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BILL WASSERMAN ’45: “T he YMCA of the North Sh ore honored my ‘three de leadership and support’ cades of last week and dedicated a renovated fitness cente I replied that I owed my r in my name. life to the Y many times over in enabling me to ke fit, despite artificial hips ep relatively and other aging handicaps .” LOUISE R. JOHNSTON ’58 : “I am volunteering for Fri ends of the Wissahickon board. Also am helping at on its Face to Face, which provid es meals and other services food-insecure people.” to ROB PILLING ’69: “After graduating from Washing ton and Lee, I moved to and have taught French Nashville and dabbled in administra tion in private schools. I French at a local commun still teach ity college, volunteer he lping Alliance Française, and Percy Warner Parks, Ra dnor Lake the local library, and Chee kwood Museum and Garde ns.” LINDA DUDLEY MUTCH ’78: “The bucket list grows as we speak, but in the meantim volunteering, raising mo e, ney, and distributing foo d to our homeless has be passion. The needs in Ph co me a iladelphia are tremendou s and I am praying this cit day be held up as we tak y can one e care of so many without homes or nourishing foo d.” PAUL KATES ’87: “I volun teer coached a travel ba ske tba ll team of all local 12- to 13-year-old boys, including my oldest son, Noah, ag ainst some tough teams Whippany, NJ, region of in the Hoop Heaven.” JENNIFER S. KETLER ’87 : “I am the pre=sident of a small nonprofit called the Women’s Association in Lo Makefield wer Makefield, PA. The firs t time I remember doing was at Springside when service we went to clean up the Wissahickon. Now I consi be an important part of my de r ser vice to life.” JUSTINE STEHLE ’89: “I have been serving on the board of directors of the for Advocacy for the Rig Center hts and Interests of the Eld erly (CARIE) for the the pa years.” st four ALLIE COLINA ’10: “I go t to go back to Honduras to volunteer for the 10th summer.” ARIANNA SHAHIN ’17: “A fter starting at Elon Unive rsi ty last fall, I began atten volunteer shifts with Habit ding at for Humanity and even tually became a service cap for the organization. I no tai n w lead groups weekly to build or restore sites withi Alamance County, in ord n er to work towards unco vering a solution for housing insecurity.”

TAGUE HARMATY ’18: “I have volunteered at multip le soccer camps that teach kids with menta l and physical disabilities ho w to play soccer.”


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