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KTS (Keep Thing Simple) - Studio introduction ABN: 78087636101 / / Lily Hsu 0450 621894

Studio location: 3/353 St GeorgeRoad, Fitzroy North MEL VIC3068. ABN: 78087636101 / / Lily Hsu 0450 621894

KTS studio recognises the valuable contribution the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Non Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Peoples have made and will make in moving towards a future of mutual respect and harmony in a multi-cultural city. KTS studio respects aboriginal sacred sites and significant places.

@kts_studio explore conditions of sunlight to space

KTS (keep things simple) is a creative research and landscape architecture studio open to all types of different projects that requires the attention of creating good connections & concepts for space.

KTS studio works with the client & collaborators to develop and implement project ideas into the real contextual space. Each site-development is to incorporate a strong sense of sustainability and place awareness for the natural environment.

Services: Creative Research in Urban Design - Strategy and Ideas delivery to make better spaces & connections - Design options for walls, fencing and gates (including other details) - Work collaborations to develop socially-engaging cultural infrastructure for project-sites (arts and cultural engagement)

Landscape Architecture: KTS studio works with the client / collaborators to submit plans for council pre-application, town planning & building permit. -

Contextual site studies and assesment prior development Allocating a project site and establishing a brief / vision. Conceptual thinking and defining a landscape strategy and Plan Maintanence design to upgrade existing project-sites Documentation and sub-contracting landscape contractors Custom furniture design and other details

Some Typologies: Parks, Square, Garden (Indoor / outdoor), Roof garden, Cemetery, Memorials, Courtyard Space, Street interface, Sensory Space, Portes-cochère, Water Features, Pools, Drainage Swales, Verandah, open-plan living.

KTS studio works with clients to develop landscape plans with well-thoughout cohesive design ideas. Strategies are based on a contemporary understanding that a relaxed relationship, an informality of an open-plan living style should be reinforced to give impressions of Nature. KTS studio create designs that explore conditions of sunlight to space and maintains to be environmentally aware.

Project Sample: Location: Port Melbourne Railway Reserve Client: City of Port Phillip Budget: < $80k Size: approx. 100m sq.

The proposed memorial is located along Port Melbourne Reserve, this park corridor serves a strong social and cultural connection to the WWI transportation route as part of Port Melbourneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Railway history. The site is an integral space for passive recreation to both residence and visitors. The concept provides opportunity for a new memorial garden space to be located here to improve current wild life connection through infill corridor planting and a place for remembrance to the ANZACâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that travelled from Station Pier (Railway Pier) to Flinders Street Station. Opening date is for Rembrance Day 11/11.

Design features: Environmental Design Principles Site scoping / Shaping of land with considered passive water treatment / Custom detailing / installation & planting of Canopy trees & locally sourced grasses / Recycled use of bricks & other materials / Wayfound-interpretation signage / Temporal reflection pond

Lily is a creative and strategic Landscape architect and values interdisciplinary methods of project development as integral to implementing innovative ideas. Her background in art and design, passion for place and culture has led her to work on a spectrum of indoor and outdoor spaces for private and public realm strategies. She is an ongoing tutor and practices in consultancy and council in Melbourne. Prior KTS studio, her recent portfolio work ranges from working on the Urban design framework for Fishermans Bend and leading concept for South Melbourne’s ANZAC memorial garden. She has spent time working as an artist and designer in Edinburgh Scotland and for an Architecture studio in Tokyo Japan, during this time she worked on various shop installations and interiors including Aesop Kyoto’s concept store. Graduating from Melbourne University with Dean’s Honor in 2010, she also holds a masters in Art, Space, Nature from Edinburgh College of Arts. As KTS studio’s Creative Director she looks forward to developing new client relationships, working on project sites in context and embarking in the process of creative research to deliver primo ethical spaces and connections.


B. Water height and spill are determined by the height and width of Bronze Trumpet fountains. Allownace for high wind tbc. Hydraulic Engineer


C. Water source from mains (potable)

1500mm typ.300mm

A. Casted Bronze Trumpet Fountains

Lighting to provide a splash colour effect within the shallow water body.



Casted Bronze Trumpet with Base Plate connection to structural slab


Water Nozzle & Pump integration

Angled edge to surface grate & water trough below

Recycle water back to pump and controller

IPV-rated Inground lighting

Undeground Bus Tunnel & Carpark


B. 3100mm

Water hose connection

C. 2375mm

A. 2100mm


~>. For enquiries, free quotes and interest in project collaboration, please contact Lily Hsu: 0450621894, alternatively email:

KTS studio - Introduction  

Winter 2018 #01 KTS (keep things simple)

KTS studio - Introduction  

Winter 2018 #01 KTS (keep things simple)