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r a New Hobby

EMILY STARR ’55: “Here at Cathedral Vill which involv age I put out es (among o a monthly ne th er tasks) my my forte. Fo wsletter doing all the r years I had layout, which a Dog of the competition, is not M onth feature but after a w , which incite hile we ran o d great ut of dogs— ROBERT ING and cats, too ERSOLL ’56: !” “A t age 80, I hit since I starte a cycling mile d keeping tr ack of such th stone of 75,0 and many Eu 00 miles in g s. ropean and o That include s cycling in 2 ther foreign 9 locales.” states ERNESTA BA LLARD ’63: “I am a black b combination elt in taekwo of strength a ndo. I admire nd mental dis vitality as I ti the cipline it req ed on my firs u ir es. I felt an e t white belt. and coordina xplosion of A career of co tion had app nciliation, co arently corke knelt before m p romise, d this energy the grand m tightly. Five aster and rece years later I ived my black SALLY REICH belt.” NER MAYOR ’6 7: “I have my have flown in hot-air balloo several Euro n pilot’s licen pean countrie I’m presiden se and s as well as in t of the hot-a the U.S. and ir balloon clu C anada. b where I liv MARGARET e in Switzerl GOLDEN ’74 and.” : “I left the co I make Hanu rporate worl kkah menora d and becam hs. I don’t kn but they’re w e an artist. ow where th himsical and e inspiration ca fun and you Menorahs.” me from, can see them on Etsy unde r Margaret’s KWELI ARCH IE ’89: “At th e age of 45, challenge wit I completed h my son, Ba a 30-day hot k ari Porter ‘16 impact on m yoga . This experi y health and ence had a p overall well-b yoga studio ositive eing. I am no and take 2-3 w a member classes per w o f a local hot eek. I feel w NATHAN CA onderful!” RR-WHEALY ’03: “I release rock band, F d a full-length amous & Falle album with m n, in 2018, w mine since 7 y punk hich has bee th grade.” n a dream an d goal of MORGAN BE RMAN ’04: “I started train Brazilian Jiu-J ing over two itsu and have years ago in competed in winning gold my first athle medals both tic competiti times. A long where I was ons, journey from one of the le my days at S ast athletic st S udents in my SAMANTHA class!” FERRIS ’05: “S ta rt ed ballroom was the top dancing and new student in less than a at a national year competition GRACE ORT th ELERE ’08: “I is past Nove m re b a e d 52 books in r!” year.” 2017 and I’m reading 60 th is

“I was ready to learn new things.

I was a beginner

in the unscripted part of my life.” ~ Ernesta ballard ’63


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SCHool, Spring 2019  

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