine Chapter of the IUAA, received the award on June 6, 2009, at the International Conference and Reunion in Seoul, Korea.

Next you ask, “And why is this important to me or the School?” First and foremost, it is the right thing to do. Each of us wanted our first legal job and so do the students today. Secondly, our Law School is evaluated each year on the number of graduates employed nine months after graduation. To be a highly regarded — and ranked — Law School, our graduates must be employed. If our alumni funnel employment leads to OCPD, they will follow up. Please help our Law School win this “global war on legal jobs.” Picture Dean Robel pointing at you. Send those employment leads today.

1950s Brian Williams, JD’81 Alumni Board President

In June, David G. Elmore, JD’58, President of Elmore Sports Group Ltd. in Manhattan Beach, Calif., received the 2009 Indiana University Distinguished Alumni Service Award. Each year during Cream & Crimson Alumni Weekend, IU recognizes outstanding alumni with the Distinguished Alumni Service Award. The university’s highest accolade reserved solely for its alumni, this award provides recognition for outstanding achievements by the men and women of IU.

1960s In June, Birch Bayh, JD’60, of Venable, LLP in Washington, D.C., received the 2009 Indiana University Distinguished Alumni Service Award. Each year during Cream & Crimson Alumni Weekend, IU recognizes outstanding alumni with


the Distinguished Alumni Service Award. The university’s highest accolade reserved solely for its alumni, this award provides recognition for outstanding achievements by the men and women of IU. In October 2008, Daniel P. Byron, JD’62, a senior partner in the Indianapolis law firm Bingham McHale, was honored with the 2008 Indiana Broadcasters Association Lifetime Achievement in Broadcasting Award. He is the first non-broadcaster to receive the honor, having served as general counsel to the Indiana Broadcasters Association since 2002. The award recognizes individuals for meritorious service, contributions to, or achievements in the field of broadcasting in Indiana. In February 2009, Byron was one of 13 Bingham McHale attorneys to be named to the annual Best Lawyers in America listing. Jack C. Dunfee Jr., JD’62, died on March 10, 2009, in Santa Fe, N.M. Before

In October 2008, Robert P. Kassing, JD’64, former managing partner of the law firm Bose McKinney & Evans, was recognized by the IU Foundation with the organization’s Cornerstone Award. The award honors contributions to the success of philanthropic initiatives at Indiana University and, specifically, Kassing’s key role in Indiana University’s $1 billion Matching the Promise fundraising campaign. Kassing serves as chairman of the IU Maurer School of Law’s Board of Visitors development committee and sits on the boards of several corporations. In July, George P. Smith, II, JD’64, authored Distributive Justice and the New Medicine, which was published by Edward Elgar Publishing. A professor of law at The Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law in Washington, D.C., Smith has published extensively in the fields of law, science, and medicine and is a leading authority on the legal and ethical issues raised by modern medicine. His numerous teaching and research appointments include The Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg, Germany, the University of London, UK, the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, and at Stanford, Columbia, and Georgetown universities in the U.S. Smith also served as


A l um n i N e w s a consultant to UNESCO’s International Bioethics Committee in Paris, France, from 1995–97, assisting in drafting the Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights. Dennis M. Hanaghan, LLB’65, is an attorney for the law firm Hanaghan & Hanaghan in Dayton, Ohio. He concentrates his practice on estate planning and probate of estates. For the past 11 years, Hanaghan has been the executive director of the Fred and Alice Wallace Charitable Memorial Foundation. In October 2008, Barton L. Kaufman, LLB’65, received the Indiana University Partners in Philanthropy Keystone Award, which is presented by the IU Foundation to individuals who have provided leadership in multiple campaigns and fundraising initiatives. An I-Man in baseball, Kaufman has worked closely with the university and foundation to raise funds for the Helene G. Simon Hillel Center, the Bess Meshulam Simon Music Library and Recital Center, Simon Hall, and the Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center. He has also endowed a faculty chair at the IU Maurer School of Law in honor of Professor William Oliver, who taught taxation at the School for more than 40 years. Kaufman is chairman and chief executive officer of Kaufman Financial Corporation in Indianapolis. Terre Haute: Queen City of the Wabash, by B. Michael McCormick, JD’65, is in its second printing. Part of the Making of America series compiled by Arcadia Publishing Company of Charleston, S.C., the book was originally released in December 2005. McCormick, who writes as Mike McCormick, is semi-retired from law practice. He has served as Vigo County (Ind.) historian, a joint appointment by the Indiana Historical Society and the Indiana Historical Bureau, since 1996. Since 1995, McCormick has also written two history columns each week for the Terre Haute (Ind.) Tribune-Star. In January, Charles A. Cohen, JD’66, a managing partner for the Indianapolis law firm Cohen Garelick & Glazier, was


A l um n i N e w s appointed to the executive committee of the United Jewish Communities. The organization represents and serves 157 Jewish federations and 400 independent Jewish communities across North America. Cohen practices in business and tax planning, health care, employee benefits, and estate planning. After graduating from law school, Cohen entered the U.S. Army and was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Vietnam.

John L. Hess, JD’68, is a partner at the Carmel, Ind., law firm Petit Hess Petit & Slack. He practices in many areas of law, including personal injury and insurance claims, wills and estates, divorce and family law, real estate, and small business and corporate law. Hess is a retired captain in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, U.S. Navy Reserve, and is active in the American Legion and the Shrine of North America.

Robert A. Garelick, JD’66, a senior partner at Cohen Garelick & Glazier in Indianapolis, was named as a “Top 100 Lawyer” by The American Trial Lawyers Association. Also named one of “Indiana’s Super Lawyers” by Indianapolis Monthly magazine, Garelick concentrates his practice in the areas of business, litigation, personal injury, and domestic relations litigation. Garelick completed a twoyear term in 1994 as president of the Indianapolis Law Club, which consists of 150 experienced trial lawyers whose membership is by invitation only. He has also been vice president of the Indianapolis Bar Association, president of the Indiana University Law Alumni Association, and chairman of the Indiana State Bar Association Federal Judiciary Committee.


Indiana University Press recently published Nineteen Stars of Indiana: Exceptional Hoosier Women, a collection of short biographies intended to instruct and inspire by Michael S. “Mickey” Maurer, JD’67. IU alumnae profiled are former Indiana secretary of commerce Patricia Polito Miller, BS’60; federal judge Sarah Evans Barker, BS’65, LLD’99; singer and IU Jacobs School of Music faculty member Sylvia McNair, MM’83, DM Hon’98; Eli Lilly vice president Alecia DeCoudreaux, JD’78; golf champion Nancy Shepherd Fitzgerald, BS/MS’66; opera singer Angela M. Brown, ’96; and Mary Bolk, ASN’77, a nurse and lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army. David O. Tittle, JD’67, a partner at Bingham McHale LLP in Indianapolis, was named a 2009 “Best Lawyer in America.” Tittle concentrates his practice in the firm’s commercial litigation division.

In November 2008, the Honorable Charles C. Wicks, JD’70, was elected to serve as judge of the Elkhart Superior Court No. 5. He retired in December 2008 after 30 years as a part-time deputy prosecuting attorney and was also in private practice as a trial attorney for 38 years. He also supervises the Elkhart County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (ECADAP). Ira B. Zinman, JD’70, an attorney in Bloomington, Ind., recently authored Shakespeare’s Sonnets and the Bible, which was published earlier this year. The book includes an insightful foreword written by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. Zinman is currently working on his second documentary film and has treatment outlines for a television series and a feature film. The Honorable David A. Ault, JD’73, was elected to a fourth term as judge of Montgomery Superior Court 1. Judge Ault was also recently recognized as the volunteer attorney of the year by the Indiana District 4 Pro Bono Corp., which he chaired from 2002 to 2008. He now serves on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee of the Indiana Judicial Conference and has previously served on the probate, domestic relations, and civil instructions committees. Judge Ault has also served on the IJC’s Board of Directors and the Board of Managers of the Indiana Judges Association. Carol Connor Cohen, JD’76, a partner in the litigation department at Arent Fox LLP in Washington, D.C., was elected to the firm’s 10-member executive committee.

Connor Cohen concentrates her practice on ERISA, bankruptcy litigation, and employment litigation. She defends employers, fiduciaries, and employee benefit plans in ERISA litigation involving claims with respect to defined benefit plans, including cash balance pension plans and claims of breach of fiduciary duty with respect to 401(k) plans and ESOPs. Steven L. Jackson, JD’77, a partner at Baker & Daniels LLP in Fort Wayne, Ind., co-authored Punishing Corporate Crime: Legal Penalties for Criminal and Regulatory Violations, which was released in August. In addition to summarizing the historical and statutory bases for corporate punishment, Punishing Corporate Crime analyzes newer remedies that the government is utilizing with increasing frequency, including deferred prosecutions, receivership and monitoring, disgorgement of profits, restitution, integrity agreements and disbarment from regulated fields. At Baker & Daniels, Jackson represents major health care providers in a number of legal areas, including False Claims Act litigation, fraud and abuse counseling, peer review proceedings, institutional review boards, and ethics committees. In January, Kurt R. Kaboth, JD’77, was appointed director of resource development for the National Council of Churches in New York City. He is responsible for church membership and program support, contributed support, planned giving, and foundation grants. Kaboth served for 25 years as general counsel for the YMCA Retirement Fund and for three years as head of school for Eastern Christian School in North Haledon, N.J. Stephen W. Lee, JD’77, a partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP in Indianapolis, was recognized as a 2009 Indiana Super Lawyer. He is chair of the firm’s Real Estate Department and a member of the firm’s Entrepreneurial Services Group. He is also the managing general partner of the firm’s separate partnership, BT Building Company LLP. Lee joined Barnes & Thornburg in 1978 following a one-year federal judicial clerkship for the Honorable Jesse E. Eschbach, JD’49.

Fernandez confirmed to head economic development administration The U.S. Senate confirmed John Fernandez, JD’92, to serve as assistant secretary of commerce for economic development. Fernandez heads the Economic Development Administration, which is in charge of helping distressed communities recover from economic struggles and natural disasters. Fernandez recently served as senior vice president and partner at First Capital Group in Bloomington, Ind., where he formerly served two terms as mayor. He also served as a part-time attorney for Krieg DeVault in Indianapolis. “I am honored to be serving President Obama in the role of assistant secretary of commerce for economic development,” said Fernandez. “I look forward to working with the EDA’s staff and our colleagues at the Department of Commerce as we work to promote innovation and restore economic growth in communities throughout the United States.” U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke applauded the Fernandez confirmation. “I applaud the Senate for voting to confirm John Fernandez as assistant secretary of commerce for economic development,” Locke said. “The Economic Development Administration is a vital player in helping to realize President Obama’s ambitious agenda to turn around the economy and put people back to work. The leadership and expertise John developed at the local level will be critical in his new role.”

Thomas C. Scherer, JD’77, an attorney at Bingham McHale LLP in Indianapolis, was named to the annual Best Lawyers in America listing. His practice focuses on bankruptcy and creditor–debtor rights law. The Honorable Viola J. Taliaferro, JD’77, Monroe Superior Court judge, was honored with the Indiana Lawyer’s Distinguished Barrister Award. Judge Taliaferro received the award, which honors 15 Indiana lawyers for their exemplary leadership both in the legal profession and in the community, for her dedication to helping families and children in the court system.

William E. Adams, Jr., JD’78, was named dean and president of Western State University College of Law in Fullerton, Calif. Adams will lead the school, the oldest law school in Orange County, as it seeks full ABA accreditation in the fall of 2009. Dean Adams joined the school after leaving Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center, where he was a professor for 19 years and associate dean for six years. Veda M. Jairrels, JD’78, professor of exceptional education at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, has written the book, African Americans and Standardized


A l um n i N e w s

A l um n i N e w s

Dorfman featured in Discovery Channel documentary On July 30, Don Dorfman, JD’57, was featured on Investigation Discovery channel’s Wicked Attraction series, which profiles behind-the-scenes investigations into murder cases and high-profile serial killers. “A Mother’s Love” details the 45-year-old case of a mother who was accused of shooting her husband to death and, years later, murdering her two daughters. In 1964, Dorfman was a young deputy district attorney assigned to prosecute Theresa Sanders, who shot her husband, Clifford, to death. She confessed the crime to her neighbor, who happened to be the sheriff’s wife. In addition, several witnesses had allegedly heard her threaten to kill her husband during their marriage. “It was a standard murder case,” Dorfman said. But the case took an unexpected turn when Sanders claimed she was abused and shot her husband in self-defense. The judge decided not to allow the corroborating evidence or the confession to go to jury. “She was not only acquitted, but the jury hugged her,” Dorfman said. Theresa Knorr (nee Sanders) later asked Dorfman to represent her in divorce proceedings from her second husband. “She said she knew that if she was ever in trouble she wanted me to fight on her side. I declined,” he recalled. Many years later, he received a phone call from one of Knorr’s sons. “He said that his mother wanted me to represent her, but not to do it because she had murdered two of her daughters by shooting one and setting her on fire and locking the other in a closet and leaving her there to die,” said Dorfman, who did not represent her. Knorr initially pleaded not guilty to the murders. But, after learning one of her sons had agreed to testify against her, she entered guilty pleas to both crimes and was sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison.

Tests: The Real Reason for Low Test Scores. Jairrels has also written other publications in college textbooks that focus on special education legal issues. Rebecca (Deputy) Urquhart, JD’78, special counsel to ExxonMobil, was elected director of the Estes Valley Land Trust in Estes Park, Colo. Prior to relocating to Colorado, Urquhart practiced commercial real estate law in Houston and served as general counsel of a real estate investment trust. Kam C. Wong, JD’78, associate professor at Xavier University in Cincinnati,


recently published two books, The Impact of USA Patriot Act on American Society: An Evidence Based Assessment and The Making of USA Patriot Act: Legislation, Implementation, Impact. Also, Wong’s articles, “Who Owns the Spratly Islands? The Case of China and Vietnam” and “The Philosophy of Community Policing in China,” were featured as two of the 50 most frequently cited articles in China Report and Police Quarterly, respectively. Similarly, his articles, “Studying Policing in China: Some Personal Reflections,” “The USA PATRIOT Act: Some Unanswered Questions,” “The Making of the USA

Patriot Act I: The Legislative Process and Dynamics,” and “The Making of the USA PATRIOT Act II: Public Sentiments, Legislative Climate, Political Gamesmanship, Media Patriotism” were among the top most downloaded articles in ScienceDirect TOP 25 Hottest Articles in 2007–2008 three times in a row, a distinction that no author has received in the past.

1980s In February, the National Arbitration Forum Panel added Indianapolis lawyer Robert E. Burkett Jr., JD’80, to its national panel of independent and neutral arbitrators and mediators. In addition to his work with the National Arbitration Forum, Burkett is the sole practitioner with the Law Office of Robert Burkett in Indianapolis. He focuses his practice on dispute resolution, arbitration, mediation, and litigation of civil disputes. Burkett previously spent 23 years with Conseco Inc. in Carmel, Ind., working in various corporate counsel positions. In September 2008, Miranda (Kiser) Mandel, JD’80, the chief operating officer for the Chicago-based law firm Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg, was featured in the Diversity Journal’s Women Worth Watching issue. The issue profiled leading business and professional women who were nominated by their colleagues, peers, and mentors for their initiative and achievements. At Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg, Mandel’s responsibilities include internal management issues, firm policies and procedures, technology issues, committee and practice group administration, and internal communications. Mandel also serves as the firm’s general counsel, focusing on ethics compliance and risk management, and advising the firm on conflict of interest matters, as well as a wide range of other areas. She has been with the firm since its founding in 1986 and continues to represent clients as part of the firm’s corporate and securities group. Abigail L. Kuzma, JD’81, an attorney at the Indiana Attorney General’s Office

in the consumer protection division, was honored with the Indiana Lawyer’s Distinguished Barrister Award. Kuzma received the award, which honors 15 Indiana lawyers for their exemplary leadership both in the legal profession and in the community, for her involvement with underserved communities while working as the former executive director of the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic in Indianapolis. Richard W. Young, JD’81, joined Quarles & Brady LLP in the firm’s Intellectual Property practice as a partner in the Chicago office. Prior to joining Quarles & Brady, Young practiced for 20 years at Gardner Carton & Douglas, now Drinker Biddle & Reath, in Chicago and served as chairman of the Intellectual Property Department for eight of those years. He has extensive experience litigating patent, trademark, and copyright actions and in counseling clients on intellectual property issues, including infringement, licensing, and branding. In May, Jose G. Valtierra, JD’82, chancellor of Ivy Tech Community College Northwest Region in Gary, Ind., was inducted into the Steel City Hall of Fame. The Steel City Hall of Fame is awarded to individuals who, while working for 25 years or more in a career, make broad, significant, and multiple contributions to the Gary community or society at large. As an inductee, Valtierra has proven himself an exemplary and dynamic leader promoting the quality of life through educational advancement at the local, state, and national levels. Philip C. Eschels, JD’83, of Greenbaum Doll & McDonald PLLC in Louisville, was selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America® 2010 in the field of Labor and Employment Law. Eschels is a member of the Labor and Employment Practice Group and the Covenant Not to Compete and Trade Secrets Team chair. He represents employers in defending against employment-related claims in both federal and state courts. He represents clients involving covenants not to compete and the protection of trade secrets. Eschels also

counsels employers and trains management personnel concerning a wide range of employment-related topics including harassment, how to prevent discrimination lawsuits, and how to minimize potential liability when hiring, disciplining, and firing employees. George M. Germann, JD’83, an attorney in Spring Hill, Fla., was one of 23 Florida attorneys honored as recipients of the Florida Bar President’s Award for Pro Bono Service on Jan. 29, 2009, at a ceremony in the Florida Supreme Court Justices Court Room in Tallahassee, Fla. His award was for the Fifth Judicial Circuit, which encompasses a five-county area. As a sole practitioner for more than 25 years, Germann maintains a general practice and specializes in probate, estate planning, guardianships, and elder law. He is also known in the area for his work with Hernando-Pasco Hospice, a nonprofit hospice, as a member of its Board of Directors for more than 20 years and the immediate past chairman of the board, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for other nonprofit organizations in his community. He has also has served as judge for Teen Court for more than 16 years. R. Anthony Prather, JD’83, a partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP in Indianapolis, was reappointed to the Indiana Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Commission. Prather was first appointed to the commission in March 2004. The Court has reappointed him to a five-year term and expects he will remain on the commission until June 2014 or until a successor is appointed. In his practice with Barnes & Thornburg, Prather represents management interests exclusively in all aspects of labor and employment law and litigation. He also negotiates executive employment, separation, and non-compete agreements for clients. He defends management in federal and state courts, before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Indiana Civil Rights Commission, the Department of Labor, and the National Labor Relations Board. Kenneth L. Turchi, JD’83, has been named assistant dean for communications

and marketing at the IU Maurer School of Law. He will oversee the strategic marketing and communications plans for the Law School and can be reached at Norris K. Wang, JD’83, is a deputy prosecutor in Lafayette, Ind. He became a board member of the Indiana University Asian Alumni Association in 2007. M. Gino Brogdon Sr., JD’86, a trial attorney and formal trial judge in Atlanta, recently published Demons in the Crawlspace, a mystery/detective novel. He has many years of presiding over complex criminal cases as well as a number of cases of national significance. He is also an acrylic painter and has displayed and sold his artwork throughout Atlanta. In his spare time, Brogdon writes poetry and music, and enjoys playing saxophone and listening to jazz. David K. Kresser, JD’86, a partner at Fisher & Phillips LLP in Atlanta, was named a Georgia Super Lawyer 2009 by Atlanta magazine. He has exclusively defended employers in labor and employment law matters since joining the firm in 1986, and he has handled countless litigation matters across the nation for employers. He was the principal drafter of the employer briefs filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in Desert Palace, Inc. v. Costa, 123 S.Ct. 2148 (2003), a case involving Title VII standards of proof. Kresser has tried both jury and non-jury discrimination cases, including the first same-sex sex-harassment jury case tried in Kentucky. Wendy W. Ponader, JD’86, rejoined Baker & Daniels LLP as counsel in the firm’s commercial and bankruptcy practice group. Ponader first joined Baker & Daniels in 1989. She was a partner on the commercial, financial, and bankruptcy services team until founding Ponader & Associates LLP in 2003 to give her flexibility to spend more time with her children. Ponader has returned to Baker & Daniels after six years with Ponader & Associates. She was selected to Indiana Super Lawyers in bankruptcy and creditor/ debtor rights from 2005 through 2009.


A l um n i N e w s She was also named a Distinguished Fellow by the Indianapolis Bar Foundation in 2005. In the community, Ponader serves on the Board of Directors for HARMONI, Inc., an initiative to rejuvenate the historic Midtown neighborhood, and is a former member of the Board of Directors for both St. Richard’s School and the Indianapolis Philharmonic Orchestra. Karen A. Rolcik, JD’86, an attorney at Graydon Head & Ritchey LLP in West Chester, Ohio, was named president of the Estate Planning Council of Northern Kentucky. Rolcik has experience in the areas of estate planning, probate, business, and tax law. She counsels individuals in the management and distribution of their property during their lifetime, at death, and after death. Rolcik also counsels business owners in the formation and operation of their businesses including the creation and implementation of succession plans to preserve the value of the business after death. Brent R. Baughman, JD’87, of Greenbaum Doll & McDonald PLLC in Louisville, was selected for inclusion in The

A l um n i N e w s Best Lawyers in America® 2010 in the field of appellate law. Baughman is a member of the firm’s Labor and Employment Practice Group and the Appellate Team co-chair. He is also a member of the Louisville, and American Bar Associations. In addition, Baughman serves as president of the University of Louisville Woodcock Society, vice-chair of the University of Louisville Library Advocates Board, a member of the Executive Committee for the University of Louisville Arts & Sciences Alumni Council, and a member of the St. Patrick Church Stewardship Team. Lance D. Hamner, JD’87, was recently elected judge of Johnson Superior Court No. 3. He previously served as prosecuting attorney in Johnson County (Ind.) from 1991 to 2008. He is also the author of Indiana Search & Seizure Courtroom Manual (Michie). Joseph R. Heerens, JD’87, was recently promoted to chief legislative counsel for Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. In his new position, he will lead the legislative team and will be responsible for managing the governor’s legislative affairs. Prior to his

promotion, Heerens was policy director of Regulatory Affairs and assistant general counsel for the Daniels administration. Brian L. Porto, JD’87, was promoted to associate professor at Vermont Law School, where he has taught since 2006. He teaches appellate advocacy, legal writing, and election law and coaches the National Moot Court team. David A. Reidy, JD’87, Lindsay Young Associate Professor of Philosophy and adjunct associate professor of political science at the University of Tennessee, was awarded a 2009 NEH Faculty Fellowship to work on his intellectual/philosophical biography of John Rawls. The NEH grants faculty fellowships to only about five percent of applicants per year. Sherry A. Fabina-Abney, JD’88, a partner in the Indianapolis law firm Ice Miller, was named a 2008 Outstanding Hospital Lawyer in the July/August 2008 edition of Nightingale’s Healthcare News, a newsletter for healthcare executives and professionals serving the healthcare professions. She was one of 12 attorneys from across the country, and the only attorney from Indiana, to be named to the annual list. Fabina-Abney counsels healthcare entities and professionals on a variety of legal issues. Matthew R. Gutwein, JD’88, president and chief executive officer of Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County, was one of five Indiana University alumni to run in the 2009 Boston Marathon.

Sylvia McNair, left, and Mickey Maurer, JD’67, greet Judge Viola J. Taliaferro, JD’77, at the reception following the IU Maurer School of Law naming ceremony on Sept. 25, 2009.


Andrew B. Buroker, JD’89, a partner at Krieg DeVault LLP in Carmel, Ind., received the 2009 Community Leadership Award during DePauw’s Alumni Reunion Weekend in June. A 1984 graduate of DePauw University, Buroker was recognized for his community leadership as a board member of the Indiana Opera Society, Indiana University Maurer School of Law Alumni Board, Beta Theta Pi at DePauw University, and American Heart Association of Indianapolis; chair of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Building Owners and Managers

Association; past chair of the American Heart Association; and member of the Indianapolis Metro Board of Directors. Buroker concentrates his practice on commercial and real estate finance, real estate transactions, financial institutions, and environmental law. Michael P. McCartney, JD’89, vice president of Plancorp, Inc., in St. Louis, was awarded the Accredited Investment Fiduciary designation from the Center for Fiduciary Studies. The AIF designation signifies training in fiduciary responsibility and follows a two-day course and examination. Prior to joining Plancorp, Inc., McCartney was a summer associate for Baker & Hostetler (Columbus, Ohio); an associate for Lewis, Rice & Fingersh; counsel for McDonnell Douglas Company; associate general counsel for AnheuserBusch Companies, Inc.; and most recently general counsel for Commercial Development Company. Natalie J. Stucky, JD’89, a partner at Bose McKinney & Evans in Indianapolis, has received accreditation as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP). She is the only attorney in Indiana to achieve such accreditation, according to U.S. Green Building Council records. The USGBC was formed in 1993 with the primary mission of encouraging and supporting sustainable development. Stucky practices in the Bose McKinney & Evans real estate and financial institutions groups and leads the firm’s green initiatives group. As a LEED AP, Stucky’s role is to advise clients on all aspects of green building, from weighing the costs and benefits of green and sustainable building projects; assisting with site selection and acquisition; providing guidance through the LEED certification and appeals processes; advising on alternative green-building rating systems; negotiating and drafting contracts for the acquisition, design, construction, and leasing of green projects; and helping clients identify and obtain funding, incentives, and other resource options available for green projects.

Jose H. Villarreal named U.S. Commissioner General to 2010 World Expo Jose H. Villarreal, JD’79, has been named U.S. Commissioner General of Section of the United States Exhibition to World Expo Shanghai 2010. He is responsible for oversight of the U.S. Pavilion. In addition, he is the official U.S. government representative to the Government of China on issues relating to World Expo Shanghai 2010. “I am delighted that Commissioner General Villarreal has accepted this role,” said U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “He has the background and stature required to ensure a strong United States presence at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.” Villarreal is an attorney in San Antonio with a distinguished background in the legal, business, and non-governmental sectors. He serves as a senior advisor to the law firm of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld. He also serves on a number of private and nonprofit corporate boards, including the Union Pacific Corporation, First Solar, Inc., PMI Group, Inc., the Center for American Progress, and the New America Alliance.

1990s Mark B. Gramelspacher, JD’90, president and CEO of CMW Inc. in Indianapolis, was named to the executive committee of the Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance (RWMA), a standing committee of the American Welding Society based in Miami. In his role as 2nd vice chair of RWMA, Gramelspacher will help oversee the RWMA and advise the AWS Board of Directors to serve the community of resistance welding equipment distributors, educators, manufacturers, and users. Bart A. Karwath, JD’91, a partner in the Litigation Department at Barnes & Thornburg LLP in Indianapolis, was recognized as a 2009 Indiana Super Lawyer. His practice areas include ERISA, civil RICO, insurance, franchise, buy-sell agreement, securities, UCC/sales, contracts, construction, commercial lease, real estate, and non-compete litigation. Michael Q. Murray, JD’91, was promoted to senior vice president, general counsel,

and secretary of Sealy, Inc., in Trinity, N.C. Murray will report directly to Sealy’s chief executive officer, Larry Rogers. Murray is well known and respected throughout the furniture industry for his role in flammability regulation and other various industry issues. Murray has been integrally involved in all aspects of the business, including working with retailers, suppliers, manufacturing, and the financial restructuring of the business, public filings, and corporate governance. Murray brings 18 years of experience to his new position at Sealy and has been practicing law since 1991. Prior to joining Sealy in 1999, Murray was a senior attorney for Aeroquip-Vickers. Marshall C. Derks, JD’93, volunteered to serve at the embassy in Iraq for a one-year tour as a foreign service officer. In his new role, Derks will be supporting Provincial Reconstruction Teams in the field who are working to assist Iraq with rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure and facilitating their return to prominence as a functioning democratic nation in the region.


A l um n i N e w s

A l um n i N e w s

Flanders named CEO of Playboy, Inc. In a historic announcement, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. (PEI) announced the election of Indiana Law alumnus Scott N. Flanders as its chief executive officer and member of its board of directors. Flanders, JD’82, is the first non-Hefner to serve as CEO in the company’s 56-year history. Flanders was selected after an extensive five-month search by the company’s board of directors. He joined PEI after serving three years as president and CEO of Freedom Communications, a Californiabased media company. In his new role, Flanders oversees PEI’s strategic direction and business operations. “This is a particularly exciting time to assume the role of CEO,” Flanders said after the announcement. “The evolution of the media industry and the global recession’s effect on consumer spending intensify the need for a creative and effective business model. I look forward to working with Hugh Hefner, David Chemerow, and the employee team to take Playboy to the next level.” Flanders has served on the IU Maurer School of Law’s Board of Visitors since 2004 and currently serves as its chair. Last spring, he returned to Bloomington to participate in FutureFirm 1.0, a collaborative conference that brought together legal minds from across the country to envision the law firm of the future. Dean Lauren Robel congratulated Flanders on his new job and said she looks forward to continue working closely with him and the Board of Visitors. “Scott is a visionary whose effectiveness is unparalleled,” Robel said. “He knows just how much to listen, and how to cut through quickly to the most important issues. We have been extraordinarily lucky to have his leadership on our Board of Visitors, and I am wishing him the best in this exciting new position.”

David C. Milne, JD’94, accepted a position as SVP of Human Resources and general counsel of Symmetry Medical, Inc., in Warsaw, Ind. Milne is also a member of the IU Maurer School of Law’s Business Advisory Board. Robert A. Dubault, JD’95, a partner at Warner Norcross & Judd LLP, was named to The Best Lawyers in America® 2010. Dubault, who is new to the list this year, was recognized for his work in labor and employment law. He represents public and private sector employers in a wide variety of labor and employment issues, including employment discrimination


and harassment, wage and hour, Family Medical Leave Act compliance, collective bargaining, and related matters. David W. Barrett, JD’96, a partner at Baker & Daniels LLP in Indianapolis, was appointed chairman of The Villages of Indiana’s Board of Directors. He has been on the board for five years and a member of the executive committee for the last two years. The Villages is the largest child and family services nonprofit agency in Indiana. Barrett chairs Baker & Daniels’ business and corporate finance group and concentrates his legal practice in the areas of mergers and acquisitions,

joint ventures, general business matters, private placements, corporate governance, franchising, and a wide variety of other complex transactions. Krista L. Cosner, JD’96, was recently named a partner at Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP in the firm’s San Francisco office. As a member of the firm’s products liabilities and mass tort practice group, Cosner focuses her practice on products liability litigation. Along with her colleagues, she has served as national coordinating counsel and local counsel in mass tort litigation for large and small pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Rhonda (Hanna) Veen, JD’96, is of counsel for the Weathers Law Office in Indianapolis. Her practice focuses in the areas of insurance coverage disputes and commercial litigation. Prior to joining the firm, Veen was employed as an attorney with several civil practice firms, and also as deputy prosecutor in Marion, St. Joseph, and LaPorte (Ind.) counties. She was also a staff attorney for the Legal Service Program of Northern Indiana, where she represented clients in a variety of family law matters relating to domestic violence. Troy D. Farmer, JD’97, joined DeFur Voran LLP as a partner in the firm’s Fishers, Ind., office. Farmer concentrates his practice on personal planning and estate administration. He focuses on family wealth transfer planning, business succession planning, and gift and estate related tax planning techniques. He also has extensive experience in representing individual and corporate fiduciaries and has experience assisting clients with income tax planning and related matters, retirement planning, charitable gift planning, and such services as prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, and adoptions. Sue A. Shadley, JD’97, a founding partner of Plews Shadley Racher and Braun LLP in Indianapolis, was named to the 2009 Indiana Super Lawyers list. Less than five percent of Indiana attorneys receive this distinction, given to the top lawyers chosen by their peers and the independent research of Law & Politics.

Brian L. Henry, JD’98, was recently named an equity partner at Boates and Crump, PLLC in Anthem, Ariz. Henry is a litigation attorney with a broad range of experience in areas such as construction, commercial, insurance defense, corporate, and complex litigation. His practice is comprised of business transactions and litigation, corporate law, civil litigation – including insurance defense and construction defect litigation – and trademark and copyright law. He is also a member of the Arizona, Maricopa, and American Bar Associations, and the technology law, business law, construction law, and trial practice sections of the Arizona State Bar. In February, David E. Jefferies, JD’98, was selected by Cincy Magazine as a 2009 Cincy Leading Lawyer. Jefferies is a partner for the Cincinnati intellectual property law firm, Wood, Herron & Evans, and he was selected in the Biotech area. The Cincy Magazine Leading Lawyer award winners, selected from 42 practice areas, are based on ballot forms sent in by hundreds of members from the local legal community. Kendall H. Millard, JD’98, a partner and member of Barnes & Thornburg’s Litigation and Intellectual Property Departments and the Antitrust Practice Group, was included in Indiana Rising Stars 2009. His practice focuses on antitrust and other complex commercial litigation. J. Steven Rich, JD’98, has relocated with his family to Doha, Qatar, where he is director of contracts for Qtel International. In his new role, he is responsible for supporting Qtel International’s overseas business in the 16 countries where it operates outside of Qatar. Rich was previously an attorney in the Washington, D.C., office of Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP. Laurie N. Robinson, JD’98, vice president and assistant general counsel of CBS Broadcasting, Inc., received the Diversity Trailblazer Award. The award, which is presented by the New York State Bar Association’s Committee on Minorities in the Profession, honors individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment

to helping enhance diversity in the legal profession. Robinson is also the founder and CEO of Corporate Counsel Women of Color, an organization for in-house women attorneys of color to promote their advancement in the legal profession and workplace. Shelese (Emmons) Woods, JD’98, assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, received an Integrity Award from the Inspector General for the United States Department of Health and Human Services for her prosecution of several healthcare fraud matters. Elaine A. (Murphy) Pohl, JD’99, a senior attorney at Plunkett Cooney in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., recently joined the firm’s Insurance Law Practice Group. Pohl focuses her practice in the areas of insurance coverage, liquor licensing, and general litigation matters. She is a member of the American Bar Association, State Bar of Michigan Alcohol Beverage Practice Section and Insurance and Indemnity Law Section (serving as treasurer), Oakland County Bar Association, Defense Research Institute, Michigan Licensed Beverage Association, and Women Lawyers Association of Michigan. Michael A. Puzio, JD’99, received his LLM in European Law from the University of Edinburgh School of Law in November 2006. Puzio serves as a judge advocate with the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps and holds the rank of major. He is currently deployed to Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne Division, where he serves as the chief of military justice for Combined Joint Task Force 101. Prior to his current assignment, Puzio served as an operational law officer with the Joint Psychological Operations Task Force, Combined Forces Special Operations Component Command at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, from January 2007 through December 2008. In July, James M. Snyder, JD’99, formed KincerSnyder PC, in Glen Allen, Va. Snyder will continue to focus his practice on the defense of civil claims, including insurance defense, product liability, and toxic torts.

2000s Proloy K. Das, JD’00, a partner at Rome McGuigan PC, in Hartford, Conn., was recently featured in India New England for his work as one of the youngest partners at a top-25 revenue-generating firm in the state. In addition, Das recently won his first civil appeal before the Supreme Court and was also recently featured in the Connecticut Lawyer, a publication of the Connecticut Bar Association (CBA). As chair of the CBA’s Young Lawyers Section, he will have a monthly article in the publication. Eric B. Johnson, JD’00, a partner at Quarles & Brady LLP in Phoenix, joined the Board of Directors for the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona. Johnson practices in the area of labor and employment law, with emphasis on employment law counseling and litigation in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico state and federal courts. The Epilepsy Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that people with seizures are able to participate in all life experiences and are working to prevent, control, and cure epilepsy through services, education, advocacy, and research. Martin B. Karol, JD’00, recently joined United Financial of Illinois, Inc., in Naperville, Ill., as vice president and corporate counsel where he concentrates on financial products for energy conservation and renewable energy. In March, Robert S. Meitus, JD’00, a partner at Meitus Gelbert Rose LLP in Indianapolis, was featured in Indiana Lawyer for his roles as both a musician and an attorney who represents artists on intellectual property issues. Meitus is responsible for the intellectual property and entertainment legal matters for clients including record companies, recording artists, filmmakers, and authors in a range of industries. He has performed music professionally for much of his life and has more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Angela Karras Neboyskey, JD’00, an associate at Swanson Martin & Bell


A l um n i N e w s in Chicago, and her husband David A.P. Neboyskey, JD’00, an associate at Kirkland & Ellis LLP in Chicago, welcomed their second child Evan Andrew Dean to their family on May 19, 2009. Evan joins big brother John Patrick Ernest, born Oct. 31, 2006. The couple resides in Angela’s childhood home in Oak Brook, Ill., and keeps in touch with many fellow Indiana Law classmates. Jeffrey A. Chadwick, JD’01, was elected partner at Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP in Chicago, where he concentrates his national practice in the areas of bankruptcy, corporate reorganizations, and creditors’ rights.

duties of the committee include a review of the local rules to determine that they are in compliance with Indiana Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure, review of proposed local rules, and the initiation of proposals for local rules as needed. Sanchez practices in Bose McKinney & Evans’ litigation, appellate, and white-collar crime groups, representing clients in complex civil, criminal business, and commercial litigation. She is also a member of the IU Maurer School of Law Latino Alumni Advisory Board. She served on the Indiana State Bar Association Board of Governors as the counsel to the president and cofounded the Latino Affairs Committee of the Indiana State Bar Association.

In October 2008, Eric M. Zion, JD’01, an associate on the Labor and Employment Team at Hunton & Williams in Charlotte, N.C., welcomed home his second child, Teddy. Teddy joins Zion, his wife, Amanda, and older brother, Jack.

Julie R. Sculli, JD’02, joined Brooklyn Law School in September 2008 and will be supervising the exam administration activities as well as working with the dean’s office on several matters, including the joint degree and study abroad programs,

Mindy A. Finnigan, JD’02, joined the product liability practice group at Baker & Daniels LLP as an associate in the firm’s Chicago office. Finnigan brings experience in a variety of client actions, including cases involving consumer product defects, premises liability, and toxic torts. Before joining Baker & Daniels, Finnigan practiced at Butler Rubin Saltarelli & Boyd LLP in Chicago for four years. After graduating from law school, she served two years as a judicial clerk for the Honorable Richard L. Young in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana and then practiced at Jones Day in Chicago. Megan C. Hill, JD’02, an attorney at Bass & Associates in Tucson, Ariz., was a panelist at the National Association of Chapter Thirteen Trustees annual conference in Boston. She discussed strategies for unsecured creditors on a panel titled “Disposable Income-Courts: Where Form B22C Controls.” Marisol Sanchez, JD’02, a partner at Bose McKinney & Evans LLP in Indianapolis, joined the Local Rules Advisory Committee for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana. The


A l um n i N e w s assisting new faculty in transitioning to the BLS community, and creating the faculty newsletter. Sculli graduated cum laude from Indiana Law. Prior to joining Brooklyn Law School, she practiced criminal defense with a sole practitioner and structured finance at Thacher Proffitt & Wood LLP. She also holds a BA in political science and criminal justice from Indiana University, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa in both majors. Dale D. Wengler, JD’03, accepted a position with JobWorks Education & Training Systems LLC as senior vice president of business development and general counsel. In his new position, he will be working in both Indiana and California. In February, Carl W. Butler, JD’04, joined Frost Brown Todd LLC as a senior associate in the firm’s Indianapolis office. Butler practices in the litigation department representing corporate clients in civil

Indiana Law forms LGBT Advisory Board On Sept. 26, 2009, a group of dedicated alumni, friends, and students came together at the Law School to form the Maurer School of Law Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Advisory Board. From the energetic discussion that took place, a leadership team emerged and has committed to solidifying the board over the course of the next several months. According to newly selected President Kathleen Sweeney, JD’84, “The formation of this Advisory Board confirms the Law School’s commitment to educate and mentor all students. We are excited and ready to work.” Sweeney and the leadership committee are already in the process of planning an inaugural event at the Law School. Stay tuned for additional details from the board.

LGBT Advisory Board leadership Kathleen Sweeney, JD’84 President Schembs Sweeney Law Indianapolis Jerry Burgdoerfer, JD’83 Vice President Partner & Co-Chair Securities Jenner & Block Chicago Michael Shumate Treasurer Retired Partner Jones Day New York

Margaret Emmert, JD’01 Secretary Of Counsel Ice Miller LLP Indianapolis Erica De Santis, JD’96 Leadership Team Member Associate Publisher Bloom Magazine Inc. Bloomington, Ind. Steve Sanders Leadership Team Member Associate Mayer Brown LLP Chicago

litigation, including complex commercial, and product liability cases. He previously served as a law clerk to the Honorable Frank Sullivan Jr., JD’82, of the Indiana Supreme Court and worked as an associate at Barnes & Thornburg LLP.

Testy named dean of UW law school On Sept. 1, Indiana Law alumna Kellye Testy became the first female dean in the University of Washington School of Law’s 110-year history. She has also been named the James W. Mifflin University Professor.

Jessica A. Edgerton, JD’04, joined Astor Professional Search LLC, a Chicagobased legal search firm, as a legal recruiter and managing director. Prior to her new position, Edgerton practiced in the litigation department at Shefsky & Froelich for two years. Thao T. Nguyen, JD’04, an associate at Plews Shadley Racher & Braun in Indianapolis, was named an “Up and Coming Lawyer” by Indiana Lawyer. Nguyen, who has worked at the firm since 2004, is a member of the Indiana State Bar Association, Oberlin College Alumni Association, Indiana University Alumni Association, St. Joseph County Bar Association Pro Bono Committee, and is a mock trial coach for John Adams High School in South Bend, Ind. Amy M. Steketee, JD’04, an associate at Baker & Daniels LLP in South Bend, Ind., was chosen to the Michiana Forty Under 40 Class of 2009. The award recognizes and honors 40 young professionals in the region under the age of 40 for their contributions and accomplishments in both their workplace and community. At Baker & Daniels, Steketee focuses her legal practice in the areas of employment, labor, and school law. Recently, she co-authored an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of the National School Boards Association in an employment case impacting school districts. Steketee also has written a chapter on religion in the public school curriculum in The Principal’s Legal Handbook (3rd edition), published by the Education Law Association, and authored several entries in the Encyclopedia of Education Law, published by Sage Publications. She has been a co-presenter at several state and national school law conferences on various topics, such as serving students with disabilities, technology and the law, and the handling of First Amendment issues.

Testy, JD’91, previously served as dean of Seattle University School of Law since 2005 and a professor of law since 1992. She is a leading scholar in the area of corporate governance reform and lectures across the country in the areas of business and commercial law. “I am honored by this appointment,” said Testy. “I look forward to leading the law school to its next level of educational excellence and to leveraging UW’s status as one of the top public research universities in the nation to build collaborative partnerships inside and outside the university to address complex issues facing our state, nation, and world.” Indiana Law Dean Lauren Robel said Testy will do a tremendous job in her new role. “I am so delighted and so proud of Kellye,” Robel said. “She is already recognized as one of the most effective law school deans in the country. She will bring her incredibly good judgment and devotion to legal education to a strong school.” Testy earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from IU in 1982 and graduated first in her class from the Maurer School of Law, earning summa cum laude honors. She clerked for the Honorable Jesse E. Eschbach II, JD’49, on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in 1991 and 1992. Testy co-founded Seattle University School of Law’s Access to Justice Institute, and founded both the Seattle Journal for Social Justice and the Center on Corporations, Law & Society during her tenure there.

Ashley E. Tatman, JD’04, recently joined the Office of the Indiana Attorney General as deputy solicitor general.

the position, Clark worked for the city’s drainage board and was hired based on his past experience with the city.

Scott A. Newman, JD’05, recently joined Carroll, Kelly, Trotter, Franzen & McKenna in Long Beach, Calif., as an associate. He is a member of the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel and the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Andrija Samardzich, JD’06, joined Bowman and Brooke LLP in Phoenix as an associate in the firm’s discovery and document management litigation practice. Samardzich focuses his practice on defending motor vehicle manufacturers against product liability claims involving rollover/roof-crush, crashworthiness, and restraint systems. Prior to joining the firm, Samardzich clerked for Judge Patricia K. Norris of the Arizona Court of Appeals.

Gregory R. Clark, JD’06, was hired as counsel for the City of Jeffersonville (Ind.) City Council. Prior to accepting


A l um n i N e w s

A l um n i N e w s

Loumbas installed as president of world’s first Rotary Club Angelo J. Loumbas, JD’93, was installed as the 2009-2010 president of ROTARY/One, the world’s first Rotary Club. Senior vice president and wealth strategist at U.S. Trust Bank of America Private Wealth Management, Loumbas has served as chairman of the club’s membership committee and as a trustee of the club’s foundation. He previously served as an Illinois assistant state’s attorney and in private practice representing closely held businesses, families of high net worth, and not-for-profit institutions such as the Art Institute of Chicago. Founded in Chicago in 1905, the Rotary movement grew quickly from ROTARY/ One’s initial purpose as a business networking group that rotated its meetings between offices of its members to an international organization comprised of business leaders around the world. Today, there are more than 33,000 Rotary clubs and 1.2 million Rotarians in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Elizabeth A. (Lewis) Baney, JD’07, an associate at Baker & Daniels LLP in Washington, D.C., was featured in a article titled, “12 Inspiring Stories of Successful Social Networkers.” Baney, who was able to successfully use Facebook to make professional connections and acquire new clients, concentrates her practice on regulatory matters for the health and insurance industries. Casey J. Eckert, JD’07 an associate at Bingham McHale LLP in Indianapolis, was named an “Up and Coming Lawyer” by Indiana Lawyer. As a member of the firm’s labor and employment department, she focuses her practice in the areas of discrimination defense, employment agreements, and covenants not to compete and general employment and workplace policies. She also provides advice and counsel to employers on compliance with federal, state, and local employment and equal opportunity laws and counsels employees on OSHA adherence. Laura C. Harbison, JD’07, an attorney at Greenebaum Doll & McDonald PPLC in Louisville, was named vice chair of the Louisville Bar Association’s Taxation Law Section. A member of Greenebaum’s Tax


and Finance Practice Group, Harbison has experience in federal and state tax controversy at the administrative trial court and appellate levels. She also has experience in various corporate and tax filings areas, including the formation and filing of applications for exempt status by nonprofit organizations. Shamil R. Patel, JD’07, recently joined the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, D.C., as associate counsel with the Board of Veterans Appeals.

Holly L. Johnson Amaya, JD’08, a litigation associate for Farmer Case & Fedor in San Diego, recently joined the Board of Directors of the Indiana University Alumni Association’s San Diego chapter and serves as an editor for the San Diego County Bar Association’s Young and New Lawyers Division publications. In June, she married David E. Amaya, JD’08, an associate at the San Diego law office of Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, where he practices in medical malpractice defense, employment law, and appellate law. Ted W. Nolting, JD’08, joined the Indianapolis law firm Riley Bennett & Egloff as an associate attorney. His practice focuses on civil litigation and business and commercial law. In November 2008, James F. Olds, JD’08, joined the Lafayette, Ind., law firm Stuart & Branigin as an associate. He practices in the areas of litigation, real estate, development and zoning, business transactions, and business counseling. Chloe E. Pullman, JD’08, was selected to be a part of the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ 2008 Honors Attorney Program. She accepted a position as assistant district counsel with the Corps’ Walla Walla (Wash.) District Office and focuses her practice on labor and employment, Native American, and environmental law matters.

Daniel J. Goshorn, JD’08, accepted a position as counsel to the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations in Washington, D.C.

In November, Robert B. Rohla, JD’08, joined the law firm Greenebaum, Doll & McDonald in Louisville as an associate. He works in the firm’s corporate and commercial practice group.

Jennifer M. Hesch, JD’08, was recently awarded a two-year Presidential Management Fellowship and will work in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in disability law. The purpose of the award is to attract to the federal service outstanding men and women from a variety of academic disciplines and career paths who have a clear interest in, and commitment to, excellence in the leadership and management of public policies and programs.

Jonathan J. Henriques, JD’09, was recently named a Snyder Visiting Scholar and will study international human rights at the Research Centre for International Law Cambridge University England during the fall of 2009. The scholarship is given to applicants who demonstrate a commitment to coursework in international law, research in international law, employment in the international arena, knowledge of languages, career goals, and extracurricular activities.

In Memoriam Stephen A. Backer, JD’71 Stephen A. Backer, JD’71, president of the Carmel Clay School Board and a former Indiana University trustee, died on March 15, 2009. Backer, 63, served on the school board from 1994–1998, and his current term extended through June 2010. He left the school board when he was appointed to the Indiana University Board of Trustees, serving 1998–2004. Prior to his role with the Carmel Clay School Board, Backer was an attorney for Backer and Backer, a law firm he formed with his father in 1974. The firm has been involved in commercial, contractual, construction, and real estate law for more 30 years. He was also formerly a deputy prosecuting attorney and had been a member of the Corporate Board of Directors of Salin Bank and Trust Co. since 2007. His other memberships included the Indiana Lottery Commission from 1990–1997, the Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation Board in 1997 and 1998, and the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation. Memorial contributions may be made to the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, 1201 E. Third St., Merrill Hall 003, Bloomington, IN 47405, or the Carmel Clay Education Foundation, 5201 E. 131st St., Carmel, IN 46033.

Robert K. Castetter, LLM’54 Robert K. Castetter, LLM’54, died on Aug. 2, 2009. Born Aug. 18, 1919, in Martinsville, Ind., he grew up in Cincinnati and attended Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, Pa. After graduating from college in 1941, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and was sent to officer training. Castetter went into business after the war and found himself drawn to the legal and academic world. He received his JD from Chase College of Law in Cincinnati in 1947, and received an honorary PhD from Washington and Jefferson College in 1971.

Castetter was a professor and chairman of the finance department at the San Diego State College School of Business for nearly six years before joining California Western. Under his leadership as dean of the California Western School of Law, the school earned accreditation and increased enrollment from about a dozen students to more than 600. Despite that growth, Castetter made it a point to know every student by name. When Castetter joined the California Western School of Law in 1960, the law school was a part of United States International University. His achievements included gaining membership for California Western in the Association of American Law Schools in 1967 and engineering the law school’s separation from USIU in 1975 to become one of the few free-standing law schools in the nation. Castetter was named president of the law school in 1980 and retired in 1985. California Western hosted an event celebrating Castetter’s life on Sept. 26, 2009, in conjunction with the school’s Alumni Weekend festivities.

Stephen C. Cline, LLB’63 Stephen C. Cline, LLB’63, died on Aug. 21, 2009, after a long illness. He was 74. Cline will be remembered as a loving son, father, husband, and grandfather and for his devotion to his craft as an attorney. Born in Columbus, Ind., in 1934, Cline was a proud member of Sigma Chi fraternity at DePauw University, graduating in 1956. Following graduation, he served in the U.S. Air Force and married Shirley Dungan Cline, with whom he had three daughters. After graduating from Indiana Law, Cline joined the law firm of Roberts & Ryder specializing in labor and employment law and opened his own practice in 1972. In 1980, he married Sandra Brock Cline and lived many happy years in Zionsville, Ind., where they owned the Zionsville Times Sentinel.

Cline was a formidable negotiator on behalf of his clients to whom he was very devoted. He changed his focus to mediation from 1994 to 2009, which he enjoyed along with teaching business law classes at Butler University and Marian College. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Holy Family Episcopal Church in Fishers or Paws & Think in Indianapolis. Please visit www. to share online condolences.

James M. Elliott, JD’69 James Martin Elliott, JD’69, died July 28 at the Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis. He was 66. Elliott was born Dec. 2, 1942, in Owensboro, Ky., to James Glenn and Margaret Thomson Elliott. He graduated from Owensboro Senior High in 1960 before receiving his undergraduate and law degrees at IU. Elliott joined the law firm of Wilson and Wilson in Owensboro before returning to Bloomington where he worked at the IU Foundation and founded his financial advisory firm of Elliott and Associates. He was active in several organizations including the Bloomington Hospital Foundation, the IU Varsity Club, the IU Alumni Association, and the Brown County Playhouse. He and his wife, Jannette, were members of the First United Methodist Church. Memorial contributions can be made to either the IU School of Medicine or the IU Varsity Club Phil Dickens Scholarship Fund.


A l um n i N e w s

A l um n i N e w s

D. Maxwell Gray, JD’64

Fred H. Gregory, LLB’53

J. Moritz Grolimund, LLB’62

D. Maxwell Gray, JD’64, died on July 25, 2009.

Fred H. Gregory, LLB’53, passed away March 29. He was 83 years old.

While in school, Gray was a member of Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity, Beta Gamma Sigma business honorary, and Phi Gamma Delta social fraternity.

For 55 years, he was an exemplary public servant and lawyer in Bloomington and Monroe County. Soon after his graduation, he opened his own law practice. He served as Monroe County prosecuting attorney from 1959 to 1962 and then joined the law firm of Rogers & Rogers. After serving as a trust officer of Monroe County Bank, he opened another solo law practice where he continued to practice elder law.

The Honorable J. Moritz ‘Joe’ Grolimund, LLB’62, died July 6 at Goshen General Hospital in Goshen, Ind. He was 77.

A founding partner of the Indianapolisbased law firm of Lowe Gray Steele & Darko LLP, Gray was known for his work on complex environmental law, product liability, and other litigation. He was a faculty lecturer at the IU Kelley School of Business in 1964–65 and taught part time in the School of Business at IUPUI from 1968–1973. Gray was listed in Who’s Who and admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. He was a member of the Indianapolis and Indiana State Bar Associations, the Defense Research Institute, the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana, and the Lawyers Club. A longtime member of the Athletic Club, he served on its board of directors from 1998 through 2003. In addition, Gray was a member of the Eagle Creek Sailing Club and served as the commodore in 2003. He was a member of the Board of Directors of Safe Sitter from its founding until 2004, and a member of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Council, serving as its president for two years. A seventh generation Hoosier, Gray served on the Board of Governors of the Indiana Society of Pioneers and also served on the board of the Woodburn Guild at Indiana University. He was a loving husband, father, and grandfather. He enjoyed sailing with friends and family and was an avid supporter of all the things IU. He was an active handball player. He treasured his time with his family at Camp Brosius on Elkhart Lake, Wis. Visit to sign the online guest book, leave a personal message, or make a memorial contribution. Memorial contributions may be made to Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church 5692 Central Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46220.

Gregory’s political activism and community work helped define his life in Bloomington over the decades. Gregory served as a member of the John Ashton Committee, which resulted in changes in the management of the Bloomington Hospital and the construction of a new modern facility. In the mid-1960’s, he chaired a committee studying the need for a mental health facility in Monroe County. He subsequently served as the first president and member of the Board of Directors of the South Central Indiana Mental Health Foundation, which now operates a comprehensive behavioral health center for surrounding counties. He was also active in the Monroe County Legal Aid program, and served as Judge Pro Tem and special judge in various Monroe County courts. Gregory was recognized for his outstanding pro bono service in Monroe County and, in 2007, he was named a recipient of the Randall T. Shepard Excellence in Pro Bono Publico Award. For his work, he received Indiana Law’s Distinguished Service Award in 2008. Contributions in Gregory’s honor can be made to the District 10 Pro Bono Project, Inc., P.O. Box 8382, Bloomington, IN 47407, in order to establish an annual Pro Bono Award in Fred H. Gregory’s name.

Judge Grolimund was a graduate of Culver Military Academy and Rollins College in Winter Park, Fla., where he served as president of the Independent Men’s Organization, letterman-manager of men’s basketball, and regularly appeared in many theatrical performances. After receiving his LLB from Indiana Law, the Elkhart, Ind., native worked in private practice. In 1964, he became the youngestever person to serve as Elkhart City Court Judge, a position he held until 1968. That year he served as a delegate to the Republican State Convention. He launched a volunteer probation program, driver improvement school, and alcohol information school. He continued at his private practice until his death.

John W. Houghton, LLB’42 John W. Houghton, LLB’42, of Carmel, Ind., died on July 25, 2009. Houghton practiced law in Indianapolis beginning in 1943 with the law firm Barnes & Thornburg LLP and its predecessor, Barnes, Hickam, Pantzer & Boyd until his retirement in 1999. He practiced primarily in the areas of litigation and probate. He was also a member of the American College of Trial Lawyers and the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, and was listed in annual editions of Best Lawyers in Indiana. He graduated with an AB in 1941 from Indiana University, where he was a member of Phi Gamma Delta social fraternity. At Indiana Law, he was editor-in-chief of the Indiana Law Journal, president of the IU Law Club, and a member of Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity and the Order of the Coif. He was president of the Indianapolis Bar Association in 1961, president of the Lawyers Association of Indianapolis in 1952–53, and president of the Indianapolis Lawyers Club in 1971–72. In 1973, he received the 50-year Award of the Fellows of the Indiana Bar Foundation. In 1995, he was inducted into the Law School’s Academy of Law Alumni Fellows, the highest recognition accorded by the School to its alumni. He served the community in many other capacities. Houghton was director of Goodwill


Industries of Central Indiana from 1958 until 1989, and was president of the Indianapolis Legal Aid Society in 1959. He served on the Law School’s Board of Visitors from 1975– 2004 and was a former chairman. He was an avid tennis player from his high school days until shortly before his death.

Law community mourns Sir David Williams

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Indiana University Foundation for the Maurer School of Law or to the American Cancer Society.

Professor Fred Aman Jr. recalled Williams as an integral part of the Law School during his time in Bloomington.

I. Jay Krieger, LLB’39 I. Jay Krieger, LLB’39, passed away Feb. 16 in Covington, La. He was 90 years old. After graduating from Indiana Law, the Gary, Ind., native did graduate work at the University of Chicago and obtained a second law degree from Tulane University in 1947. During World War II, Krieger served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army Signal Corps and, later, as commander of the Lakeview American Legion Post. After his wife, Mildred “Angie” Levitan Krieger, graduated from Tulane Law School in 1962, the couple founded the law firm of Krieger & Krieger in New Orleans. Following Hurricane Katrina, they moved to Mandeville, La., where he continued a practice limited to successions, wills, and pro bono work for the Louisiana Bar Association, where he served as a member for more than 60 years.

John F. Lyons, JD’69 John F. Lyons, JD’69, of Barrett & McNagny LLP in Fort Wayne, Ind., died on March 31, 2009, after a four-year battle with leukemia. Born June 20, 1944, in Bloomington, Ind., he was the son of the late J. Frederick and Gertrude (Post) Lyons. He practiced law at Barrett & McNagny for 40 years and was a member of Woodburn Missionary Church. He loved to fish, travel, and spend time with his family and friends. He married Cindy Rindahl on May 30, 1999. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Woodburn Missionary Church, PO Box 431, Woodburn, IN, 46797, or Visiting Nurse & Hospice Home, 5910 Homestead Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46814.

Sir David Williams, the first Indiana University Maurer School of Law George P. Smith Distinguished Visiting Professor-Chair and frequent contributor to the Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, died last month in Cambridge, England. He was 78.

“Sir David was on the founding Board of Editors of the Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies and his involvement and participation added luster and international recognition, not only to our journal, but to our Law School as well,” Aman said. “We were so fortunate that he played so important a role in our School. He will be sorely missed.” Williams was the first full-time vice chancellor of the University of Cambridge, the president of Wolfson College, and a noted scholar and teacher in the field of public law. His approach toward examining civil liberties, administrative law, and environmental law was lauded for its radical approach and for its accessibility to a wide audience. Aman first met Williams in 1983 as a fellow at Wolfson College. The two became close friends over the next 26 years. “He helped create the kind of supportive intellectual environment that made creativity, imagination, laughter, and joy an integral part of the institutions he so loved,” Aman said. Williams was the author of Not in the Public Interest: The Problem of Security in Democracy and Keeping the Peace: The Police and Public Order. He wrote three articles for the Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, including “Courts and Globalization,” “The Courts and Legislation: Anglo-American Contrasts,” and “Law and Administrative Discretion.” He was knighted in 1991.

Gordon G. MacKenzie, LLB’55 Gordon G. MacKenzie, LLB’55, of Elkhart, Ind., died on June 27, 2009. From 1958 until 1960, MacKenzie was the deputy attorney general for the state of Indiana. From 1960 to 1970, he served as a vice-president of First National Bank. He then was in private law practice for 35 years, retiring in 2005. He was a member of First Presbyterian Church, where he served as an elder. He was the past president of many organizations including Deacon’s Board, First Presbyterian Church Foundation, Child Health Services (which later

became CAPS), Indiana University Alumni Association of Elkhart, The Samaritan Center (where he was also a board member), Elkhart Estate Planning Council, Junto Club, and Elkhart Lions Club (where he received the Melvin Jones Award). MacKenzie was a 1948 graduate of Middlebury High School and a 1952 graduate of the IU Kelley School of Business. He was a member of the Elkhart City Bar Association, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, a life member of the IU Alumni Association, and a 50-year member of the State Bar Association. He was the first president of the Elkhart Historical and Cultural Preservation Commission and an


A l um n i N e w s Eagle Scout. MacKenzie was also a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, achieving the rank of lieutenant (junior grade). Memorials may be given to the Lions Eye Bank or First Presbyterian Church. Visit to send online condolences.

Mary M. Nord, JD’88 Mary M. Nord, JD’88, died on May 19, 2009, at Floyd Memorial Hospital in New Albany, Ind. Nord was a graduate of Our Lady of Providence High School, the University of Evansville, and the Indiana University Maurer School of Law. She was QA Editor with ProQuest and a member of Holy Family Catholic Church in New Albany. She was born on March 14, 1963, in New Albany to Robert L. and Mary Ann “Sissie” Nord of New Albany. In addition to her parents, Nord is survived by her sister, Angela Nord; her brothers, Joseph Nord and his wife, Ann, and Thomas Nord, all of Louisville, and Andrew Nord and his wife, Laura, of Chicago, Ill.; her nephews, Sam, Jasper, and Sebastian; and her niece, Kaitlyn. Memorial contributions may be made to the Our Lady of Providence High School Tuition Assistance Fund. Condolences may be made online at www.

Judge Allen Sharp, JD’57 U.S. District Judge Allen Sharp, JD’57, former chief judge of the federal district court for Indiana, died July 9 at his home in South Bend. He was 77. Sharp was the fourth-longest serving active district judge when he took senior judge status in 2007. He remained in that post until his death last month. Judge Sharp presided over trials in four U.S. districts and


A l um n i N e w s sat with three federal courts of appeal during his tenure. Born in Washington, D.C., and raised in Brown County, Ind., Judge Sharp earned his undergraduate degree from George Washington University before pursuing his law degree at the IU Maurer School of Law. From 1957 to 1968, Judge Sharp practiced law in Williamsport, Ind., then served for four years as a judge on the Appellate Court of Indiana. He served in the U.S. Air Force Reserves from 1957 to 1984, where he attained the rank of lieutenant colonel. He was the recipient of an honorary doctor of civil laws from Indiana State University in 1979. Judge Sharp was the author of several historical articles for both books and magazines.

Russell Strunk Jr., JD’82 T. Russell Strunk Jr., JD’82, passed away March 9 at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, Ind. He was 53 years old. Born in Indianapolis, he was a lawyer and partnered with Holleran, Trexler & Strunk. He was previously with Lincoln Financial for 10 years. Strunk graduated from Southport High School in 1974; he received his undergraduate degree from IU in 1978 and his law degree in 1982.

Donald Sutherland, LLB’54 Donald Gray Sutherland, 80, died May 2. After graduating from Indiana Law in 1954, Sutherland went to work at Ice Miller. He retired in 1998 as a senior partner. He served on numberous boards in Indianapolis and assisted organizations including the Girl Scouts of America, Conner Prairie, the Indianapolis Opera and the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA). His most recent involvement was with the Indiana State Museum where, among other activities, he served as a museum tour guide. He is survived by his wife of 54 years, Mary Moodey Sutherland; his son, Stuart Gray Sutherland, and his wife, Nancy Mershon Sutherland; his daughter, Elizabeth Sutherland Firanek, and her husband, Ronald Albert Firanek; and three grandchildren, Alexander Gray Firanek, Eleanor Suzanne Firanek, and Liana Rose Sutherland.

Joseph A. Wright, JD’97 Joseph A. Wright, JD’97, died in his sleep of natural causes on April 25, 2009, in Los Angeles. Wright graduated from Park Tudor School in 1988, majored in philosophy and history at Pomona College in Southern California, and earned his law degree in 1997. At Park Tudor, he was active in theatre productions, the orchestra, yearbook, tennis, soccer, and baseball. In high school, he was the recipient of the prestigious Indianapolis Prelude Award for Theatre. While in college, he continued his involvement in theatre and was one of the founders of the international fraternity Zeta Psi. After graduation, prior to attending law school, Wright was a counselor to young men at the McKinley School for Boys. In Indianapolis, at 10-years-old, he first appeared in local theatre in “The Beeple” at Civic Theatre. Following that, he enjoyed featured roles in numerous plays at Civic Theatre, Beef ‘N’ Boards, Christian Theological Seminary, and Indianapolis Repertory Theatre. Theatrically, Wright made it all the way to Broadway in 1984, appearing in Oliver as a member of “Fagin’s Gang.” In a movie made for television, he played the memorable “Jerry Disbro” in Poison Ivy (NBC), co-starring with Michael J. Fox, Nancy McKeon, Adam Baldwin, and Robert Klein. In 1986, he co-starred with Sean Astin in Walt Disney Television’s B.R.A.T. Patrol. Arriving on the silver screen in 1985, he played Brady Kincaid in Stephen King’s Silver Bullet, produced by Dino DeLaurentiis and Martha Schumacher. Wright was also the star of the independent movie Shock Therapy TV, due out in 2010. All of his life, he was an avid musician, composing countless songs for the piano. He was also president of Lawyer Branding, a company that produced Web sites and videos for law firms around the country. Because he was an avid hiker and spent many happy walks on the trails of Griffith Park in Los Angeles, donations in his name can be sent to: Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation, c/o Park Rangers, 4730 Crystal Springs Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027. Please mention you are making a donation in Joe Wright’s name and that you prefer the donation to go to trail maintenance in Griffith Park.

Law School honors Professor John Scanlan For more than 20 years, Professor John Scanlan has driven 400 miles round trip, from South Bend to Bloomington, to teach at IU. After a distinguished career in which he’s been recognized for his extraordinary work on immigration law, Scanlan retired from teaching this spring. Colleagues, family, and friends gathered in the Indiana Memorial Union on May 6 to commemorate Scanlan’s retirement. “There are not many people who would put up with 20 years of commuting 400 miles a week, but John has never been like everyone else,” said Professor Alex Tanford. “The mix of personal and academic interests has fueled his long fascination with immigration, especially how we respond to the tired, poor, and hungry masses of disadvantaged immigrants yearning to breathe American air. From the Irish in the 19th century to Haitians and Mexicans in the 20th, John has written, taught, and cared about the plight of poor immigrants coming to this country. He also practices what he teaches and has handled a number of immigration cases in Chicago.” Scanlan joined Indiana Law in 1984 after teaching for several years at Notre Dame. Though he left Notre Dame to head the Law and Sports Center at the Law School, he never left South

Bend. That dedication, colleagues said, was just one example of what made Scanlan such a special instructor. “John has been so passionate about teaching students to write well, political theory, and how we treat immigrants and refugees,” Dean Lauren Robel said. “For John, he has always been about ideas and expressing them really, really well.” Scanlan’s passion for legal writing extended not just to the students in his classroom, but to his peers as well. Professor Kevin Brown recalled bringing an early draft of one of his first scholarly publications to Scanlan for advice. “You’ve been as instrumental in my legal scholarship as anyone in the legal academy,” Brown said. After comments from fellow faculty members, Scanlan’s wife, Margaret, unveiled her husband’s portrait that now hangs on the wall of a classroom in the Law School. “When I came here in 1984, I wasn’t really sure where my career was going,” Scanlan said. “One of the things I appreciate about this School is what a challenging and welcoming environment it is. My experience teaching here was wonderful. It’s been amazing, some of the things I’ve seen here. It’s been a true joy, and I look forward to seeing you all again.” 63

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