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L.H.J.A.A. Head Coach Application for 2010 Season Date completed this application___________________________ Division Requested for Head Coach Position________________________________________ Name_______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Address City Zip Code Home Phone Number ( ) ____-____________ Work Phone Number ( ) ____-____________ If you require additional space to answer the questions below, you may use the back of this form or attach an additional sheet.

1. List any previous or current affiliation(s) in La Habra Pop Warner. (i.e.: coach, parent, board member, etc.)

2. List any previous coaching affiliations/experience outside of La Habra Pop Warner.

3. Do you have any children participating in La Habra Pop Warner? If yes, please list names and ages.

4. Please explain your motivation to be a Head Coach for La Habra Pop Warner.

5. Should you receive a Head Coaching position, what are your long term goals? (i.e.; leading a team up through divisions in the future, any innovative coaching techniques etc.)

6. Have you ever been addressed for negative behavior as a participant in any league as a coach or parent? If yes, please explain.

7. Have you ever been suspended as a coach, parent or participant? If yes, please explain:

8. From your past coaching experience or involvement with youth sports, please provide two references (no relatives please) that we may contact. Name Name Address Address Phone # Phone # Relationship Relationship 9. Please list the names of your projected coaching staff and their phone numbers: Name Phone Name Phone Name Phone Name Phone Name Phone Are these individuals aware that you are considering their assistance? Yes / no 10. Any coach or assistant coach who has not discharged all obligations to the league will be removed from consideration. This includes – but is not limited to – the return of both contract books (football and cheer), 98% of player’s equipment, team bag and any money collected in the name of the team or program. All forms must be turned into President Fimbres on or before December 10, 2009 Applications received past the due date will be considered late and not be eligible for the 2010 interview process. You may submit your application by: 1. Delivering by hand to the November 12th or December scheduled board meetings 2. Scan application and email to before December 10, 2009 3. Or call: James Fimbres, League President (562) 690-1255 You will be notified of your interview date and time.

La Habra Junior Athletic Association Application for Coaching Position

2010 Head coach application  

OEC - La Habra PopWarner Head Coach application

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