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MESSAGE FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL With this issue of SCHool, as we near completion of Phase II of our Campus Master Plan, we honor our past and our future. Looking back, we celebrate our nearly 160 years in Chestnut Hill. Looking forward, we see the exciting promise of a school and community that continues to grow, evolve, and redefine itself. We are a new school, and we are a very old one. I love this duality, which is not so much a contrast as it is a vibrant synthesis and continuum. As we prepare to complete Phase II, we are deep into ”transition” planning for the many considerable changes that will take place on campus, including completion of our new Lower School and relocation of the three divisions into their own buildings. Steve Druggan Head of School

A little background is in order: In 2012, the Board of Trustees of SCH Academy embarked on an ambitious Campus Master Plan that set out a comprehensive, multiphase redesign of our 62-acre campus. Informed by conversations with our many school constituencies, the renowned architectural and planning firm of WRT mapped out a 10-year plan for the school encompassing new construction, facility renovation, redistribution of academic divisions, and improved traffic flow and parking. They helped us envision a united, realigned campus poised to serve a growing population of students. This fall, each of our three divisions will have a new home in which they can begin to build a real sense of community. Our divisional faculty, in particular, will benefit from close proximity with each other, leading, I’m sure, to more creative collaborations and best practice sharing. Our Lower School students will be housed in the new McCausland Lower School—with boys and girls occupying separate wings. Our Middle School students will occupy most of the former Springside School campus, and our Upper School students will be based in the Wissahickon Inn on the former CHA campus, with some continuing travel “down the street” for selected art, science, and other classes. While these changes are indeed significant, and not without a spring and summer of heavy lifting for all, I take comfort in the knowledge that our collective school history is populated with relocations, new edifices, and, yes, even a few demolitions. (See a pictorial retrospective of the school’s many “Places and Spaces” beginning on page 14.) This fall, we will celebrate our first school year with an intentionally designed Springside Chestnut Hill Academy campus! We will no longer have a Cherokee Campus or a Willow Grove Campus but, instead, one unified campus that is home to several distinctive features, including one of the most historic buildings in Chestnut Hill—the Wissahickon Inn; a baseball field that came into being the same year as the first World Series (1903); our LEED Gold-certified Rorer Science and Technology Building that houses a world-class engineering and robotics program; the stunning schist-clad, natural-light-filled McCausland Lower School adjoining the Wissahickon Watershed; and so, so much more.

COVER PHOTO Lower School girls eagerly await their turn to sign the last truss to be installed in the roof of the new Lower School building. Earlier in the day the Lower School boys had their opportunity to sign.

I think that you will agree that our new SCH campus is well positioned to be a unique and inspirational home for another 160 plus years of learning. I look forward to welcoming you to your school whenever you might find yourself near. With warm regards,

Stephen L. Druggan, Ed.D. Head of School

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SCHool, Spring 2019  

SCHool, Spring 2019  

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