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KTU: Embracing Change The world changes every minute. Innovations, ideas and technologies that affect people, societies and countries are offered constantly. Therefore, today’s challenges are not just about finding pioneering solutions to global problems such as energy or economic crises, climate change or pollution. The main challenge today is to be able to change. In almost 100 years since establishment Kaunas University of Technology has changed dramatically: from being the first and only university in Lithuania which educated engineers (1922) to becoming one of the largest technical universities in the Baltic States, from providing smart solutions to local communities to implementing innovations globally. KTU brings together highly talented students, researchers and academics to perform cutting-edge research, to deliver top quality education and to provide research and development services to a wide range of businesses on a truly varied array of projects. At KTU results of world-class research and education are applied in close cooperation with business community providing our students with solid basis for the future. At KTU we are driven by aim to contribute and to be part of changes in society. But we cannot do this alone. By working tightly together with international research networks, leading global companies and universities we generate collective knowledge that opens new opportunities. At Kaunas University of Technology the future is happening before our eyes. All of us are proud to be a part of this dynamic community. Sincerely, Rector Petras Barťauskas

At a Glance STRATEGIC OUTLINES Public university, since 1922. Kaunas University of Technology is among 4 percent of top universities of the world according to QS World University Rankings 2013/2014. KTU is participating in U-Multiranking, a new global ranking initiative. The University Renewal Programme 2013-2014 was launched in March 2013. It affects all parts of the University life – from study programmes and research to management.



The University encourages development of student competences which empowers their self-expression and successful career.

by developing internationally acknowledged technology, and knowledge and enabling its transfer into industry and business.


11 000 students


international students


PhD students

130 000 Alumni

3 300

REGIONAL IMPACT Founder of two Integrated Science, Studies and Business Valleys – Nemunas and Santaka. R&D for business in 2012: 1.4 million EUR. Number of business start-ups since 2012: 27.

Graduates in 2013


Academic Staff



in all parts of University life. All KTU activities are focused on prosperity and sustainable development of the State.

ensuring the quality and efficiency of activities.

by developing and caring for University’s academic environment and infrastructure.

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Cutting Edge Research The results of research performed at KTU help create revolutionary solutions to scientific and practical problems: from designing smart appliances and constructing assisting devices for disabled people, to creating ultra-precise tools for medical diagnostics and implementing innovations in space and nuclear equipment. COLLABORATING WITH BUSINESS University maintains close relationship with business and industry. 70 percent of all Lithuanian higher education institutions commissioned business and industry R&D is fulfilled by our researchers. KTU is a founder of two integrated science, studies and business valleys – Nemunas and Santaka. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre (IEC) founded in 2012 is a facilitator between business and science. It is the starting point to collaborations, new enterprises, and innovative solutions to practical business and industry problems. The Centre provides high quality services which lead to technology transfer, intellectual property protection, and start-up companies. The Centre, so far, has attended to 150 business and industry customers’ enquiries for science innovations and attracted more than 300 thousand EUR in R&D services for KTU researchers. IEC of Kaunas University of Technology signed contracts with numerous international companies, such as Samsung, Omnitel (part of Telia Sonera group), ThermoFisher Scientific, Akron Global Business Accelerator and others.

DEVELOPING FUTURE LEADERS OF SCIENCE KTU offers 18 PhD programmes. Our PhD students are enabled to share their experience internationally performing research in global network programmes. The partnership with industry, experience, knowledge, and skills of the University researchers, the methodological and technical resources of the University create favourable climate for fostering the talents of the new leaders of science.

The most important collaborations in fulfilling contracted research for business and industry customers in 2010-2012:

The researchers of Kaunas University of Technology contributed to construction of the first satellite in Lithuania, which will be launched into space from NASA platform.

Kaunas University of Technology | P R O F I L E

ELSIS TS; contract value ~ 730 thousand EUR. Neumann & Co Wasserzahler Glaubitz Gmbh (Germany); contract value ~ 170 thousand EUR. BASF SE; contract value ~ 160 thousand EUR. Danish Biopharmacy Company; contract value ~ 150 thousand EUR.

In 2012, Kaunas University of Technology together with partner companies Omnitel, App Camp and Samsung Electronics Baltics founded one of the largest Mobile Application laboratories in the Baltics. Since then students have developed 35 Mobile Apps. 10 commercialisation agreements were signed based on these activities.

A non-invasive intracranial pressure measurement method developed by Telematics Science Lab researchers solved the puzzle of every neurologist and neurosurgeon in the world. ‘In 2015 astronauts will carry into space our intracranial measurement apparatus, only reduced in size’, says the head of Telematics Science Lab Prof Arminas Ragauskas, PhD.


Participation in International Research Programmes in 2012


27 FP7

Other Programmes




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KTU Food Research and Technology Centre collaborates with more than 100 companies offering new technological solutions to food production process. Researchers and students working in food labs contribute to improvement of formulas of existing products and to future food production.

Research areas:

Value creation, transfer and retention are the key issues in developing long term relations between companies and consumers. The research group of the KTU Marketing Department are developing crowdsourcing based social gaming for shared value creation in consumer engagement. ‘By 2015 at least 50 percent of innovative companies will deploy gamification initiatives in their activities’, says the Director of the KTU Centre for Eelectronic Business Research Prof Rimantas Gatautis.

The open-access research facilities of integrated science, studies and business valleys Santaka and Nemunas provide professionally equipped laboratory spaces for use by students, researchers and industrial partners. ‘I am proud to state that the Ultrasound Research Institute of KTU at Santaka Valley is one of the best equipped ultrasound research centres in Europe’, says Director and Principal Researcher of KTU Ultrasound Research Institute Prof Rymantas Jonas Kažys, PhD.

New materials for high technologies Sustainable growth and cohesive social development Smart environments Future technologies Technologies for sustainable development Biomedical technologies Information technologies

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Education that Creates Value Kaunas University of Technology aims to develop professionals contributing to the development of their professional field, who will make significant impact on life and society in general. INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH One of the top priorities at KTU is the interdisciplinary approach towards studies. Some of interdisciplinary study programmes of KTU, such as Design or Environmental Engineering, have a relatively long history and tradition. Whereas the new ones, such as Biomedical Engineering, New Media Language, or Interdisciplinary Musicology reflect current societal needs. KTU empowers its students to choose their own path of studies. They can combine different study programmes themselves to create various combinations of majors and minors. So far, over 350 unique combinations exist.

HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE The flexible and interdisciplinary approach towards studies and University resources render KTU graduates with advantages when designing their career path. As technology studies are integrated into all study programmes, our graduates have unique specialisations that are extremely valued by employers. Kaunas University of Technology connections with business and industry facilitate the visibility of the University students and graduates in the professional field. Career Days at KTU is the largest career fair among Lithuanian universities.


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At Kaunas University of Technology students have a platform where their ideas can spring to life. The Start-up Space helps students, researchers and the graduates of the University to transform their imagination into businesses; it provides space, organises lectures and workshops, and renders support to the young entrepreneurs. In 20 months since the establishment of Start-up Space 27 start-up companies have been founded. They raised together 350 thousand EUR of investment. Over a hundred of events and competitions were organised to strengthen entrepreneurship culture in the region.

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Kaunas University of Technology is the only Lithuanian university to be a member of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The open online course initiatives are among the factors influencing the modernisation of higher education worldwide.


Undergraduate Students 2013

Master Students 2013




Social Sciences

Technological Sciences



Creative Arts and Design



Biomedical Sciences


Physical Sciences

Alumni Community Kaunas University of Technology has given me an education that I use on everyday basis. Studies, seminars and extracurricular activities has helped me develop professional skills, learn how to cooperate and work in a team, and has taught responsibility and discipline. I can honestly say that my studies at KTU created a solid platform upon which I am building my life.

60% Technological Sciences



Creative Arts and Design

PhD Students 2013

Physical Sciences



Physical Sciences


Technological Sciences





Social Sciences


Social Sciences

Dalius MisiĹŤnas, CEO of Lietuvos Energija, Lithuania‘s largest electricity generation company.

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KTU offers two technological entrepreneurship modules for undergraduate and master students. They introduce pioneering teaching methods based on knowledge and experience of Silicon Valley and Stanford University together with US Market Access Centre, SRI International, Berkeley University of California and Aalto University (Finland). These modules are unique in Lithuania.

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KTU emphasises internationalisation of studies: our students can choose studies and internships at partner universities and companies all over the world under numerous exchange programmes. International experience is valuable for personal career of a student and helps to promote internalisation at home.

At KTU students participate in University governance. By including the representatives of student community into The University Council, KTU guarantees voicing of the student point of view. KTU provides the arena for developing sense of responsibility, social awareness, and leadership among the students.


A Hub of Worldwide Knowledge Kaunas University of Technology aims to meet the challenges of globalisation while sustaining the traditions and practices that define the University’s scholarly community. By choosing strategic partners for collaboration KTU can evolve and adapt to ever-shifting priorities and advances in teaching and research. International Students by Levels in 2013







International Students by Study Fields in 2013


Social Sciences

12% Physical Sciences 0,5% Humanities 6%


Technological Sciences


Creative Arts and Design


Biomedical Sciences

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FACTS AND FIGURES 450 collaboration agreements with over 200 institutions of higher education all over the world. 16 undergraduate, 23 master and 18 PhD study programmes for international students. 322 degree and 244 exchange students study at the University in 2013. International Scholars The main reason for my coming to teach at Kaunas University of Technology was the challenge. I knew that KTU is in a particular moment of its history where innovation and internationalisation are becoming absolute priorities. I was, and am fascinated by the idea of being part of this process of growth, and give my little contribution to it. Professor of Musicology Prof Dario Martinelli, PhD.

Kaunas University of Technology is a member of all major international educational network organisations such as CESAER, EUA, EUCEN, SEFI and others. KTU staff is an active member of European Association for International Education (EAIE) by contributing know how and best practice experience.

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The scholarly community of KTU participates in more than 30 international science programmes and cooperates with global organisations such as NATO, BASF SE, ELSIS TS, Samsung, Hitachi, ThermoFisher Scientific and other companies. The University is a publisher of five scientific journals that have and Impact Factor in the Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge database.

KTU collaborates with Stanford (USA) and Aalto (Finland) and other worldwide study and research leaders. Prospective for dual degree programmes with higher education institutions ranges from Japan to USA. By working together with international research networks, leading global businesses and student exchange programmes we create new opportunities for ourselves and contribute to advancement of global society.


Community that Values Sustainability By integrating the principles of sustainability across all campus systems, from operations to academics, by organising studies focused on sustainability, by collaborating with local enterprises and state institutions Kaunas University of Technology contributes greatly to overall economic and societal climate of Kaunas region and Lithuania. GREEN CREDENTIALS In 2012, Kaunas University of Technology was awarded QUESTE-SI (Quality System of Science and Technology Universities for Sustainable Industry) accreditation for integrating sustainability attitude in all its functions, duties and activities. KTU is a member of UN Global Compact network which encourages the organisations to embrace the principles of social awareness and to act responsibly towards environment, society and businesses. The KTU initiative Green University is setting an example of environmental awareness for its own community and society in general. The university has developed a recycling system that encourages the members of its community, academics, staff and students to recycle, and has created a scheme for promoting saving and effective usage of energy. The University has more than 200 agreements with enterprises and organisations. The scientists and the researchers of KTU participate in almost 100 national and over 30 international projects concerning social security, national heritage, future energy, and challenges of Lithuanian economy and other issues of national importance.


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Situated in the geographical centre of Europe, LITHUANIA is at the crossroad between Western and Eastern Europe. With more than a thousand years of history and quick on the uptake of technologies and innovations it is a country where modernity meets tradition. Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania is an important industrial and educational centre.

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LITHUANIA AT A GLANCE Lithuania is a member of the European Union (EU), North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), Organisation for European Security and Cooperation (OSCE), the World Trade Organisation (WTO), the United Nations (UN), and several regional organisations. Lithuania uses an education system that satisfies all the requirements of the European Union education policy and has a three cycle education system (Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD studies), corresponding to the European Bologna process. Being the 10th least expensive European country to live, it ranks among the top 40 countries in the International Living 2012 Quality of Life Index. Lithuania ranks 1st among the Baltic States, 3rd in Europe and 5th in the world in international investment projects. Lithuania ranks 1st in Europe in the expansion of fibre optic and mobile broadband and has one of the fastest broadband connections in the world. Kaunas University of Technology | P R O F I L E


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