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The CHA baseball field, created in 1903, is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, baseball diamonds in continuous use in the area. Left: View in 1924. Below: View in 1970.

chestnut hill academy In 1905, the outside marble swimming pool was enclosed and a gymnasium was built. That same year, the Inn ballroom was converted to a chapel, and the floor was lowered. In 1937, the pool was covered over but still remains under the floor of what is now the Willow Grove Campus cafeteria.

Wealthy and prominent residents of the Hill lived on the west side of Germantown Avenue, much of which was developed by Henry Houston and George Woodward, including the Wissahickon Inn.

Above: The Chapel, ca. 1914. Above right: The orginal gymnasium, ca. 1950, with track. Right: The swimming pool, in what is now the Willow Grove Campus cafeteria.

In 1906, the Inn dining room was converted to the Charles Wolcott Henry Library, named in honor of a prominent supporter of the school. In 1901, the building that is now known as the Rec, originally the Inn’s stable, was converted to a sports practice facility. It was briefly occupied by the Wissahickon Badminton Club starting in 1945, but by 1953 the building had deteriorated. It was not renovated until 1974 when it was converted into a performing arts space and home of the school’s Upper School drama troupe, Players. The Rec continues to serve in this role today.

View of West Chestnut Hill in 1926, showing the school’s baseball diamond near the center of the photo. Much of this area was developed by Henry Houston (above), a director of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and his son-in-law, George Woodward (below), who married Houston’s daughter, Gertrude.

springside school Springside’s Junior School, located at Seminole and Willow Grove Avenue, across from St. Martin’s train station, was opened in 1918, replacing Miss Landstreet’s Wissahickon Heights School that had closed.

Above: the Henry Library. Below: the Rec when it was a sports facility.

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