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Evernote: ePortfolios Anastasis Academy uses Evernote as it’s ePortfolio system. Evernote lets students (and teachers) create a note using one device, and then makes it available for editing and viewing instantly on other devices. Data is stored in the cloud (not on the device) which means it is available anywhere. Evernote can be downloaded to all Apple devices (Mac, iPad, iPod Touch/iPhone) and is available online from any Internet connected computer. Using Evernote, teachers can share feedback with parents and students. Students can collaborate on group projects within Evernote. As a teacher, you can share notes from your Evernote account by sharing notebooks. Create a shared notebook and invite other Evernote users to view it. The notebooks can be shared publicly with a link or with selected users. Single notes can be shared by students or teachers using social networks (Twitter, Facebook) and via email. What can students do in Evernote? • Write text- reflections on learning, essays, creative, storytelling, research collection, etc. • Add images- enhance writing, take pictures of projects that aren’t digital, pictures of class notes, pictures of problems solved kinesthetically, pictures of science processes, inquiry, etc. • Audio recording- record reflections, pre-writing brainstorms, discussions, debates, etc.

Other apps that work with Evernote seamlessly: • Skitch- mark up pictures, sketch, draw • Penultimate- handwriting, scribble, sketch, like writing on paper • Web Clipper- save anything online including text and images to Evernote with 1 click • Evernote Hello- remember people and their information • Evernote clearly- make blog posts or articles and webpages clean and easy to read and save in Evernote. • Evernote Peek- study any material by lifting a smart cover or the virtual smart cover • Bamboo Paper- handwritten notes, sketches and doodles • BibleReader- take notes on bible passages and sync notes/passages with Evernote • Noteshelf- handwritten notes published to Evernote • Reeder- save Google Reader feed to Evernote • Seesmic- save items from Twitter/Facebook into Evernote • Voice2Note- convert Evernote voice notes to searchable, taggable text • Zeptopad- planner Note drawing app that saves to Evernote • Tapose- powerful creativity and content creation shared to Evernote • Explain Everything- annotate and animate presentations using content from Evernote Inspiring every child to: Imagine Believe Achieve Create

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Evernote Information sheet  
Evernote Information sheet  

Tips on using Evernote in a 1 to 1 iPad classroom setting.