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Gunnison Valley Animal Welfare League Spring 2009

ALL VOLUNTEER, ALL THE TIME GVAWL has no paid employees. All work is done by volunteers. In 2008, that work totaled well over 6,000 hours.

PROFILES IN FURRAGE GVAWL has too many dedicated volunteers to spotlight one at a time in our “Profiles in Furrage” feature. We could fill many pages with profiles of our wonderful volunteers, who are willing to do whatever needs to be done, whenever — but practicality forbids. So, here are only five, representing dozens of others. Jamee has worked with GVAWL since its inception in 2003, and before that for our “ancestor” group, Gunnison Animal Lovers. She has done nearly every task there is to do for the animals and for the organization — and is always smiling. Here Jamee is shown with Moma, who eight years ago, skinny and sick, was living under a building with her kittens, until Jamee rescued them. Moma and one of the kittens, happy and healthy, live with Jamee. Jamee Case


RECORD NUMBER OF RESCUED PETS IN 2008: 130 …these pets came under GVAWL’s care because they were stray or were relinquished by their human companions. The need for spaying and neutering companion animals is more evident than ever.




P.O. Box 1834 Gunnison, Colorado 81230


Barbara Ross

Jamie Welsh

Sue Runge

Barbara Ross is pictured here with Tommy, a cat she found with two gunshot wounds. With GVAWL’s help, Tommy was saved by veterinary treatment and Barbara’s love. Tommy is now a permanent resident in the Ross household (zoo?) which includes three dogs, two horses, numerous fowl, and ten other cats.

Jamie is another foster “parent” for GVAWL. During her last year at Western State College, Jamie — an Anthropology major, graduating in 2009 — has fostered five active dogs, some of which were previously untrained.

Sue is GVAWL’s foster coordinator and dog-rescue leader. In addition to devoting many hours to GVAWL work, she owns The Next Best Thing, a local in-home animal-care service. She shares her homestead with her husky/shepherd mix, five rabbits, two cats, and a paint foal she has raised.

Over a span of years, Barbara has provided a foster home to many of GVAWL’s cats, and no cat ever had a more loving environment. Barbara’s message: Adopt. And, SPAY/NEUTER!

Record Number of Rescued Pets continued

At best, caring for such dogs is a labor of love, involving many hours of interaction as well as many appointments with prospective adopters. Jamie goes above and beyond, helping to make sure “her”dogs find loving, responsible companions.

Sue says that her favorite part of volunteering is finding the perfect match between human(s) and dog companion.

In Memoriam Lorraine Cummings, Mother of Benay Muckleroy Linda Chambliss Kimberly Gailey Roberta Harper Marilyn Kaiser Susan Oberly

Margaret Ferguson, Mother of Stu Ferguson Royce and Frankie King

Amelia Smitt Hollander

Carol Oyster, Wife of Frank Oyster and Mother of Stacee Dull

In Honor of Miya Must, Daughter and Sister – Monni, Joel, Britni, Kacee, and Sabrina Must

Sherry Booth Hap and Narcissa Channell Butch and Judy Clark Joe Danni Mary Esther Field Zeta Graham Ralph and Marilyn Johnson Sandra Mark Phil and Joan Perkins Joyce Price Zelda Rouillard Letha Vader Lora VanRenselaar and Mark Stiger Helen Winslow Gunnison Elks Ladies

Pam Keefe In Honor of Miya Must, Daughter and Sister – Monni, Joel, Britni, Kacee, and Sabrina Must

Frances Kelley, Mother of Jean and Janie Kelley Paul Berryman Richard and Janel Craig Jackie and John Ingham

George Gordon, Uncle Paul and Cindy Kaplan

Lynnette Lang Sandy Mark

Peggy Scholl

Page Proffitt

Mary Hoskins

James Rudeen and Camie Rudeen

Larry and Virginia Turner

We mark the passing of Zelda Rouillard, a friend of animals and GVAWL.

Memorials for Companion Animals In memory of Jed Dog Ginny and Mark Dommers

Gifts in Honor Camille Besse and Ann Laguens Regina Miller

Carole Dlugasch Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Rosen Zachary Warren

Debra Callihan

In memory of Tucker and Hooch for Alicia Grossman

Jim and Loretta McDonald

Nancy, Kelly, and John DeAngelis

by Terri Felske

Mike Callihan

Shirley Locke

Jim and Loretta McDonald

Aliya, Jeff, and Elena Selik

In memory of Rosie, 1990 – 2007, and Zekie, 1991 – 2007

Regina Miller

Sammye Meadows

Ann Laguens and Camille Besse

Anne and Michael Seltzer

In memory of Buddy for the Margolis Family

Toby and Nancy Morey

Jan Schreiber

Wes Morey

David J. Winger

Quandary Sherratt and Dr. Liz Gordon

In Honor of Miya Must, Daughter and Sister Monni, Joel, Britni, Kacee, and Sabrina Must

In Honor of Miya Must, Daughter and Sister – Monni, Joel, Britni, Kacee, and Sabrina Must

Elisabeth Sherratt

Thank you!

Thank you from GVAWL!

Thank you!

Shelter Grant

Animal Care Grant

The MacAllister Family Foundation

The Freda Hambrick Foundation


$10,000 Other Grants Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley The Animal Assistance Foundation Foundation for the Protection of Animals

Spay/Neuter Clinics

The Youngest Animal Lovers

Michelle Zanga

Rory Magee (Age 6)

Liz Fuller

Alejandra and Alex Alarcon

Evan Sammons

Gifts Kristina Clary Annie Yoder

Gunnison Congregational Church – UCC – Kids Xplore

Special Help Mark Lung, aka “The Grinch” Lisa and Dave Mapes

For Continued and Loyal Support

Hair of the Dawg Pet Grooming

The Book Worm

Next Best Thing Pet Sitting

Bookie Louise City Market Colorado Fitness

In-Kind Kindness


Bob Moffatt, Bobcat Signs

Dove Graphics

Nikki Hewitt, CPA

Fullmer’s Ace Hardware

Jill Norris Rich and Jody Reeser Water Wheel Inn

Gunnison Car Club

The Opportunity Shop

Ron Hekkers


Special Donations

Mike Permann

Linda Bessinger and The Colorado Health Foundation

Frank Vader

Don and Sue Anne Wilson Martha Gentry

Gunnison Gallery

Above and Beyond Their Day-job Duties


Melody Roper

Treads ’n’ Threads West Elk Wood Floors and

Pat’s Screen Printing — T.L. Livermore, Kara Harris, Emily Gillis



Sheriff Wiley Picture courtesy of Dennis & Brenda Posluszny

The Pup and Pony Show is sponsored by Jane Tunnadine, owner of Colorado Fitness. The annual event features horse dressage competitions and a doggy obstacle course. Jane does all the work, and GVAWL gets all the proceeds. A Very Big Thank You, Jane.

Banjo, Saloon Gal

Pooches for Pink is GVAWL’s way of contributing to cancer research, as part of the annual Cattlemen’s Days Parade and Tough Enough to Wear Pink. Miya Must organized the first Pooches for Pink, and the event is now held as a memorial to Miya. Shown here are the 2008 Pink winners, Sue MacAllister’s pals, Banjo and Wiley.

SHELTER UPDATE Sandy Guerrieri has joined the GVAWL Board as Shelter Fundraising Chair. FAA release to the County of the acreage containing the Shelter site is imminent (May). A survey has been ordered. The process of neighborhood input and application for a land use change is underway.

YES, YOU CAN HELP TO END THE NEEDLESS SUFFERING OF MILLIONS OF COMPANION ANIMALS… OF DOZENS AND DOZENS HERE IN THE GUNNISON VALLEY. • Adopt your next companion animal • Spay/neuter • Donate to GVAWL, and/or other animal-welfare groups • Volunteer • Buy products with the Leaping Bunny or other certifications of “no cruelty” • Donate to the Colorado Pet Overpopulation Fund Since its inception six years ago, CPOF has subsidized more than 32,000 spay/neuter surgeries in underserved areas of Colorado, including here in Gunnison County. Go online to

Record Number of Rescued Pets continued

Presort Std. US Postage PAID Gunnison, CO Permit #154

Gunnison Valley Animal Welfare League P.O. Box 1834 Gunnison, Colorado 81230

UPCOMING EVENTS MAY 16 & 17 Spay/Neuter Clinic

JULY 18 Pooches for Pink in Cattlemen’s Days Parade

AUGUST Dog Days of Summer — Fun activities for dogs and their companions. Watch for date and more info in the local papers

Our mission is to promote the welfare of animals by • caring for homeless animals and placing them in permanent homes • building and operating a Valley-wide animal shelter • assisting the community with spay/neuter costs • preventing neglect of and cruelty to animals by educating the public about their humane treatment, and by promoting humane behavior.

NOT TWO SHELTERS: ONE SHELTER AND ONE HOLDING FACILITY The Gunnison Valley Animal Welfare League (GVAWL) and the Paradise Animal Welfare Society (P.A.W.S.) of Crested Butte are working together with Gunnison County, through the Animal Task Force established by the County Board of County Commissioners, to build:

A shelter/adoption center just off Gold Basin Road south of Gunnison

A holding facility on Highway 135 just south of Crested Butte

• valley-wide, longer-term housing for homeless animals, and place for hopeful adopters to meet the animals • target for groundbreaking is Summer 2010 • to donate: contact GVAWL Mail to PO Box 1834, Gunnison, CO 81230 Call 970.641.1173 or 970.275.0788 Log On to

• short-term, limited-space housing for animals found in the upper Valley as they await being either returned to their owners, placed in foster homes, or transferred to the larger shelter and adoption center • target for groundbreaking is Summer 2009 • to donate: contact P.A.W.S. Mail to PO Box 531, Crested Butte, CO 81224 Call 970.209.3656 Log On to

GVAWL Spring 2009 Newsletter  

Gunnison Animal Welfare League Spring 2009

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