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The story of Sarkeys Foundation is the story of inspirational nonprofits making a difference in Oklahoma each day.





That is the power of a good story. It can encourage you, it can make you laugh, it can bring you joy. It will make you think, it will tap into your hidden emotions, and it can make you cry. The power of a story can also bring about healing, give you peace, and change your life!

Leadership 4 Executive Director’s Message 5 President’s Message The Story of Our Grants at Work 6 Little Dixie Community Action Agency 8 Citizens Caring for Children 10 Firehouse Art Center 12 Parent Child Center Forum 14 Southwest Regional Leadership Forum Outreach 16 Grants Paid 20 Grant Guidelines 22 Resources 24 Financials People 23 Board of Trustees 23 Staff Publication Staff Executive Editor: Diana Hartley Graphic Designer: Teresa Dotson, Acme Design Works The Sarkeys Foundation Annual Report is a publication of Sarkeys Foundation.

2 Sarkeys Annual Report 2011


Sarkeys Annual Report 2011 3


Message from Kim Henry, Executive Director

e are only able to fulfill our mission of improving the quality of life in Oklahoma because of the dedicated staff, board members and volunteers of thousands of nonprofits in our state. A record number of organizations submitted proposals this year and the list of successful grantees in this annual report paints a picture of the diversity of people, missions and locations. We all love good stories and that love begins in our childhood. In this report, we have some great stories that demonstrate how grants from Sarkeys are giving Oklahoma’s children a better story of their own. As a former teacher, I’ve seen the importance of early childhood education. The grant to Little Dixie Community Action Agency in Southeastern Oklahoma will help them reach some of the most vulnerable children in our state.

Oklahomans care deeply about our communities and Citizens Caring for Children in Oklahoma City is a strong example of that. We’re so pleased to help make sure foster children have what they need to thrive. For some children, art might be their passion and with cuts to public education, we don’t want them to go without opportunities. Firehouse Art Center is Norman is delivering quality out of school time arts education programs and we are proud to help them achieve this. Education and prevention are key areas for Sarkeys funding. A grant to the Parent Child Center in Tulsa will help get the message out statewide that it is never okay to shake a baby and we can prevent child abuse. These stories are our story. We look forward to telling more stories about the great work happening in the nonprofit sector in this great state.


These stories are our story. We look forward to

telling more stories about the great work happening in the nonprofit sector in this great state.

4 Sarkeys Annual Report 2011


Message from Dan Little, Board President

e are pleased to report that the Sarkeys Foundation awarded more than $2.7 million in grants to Oklahoma nonprofit organizations in 2011, more than double the $1.3 million awarded in 2010. There are several reasons for this, starting with the fact that we were simply in a financial position to do it. Our total assets are a function of our stewardship – of the investment decisions we make. A general uptick in the financial markets helped, but so did the moves we made in 2010 to diversify our holdings to generate more income without significantly increasing our risk. And clearly, we made some difference-making changes in our grant application and award process. We made more grants, and bigger ones, helping even more of the people across our state who need our help and deserve our support.

At Sarkeys, it’s not only about money. We also help nonprofits to improve their performance through education and outreach programs and, by all accounts, these programs were better than ever in 2011. It was a year of success and growth for us. Even as we more than doubled our grant total, we grew total assets by more than $1 million. We also expanded the representation on our Board of Trustees, from six members to eight. We thank retiring members Richard Bell and Fred Gipson, and we welcome Elizabeth Base, Clay Christensen, John Bell and Jim Loftis. Along with Teresa Adwan, Terry West and Joe Morris, I look forward to continuing the Sarkeys tradition of helping to make Oklahoma a better place to live and work.


S. J. Sarkeys created The Sarkeys Foundation in 1962. Born in Lebanon in 1874, he immigrated to the United States when he was 17 years old. On his way to South America, he stopped to visit a brother in St. Louis who showed him a new invention: the carbide lamp. Sarkeys found a market for the lamps in Oklahoma and, as he peddled them around the countryside, he began to buy farmland and, later, oil and gas leases. The successful production from these holdings became the basis for the several fortunes he made and lost during his lifetime. He was 90 when he died in 1965, three years after setting up the Sarkeys Foundation with 2,750 shares of Sarkeys Inc. stock. At the time of his death, the Foundation had made contributions of about $14,000. Since that time, grants totaling over $75 million have been awarded. With assets of around $90 million, the Foundation provides grants to a diverse group of nonprofit organizations, all of which are located in Oklahoma. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees including: Teresa Adwan; Elizabeth Base; Dr. John Bell; Clay Christensen; Dan Little; Jim Loftis; Joseph Morris; and Terry West.

Sarkeys Annual Report 2011 5

Li tt l eDixie Commuity Action Agency in Hugo

$20,000 for an early childhood education program serving three counties in rural southeastern Oklahoma

S arah’s family lives in poverty and her parents

have very few resources for making sure she has a different life – a better future. The first three years of life are when Sarah’s brain develops radically, mapping connections to the larger world. These first years influence the rest of her life preparing Sarah for elementary and secondary school, as well as for college and a career. In a remote and rural part

These grant funds make sure

of the state, there are very few

the teachers continue to receive

resource options for people.

the most advanced early child-

LDCAA is there to help lift

hood training that can be passed

families out of poverty and

along to caregivers, other teachers

provide children like Sarah

and parents. Sarah will see her life

and others the opportunity for

changed for the better.

success through Early Head Start.

6 Sarkeys Annual Report 2011

Sarkeys Annual Report 2011 7

Citizens Caring for Children in Oklahoma City $24,975 for shoes and blankets for children in foster care

T he importance of good shoes is known to

many - they protect the feet. To children, footwear often becomes an afterthought and is just part of the day-to-day routine. However, for two homeless sisters, a new pair of shoes likely saved ten toes, four feet and maybe even two lives.

8 Sarkeys Annual Report 2011

Their mother solicited herself on

causing black and blue feet. Saved

the streets and required the girls to

from the streets, the sisters were

walk with her. Year after year, with

brought to Citizens Caring for

their feet continually growing, both

Children and received new shoes.

girls continued to put on the same

pair of shoes. After all, their feet

buy lots of new shoes and blankets

had to be protected. But what

for vulnerable children in the state’s

protected them from the elements

foster care system. These shoes

began causing more severe damage

also symbolize hope and a new

by decreasing blood circulation,


These grants funds are used to

Sarkeys Annual Report 2011 9

Norman Firehouse ArtCenter

$26,150 for children’s art classroom worktables and chairs, computers and a phone system

hen Timmy came to art classes he was W

withdrawn and incredibly shy. At first he didn’t participate, then slowly started drawing, made origami birds and created art. By the end of the second week of classes Timmy was fully participating and interacting with staff. His large smile captured the hearts of his teachers. He was so proud to show off his work to his family.

10 Sarkeys Annual Report 2011

At first Timmy seemed like

Timmy is what this grant

a kid who couldn’t learn or

is all about. These funds help

become engaged. He was not

create a tomorrow in which

successful in a standard class-

Timmy and other students like

room. But what happened at

him find a real chance of

Firehouse is that he gained a sense

succeeding. The arts are essential

of pride and confidence that he

to every child’s education, every

had never experienced before.


Sarkeys Annual Report 2011 11

The ParentChild Center ofTulsa

$24,900 to produce a public service campaign to deliver the powerful message “Never Shake A Baby”

T he father can’t make the baby stop crying.

The mother didn’t sleep the night before and is exhausted. The caregiver has a short attention span. They are frustrated and briefly lose control. They shake the baby in an attempt to make the noise stop. Abusive head trauma caused

parents and caregivers on the

by shaking a baby is one of the


most preventable forms of child

abuse. It is also one of the

Child Center created a public

most common forms of abuse.

awareness and education

It is the leading cause of

campaign to deliver the vital

non-accidental child death

message – Never Shake a Baby –

and near death in our state.

in a compelling and memorable

This is due, in part, to a lack of

way to a statewide audience.

With this grant, the Parent

education and information for

12 Sarkeys Annual Report 2011

Sarkeys Annual Report 2011 13

g n i l l e t y r o t S The


Thi g i B t s r Fi


Storytelling: The First Big Thing captured the attention of more than 600 guests at the 5th Southwest Regional Leadership Forum. Survey results say it all and here are some of the favorite

“Sarkeys Foundation achieved excellence in all areas: speakers, conference center, materials available, meals, everything was done with excellence which motivates me to seek excellence in what I do.”

quotes from nonprofit professionals and volunteers:

“It was jammed packed with great speakers and information. Keynote Speaker Andy Goodman was excellent and very inspiring.” “This was by far one of the best conferences that I have been to in some time! I have also spoken with several other attendees to compare notes and we were all very excited about what we learned!” 14 Sarkeys Annual Report 2011

“The Forum was so well organized and filled with interesting speakers. I loved being in the same place with soooo many nonprofits.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to experiment with creativity and break away from the “normal” way of looking at things. I also came away with an inordinate amount of ideas to implement in my daily work incorporating stories of those we serve.” “The outcomes measurement seminar was my favorite. That was the first time I ever heard an explanation of a logic model that was...well...logical! I am going to implement these for each program so we can better measure outcomes! “

“The communication of a unified specific message throughout the sessions really made it easier for me to go back to my organization with new practices and tangible things I wanted to change.” Sarkeys Annual Report 2011 15

Grants Paid

Grantee Name City/Project

Good Shepherd Community Clinic Ardmore In-house Pharmacy


Child Development Center Ponca City Child Development Capital Improvement


22nd Judicial District CASA $9,780.00 Ada Medical exams and training and peer review equipment

Christian Helping Hands Of Comanche $10,000.00 Comanche Home renovation for Hands of Hope housing program

A Pocket Full Of Hope $10,000.00 Tulsa UpBeat 360 Program, in which youth develop several theatrical performances

Christmas Connection Oklahoma City School Connections-School Uniform Program

Alzheimers Disease And Related Disorders Association Oklahoma City Care Connections Rural Outreach program


Angels Foster Family Network OKC Edmond Office equipment and technology upgrades


Citizens Caring For Children $24,975.00 Oklahoma City To provide shoes and blankets to foster children $100.00


Cleveland County Christmas Store Norman Discretionary grant


Artist Incubation Guymon New roof for Wild Horse Gallery


Community Literacy Centers Oklahoma City Discretionary grant

Arts And Humanities Council Of Tulsa Tulsa Campaign for the Hardesty Arts Center Phoenix Rising Program Arts Council Of Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Arts After School program


Community Literacy Centers Oklahoma City To add two GED classes to LEAP sites

Britvil Community Food Pantry Oklahoma City Technology Improvements


Calm Waters Center For Children And Families Oklahoma City Grief Support Groups program



Camp Fire USA $14,463.00 Tulsa To purchase of air conditions for cabins, a commercial dishwasher, and a proofer CASA Of Oklahoma County $41,000.00 Oklahoma City Salaries for new recruitment and training positions

16 Sarkeys Annual Report 2011


Full Circle Senior Adult Day Center Norman Discretionary Grant


Crosstown Learning Center $20,000.00 Tulsa Expenses associated with the nutrition program Daily Living Centers Bethany Capital campaign


Domestic Violence Intervention Services $40,000.00 Tulsa Comprehensive Therapeutic Children’s Program East Central University Foundation Ada Synergistic Learning and Research Center


Education And Employment Ministry $25,000.00 Oklahoma City Supportive services to prepare clients for employment Food And Shelter For Friends Norman Soup Kitchen Renovation



Great Expectations Foundation Tahlequah Discretionary grant in memory of Charlie Hollar Great Expectations Foundation Tahlequah Great Expectations Mentor Position Great Plains Youth And Family Services Hobart Supplies and training for parent education




Jasmine Moran Childrens Museum Foundation Seminole Endowment


Junior Achievement Of Oklahoma Tulsa Financial Education in Rural Oklahoma


Keystone Adventure School And Farm $8,814.00 Edmond To purchase hardware and software for educational purposes Leadership Oklahoma Oklahoma City Youth Leadership Oklahoma Class XI



Greater Cornerstone Community Development Project Tulsa Construction of a community center


Life Change Ballroom Oklahoma City Scholarships for the Youth Empowerment & Leadership Program

Green Country Free Clinic Bartlesville Dental Clinic


Life Senior Services $25,000.00 Tulsa To assist with the funding gap for LIFE Senior Services’ Adult Day Services

Happy Hands Education Center Broken Arrow Scholarships


Limbs For Life Foundation Oklahoma City Board Retreat grant

Health Alliance For The Uninsured Oklahoma City Cooperative Central Pharmacy


Little Dixie Community Action Agency $20,000.00 Hugo Early Childhood State Pilot Project


Love Link Ministries $9,750.00 Oklahoma City Health For Friends $48,482.00 To purchase equipment for the building renovation Norman Conversion to electronic medical records Lyric Theatre Of Oklahoma $50,000.00 Oklahoma City HeartLine $30,000.00 Building renovation Oklahoma City Call center staffing Marlow Samaritans $3,051.00 Marlow Help In Crisis $41,625.00 Double-door commercial refrigerator purchase and delivery Tahlequah Funding for two positions: volunteer coordinator and Mission Shawnee $18,000.00 children’s advocate. Shawnee Commerical grade appliances Infant Crisis Services $30,000.00 Oklahoma City Nature Conservancy $50,000.00 Provide food, formula and diapers Tulsa Pontotoc Ridge Preserve Infrastructure - Phase I Jasmine Moran Childrens Museum $200.00 Foundation Nature Conservancy $250.00 Seminole Tulsa Discretionary grant in honor of Melvin Moran Discretionary grant in memory of Deborah Batson

Sarkeys Annual Report 2011 17

Grantee Name City/Project

Neighborhood Services Organization Oklahoma City Transitional Living Follow-Up Program

Amount $30,000.00

New Hope Camp $25,000.00 Tulsa The residential summer camp for children whose parents are or have been incarcerated NewView Oklahoma $8,500.00 Oklahoma City Scholarships for the Emergency Intervention Vision Rehabilitation Training Program

Oklahoma City National Memorial Foundation $25,000.00 Oklahoma City Teaching Justice in Chapters 7B, 8 and 9 exhibit Oklahoma Foundation For The Disabled Oklahoma City Waiting List Client Scholarship Program Oklahoma Humane Society Oklahoma City Quarantine Facility Oklahoma Lawyers For Children Oklahoma City Outreach for Kids Project

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Oklahoma City Norman Firehouse Art Center $26,150.00 Capital campaign Norman Update the computers and phone system, and Oklahoma Outreach Foundation purchase children’s work tables and chairs Oklahoma City Tuition scholarships Norman Public School Foundation $500.00 Norman Oklahoma Philharmonic Society Discretionary grant Oklahoma City Spring Youth Concerts Northeastern Oklahoma A&M $22,754.00 College Development Foundation Oklahoma Safe Kids Coalition Miami Oklahoma City An Affair of the Arts: Sarkeys’ Summer Art Academy for Child Passenger Safety Community Program one year






Oklahoma City Community College Foundation Oklahoma City Construction of a performing arts center


Oklahoma City Educare Oklahoma City Capital campaign


Oklahoma City Museum Of Art $10,000.00 Oklahoma City Dale Chihuly: The Collection Reinstallation and Supplemental Exhibition Project

18 Sarkeys Annual Report 2011

Owasso Community Resources Owasso For utility assistance in the Basic Needs Program

Preserving Oklahoma’s Legacy Institute Tulsa Voices of Oklahoma program


Rebuilding Together OKC Oklahoma City Rebuilding Together OKC Roofing Program


Rebuilding Together Tulsa A Nonprofit Organization Tulsa Roof Program




Oklahoma Centennial Botanical Garden $10,000.00 Tulsa Equipment and Storage Facility for Centennial Lake Plantings

Oklahoma Center For Nonprofits Inc Oklahoma City For education and training programs.


Rogers County Elder Day Care Center Claremore Provide food for clients

Oklahoma State University Foundation $48,050.00 Stillwater Equipment for the Sarkeys Electrical Power Technology lab. Oklahoma Wondertorium Stillwater “Museum Without Walls” exhibit

Possibilities Inc Oklahoma City Possibilities Innovation Program

Regional Food Bank Of Oklahoma $50,000.00 Oklahoma City Phase I of the Food for Kids School Pantry Program

Oklahoma School Of Science And Mathmatics Foundation Oklahoma City Summer Mathematics Institute $35,000.00




Northwest Family Services $2,000.00 Alva Purchase of computers for the Family Building Blocks program

Oklahoma Center For Nonprofits Oklahoma City 2011 Education Programs & Scholarships

Positive Tomorrows Community Board Oklahoma City Curriculum update



Panhandle State Foundation $50,000.00 Goodwell Gas chromatographs for water quality laboratory Parent Child Center Of Tulsa $24,900.00 Tulsa Never Shake a Baby Public Awareness Campaign Parents Assistance Center $8,475.00 Oklahoma City Therapist’s salary for the Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) program


Sunbeam Family Services $50,000.00 Oklahoma City Expand marketing and development capacity in order to increase funding from private sources. U R Special Ministries Edmond Discretionary grant


United Way of Norman Norman Discretionary grant


Urban League Of Greater Oklahoma City $11,400.00 Oklahoma City Educational materials, furniture, equipment, technology, food vouchers and utility assistance for the Children and Families Program Variety Health Center $42,447.00 Oklahoma City Straka Family Health Center Communications System Volunteers Of America Tulsa Case manager position

$30,000.00 $10,000.00

Rogers State University Foundation Claremore Capital campaign Saint Simeon’s Episcopal Home Tulsa Assisted Living Expansion campaign


Western Oklahoma Family Care Center Elk City Housing and utility assistance


Wildcare Foundation Noble Discretionary grant

Southeastern Foundation Durant Student wellness center


William W Barnes Childrens Advocacy Center $8,000.00 Claremore Healing After Child Abuse therapy program

Special Care Oklahoma City Scholarships for low-income families


Young Mens Christian Association $20,000.00 Oklahoma City Western Heights After School and Summer Camp Programs

Special Needs Adult Community $9,600.00 Edmond Acquisition of Art Design and Production Equipment Stand In The Gap $25,000.00 Tulsa Life Launch, a transitional services program for youth aging out of foster care Stillwater CARES Stillwater Discretionary grant Street School Tulsa Renovation of the kitchen classroom



Youth & Family Services $50,000.00 El Reno Educational Services for the Youth Independent Living Program Youth Services For Oklahoma County Oklahoma City Discretionary grant


Youth Services Of Tulsa $33,784.00 Tulsa Case manager and program coordinator expenses


Sarkeys Annual Report 2011 19

GrantGuidelines VIII. Challenge Grants

I. Definition

V. Proposals

The Sarkeys Foundation is a private, charitable foundation,

secondary schools, unless they are serving the needs

The Board may, at its discretion, determine to award a grant

incorporated under the laws of the State of Oklahoma and

qualified charitable institutions. A careful evaluation of each

of a special population which are not being met

contingent upon the fulfillment of an institution’s additional

operated exclusively for providing support through gifts and

such request will be made. Applicants are required to participate

elsewhere; and

fund-raising obligation for the project in question within a

grants to charitable, scientific, and educational institutions

in a pre-grant interview with a program officer at which time

specified time period.

which are qualified under section 501(c)(3) and which are not

they will receive an access code for the online application.

private foundations within the meaning of section 509(a) of the

Nonprofit representatives are urged not to wait until the final

VI. Application Frequency

IX. Proposal Format

Internal Revenue Service Code of 1954 or comparable sections


Your application must be completed online. You will need to set

of the Internal Revenue Service Code added at a

later date.

II. Governing Body

The Trustees invite proposals and applications from

15. Religious institutions and their subsidiaries.

Organizations are limited to one application per calendar

year or twelve month period. Organizations with a current

up an account at If for some reason, you are not

Foundation include:

grant from Sarkeys Foundation are prohibited from

able to complete an application online, contact a program officer for

1. Education;

applying for additional funding until final payment has been

assistance and you will be allowed to either mail or deliver a proposal

2. Social service and human service needs;


to the Foundation offices at 530 E. Main, Norman, OK 73071.

A. Major areas of support by the Sarkeys

The Foundation is administered by a Board of Trustees and an Executive Director.

14. Individual public or private elementary or

3. Cultural and humanitarian programs of regional

Failure to provide complete information will adversely affect your


VII. Content of Proposals

prospects for funding.

Sarkeys accepts proposals through an online process at In order to apply for a grant, we ask that

III. Meetings

The Trustees meet quarterly in January, April, July and

the Sarkeys Foundation:

applicants participate in a pre-grant interview with one

October. Grant proposals will be considered at the April and

1. Local programs appropriately financed within the

of the program officers. Please call Sarkeys Foundation at

October meetings.


B. Needs normally outside the range of support by

2. Direct mail solicitations and annual campaigns;

components of the application:

IV. Response to Inquiries

3. Out of state institutions;

n Organization

A response to each request or inquiry will be made by the

4. Hospitals;

n Executive

Foundation within a reasonable time.

5. Operating expenses;

n Project

6. Purchase of vehicles;

n Financial

7. Grants to individuals;

n Board

8. Responsibility for permanent financing of a program;

n Description

of the Organization

9. Programs whose ultimate intent is to be profit

n Description

of the Project

n Collaborative


20 Sarkeys Annual Report 2011



Information and Endowment Information


Efforts in Your Community

10. Start-up funding for new organizations;

n Line-item

11. Feasibility studies;

n List

12. Grants which trigger expenditure responsibility by

Requests, and Other Potential Sources of Funding

Sarkeys Foundation;


405.364.3703 to set up an appointment. Below are the primary

13. Direct support to government agencies;

Budget for the Request

of Secured Funds and Pledges, Outstanding Sarkeys Annual Report 2011 21


Outreach and Education It’s easy to give away money. The more difficult task is giving it away to organizations that spend it wisely. That’s where the board and staff must work together to ensure effectiveness. One of our strategies continues to be helping enhance a nonprofit’s ability to work toward its mission. We do this by providing high level professional development opportunities and making our facilities, resources and staff available for nonprofits.

Sarkeys Southwest Regional Leadership Forum More than 600 nonprofit professionals and volunteers from Oklahoma and the region attended the Forum. Once again, keynote speakers inspired and led attendees to a higher level in their work. This year’s Forum was presented in partnership with the Oklahoma Center for Nonprofit Management, and the Oklahoma City and Tulsa chapters of the American Fundraising Professionals. Plans are already underway for the 2013 Forum.

Nonprofit Board Development The environment for nonprofits is constantly changing, including expectations of board members and the members rotating

Board of Trustees

Dan Little, President Teresa Adwan Elizabeth Base Dr. John Bell Clay Christensen Jim Loftis Joseph Morris Terry West

off of boards in compliance with term limits. Our staff and consultants are available to assist nonprofit staff and boards through some of the changes ensuring effective governance and making certain strategic goals are in place for a successful future. Beyond the checks we send to our grantees, we want to help nonprofits succeed. Call our staff to see if there is a resource available that your organization needs.

Sarkeys Foundation Staff

Conference Center The Conference Center is a former church in downtown Norman, renovated with rich oak accents and mission-style furnishings. Its large meeting room is designed for maximum flexibility. The Conference Center can seat over 150 people theater-style or 100 classroom-style. It can also be divided into smaller rooms to accommodate 20 to 75 people. It includes a full-service and large catering kitchen.

Resource Center The Resource Center is yet another way Sarkeys Foundation adds value to nonprofit organizations. At low or no cost, nonprofits can utilize a large format full color printer, a color copier, a laminator, die cuts, binding systems, and other resources to help keep their budgets lower for supplies and printing.

From left to right: Janice White, Receptionist; Angela Holladay, Office Manager; Linda English Weeks, Senior Program Officer; Kim Henry, Executive Director; Diana Hartley, Program Officer; Lori Sutton, Facilities Operations Officer; Susan Frantz, Senior Program Officer; Kate Thompson, Executive Assistant & Technology Manager

22 Sarkeys Annual Report 2011

Sarkeys Annual Report 2011 23

Statements of Financial Position

Statements of Activities Years ended November 30, 2011 and 2010

November 30, 2011 and 2010 2011




Revenue and Gains

Assets Cash and cash equivalents Interest and dividends receivable Federal excise taxes receivable Deferred federal excise taxes Investments Property and equipment, net Other


1,538,913 139,947 19,853 48,008 84,324,069 1,882,316 5,600


2,462,408 170,209 2,236 16,527 85,749,902 1,929,560 3,500

Total assets




Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses Grants payable


Total liabilities

Unrestricted Net Assets Total liabilities and net assets

24 Sarkeys Annual Report 2011

62,437 550,000




77,427 1,240,480

Investment return $ 2,682,470 Other 12,670 Total revenues and gains 2,695,140 Expenses Grants awarded, net Educational programs Professional fees Investment fees Trustee fees Employee costs Depreciation and other property costs Federal excise taxes Other Total expenses


7,233,019 40,722 7,273,741

2,709,983 56,866 65,657 318,388 84,800 805,844 118,266 54,902 150,600

1,269,687 7,925 54,064 354,128 84,400 795,300 128,110 104,202 151,506







Increase (decrease) in unrestricted net assets




Unrestricted net assets, beginning of year




Unrestricted net assets, end of year


$ 89,016,435


Sarkeys Annual Report 2011 25


Sarkeys Foundation 530 East Main Norman, OK 73071 405-364-3703 (Office) 405-364-8191 (Fax) “To improve the quality of life in Oklahoma”

Sarkeys Annual Report 2011  

2011 Sarkeys Foundation Annual Report

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